LAMBOR-GRANNY: Racing a Lamborghini With My 78-Year Old Mom | Nicole Johnson's Detour S2:E5

LAMBOR-GRANNY: Racing a Lamborghini With My 78-Year Old Mom | Nicole Johnson's Detour S2:E5

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On our last episode, we had such a great time autocrossing the Ruffian Mustang, that Chris Ashton invited us back. But this time, he's not messing around. He brought his Lamborghini Huracán STO. We're not only gonna autocross this, but later, we're gonna get my Mom in this car. So, this is a 2021 Lamborghini Huracán STO which stands for, ready? Super Trofeo Omologata. Fancy way of saying that this is an approved, a homologated version of the Super Trofeo EVO race car.

Yep. Race car for the street, right on. Right. Yep, more race car than the normal Huracán and the new sort of the Performante was the all-wheel drive, used to be the race car. And now this is the newer, lighter supposedly more fun race car. Rear-wheel drive only though, so it's a little more slidey.

Than the Performante? You've owned one of those in the past as well, right? Yeah, yeah. So, I am new to this and we'll see how the rear wheel drive is versus all-wheel drive. Okay. It's got a thousand miles on it. I bought it used, so it's already broke in. We don't have to worry about that.

Great. Just here to race. Alright, so how long had you waited? You wanted one of these when they were brand, brand new. Yeah, and I tried to order one but they said it was a two-year wait and then they weren't going to make them for that long, so I probably wouldn't get it. Right. So, then I just had to pay the waiting game and just hope that at some point one would come up for sale that I liked.

And the STOs are usually crazy colors, super bright greens with red and purple and all kinds of stuff and I really like this one in particular because it was more muted. I think the body style is so extreme that for me, like, a more subdued paint color just lets you focus on the crazy body work. The Super Trofeo EVO is the race-only version of the Huracán and there is a special series that Lamborghini has. Right. It's the fastest one-make championship series. Nice.

Right? Yeah. You know your stuff. So, if you want to get a street legal version, a homologated car is an approved street legal version of that car. Right. Historically, you had to make so many street-going versions in order to go into a race series.

This is in that vein. It's got the wider fenders like the race car does. It's got a one-piece front end that tilts up like the race car does. The roof scoop. Every little piece of design is for aero and weight savings. Yep.

And cooling the vehicle. Yeah, I think it's 200 pounds lighter than the Performante. Okay. So it's supposed to be a lot more nimble. So, because it's so much lighter and more nimble, you need more downforce to keep it planted on the road. So it's got this massive, manually adjustable wing with three different high medium low settings.

Right. But, when it has so, I mean, this has a ton of downforce. I don't know what the numbers are, but that is almost like adding weight to the car. Right.

And it feels like it would probably rob some horsepower, right? I mean, is that why the quarter-mile times are really not-- This isn't meant to be a drag racer. Right. It's not as fast on the higher end just because the downforces is wind resistance at the end of the day.

Today it's in full aggressive, full race mode. You called it an angry robot. Yes. You were telling me this is, this looks like an angry robot. I think that's probably appropriate. It has a shark fin.

Yep. That is super weird and louvers. Looks like gills. But they're actually all very purposeful. Yeah, so, the roof scoop is to cool off, help cool off the motor. The actual air intakes are back in the fenders.

One on each side. So, it's a dual throttle body engine. Is it ducted from that point? Yes. Okay. Yep, it goes into ducts and goes into two different air filters and then for each bank of the motor.

The rear brakes are behind this window here. Also ducted directly to the brakes. Yep.

And the brakes on this car are a carbon ceramic. Not cheap. No. And probably the best brakes on a production vehicle that you can get.

They are seriously no joke. They will not fade on you and they will stop this car. And they don't dust, which is really nice. Oh, really. So, it keeps your wheels clean.

Oh, that's fancy. And if you're if you're tracking it, I know you can go through them quicker. But, on the street, if you were to drive this car on the street only, it'll last you the life of the car. Wow.

