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hello hello and a good day to you it's a beautiful day here in north carolina uh my name is jeffrey and i'm going to be talking about the topic of last night's friday night live with lynn nakamoto and ron holbert it's going to be rather basic we're going to be talking about ensuring success and the founders benefits and such it's going to be uh for folks we're going to open it up with with the basics for folks that may not have joined yet now i'm passive as every kind of product has ever been needed for any kind of online presence of business we should all know that by now it's easily distinguishable if you start doing a search for on passive and additionally the products are easy to use you know anybody can use them but what makes our platform truly outstanding is the artificial intelligence that runs through the programming and provides uh complete automation and true ai is going to be extremely well known it's going to be used in the coming years it's also going to be responsible for a lot of things limited ai is going to be used in medical systems right to standardize the use of different technologies plasmatic technologies tachyon technologies biofuel energy technologies not to mention the systems that are going to be using designer magnetics for free energy and water desalination and things of that nature but right now the ai that we have with onpassive is providing total automation for the entire digital platform and that represents what we call the total internet solution the tis and as such you don't need to know anything about marketing don't need to know anything about retail you don't even have to be a people person or know anything about human resources so if you can turn on your pc if you can log in if you can think of a domain name or if you can click a icon or something on the screen that will help you choose a domain name then you are golden and you will be successful and we will guarantee that success with our system because it's it's it's done for you as we say so if you haven't partnered with us yet we're wondering you know why is that i thought about that and i've come up with well there's some questions and the first one might be if you're guaranteeing success how are you defining that success right the second question because this still sounds a bit too good to be true would be something like why would anybody spend an enormous amount of time energy and money to create a business to make all the members um successful instead of the few at the top that might own the company and then the third one this one's kind of obvious is how are you going to guarantee my success well first of all we're going to take the easy one um we're going to uh be able to describe you know what uh up um the product of ion passive actually is which is you know our total internet solution but that product uh gives us the real two things that we're looking for or the use of those products right and what i'm saying by that is that it's allowing us time and money and that's how we're gonna define success so success is having enough money to live abundantly uh you know to meet all our needs and then some while also having all the time we need to enjoy everything that we've got available to us all the resources and the money and stuff right so next is the why why on earth with anybody shares profits with the founders to such a great extent in other words you know what's the motivation behind it all well on passive's founder and ceo mr mafara he's got a family he's very hard working just like the rest of us a whole lot of us anyway and one of the things that sets him apart from the majority especially those in the business world is his understanding of the difficulties that are faced by a lot of us difficulties that were brought about by a system that's been rigged against us seemingly you know from the beginning that survives through what we have called you know greed and corruption and he's experienced that type of injustice and like a lot of us he's had to put up with greedy you know seemingly rather heartless people whose only interest is to hoard wealth and to put power into their own universe so to speak for themselves you know through overpriced uh or underdeveloped tools uh systems that are part of the online paradigm right now the model and has been for a long time and through that system about 97 percent of us are trying to create an online income have continually met with failure and even worse than that many of us have lost a lot of time and money so that we're actually a whole lot worse off than we were when we started so it's not just failure but it's it's degradation as well and anyway because of that model which is fraught with you know unfairness and low value and a lot of unethical players mr mufarah in his own experience has been openly slandered and cheated and lied to and stolen from and that's the why behind this new and radical business model that he's developed because he's just sick and tired of the status quo right he knows there's a better way and this is the better way it's going to be a way to be radically successful without the drama without the corruption that he's seen firsthand and he's talked about the model is a solution that gently forces our success while correcting corruption through a paradigm shift that is on passive so that is why he is doing this because he's sick and tired of the greed and corruption causing so many injustices in the world and serving to block our own abundance while you know he also says that it camps down it pushes down it it does not allow our own creativity and our own potential to shine through so mr mufarah has created on passive because he knows that when we have time and we have money to live abundantly it frees us to create the life that we want with passion and through compassionate action will help us to lift the lives of those around us and that's what we want to do now lastly is the big question of how just how is on passive gonna guarantee my success your success well in a nutshell it's going to provide us with a lot of elements you know several of them at least that is going to work together to provide that success and i will fill some of the context in um so don't worry i'm getting to that now mr mufara also you know along with teams of experts and professionals have all worked meticulously to design and build this company from the ground up it represents what i think is the pinnacle of human technological achievement as the first ever we said it before total internet solution which is what it is we call it the tis but it is completely automated as well it's driven by artificial intelligence machine learning in particular