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Mastering Moments

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Thank you for joining us today. Welcome to our headquarters and to the Veo launch event. Today, we'll present exciting new products and features, that will help you master your greatest moments. At Veo, we're building technologies to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Last year, we reached a significant milestone, 2 million games captured with Veo.

Think about that for a moment. That's 2 million opportunities to learn, 2 million unique moments to share and enjoy, and 2 million times a parent could watch a game they couldn't attend in person. At Veo, we believe technology is the key to amplify the power of sport. Millions of coaches and players use Veo, and last year, they scored more than 7 million goals, captured by our cameras.

No one has seen them all, but they've all been seen by someone. We believe grassroot goals deserve to be celebrated as much as the ones scored by the superstars. And we're proud it's happening right on our platform. Today, we're announcing Veo's next big leap.

We will present new features to analyze your game, both on a team level and also on an individual player level. We have big news about the Veo Cam. And we are announcing a new way to livestream with Veo. It's all happening right here, right now, at this launch event. Let's kick it off. That's what it's about, isn't it? The joy and for them having that experience.

They're playing for their mates, they're playing for themselves, they're playing for the community, they're playing for the club. Veo can create a platform for young players, for the coaches, supporters, parents, family members, that probably want to see footage. Every week they're playing against good teams, we can analyze their games and tell them what they're doing good, what they need to improve. To be humble enough to understand that your eyes are not going to see absolutely everything. Because it's such a complex game and different positions, and everybody with different roles, it relies on technology for your own personal development as a player and as a team. Me and my dad would sit down and look at the footages from games.

creating highlight clips has definitely helped me, especially with the competition for scholarships. As a father and as a former college coach, the best thing you can tell your kid is, I just love watching you play. The feeling after you've scored is like, you know, it's like a once in a lifetime, to think that could actually happen.

Hundreds of texts coming through, through family celebrating goals, it really builds a community as a sideline. I still enjoy the purity of football in a way, and when you're younger, if you lose, sometimes it doesn't really matter. In the end, these guys are just having fun. The Veo community is our guiding light. Your ideas and reflections are the foundation of everything we built.

You are our inspiration. And when you told us about your wishes for the Clubhouse, we listened. We recently made updates to the Clubhouse, The place where you organize your recordings, teams and Veo Cams. A completely new interface makes it simpler to navigate between your cameras and teams. We've also updated the Veo Editor, where you can analyze your games and create the clips you share. You might have noticed a new button.

We call it Speedrun. This AI powered feature cuts the time when the ball is out of play, whether that's throw-ins, corners, or goal kicks. Because we get to the action faster, you can do your analysis much faster. You can now remove the audio from your recording, something we know many of you have been wishing for, for a long time. Some words spoken during a game should probably stay on the field. With a remove audio feature, you can silence the entire game recording, with just one click and prevent others from listening in on the things that weren't meant for a wider audience.

Veo Analytics is the platform where you can find AI produced data about your games to use for your analysis. We've taken a completely new approach to how the data is shown and treated. Using AI, we now automatically detect and tag both events and highlights. Here's how we separate them. Highlights are clips of your game that you can share with fans, friends and family. Or if you're a coach, you can comment on them and tag players to help them develop.

Our AI gives them a tag, so you can easily watch all the goals or all corners. Events, other moments that tally in the stats overview. It could be shots, goals and free kicks.

You can now make changes to all events and adjust them however you like. We want to give you full control over the data and provide you with one place for everything. No more spreadsheets and tallying from game to game, Veo Analytics is now all in one.

With these changes, we give you a simpler and more effective way to organize your Veo recordings and analyze your games, using both data and video. If you're a coach then you definitely need to use this. You've seen it with your own eyes. We've developed the world's best AI for automatically tracking the game, and made advanced analytics more easily available to grassroots football. But there's so much more we can achieve with our technology. So many wonderful experiences we can create.

Today, I'm going to show you several new features, which together represent a serious upgrade to the Veo experience, for players of all levels. As Lajla told us earlier, you can now assign each event to a specific player. This means we can now give each player a statistical breakdown of their game.

And that data is automatically added to your analytics studio. So, players, you can now compare your stats from game to game, season to season, with each data point backed up by a relevant piece of video. When you combine these events stats with the data from our new lineup and formation features, you start to build a more complete picture of your achievements.