You know what's so cool, is being able to see all of that exhaust and heat shielding and. Yeah, I think it's a little bit of a trend with the newer supercars is to just leave some stuff open. And just, normally you would see grills and meshes over everything but I actually really love under the rear taillights the open. And then behind the rear tires, it's just open. They just don't care anymore, just show it off. It's her fishnet stockings.

Gives you a little peep show there. That is so cool. So, it is so fat. It is wide. It is wider than the Huracán and the Performante. You like the big booty? Oh, yeah. Well I'm a sucker for the wide body anything, so. It's so good-looking. It is so good-looking. It does look insane, especially, well, from a lot of angles, but especially from the rear. I think the open ports and then

I like, you can tell how much extra fender there is beside the tail light. Where the taillight ends, that would be a normal Huracán, and then just go ahead and add 2 or 3 inches. Actually my favorite aspect of the car is, believe it or not, the the inside of the door. The door panel.

So, it's just one piece of carbon fiber. That's it. There's no arm rest, there's no soft stuff, there's no cushions. It's just a chunk of carbon fiber with some fabric pulls. Everything I own is race inspired-- Yeah.

--by some measure. For me all the cars are emotions, and it's really hard to put a finger on exactly what are the things that make me like a car or not like a car. The back of your business card has-- A bucket list.

--a bucket list. Yeah. Do you have one? I do. Get it. Pull it out. Pull it out.

If you want to dream something, put it, write it down. Do you see this? Write it down. Yeah. You not only wrote it down, but you're telling every single person you hand this card to, "This is what I'm up for, and this is what I want to do." And this is how far I am.

So, another unique feature of the STO is the rear steer. Yeah. And I have driven rear steer monster trucks and rock buggies, but you're not actually controlling it. No. The rear receives all the weight when you when you turn really hard in the front, and so the idea is if the rear is also changing directions, You're not going to push. It's not taking all that weight, and so it handles it better.

So, it does feel a little bit weird, but overall it seems to be a big benefit and, so, I'm excited about it. I think it'll be fun. I don't know whether we should use launch mode or not. I don't know whether we should be in race mode, or I don't know what the air pressure should be so we have all of that stuff to try to figure out. Everything is in one piece. Opens like a clam shell, right? Can we open this? It's a one-piece tilt hood. That's one of my favorite things. It's kind of,

You'd see it on, you'd see it on drag cars and stuff like that in the old days. You can see how this is thin. It doesn't weigh anything. But it was another way for them to remove weight. And these big vents here, this would have been a frunk. Yeah. But now there's big snorkel vents in it.

And that's because of the STO. So, they would have had a storage area, yeah. So, now they're getting more down force even more downforce in the front by taking air from the front and evacuating it up behind the hood.

All carbon fiber. Yep. Here's where you can really see it, appreciate it. My gosh. Show me this engine back here. What are we doing? Push this? Push the button. Pops up. Okay.

And then this is gonna, there's a little latch on this side and then we gotta go forward. Got it. We gotta straddle the car. Got it. Oh, it's very light. This show is a ton of hours to produce and we could use your support.

Go to or check out our merchandise! Hmm. Nom nom nom nom. Tasty.

Look at that. It's like you just want to sit here and try and taste it. Plus it's gold. It's beautiful. And it says Lamborghini. Can't beat that.

Yeah. V10. Yes. What can you tell me about it? Uh, not a lot. It's a 72 degree V. Which means what? The angle between both banks is 72 degrees. It's because you got 10 cylinders and for a four-stroke motor, the crankshaft has to rotate 720 degrees to fire all the cylinders.

Wow. So, 72 times 10. 720 bang. You're quite smarter than...

I recently learned this. Okay. That's very impressive. Yeah. Two throttle bodies. Wow. So, one for each, air manifold for each bank.

Okay. And then that goes to the two air filters and that goes to the two air scoops. And then between those is the dry sump. Instead of having a pan, and then the crankshaft spinning around in the pan, you store the, it pumps the oil into a separate tank. Okay.

