Natura Bissé: The Latest in Vitamin C Skincare Technology

Natura Bissé: The Latest in Vitamin C Skincare Technology

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This is the Art Beauty podcast where we tell the real truth about the fake shit. I'm Amber Milt and Today, my fabulous and gorgeous co-host is Miss Cynthia Aguilar. She's the international institution for one of my absolute favorite lines. Natura Bisse.

Welcome to the show, Cynthia. Hi, Amber. It's so great to see you again. I love being here with you. Oh, my gosh.

We love having you on. And I have to say, I'm so excited. Today we are getting into some of Natura Bisses new launches but we're going to start by talking about vitamin C, because we all know, you know, we hear about it all the time. It is one of the most powerful and potent antioxidant It's great for protecting our skin. But I really wanted you, the expert, to come on and tell us, you know, with summer coming up, why is vitamin C such an essential part of any skincare routine? Well, like you just said, it is a very powerful antioxidant. Now, what does that mean? Right.

We all we hear antioxidants all the time. But what does that what does that mean? Well, what it means is that it's going to help fight the negative effects of free radicals. On the skin. Now, free radicals can cause on the skin just premature aging. Right.

That's what antioxidants and vitamin C do. They're going to fight these negative effects from free radicals and they're going to prevent that aging on your skin. OK, and free radicals are things that can occur because of our environment, right? So especially living in the city and. Free radicals can occur from the environment, can even occur from our diet. Our lifestyle.

So it can mainly happen because of everything. If you live in a big city where there's a lot of pollution, the sun you will get free radicals. But like I said, also our diet and our lifestyle, if we live under so much stress, you will for sure get free radicals and this impacts the skin directly.

Right. I mean, I have to say, when we talked to so many dermatologists and so many doctors and look, there are a host of products out there, but it seems to me that one of the most consistent things we hear is that in any good skincare routine during the day, you want some sort of a vitamin C, antioxidants, serum to protect your skin. Well, yes. And what I also love about vitamin C is that it boosts the production of collagen. And I.

We got to think about this. We start losing collagen since we are 25. So you want to incorporate vitamin C for that antioxidant benefit, but also to boost that collagen production.

Now, you know, it came to me this morning because I was looking at the line and it's all C and C. So is that sort of stand for vitamin C and collagen? It stands for mainly vitamin C and it has a great name that we could find for our collection and that we could identify it, but it stands mainly for vitamin C. OK, so what's the other C? Does? It's like reinforced vitamin C. Gotcha. OK, so like double vitamin C, so.

You have vitamin C power in there. I have to share a story before we continue on vitamin C. I was sitting around this weekend and so blessed I got a lovely delivery of this line and my husband, God bless him, who is such a good sport. We've got thousands of beauty products here and most of the time if I'm like, hey, let me just try this on you, he'll go for it. This is the first line. He opened it up. He took a smell of it, and I was like explaining all the steps of what's in it.

And there was this soufflé mask and and I'm like, Do you want to try it? And he was like, Absolutely. And afterwards he said, Any time you want to do a little beauty day with with the mask, I'm all game. I mean, to me, this is like the ultimate praise that a brand could receive. But I was blown away because he's never said that.

But I think the line is so fabulous. I love the fact that he fell in love with that mask. And, you know, you get a great point here. Vitamin C is for everyone and women and our vitamin C collection, it just invites you right away.

The minute you open a jar or the serum or the mask, you're like, oh, my gosh, I'm in Spain. This is the Mediterranean in sand that I've been dreaming about. Also really is I mean, I know people are very particular when it comes to skincare and fragrance, but I have to say that this has such a light like what? An orange, sort of a citrusy scent to it.

It's so lovely to me. It's not so tense to the point where you get like, Oh, OK, I've had enough of citrus. It it is a really inviting lovely light fragrance that was in love with. So going back to the vitamin C, and I know that you have reformulated that the CMC Antioch solution tell us a little bit more so we know that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant.

Why did you feel the need to reformulate what was already a very popular product? OK, so on our previous serum we only had 6% of vitamin C, OK, that probably like ten, 12 years ago. So but that time it was the product and it was the correct percentage and the correct way to put it under the skin. Does that make sense? Yeah. Ten years later, of course, things have changed. We have found new ways to stabilize that vitamin C, that ascorbic acid, to really be able to provide more benefits to the skin and to really be able to get that product in deep layers of the skin. So that was the main reason why we decided to reformulate this product.

