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This place, these things right here, these tombs, they talk and they're telling us that this place had a lot of death, a lot of darkness. And this may be one of the most haunted places. In the world. And we're going to find that out and when we get locked down. We're getting ready to get locked down inside the underground vaults. We're here with Kenny. Kenny, you're the caretaker here at the vaults, and you're going to be the one locking.

Us in here. Now, there's a secret door here that. Has that lock on it. Can you show us that door so we can get this investigation started? Och. Do you see this? This is the lockdown.

This is the lockdown. This is the key that's going to lock us in here. And I guess this is the.

Door that leads down to the vault. Exactly. Och, thank you, man. Thanks, buddy. And will you let us out at sunrise? I think that's 6:40 a.m.. 640. We'll see you then. Och, if we're not at this door, come down here and look for us.

We might be lost, but good luck. All right, buddy. Thanks. Och, thanks. Cheers. Aaron, can you see in front of you? It is pitch black, is it? All right, Watch out. Watch out. Nick, come down here so we can use that light. I don't have my flashlights yet.

Shh. What? Dude, I just heard something. Like what? It was like a scuffle. Okay. Come on. Let's go in here and call that base.

Yeah. Look at that down there. These are all these underground vaults. Just go on and go on and go on.

So this is the first room here that we found. Let's call this room base. Let's get set. Up, get our night. Vision cameras. Turn that big light off.

Let's go. All right, well. We're down in the vault. Now. Our lockdown has begun, and right now we're going to begin our investigation. You guys know flashlights? Let's just walk around. We came in here, did a walk through earlier. We had a lot of activity then.

So now it's time to continue off of that. And it's time for me to keep my promise and try and tally up. This is Mr. Boots Guy. Mr. Boots is the demonic spirit who has claimed to be the one attacking the living and the one I want to meet.

Are you going to come out and show yourself to us? Come on, Mr. Boots, You are the guy everybody's saying not to mess with. Nobody's ever challenged you before, huh? Well, I'm going to challenge you. We heard you don't like big, shiny lights shining in your face. Are you over there? You don't like lights being shined in your face, do you? Are you over here? How's that feel? Are you the one, Mr. Boots, that you've been attacking? Everybody scratching people, harming people? Well, I want you to come and do it to me right now. Is this your room over here? Is this your room? This is where they say not to go.

I remember this room earlier. During our walkthrough, Des Brogan told us the dark history of this room. On this corner, there's the body of a young girl who missed her murder. This is where you killed this prostitute that was laying right there on the corner. Are you looking at me in my face? Because you know what they said not to do. Shine a.

Light in your. Face. Am I shining it in your face right now? Do you not like this? Want you to make a noise or do something and tell me that you don't like this. Right over here, Dave. It's happening. It's happening. It's happening.

So you don't like us, Mr. Boots, huh? You don't like us? Are you here, Mr. Boots? Because you're the one they say to tax people really quick. I don't even know where we are. We still buy his room. Okay, Reading out of two. Are you touching him.

Right after I ask, Are you here, Mr. Boots? We caught this unexplained ball of light move from Mr. Bout's room and disappear near my neck. Are you touching his head right now? Oh, Nick. Nick? Nick. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. It's up to a ten. It's up to ten. Throughout history, many cultures have been plagued by versions of the Zozo Demon. In the last decade, there have been multiple reports of spirit boards spelling out the name Zozo.

Z. O. Z. O. Z. O. Back and forth.

The entity that is summoned can inflict severe physical and psychological damage. We're here in Oklahoma City to investigate a house where Zozo was unleashed through a spirit board. Hi, Darren. Yes, sir. How you doing, man? Good. How are you? After Darren Evans contacted Zozo through a spirit board in this house, he and his family were terrorized. He has since dedicated himself to educating the public about Zozo.

Who do you think Zozo is? I think it's an ancient force. I believe it's demonic. There's the Mayan cult of sorts. There's the Zo people of Burma.

There's the voodoo connection where Zo actually means shaman in the ancient West Africa. There's so many different. There's so many connections, and it's always very evil. Did Zozo possess you? I think so. I've had some really bad things happen to me.

Bad things have happened to people that have been around me. After getting off the board. It's real, isn't it, Darren? Oh, it's real.

As we were setting up for Darren's interview, I discovered his wife Kathleen, pacing the street outside the house. She told me she's very uncomfortable being here because of what this house did to her husband four years ago. The person that was looking at me was not Darren. It was this evil entity.

