Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury - 『PROLOGUE』(EN,HK,TW,CN,KR,ID,VN,TH sub)

Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury - 『PROLOGUE』(EN,HK,TW,CN,KR,ID,VN,TH sub)

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Thrall to LF-03. Restarting Permet link connection test. Three, two, one.

Interconnect established. Currently on layer 31. Please commence calling.

Understood. Commencing call to layer 31. No abnormalities detected in GUND Format. Connect to layer 32. -Calling layer 32. -Callback confirmed. Connect to layer 33. Calling layer 33. Error. No callback.

Fall back to layer 10. Calling from layer 10 to 33 again. Error. No callback.

Calling layer 33. Error. No callback. LF-03 to Thrall.

Requesting increase in GUND Format score. Negative. That's contrary to the test objective. We don't have time. -Executing now. -Hold on!

Elnora. Let's end for the day. I'm not yet in the dangerous range. Let me increase the level and test layer 33-- That's enough, Elnora. Yes, ma'am.

Test concluded. Begin analysis of Permet influx values. -Understood. Beginning analysis. -Detected any abnormal fluctuations? -Look for tremors before the fluctuation. -Don't get too worked up.

Dr. Cardo. If you can't clear this, then no one can. We need to prove the soundness of the GUND Format as soon as possible. Otherwise, the council will...

Our success won't mean a thing if you're crippled for life. -But-- -Besides, someone's here to see you. -What? -Mommy! Mommy! -Mommy! -Eri! Mommy! Daddy's waiting for you too! Let's have cake together! Haven't I told you that you're not allowed to come here? Is she still sleeping? Yes. You're right. What a naughty girl. It's time to rise and shine.

Lfrith is still an infant. A baby? Yes. She doesn't even know how to turn over in bed. She's the child of all the staff members here. Now, your mommy is trying to teach her all sorts of stuff. I see... Then I'm her big sister! How old are you now, Eri? I'm four! As of the 20th, the Front 3rd Autonomous Sector has approved a budget to purchase Gundam-type mobile suits manufactured by Ochs Earth.

Ochs Earth's weapon system has raised major concerns regarding bioethical issues for its pilots, and the accountability of the company as well as the Mobile Suit Development Council has been called into question. Originally, the GUND Format was a medical technology meant to assist with physical dysfunctions caused by the space environment. However, when the Vanadis Institute, the lead researcher on the project, was acquired by Ochs Earth, the GUND Format was repurposed for military mobile suits. Physical damage to its pilots due to data storms then emerged as a problem.

Just imagine. An 18-meter-tall giant frame moving with non-biological mechanisms, controlled by forcibly linking it to a human body. The burden placed on the pilot must be immeasurable! The recent mobile suit buildup may provide Earth with an excuse to expand its military and accelerate tensions between both sides...

Say all you want about our products. Daddy, I'm home! Welcome back. This looks great. I'm sorry you had to do everything. It's fine. Eri helped out too. I did this part myself! You're amazing! It looks so pretty.

Eri. Why don't you show Mommy your birthday hat? Right! Layer 33 again? If I don't clear that soon, it'll mean trouble for everyone. I'm sorry.

This wouldn't have happened if the higher-ups weren't in a rush to roll out the Lfrith. We needed a sponsor, anyway. You helped us, Nadim. I just hope the council will stay quiet until the deadline. The press conference is in one hour. This is the end of Ochs Earth.

This is what happens when Earthians get presumptuous. Hopefully, it'll be as easy as you say. We don't know if Dr. Cardo Nabo will comply. But are you sure this is okay? We may be overstepping the bounds of private enterprise... You say that at this stage of the game? What's wrong with overstepping them? We're not asking for your opinion, Delling.

Once those guys at the Vanadis Institute complete their Gundam, it will be too late. As the Mobile Suit Development Council, we must make a decision. So that humanity can remain in peace, we must wield the hammer of witches. Cake! -Cake! -I'm putting in the candle lights now. Oh, my... Mommy? Sorry. Give me a moment.

Your GUND always stops working, Mommy. Yes. But without this technology, Mommy wouldn't be alive right now. So Dr. Cardo is my teacher who saved my life. Granny's awesome! Eri.

Dr. Cardo isn't one to fuss about what people call her. Even so, that's rude. Is that from headquarters? Yeah.

Just a moment, Eri. What? Daddy has work. Sorry. No! I want to cut it now! -What's wrong? -Now! The council is holding a meeting now.

But it's not even the deadline yet! It was Delling. He's behind this. That ex-military guy? We don't know what he'll do. You be careful too. Folkvangr to transport ship Begavent. Control 173.

This is Begavent. Communicating with 173. Distance to gate entrance is 22. Course confirmed. Please enter through Gate 3.

The ship's here! Come help me move, Wendy. Tariff rates have increased so much recently. -It's pissing me off. -Transportation isn't free, you know? The Spacians are monopolizing it unreasonably.

I'll treat you to something after this. Come on. That's cheating. I found it, Eri! This is the one, right? Eri? Just wake up already! Daddy and Mommy... Everyone only cares about you!

It's supposed to be my birthday today! I'm sorry about that. Granny. You came here alone again? Didn't Elnora say you're not supposed to? But... -Is this child important to you too, Granny? -She is.