Now, this product incorporates 12% of pure ascorbic acid. It's pure ascorbic acid. It's not derivative or something.

That it's similar to vitamin C, it's pure ascorbic acid. So on that, you know, when we're looking at vitamin C products, I'm glad you're talking about that. Can you explain some of the different types of vitamin C and why pure ascorbic acid is sort of the Supreme ? Pure Ascorbic acid it is just as if you were squeezing the juice out of that orange. So it's really sometimes I like to say this analogy is like that emergency directly for your skin, you know? So that's why ascorbic acid is the best way of vitamin C if you want to get those extra benefits or those real antioxidant benefits for your skin. OK, and is this sort of is one type of vitamin C more, you know, irritate eating for people of sensitive skin than another? Yes. And it can be also due to the way that they the vehicles that the companies use to absorb that vitamin C into the skin.

The percentage, of course, has to do with it. But ascorbic acid is one of the most stable ways of vitamin C. Now, you've mentioned stability a few times.

And for people who might not be familiar, vitamin C, which we know powerful antioxidant wonderful for our skin is notoriously unstable. It is. So and what that means is once it turns brown in a formula, it's not working the way that you want it to, correct? Exactly. It's very unstable. Think about it. When I was talking about that, squeezing that orange juice directly from the orange, you know how Nutrition's always tell you if you're going to do that, drink it right away or it will oxidize and that's just because vitamin C is very unstable.

We have found a way for our vitamin C to be stable, to be a long lasting vitamin C and everything starts even from the package. If you take a look at it, it is made out of glass. So that makes even vitamin C more stable. It protects it. So we have found a way to make it more more stable.

It is very sensitive, especially to heat, light if you leave your vitamin C products under the sun, it will oxidize right away. So that's a good tip when it comes to any vitamin C product, where is the best place to store it? It can be on your vanity as long as it is like room temperature and you to have sunlight directly on the products or any artificial light like really hitting the product directly, that's the best way. What are your thoughts about like bathroom, your bathroom vanity? Is that problematic because the heat of the shower.

Sometimes, yes. The heat of the shower can help it to oxidize a little bit faster. I mean, if you really like to shower like a steam room in there, I recommend to to put it in your vanity where what is room temperature got it.

So you want to protect it as best you can from light, from heat. So if your vanity is in the direct sunlight, not a great place for it. Exactly.

But you know how these cosmetic fridges are so popular right now. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it to put it in there either because vitamin C so unstable, the minute that you get it out of there, it can really, really change quickly. So I would recommend it just to store it at a place where it's going to be at room temperature. Wow. That is a great tip because you're right. I'm seeing those little cosmetic fridges everywhere, but I guess I never thought about it. When you take it, it's not so much storing it in the cold.

It's when you take it out. And that temperature shift. Oh. I mean, there are a lot of products that you are going to benefit from putting them or storing them in that little fridge. But now vitamins. OK, what are some of the products that do benefit from that? While we're on this. For example, maybe some products are going to help you with fashion.

Hopefully, yes. Those would be perfect to storing that in those little fridges, but in that vitamin C. OK, great.

So I know too, I was really, really excited about this so I'm a big fan of the diamonds, extreme cream. It is thick, it is rich, it is luscious. That lavender scent just puts me to bed every single night, but it can be maybe a little bit more moisture than you might want. I'm not going to say that everybody needs for me I'm like still sticking with the retinol. So even though we're in summer, I feel like every other day that deep moisture and that deep hydration is great, but I'm really really, really excited about this oil free gel.

This is a new launch, correct? It's also a new launch, and I think it's perfect for its summertime. For me, for example, I consider myself to have a normal skin, but during summertime, I do get a little bit shiny during the day. So this texture right here is amazing. It is something the Darren got that said, sorry, OK, it's.

Very light texture. It's a gel that it's very fast. It is very fast absorbing and it leaves you with that matte finish on the skin. So during summertime, I think this is a perfect a perfect texture for whoever is looking for a deep hydration, but still looking for an anti aging moisturizer. Anything that matte texture is what did it for my husband because he's been now using this every day alongside me because I you know, with men I think a lot of the times if you put on a cream in the morning and look, they need moisture, but then it dries like a little bit shiny, whereas we might like a dewy look I think that they don't appreciate that. You're always looking for a matte finish.