Coming through him. Yes. And I believe it was also. You believe it was who? Soso. We hadn't planned to interview Kathleen, but I want to hear how she feels about her husband going inside the house where he was possessed by a demon. Do you want him to do this with us? I don't I'm not comfortable with that.

Those are some of the worst memories in my life. I really believe that my husband was possessed by this demon. After an emotional discussion, Darren and Kathleen decide to go back in together.

You sure? Yes. Okay. And. Sure. Darren, you want to do this? Let's do it.

Can we go pray first? Stairway. It makes weird noises when you walk up and down it, and we would hear those noises all the time and there would be nothing there. And this happened. All the time. What was that? I heard that. What was it?

This happened all the time. This happened all the time. This happened all the time. What was it that. I go to investigate this sound that all of us hear, then as if something is toying with us.

You hear that sound like footstep upstairs? That's what I thought. Going upstairs. Was it upstairs? Yeah, it sounded like it was. I was upstairs in the safe room. I called it because. There were times I would be so scared I would actually have to sleep in what we call the safe room. And I heard my daughter scream, and she was down here, and I saw.

Her at the bottom of the stairs. It lifted and carried. Off her feet. I bolted down the stairs as quickly as I could, and by the time I turned the corner, she was gone. And I could hear her in the basement screaming. Did this demon pick her up and. Take her down to the. Something.

Something did. We are long afar. Across the ocean and we are getting ready to get locked down inside this massive. Castle. Just kidding. I'm not across the ocean. I'm right here in America.

Yes, you are. This is man Reza Castle in Port Townsend, Washington. It is a real castle. It has the.

Dark history of a castle. It has the ghosts. Of a castle. And it's about to have the appropriate paranormal investigators to find those ghosts and talk to them. Let's do this. It's all yours. With our audio visual tech monitoring, a live surveillance nerve center, Billy Aaron and myself begin our investigation by heading to a known activity hotspot, The breakfast room.

This is where earlier a door opened and shut on cue while we also captured a chilling voice saying, Help her. Someone down. Here. What is that? What is that? That's this way. What was that? You hear it? It sounds like it's from the hallway back here.

It's just a high pitched, squeaking noise, like a door opening. Yeah, exactly. This is creepy. Yeah, it is. Sit down at one of these tables.

All right. We're coming back where you like to throw a lot of stuff. We continue investigating the back kitchen area, but capture no evidence or unexplained activity. So we decide to move on. But right as we are leaving, Jay urgently alerts us to something sad to say. No.

When you were asking for it to make sounds in the kitchen and made two loud bangs in the basement, you use the energy right. Now making noise in this kitchen. It's almost as if when Zack asked him to make a noise in the kitchen, they're making noises in the basement. Let's go, guys.

This is where. A housekeeper told us that she was violently attacked and had the handprint of a child on her leg and also got punched. In the face down here. Next thing I know, I felt the punch in my face. Are you making noise down here? You like attacking women? Bruising em and punching them in the face.

All right, well, who's coming down there right now? Do what you did to that lady. To him here. Down here. I need you to make a noise.

And whatever that noise is, I'll walk to. I promise. Is that dude? Oh, the girl. I just saw. It look like someone under the stairs looking at me. My eyes. That would have been the height of a kid or the kid. All right, all right. Hold on.

They'll go in the hallway quick. Someone's walking right down the hallway right now. See if there's somebody in the hallway. Someone's walking right above us. No, there's nobody up here.

Dude, you heard that? That sounded like someone walking normal. Just real quickly. Right. Right. And there's nobody in the hallway. Is this the same spirit that we heard open a door in this area earlier? What is that? Aaron, going to that laundry room where she got attacked. Just to the left. There. Left of that camera.

Are you coming? I'll be in there in a minute. Go in. Shh. Did you hear that? That's out here in the hallway. Look. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop. I just heard a girl kick a rope.

Did you hear that? So, you know, we did see if there's any steps. Let's all see it. Dude, I heard a kid. Is there somebody in there? We just want to talk.

Although. Somebody back there. That's how pitch dark. It isn't here. Hey, we're just lost.

We need a place to stay. That's creepy, dude. I know. Hello?

Can you speak? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Somebody back here. Did you hear that? That sounded like a rock. It sounded weird.

