New technology for making wooden billboards - making a wardrobe Monday 11 5 2022

New technology for making wooden billboards -  making a wardrobe Monday 11 5 2022

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okay is it back is it working okay i hear i hurt myself yep there we go sweet yes that means it's working if you hear me twice yeah that was weird the obs people were mad or something all right so did you see you didn't even get to see all the i've been putting in here damage this isn't this kind of protein powder it's just the uh package for it protein powder is uh a good one where's the full bag of it right here wait protein [Applause] it's got uh lots of things in it contains milk also all right so we get some water about that much you get a little bit of kombucha anybody drink kombucha gts baby monkey knows about the kangaroo kombucha and then just a little bit of melt well almond milk unsweetened i think we don't have to put anything else i think that's it i'll bring this over here see it's just hey is it too high oh you got it i'm not a big fan of the watermelon one all right she warned [Music] do [Music] all right that should be mixed up probably looks like uh and you don't drink it because it tastes good chat you drink it because it's good for you and i almost overfilled it because i was watching the video cheers and it doesn't taste near as bad as you would think it does but definitely doesn't taste like a baby root the ginger really helps bottoms up in case you're good for sure it does i usually drink these for breakfast but i didn't have one today so sorry uh all right you can't fall out there you go all right now we got some food [Music] oh maybe this bitsy actually long enough for these spoops well it's long enough but it's the right size oh hell yeah oh second let's get started right baby oh do you think we went deep enough elliott oh it's so mad so should i put a drop of oil in that last hole too uh sorry we'll do it on this one probably just one in the middle just because this poor bit it's so dull oh it's smoking hmm all right it's so good i'm gonna do the rest of it it's so good i got i gotta get more and put the spinach and the other stuff away oh oh it was like burning wood out here you guys trying to burn the house down yeah that shouldn't come ever coming off could you hang from it probably not but you'll definitely be able to put your coffee cups on there that's right so that's that way this one's gonna go wait we're not using that one let's try to go this way [Music] you're gonna need a little bit of support on you just try to fall over and fall over and fall over nice laundry sheets are nasty i think too i think cigarettes smell better than laundry sheets but i might be biased so i don't smoke but i used to but yeah dryer sheets are you oh all right it should be flat ah foreign this bit should go right those smell bad too scented garbage bags kind of are kind of scary okay we listen to this already oh oh so oh no did that break we can't even get it out broken as hell do we ah maddie what's up maddie alright so i guess that wasn't a total waste of a hole it's flat enough we're still going to put another one what you're up to maddie no we're making uh floating shelves this piece of plywood will end up getting screwed to the 2x4 in the wall back in the one spot and then we'll cover this with i don't know yet something maybe pork board maybe just wood so it'll kind of be like a little shelf not really like a floating shelf i mean it looks like they're floating but i don't know if we'll just because we'll have to cut out the drywall this size so it sits tight to the wall then we can put two screws in the stud because i know there's only one it'll only hit one stud and it's 24 inches and then we can just cover this with either drywall wood or i don't know pork board would probably be the easiest i need to put your little stupid goofy in there like don't forget your coffee in the morning or this wood ain't no joke either it's hard hard wood you know why it broke because we didn't oil it before we stuck it in there [Laughter] i don't want to push it yeah you know where they're going did i were you here when i was trying to explain where they were going screen capture discord they're going to go right here this is where the coffee maker's gonna end up going so they'll be the first one would be about four inches above this and then the other one we wanted to do three but it would have put the third shelf like about level with the top of the blinds so i don't think that would look very good so we're just gonna go with two unfortunately though we won't be able to just do it all today because i i just ordered a wire this is live edge so it's got to be like kind of broke down a lot i mean i guess we could mix up some epoxy and fill some of these little holes but they should be strong enough oh yeah they'll be strong enough once we screw that to the 2x4 and it did end up being solid wood so there's that let's see the edge here the hell is going on it's got some serious uh well it's got a little bit of bark still left on it get a wire wheel though we'll be able to basically kind of polish the bark off so we can get to that next layer you can actually see it right there oh this shit's still gotta come off it's so much easier with the wire wheel flat gotta be more careful but we should get out the old salmon stick you guys ever seen this damn stick it's got a picture of alf on it [Laughter] this was back in the day when we made sand and sticks a lot i think this was the third time we tried to make one similar to this this one ended up being the best it actually works really good you can see this little wedge right here so once the tip wears out we can just pull this wedge out and slide the paper down a little bit or you can even slide it this way 40 grit