Mumbai Pune Kochi Vande Bharat Express | മുംബൈയിൽ നിന്നും പൂനെയിലേക്ക് ഒരു വന്ദേഭാരത് യാത്ര

Mumbai Pune Kochi Vande Bharat Express | മുംബൈയിൽ നിന്നും പൂനെയിലേക്ക് ഒരു വന്ദേഭാരത് യാത്ര

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Went to my brother in law's house by Vande Bharat from Mumbai to Pune Had food and took the night flight to Kochi. That is what you will be seeing today Welcome to a new video of Tech Travel Eat We are in front of Dadar Railway Station Mumbai. We can see a bus filled with people in front of Dadar railway station Can see a temple in front. Where should we go to? Where is my brother in law Swetha? Has he got in? We are getting into Dadar railway station We are taking the Vande Bharat from Mumbai CS to Pune Let us go and find out where it is We have reached the railway station Where is my brother in law? This is not Vande Bharat How do we go there? This is platform 12 Look at the local trains in Mumbai See how crowded it is Rishi It is yet to get more crowded The rush begins at 4-5pm Our train is at 4.15pm A train just came into the Central Railway.

This is the crowd that just got out of that train This is not the real crowd in Mumbai This is a way to cross the platform Now I have to lift and take him to the other side No escalators This is the ticket counter at Dadar railway station Can see trains passing through most of the rails I think these are Western Railway tracks. They have some other railway too here Our Vande Bharat will come on this platform Looks like this area is under maintenance Ours is C6. Looks like we have to go behind Here only It is so crowded. People you see here are taking a local train now

Our Vande Bharat will also come here Doing a Mumbai train journey after a long gap We have seen heavy crowd at international train journeys But the crowd in Mumbai is totally different It is difficult to shoot here A train that doesnt stop here is passing by now It is being announced to stand back ant the train doesnt stop here That is Mumbai Delhi Rajdhani Express Mumbai Delhi Rajdhani express This is Mumbai Solapur Vande Bharat express We are taking this one today Looks like all are waiting to board this train So crowded The train is almost empty now. Looks like it will get full from here Our coach is C6 Stopped right in front of us. Dont be in a hurry All here are not to get into this train Just little to board from here Rishi touched the train I think we would get snacks. Isnt this the place to keep our luggage? Can see their things here. Where do we keep our luggage then?

We have boarded in Solapur Mumbai Vande Bharat Get in No other train would have the convenience of placing a big box on top It will be difficult to take. Take it down before reaching Pune This is Rishi's seat and that is Avantika's seat Got newspaper and water from the seat which was kept for us Earlier 1L bottle of water was provided and people used to drink just little sometimes Now they provide 500ml bottle. Good decision Why do you want the table? Going to have food from Vande Bharat It seems he is going to have food from Vande Bharat Reaching Thane. Lot of people will board in from there. We didnt get a window seat I had some work here in Mumbai and that is why we flew from Thailand to Mumabi I told my brother in law and family to come down and we could spend 2 days together They came to Mumbai yesterday and we were together Now we are going to Pune.

Will have dinner from their house and take the night flight to Kochi We made some time to have 2 families together Look at both of them enjoying They are happy being together We get a Vande Bharat trip and will fly from Pune Can do one more video and getting an add on advantage So we planned our trip like this. This train stops at Kalyan station before Pune Avantika got food. None of us got Now he wants only her to feed him. You are having Avantika's juice We had booked a seat for Rishi too Actually it is free for kids upto 5yrs old But if you want a seat or berth for them, you can pay and book. People traveling upto Pune are served snacks They are getting us snacks Vande Bharat doesnt have concession tickets You have to pay full fare Even kids have to pay full fare So Rishi has a seat like Avantika Oh, you got french fries? You can have them Shall show you the snacks we got This is Kachori French fries is what we bought from outside A juice Tea powder with milk powder in it.

