Nasa ve Vatikan Bir Uzaylıdan Teknoloji Mi Aldı ? Papa'nın Cübbesindeki Uzaylı Figürü Mü ?

Nasa ve Vatikan Bir Uzaylıdan Teknoloji Mi Aldı ? Papa'nın Cübbesindeki Uzaylı Figürü Mü ?

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Space remains a great mystery that has always puzzled us. Imagine you are like a speck of dust in a dark room. When this is the case, it will be quite easy to understand how pointless it would be to think that we are alone . Almost every day, many news about space are brought to the agenda, even if we think that some of them are fake, we still reach many data that can be kept, of course, the prestige of international institutions is also very important.

For example, no matter if NASA makes scientific and technological breakthroughs as much as it wants, there is a great distrust around the world, people do not trust NASA and the like. The time and money these types of institutions spend to cover up the realities that have somehow been uncovered are unbelievable. The potential of these institutions to hide the truth is actually incredible , since it is not clear what, which system or whom they protect, and whose opinions they act . Do you think they can overcome this? Will NASA and the likes be able to become reliable institutions ? By the way, I am sharing with you on the community tab on our channel, thank you for your interest and support, check it out from time to time guys, I asked you about this video recently and many comments came, many people asked solid questions and expressed their opinions, we will take a look at the next part of the video.

lets continue; The fact that humanity is not manipulated, but made to believe in wrongs is actually the sad part. In other words, don't you think it's a big mistake for them to think that they can control people more if they keep the existence of alien bases, their cooperation with alien beings, the fact that they play with the earth's climate, and even the fact that they have built bases on many planets in the field of conspiracy theory ? Of course, the truth will come out, but this time it becomes very difficult to determine what is real and what is fake . But no matter what happens in the world, the strangeness, secret files, secret interventions still continue. We'll cover that in this video. Here are some examples.

A spacecraft has been orbiting the Earth for over 700 days Let's start with what you'll be very surprised and wondering about. For more than 700 days, a mysterious spacecraft has been orbiting the Earth and yet no one but the US Air Force knows why . . So what exactly is going on here? First, let's share some parts of the news published in IFL Science. "This is the fifth mission of the X-37B spaceplane, an unmanned solar-powered military drone . Orbital Test Vehicle 5 (OTV-5) mission unknown, sent with the aid of

a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on September 7, 2017. As to when the mission might end No details yet." ⦁ Here's what we know about this mysterious spacecraft: ⦁ It's a platform and looks like NASA's space shuttles. No information is given to the public in any way, of course, when no information is given, many speculations, assumptions and conspiracy theories come with it.

So why would a state choose not to provide information on a subject that concerns all countries and people ? In fact, is there such an option, which should be questioned. If so, what could that mean? ⦁ The government is launching spy satellites, or ⦁ The military is testing something. New Telescope Invented and Detects 'Invisible' Aliens on Earth ! These mysterious images are claimed to be proof that "invisible Alien beings ARE here on Earth ." This image is an important piece of evidence. An ITE-2 photograph showing intelligent motion. Dr. Santilli states that the entity consists of lights of different colors that vibrate and move synchronously

according to a complex trajectory that continues afterward, including a point where movement stops for a few seconds during the 15-second exposure . Researchers looking for evidence of anti-matter in the universe believe they have encountered a previously unknown "invisible life form" on planet Earth. The group of researchers who discovered the mysterious beings work at Thunder Energies Corporation , an optics, nuclear physics and energy company. According to them, these mysterious beings live in Earth's atmosphere.

The company is named after controversial Harvard-trained nuclear physicist Dr. It is managed by Ruggero Santilli . Dr. Santilli is considered by many to be an expert in mathematics and physics and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Physics. Dr. Santilli developed a revolutionary telescope designed to detect antimatter-light in the cosmos.

Unlike traditional telescopes made from Convey Lenses, the Santilli telescope is made of Concave lenses, which they discovered while inventing it. Dr. According to Santilli: ""Using telescopes with concave lenses known as Santilli telescopes, we have visually discovered the first evidence of the visible existence of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids, and antimatter cosmic rays. "Regardless of these astrophysical detections, we provide for the first time evidence of the visible presence of entities in our terrestrial environment that can only be seen with telescopes with concave lenses, invisible to our eyes and traditional Galileo telescopes with convex lenses that leave dark images in the background of digital cameras attached to Santilli telescopes ." Look, it's very interesting guys.

