Learn Earn form Emerging Technologies | Career counselling | Data Science| python | Freelancing jobs

Learn Earn form Emerging Technologies | Career counselling | Data Science| python | Freelancing jobs

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Okay, assalamu alaikum. So, live session here daily session advancement track or women advancement track online. and we will talk in short.

session to get online but due to I was actually outside the out with my family, so couldn't, I mean, couldn't find the time to write time to actually, get, you know, reach out to you. Like in ah, that sad thing there is sir. I'm now talking to you as a consumer because I have paid the money for the courses that were promised and are not being fulfilled on time. Ah I've been

telling you videos ah but they are still like that. Bad boy and ah ah icebreakers Faisal But that, that's something. So, I got it, I got it. Other

things are is email so that means there is noone sitting there reading the email just like on the Facebook page as well. There is, there is like in Itna's other load Sales or support sales support right? Control plus I gotta make Python recognition software recognize so I am throwing in a lot of automation in there. Otherwise when you get something from anywhere, you don't get a response. Response Okay. Royal Holiday online degree ah sorry common fellow students ah I was taking this ah our LinkedIn I was really really disappointed with everything that was happening around so there is only one thing I go to whenever I don't find joy in studying. Are are

HEL Is is something else. I'm giving this you know ah so many students are enjoying the there are some students who are saying that all the courts he ah you know present things very well. You know that you enjoy that. So ah Linux said had something is like I can I call it a stress buster for me.

Whenever I feel, you know, like, nothing is going right, I'll just play his course, and then, you know, at the same time, I'm feeding myself with the knowledge. So, LinkedIn course, it's a very short but what a, what a, what a man you found, sir. I, I mean, I had software. Absolutely. A very

good man. It's a very good course as well. I have been actually I, I found this term volunteer. I think in 2009 in my life. Ah, and then since

then I have been volunteering many because I found, you know, it's like something that I love about. Then I connect to, get connected to some students and I ask them, do you volunteer somewhere? Okay, they volunteer we have to explain to them the thing that is. So, my suggestion there is that sorry to interrupt you there again. Sir, let, let students come, sir. Let them experience being support agents, you know, make them proudly motivated, or don't, don't bring them to Zendex or even Facebook. So, bring to, to, what you call that, our community there on, on, on the portal, and then issue a certificate that you have done voluntarily work for us on this one, you know, they will prove that, you know, and then, so, so many students are taking IELTS right now, but they don't have any anyone to practice, I, I, I have been to this session in Pakistan, when you try to speak, they will, you know, they will say that you are not becoming western, even your own family say that.

So, I'm sure they are also, you know, getting people laughed at them, you know, because of their bad, not bad but there whatever action they have. So, I would, I would suggest sir, please help people, you know, all those people will have those, what you call the help people in the community and they will show you, I don't know how will you do it, but it's just my suggestion. With that, they will have the sense of volunteer as well. So, that they can also put on their LinkedIn profile that they have volunteer for something.

It's a great and one of the things I will just take it immediately. But now we have to figure out deploy right? Now there are that my mind is now working or teachers treatment process process within five minutes Mm-hmm. May any government full time just participate one hour. I don't have to. Yeah, I don't have to and noone else have to, you know, you just have to give one or two hour maximum, two hours of your day and that's.

You know, you're getting something. Take minute. Coffee medicine Mahmoon Bashir Sabha. Sure. Yeah. Mamu, Bashir, Assalamu

alaikum. student let's see what he will say. Okay. Sir, sir, one last, sorry, one last thing. Since you asked me about that, I would, I would suggest to pick some, some handful of your people. We have, I, I, I have

seen so many students who are really, really good. Ah, their communication skills are really good. So, may be we can make a team, and then let, sir, I, I, one thing I saw, I think, on the very lower level, there is no accountability, I mean noone knows what is happening around. When we, you know, there are certain people I won't name them. You, you're, you know, you're, you're smart enough to find out who are those. they are like you know when you talk to them. Companies. Or ah

Pakistan company Sir, thank you so much. The boss seriously calm for those who have the volunteer, especially the NGOs and you know the the social working companies. It's the strength, right? So I, I, I, I, I want to see Alnafi having so many volunteers. People are,

you know, spending their, you know, something, because there is something extraordinary happening here, sir. To, to be very honest, I'm, I'm telling you this to everyone who who are listening. So, you know, I, I want everyone to be part of it, and then feel that this is our own company, you know. It's

not something that we are working on, to get money or something like, it's like life long cycle. So, you know, I'm really hoping, sir, I'm really, really hoping to a lot of people to come up and, you know, practice whatever they can, because there is no Hunterwala here that you know, that will hunt them down right away if they will make a mistake, there are, there are so many sober people here, you know, so many kind people who are willing to help them strength so many people who are after enrolling in the courses they are asking what is Linux. So, I mean we have to help them to Google things as well. I mean,

you know, there, everything is just available there. You just have to use your mind. So, front So, those are sir, there is no problem here.

90 percent ninety-9, almost 99%, they can ah they can speak English very well. So, there is no problem. Position Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French. meeting I will tell you. Email

message WhatsApp cute. Yes sir here. Ah Pakistan pharmacy business Pakistan number one Total counterfeit medicine I am really very sorry ideal when it comes to business. Business principles Pakistani Pakistani recycle pharmaceutical automated industry.

sector Okay. Aviation, transportation, chemical, energy. Automation pharmaceutical itself banking and finance sectors multiple pharmaceutical farm and farm to fork consumer McDonald's ticket Confidentiality, integrity, availability, non reputation. Confidentiality integrity which is addition availability application those are fifty percent sure 50% I Khan and utilize that. I don't know what to say Ah yes pain exhibitions suddenly unfortunately turn around end of the day I have to start from this page. That's, that's, that's fine, that's not a problem inshallah, but the point is learn all the things, three to six months malagao, then you will understand all the key things, have a key skill, kids and then you will be much more successful inshallah. Exactly,

exactly. Faisal Assalamu alaikum Uh courses basically release take it. scale of our design and development engineers or production process engineers.

IT business analyst ah programmers and software development professionals only cyber security specialist. Jobs jobs UK jobs cyber security visa college emerging sciences opportunity bachelor option my university 50percent off Lancaster University free. 25, 7 hundred ah pounds. International UK students ah purchases are dollar purchases are pound Something right? So Lancaster College Emerging Sciences graduates Lancaster but some of the Sahabas, they were very smart. They already

had the knowledge, right? Tribes genealogy legends. So Rasulullah was learning kind of I think important to to be successful. religion, right? You have to follow it. One of the key time you have to believe in you have to follow the you have to follow the Quran, the Sharia, all those things they are static. They are there. Regardless of the time and place. Blockchain cryptocurrency you have to evaluate and they have to follow it.

Blockchain cry singular focus, we will be successful. Focus regardless skills survival skills Faisal the unmute focus degree. I mean Actually carriers guidance go and secure those places and once you are able to secure yourself then you can go into entrepreneurship as well Bachelors Pakistan web development thank you. Thank you. Digital marketing

WordPress deeds Legacy customers legacy customers hands on Muhammad ah affiliate program If that is the case, then I will let you know. But inshallah, but the point is carrier advancement track are you studying Sir, Master in stats GG sir. utilize scholars

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