Machines for Everything in Tokyo | ഇങ്ങനെ ആയാൽ ജോലി ചെയ്യാൻ മനുഷ്യർ വേണ്ടാതെ വരുമോ?

Machines for Everything in Tokyo | ഇങ്ങനെ ആയാൽ ജോലി ചെയ്യാൻ മനുഷ്യർ വേണ്ടാതെ വരുമോ?

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When you come to Japan, there are places where people dont have work What you see behind me is a passport size photo printing machine We have seen this in many countries It is common now You dont have to go to studios now a days to take a passport size photo Machines like these will do it for you You can see varieties of machines here in Japan Let us see how to get in there and take a passport size photo using machine You can take an id card, passport size photo Charges given here are 900yen, 1000yen You can print your photos in different sizes It is a cubicle covered with a curtain It is simple. You just have to get in, pay and you will get the photo soon Let us get inside first Lights got on as censor There is a censor here. She is saying something and all There might be an English option We can take id photo, with QR code connected to our phone, Let us see how to take a photo We are going to take passport or driving license photo I clicked on the id photo They asked if we want cash or QR code option You can take 2 kinds of photos You have background selection, skin tone complexion enhance etc We shall take a normal picture I have to pay 900yen for a normal photo They are asking us for a confirmation on what to do I pressed yes Let us see how to pay the amount I shall put in a 1000 note. 900 is the amount I think we have to insert it here 1000 has gone in. 900 is the fee.

Give me my balance amount This is our normal passport size photo size We shall select this. How simple it is This is the camera They are showing us how to sit It says look at the front screen It took my photo They may show my picture They are taking a second shot What a technology Everything can be done on our own I think they may show us the photo they took I dint like it. Let us shoot again You tend to blink your eyes when the flash hits your eyes Now I can see the 2nd time clicked pics We can select which we want To be frank, I didnt like any Anyways, now we shall take them I think this is better We can do adjustments They are asking us to adjust the top and bottom of the head and body This is to align the photo We have to do all these What all facilities Lets see how long it will take to print How will it come and where will it come? I didnt get my balance yet My balance 100yen came as change Photo is getting printed What all technologies In minutes, my photo is here Awesome! Its done Actually you need less than 5mts. I took longer because I was shooting too In 2mts you get the photo printed in your hands I took my photo, got out and closed the curtain. You can see a machine in the underground railway station This is a foreign currency exchange machine We usually go to banks or money exchange counters for these Here you have them outside. Apart from that you have foreign currency exchange machines too

Let us see how do they exchange foreign currency here 1 dollar is 118 rupees as per todays rate We have to put the cash in here My 100 dollars has gone in You get 11800 yen for it When I pressed enter, coins came A 10000 note, 1000 note and many coins See how simple I exchanged currency You get a receipt for it too Japan's highest value note is 10000 like for us it is 2000 Rs note in India This is how their note is Next I got a 1000 note. I have seen their 5000 note earlier Rest I got coins I got 100's coins This one coin costs 60 INR This is 100yen They still use coins here You can use coins to buy things easily from wending machines Coins are of use at many other places too So simple. I exchanged money in minutes You can see machines like this on the foot path at many places You can rent bicycles from this I think this is coin operated It is open 24hrs We can put in coins and rent bicycles from here You can take it from here and deposit it back at any machine point like this This is a very good system. You see many people moving on cycles You can rent a cycle and go to the next metro station if you want You can avoid walking and you reach there too The footpaths are neat and clean All the footpaths, let it be railway stations or the airport have this This pattern is different from the others on the sides.

It is for blind people This system is done for them to walk without difficulty This is a bus stop. They will know when the pattern changes here. When you walk to the sides, you reach the bus stop This is a friendly concept for blind people done here You have lot of family mart, 7-eleven and other stores all over. You get food and all other things including ATM here There is one important thing people coming to Japan look upon Keep your passport in hand wherever you go It is very important Never forget that If a police asks you for an id from any place, You have to show your passport. If not, they have the rights to detain you That is very important in Japan Look at the petrol pumps empty here There are nobody here The temperature here is 10 deg C now At night, it goes down to 0 somedays Winter just got over and the next season is going to begin That is why it is less cold now If you come during winter, you can see snow and many activities There are many places in Japan where snow falls like in Ladakh We will be going to that places in Norther Japan side It shows minus degrees there even now I hope I will get to see snow there The buildings here look very beautiful This is a variety done is stone tiles Doesnt that look beautiful? We are now walking on a foot path You have free wifi at many places It is a phone booth by Tokyo metropolitan government Wifi here is of very good speed The hotel wifi has 300-400 mbps download and upload speed I uploaded a 3.5GB video in 3mts Like other countries, cross only when the signal says so Some may go against it. But do cross only when get the footpath signal