and right now even in the final stages of pre-launch on passive is absolutely massive it's a very real company and there's several dozen products that are very real they're all wrapped up and they're seamlessly integrated into a few dozen departments that can each stand alone as revenue centers or even better yet what i call unicorn producing centers which simply means that each one of these are capable of uh you know billion dollar annual valuations now quite literally we are an abbreviated internet and every person on the planet that does anything online at all will have a reason to connect with us it also has a very simple straightforward way for us to break even right to to get back the money that we put out of pocket which we'll talk about in a little bit um and it's also got a very clean path to an unlimited commissionable structure that we'll be able to earn with and earn good so let's talk about that let's talk about um how success is actually woven into the fact uh the facts of the fabric that's a good word fabric of unpassive and we're going to start with the vision statement so let me uh let me go find that um okay here we go here's the vision statement for on passive i'm passive is the ultimate complete and unique digital marketing platform that ensures everyone succeeds regardless of their background or ability by offering the simplest environment with the highest standards and the most value while sustaining the benefits of a global stimulus plan voila that's beautiful isn't it anyway hey as you can see or in this case here our vision defines an expected outcome of our journey namely to provide a complete system where everybody succeeds it's got to be simple with the most value and have sustainable benefits but what you don't readily see here is how generous the company is and how the outcome is being structured in such a way as to make sure that the success in our case time and money which it creates total freedom is provided now to keep their promise of success which is to provide that time and money that's what we want our members need to have more than enough to take care of themselves and they've got to have the time to enjoy it so excuse me oh that's good stuff thank you now just how is that going to be done well uh when someone joins by paying the one-time cost of 97 bucks to become a founder they're going to be a reseller of the product right that product is the total internet solution which is everything you need and that in turn is going to provide the time and money you remember that right this is several dozens of products wrapped neatly in about 50 departments so far together right well this product package this platform this ecosystem this digital ecosystem if you will are are a lot of products that are well worth more than i mean tens of thousands of dollars a month and on passive is not charging anywhere near that much form but whatever the cost turns out to be onpassive is chosen to generously share those profits with the founders and the resellers now as a founder reseller we're going to have access to them for a fraction of their real value and the expectation is that the founder cost will be a one-time out-of-pocket right um that's the 97 we're talking about to get the founders position but there's also the one-time out-of-pocket that we talked about for the subscription cost which we're expecting uh to be you know 250 or less but now here's the this disclaimer here right we're really not sure about that specific cost yet because the company is still determining what the expected operating costs are so that we can anticipate what those subscription costs will be so hang on to your hat that's not determined yet but we say one time out of pocket because we fully expect that after the first month the subscription cost will be paid by commissions earned through the first three customers um in your uh network in your customer base right in your team and that's the little thing that mr mufarah calls three and three this means you start pocketing profit with the fourth customer you're with me right so far i mean you're a founder with access to everything you'll need to create grow maintain your entire online presence or business and the out-of-pocket costs for this are totally about 350 bucks or less remember the 97 pounder fee the 250 or less for the subscription because everything else is going to be paid from earnings now you might be saying earnings i haven't heard anything about earnings and i don't have any earnings yet i'm i'm out 350 bucks so far well what we're saying is onpassive is going to totally automate and market your reseller business uh the products it's going to give you the traffic it's the recruiting the sales everything the automation everything and it's going to take in the money it's going to put the money in your wallet and all you got to do is take the money out and this means you don't have to sell or recruit right if you don't want to but obviously i'm going to recommend that you do for reasons that will become pretty apparent here in a minute now to build your customer base onpassive is going to have super campaigns already planned to recruit and drive targeted traffic for you as a founder that's one of the benefits we'll talk about benefits later if there's a billboard or a magazine it's going to have an on passive ad you can bet on it if there's any device i don't care if it's you know laptop phones spaceships no i'm kidding not spaceships whatever it is if it can get a signal it's going to get a signal from on passive and people are going to see on passive they will not be able to get away with this because of these super campaigns and there's going to be a lot of them and they are going to be huge and i can't go into the real numbers here but i will say with complete confidence that the campaigns are very predictable as is the business it's all science and math mandy they got it down to a science and as a conservative example these campaigns are going to produce at least three customers per founder per campaign for you and there's a lot of campaigns and this means that the first campaign since you're you know a single founder you're going to end up getting about three people under you the second because you're going to multiply that by three again you're going to be at nine and it's going to work out so that you know by the end of the first year you don't really have to worry about the numbers but i can pretty much guarantee you that it your team is going to be worth thousands of dollars a month to you at that point now here's where you want to pull out your calculator and have a little bit of fun because if your first three customers on the subscription cost right pay your subscription