That's it. Talk. To a procession. We both hear a woman's voice in the distance, but our camera's audio doesn't capture it. So we decide to use the high sensitivity of our digital recorders microphone in an attempt to capture her voice. Can you continue to speak? Can you tell us who you are? Do you hear? A heartbeat.

With a thumping car or something. Yeah. Your car spilling out. Based upon immediate review of our EVP session, listen very closely.

As Aaron and I are discussing the distant sound of a car. A mysterious voice repeats what I'm saying. And then moments later, another faint voice comes through and says, Demon Carson. He requires below.

He requires below. Requires below. And there's something like that. And then you hope it's not what I think. Why did you say demon? If you're a demon, then why was it such a little whisper? Why wasn't it demon? What's your name? It's back here.

Is there someone in that back hall? If so, bang on the wall. Do you hear that? Yeah, I heard that. Female voice sounds just like what we heard earlier. Female voice This is getting frustrating. Aaron And I hear the female voice yet again, but it's not captured on our audio.

We start to wonder if the deeper male voice is preventing this female spirit from communicating with us. So we decide to use our SP seven Spirit box to see if we can reach her. To go and talk on this device. The same concept. Walk up to it and just start talking. There's a body. I just got back.

Need to be sure that on. There's no voice. There's nothing. Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's the woman we just heard with our own ears.

That was her. Right? As Aaron and I are talking about, no voices coming through, you can clearly hear an unknown female voice. It's just, like, proud. There's nothing.

Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Look, we're. Sorry we got excited, but you got to understand, we can feel a lot of intense energy.

Oh, my God. Aaron and Billy are sensing that they're not alone in the nursing home. They know we're here, Aaron. They know we're here. Shh, shh, shh, shh. I just heard footsteps upstairs.

You think someone's in the building? Let's go. Go. She. That's sound like a wolf.

It's not like. Did you hear it? I heard it. Pretty cool. Hey. It sounded like an animal snorted. Okay, let's go. Is there someone up here? Hello. Aaron now begins using his Orville's three communication device to see if he and Billy are indeed in the presence of a spirit.

Did it just say? It just said Nick. That's the investigator that we interview. They always ask for it. Earlier, we interviewed a man named Nick who is extremely affected by an entity that occupies this building. All of a sudden, my wrist was just grabbed. This entity is trying to tell you something.

It's trying to communicate something to you. And that guy, Nick, is here all the time. All the time. He says he always gets his name on stuff He's always asked for first name that comes up on the list. And we're here, right? Bam! They're familiar with them. He told us that you'd be asking for him.

He said you would ask for his name and you did. Or you would say his name. What the hell? Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Who? You leaving? Did it just again, just set his name earlier.

Nic told us that his connection with this spirit began when it made eye contact with him through this window. I think this evidence further validates that when someone investigates a location over 150 times and seems visually affected by an entity, it's no coincidence that his name comes through twice out of only three total voices. So, Nick, if you're watching this, the spirits here want you to come back and face them.

Have you ever disrespected the entity? I usually don't provoke at all. Usually. But you have. I have. When they just said that guy's name, it just felt like a wave of energy right over my back. As Erin and Jay experienced several waves of dark energy, Aaron emanating from the coal room inside the Goldfield High School, they just received a disturbing clue which may point to the demise of one of its students. Is there someone buried under the school spot? This is the spot.

Is a spirit coming through and telling them that this is the spot where the little boy was killed in the coal room. Where is it telling them they need to find the spot where many say a little girl was killed and buried? This is the spot where the kid got killed. That's loud. We haven't been hearing that either. And it's been windy. Male Does this. Female Female buried? Female It's well, that information does give us information about the girl.

Put it together. It's talking about the girl that was supposedly buried under the ground. Aaron and Jay now feel this information is specifically regarding the young female who is said to have been killed and buried here on this property. Now they must find the exact spot. I've performed hundreds of investigations, but right now I am legitimately afraid to walk inside this door and allow myself to be surrounded by hundreds of clowns. Their evil grins, soulless eyes in in a place where spirits are known to take their form.

I've had a guy that woke up in the middle of the night and experienced a clown in his room. I'm not afraid to admit that I have a very real disorder. Called call phobia. Rolling. Do you possess these clowns? Can I hear you laugh? Let's hear you laugh. That. That.

The life size clown dolls left hand just moved off of its lap. I try to debunk that this was caused simply by my footsteps, but right here you can see me standing absolutely still while this doll's hand moves. Whether this was caused by gravity, ghosts, or this possessed doll. I don't care.

