KiwiRail Northern Explorer Epic Luxury Train Journey in New Zealand Part 1

KiwiRail Northern Explorer Epic Luxury Train  Journey in New Zealand  Part 1

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People are in deep sleep This is the last coach of the train Food is awesome. Superb Today you are going to see our train journey from Wellington to Auckland A luxury train journey like our Golden Chariot Heavy rains here. Staying at a hotel right in front of the railway station I had shown you the room yesterday. It was good. I slept well. Now let's go I am late. It is already 7.20am The train leaves at 7.45am

We shall enjoy today Sometimes it might be in one episode or 2 episodes. Let's see. All taken and ready. Havent forgotten anything Let's take the old lift of an old hotel and go down This is a hostel. You have them in all the cities. They have dormitories and rooms Rooms would be a bit old, but has all the facilities. They would be at good locations Let us check out.

It is raining now. That is the railway station . On that side you have the ferry terminal and the other side the bus stans Can see fog on top of the mountain Can see a huge ferry at the terminal. They have trips to many islands Can see a cruise ship coming You have shelters like this to walk without facing the rain or sun You have e-bikes here for rent. Can book through the app I had shown the front of the station in yesterdays video There is no rush today You have the scenic drive train and some local trains from here Intercity buses go from this station only Got inside the station. Let's go to platform 6 Looks like a palace in our place You have a grocery and supermarket in here Beautiful railway station Like in an airport, we have to check in and drop our baggage That is counter number 6 Here it is. Can see the time table of local trains here Cant find ours here. Maybe because it is not a local train

Got our baggage tag Got a sticker too. Green one Got the boarding pass. We have to give this to the last compartment of the train We shall then sit at our seat. Show this from Auckland, and you get your baggage You have city bus and ferry from this terminal itself. Coffee shop and bars too You have an information counter too. All yet to open.

This is the check in counter Just like in an airport. This is our train. Northern Explorer. Wellington-Auckland Got a boarding pass like our flight. You have informations on the back side These are the local trains Can see them on the platforms. Small ones. Look at that small loco Cute. Kiwi rail This is a diesel loco Some places have diesel and some electrical This is a diesel loco. Our train is in the next track

Since it is a terminal station, you see the end here Like Mumbai and Kanyakumari, terminal stations This reminds me of Russian Tran-Syberian train We are going to Auckland strand. People can get down from buses or cars at the side here and get into the train This is the Great Journey's of New Zealand You can stand here and enjoy the sight seeing A carriage to stand and enjoy in open air while travel This is our coach. Awesome. You have tables in between seats You have seats without tables too It is a small train with just 4 coaches Can see people inside having food. Let me drop my bag. Then we shall get in the train My seat is in B carriage. There is a cafe here Cafe compartment. Our journey is a long 11hr ride

Will need breakfast, lunch and evening tea Will have to have 3 meals This is the last coach. So many cars here Baggage dropping point. 23kg maximum for a bag This is where they store our bags He has taken our bag A compartment just for baggage Shall see the loco and come Kiwi Rail diesel loco They have some other storage compartment after this 2 storage compartments, 1 compartment for cafe Rest of the 3 are for passengers This is the diesel loco of Kiwi Rail It is like the WDG loco of India Abhi will know more. We are going in this train today Beginning our Wellington-Auckland train journey here I dont think it is completely electrified and that is why they use diesel loco from here Our loco pilot is inside Same loco like in our country. Might be imported. Might be from US. It is close by.

There are bicycles also in here You can transport bikes too by paying for it. Our journey begins at 7.45am Let us go and sit on our seat in B compartment The Great Journeys of New Zealand- Northern Explorer This is the name of the train They have 4 kinds of sight seeing trains All are of the same type Many are going to give their baggage Let us go through this coach Not too crowded All are relaxed Mine is B coach I think we can sit anywhere if it is not crowded You have toilets in the train This is the toilet Good one. Very neat Sanitary, dustbin, hand wash etc are all here You have a diaper changing board too Good neat toilet It is so neat because it is waterless too Once water is used, it turns dirty This is the cafe You can sit here enjoying the view having food After sometime it will be crowded I dont think there would be space in here later Snacks and food are kept here.

