Online Class: Paint Night Live: Valentine’s Day Cards with Donna Dewberry | Michaels

Online Class: Paint Night Live: Valentine’s Day Cards with Donna Dewberry | Michaels

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Good evening. Good evening everyone i'm Chris lamps on part of our let's paint team and i'm here to welcome you all to our Monday evening class. And most importantly i'm here to also welcome Donna dewberry an old good friend of ours i've been working with her for 16 years can you believe that don it's been six. years. we've been glued to each other.

And so i'm happy very much to tell you that Donna has joined our let's paint. team here on the michaels Community classroom and she's now going to be teaching with us monthly like all of us do so welcome Donna and. I just wanted to tell you that will repeat everything again in a little while but just to let you know that donna's got a very short time period to paint tonight and has a lot of information to share with you. So if you miss anything there's no shame and stopping your painting, if you plan to paint along with john and if you get lost. feel free to just stop watch and listen, because this class is being recorded and will be shared within 24 to 48 hours, both on michaels YouTube channel and Plaid crafts YouTube channel so.

I want you all to have fun and enjoy your time with Donna tonight so Donna go ahead and take it away. Okay, I am so thrilled to be here with you guys and share one stroke painting with you so i'm trying to get this set a little bit there we go one stroke painting. For somebody will will be your first time but it's a fun way for people who really want to learn how to paint flowers and strokes, to do it and i'm thrilled to have an opportunity on michaels. Community here to do that with you so i'm excited to get started so let's look at some of the things we're going to be doing today. We have a couple cards that I wanted to share with you, with the envelopes, and we are going to start with that cards, but we also have just a fun little heart. And little trim on the envelope also which will be nice for the holidays coming up and I love painting greeting cards is going to help you get busy.

On your strokes, because you're just painting them and giving them away and you just get better and better, as you do that so i'm going to go to my overhead so that we can see up close and personal what we're going to be doing. and share some of those supplies are going to be using and just remember that miss Chris is right here to answer any questions you might have or if you didn't hear me say the brush or whatever, make sure that you. Asked Chris and she'll tell you all right, so I want you to see out close that we are going to do this, one first discuss of stock flowers some heart. And some rose bez which I think you'll have a great time with. And then we're going to do another quick, this is a quickie but it's fun and little bit of trim and different detail that we put on here just to make it and change the kind of from plane to detail. And let's talk about the supplies that we need now, one of the things that we have is this promo kit at 830 that.

michaels has for us and I pull some of those colors now a couple of these killers when it said light lavender I have. A perfect purple that I add white to to get the light loud in there, but these are some colors I pulled out a couple extra ones just your favorite colors you can add so just be thinking about that as we're painting. And I also these are multi service colors my favorite so any of the designs were painting, you can paint on glass metal ceramic you can just.

Love these luscious colors and they have different labels with on top kind of giving you the idea that this is a multi surface paper. And the logos have changed along the way, so hopefully you're mostly seeing this logo out there, and also on paper, especially we need floating medium, so this is folk are floating medium. that's the Left that's inside this paint with no pigment in it, so no water we just want to use a little bit of this and i'll show you that as we go.

And so i'm going to put these wonderful colors an elder way so that we can get started here now, I have before this michaels class, we are using crafts, smart brushes and so i'm using mostly flat brushes and I have. A liner an outline or this in here and even I might even use the three quarter angle, so I have that some paper towels I brought out some scissors because we're going to make a little template patterns. For the heart that we're going to be doing and I kind of freehand it, but I just want to show you a quick way to do this. And you can get pre packaged cards and right there my goals there's all different kinds of those I heavy duty watercolor one. With the envelope, so you can just fold crafting scrapbooking paper and half and I just find. envelopes that are available, that you can just put these cards into So this is the thing I want you to think about as we're getting ready to do our painting.

I want you to think about using all your leftover paints of any project that you're painting and just have extra cards around so that you can just paint on those cards. and use up that pain, so it makes it a really good idea for you to do alright, so this one stay in down better than this one so let's get started. i'm going to have my envelope, here too, because what I want to do guys is if i'm doing the stock flower in the back to save time I have all that color of my brush. I go right over to the envelope and then add some so you don't have to put as much as I put on the envelope or you can put more than I put on the envelope.

Okay, so let's take our phone play, and we are going to always start out with a little bit of medium to the side. And I do put wideout because we're going to use this worker white. Okay, so floating medium worker wide and the BAT colors is what I want you to look at first Okay, so I have some greenery back there first.