And you get horsepower from that, and then you also, when the car has extreme cornering and stuff, you don't starve the motor of oil. Here now we can see where these vents come in and there's a-- Yeah, you can see the tube going down to the brakes. --to cool them. What is it about an Italian engine? The sound? Is it? I think they focus, they hyper focus on the sound. There's not a Lamborghini that sounds bad, right? Right. Redlining it at what? 8500 rpm or so?

I think it might be 82? Okay. But it just wails. The thing sounds insane. You know, obviously you had to work to acquire what you have.

Right. You didn't, weren't handed anything. No. And, how long ago did you dream of of owning a Lamborghini or or owning the cars that you do have? It honestly it wasn't until about 4 years ago.

Really? I've owned my own company for 12 years and so 8 of those years was just literally just paying bills, you know. Just breaking even for the most part. So, it wasn't until about four years ago that we started doing really well. So, it was a long investment and a lot of, a lot of moments where we were maybe a week away from closing the doors or that sort of thing so, you know, sometimes things work out. But you definitely got to work hard for it. Oh, this is so nice.

There we go. Not bad. Not bad. Cozy.

Let's hear it right now. What do I have to do to turn it on? Just push this button? Yeah, your foot's on the brake. My foot's on the brake. Yep.

Holy crap! I love it! Alright, there, first of all. The Alcantara and the carbon fiber. Everywhere. Yeah, so.

I like Alcantara. It's nice. Super nice. Right. What is it? It's a synthetic? It is synthetic. Yep.

It looks like a suede, feels like a suede. But probably has better wear. I don't need to kill any cows. I'm fine. Yeah. It's a vegan.

This is nice. This car is vegan. It's lightweight. It's lighter than leather. It's cozy in here. These are great seats. They're super nice. They're stiff.

They're still adjustable. They have this, how do you say that? Scancio. That's the-- That's my Italian. It tells you to lift? Scancio. Uh, I think it's like a release. Release.

Oh, look at that. Yep. I know this is 800 bucks. What? Yeah, if you want the Lamborghini on the dash, it's 800 bucks. Not kidding. Huh. So, like, you could buy a discount Lambo if it doesn't have any badge work on it.

Yeah, if you were cheap you wouldn't have this. Right. And this is totally impractical. Well, you can actually see a tiny bit back there.

Really long dash. Right. The windshield's really far away from you. Right. So, a little funky. The Lamborghinis, they have the turn signals are the little lever.

Little thumb levers. This? Yep. That's left and right turn signal. So, it's a little funky but I really, really like it because you don't have to take your hand off the steering wheel in order to turn on your turn signal. You know how you have to let go to kind of hit the flippy thing? Yeah. So, it takes a second. That's not very intuitive. Yeah, you have to learn.

And paddles, I wish that these went with the steering wheel. In the Maclaren, they do. It's super nice, so you can always, you can always shift. You can't shift if you're in the middle of a deep turn or something. No. I don't care for that.

How does the transmission work in this? You got these three different modes. STO is going to be when you're on your street. Street. Trofeo is your race mode. And, oh, hold on.

I have no idea how to say it. Wet. It's wet race. Okay. If you're in street mode, it's by default it's automatic. It will just drive like a regular, it just goes up and down the gears.

And you're not having to do any of this. You don't touch those. If you do touch those, you override it and you put it into manual mode just by touching those. I see so, when you are in street mode, you can either push this to do this.

You can go into the paddle shifting mode, but it's going, to by default, just be a total automatic. Yep. Okay. And then in race mode, automatic doesn't work at all.

It's only paddles. Okay. It's only you. Up to you. I can't even believe that, I mean, I didn't know 3 days ago I was going to be sitting in your Lamborghini.

Let alone autocrossing it. Racing it. Yeah, I told you you could drive anything. So, yeah. I think we're going to see Chris as a recurring character. Are you excited? Uhhhh.

Whoa. Pushing. Good. Okay, you got it. Whoo! Okay, 28.8. That figure eight at the end is-- You definitely need warm tires. Yeah. Alright. This will be--

We'll try a quicker one. Okay. Oh, easy speedo. Tight tight. You got it. Oh my gosh. Holy crap.