costs right i mean you've got three people in your team they're paying their subscriptions and as a result it makes enough so that you don't pay your your prescriptions then how much do you think that one or more maybe 10 founders it's going to create for you as far as income i mean how much do you think you're going to earn with one or more customers you know what what if you had 100 customers all paying monthly subscriptions so maybe you're just one founder but what happens when you add one more founder well bam you just doubled your potential learning right what happens if you go to three bam you just increase it by another thirty percent what happens if you have ten right what happens if you bring in ten founders well that's going to give you more than a thousand customers at the end of the first year so you can see why i'm saying it's to your advantage to recruit but you don't have to you will be successful but anyway so that's what we do and how we do it we make sure those that join us are going to have more uh than enough to to help themselves you know to live abundantly and we encourage them to freely share any excess what they and they will have it right as they see fit and in this way the onpassive founders become a global net of providers right with millions eventually billions of customers that are going to touch every culture on the globe as a matter of fact we're fast approaching a million founders and we're already in every culture on the globe right but our teams after launch especially are going to have the effect of touching those cultures at a grassroots level to act as a distribution force for good that's going to distribute wealth through giving and that is huge when you start looking at the decentralization of trillions and trillions of dollars so this is this is a lot bigger than you might think and even though we encourage and even make it possible to be charitable whether we do or not the mere fact that we're pumping money like that in that amount into the economy right decentralized at such extraordinary levels helps our passive reach its goal of lifting humanity and each founder each one of us is going to be a distribution touch point right an economic touch point for their family for the community for the country for the world sky's the limit you bet and in doing this we raise the human condition and that's what it's about that's why because unless we provide for the founders we can't do that so we've got to provide for the founders and then get their needs met first so they've got access and then we start giving it all out so life is going to be good and without passive soon to be the greatest wealth generating company on the planet i might add it's already starting to happen and everything is about to change so get ready get ready um let's sum up uh what i've just gone through okay what is success success is having more than we need and time to enjoy life right why are we doing this because our ceo mr ashmufar is sick and tired of the corrupt status quo and he's motivated to change it in a very big way now how are we guaranteeing this success by providing a simple system that frees up our time and pays us a growing residual income to do it and i'm going to digress a bit i'm going to back up a little bit because i didn't really explain how does it free up our time well if you're already a marketer and you've got all these this this thing online that you're doing and you know that you're already paying thousands of dollars a month to have your website and have all your traffic come to you and follow up in emails and and all the you know the funnel pay all the stuff that you work on right if you didn't have to do that you'd have a lot more time right well that's how onpassive does it onpassive has got this system got everything and more than you will ever need to run any business it runs automatically you don't have to build your website and spend time on it you don't have to worry about a control panel back there you don't have to worry about who's getting paid and how the money's coming in or how it's being funneled to your wallet you don't have to worry about uh funnel pages or traffic or recruiting or marketing or anything like that it's all done for you so it frees your time up for what to spend that money that you're earning that's for what so that's how it does it now i've mentioned before that this is a lot bigger than you might think and i am telling you things are changing the world is changing and we're locked in step with that all you've got to do is look around and see it and in the words of mr ash mufara and i quote i'm passive is a winner and we're going to change a lot of things in the world right and that's exactly what he means and that's what we're doing and i certainly appreciate you listening to that and i want to talk a little bit about uh the opportunity that you've got right now with becoming a founder uh i want to tell you mainly about the benefits of it so that at least you know you won't go away from here just wondering well i just heard what they're doing and how they're doing it but why do i want to be a founder yeah it's pretty easy and why do you want to join because this is an amazing opportunity i don't know if you've heard of somebody called richard branson or not he is an entrepreneur a philanthropist uh he's a very rich guy with a very big heart that does a lot of good things i'll just put it that way and he said this and i'll quote if somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you're not sure you can do it say yes and then learn how to do it later so that's what we're doing and i'm not kidding when i say this is one amazing opportunity hey onpassive is an artificial intelligence information technology company with ai and it products it's got ai with heart it's built into it the products are blended with a marketing platform that's absolutely second to none we have a digital infrastructure that is absolutely massive boom that's how we're registered and that's how we do business digital marketing is our business and we have without doubt if not the most largest one of the most large comprehensive digital marketing ecosystems on the planet it's what we do and we will do until the day we die be describing um excuse me but uh to this in describing the 18 the uh the i.t the the digital products or the platform it doesn't describe the founders and the founders benefits so the people you know we get lost we tend to get sidetracked listen about all the products and all this and all that and go oh wow as soon as you launch i'm going to join this portion is about the founders and why you want to join as a founder before we launch because let me tell you something once we