And then I come on it with a little bit of that perfect purple was some floating medium, so it looks watercolor all right, but no water, remember that so. I am going to put a little perfect purple out I put I put more than I need to probably, but I am going to come a little bit closer, I hope, and it will stay there. All right, so that we can see up close what we're going to do i'm going to keep this right there, so we see a little bit of that. There we go alright so let's pick up the Green so I have a line green.

And what we really need to get some depth in there, I can use blue with the lime green or purple with the lime green but i'm going to put out some classic green. Okay, so as put a little bit of blue and we're going to take, and every once while pick that up with the Greens and because of that or purple makes it really yummy just gives another depth to it okay so they're. All right, and then let's get the pink we have the neon pink i'm sorry I ran out that paint so. i'm just gonna grab a medium blue right now, which is really close to the same color right it's not quite as dark and then my pink alright. So this great piece. Yes, yes.

sorry to interrupt you it's Chris while you're getting the rest of your colors out there's in the chat. A lot of conversation going on, that people did not. See floating medium on the supply list, and they were not able to gather that for tonight.

So we'll have some students, not using floating medium So if you ever use that as you demonstrate, you might give them an idea of what they could do, in place of using floating medium tonight if they're painting, along with you. Okay, so we can use some water, but what I want you to know that the, this is a watercolor card, so the water will be fine to use but. When you have an opportunity is floating medium you'll love it just like you know alright, so it helps you to have less mistakes or less.

painting, that will not be what you were hoping it'll be I guess what i'm trying to say alright, so thank you for bringing that up i'm. sorry that it wasn't on there for you now, I want you to pick up to this is the angle rush so we're going to double load almost everything that we do Okay, so I would normally pick up the medium and go over here. But when we're doing stroke work you many times don't need medium except i'm doing a long stroke, so if I pick a little bit of water up and work it into this play. Okay, now, this is what I want to do we have a toe and a heel on this fresh so when you're looking at this, this occurred, I wanted up right. Okay, so as I put it up right Thank you guys for coming i'm so excited to see how many have come and joined us. What we're going to do is we're going to be up on the chisel and we very lightly touch this, but you can also start on the chisel and the toe is following.

So, so that whatever follows is the prominent color and it gives you a nice than point Okay, so I keep coming over here where it's already got some water but look what else you can do you can chisel put a little bit of pressure. And chisel okay so, then that means we can start getting a little bit thicker and here so looks like. A fron now what I want you to see is that this tall stem right here is going to be this big stock flower Okay, and then all these other little guys I put a few extra in here.

Because I just want to have some of these other watercolor effects in there, so, if you look at this what i'm going to do is come over here. and have a few that come on the other side of this rose OK, so the Rose is going to be right in there. And then we're going to come in as some more green later so i've put this together now, what do we have to do remember what I said we're going to go to our envelope and we're just going to come right here is easier, not to hold it in your hand. is easier to keep it down okay so i've just got this paint on the brush, and so I have said and less than an hour, believe it or not, and have done 50 note cards because. I just keep painting, with the same pain and just pick another card out put another flower just have fun with it guys. And people love to get a card as a gift and you know how much they smile when this envelope comes in the mail it's fun.

Okay, and we also paint sometimes in the rap package that you mail, you can just put it right on the package when they'll see it when it's delivered to them. Okay, so let's look at this last little bit in the background, the thing I wanted to next as I want to put a little bit of a heart in here so i'm going to come right. see where this heart is we don't really need a pattern because we're just going to kind of ad Lib it as we go and right in here, I am going to put just a half of a heart. and a half of a heart now, and this was a small one, but this, let me show you a little trick and then leave that there for a minute.

As the little hand, something that really helps you okay i'm going to fold this and if i'm looking for instance, there were two sides hearts. It was this little one here that he just showed you so what I would do with this is you're only going to do, half the heart so i'm going to come around. and go like this and i'll make a perfect heart every time and if I look at this it's like two and a half fingers why so i'm going to come right here.

make it a little bit bigger is about four fingers long So there you go or you can pull out a handy ruler. Alright, so I just draw it out and then i'm going to take scissors and this papers, a little heavier so it makes a great template all right, so what you do there's a couple things I do with templates like this that are kind of fun one is. We just cut them out what have one, as you can use this to go and trace your heart all right, or I have lay this down. On my piece, and I brush off to the side from the Center and you make a shape of a heart, like a stencilled Silhouette so that makes it really fun, so this just a little tip I wanted to give you. Alright, so now let's go back to her paintings, so we have the heart. And i'm going to take the larger breasts that i've got here, and this is an eight flat it looks a little bigger it looks more like No, this is a half inch flat sorry.