They will give us water. Just add it to the water and have Ketchup too What does Rishi want? Rishi wants Choco Pie. Shall give him We are crossing the ghat section on the way to Pune All of us know the Mumbai Pune Ghat section This is a very important area here There is speed restriction here Lot of tunnels and bridges here It is one of the most beautiful section on the way to Mumbai Most of the trains running this route have locos both at the front and back It wont be able to ride up and down with just one loco in the front Some places are very steep When a loco is fixed behind, it is called banker All know that Vande Bharat is not a loco system but train set It runs in a different technology and not like Indian railways normal way That is how this runs Vande Bharat is the only train that runs in this sector without a banker That is the highlight of Vande Bharat You can see such train sets running this route at high speed We are going through the ghat section. Lot of mountains and tunnels. Most of the plants are dry here now.

Let us enjoy our Pune trip seeing these Beautiful view We went through a tunnel now We are crossing the mountains now Rishi, saw the mountains we are climbing? You wont get idly vada, tea, bonda in this train Sit there This is Mumbai He was so active all this time. Now he slept off Look at my wife sleeping behind Hi Swetha. Good night My son is sleeping here My co sister was sleeping behind there, she just woke up My brother in law didnt sleep Avantika has slept We are about to reach Lonavala Almost there. This is the old Mumbai Pune highway Will you take the boxes from up? No I cannot reach that top Wake up idly vada We reached Pune Take it carefully. Dont put it on their head ' They will blast you You can walk like that Put the next one on your head \ Real madness. Flew from Bangkok to Mumbai. Train to Pune and flight to Kochi

Nobody else would be so mad One more up there. You can take it It is the stroller. Take it carefully We reached Pune. Say bye to Vande Bharat He is deep asleep We are going to get out. Say bye to Vande Bharat We have reached Pune The same ramp here. This is difficult when moving with luggage.

Our walkways are not designed as per travelers comfort It is difficult for people with boxes. Now a days all travel with boxes It It is difficult carrying them over the steps too I dont remember coming to Pune railway station earlier It is very crowded here too You can see for yourself how the front of the station looks like Very crowded Can see a Dargah like in front of the railway station Looks beautiful That is our Indian flag Very crowded here Can see people sitting and lying down here The railway stations are all over crowded Indian railways dont have the capacity to handle these many people We are the highest populated country Looks like people are here to take tickets A queue to take unreserved tickets Lot of birds on that tree Can hear the sound. People are sleeping here too. This is the railway station. Looks like it is recently renovated. You can see railway retiring rooms and dormitories up there Lot of bats on that tree.

Both birds and bats Took an Uber to go to my brother in laws house Metro runs high up Rishi has reached ball pit. What is this? Can you do that same on your stomach? Look at what Avantika is doing What is she doing? Let him also give it a try He will separate that to different colours and give you His new car. You went for a ride when Abhi had come, right? I am going for the first time. Let me drive Are we going to Kochi by Indigo? How many kilometers have you drove? Why am I not able to start it? It is on It is electric Not even a vibration when it is on This has censor display. Can see the battery charge We came here to see Pune railway station and airport On the way to Pune airport now This is Pune airport Are you dropping us at the bus stand? Looks like a bus stand A new airport is coming on the other side Did you give Aki a kiss? All are sleepy. It is 12 midnight We got inside Pune airport. How is it

I have come earlier. I am flying from here for the first time. I have come here earlier. I wish not to come to Pune again Flights operate from here without any comfort If only 10 flights can be operated from here, nearly 100 are flying. That is how it is Limited security check and the rest here New terminal is yet to open We cannot overcome these difficulties till then That is an issue They had told us Gate 7 Where did you see Lalettan? People dont have space to sit too.

I am sitting on ad add drop box Rishi has s stroller to sit. Swetha is standing We shall go in Indigo now. Rishi is feeling very sleepy Just one direct flight from Pune to Kochi It is at 1am. No other flight.

Rishi is going to board the Indigo flight. You can touch from there Today Rishi is going to get into the flight first They are cleaning inside and Rishi is eager to get inside the aircraft Go touch the aircraft Rishi got inside Indigo and just sat. By the time of pushback, he slept off We have landed at Kochi Rishi is still asleep Hello Indigo. Say bye He woke up when it is time to get out of the flight Say we reached Kochi He is still saying that he is going to enter Indigo Not only Abhi, your grandma has also come. Doesnt she feel sleepy? None of you are sleepy at this hour? He is half asleep He just woke up Keep the luggage inside Wont you come to me? I took the driver seat It has been many days since I drove.

Get inside Come fast Straight home.

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