sandpaper actually i do i saw some the other day where was that oh yeah these are the sanding belts they kept getting up from the belt sander when we're sanding doors ah in the snips got some some food so is that the first time you've ever been to vegas monkey or have you been there before so damn that was the first time for you huh that's cool did you do any gambling so ten dollars that's usually how it goes them casinos weren't built on winners that's for damn sure all right this is some 40 let's see if we can yes i agree with the whole smoke thing i can't believe they haven't gotten rid of that in vegas yet i wonder if there's actually any casinos that are smoking is banned oh yeah that's a lot more grit uh let's clamp this down so we don't drop it on her toes she probably wouldn't be having a very good rest of the day if we drop his toes we do have steel toes but [Laughter] so [Laughter] hmm so i'm imagining that it's supposed to be this which means that's a lot of salmon a good ship the wire will get here before we can send all this out you probably can get an std i'm walking down fremont street although it's so much better than it used to be since it has had its remodel its revamp whatever the hell they called it when they did it when i lived in vegas i worked i worked construction on a couple different projects but one of them that we worked on was near fremont street kind of but it was on d street which is right over the other side from like downtown old vegas on the other side of the i-15 freeway we were building a they were making an off-ramp so we were extending the three-way out and building huge scaffolding like bridge raid scaffolding like 30 40 feet up in the air d street is also known for having lots of homeless people or it was back when i was there and this was 20 plus years ago and those would yeah the homeless people human beings they would in our sand boxes that we would make for the scaffolding when you do bridge scaffolding you build a sandbox and then you build your scaffolding inside of the sandbox so when it's time to take the scaffolding down you have to dig the sandbox out because there's so much weight on the scaffolding that you couldn't move it any other way so we had all these sandboxes that we had built and these sandboxes were some of them were probably 20 by 20 but most of them were probably 10 foot by 10 foot with you know 12 16 inches of sand in them yeah human litter boxes that's what they thought they were those and those built in them oh i don't actually remember what we actually did with it i don't think we touched the i think we just left it there because we would just have to build the scaffolding all the way up and then we would build the forms on top of the scalp thing so we didn't really spend that much time on the ground but those would in that stuff every single day we would go there say what the is wrong with you when i get it bigger homeless but why would you want to where you sleep i mean isn't that like a thing you shouldn't never where you sleep i guess homeless people don't care about that though huh dirty dirty this is ridiculous how else can we do this i can't think of any other way to do this sound what up what's up sound we're just talking about hobo in the sandboxes that we used to make when i worked in vegas not like a sandbox i could play in but and then we're trying to sand this live edge piece of oak it's pretty hard or not it doesn't even actually look like we're getting anywhere but i think we are um [Laughter] i mean i guess with live wood live edge wood it's kind of like how raw and unfiltered do you want it i mean obviously you gotta sand it enough to where you could never get a sliver from it from running your hand over it oh by the way sean i forgot to tell you they had one record at the store well actually they had like 10 of them so i didn't think anything of it but i know that i've i might go back and buy one but they had the uh crucifer live it uh arcasante vinyl you probably have that one but i think it was like 30 bucks or 35 bucks well i could say they had like 10 of them so i didn't even think that it was something that i needed to get it was like oh this is easy to pick up and it's probably cheaper on amazon yeah it's probably nothing i could say it's probably nothing special and that dude that found that one record he just got lucky as hell dude that's like finding a rolex at the goddamn goodwill or some or a picture of uh billy the kid remember when somebody found a picture of billy the kid at goodwill that was years ago but that sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars foreign [Laughter] um [Laughter] oh let's try something here i don't know if i have plans to do this but there's a lot of really cool close to vegas but vegas itself i mean unless you're into uh smoking cigarettes and gambling and chasing down hookers yeah we don't have any thing worth a maybe this one would work baby come on let's try this i don't know how well this is gonna work now me down yes nationwide inflation is only 1.7 if you believe that i uh got some snake oil to tell you um honestly my formula for caring about ppe is uh if i'm right in front of it if i'm like you know right trucking here uh certain things like a router always wear earplugs if i'm gonna be using it for more than a couple of runs this thing is freaking super loud i mean actually i bet you it sounds like jade's full um i don't know that's pretty much my formula i don't i mean yeah you should probably wear it even if you ever even just come out here but we'll be all right i'm sure of it i don't know how far we're supposed to go with this gas prices are going up again i kind of like it with a different color i think if you wanted to get rid of all the bark you would need to sand it down to that light color you can try but yeah me and why