Sorry, I thought I went from smaller bigger, so I can see now, this is what we want to do. This bright pink is kind of like a jail base kind of so it's not just a thick acrylic paint so I can pick this up. And it will look a little see through without using medium alright, so what I want to do is, I want to come right in here. So I wish I didn't put this there but i'll show you what to do see how I went in the green in Arusha drone the heart, for us, it would have been better. Alright, so i'm going to get a little bit of floating medium or water and blend that out just a little bit not really white, I am going to have to put some way cuz look. I took that green in there, but you can always fix it you're just putting on more paint and restructuring so right here, see i'm laying the brush flat and you're using the side of the brush.

To make your fun little heart Okay, the side of the brush all the way around see how the brush stays flat flat flat. Okay. And around this way. All right, and I can even say I can dip into the white and then come back here, even and put a little bit of weight in there as an accent and even over here.

There we go so just accent that can be any color you one all right so i'm also going to go ahead and put a little bit of these roses in here. So i'm going to pick up white on one corner, this is a half inch then i'm going to pick up the pink i'm going to then dip often the white. Because I am going to put up and over here, you see that up and over then i'm going to do a you, and then I need to keep picking up lots of white.

All right now, let me show you something that works better, sometimes, especially see i've got the green behind it so just take and base coat where you want to roses. These little rose beds all right so look i'm putting lots of pain on there, because this is a jail member is really the Multi surface pain, but this this one color hat has that then then. feel to it okay so then i'm going to come back you can let that dry a few minutes or you can come back and pick a I think we're gonna let Dr few minutes because it's picking it back up for me and i'll go, step by step, with you on that. rose bed, as we go here so let's Let that be now i'm going to a smaller flat brush and this one is. Make sure the size here, this one is going to be your your number eight flat right. There we go, this is actually.

The quarter one quarter inches says yeah it's quarter it okay so look we're going to take and take the white and we're going to mix to get a really light color. And it's a Milky white color so i'm going to launch my brush and then i'm going to put over. Is or opaque they're not very transparent, but we wanted to kind of feel transparent so that's when I would be using this medium and so i'm going to show you with medium and i'll show you with water Okay, so what I want to do first is I want little. Little teeny slips laughs okay so right here i'm going to hold the rest of accuracy, because see it better i'm slip slapping just the corner like i'm sweeping it Okay, and I can even come in here a little bit more and make it even thinner. So you just get a cast of color.

Okay, so look i'm going to come up here, I even got a spot there, so I can work from back there see how it's just an illusion, in the background. Okay, so you want that look, let me show you what happens if I use water. Okay now it's easier, with the medium but it's fine with water so i'm going to come over here. see this and make it real watery like a watercolor. Alright, and our acrylic does this very well, but you're going to love about this pain, as it can go indoor outdoor as a sealer in it, we can do. Wood metal ceramic class it's just perfect for all those alright so i'm going to come up here now, you see how easy, this is you're just tapping it.

and add the watery like you're just tapping Okay, then. When I come back i'm going to do some of that along here much heavier where the screen as. See how it just sputtered along there now I take that water. And we're just tapping it so you're going to have fun with this, because this is real simple okay and see the water it's it's blurry in a little bit, so I can come in here with a little bit of white. See I grabbed some white and come back up here to more pain not so.

Then, and put some white were blurred a little bit and that's because I put a little bit more water, maybe. All right, and but I like that look too, though alright, so now let's go on here, so this needs. A little bit of water here this mo but that matter, because he You can write the address right over your painting. And this fan tell me if you like this, we want to know, Chris if they're out there, like in the simple steps cause some other some people say oh I just love that you know I just love a little bit of that alright, so now let's go here and let's pick up this over here.

And as a little bit more, and I can take some medium or order on this and i'm going to come remember the stock in the middle and so right over here i'm going to go sweep sweep sweep that corner. And if it gets too dry or solid and you want it to be watercolor Do you know what anytime you can spritz a little spritz bottle of water. Especially if you have best selling when you have the water court card all right, and they have those and all kinds of ways for you to buy whether its water cooler or not. Right now see i'm going to put a little heavier one little spot of that here and tap tap tap on it skinny at the top really like okay So there you go. Alright, so let me put this under here see you see both.