And I think this product delivers that exactly so I think it's a perfect product for a man. Yeah, for a woman. You know, it's funny, somebody told me the funniest thing the other day. They were like, we always want wood. We don't have and that the younger generations like a matte matte finish because they've got all the oil and moisture and doing this in their skin but once we hit our forties, fifties, sixties, we're like, Give me all the shine and doing this that I can get because I want to glow.

Yes, and I mean, this is going to provide you that perfect matte finish on the skin, but you will still have that glow, that kind of glow on the skin. So it's not going to your skin is not going to look like completely dried out. It's still going to leave that glow on the skin. And if you combine it with the Antioch solution, let me tell you oh my gosh, Porges.

So, you know, going back to some of the benefits, we kind of hopped into the products, the vitamin C, in addition to protecting your skin. It's also good for brightening, correct? Yes. It helps even the skin tone. It's not going to be an ingredient that it's going to completely remove dark spots or get rid of spots 100%.

But it helps you to even out your skin tone. So it provides you with that amazing glow that we were just talking about. Is, is there any exfoliation with vitamin C? You know, I'm thinking about it as an acid. Not really. And. Not really.

It provides you that antioxidant benefit and that that evenness on the skin, but it doesn't really have like an exfoliating and exfoliating effect on the skin. I mean, I'm going back to it again. Every doctor I've ever talked to, when they talk about the products that you absolutely need, it's a vitamins, a good cleanser, a vitamin C in the morning, followed by an SPF yeah. And then at night, hydration and maybe some sort of a corrective rather to retinol or whatever your corrective step is.

But vitamin C is always in that top five. It's always in that top five. Just because what I what I was telling you about it has this amazing antioxidant benefits. And I love it because you can use it as a preventative ingredient, but also as a corrective in Greek. So you can use it from your toes to your thirties to your forties. And it's an ingredient that you're always going to need.

Oh, my goodness. I can't believe we didn't mention it. This is the beginning of that of the show. Make sure if you're listening to this Natori be say, ultra luxury line has agreed to do a giveaway of the five step ritual, which we're going to be talking about, which is most of these products here.

So you want to go on social because it is an incredible, incredible deal. And really, with these five steps, you have a great antioxidant routine. So let's talk about the five step ritual. Why is it. So first step for this five step ritual is the CPSC, my seller, Cleansing Water. Have you tried it right? I absolutely have.

And it's funny because, you know, what can you tell us with the benefits of a Mike Miller cleansing water as I worked in beauty for so long and it was one of the buzzwords about I don't know, five or ten years ago, and I somehow sort of missed the solar water. So what are the benefits of this? Now, let me tell you, because this is one of my favorite cleansers and why it is one of my favorite is just because a muscle or water is going to remove any traces of makeup, dirt or products that you have on your skin. But you don't have to rinse it off, so you don't. Yeah. Great. OK, so this is like your eye because you know what I've been doing? I've been what, washed washing my makeup off and then kind of using this as like almost like a toner.

So it's doing it all wrong. If you I mean, sometimes if you want to do a double cleanse it's works perfectly like you've been doing it. You know, you OK, moving your makeup, washing your face first and then using the nice little water is going to give you that double cleanse in your skin is going to be absolutely clean and purified. But if you are one of those lazy girls, which I am at night.

Hey, happens. And you only want to do a one step cleansing fast without having to wash your face, this is your cleanser. You only need to you only need to put it on a cotton round and remove your makeup.

That's it. So we'll take off our makeup safely, too. I mean, if it's if it is like a real hard, waterproof makeup, you you.

Yeah, OK. OK, but this is going to get everything else off yet again. Great for the men, too, because I feel like they don't wash their face as much. And like you said earlier, you have two products in one cleanser and toner. So if you want to simplify your skincare routine, then a mile of water is a perfect product for you. Great. Now I can just tell everybody no, no.

Actually, I'm double cleansing and sound like I, you know, like a super beauty fanatic, which actually you are, because I like it because I was using it as a toner I love again, that smell puts you into a heavenly place and space, and it is like the 5 minutes in the morning when I'm like, Oh, God, yes, OK. That's what I was going to say. And even if you use it at night, it's a revitalizing scent. But it gives you these 5 minutes to be really able to disconnect.