chris were talking about the whole tax thing and how expensive gas is over there but they also get more miles per gallon on their gas petrol as they call it because typically the cars over there aren't like big american cars ouch it's pretty spam smooth yeah what sounds sad i mean if you gotta have to buy a new one you don't got a choice i guess that's what you gotta do but you gotta do what you gotta do but yeah buying a car terrible idea right now come on baby i don't know what do you guys think a little bit of light a little bit of dark or do we sand all of it light i mean we also got to the top what's actually i mean it is live ash keep in mind it's i think it all needs to be taken down to a solid color but that's just a funny thing it's not going to be exactly the same color everywhere hey hold on sick yeah it's got worm holes in it hold on i'll show you yeah so there's definitely got some holes in there worm holes right down there at the bottom you can't see it but let's set up tons of bark on it this got one volts or something your monkey i love your logo dude it's awesome by the way did you make that or did you pay somebody to do that yes uh uh i don't think so um post it well if you post it and it bans it i'll repost it for you i've been trying to figure out which ones i need to turn off because i had like streamlabs nightbot stream elements all that and i had it turned on so it would wouldn't allow links that i've been trying to get rid of them to make it so i can make a command for people or just you know people i know that i can make regulars change it or add post links there you go perfect that works okay so you use this website to make that ugh so did you like post a picture of them or upload a picture of a monkey and it just did that for you or this makes absolutely no sense to me on this website okay i see then you just added your colors gosh i got you let's see here fine so fish ocean fish butter what are they other options for these if you didn't know pyro ferris is a type of fish now it's like damn it that's exactly what i wanted is similar to what i wanted to do with the logo ocean fish pitcher somewhere oops i don't even know where it's at white recent email board is contained within a circular shape instead of a square i think it looks straight just the way that it is personally oh but you're talking just like the monkey head itself and not the i think it looks good like that personally but i get what you're saying yeah super digging this really cool go get your bike get to your go go do what you need to do monkey get up get off the couch get off the chair go do it don't let us stop you as much as we'd all love to have you hang out with us all day if you got to do go get your done then come back this would probably have like those cicadas that hide in trees for like 20 years one day they just decide they're gonna come out one day i'll come out to my kitchen in the morning there'll be like six million cicadas all over the walls i like oh yeah i figured there was something inside that wood with all the holes it made in it you're right there's none absolutely not there's nothing wrong with it but if you got to do you got to do holy that camera i did hit that camera today i thought i did look how high it is out of it surely it's way cheaper to ride a scooter than it is take a lift maybe i'm living in the twilight zone all right let's clean some of this up seriously it's not just like 20 bucks or five bucks to use a scooter for however many hours i never rented one of those things before 33 cents we went to the farmers market on saturday and uh there was one of those rental scooter things that somebody who knows what they did what why it was there but it was literally just like laying in the middle of the parking lot i was like i take this home and like back into it and have my own fancy scooter they probably have like gps sensors or something sorry man i just picked it up on the side of the road it was just chilling there i don't if it was yours you could have a back but i just figured i might as well bring it home get it out of the street that's what you could tell 33 cents a mile is crazy though that's how much they like they pay you a little bit more than that per mile for like work don't they it takes you 30 minutes to get there and oh and another uh good point of advice if you're working with wood that you know has definitely got fungus and longus in it you should probably wear a mask too this one's definitely got lots of fungus and fungus inside of it i'd say take the uber you're gonna end up having to ride your bike back anyways right you said what it was at nine miles yeah definitely take it take what you need easy to get there and then you bike then you have your new bike enjoy your ride home bill take your stream and with you stream your first ride on your new bag have you streamed on your new bike yet yeah ask anybody who's ever crashed on one of those scooters up when they are it's like the tire fell off or some oh you gotta get it yeah i wasn't sure if you had picked it up or if it wasn't shot getting work done to it so there you go stream both of them yeah shroud shroud the streamer shroud he crashed on one of those scooters before like i don't remember it was his elbow or his wrist but he had to actually get surgery on it i think it was his elbow the complications yours isn't yours is definitely way more complicated complications and streaming just go hand in hand no matter what you crashed 11 months ago on one of those electric scooters sound it was a spectacular crash this was on stream even for a while was it on the oh you know it was on your segway nine block max scooter what the hell is that thing is it like one of those one-wheeled weird segway deals or like a real like the traditional segway or totally something too okay basically the