Donna, yes. For the part that you were sweeping the brush. yeah can you just show that up close like bring your I don't think we need to see the loading, I think we need to see the note card Donna. Okay, I was gonna do it right there on the place now. Do it on the note card, if you can. Okay.

A couple folks could not see what you were doing when you were sweeping the corner of the brush. Okay i'm going just the corner back and forth back and forth. Think about sweeping with a broom.

Yes, either corner you're sweeping. Just the corner, instead of just DAB DAB DAB them okay so back and forth back and forth, and it just gives you a little bit more, these were just kept in some of the medium and the water and they're just kind of APP start blinking. Is that good. Thank you. you're welcome Thank you guys I love you asking.

Alright, so sweet sweet sweet sweet I do this, a lot, and when i'm doing trees. And I want to put a little bit of lavender down here will put leaves over alright, so the main plant stock flower right here in the middle. Now i'm going to go in here and put oops look I spirited that's good we'll put more there alright, so the main stock flower here i'm going to pick up some purple and some blues.

Okay, and I want to you can even put a little bit of awkward colors in here, if you like. But I want to start here and sometimes I want to say where the tip is going to be so I can place it usually I started here work up, but if you start. Sometimes at the top, where you don't want to be any taller like we've just done a bunch of Christmas trees, so we wanted the top.

And then we can take and pull the same brush I didn't switch my brushes we're going to pull down and I don't want it exact alright so we're just laying it down we we space in between. So, here again, some purple perfect purple and some medium blue or, if you have look at me blue I went and grabbed that on my garage and I didn't even know. There was almost gone okay So there we go. Okay now i'm getting bigger say I want this to stand out more than the purple that I had put up there, so we can put a little bit more blue here i'll see I am tapping or pulling pulling pulling pulling Okay, a little bit of purple. All right now I did put a little bit of this over here so let's take a little bit of blue and i'm tapping and then I start pulling.

You can use whatever colors in your painting and just use a couple of those colors on the envelope you don't have to use a lot. Okay, so there we are now, this is what's going to make it you brush that off all that pain off on the paper towel we don't need to go to water. All right, and I am trying to get all this done so i'm keeping the steady movement here so that we have time to get both cards done in our in our time together in this lesson, so you can go back and watch it and do it with me okay oops. i'm going to drop this in there okay so, and if I want a little bit darker I can use some purple and classic green perfect purple and classic green and I can just come in here and make a few darker spots, with the purple. Donna you're off camera.

Oh sorry, thank you. uh huh. i'm into it.

So so look at this, I do want it a little bit darker and a couple places here so i'm a little close I don't want to be too blurry there you go, so now i've got this little bit of depth so darker and all I do is add a little classic green. And now we're picking up this bright pink and I think this just makes it as this dries it gets even prettier guys. Right. And this was neon pink not bright pink right.

It says bright pink and this bright pink does. Make okay. It does make it like neon see the black label here, and it does give you that feel guys and that's exactly what neon does so it kind of makes me feel like Chris has got a little bit of that me on and it. You called it me on earlier that's why I did. To make sure. i'm sorry there it is there, we go and I don't want to confuse you guys, but that is what it was now we're going to pick the pink again bright pink and pick up whites.

See how as we're double loading it and then all we're going to do is not pick up any more pink but we're going to keep coming over here and picking up white now one little trick, let me show you. What I do when they're smaller than a 12 flat is I pick up the main pillar say we do all both sides loading of the main color. I got sparkle sparkle thumb today if you see that, and then I side stroke, the White over and over so see I need fresh thick white and that's easier than trying to double load a little teeny brush. Alright, so, then what we're going to do is let's watch this here again we're going to go up and oversee astride a little bit, so it helps i'm going to stroke, a little bit more white and to a year you. Are we clear there Okay, then we're going to do another you are you'll have fun yeah and then another you. Are they liking it miss Chris.

A lot of our friends are on and they're all saying hello to one another. Okay. See we're going to you. know you.

In there we go see we're just chisel edging chisels the tip of the bristles so like see I didn't get pink again, but right here and needed a little bit of pink. And these little rose buzzer real simple you just lay the brush flat I side load just a little bit of white lay the brush flat and come around. And a little bit here and a little bit there now see this mess up here, no problem because we're going to put a lot of green there. Okay, and that's all I did on the envelope, because I think that's enough Okay, and then i'm going to wash this fresh and we're going to come in and add some pretty little green and here so i'm picking up the classic green. And some lime green okay.