Whoo! You shaved 1.1 off. Alright. Where did you feel you could pick up speed? Like coming into the circle, I coasted. Really. To the, yeah, I didn't brake until late, so, I think I could come in a lot hotter, and then brake harder and then go around the circle.

Got it. Careful, careful. Yes! Whoa, there's a car. Oh, geez. Another! Dude, you shaved off 1.4 that time. Nice.

Your circle was good. Yeah, I looked ahead that time. You were patient.

Yeah. And I think that was a huge benefit because you didn't break traction. You were patient. Obviously hotter tires. That was really good. Nice.

Wow. How do you think it felt? Obviously first time in the Lamborghini autocrossing. Yeah, um, quick. I knew it was going to be really quick steering.

Yeah. From driving it on the canyon roads and stuff. Yeah.

So, it feels really, really good through the slaloms. The rear end comes out and surprises me occasionally. And so, you got to be, like you said, you kind of got to be patient. I'm going to understand the course, and then and then figure out what I'll do.

Start adding some in? Yeah, I'm not gonna go crazy. A new car to me, obviously, so I'm gonna-- Find the course. Look ahead. Right. Especially on that back circle. Find the course. Look ahead. Tight, tight, tight.

Yep. Whoo. Alright. 28 flat. Please tell me it was clean though. Clean, 28 flat clean.

We'll take it. 28 flat clean. We'll take it. Felt smooth. Alright, I'm going to remind you to look ahead a couple times. Okay. Okay, look ahead. Look ahead! Tight, tight. Slower.

Stay to the right. There you go. Whoo! There you go, low 27. Whoo. Okay. Okay.

27.2 clean. Whoo! Nice, nice. You got to feel good about that. I feel good about that. Got a little tighter. It still got a little out of control, but it's okay. Obviously a little faster. Whoo.

Look at her. Doesn't she look great? Is that the best? Helmeted up. Isn't that the best? My mom looks amazing in a helmet. Heck yeah. You getting nervous? Yeah.

Will I disturb you if I scream? No. Okay. I don't think I will, but you never know.

I'm not going to listen to you. We should have a whole 'nother channel called "Driving Me Crazy." Yes.

And it's just you and me in the car together. Yes. 'Cause usually at home it's not very good. Instead of "Driving Miss Daisy" it's "Driving Me Crazy?" Ready to do this, Mom? I haven't any choice, do I? Not now. No. I'm ready.

I'm ready. Okay. Go ahead. Holy crapolie. Uh. Ooh.

Ooh. Ooh ooh ooh. Slow down. Oh my God, oh my god, oh my God. Oh my God. Slow down, honey. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh.

Oh my God. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Oooooooh. Whoo! [Screaming] [Screaming] I can't believe I did that.

Whoo hoo! Go for it. What? What? Nice. [Screaming] [Screaming] Well? That was quick. That was quick. We were getting gnarly at the end but I think-- Yeah. You're a little, you're a little-- Fishy. A little wild at the end. The steering was--

I think I got through it. Did you hear 'em call a cone? I think I might have cleared. Please, don't jinx me. Don't jinx me. I don't want to know if I did.

Two cones? Dang! The first two cones. Dang. Dang! The run felt so good though. Woo. Well?

Dude. I think you beat me today. I don't know.

If you wouldn't of hit those 2 cones, you would have had the fastest clean run today. Dang. Between us. What was your experience sitting passenger? Uh, it's a wild ride. It feels faster in this seat than it does in that seat. Well, thank you for the experience. I loved it.

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or your experiences with a Lamborghini or a race car, and we will catch you guys next time. Are you rolling? Are you rolling yet? This guy. He's brushing his hair. This whole time he's been hiding a brush? You? What, you needed it? I feel like whoa hello. Hi how are you.

On our last. I took a funny face when I took a breath sorry. I'm gonna break that third wall or whatever it's called.

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