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Kein echter AMG mehr?! | Mercedes-AMG C43 2022 | GERCollector

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Okay, whoa! Did the car deserve to get the AMG badge? I believe that it could be more sporty. This is the C43... Hey, did the car stop working? No, not yet. This doesn't happen with a Mercedes. Oh, I see... We have the latest Mercedes technology here. Which one? Tell us! Here is the C43 AMG. Not the C63, we have to wait for that for a little longer. It has the latest technology built in. They even worked with the Formula One technology here. The car does not have the 6-cylinder turbo engine like in the old C63. This car has the latest 4-cylinder engine with 2 liters of volume. This should be familiar to you since it's the same as in the CLA 45. They modified it a little bit. The car has 408 HP. Here is also an electric engine which gives the car extra 14 HP. It is placed near the turbo chargers. Mercedes promises that the car will have a better responsiveness. The new electric engine should play a key role to make this possible. Now, let's close the trunk. The car has a beautiful grey lacquer and a Panamericana grille.

I wonder how it will look like on the C63. This is a little problem with the latest cars by Mercedes. I believe that the AMG models look all the same, C43, C53, C63... If we look at the GLE 63 and 53, it is all the same except the V8 biturbo engine. You have to pay extra 40,000 Euros for the upgrade, but the gear and everything is the same. What I like about the C43 AMG, it looks sporty and stylish! I would like to have those bent parts over here in black instead. The rear also looks great. In my opinion, the car could be more angular but it has some nice accents. There is also a four pipe exhaust system. Here, if you look closely, this is plastic but it looks high quality if you look at it from distance. The diffuser emphasizes the fact that the car is sporty. There is also a nice spoiler lip. I have to mention, you have to keep in mind that this is "just" the C43, since the C63 is yet to come. For me, it looks sporty due to the new engine. I'm really exited to see the C63. This is why it's so interesting to drive the C43 first. So we get an idea, how the successor might be. I was really surprised to see the interior. It's so great that it has nothing to do with a C-Class. The interior is so great that it might be the S-Class instead! Let's take a look, at the side here, everything is high quality!

Here we have a nice leather, a big sound system, if we look at the seats, we can get performance seats as an option. I also have to say, if you buy the C43, the minimum price is 71,000 €, which is quite a bit. I guess you would want to get some extras as well. You will easily will have to 90,000 € if you want to have all the extras. That's pretty much. The interior is very nice! I would talk more about it in detail once we're driving but to give you a first impression, take a look, you sit in a very good position. Robert, is there anything you would want to say? Yeah, why did you get out of the car? I thought that I can show you more of the car. The C43 has some special rims and the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. I guess the car has a great grip. The car also comes with 4MATIC and it is distributed between 34% and 69%. It sounds very sporty! Robert, let's get into the car and test it! How about the driving performance? It's sporty and comfortable. Is there anything else? No, no, I was like this in school back then. I just said anything without thinking too much about it. Okay, well, let's get into the car! Okay, Robert, let's start the car. The C43 does this impressively. This is what I meant before, this is a C-Class car, but it feels like a S-Class instead! The screens look great and the steering wheel is exactly the same as in the S-Class. The quality is insane, all those lights!

You can set up anything! Take a look at the screens, you get so many options. Robert, I don't know about you but for me, this is a little bit too much. Yeah, it's a little too much. I think, this is too much. I mean, this is nice for those who want to play around a little bit. I'm overwhelmed. The sun is shining, so you can see it very well. The steering wheel has a touch screen so you're going to see a lot of fingerprints. The rear drive is nice, especially when you turn, you notice the benefits. Let's drive over here. You can choose the drive mode, Sport, Sport Plus which is nice. But for me personally, this is too much to choose from. Here you can see some flames on the display.

The flames look pretty nice! There is also an AMG button. Where was this, where you can play around with the settings? You have to change to Sport Plus. Now, it should be available. Let me see, "Settings, Select"... I have to get used to it, this may need some time. An eternity later... I think, I found it. Let me try this... There, you press "Engine", you will see all the technical specs of the car. This is impressive but for me, this is a little too much. The way my E63 is configured, this is what I prefer. You can see the specs, HP, Newton meters...

Its dashboard shows not too much as well. Someone who drives the C-Class, I guess that you will need some time to get used to all those configurations. We can see "Charge" here, so the car charges. "Consumption", this might be interesting. Robert, let's check this out. There we have the data. 22 liters, we should refuel soon. Robert, were you driving the car recently? What was your driving style? Me? Well, I was told that I should step on the gas! Oh, right! I remember. Now, we're driving in the comfort mode, it's pretty relaxing. Yeah, that's true! It's pretty relaxing. The car has a 9-gear automatic transmission and wet clutch. Now, let's see, soon there might be some curves ahead, so let's step on the gas and switch to the S plus mode. Since this car uses a modified Formula One technology, it has an additional electric engine near the turbo chargers. The responsiveness of the car should be better, so let's test it. Honestly, it improved in the last couple of years. The first CLA 45 had a huge turbo gap back then. The new CLA 45 is better. Now, with the new electric engine with additional 14 HP, let's see how much better it became. Now, let's switch to the S Plus mode, the car should be louder. Okay, I hear the loudspeakers coming from the front but also natural sound.