And we're going to come right in here, and I can dive a little bit of this lime green in the Center of the roses, with just the corner. Or you can use your little liner later, but I just like it to look like it's got really touches little bit he touches of the bright green and there OK now we're going to come in here and put a little one stroke leave so we're pushing and we're lifting. we're going to push I can even do one appear now watch what happens right here push left now I don't see it so let's get a little bit of white. Bus and lift. Okay.

little bit here. And sometimes it goes, but all. classic which would be darker. All right, and right here, see how that darker little leaf really adds to it sometime and you just take the tip of the russell's to make a little stam.

Now what's so fun about it is this, it looks pretty with just a little watercolor effect or it would like key it would just the roses, the Rose bets. or with a heart so there's all kinds of variety of painting, you can do on your cards and then you have a stack of them ready for somebody's birthday or valentine's for your sweetheart. Okay let's do another long slender long slender alright so look it's on the chisel now we put pressure and we stand up and then we take and come back with with stamps.

and put them right in there, so right in here looks like it could use something else so we're going to push and lift it or remember what I said, we can put white in here. and pull a stem in the middle. Right so there's all kinds of fun little looks that we can do. Alright So here we are.

So you guys like and and you know what you have a dots let's little dots i've been doing lately, where we bear the pain, can we little dots all in here, but what I want you to see. As we work with a triangle when we're not using a pattern and we're less than people say how do I know where to put the next, and the next. leaf or whatever, so I want you to see that I have a triangle of leaves a triangle of rose beds 2123 I also did neon neon neon so you have a triangle of color. All right, and then the same thing here is, depending on how many stocks and different heights make the difference and then you sign your peace all right now, this is a little bit brighter and a little bit fuller.

Right so like it can be used in any way you do it is a good thing alright so. Now Oh, I did a little leaves here we have a few here with some oil and also, I want you to see how pretty it looks when we add a little pink and belief right, so I can come right down here and add a few. pink please you see that if you're up close you see a little bit of pink there. And I use that with the citrus not the citrus with the line green alright. So we're going to sign it see how I put a little signature on there, and some people like to sign with a permanent marker little tiny tip permanent marker. And some sign with a pencil so there's all kinds of ways to sign if you don't feel like you're comfortable with a paintbrush to do that alright so i'm going to show you that.

john is you're getting ready to set up for your next class, let me just interrupt and remind everyone that this is class, we have some people that showing up late, so let me just take a moment. This class is being recorded and will be shown both on michaels YouTube and plan crafts YouTube page and our channels. Within 24 to 48 hours after this class so you'll be able to paint along if you've missed any of the beginning, you can paint along with Donna once it's shared and posted later.

As for those of you that are painting along tonight, be sure and snap some pictures of your finished projects and be sure and share them on your social media. channels, as well as. In the let's paint with Plaid Facebook group if you're not familiar with that community, we invite you all to join it it's a fabulous learn to paint community. And when you post your pictures on our let's paint with Plaid Facebook page, we ask that you use the hashtag let's paint challenge should be proud of your work and share it and we all can't wait to see your painted cards tomorrow. Yes, and and also think about all the other you get to show everybody and they'll see what they missed, so they come and join us next time. Alright, so what I want you see as I kind of drew out like cut this remember, but I can take, and I can leave this here and trace around it, but I also like to display this on here and find out where the edges and then come down a little bit make sure i'm straight here OK.

OK, let me hello, let me show you how to make sure i'm Center i'm doing that blindly and I don't want you to do it blindly so here's the Center and the tip. Okay, and this will help you line up, and so I can just go from here to here free handed but i'd like to give you this little tip because it helps you all right so right here, and then we're straight. Okay, so then we're just going to go around the edge and having a heavier paper as you do, this makes it easier. Okay. So, and you should do it really light I do a little bit darker so you guys can see. But if you don't need it really dark when you're doing it, excuse me, trying to get that out alright, so this is what we're going to do this time.

All right, we have our everywhere, this isn't stand pulled it for me very good someone has put that up there, so you can see it, and then a little trim on here. So you can do any bit of this, you can just put this little flower on the on the envelope just have fun, while you're doing that okay. Now, what we want to do now is this has a little bit of that lavender light purple, but when I turn it like that, you can see where I hit it with a little bit of. The peak on the purple and because it's kind of a neon effect that bright pink it's going to give you that Nice look, and that also brings us in.