The new report, published in the American Journal of Modern Physics, reveals for the first time a controversial finding that suggests the existence of entities in our terrestrial environment that are invisible to our eyes and traditional telescopes made of convex lenses . This image was taken in the evening sky over Tampa Bay on September 5, 2015, an image of the first type of Invisible Terrestrial Entity (ITE-1) detected in two different photos . As you can see, friends, we also learn what the CERN experiments are good for in general . In fact, this is undeniable proof of CERN research. lets continue; Vimana Pushpaka - An Ancient Flying Vehicle Describing Traveling into Space "The Pushpaka Vimana, which resembles the Sun and belongs to my brother, was brought by the mighty Ravana; This airborne and perfectly moving Vimana goes everywhere ... that chariot like a bright cloud in the sky. .. King [Rama] came in and the perfect chariot under Raghira's command rose to a higher atmosphere."

These descriptions, written in the Indian Ramayana literature thousands of years ago, are seriously surprising. Hindu mythology is full of incredible fables, story mythologies and most importantly written texts . I have discussed Mahabharata and the numerous powerful weapons described in it in the previous Mahabarata video , my dear friends, make sure to watch that video as well, it is waiting for you in the link description section. According to Ancient Hindu history, one of the most important resources on the planet, ancient scriptures called the 'Vedas' speak of incredible flying ships that visited our planet 6,000 years ago . Let's also ask, "On what basis did the people of the era write these narratives 6,000 years ago? In this article, we will take a look at the Vimana, more specifically, the ancient Pushpaka Vimana, a powerful ancient flying vehicle described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics . King Ravana' The Pushpaka Vimana of the Vimana is the most quoted example of a vimana.

Vimanas are also mentioned in Jain texts – Jainism, an ancient Indian religion. If we look at ancient Sanskrit and the etymology of Vimana, we will see that it means "to measure, to pass" or "to be measured. " At Rama's behest, the magnificent chariot rose to a cloud mountain with immense skill. Another passage is as follows: With his Vidana of Bhima he flew on an enormous beam as bright as the sun and made a sound like the thunder of a storm. Author Monier-Williams, the second Boden Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Oxford, described the Ancient Vimana as "any kind of chariot of the gods, sometimes acting as a seat or throne, sometimes self-propelled and carrying its passenger through the air, or self- propelled." Other definitions make the Vimana more like a house or palace, and some variants are said to be seven stories high, can move rapidly, can engulf hundreds of people, and fly. quotes.

In modern languages, Vimana is often translated as "airplane". This image; The statue of Pushpaka Vimana is depicted as a flying temple in the sky. In many depictions of the vimana we see these powerful and gigantic machines , which are depicted as large as a temple . In the ancient Sanskrit Epics, Vimana were supposedly flying chariots used by a number of different ancient Gods. Various Vedic deities are described as those who use flying, wheeled chariots to get from one place to another . Some verses of ancient texts have been interpreted by different authors as evidence of "mechanical birds" . According to Swami Dayananda Saraswati, a renowned scholar of the Vedic and Sanskrit language, the ancient Vimana was a powerful spacecraft: "Quickly jumping into space with a ship using fire and water... twelve stamghas (pillars), one wheel, three machines, 300 pivots. and includes 60 episodes." Drawings and explanations on the subject are in this way and the link for your review is in the description. Pushpaka Vimana is; It is often described as a mythological flying palace or chariot.

In the Ramayana we find another extraordinary description of the Vimana, more specifically the Pushpaka Vimana: "The Pushpaka Vimana, like the Sun and belonging to my brother, was brought by the mighty Ravana; this perfect Vimana goes everywhere from the air ... a bright in the sky. that chariot resembling a cloud... King [Rama] came in, and the perfect chariot under Raghira's command rose into a higher atmosphere." The Pushpaka Vimana appears as the first flying vimana mentioned in existing Hindu texts. The mighty Pushpaka Vimana was built by Vishwakarma for Brahma, the Hindu god of creation.