Things like minutes played, positions played, and captaincies. You can use our improved player profiles to share those achievements with anyone. We've redesigned the layout, making space for you to showcase things that a video clip can't.

A short bio, favorite positions, play style, and of course the achievements I just mentioned. This means the profile is now a more complete presentation of you as a player, and a big help to the scouts and coaches you want to impress. We've also made it simpler and faster to add a clip to a profile, and if you've ever struggled to find that special moment to share, well, we've made that easier too. Our AI is now able to track shirt numbers.

This means we can now detect when a player is involved in the action and provide a playlist of those moments. You can add any of those moments to your Veo player profile, or download them as clips if you prefer. For coaches, this is a huge leap forward on giving individual feedback.

Imagine sitting with a player and with just a click, you can pull up every moment where they were on the ball. You select a shirt number and can then navigate through the players moments. In the 2D map, you can see their contextual position during the sequence. And on the video timeline, each moment is clearly marked, along with the game's events.

You can control the sensitivity by adjusting the player's distance to the ball, time on the ball, and how much time you want to add, before and after each moment. If you, for example, choose more distance, you'll have more moments with a player, which gives a broader picture of their performance. On the other hand, choosing more time on the ball, will only give you the moments when the player was most in control. These new player focused features mark a big step forward in our commitment to helping every player on every team, develop with video technology, 2024 is going to be a great year.

We'll continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with video and artificial intelligence. In a moment, my colleagues Tania and Anton will share some big news about our camera. Ever since we launched the Veo Cam 2 and livestreaming, we've continued to develop the Veo experience. We make new features, we design fresh interfaces, and we build state of the art hardware, all so that you can use video technology to level up your game.

Last year, we updated the Veo Camera smartphone app, to make it quicker and easier to set up a livestream. With the update, you can stream to anyone, anywhere, in just two steps. We also introduced instant playback. Now you can stand on the sidelines and immediately rewatch the match, or you can have your assistant mark a couple of highlights ready for halftime. And as many of you requested, you can watch the game on the bus, on the way home.

Another recent update to the viewing experience, is image stabilization. We had a breakthrough with an algorithm that stabilizes the image, even in windy conditions. It makes it much more pleasant to watch. It also improves our accuracy on analytics features, especially for the new individual player tracking, that Alex presented.

Another breakthrough, and a big wish from you, was a lighter tripod. We knew we needed to perfect the balance between portability and the stability needed to record games in all conditions. With our new carbon fiber tripod, we've found it. The Veo tripod is taller when raised, yet shorter when folded. It's a safe, stable and portable tripod, that's easy to take with you wherever you want to record. But let's talk about the camera again.

We're excited to announce the next generation of Veo cameras, the Veo Cam 3. And now my colleague Anton is going to tell you all about it. We set ourselves the challenge to create a camera that is pushing the limits technologically, yet it's a reliable partner. A camera packed with functionality, yet easy to understand and operate. And we're pretty sure we have succeeded. It's the most powerful Veo Cam to date, but some things to stay the same.

The new camera is still the iconic green triangle. It's still portable, and everything is built into one unit. But everything else is upgraded.

The Veo Cam 3 has a rugged shell with edge rubber overall protection. The new soft touch material guards against impacts and scratches, ensuring the camera can handle your every move. We designed it to function in temperatures ranging from minus 10 to 45 degrees Celsius, even in direct sunlight. We've battle tested it with our customers to ensure it can record in any environment. One of the remarkable things about the Veo Cam 3 is the ability to connect to the world, including your smartphone. We have now improved the control range.

This means you can now control the camera and watch instant playback on the phone, without having to stand right next to it. This also means we have enhanced the cameras WiFi coverage, so you enjoy a faster and more stable connection when you upload your recording. The result is a seamless experience when using any of the wireless features of the camera.

When we launched the Veo Cam 2, the biggest news was the ability to livestream, it had been a wish from our community for a long time, and we delivered. With the Veo Cam 3, we're taking the next step. The camera is 5G ready, keeping you future proofed with the latest technology. We've redesigned the antennas inside the camera to optimize them for long range 5G signals and provide the ideal conditions for a reliable stream. In a few minutes, we'll tell you even more big news about the Veo livestreaming experience. But first, I'd like to talk about video quality.