But when i'm telling you again, we have a triangle here of color and then you bounce off here balance it with leaves on the sides, and we have some purple. triangle and purple white triangle there Okay, and then a really quickly way to do some little borders Okay, and even if you're not a very good freehand straight line person we have some little tricks to help you okay so i'm going to get my larger brush again, which is. A half inch brush all right and i'm going to pick a border or medium and you get that on the brush and then you work this and because we don't want it solid. All right, that's your your purple which was. Perfect perfect. Perfect purple Okay, but you could use medium i've I grabbed the water to to show you either way okay so we're going to take this flat make sure you guys can see them.

We can. we're going to go right around here and just slowly make sure you get the outer edge of before that totally dries, this is the key, so you can do one side at a time. And if it's not perfect, because i'm not always perfect I don't know about you, you can come in there and put your flowers right where you don't like the word so lumpy are not perfect.

But i'm sure yours will be just perfect alright So there we go. Say that highlight on the edge alright, so I want this really light, so I can come in now let's get a little bit of this white along with some medium. And let's move this around a little bit there we go. So i'd like to make it a little bit more see through.

And what the white it gets opaque it doesn't isn't as transparent but see I did it darker than I wanted it, so I jumped in there and thoughtless there's white in there, so I can get back to the light color wanted. So I love the water cooler lux, even though I don't paint order color I really like using floating medium my water to get that effect right but you're going to have an easier time if you use for the meeting. Okay, so there we go. A little bit more. Okay, so see how that outer edge and another little trick, you can do is you can take a folded paper towel and tap some of that off.

Okay cuz it's Nice and when and there's a sealer inside this paint which is wonderful guys all right, so I don't want it looking heavy painted I really want look I can just rub it. out in some areas, I really want to get that order color effect if I can all right, and then now i'm going to come, I just grabbed a little bit. I wipe this every time I don't go into the water but I wipe it on the paper towel, and then I pick up a little bit of the pink okay Oh, thank you, Miss Decker for saying it looks pretty so we're going to come in here and pink. This nice day here if you guys are liking and i'm sitting here in the dark, not knowing so i'm just assuming you're watching. Or you just need to keep working Donna.

Well that's what keeps me going is if they like it alright So there we go so see how pretty that pink looks on there, and just gives it a glow. Alright, so now what's going to happen is i'm going to do, not the outline in in detail now what i'm going to do is we're going to come back in here. And we're going to pick up all the pink again like I was sharing with you, and instead of base coding and i'm going to make sure, with this half inch brush that i'm picking up white worker white. And bright pink and it's really two thirds bright pink one third, and so you see one start painting, as you blend shade and highlight, as you go, so I put a little bit of a wiggle to that stroke. All right, and we're going to come right here and a little bit of a wiggle you see that little bit.

Now, so this doesn't have to be perfect back there, and you just want that back there, and you want to see the white all right. So then i'm going to come back in, and then we just do another little ripple of white to be in the front so then it looks like there's a flower back and a flower friends. Okay, so it looks like you really know what you're doing okay so up here we're going to put the big let's go ahead and put the big flower right here so it's gonna be five pedals. So i'm going to make sure I have plenty of pink see i've lost some of my bright pink so let's get a little bit more bright pink and but really nice white on the worker white on the edge so let's go right there and they're.

Okay. And another one. Okay, you see. Now I might win this dries while i'm working on everything else I might come and put a second coat just because that pink is more transparent, what King but i'm going to do, also another side view like I did up here a side view. So that we have three instead of just to. Know pieces a rose they're all right, this is.

A wild rose so it's just an open rose alright So there we go and they're pretty. And when you get a moment Donna what Donna, when you get a moment a couple folks are wanting to see what the original looked like maybe you could have that side by side right next to you, so we can see both on camera there we go Thank you. yeah. Okay, be sure to let us know that's what we want to hear all right so see how I can just keep going in here and put a little bit more white. All right now i'm going to go to smaller brushes. All right, i'm cleaning the brushes out as I go and i'm going to use this the art liner.

And i'm going to take and use some water and get some lime green. Roll this brush roll this little teeny opera. All right.

And you needed to be a little thin so we can make this happen i'm going to come right here and i'm going to lay this down. i'm shaking I should leave it now alright So there we go. And I did a little bit bigger on this one see it's a little thinner on that. Okay we're going to keep getting paid so also some colors ink up really easy with water, and if it's got a little bit of a gel effect that doesn't do that as easily all right, but this brightness is amazing, because it is. That effect Okay, so I just put my finger now in there, but i'll put a little leaf or something there's you don't see that.