launch you've lost the opportunity um we don't want that to happen and the beauty of it is you don't have to understanding everything about the the business to join it and if you're not in then you're running out of time and the bottom line here is for the founder position because you know what once the founder opportunity is gone it's not coming back around so let me tell you exactly you know why this is the opportunity of a lifetime for you in a few points five six points first of all this is an elite position there are going to be no more founders accepted once on passive opens to the public all right i hope you heard that zip zilch nada name like bitcoin and i've said this before bitcoin is going to have 23 million bitcoins out there when they hit that limit it's gone can you imagine the value of bitcoin when they stop making it yeah can you imagine the value of the founders position when we shut the doors on it just think about that secondarily the founders position gives you a bird's eye view i mean up close and personal what is going on in on passive so all the rhetoric and the crap that you hear outside of our walls you don't have a clue how big we are and how magnificent we are man you need to get in you need to see it for yourself because it will change your entire paradigm you got to get in you got to look at it and you got to understand what i'm talking about from a real personal one-on-one level all right period going forward founders are going to be able to help with uh excuse me assisting in beta testing providing feedback excuse me all sorts of things like that and more um founders also get access to go founders right now but it's in a few days it's going to be oh founders it's a brand new spanking uh beautiful cool man is it beautiful uh it's a a platform back office for staying in touch with the founder community staying in touch with unpassword corporate uh support for using marketing tools accessing webinars and downloads and a whole lot more uh you know the tools that are going to be back there are are fantastic and you'll also be you'll be monitoring through uh oh founders uh through the back office you'll you'll actually monitor a lot of the money flow and marketing details while we're in soft launch as well so you want to be back there for that one because man this is exciting stuff and we're just about ready to rock it um the old founders position also allows you to pre-build your network okay to pre-build your net worth your customer base think about that you can do that now in pre-launch at zero cost to you won't cost you a dime all these tools and everything that we've got back there you are free to use them they've got 150 links you know with everything that we've got and you can shove those links out they come right back to you life is good you need to check that out uh another benefit is that founders are going to have other founders placed in their teams in pre-launch when we do the soft launch as part of testing the marketing and money flow programs which we've got to test before we can launch it would be ludicrous to try to try to launch without testing these products and they're all lined up they're they're synchronized they're ready to rock and roll and as soon as we go into oh founders that's going to open the gate so to speak and allow a chain reaction of other events which will include the soft launch and because of that the marketing that's going to take place uh is going to start putting it's going to bring in new founders right and those founders are going in the founders teams or the founders networks the founders customer base imagine that every founder that goes in there is going to be a potential income for that particular founder so you need to get in before we actually launch because that's what we're doing we're building teams all right after the uh soft launch is over and we go into hard launch that's when we start running super campaigns and instead of bringing founders in for the founders we are now focused on running those campaigns to bring in millions of customers and those customers go into the customer base of the entire founder base so you can see what's happening and let me tell you it's going to be beautiful it's going to be effortless on your part because 95 of everything you earn is going to be on the back of on passive and that's by design and that's how we get you to where you can do anything you want to do so and lastly once we get moving founders commissions okay and the customer base are residual for life this means they both will continue to grow month after month after month year after year and that becomes your legacy that becomes the inheritance that you leave for your family and this is for generations and if you listen to dr uh bill williams and he talks about how to generate a dynasty right that's the next that's that's a legacy on steroids right that's an exponential legacy where he says you know when you come in and you get a founder position and you put your your spouse or your significant other and your kids in and then you reach outside of your family and you get your brothers and sisters in and then you get your brothers and sisters kids in you are creating generational wealth and this is something you need to seriously look at so i am certainly urging you get in we are every one of us are all in it to win it so join with us right because if you're not with us that just tells me it tells the world and probably yourself that you're just trying to win somewhere else and the odds are not in your favor by a long shot all right with us they are your success is guaranteed just get in that's what michael williams says just get in and you'll learn about michael phenomenal get back with the founder that invited you please sign up and join that team but listen hey if you haven't been invited i would love for you to join with me as with any founder why because whether you do anything or not onpassive is going to put depth in your customer base and you will be successful and though you're going to earn a lot more from your team than i will i will still earn something i love that so jump on board let's build something greater together start winning bigger together because i'm telling you it's going to be a journey you're going to love and you're going to always always always cherish the decision you've made to join i want to say thank you i certainly appreciate you listening to this thank you lynn and ron for hosting last night's webinar i i bless you and i thank everybody that was there and for you listening just know that we want nothing but blessing and blessing for you and for your family and for your future thank you

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