You can buy souvenirs too You get alcohol and snacks too Tea n coffee too Is this our coach? This is my seat We dont see this in our Indian railway now a days Waste in the track We dont see this in our place Plastic bottles and waste here We shouldnt be seeing this at a station It was seen in our place earlier. But now it is neat and clean People dont throw wastes too. This is unexpected here I sat on my seat. Once the train leaves, if it is less crowded, shall change seats Nice leg space. A head set.

You can hear once the train leaves A guided tour like. Tells you about the places and stops A head set to hear all that. Menu card showing you what all food they have. Can buy whichever you want Pricing is given here Reasonable and not too expensive It is mentioned in dollars I have seen this only in flights and not in trains Safety instructions in a train Shouldnt remove your shoes when on journey Take care of your kids, be careful while getting down Emergency exit, break the glass to exit during emergency Points to plug in the headset Volume adjustments Normal seat with no push back But the seats are comfortable You have a power plug to charge your mobile Good tray table All done in good quality. Luggage rack and cctv are seen Can see many ferries here This is a bus stop. People can get in or out of a bus and you have the train here It is already 8am and the train is yet to leave No hurry for me.

I dont think anybody is here. Nobody has come so far. So I shifted seats People have begun to play cards there Heard the whistle. So it would be ready to go Doors closed.

Train is going to leave after 15mts It is pin drop silence in the train Our train journey has begun A 11hr journey They are saying bye to us Can see a cruise ship there. Lot of locos are also seen. They announced safety instructions, welcome and now the train is moving fast It is raining too. Cannot shoot if it rains No wifi in the train. Just enjoy the outside view and travel The rail, road, and sea. Can see the train, bus and ship moving Awesome view.

If it rains like this, we cannot shoot. We are going through a tunnel now. Mountains are covered in fog. Awesome. This is a memory for us. Can see another train go Nice to walk in a moving train that has huge windows Train is moving fast 11hrs of travel to Auckland Takes 8-10hrs by road too You can fly in one hour You just have to pay the last minute flight ticket for this train I paid 250 dollars for the flight 250 dollars for this train too Can enjoy the beauty and go Let me get something to drink. I am feeling hungry. Let me get a coffee first

Our train staff is going to open that highlight compartment Nice place This is the last coach of the train You can stand here and enjoy the scenic beauty They said to be careful. If anything falls out of the train, they will not stop to take Train has slowed down Can see the train go. It is cold and rainy. Only I came here It is wet but has opening for water to flow out when it rains.

I dont think people get in from middle stations. It is not a local train I think these would be temporary halts I think nobody will board in from between This station is empty. Doors look like the ones in a flight Our train doors are simple. This is complicated All the coaches have CCTV cameras Neat and clean toilets.

Doors arent opening. From sea now we see a river I am not able to talk from inside Nobody is talking in there. I am holding the camera close by and talking Here we can talk. Can see kayaking here, it is windy and the road on the other side I liked this coach. But it is very cold. That is why nobody is coming here

It is difficult to stand in the cold I am freezing standing out for long Let me go and have a coffee I bought a latte I have ordered food too. I am feeling hungry They will heat and get it for me. Asked to sit here I loved this journey This is a tourist train like in our place.

Though it is a small train, you can see its engine. It is less noisy Compartments are well insulated Our route and what all you have around are shown in the display We can listen to what they say using the head set provided They are saying Pacific Ocean on one side and Tasman sea on the other What are the mountains on the sides The history of it and lot more are said Small stations are seen in between The railway system here is not as efficient like ours This is a small country They dont have a huge railway network They have local trains and intercity too My food has come. They have scenic trains like this too Our country has well connected trains. They dont have that like us I have bought chicken breast with vegetables Hot steaming chicken breast, boiled carrots and beans Enjoying the nature ride with a latte too You have food included train packages too We have paid 250 for this journey. That would cost 500-600 dollars

It wasnt available today. It wasnt available today You can book it when it is available You get unlimited food and drinks Now I am purchasing them by paying separately I paid 25 New Zealand dollars for this That is 1250 INR It is a reasonable price for a train like this. You can see the sea again A place like Varkala Should I have food or enjoy the beauty? I am hungry, so let me have food.