OK, so now, I think this is good wide little bit wider than I did before alright so see. It in cases that this was real fun alright, so now i'm going to well i've got this I can put a little bit of tapping. The line green in the middle Okay, and the others are side us so they don't need that now, all we have to do now is as some cute little leaves and i'm going to cover that little spot.

of my purple so i'm going to go down to the quarter inch right and the quarter inch flat brush what's going to happen is we're going to come in with a little bit of this lime green and. It was side load some classic green alright so i'm going to put one of those little teeny on stroke leaves so let me show you. This is all you're doing you're touching a chisel at an angle pressure stand up pressure stand up to the point.

Alright, so i'm again lime green and then I could come up here and here and just for little sometimes you need a stamina them, but a lot of little. strokes that pull away from there and see this is kind of muted, so if I take and add a teeny better white in there now look what happens see how it POPs. All right, and then i'm going to put my little dots and then write down here 123 will come up with little dots. OK now i'm going to come up the side. You share that you slide to a point.

All right. little bit here push pressure and stand up pressure and stand up and make sure if you need to you put some little stamps, but if you put the dots in the right place, you don't really need to put many Okay, so you can make little skinny ones, a little heavier wines all right. And there again when i'm on this background it doesn't show as well, so we'll just have a little bit of white. Alright, and the detail that we add around the card at the end adds to it but it's really cute even without anymore it's all kinds of fun and creative details Chris is an expert on those.

yeah all kinds of little detail that makes her pieces just really stand out i'm sure you've seen that okay So there we go now I I wanted then put some of that. Little like the citrus current now hello, the lime green i'm going to come right in here with a little bit of that rolled on so it's a little small can y'all see this, and then I just came in and do a little curl and you could do a little curl up here. and see how that just really adds to it a little bit in here. and see this is, then, where the water so sometimes they're lighter but and I like to come to a point, like this sometimes and just curl it. But i'm going to do some detail on the bottom, so I don't want to do too much. Okay, so we're going to use they handle this little brush.

And we're going to do the perfect purple and we're going to add that in here so dip that means fresh fresh paint. If this is starting to dry, you have to get more pain okay you can't do it with where you're moving the scam off the top because it started drying. And, and what you should do is not big amounts of paint like I just did.

All right, you should just put smaller mouse like a dime size and then, then you don't have a problem to keep adding paint that's fresh so that you can get better all right now, this is darker heavier looking But then when we put our little white in their changes the whole luck. Okay. I also use a sharpened pencil some time to get those little points little teeny ones. All right, so there we go. we're almost done. And then I can breathe.

i'm trying to see if I can get everything done and you guys haven't interrupted with too many questions so maybe you're being good to me alright so yellow. daffodil yellow and i'm going to put some Oh, my goodness, see I did too much of that too now i'm going to do, white first, and so we come in here and I want to not overlap it too much right so. The dots are usually better than using the tip of the brush because it's doesn't give you always a nice single little dot. But what I want to show you. Is a stew some here and then i'm going to jump over to.

oops I got pretty big on that alright, so I want to put a teeny bit of I can do the tip of the brush to do this, a teeny bit of white in here in the Center. Worker white daffodil yellow for a little bit of data do yellow so i'm not i'm just putting this teeny bit a yellow in here, and the whole piece, but I think it really helps alright, so let me show you real quick a little trick I do you actually use a flat brush and I get it then. Then down i'm going to use a little bit of medium. order, this is the line green right. Yes, I just jumped yeah yes, it is the line green Thank you alright so i'm going to run my finger along here alright, so I decide where I want it Okay, and then i'm going to run my finger along here. And it helps you get this straight line all right, and so I can do to turn it around if you're left here righty.

And then you're going to come right along here see my finger along the edge of the car makes it really easy, you can tap tape it and drop it or whatever, but I just like to take my finger and run along here when I can. And do that, so I don't worry see I dipped a little bit because i'm then going to do a squiggly that isn't perfect okay so see the trim on the edge now i'm going to make this inky really inky roll it you don't want it watery for two wanted inky Okay, and so i'm going to come right here. Okay, and i'm going to stand back on brush handle a little bit. And i'm doing this one, a little squiggly more than I did before. Okay, or you can do it perfect. But if.

Sometimes. I like it not perfect. Okay.