The footpath here are pedestrian and cycle track too Both go through the footpath only This is Shinjuku area where I am staying now Buildings and roads here look so beautiful Most of the buildings here are hotels You have lot of hotels here If you are coming to Tokyo for the 1st time, I would suggest to stay at Shinjuku This is a taxi like you have in London Very less people use taxis here So when booking hotels, make sure you are close to the metro station What you see behind me is Hanazono shrine. It is a temple It belongs to Shinto religion Nearly 60% people in Japan dont have religion The main religions you find here are Buddhism and Shinto 30% follow Buddhism and rest Shinto We know what Buddhism is Shinto is a traditional Japan culture They worship their ancestors and elderly people You can see it in many ways here I feel it is a Chinese Buddhist mixed culture You find lot of Buddhists and Shintos temples all over Japan Look at the cherry blossoms here They have begun to bloom here After few days or weeks, all these trees would have flowers bloomed on them You have pearl white flowers there and these here I think these are wishes. You have a board with many wishes written and hung here See how people here pray You can see something hung there. People come and shake that After shaking, they pray They then put money in the hundi In front of the shrine, you can see an entrance This is a way to Shinjuku Sanchome metro station You will see boards like this everywhere You will understand that this would be an entry to a metro station You can go to the metro this way One station will have lot of entrance and exits Shinjuku main station has 200 exits.

This is the place to take RTPCR. It is crowded here People are still not out of these Even at Hong Kong it was the same. They are still scared of covid This is an entrance to the shrine we saw earlier I saw it this side This is the sound decimal here To show how much of sound is here But you wont find any sound pollution here I am walking through such a busy street Do you hear any horn or any other kind of sound here? Nothing Tokyo is not only sound pollution free but also air pollution free The main reason for that is their public transport system A building construction is happening here. You can see cranes here

See how much of safety precautions are taken here Watching people walk on the foot path itself is nice They are so disciplined This is an underground parking station Pay and Park Shinjuku has lot of pubs and is a happening place If you look at the buildings opposite me, you can understand how nights are I will surely show you nightlife in Shinjuku What you see now is the day time of this place Is that an ad vehicle or delivery vehicle? A truck with full digital display Once the signal falls, all cross the road That looks awesome The buses here so good looking Some have Pokémon and other pics on it Let us travel in Tokyo metro now Close to my hotel, Higashi Shinjuku station You can go down using the lift or elevator You get into the lift. You reach down there I got out of the lift and am following google map Google map tells us which all lines go where all We just have to follow that and go All these are old stations I have to take this Oedo line We shall take the escalator You just have space for one person to stand on a stair 2 can stand on the stair that comes up You have steps on the other side All the stations have lot of wending machines. It is actually Japan's culture You can say Japan is the land of wending machines See how many you find here All these work well too You have a photo booth here too You find it everywhere I am going to Higashi Shinjuku station You have lot of stations in Shinjuku You had seen the main station last day You have lot of sub stations in Shinjuku too The area we are walking are all underground You have buildings and roads above us I put in 220/- coins My ticket is here I put in 220 yen and I got a ticket Insert it here and it comes out from here. I have to take Oedo line You will find it confusing in the beginning But everything is simple. We can manage. You can put the correct coins in there A train is here Let me see where it goes You shouldnt loose the ticket Sound of the train If you loose this ticket, you will have to take another one to get out It is valuable, so keep it safe.

I have 7 stops to the station I am off to I got out at Ueno Okachimachi station Once people get into the metro, they are silent They dont talk to each other See how disciplined they are in the queue They are going up one by one with lot of patience They dont talk in the train They dont speak loud on the phone They wont play music loud They wont watch any video loud All are disciplined We have experienced that in the train. That is why I am a bit scared when shooting in the train Not scared, but you wont want to do what nobody doesn in there To get out of the station, put the ticket in here and it doesnt come out again We then get out. All the roads, stations and many places are wheel chair friendly You can see many coming alone on their wheel chair and using the metro They have their own space in the metro Not only metro, but train and bus too It has become like that world wide now Even in Kerala and all over India, many places are becoming wheel chair friendly Many places are yet to change. But all of them will change You saw how to take a metro at Japan I too first time took the metro I had used JR pass in other trains Using JR pass, you can travel only in JR lines To travel in metro, I have to pay separately This is for Tokyo They are private lines This is the way to JR line JR line is all over Japan In Indian railway we take pass But you cannot travel in Kochi metro using Indian Railway pass.