It stops at some stations One side you have mountains and the other side is the sea Food is yummy Nice aroma of the herbs Good flavour and tasty food Can see old trains here Old ones like the ones we see in movies We had seen the situation of toilets when we returned from Mookambika That is because we dont know to use the toilet in a train That is the first reason. Second, it should be cleaned properly It should be taught from school onwards on how to use a public toilet Or how to use the toilet in your house. This should be taught from school Only then will our society change All including me should know how to use a toilet and how it should be for the next person After washing our hands, this area might get wet. We leave it there and go That water we see there will dry soon Just take a tissue paper, wipe the water here and discard the tissue in the dustbin When men pee, either sit and pee or make sure to pee inside the closet When you pee over out outside, it will stink When you sit for other purpose, sit neatly and not with your legs over it So many things to learn on how to do and use Water less toilets would be more clean Those using water, make sure to use it neatly and not wet the surroundings If we be careful on many things, toilets will remain neat and clean I came to the open carriage again. You get to see the real view from here It is 9.30am now

It is still cloudy Climate is like in Munnar Rains and windy I love this kind of weather I am loving it I cannot stop shooting these. Just loved it You have the generator car behind here But you cannot go beyond this You can see the track behind there But the glass isnt clean, so less clear Lot of fields here So much to see here The detail of our journey is given here. We will be going down a hair pin soon It would be a great deal for them. We have bigger marvels at our place You have details of all those here The problem standing here is that you begin to freeze after 10mts This is the back side of the train and it is very windy. Air comes from both the sides My hands are frozen Nice to stand here.

You have a place like this too to stand Many are in a deep sleep I wonder why are they traveling in this then They might have got fed up seeing the same thing always All may not be in an enjoyment mindset like ours They have stopped at a station for a 5minute break Nothing much. They said a 5mts stop People are taking a break for smoking or vaping People use vape more than cigararettes here See how a wheel chair is taken inside the train They have a lift like bridge It is for that passenger So much of facilities. There is a gap and height difference too between the train platform. It is lifted then This is safe. A belt is also put and then lifted

See how simple and safe. It would have been simple if the platform and train were of the same height It is not sunny, not very cloudy but is raining. Horns are like our place only The door closes soon The village beauty of New Zealand is amazing I think 80% of the land here are terrains You have lot of people, cattle and more of these here It is beautiful. New Zealand terrain is amazing.

You dont have wild life here. So hunting is legal here Like how pigs spoil the fields in our place, Here the grass for goats and sheep are spoilt by the deer, pigs etc So humans here have the right to kill them There are no other animals to kill them. So humans have the rights to That is why hunting is legal here This is a snake free country. You can walk in the forest at any time Australia has lot of snakes and falls under some of the countries having most poisonous snakes too Both these countries are entirely different in that matter New Zealand has the most number of earth quakes Rarely seen kiwis are only here in New Zealand. Now they are found only in zoos Not able to see them in open space You cannot see kiwis outside like you see kangaroos in Australia.

I come to this viewing deck every 30mts I enjoy the beauty, shoot for a while and go back One side you have farm land and the other just grass This grassland is for cows and goats I am confused on where to keep the camera It is beautiful everywhere From all the places I visited so far, New Zealand is the most beautiful country I bought a bottle of water. Natural spring water 4.5 dollars for this. Outside we have to pay 4 dollars for a small bottle Not too expensive in a train. This kind of a bottle here You have to pull this up and sip to drink water If you push it down, it doesnt leak. Close it with a lid I cant stop going to the carriage and shooting videos and photos I have been shooting for a long time It is a real fact that New Zealand has more cows than humans You can experience the beauty of the country in this train journey Dont miss this train They announced that we are going to enter a viaduct and keep our cameras ready All are going to the carriage. I just got back from there Nobody was there in the beginning. Now it is crowded

Many are still sleeping I dont know what viaduct did they mean. Let me go and see Will I get a place to stand there? Amazing! That was amazing. I loved it Since it is a tourist train, they announce on what is coming forward One of the best train journeys I ever had in my life Many here in New Zealand wouldnt have taken this journey You have to experience this once in your lifetime We are passing by the terrain and mountains in this journey You can see beautiful views here If I shoot this video continuously, it may go on for 1-2hrs So I shall stop here Shall show you the rest in tomorrows video Tomorrow you can see from here till we reach Aukland Dont miss this train journey if you are coming to New Zealand as a tourist It is amazing. Dont miss it. See you tomorrow. Bye bye.

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