Why? Then you don't care about the other two over there? This one is special. Special? In order for you, your daddy, and your mommy to live in space, you need to have an adaptable body and not a weapon like this. Lfrith is the future of GUND that we're aiming for. She is a new door that will open up new possibilities for humanity. I don't get it. Then, do you want to try talking to her? Come here, Eri.

Place your hand here. Now Lfrith will recognize you. Tell her that this world isn't scary.

My name is Ericht Samaya! Do you like cake? It's my birthday today! -I'm going to wear my birthday hat! -What's wrong? The council is about to hold a press conference. I wasn't told about this. Ochs Earth has been left out of this. Got it. I'm on my way.

-Can you go back by yourself, Eri? -Yeah. -Don't make your mommy worry now. -Okay. The cake has strawberries on it. You see, Mommy... Deployment of Ulysses is complete. We can commence at any time.

Raid it along with their headquarters according to the plan. Don't we need the council's approval? I'll assume full responsibility. We, the Mobile Suit Development Council, have just now made the decision to freeze all development of Gundam-type mobile suits. In addition, we will forcibly seize Ochs Earth, the company that developed them, under the authority provided by business administrative laws. -No way... -Are they planning to cut us off? Any ships scheduled to enter port? -There's one transport ship. -Stop it.

Don't let it enter the port! And to maintain order and ethics in the development of mobile suits, we will establish an auditing organization named Cathedra. Allow me to introduce... the supervising representative of Cathedra, Delling Rembran.

They never planned to accept us! They aren't dealing with us financially, but by using violence-- Yamaoka... Damn it! Spacians are so narrow-minded... Elnora? Eri? Headquarters to all Dominicus units. You are to seal off Folkvangr and its surrounding space at once. Don't let a single shuttle get away.

-Nyla? -Run, Wendy. Hurry up! Nyla! -The alarm? -Elnora! The council has crossed the line. -I can't find Eri. -Eri's missing? You take care of Eri. I'm going out in the Lfrith. -It's too dangerous! -It'll be too late by the time they arrive! Believe in the GUND-ARM you made.

You're going yourself, manager? I can't make contact with Wendy. Establish an escape route while I'm holding them back! What about reinforcements from headquarters? We shouldn't get our hopes up. LF-01, launching! GUND Format Permet score, two! Checking identification. Matched with target mobile suit.

Roger that. Initiating action. So fast! So that's a Gundam? Permet score, three! He dodged it? Impossible! It's been a while since I felt like this. The opponents are using unfamiliar swarm weapons. Do not engage one-on-one. With numbers--

Is that you, Wendy? I have to avenge Nyla. I see. I'm going to lure the enemy away. Second Gundam-type mobile suit detected to port side in travel direction.

That matches our information. Remain on guard. Kenanji, deploy Beguir-Beu. Roger. Throughout my years of experience on countless battlefields, I've come to one conclusion.

Weapons should only exist to kill people. There should be no excuses for this. Once someone holds in their hands a tool meant purely for killing, they have to bear the sin that comes with it.

But the mobile suits of Vanadis and Ochs Earth are different! Not only do they take the lives of their opponents, but of their operators as well. This is not a tool. It is a curse! Wendy! It's too dangerous to raise the score further! The punishment for taking a life should be imposed upon us by humans, and not machines. Nyla... I'll avenge your death! People must kill or be killed by people.

I believe that's the minimum courtesy in the foolish act of war. Get back, Wendy! That's no ordinary custom type! I can't move. Why? GUND Format link suppressed. This is the end of the Gundams.

Nyla... Wendy! When we pull the trigger ourselves, we bear the burden of the life we're taking and of a sin we can never atone for. In war, or any form of murder...

That's how it has to be. Dr. Cardo Nabo. You are going to die here. Humanity was born in the cradle of Earth. Our bodies are far too fragile for us to venture into space. Just as an infant has to put on clothes, humanity must don the GUND to truly go out into space.

That's just an excuse for a technology that requires sacrificial victims. You don't understand. What all of you are taking away… is the future that the GUND will save! Eri! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! It's okay now. It'll be all right.

Headquarters to all units. We've successfully neutralized the lives of Cardo Nabo and all key members. Retreat as soon as preparations to blow up the front are complete. -Dr. Cardo... -I repeat.

-Headquarters to all units. -Why did you have to die... We've successfully neutralized the lives of -Cardo Nabo and all key members. -Mommy. Retreat as soon as preparations to blow up the front are complete. A callback from layer 33? With whose authentication vitals…? Mommy... Did she wake up? Strong electromagnetic waves detected from within Folkvangr.

It's an unregistered Permet identification code. They have another machine? One, two, three! Mommy, Mommy! They look just like candles! Isn't it pretty? You're right... Not bad. However... This is all a Gundam can-- Is that you, Elnora? -Nadim! -Daddy! Damn you... Let go of me, damn Gundam! You have to run, Elnora.

Don't be ridiculous! I'm coming-- You're not the only one escaping here! Live. Both you and Ericht. For everyone's sake! I love you, Nadim. I love you too. Permet score, four! Daddy, I'm home! Welcome back. What's a birthday, Daddy? It's when we celebrate the day you were born, Eri.

And what do we do to celebrate? Well... Happy birthday to you -Happy birthday to you -Daddy! It's Daddy! -Cut off the communication. -I can't. -The source appears to be the Gundam. -Happy birthday -What's going on? -dear Ericht Happy birthday to you And our Cathedra... shall deny all Gundams.

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