Like I mentioned earlier, it transported to to that Mediterranean scenario where you're like, oh my gosh, I'm in heaven, actually. Here we are right to Barcelona because the brand is from Barcelona, my favorite cities in the world. It is. With some of the most beautiful women in the world.

OK, so what's the next step in the five step ritual? The next step would be the CPAC vitamin splash, OK, a citrus toner that you can use in multiple ways. You can just spray it on your face as a toner right after your cleansing but you can use it to to set your makeup better. Once you have done your makeup splash on your face, it will set better and you can use it during any time of the day where you're feeling like, hey, I need a I need something to wake up. I need a push of vitality during my day. You can use it any time during the day that you want to just spray it over your face and that's it.

OK, I love that. I don't I don't have that one here. Oh, you don't. I don't know. Well, wow. OK, well, I saw in your video, which, by the way, is another thing to discuss afterwards.

And I was like, oh, man, I wonder if that's just not available here in the US, because that to me looks like, OK, got it. OK, so first it's the water. Then we've got that beautiful spray. Yes, OK. I mean, I can show you real quick how you how you can do it is just close your eyes and spray.

And do it. We want to do that before we apply any of the other. Yes. That this is going to be your toner.

Cleanser, my. Silver water toner. And right after the toner, we would go into the CPSC, Antioch solution. OK, this is so cool. Yeah. I want to take a minute to talk about the texture of this product.

It is a water less formula. So you can see it comes in a dropper. It's kind of an oily texture, but it's really light and it absorbs very very quickly. I also want to highlight you only applied like three drops, maybe amber right now.

You are yet my hand, but I do a full dropper follow the face. And it goes along. Each of you, not to a full dropper, full in the face. I am a little bit greedy. I am a little bit I got to confess that I use almost the whole dropper, but you can only use five drops for your face, neck and neck. Little. OK, got it.

But I really like you, so I use sometimes I use more than five drops. But the right way to do it is what, like three to five drops? Five. Because you're right five drops. Five drops is our magic number.

OK, and I want to show people here it is. It does feel like an oil siren, but it dries is. Not as matte. As the as the as the gel. But but it serves right.

It's not like you're not going to have to worry about getting this under clothes or hugging somebody and getting stuff all over their. Not at all. It will absolutely go deep into your skin after you work it a little and why we decided to go for a water less formula. Again, Vitamin C, stability is what this formula helps to stabilize ascorbic acid in a better way, and it helps to deliver the ascorbic acid to deep layers of the skin better. Now I'm looking here, it says affirming serum with vitamin C. So are there also some firming is at the college in boosting back? Yeah.

Remember, I was talking about how it boosts collagen production. That's why you also get a ferment effect when you in back and see. Great, OK. And again, if we go back, then vitamin C is an ingredient that you can use any time during your life, in your twenties, in your thirties and forties. So Vitamin C needs to be in your skincare routine. Always.

Always every single doctor agrees on that one. There isn't someone who is like, there's a lot of things that people are like, well, these are nice to have, but the must haves are your vitamin C your SPF, a good cleanser, a moisturizer, and some sort of an exfoliation like a retinol. OK. And then I would also like to mention on the Antioch solution, we have 12% of a scar because it but we have an extra 8% of other antioxidants like turmeric like pine bark extract.

So you get a total of 20% of antioxidants in this product. Oh great. So what is tumeric like that is that I mean, I know it's great for inflammation. What is it? It's also a great antioxidant. OK. So yeah, you have those extra 8% of antioxidant ingredients to give you a 20% total of OK. That's great.

And now so we have step one was the missile or water two is the spray, three is the antioxidant solution. What is boar. Or your CPSC. OK.

Oil free gel. Which we talked about. Yeah. Remember the serum, it's going to be that extra or that really orange juice for your skin, but then you need to seal it. How are you going to seal it with oil free gel right. Like we mentioned before, that it's going to give you that matte finish on the skin.

What is going to provide you with deep hydration and also from in benefits. I have to tell you that from our last podcast, you have changed my beauty life forever. Remember when I was like, sometimes I just used the serum and you were like, No, you need to add a moisturizer on top to seal that in.