There is no overrun cut-off. There is a slight popping in the back, but the manufacturers are not allowed to make the cars louder. We should get used to that. Let's see the curves over here. The steering feels great! Let me step on the gas. Okay, I didn't notice any turbo gaps now. Robert, is everything fine? No, it hasn't been fine for a long time. Well, these are the optimal conditions. The car is sporty but it's not too extreme. I feel the boost! You barely notice the turbo gap. You step on the gas and feel the power immediately. Well, I should not compare it to the C63 since this is the C43 but this is great! The car keeps driving in a comfortable way! The car has 500 Newton meters. I can confirm that the responsiveness has gotten better. There is a 4 cylinder engine, let's accelerate starting from 0 km/h. Let's see, I feel nothing yet... Now, here comes the power! It is still very fast! 4.6 seconds for going from 0 to 100 km/h. Does the car have a launch control? I don't think so. Oh wait, "Race Start". There it is! Okay, whoa!

Wow! Not bad! Did the seat belt press you into the seat? Yeah, it did! I can barely breathe. Whoa, the seat belt was tight! It was! Okay, the turbo gap is gone once you drive in the race mode. I have to save, I drove for a couple of meters and it feels great! It might be a different experience for those who are used to drive an AMG with an 8-cylinder engine. You were used to say that AMG has got powerful 8-cylinder engines. Meanwhile, AMG has a wide range of different cars with the C35 and the C43. You still get the AMG feeling. You feel that the car is sporty but also comfortable.

You can choose the comfort mode and the Sport Plus mode, which is louder, the steering and the brakes are great. Still, you can't compare it to the C63. The performance is great but for those of you who seek a really awesome performance, this car is not enough. I really think that the car performs well. it has 250 km/h, with the additional driver's package it has 265 km/h. You don't need more. Okay, well for you I think 300 km/h is a minimum requirement. True, all of my 5 cars drive more than 300 km/h. Especially my Golf. So it has to accelerate pretty well. I mean, when you join me, you don't care about most of my cars. It has to be a McLaren Senna to impress you. I can understand you. For me the performance is great and it's not too showy. It would be different if you would drive a C63. It has been confirmed that the C63 will also have a 4-cylinder engine. Well, this car has a 4-cylinder engine and an additional electric engine with 14 HP, I guess, the C63 might have two or three additional powerful electric engine. I'm really excited! I wonder, how much more emotional will the C63 be in comparison to this car? Both cars have the same engine. The McLaren Senna also has the same engine as the 720S, the 4 l V8 twin turbo. But those are two completely different cars.

I'm sure that AMG will do a great job so that you will notice a remarkable difference between the C43 and the C63. Well, if it is about to become sporty, let's step on the gas! The car is really comfortable and the Comfort mode is great! My only problem is... I'm not sure, this popping sound you hear in the back, is this real or simulated? You could hold the microphone to it so we can find out. There, did you hear it two or three times? Is this real or fake? Let me try upshift. Well, this is hard to tell exactly. Every manufacturer tries their best to achieve the best sound possible. Unfortunately, they have to follow the rules. They don't have another choice. I see curves ahead, so let's turn the ESC semi-off, Sport handling mode, let's go! Feels good but it gets a little shaky. It could have been done a little bit better and a little bit sportier. But again, as I said, this is the C43 which should focus more on comfort. This is not the C63. Well, Robert, let's do it another way around. What's your opinion on the new C43 AMG?

Well, I have a mixed opinion. I believe that this Mercedes has a very wide range on gimmicks and options you can choose from. This doesn't mean that this is bad, but all those animations, and speedometers, displays... I think, this is great but I don't need the camera. For me, it's enough to drive the usual way. Of course, we can choose whether we use it or not. Okay, go on. I believe that the car has so many different animations and cool features, that the goal was to compensate the fact that the car can't have the best sound and performance. You're right, they had to compensate. But still, I want to emphasize that the technology built in is incredible! You have to consider this car is a C-Class! This is not an E-Class or an S-Class. So the car competes with a 3-series BMW or an Audi A3 and A4.

The interior has a very high quality if you consider the workmanship and the technology! Did this car really deserve the AMG badge? Usually, when you see an AMG badge you would know that it would be a C63. Now, it's different. AMG has now a wide range of different cars. It's not that exclusive any more. You had the C63 and the G63 before. Now, you ask yourself: "Which AMG model is this?". So, you might wonder, whether this car deserved an AMG badge or not. It's a tough question, well... For me, this car is more comparable with the 3-Series BMW like you said before. Maybe a BMW M3. But you also get the C43 performance.

Exactly, you have a real difference considering the engine, the gear and the body which is broader. Earlier, you couldn't tell the difference between the different AMG models. Now, you have C43 and C63 model for example. So I'm excited, to see the differences in the C63. I would like to see how it looks from the inside and the outside. In my opinion, the car deserved the AMG badge because you can tell that it has the typical AMG features like the sporty look, great chassis, and transmission. We have all the AMG technology inside. But there is nothing what you could react to with "This is it!" But this car is great for somebody who drives his car daily and wants to drive sporty but not in an extreme way with 500 or 600 HP. If the 400 HP are enough for you, this might be the right car for you. I have to say, the basic set costs 70,000 €, if you get all the extras, you might have to pay 90,000-95,000 € which is roughly the same price as the M3 and the M4. You have to decide which car you want to have. It's difficult for me to rate the car. On the one hand, the car impressed me, on the other hand, I thought there should be more. The technology inside though, is very impressive! Of course, you also have to like those things in order to enjoy them.

Robert, I would say, we go back to our hotel now. What shall we do there? I guess, I have to get some sleep, I'm very tired. Yeah, you don't look tired at all! By the way, today I did something for the first time in a while, I had an after-lunch sleep. We are currently very busy filming new videos and driving around so I had to take a nap. Sometimes, you have to. It was great that we had a nice comfortable ride today. I would say, let's end the video here. I hope you enjoyed it. See you in the next video! English translation and subtitles by Kons-T

2022-07-24 15:02

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