Reliving your greatest moments and making reliable analysis depends on a clear and detailed image. With the Veo Cam 3, we're introducing a new generation of lenses that gives a sharper image. At the same time we're introducing HDR. It's a technique that ensures vibrant, true to life colors that will make your footage come alive. With these improvements, we're ensuring a realistic and detailed visual experience when you rewatch your games. Sound is also a crucial element of sport.

Recording the sound of a football game is quite complicated. The cameras microphones have to record action 80 meters away, by the corner flag, and it's elevated seven meters in an open field. Even a small, turbulent sound by the wind, close to the microphone, will make it difficult to hear what happens 80 meters away.

So to avoid wind noise affecting your recordings, we've given the camera an aerodynamic overhaul and completely redesigned the noise reduction filters. We've used wind tunnels and countless experiments, to ensure clear audio, even in stormy conditions. So now you can fully immerse yourself in your kids first game abroad, cheering her on from the couch. The Veo Cam 3 represents a new era in sports camera technology. We've combined innovation, engineering and design, to create a camera that offers outstanding connectivity, livestreaming capabilities, video and audio quality and a robust build, designed to endure all conditions.

This camera sets the stage for a new level of sports recording and livestreaming. And we're giving sports teams on every level the tools they need to improve their game and engage their fans. When we launched the Veo Cam 2, we introduced livestreaming to grassroots football, 10s of 1000s of grassroots games have been livestreamed with the Veo Cam 2, something that wasn't possible before. Since then, we've constantly been improving the live experience, we released the producer panel.

With this addition, you can control the broadcast, so it looks like a TV production with a scoreboard and timer. We've also added overlays. So if you have an upcoming tournament, information about the next match, or a sponsor you want to promote, you can add it, or you can add your club's logo. For those of you who are curious about the activity on your livestreams, we've introduced insights.

Here you can see how the viewers engaged with your streams, and how many watch each of your games. The improvements we make to the Veo Live experience are all made in close collaboration with our community. Now, we're ready to take another step forward. Until recently, it's only been possible to watch Veo livestreams on the Veo Live app.

But many of you have asked for the ability to livestream to other channels. We're introducing RTMP. This means you can livestream to various external platforms with your Veo Cam. This includes platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

Or you can choose to stream to your own platform. New ways of streaming give you new ways of reaching network. And we hope this will help you make an even deeper connection with your communities. Unleash the power of livestreaming with Veo. Connect, engage, interact, and let the world join your journey, as the moments unfold.

Share your battles, your struggles, your triumphs. Share every moment. The moment when the ball crosses the line.

The moment when it all looks bright. The moment when the game is on the brink. The moment when you stand on the edge, about to lose it all. But you pick up the pieces. You fight back and you rise again. And you share the moment of the win.

Share the moment, stream the moment, live with Veo. The Veo Cam 3 is the most powerful camera we've ever made. And it's ready to connect you to the world. It's solid and portable. It record in crystal clear quality. And with livestreaming to new platforms, we're making the Veo Live experience complete.

And the best news, we're shipping the Veo Cam 3 from today. The new player analysis features will give players on all levels the chance to dive into the performances, follow their own development and share it with the world. In the future, players will have even more opportunities to master their greatest moments.

And we're making it much easier for coaches to support the players in their development. With all these innovations, we provide you with a single solution for capturing, watching and analyzing. New season, same old dream. It's trophy time.

With Veo, your chances just got a lot better. Record or livestream your games automatically. Analyze all your moments and share your highlights. Veo turns your game into a TV-like broadcast.

The camera captures everything, from the teams performance to individual highlights Does it capture me too? Absolutely. Capture this then. You may want to improve on that. How about improving it right now? The highlights are already there, so you can turn the half-time talk into a full learning experience and change the game. Bring joy to friends, family and fans, live.

You can even stream their games on your favorite platforms, so no one misses the action. The game is over. Now the real magic begins.

Data on highlights are waiting for you. It's like having a team of analysts, only this one works automatically. And with one click, you can share your insights with your players.

It's your greatest moments served automatically in an individual highlight reel. Your player profile is going to shine, share it, show your skills and impress the world. Here at Veo, we continue to make sports technology accessible to all. We're striving to empower you to capture and share all your magic moments. There is much more coming from us in the future.

Thank you for being with us today.

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