Or you can just do a real smooth Nice. detail here. And Donna, when you finish that it looks like we've got about maybe seven more minutes, the timing of our class, we have a request, if you have a moment and maybe on the back side of one of your cards, can you do one more close up lesson on how to paint the rosebud. Yes, but i'm going to do a purple one so y'all could see a little bit better alright so same thing i'm going to take the half inch brush, and this is your envelope and i'm going to take my little finger along the envelope and pull it straight down.

And because i'm running off I could I could turn it around and come the other way. Like right around here and steady myself. Okay, and. And a little bit of that purple and all I did if you see this is, I just did the dots and. Three little leaves so what i'm doing on this is to steady myself, I want you to see I use my finger.

On the mat so what's what's going to happen here my little finger will take and do this edge. Okay, there we go and. You got to do our little leaves for. And you know i'll do right here.

let's do a big purple rose bed right there so i'm gonna here again let's do it all purple which we did it all pink and then i'm going to side load. So it's two third perfect purple one third worker wife and I want you to see i'm going to touch here and there, let's go a little bit closer. Okay, so we go up and over I hope you like what we've done tonight and i'm excited to share with you that this Wednesday. At 4pm Eastern standard time we're going to paint a canvas together if you come join me right here. And so i'm excited because we're going to do a mason jar and show you how to do it see through So you see the stems inside so fun little gift to to give for valentine's day so did y'all see that better because they see that pretty good.

yeah Thank you Donna. yeah and then you're welcome guys and then we're going to pick up some of the citrus green. Line green. Ah. White color I use the most.

Okay lime green now watch this push down pressure at an angle and all you do a slide to a point. So push down at an angle slide, to the point, so the two colors ones for opinions you blend shade and highlighted in each stroke so touch on not flat see i'm not flat, I met an angle, so I put pressure and stand to the point. Alright, so there we go and then you can pull a stem and if you need it.

And then you might not mailed us, I still think you can put them put your information there alright so then we're going to come back let's put a little bit a yellow. and white, this is daffodil yellow they handle depth thought see dip into fresh paint dawn and don't get as much pain, as I did, I really put a lot of pain out Okay, and then I can still come in with purples where the perfect purple or the wicker why see that. And I thought i'd give you a sneak peek up close of what we're doing Wednesday and then Chris is going to come on and tell you what's going to be next Monday.

uh huh. All right, so look at this you like what we just did guys it's a cute little set right there there we go and for you guys who weren't here earlier. We are listening goes better with it yeah, this is what we're doing all right so it's a cute little. square canvas you can do any size, you want, but we did the mason jar we did some aqua in here see that that little.

watercolor effect in the background and open rows and some pretty flowers and. can show you all kinds of little flowers, you can do, but see this light passed down the back and then more intense and pride and the cute little hearts there we go and above so let's have fun Thank you guys i'm so excited and there you go Chris. What Donna one more break out, can we go back to Dallas table. I would love for you Donna, one more time just to show the first card and it's on below just to show and tell. Okay.

yeah we're off camera oh. Okay, thank you. I know you have wet paint in front of you there we go and then now we have the second one, so those are the choose this sets.

Paris, I should say, maybe of cards that you all learned how to paint tonight with Donna, so I hope that each of you use those as inspiration and do your own thing or do exactly as Donna talk to you this evening and again we can't Okay, now we can come back came on. I hope that we all enjoyed the class this evening and Donna, we thank you for coming and. Participating with us this evening. And those of you that did paint along or plan to paint along after the lesson has been posted.

Be sure and snap pictures of your work share on your social pages, we love for you to share in our let's paint with Plaid Facebook group use the hashtag make it with michaels hashtag michaels crafts and hashtag. let's paint challenge, because we all are just as excited to see what you do. And learned, or what you've learned, even from donna's class this evening, so thank you all for attending next Monday night, I want to tell you that they. were all working remotely tonight i'm in my home and donna's in her home down in Florida i'm in Georgia.

And so I don't have the actual sample to show and tell for next Monday night, but I will tell you that Jesse Jennings will be back with us next Monday night. And that would be on the 17th and then the following Monday the 24th will be Andy Jones in the House and the last Monday of the month, I will be me teaching you. A real fun snowman for valentine's day and you say what's now and valentine's yes you'll have to look on michaels website to find that project so. I hope you all plan to join Jesse Andy and myself in the following Monday nights and once again we thank you all for coming and joining us this evening so come on everybody cheer with me, will you let. hey.

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