I'm done. Och, it is time for the four of us to be locked down inside of this prison to literal lockdown. Literally a lockdown in a prison known and called by the inmates as hell hole prison.

While the four of us are locked down inside our audio visual tech, Josie will be monitoring a live nerve center set up in the museum section of the prison. Aaron, Billy and myself decide to begin our investigation by using the structured light sensor camera to try to capture the famed apparition seen here in this 1940s photo. So what I'm going to do is just kind of ambush style, shoot the camera in the cells and see if there is an. Inmate in any of these cells. Somebody in here. John Ryan, show yourself.

John Ryan committed suicide in this very cell and his spirit traumatized this woman who we interviewed earlier. This hand was pushed back. You're in there, John Ryan. Anything on us or less. We continue investigating John Ryan's cell, but it seems he's not here right now. And we receive no evidence on the SLS camera.

But as we begin walking back towards base camp, we all hear something terrifying. What's going on? Someone's schooling. That was a scream. Yeah. Over there on that side.

Someone screamed. That was a little girl. It's like a little girl screaming.

Jay, come in. Go ahead. Did you hear that? Yeah. It was a terrifying scream.

Drop what you're doing. Come here. Where did you hear that? It came from the back area. The audio I had on was the camera looking down the long haul, and it echoed through here. That's what we just heard.

Did you hear that? Yeah, it was loud. That was loud. Screaming Just. Just in pure terror, right? What's going on? Someone's schooling. We raced towards the entrance to the dark cell where what sounded like a little girl screaming in terror came from. Earlier, we interviewed Dawn, who told us a little girl's spirit haunts the dark cell. The dark cell is rumored to be haunted by a young girl who went down to the river to play and fell in and drowned.

Having checked the outside perimeter of the prison and finding no one around the train tracks, we conclude that this mysterious scream cannot be debunked. All right, listen, listen. Come here. Come here, Come here. We got to split up, okay? I want to split up so we can. Cover this whole prison.

That was loud. As as we investigate the Titanic museum in Branson, Missouri, we were stationed on the promenade deck. We're going to go to the window right now, very slowly. Hold on to see if there's a handprint that formed. Oh, my God. Jay, come here. Jay's back. What's it?

He's back. He's back. That's a little kid up there. His hands are. Out to his sides. It's like he's balancing up there.

Somehow. Some way, he's okay. Here he go. He just went through the window. Aaron and Billy come in. Aaron and Billy come in. Yes, go ahead. We baited the window with candy and toys. The center one where the handprints were. I'm doing PSLs.

I'm shooting the. Windows at an angle. Nothing is happening. Standing here for 10 minutes. Nothing. All of a sudden, two windows down. There's a little figure standing on the guardrail looking through the window.

Then he disappears. He comes back, and now he's between the two windows. He's just standing there with. His arms out.

I've never seen anything like it before. Then comes down a little bit and literally disappears, shoots. Through the window. You can see his body go through the window towards you guys at the Musicians Gallery. What is going on over there right now? And be very aware that he may be going over there right now.

Immediately after I radio Aaron and Billy to tell them that I just saw this little figure shoot through the window, heading towards them in the music gallery. Aaron quickly sets out some cookies and candy. Then they begin receiving additional evidence of this child's spirit. Billy, can you just show your light right here? Just like a seat. My God, female female was setting up right now this thing and it says female as I'm grabbing the cookies is supposed to be a little girl.

Setting up. I just have the ivory list going to be safety and it's a female on it. And we're wondering, are you a female kid? I move this. There's no handprints on this one.

The little figure up, your windows down. I'm going to. Move this so I can see what the light go over there and see if there's any.

Handprints that appeared on these windows. All of these were cleaned before tonight. This is what this is to.

Oh, my God. I can see it from here. You see that right there? Look right there. And right there there's two sets of hands or one set of hands. And you can see look, you could tell it's been wiped. There's some streaks. This j those are fresh.

This is the same window that we just witnessed the soles figure jump through. We also know 100% that the staff here at the Titanic Museum cleaned all of the windows right before our investigation. Well, then there's one down here.

Do you see that one, Brent on here? Oh, my God. There's actual finger marks here. You can see the grooves, like the actual fingerprint. As Jay and I begin making our way over to Aaron and Billy to show them our new evidence, the guys continue trying to make contact with this figure who has already told them that she's a female. How old are. You? How old are you? You're kind. How old are you?