This Vimana was later given by Brahma to Kubera, the god of wealth. Eventually, the Pushpaka Vimana, along with Lanka, was stolen by his half-brother, King Ravana. Hundreds of more descriptions and descriptions are available in the Mahabarat source. Yes, the expressions used are very surprising, but the question we need to think about and ask is, "How could they have written them 6000 years ago ?" NASA's Mission STS 115: Did a UFO Prevent the Space Shuttle from Returning to Earth? One of the most fascinating UFO videos ever recorded by NASA was captured during the space shuttle Atlantis' voyage to the International Space Station in September 2006 . During the 13-day mission, a number of mysterious objects were detected by the Astronauts, and one in particular caused Atlantis to delay their return to Earth . On September 19, 11 days after the mission, as the crew prepared to return home, the shuttle's astronauts reported to the Mission Control Center that an object had been seen moving with the Shuttle on an orbital path following testing of the reaction control system . The astronauts detected the object using the shuttle's built-in camera, but unfortunately , most of the images were declared corrupted. In the news titled 'Atlantis Landing Delayed After Mysterious Object Detection' dated September 19,, a corporate website experienced in the field of space missions,

enabled us to see the importance and confusion not only of NASA but also of astronauts to the object . "The question is: 'What is this?' "Is it something benign, as we've seen before, or something more critical that we should watch out for?" On the subject, NASA Spaceflight wrote of the mysterious object on the day the article was published: "Shuttle Atlantis homecoming, Kennedy It was moved back a day until Thursday morning due to bad weather at the Space Center , and continued analysis by NASA administrators/Tiger Team to determine what the Unidentified Falling Object (UFO) could be after it was detected near orbit ." Speaking to NASA Spaceflight at the time . "It looks like it's rolling and also looks rectangular, but we don't have a scale to refer to with this photo - so we still have a lot of mystery out there," said Wayne Hale. Also, Brent Jett, the commander of the space shuttle Atlantis, described the objects as two rings and added : "It's unlike anything I've seen outside of the shuttle."

During the NASA Space Shuttle program, only NASA's Space Shuttles It is worth noting that numerous mysterious objects have been detected not only near the ISS, but also near the International Space Station. Who said you can't see the Pyramids of Giza from space? A new image provided by ESA's Proba-1 spacecraft captured the Pyramids of the Giza plateau in stunning detail, proving that you can actually see the magnificent structures from space. Located on the Giza Plateau, the Great Pyramid of Giza and its accompanying structures have remained a mystery to archaeologists and scholars for hundreds of years. Shrouded in mystery, the Great Pyramid of Giza is undoubtedly one of the most mind-blowing monuments ever erected on Earth, and its beauty can be seen even from space. The European Space Agency recently released a stunning image of the Giza plateau with the Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure.

ESA's photo offers a perspective from north to south. In the center of the image we can see the smaller Pyramid of Menkaure, which is said to have been built to house the tomb of the fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh, from which it derives its name . If we look to the left of Menakure we will see the larger pyramid of Khafre standing at 488 feet. Next to it, below and to the left of Khafre, we can see the largest of the pyramids on the Giza plateau, the Great Pyramid of Giza, aka the Pyramid of Khufu. It is believed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptians, who erected this stunning monument in about 20 years.

BC building. It is thought to have been completed in 2560. Thousands of years ago, the Pyramid's ancient builders used more than 2,300,000 stone blocks, each weighing between 2 and 50 tons, to build a structure that will stand the test of time. Hidden radio messages from legendary Astronaut John Glenn leaked; The capsule's pilot, aJohn Glenn, is told; "They're all over the sky..." I'll try to explain what I'm in here. I am in a large mass of some very small particles, they are brightly illuminated, illuminated as if they are luminous. I've never seen anything like this.

They're floating, coming from the side of the capsule, and they look like little stars. They're all over the place."" An extremely surprising audio file has been leaked, where we can hear Astronaut John Glenn's astonishment when his Space Capsule is surrounded by countless strange UFOs . It is stated that this sound transmission is one of the most surprising evidence of mysterious extraterrestrials during manned missions to space . This old audio file of the Mercury-Atlas 6 (MA-6) capsule , directed by John Glenn, was launched on February 20, 1962.

It includes a small part of the conversation between CAPCOM, the United States' first manned orbital mission . In the audio file, Mr. Glennin's capsule was named "Friendship 7" and appears to have mentioned the presence of UFOs following it as it approached the atmosphere that day. Then, he suddenly realizes something strange is happening around him, as he describes being "encircled" by too many UFOs to count his capsule. The resolved dialogues are around 20 minutes. I will share a few dialogues with you . If you want to listen to all of them, I have added the original link to the description section . Here is the transcript of the event: John Glenn: This is Friendship Seven. It's obviously blinding the scope. It began as I gave you this sign; I go to the dark filter to watch it emerge.

CAPCOM: Roger. ok John Glenn: This is Friendship 7 I'll try to explain what I'm into here. They're brightly lit, they're brightly lit.