same is just one of those rental smoother things except for a segway i got you babe i got all right you're doing the scooter thing are you gonna stream it monkey five dollar off coupon hell yeah oh you so do [Laughter] yeah i know you gotta like turn that off every single time where's it at see and then it just disappears too got him but now it's just now when i restart obs it's just going to be like that again so we got to use that handbrake program to get the audio out of it this works really good actually anybody watch the show ozarks finished up the last new episodes that just came out last night it should be muted next time even after i restart the stream did you watch it yeah they released the what was it well they released i think season five maybe four the camera it's either four or five the newest season but they released like seven episodes and then they waited for a few months and then we released seven more and they just barely came out the other day but i watched that and i don't know i thought they said that that was gonna be the last season but i thought i read some more that it would be the last season but i'm pretty sure it's not okay i saw the drug one pop up just there and it was muted so maybe we'll save it okay you stop at three because you just didn't like it thought it was pretty good i mean considering what your options are to watch out there for multi multi-season shows usually most of them are trash but i don't watch very many tips very shows either but i've seen a few who me i'm good on that one what hello are you all right hello the plugged in now oh no actually i'm looking at people taking apps yeah drew's always simping over nancy reagan i wouldn't doubt it he's not even lying about that nancy reagan he's kind of scared before yeah i told i wouldn't yeah i believe that she couldn't actually he couldn't convince me otherwise yo what up shane we're just talking about nancy reagan fetishes group definitely wins we've had a nancy reagan fetish for like 20 years or some i'm standing trying to change the skin while i did the wood here it's coming up it's it's working but it's a lot of work uh find somebody you know that's in the construction industry this is a friend of a friend ask them who they would recommend as a painter typically a painter because somebody who does refinishing of doors in a house remodel she's lucky you could get someone like well need to be able to do it for you some world workers are also pretty uh adamant about finishing their products like uh what a finish you don't have friends you have all where all your friends frame yeah there you go and if you can't do that i would say look on like one of those oh i don't even know what the hell they're called just basically it's like tinder except for construction workers and they don't come over and suck you off or you with a pickle they just you know do actual woodwork or painting or pile or i can't remember what's the name of that one it was really advertised angie's list or some maybe was that a thing yeah i think it's called angie's list what are you trying to refinish frame yeah i think except for with the i e a n g i e f oh okay so shane there you go katie knows katie's all over it i want to wear a new house well is it solid wood you know a commercial for it or frame do you know what you want to do to it does it face the sun tell me it's a north facing door so it doesn't ever actually get sun on it do you mean you don't know you don't know what's standing in your front porch if you look out your front porch way you're looking the wrong with you to the end well no wonder we're not saying this off right here we sanded the sandpaper right off of it was feeding us oh well uh just just look look it up it's pretty easy it's just never you just got to remember never eat soggy waffles and then you just always need a landmark to go off of and you should be good to know where you're at all the time god how long are we trying to stamp just the paper on something oh the house yeah yeah yeah if you guys stayed there no you said you're not moving until after they replaced the a-stack right and they're coming this week okay you got three floats from one company this morning all right let's hear it well it was just a replacement for the units and the exchangers the condensers and the exchangers and then what was the quote for the mini flips i'm gonna guess you're probably looking at like oh 20 000. oh really even 17 and a half with mini slits or only 17 and a half with miniflex that's a deal oh wait a second okay so that wasn't for mini splits did you get a mini split quote no you didn't get a nice little pillow for it for sound furnace and maybe that's a big ass book i have two three and a half's at my house it's hot yeah they're a decent brand uh actually my neighbor just got one golf um a few years ago maybe yeah i think so notice the important things of the seer rating like this the higher the seer rating the more energy efficient they are you don't want to buy anything that's less than like a 16 for sure and even go up higher than that if you can i think like the highest i don't even actually know you'd have to look into what the highest this year rating that you could get for a home the highest price often okay so yeah yeah that's another thing that makes i mean you want to go for energy efficient go to the higher ceiling for europe i'm telling you dude you need to go split you'll be so much happier with them you'll be able to keep your office 20 degrees and your wife can keep her bedroom 600 degrees she won't be able to turn the heat up just in your office at all hey you're always scared about that the outdoor kitchen has been you should get that then you would only have to replace it i probably added those because the current ac system couldn't hack it whether it was too hot or whether it