You cannot travel in Bangalore metro using Indian railway pass.. Same here If you are climbing up or going down the stairs, walk on your right side You can see me climbing up on my right and people going down on their right In the escalator, stand on your left side If you are walking, walk on the right side That is how it is here People are moving all over When I was walking, I saw many standing here When I looked, I saw they were waiting to cross the road They are waiting for the signal This is amazing Nobody is in a hurry or pushing anyone They are not even touching each other I am surprised When the signal changes to green walking sign, all will cross So nice to see this. I liked this So many of them Shibuya Crossing is the world's busiest pedestrian crossing I shall show you that soon It is amazing. Worlds biggest zebra crossing Maximum people crossing at a time It is 8pm I think The whole area is lit up You have trucks going up and down They are ones that show ads That area looks beautiful with lights You can see Under Armour showroom here A huge display board in front showing their own ads Someone is shooting with a Go Pro here He is also a tourist like me What vehicle is this? Here even vehicles move with music. This one has a speaker I liked it I simply spoke to those Canadians When I saw him taking videos, I thought he would be a vlogger We can surely say we are When you speak to travelers, they respond back in a friendly manner I dont know how the locals are I have to try speaking to them Tourists are ok Here all are busy Nobody has time They dont have time to speak to each other too All are always running around Streets here are surprising me What you see here is a Karaoke Karaoke is very popular in China Japan side It is basically taking a room for rent, sitting in groups having beer and singing I had posted a video where I had gone to such a place in China I dont have anything to do alone at this place now You can rent out rooms like this Men and women come, drink, sing, have fun and go You can see a person playing violin at the side here He is playing very well This is a shop for coffee lovers. Coffee, coffee makers, coffee machines etc for sale.

This is something different for me From this Japan series onwards, I wont be saying an intro in our videos I wont say goodbye at the end too I am trying to do it in another style I am taking lot of videos from here I dont know how long I will have to say an intro and good bye I dont plan to go beyond 30-35mts for a video I will be doing it in maximum 30mts Videos that you dont see in You Tube will be in Facebook You can see videos not shown in Facebook in You Tube So dont forget to see both You Tube and Facebook You can see lot of lights on top while walking on the footpath Do you know how these are placed? You have creepers over it There are plants on top LED lights are put below that How beautiful they look Small additions like these have been done to increase the beauty of the city Let me say a small history on Japan and end this video Lots to say about Japan But I shall tell you some important things. Many from all over Asia migrated to Japan long ago In those days they lived hunting and fishing That is how Japan is shown until 3000BC Jomon is the name of a pottery seen those days So that period was also known as Jomon period You can see those old potteries at Tokyo National museum Those who would like to see them can go there From BC300-AD250, they began paddy fields Later people began owning land That is how people used to get land in those days Many inventions from Korea was introduced to Japan during this period Between AD530-710 period, Buddhism began here Later Shinto religion came up in Japan Shinto's believed that God was in mountains, trees, rocks and nature They considered wind and rain to be Gods arrival Shinto and Buddhism were the main religions those days Now, more than 60% of people living here dont have religion It is almost like China only But you have people who follow religions too An old capital of Japan was Kyoto Later it was changed to Tokyo Till 1868, like other countries, many emperors ruled and many attacks took place here too But after 1868, Japan changed to a republic country To stop invaders from the west, they had to make Japan independent and strong Japan won wars in 1895 in China Japanese wars and 1904 in Russo Japanese war In 1910, they got Korea too Japan turned to be a strong country in the world by then In Asia and Pacific, Japan expanded their financial base In 1925, all men above 75yrs were allowed to vote They conquered many countries and looked into expanded their country Just like how Germany did in Europe, Japan did the same in Asia I shall tell you more on this when I go to Hiroshima We only know the story of atom bomb by America We never talk on what Japan did before that People always talk on what happens last I shall tell you before and after Hiroshima when I go there I will surely be going to Hiroshima. Coming all the way to Japan and not going to Hiroshima would be a loss for us In 1945 when atom bomb fell at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan had lot of attacks from all around Finally when America put an atom bomb, Japan was defeated Later the next 7 years, Japan was under America That is when they changed from the thoughts of war, How to live with the help of science and technology, Change to a strong country or how to become a strong country Their thoughts went that way by then In the beginning America helped them a lot with their science and technology Later we saw Japan taking over brands and the world soon Japan's role as an imperial power was ended in 1952 with Treaty of San Francisco. Japan gave importance to liberal democracy In 1956, Japan became a member of the United Nations We know all these Till 2000, Japan made products were seen all over the world Today from many brands we see, many were from Japan We have lots to learn from Japan My journey is in search of all those See you with more beautiful videos of Japan tomorrow

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