I've never seen anything like this. They follow me; they are near the capsule and look like little stars. They are very crowded. John Glenn: They circle around the pod and pass in front of me, and it's all glowing brightly . They're probably about 7 or 8 feet away, but I can see them all below me. “Impressed by the events, Central CAPCOM asked Glenn to identify the objects and spacecraft . CAPCOM: Roger, Friendship Seven.

Are you under any influence regarding the capsule? John Glenn: Negative, negative. They are very slow; maybe 3 or 4 miles per hour slower than me, they follow. They go about as fast as I do. They are only slightly below my speed. It's like they're following me. John Glenn: They have a different move than I do because they go around the capsule and then back up.

""There is silence, headquarters is not responding."" John Glenn: Do you hear me? John Glenn: They're literally too crowded. "After describing the objects, Glenn gets no response from Headquarters CAPCOM and asks if I'm in contact with anyone to Epicenter as he continues to identify strange objects around the spacecraft " John Glenn: This is Friendship 7. Am I in contact with anyone? Five minutes later, CAPCOM suddenly responded, saying that Glenn sounded a little "distorted" and was asked what his oxygen levels were . Strangely, CAPCOM dealt with strange events with Glenn explaining that the mysterious particles were still around the spacecraft .

After realizing that CAPCOM is not responding, Glenn decides to photograph mysterious objects . He is then asked by CAPCOM how large the UFOs are and whether they move with it or continue to accompany it. Also, Interestingly, after the successful trajectory of Friendship seven, Auror Scott Carpenter, another astronaut in the a 7 capsule, also saw and confirmed the mysterious objects in space. Engravings of 'Aliens' and 'Spaceships' unearthed in Mexico Cave A group of explorers has discovered in a Mexican cave what they boast as the best evidence of alien contact on Earth.

A group of explorers recently visited the cave and explored it in detail. The cave, which is actually part of three caves, is located between the cities of Veracruz and Puebla. In two of the cases, researchers made unexpected discoveries, including several carved stones with images representing engravings of aliens . Also, the group of explorers discovered a number of gold items in another cave. On the surface of the stones, a group of researchers say there is evidence of what many people interpret as "extraterrestrial ships" and "humanoid beings"; One of the stones, apparently once broken in the past, is said to have drawn the upper part of a supposed spaceship, along with a non-otherworldly entity according to some people . Local legends reportedly speak of a mysterious 'ship' that has remained from time immemorial, hidden somewhere near caves .

This was the main reason why the group of explorers set out to search the area three months ago. Their search yielded completely unexpected results. They encountered what they believed to be the ultimate proof that alien beings visited Earth thousands of years ago and made direct contact with ancient cultures living in Mexico at the time . Jose Aguayo explained that the National Institute of Anthropology and History INAH could not say anything about the find, as it was not typical archeology for one main reason ; The works depict what contradicts mainstream history and goes against everything we've been told about our history and origins. "If at any time the National Institute of Anthropology and History decides to collect the artifacts, it will have major implications for both sides, as INAH, an official government agency, will basically accept one of the most denied 'truths' - non-Earth directly affecting ancient cultures around the world. It tells about the existence of beings and this cannot be explained" This is the explanation of an official institution, friends, what do you think about this? Secret Space Programs, Aliens, and Inner Earth Civilizations Conference Held During Conscious Life Expo 2017 in Los Angeles, Corey Goode revealed fascinating details about secret space programs, Alien life, and Inner Earth civilizations. Corey Goode describes himself as an intuitive empath (IE).

According to the World Entity Alliance, Corey Goode was recruited through one of the MILAB programs at the young age of six . Goode trained and served in the MILAB program from 1976-1986/87. Near the end of his time at MILAB, he was appointed to fill a support role as an intuitive empathy channel person for a World Delegate Chair (shared by secret world government groups) on a "human type" ET Super Federation Council. During Conscious Life Expo 2017 in Los Angeles, Goode talked about fascinating details about Alien life, the Alien theme, intra-Earth civilization, and forbidden knowledge in general. he explains: The alien theme has already taken place "When I was first recruited and taken to these MILAB-type programs, I found myself slowly being introduced to extraterrestrials. You enter like a virtual reality environment where they put the glasses on you and you sit in a chair and there would be a group of military and medical people in the room.

" ". .. And then, when he took off the glasses, there would be a Gray alien sitting at the table. They'd just drop it on you. Yeah. They've spent years getting people used to being in the presence of extraterrestrials because no matter who you are, he'll throw you away. Genetically responding to extraterrestrials instinctively. We're programmed."