There's a lot of commotion. No. What do. Six. Oh, my God, Zach.

They're questions we are asked coming out are incredible. In their answering. All of them. Hey. The second that you guys said, switch it up and talk to the child. And I put this on because.

No time to waste in a, Bazzi says. Then I asked, How old are you? And this is six or are you serious? It is now time for us to begin the summoning ceremony to see whether or not we can document hard, concrete evidence while under these very suspicious circumstances, which also makes this dangerous for us. As soon as Ted stands up, a moth begins to circle his head in a very unusual manner.

Flames. That moth is going through the flames. And as he was saying that, it was going from top to side as he was speaking, it was kind of strange. It went through the flames twice. Boom. It's still alive. It's going to every every candle. Now that same moth is flying to each lit candle and sequential order passing through the flames without catching on fire or dying.

I think it's your job to look in the mirror. Time telling me not to. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought when we do it, we were supposed to read the first name and a round, right? And then we read the second names in a separate room. And the first ones are directional.

On the second one is before us. Should we do it again? I mean, do we know what we're doing here? I mean, we think it was done wrong technically. As Ted told us earlier, he does this summoning ritual all the time, so why wouldn't he realize that we just conducted it wrong? If you do ceremonies like this in the wrong manner, they can have a very dangerous effect on everyone involved with a summoning ritual incorrectly performed inside this Eureka, Utah, home. We've all been put at risk. So I decide to head back into the house. And as I turn on the SLS camera, I aim it at TED while he is in the back corner of this room. And as he approaches me, an anomaly appears directly above his head, which then

moves over to the right and transforms into a figure. And it's just something above your head. And I'll get something right next to you. The figure now appears to start pointing at Ted, and he immediately knows which side it is standing on. Here he is again. Over left. Yeah. Yeah.

I quickly put the camera down and grab my recorder to see if I can communicate with this entity. What came through? What is your connection? Do you have what name or you connected to? Who brought you here? Are you connected to? Here's Crystal saying. As I ask this entity who it's connected to. It clearly says, my full. Name is here.

Here's crystal clear. We are all totally unprepared for what is about to be the most terrifying audio evidence we have ever collected. Are you going to have to clear? Who brought you here? Well. Are you kidding me right now? Was that. I never heard that. What brought you here? I've never heard. I am never in my life or anything like that. Never. Often you hear.

This building. It called out. And I answered its call. We're here at a building where so many different people.

Have seen. And heard spirits before their death when this was a care facility, because we were told by the owner that there was a seance here many years ago. We are going to do a seance. But to do a seance, I need some other energy besides us for.

So on this camera. She doesn't know yet, but on this camera is Lauren. Say hi. Put the camera there.

Drop the camera. And where's James? James has worked for me For how many years? Coming on eight now. Eight years? James is. Awesome. He has assistant camera.

Lauren and James. I just want to see if your energies can connect with the countless spirits that are said to occupy this building. Yeah. Do you want to do this, James? I'm ready. I'm ready. Are you sure? Yes, sir. Are you hesitating? I'm not hesitate. I'm going.

I'm sure. Yes. Okay. James is in, what, three square? How did James? What the hell? Yeah. Can you put that up on a monitor? I call for an immediate review to see if what we just documented presents any form of risk to James. Watch that monitor. I'm ready. Are you sure?

Yes, sir. Here comes right there. Look at that. And you're feeling it? Yeah. Something didn't feel. Right. Is this anomaly seeming to manifest out of James paranormal? We now head inside the ballroom where we were told from the owner that several people attended a seance years ago, but all of them ran out of the building when something made its presence known. Here. It's connected to this building.

We bring you gifts from life into death. Commune with our spirits. We invite you to move amongst us. You've got a really cold over here tonight. Yeah, it was very cold by my hands. I started feeling wind.

But it meant someone's laying something on the hand. Look at that candle just next to James. Yeah, The only candle to all of them. All of them are still. There's no drafts in here at all. It's just the candle. Are you getting that? Yeah, I'm seeing it. We invite you within us.

You may use our bodies to channel through us. Please join us. So now we all start hearing unexplained knocking sounds come from up the stairs near where Jeff is located.

Well, what is that? You're the monkey. What the. What the hell do you want? Do you still do?

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