I have now religiously knock on one day since our last podcast where I have not used a moisturizer. I know what I think because I think my skin you're right. We need all the moisture, all the hydration, and knowing that it's kind of locking in the goodness of those serums has been a game changer for me. But I owe that to you I love that over here. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. This is why I love doing this podcast because I learned things. Do

you our serum and our moisturizer as one, you know? Yeah. Sometimes people ask me, but which one should I get? Which one is better? I can only get one. I'm like, No, you really need to try to get those two because they complement each other well. Really good nail polish and topcoat, right? Your nail polish is like all the goodness and delicious, and the top coat is going to seal that in and make sure it stays looking beautiful and delicious. Absolutely. I mean, if you really want to get the benefits of that serum, you need to get the moisturizer.

It's just going to enhance those benefits. OK, now do you use this? We step five. Step five.

That would change it for my husband, huh? Just flames. Yes. And this one, you can use it twice. A week. It doesn't matter if it's daytime or nighttime.

Whenever you feel more relaxed, whenever you want to enjoy yourself, give you that me moment for 15 or 20 minutes and your skin will change like I. Absolutely. I have to ask you to. I used a brush to paint it on and when you say souffle, it is I'm not going to I'm not going to push it out here because I don't want to get it all over my hands right now. But it is literally it's like a whipped texture. But is there clay in there? It does.

Now, what are what's in that mask here? We have shade, butter and he has it. So this is what it's given is not whipped texture, but yes, it is. It is is splay it's like yeah, light goes. On. So lovely and it smells great.

What is the what is the benefit of that type of a mask? This mask is brightening and firming and really hydrating to the skin. So I like to use this Mac. I am not a sound person, but I like to use it after maybe I spend a day with a long walk and the sun right under my face.

I like to use this mask. So for those of you who do love this on who maybe go to the to the beach very often, I recommend this mask a lot because it's going to give you back that luminosity, hydration and vitality that is 10 minutes after too much sun. Amazing. And then I have here, which is one of the products that I picked up was the the sea and sea cream.

Oh yes. I so I know this is not part of the five separate jewel, but the sea and sea cream. Tell me about this. This is I would like to call it like a cold product where I say, like I said, it's been around for quite a while now, but it's completely different texture from the gel. Yeah, it. Is. For those skins would tend to be more on the dry side

if you are looking for that extra moisture that is your moisturizer that you need to use. And that has been that is my nighttime step. So I have sort of transformed from the diamond extreme collection, which has been which saved me over the winter. And I've really gone full in with this.

I love this. And the oil free for the daytime is beautiful because you can go out with no makeup on, right? You can put on a little bit of mascara and I'm out the door. I will layer within SPF.

I know that you guys have amazing SPF products, but not here in the USA, correct? Yes. Oh. Kills me. It kills me because I love your products. But you do want to follow up, especially if you're using vitamin C, especially if you're using retinol as any sort of treatments and you always want to protect your skin. Oh, we always, always protect the skin. And while we were talking about vitamin C, so vitamin C does not really offer some protection, correct? UV protection.

No, no, like like an SPF. You mean it does not provide protection. And now that we are mentioning that you can use vitamin C during the during the day, I'd like to talk about a myth that is always around vitamin C, and that is that if I use vitamin C during the day, I can get dark spots in my skin and yes, that it's a very popular myth around vitamin C that you shouldn't use vitamin C during the day because it can get you dark spots if you go under the sun.

I mean, my mind's bonkers. I always thought that vitamin C was what you wanted during the day. Well, OK, so tell is this true? Is this not true? Not true at all. What happens is that if you use vitamin C during the day, you don't wear an SPF. If you're going to be walking around under the sun or on the beach, what happens is just that vitamin C, it's going to oxidize, but it's not going to do any harm to your skin. OK.

God bless you. So so to further protect the vitamin C, you want to make sure you have that SPF. SPF, correct? Oh, amazing, amazing, amazing. Now, I know that the line includes some other. Oh, and the cleansing sponges.

Oh, my. Gosh. Don't you love those? These are so lovely. I have to say, too, that I was using these sometimes you're trying to be a little bit greener with them with the mist filler water, which is really nice. No, you don't like that.

No, I don't like that because the sponge is going to absorb all of the product and you're not really going to get the product onto your skin. So for the mice on our water, I do recommend to use those cotton rounds or, you know, some what are these called? These like like clogs that you can re-use yeah. I thought it was kind of like this. No, no, I have those.