Secret Space Program Corey Goode is n't the only one talking about the existence of a fully operational secret space program. Interestingly, a former NASA employee claimed that secret manned missions to Mars were made 20 years ago . A former Marine claims to even WORK on Mars. The retired officer, known simply as Captain Kaye (alias), said that in the past a secret space program and fleet were developed that not only did humans reach Mars, but operated in outer space . According to the former Marine Corps, he served on the red planet for many years and his mission was to protect five human colonies from native life forms on Mars. According to Captain Kaye, he not only spent years on Mars, but also served on a giant spaceship for three years. But perhaps the best explanation and person to reveal everything about secret programs and shadow governments is Senator Daniel K. Inouye, who said: "It's own

Air Force, its own Navy, its fundraising mechanism, and it's free of all checks and balances, There is a shadowy government that is capable of pursuing its own ideas of national interest and is free from the law itself." During Conscious Life Expo 2017, Goode detailed the Secret Space Program : "When I was almost 17, I was brought into the Secret Space Program (SSP), where I did all the maintenance through the MILAB program . They enlisted me to the Solar Warden. It was my 1986 Christmas vacation. It 's my birthday . In 11 days, i.e. February 22. They brought me in in December, just before my 17th birthday." "They assigned me to a research ship and the captain didn't want me on the ship.

In the past, they had put what he called "kids" on board and they cried for my mother and it took about a year to get used to it. It was very devastating. Instead, it made me question the extraterrestrials they had captured in our Solar System or on Earth. "I was in that program for about a year. Then they reassigned me to Sommerfield. I worked for scientists and engineers.

When I was working with scientists on the science side, they called me Specialist. And when I was working with engineers . I was a technician. I know all about everything and I don't want you to be afraid, alien beings are among the people most invisible on earth, some of them are head of state and a large group of them are in research and development duty in the armies of some countries and they are executives as officers. The USA Has My Secret Space Fleet? one of the great military hackers, payload The agenda of the world has changed completely when the high profile hacker Gary McKinnon managed to break into top secret files from the US Navy and NASA . A UFO fanatic, McKinnon is a computer scientist who apparently learns about some pretty weird things going on in outer space. McKinnon was able to break into secret US files, discovering that the government had operational 'Warships' in space . Hacker Gary McKinnon says: "I found an Excel spreadsheet that said 'non-terrestrial officers' and thought 'oh my god this is amazing'."

McKinnon faced a major legal battle in England. During his famous interview with RichPlanet TV, McKinnon went in-depth about exactly what he found when he hacked into the US Navy and NASA computers. According to McKinnon: Building eight at the Johnson Space Center is where people actually use it to hide UFOs from images from space, as UFOs are widely photographed by NASA . When NASA hacked their computers, they found a US Navy spreadsheet called 'Non-Terrestrial Officers' . i.e. an excel file, although McKinnon acknowledges that these words "can be interpreted in various ways"

, one thing is certain when his name is pronounced, and that these "officers" are not based on Earth. Also, McKinnon claims to have found about 25 rows of details about officers' ranks, names, and ships . McKinnon argues that the 'secret space fleet' are SPACE BATTLESHIPS with the USS prefix, just like all US ships . In addition, McKinnon claims to have found words "transfer material between ships", whatever that means , and were used on up to ten ships. What could this financial transfer be? McKinnon states that this is all evidence that the American government has warships in space. This 'fleet' is fully operational and is kept out of the community.

But are these just empty claims of a man trying to make a name for himself? Do you think McKinnon is being tried heavily in American and English courts because of false claims? Of course, there's also plenty of evidence to suggest that these are entirely possible . Let's see why First of all, we should remember Senator Daniel K. Inouye's thought-provoking statement that said: "He has his own Air Force, his own Navy, his fundraising mechanism, and the ability to follow his own ideas of national interest, he is free from all checks and balances and the law . there is a dark government free from itself." Could this "shadowy government" be behind mysterious warships operating in space ? In the last few years, a large number of people have come forward to say that there is more to NASA, spacecraft, and technology than we are aware of as a society . Retired Aerospace Engineer William Tompkins is another person who has something to say about the launch of secret space fleets.

According to Tompkins: Thousands, thousands, not just a few, but thousands of people enlisted in the Navy here in the United States. They joined the Space Navy. They signed up for a 20-year expedition. So these people, men and women, have been given a lot of tests and a lot of information about what they will need . Many went to the Moon, our Moon and the facilities there and checked, organized and determined where the best location would be, what their criteria would be, what main area they would develop . And then they're sent to a Mars facility for a short time. 'Secret Space Program whistleblower Corey Goode' also seems to confirm McKinnon and Tompkins' story. In a statement, Corey Goode wrote: Mars was first visited by the Germans as far back as the 1930s , but in the 70s US space programs were actively exploring Mars and other planets to establish bases.