was too cold that's really depends on you know obviously a lot of factors but if they're adding all right are you starting now turn off string while i'm at the store yeah don't do that don't give them your street if you're streaming right now watch monkey write a scooter to the store this is gonna just have to be done with the wire wheel anyways somebody tell me when monkey goes live all right i only have three sons only three fun mini slits is that what you're saying well i mean three tons is going to be 20 for you know a decent sized room they said they were one ton under for your square footage so that doesn't make any sense because if you had a room that's too big for the biggest one you would just put either two smaller ones or two bigger ones like that's and they work together like if there's two in the same room they both turn on the same time and they both turn off at the same time so that's just a line for you you should put if you've got a huge like your big ass room in your kitchen i'm sure that whole area is really open probably you would need two in there i would imagine i'm no expert by any means but i did stay at holiday in before so i'm alright it's all right and i'm on the internet so i know everything the real person to talk to about this would be casinos if you want no advice on hvac talk to him keep that's what he does but them trying to not sell you many splits it's kind of weird because i would think they would make more money than doing those maybe not it's a hell of a lot more labor-intensive i'm just replacing the condenser and the exchanger [Laughter] oh [Laughter] yeah right my finger sorry that herself i did pretty sure there's some of this still stuck in there [Laughter] oh yeah she's super hard okay frank maybe you could even just pay casino to come out to your house and do it that's do you remember bonsai the woodworker bonsai she'd paint him to come to his house and redo her feet maybe he could do yours while he's there i don't know if he sure wasn't supposed to be going to do it he was uh i just sent you a number i got a phone number okay potassium if you'd be interested in doing that plus you'd be paying for you know versus some random person well i guess time for me i see no doubt he only comes around in trouble well if i come and do it you got to take it to er find somebody who does sandblasting probably like an auto body shop and we would take you to auto body shop and have them stand blast it and then we would be a piece of cake to refinish it but sanding it down and stripping the old off is it's not fun and it's not easy i would totally come to it but i really don't want to strip it it's like stupid to do it when you can pay somebody to sandblast it because it works so much better and if the door's got any amounts of detail in it at all you can sandblast the out of it and it's basically all 100 new raw wood again versus sanding it down by hand and messing with all the to put on it hell you could even buy a sandblaster and we could do that you just do it in your backyard yeah send me some pictures of it and look at it if it's unless it's like a fiberglass wooden door it will be worth it to repeat refinish it but if it's a fiberglass door then just can we just throw us in yeah we couldn't do that really hard it's wood all right soda we just talked a medium like soda or walnut soda or walnuts how are those even the same thing like walnut wood or walnuts that you eat the best thing to drip wood oh uh not a hundred percent sure but that you would probably want to use the finest stuff you could use fine so maybe soda although that might not be good because it might be like penetrating the wood too far so i would probably just say hi all right i'd probably just say like the finest sam that you could get what's the best you can set up my uh server for my rtmp for doing irl hell yeah oh yeah i don't know will save time the frame will have to learn how to do it i'll let you man you'll be here in a couple days i'll let you in i'll let you in on a little secret is that like makeup for some and perfume and stuff monkey ready yet [Applause] oh great now we're gonna start swinging our dicks and chat about networking knowledge let's do it [Laughter] well how about that hardwood though you know anything about hardwood stuff i'll tell you what i know the best kind of enterprise networking gear you can buy it's called uh ram told me about it one time is it called americai maybe that's the name of it americai cisco makes it i believe something like that though yeah yeah oh really it's like a subscription services i know nothing except for what i've seen before so don't you have to have the hall cairo c i like that that works i like that you call it that i'm sure both of you are equally qualified in the oxygen and you're just going to have a much bigger contest of how should be done at 50 like two woodworkers trying to tell you how to nail a board together hi lou we're doing the shells above where the coffee maker goes what well she knows i made him a long time ago no can you watch a harry potter movie yeah no this is how you're supposed to do it well this is how you're supposed to do it there's always more than one way to do something is there a right or wrong way to do something if there's multiple ways to do it well it depends on who you ask probably if you ask somebody who likes to argue they'll try to argue with you still death but what cookies what kind of cookies just cats how many cats do you have babies yeah you can have those i had cats i'm not just a kid i'm so damn allergic to him my oldest kid is even more allergic to him than i am the bastards oh my god you're the crazy cat lady holy that's a lot of cats oh oh monkey save us pretty interesting to see what it does when we hit it with the wire wheel we can strip it down to get it this color we will