I'm trying to be a little bit greener. I have the cotton pads because I can't I love them. I can't give them up. But we've had a woman here we had a who has Mideast, which are great because they're they're great for removing eye makeup and it's better for the environment. You throw them in the wash and that's the way to go. So and I know these can be cleaned in the washing machine, but so then this is better for like removing the mask. Yes.

I recommend this product just for removing the mask or your cleanser but not applying product on them. OK. I'm just not going to absorb all of the product and you're not going to get any. Is there anything else that you're loving for like some are skincare tips? Oh, my gosh. What can we do for summer skincare tips? I mean, this collection is also great to prep your skin before getting a tan. So if you know that you're going to the beach or even if you you like to just go to the tanning beds, you can prep your skin with this products because they are going to defend your skin against that exposure. You know, it's going to provide that deep hydration.

And then right after you got your beautiful tan, it's also going to help it last for longer. Now, are you talking when you say tanning beds, are you talking about like the bed tanning beds? Are you talking about like a spray tan? No, you're talking about the that tanning beds. Tanning beds with lights.

Cynthia, I mean, I believe you just said that on this podcast. Nobody should go to the tanning salon. I mean, I. Did five years. Nobody should go. But I know they will go.

You know, what? That's where I went last week for my first ever spray tan. And I was in Jersey, and the woman, I was like, give me what everybody gets not really thinking of where I was. This jersey is the world's capital of spray tanning like that. You know, think about like the Jersey Shore or the Snuggie anyway. So she sprays me down and I look in the mirror and I'm like, oh, I'm so dark.

It was a lot of the guide color, but she was like, I was like, oh, can I put my clothes right on afterwards? She's like, Well, let it dry, but do you want to go hop in the, in the in the tanning bed to really boost it? And I was like, no, no, no. Now. That would mean that would be a no for me, too. I just told you, I am not a some person. I don't like to do spray tan.

I don't. Oh, my God. This is like I mean, you can't see it any more that I think it was two weeks ago that I got it I am a spray tan hombre. In fact, this morning I got just delivered here, the luminous at home spray tanning system. So we're going to see how good I am with that. It is a game changer. I always used to be afraid.

I don't like the smell of that fake tan and I feel like it looks streaky while they have gotten it so darn good. And thank you to the woman. I think her name was Denise in Jersey at Riviera Tan, who I mean, I walked out onto the beach the next day and I felt like a million bucks.

I mean, for that I would definitely recommend to get an affiliation first. So we like a nice even color. Yeah, it can last a little bit longer, but hydration is also very important. So listen to me say, have any good body and soul eaters.

We do have one actually from the vitamin C collection that you can use face and body. And what is is it like a scrub. Is like a scrub. Yes.

So it's you can feel like gross hips sits in it. It's OK. It has this nice citrus scent from the vitamin C collection. And I love the fact that you can use it face and body. Oh my goodness. OK, now you are actually now you're still in Mexico City. Yes.

I hear that you are coming to join us here in the US soon. Very soon. I'm a week away from going there. Yes. And where and where are you going to be? Dallas, Texas. Oh, girl.

So you better be you. I mean, that is like as much sun as you can get year round. Oh, my God. I'm just trying to pack all of my abs and everything so I can be prepared for that Dallas Sun. Hey, smuggle in some of the smuggling, some of the notoriety.

Say SPF, please. I'm dying. Dying to get my hands on that dude. Cowboy boots yet. And cowboy boots for sure. OK, I have hat and prepared.

You are ready to go. Cynthia, it is always such a pleasure to have you on. I'm so excited you. Good luck with your move. If people want to know more about Natura Bisse where can they go? They can go to now to our visit dot com or visit us on Instagram at Natura Bisse. And make sure to check us out on Social Art Beauty Podcast.

This week we are going to be doing a social promotion, a giveaway of products from this fabulous C in C line you don't want to miss this. They are so delicious and so wonderful. So make sure to check that out and if you have any questions you want me to pass on to Cynthia or then a terrific team, I'm happy to do so. You can email me at You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and right here on YouTube at Art Beauty podcast. And as always, we will see you next Tuesday. Bye.

Thank you for having me. Amber by.

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