He became the US SSP Solar Warden in 1980. Major development and colonization occurred on Mars and other planets under the Solar Warden Project . Goode continues: "Bases on Mars are built below the surface." Homer, these are just a few of the comments from people who know more than the rest of us, and they stand firm behind their stories, no matter how mocked they are every day . Many will conclude that McKinnon is a liar. However, the interview, split into four separate videos , seems to indicate that the British hacker may indeed have done something. Many argue that his story is surprisingly coherent. I have added the links of the interview in the description section, you can also see the source links of all the bets in the video . By the way, if you can't watch McKinnon's interview , keep in mind my friends that I will be on our channel as a Turkish dubbing in the very near future. COME TO THOSE WHO WRITE A QUESTION ON THE SUBJECT IN OUR COMMUNITY TAB, LET'S HAVE A LOOK TOGETHER Thanks again everyone, when we examine the general questions, we can see that the trust in NASA and similar institutions is very, very low, as I mentioned in the video . They can start by talking about the fiction and scene of the first lunar missions, and the cancellation of the lunar missions, and by admitting their current fake news and denials for the sole purpose of concealment, which is impossible because they don't have this heart . Considering that they still continue to prosecute people like Mckannon for obtaining NASA data, it becomes clear that they have no intention of making a statement . But for some reason, their malicious plans are somehow disrupted, somehow the truth or some of the truth leaks from somewhere and we get the chance to learn.

Yes, friends, check our community section often and participate, because everything you write contributes to the formation of some topics, share our videos around you. Well, after saying all this, did you think the video was over, of course not, maybe we came to the most important topic of the video. You know, the Vatican fell on wikilik with many documents. Did you know that they are also in close contact with aliens? Wikiliks Podesta leaked emails: "The Vatican knows there are aliens and a space war is imminent."

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta (who caused a lot of sensation, I strongly recommend you look into the topics of pedogate and comet pizza ) mentioned the possibility that the Vatican was aware of the presence of alien life in e-mails dating back to 2015 with a famous US astronaut . "... Aliens want to help humanity, but are afraid of humans' violent tendencies..." says a document recently released by WikiLeaks. Former NASA astronaut Mitchell, who died in February . I felt you needed to be aware of the factor, " he wrote. The sixth man to walk on the Moon also speaks of a "non-violent" alien species who wants to help human civilization and share a technology called "zero point energy" . However, if we continue to hoard our nuclear weapons and fight, the aliens will not give humanity this technology. Edgar Mitchel wrote that the Aliens "will not tolerate any form of military violence on Earth or in space " and may even intervene should humanity enter another war . One of the emails written by Mitchell reveals how Edgar Mitchell believes the Pope and the Vatican have the ultimate evidence of alien life and alien visits to Earth . Interestingly, one of the Podesta emails mentions Terri Mansfield.

Terri is described as "Director of the ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Peace Task Force". Edgar Mitchell's first email to Podesta: "Dear John, "As the Battle in Space race heats up, I felt like you and I should be aware of a few factors when scheduling our Skype conversation . “Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the adjacent universe is helping us bring zero point energy to Earth. ” They will not tolerate any military violence on Earth or in space. It was shared with me by my colleague Carol Rosin, who worked closely with Wernher von Braun for several years before her death. "Carol and I have worked on the attached Outer Space Non-Proliferation Treaty for your convenience ." Mitchell's second e-mail to Podesta reads: "As 2015 approaches, I understand that you left Management in February.

It is urgent that we agree on a date and time to meet to discuss Disclosure and Zero Point Energy , as soon as you are available after your departure. " My Catholic colleague Terri Mansfield will also be there to inform us about the Vatican's awareness of ETI . "Another colleague of mine is working on a new Space Treaty, citing its relationship with Russia and China . However, with Russia's over-intervention in Ukraine, I believe we need to take another path for peace in space and ZPE on Earth. "President Obama I met with Pamela Hamamoto, U.S. Ambassador to Honolulu, 's childhood friend at the U.S. Mission in Geneva on July 4, and was able to briefly talk to her about ground zero energy . “I believe we can embrace him as a confidant and resource in our presentation to President Obama . Well, what do you think the zero point energy could be, could it be a dimensional gate or a gateway?

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