or at least mostly that color you all right let's see we'll need uh i don't know he said he'd be in high school yeah huh he's almost ready he's got to be almost ready my savior save us monkeys oh nice sweet little right here ever abracadabras do you tip your waiter usually yeah i mean that's pretty much what you're supposed to do right i'm saying slurpee we're just waiting on monkey so we can watch him we'll pick up his new bike and ride the scooter the hill i was on mute yeah uh what he's trying to say exactly katie got it that's what i was trying to say but it's going to go in that spot there so the first shelf will be about four inches above this and then the next one will be about cherish probably now the more and more i look at those blinds i think they don't manage but that sounds good uh [Music] or hopefully it should work we'll see peace ah there he goes what's the matter what's the matter what do you need yeah i didn't think you wanted that you thought you did but you don't we go take her swimming oh yeah let's go take her swimming of course she always wants to go swimming oh except for hold on a second let me take this camera out there i gotta plug it in and go swimming huh you want to go swimming the battery on this camera's almost dead so if i take it out there it's going to die i'll be plugged in let's go come on let's go swimming get your ball let's go swimming check on the blackberry oh do you want to go swimming murphs well get this all ready to go and monkey be like all right i'm ready uh where are we at here hold on hold on no no hold on you can jump in wait you got to wait a second let me get the camera turned on hold on you're the only entertainment we got just wait a second would you all right where are we at here how's it look is it cutting out hopefully not hey you want to go swimming murfs you want to go swimming come here let me see your ball can i see your ball drop it for me okay drop it and i'll throw it for you again ah i have not shown him the garden since like friday or something i don't remember do i'm gonna throw it or what dog you can't put it in your mouth if you want me to throw it let me see it let me see it give it to me let me have it thanks what when will we start turning red [Laughter] you think she's pretty serious hopefully the camera's actually working oh yeah so it doesn't even breathe get those flies off you tell them get out of here all right you ready are you ready to get it nice belly flop merms that water now uh i have no idea lou oh i hear a plane guys where's that it's coming holy it's the fire plane even it's the fire plane they're probably going to put out fires that's what they do the fire planes he was super super low too he must be he must have a full load oh sure he might be able to still actually get him oh he's gone you got it for a second there there's another plane way way up there do you think we can get that one hey no no no shaking right here dog no i didn't it's pretty good pretty good yeah what's it a clip of uh did you put it in yours dad what the nice job he's that wasn't even him that was his wife taking the video gg maddie matty's dogs don't like mers wait oh is this there's a plane taken off here pretty soon i wonder if he's going to come over this way this flight right here they're going to is that provo yeah prolo utah i know it doesn't have a take off time three i hear it it's coming right here a plane i don't know if it was that same one oh yeah there it is right there there he goes where's he going you think that might actually be no no hmm i don't see that one anywhere all right this what's the scoop on monkey anybody got any news on the monkey business they don't have chat open so don't answer that come on come on oh [Music] i wonder if we could get up on one of the vultures oh there's another jet but might be able to get him over here look at merv i think this is a private jet hold on hold on where is he focus focus that guy's way way far away now all right i'll fix it in a second did you already clean it up cold war pond exactly turn that into a pond someday what's up hold on a second stella disconnected from chat you cannot time yourself out yeah what okay i'll take care of it in a minute don't worry about it right now okay that's fine then just take it out throw it away okay now we got chat open now we got we can look at the flight thing alright so where's this guy going he's gonna be right here oh mr plane are you coming where are you at what is that road oh this oh he's way way way way up there uh she's sure in my in my swimming pool then my kids wouldn't dare get in there because there was fish in it let me see that nope go get away go go monkey monkey swim with the fish yeah that would be a good time right sure um i mean i guess we could just sit out here all day long and film planes yeah you could have a boring koi fish monkey has left the chat i wonder if that means he's going to be live soon disconnected oh he's still on yours so he's not showing up on mine what's up yeah you're going swimming okay i hear a plane but i think it's not coming this way [Music] that's just what's in this that's what's on the screen right now so you need some strings wonder if it's not um oh stop sunscreen what's on your face no you don't need sunscreen on your face you're not gonna be out here all day the what that big a fly okay right here yes what remove the lemon okay is you swimming where's this guy going oh yeah i know right monkey monkey bananas where are you oh he just went live all right guys we're going to monkey's house actually monkey's going to take us for an adventure he's running a scooter that ain't no big deal later kill cold war everybody else how do we do this i think that works there we go bye i gotta go try to stream off [Music] and

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