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por glue on plasma that's bad that's bad for physics if we measure the cosmic microwave background the leftover radiation from The Big Bang but you would like something more that you could bring to people saying that this is very Val valuable and tangible stuff and we had very good reason to hope that we could detect it by now in an underground laboratory and we haven't Joe Rogan has recently raised a terrifying question about what's really been happening at CERN the Large Hadron Collider has long been at the Forefront of remarkable science scientific discoveries about the universe but recently a disturbing Ripa has emerged from these underground experiments on his podcast Joe Rogan raised a critical question about these experiments What secrets lie hidden in the large a hadron cair's high energy collisions and could they be more than what we bargained for what does the Mandela effect have to do with this join us as we confront the possible dangers in the heart of cern's groundbreaking Endeavors CERN destroyed the universe during recent experiments which has resulted in us living in a nearby parallel universe instead CERN the European Organization for nuclear research is a Cornerstone of the global scientific Community dedicated to understanding the universe's fundamental structure situated near Geneva straddling the border of Switzerland and France CERN is renowned for its groundbreaking work work in particle physics since its establishment in 1954 CERN has been at the Forefront of research into the smallest building blocks of matter and the forces that bind them however recent experiments conducted there as uncovered by Joe Rogan have both baffled and alarmed everyone cern's breakthrough in discovering the higs bosan often referred to as the God particle marked a Monumental moment in the field of physics this particle was theorized in 1964 by physicist Peter higs among others but remained unobserved for decades the higs bosan is integral to the standard model of particle physics because it is associated with the higs field an energy field believed to exist throughout the Universe this field is crucial because it imparts Mass to the particles that interact with it without the higs field particles would not have the mass necessary to form atoms and Life As We know it the functionality of the large hadrin collider is a Marvel of modern science and engineering it consists of a ring of superconducting magnets with several accelerating structures to boost the energy of the particles along the way inside the LHC two high energy particle beams travel at close to the speed of light before they are made to collide these beams travel in separate adjacent tubes and are kept on their path using powerful magnetic fields generated by super conducting electromagnets these magnets are super cooled to a temperature colder than outer space making them super conductive the collider can generate collisions of protons at an energy of 13 ter electron volts which has never been achieved in any other particle accelerator each proton Collision provides scientists with a burst of new particles to study this process mimics the condition that existed a fraction of a second after the big bang allowing researchers to look deeper into the universe's fundamental building blocks the detectors around the Collision points are important in capturing and recording the results of these particle collisions these detectors are made up of layers of complex technology that track and identify the many particles produced in the collisions each layer is designed to stop track or energy measure different types of particles physicists then analyze ize the data collected from these detectors to study a range of phenomena including the properties of the higs boson operating the large hron collider and analyzing its data requires a collaborative effort from thousands of physicists engineers and technicians worldwide the sheer volume of data produced by the Large Hadron Collider is staggering the CERN data center processes about 1 petabyte or 1 million gigabytes of data daily from the Large Hadron colliders experiments furthermore the LHC operates in Cycles with periods of operation followed by long shutdowns for maintenance upgrades and improvements these shutdowns allow for enhancements that increase the collider's Luminosity thus providing higher Collision rates and more data for experiments the higs boson observation confirmed that the higs field permeates space providing fiding the mechanism by which particles acquire Mass this finding was pivotal because it filled a significant Gap in the standard model which describes the fundamental forces and particles in the universe the discovery also opened up new avenues for research in particle physics including questions about the fundamental nature of the universe and the conditions immediately following the Big Bang beyond the groundbreaking discovery of the higs bosan cern's contribution extend into various scientific and practical domains one significant achievement is the development of the worldwide web by Sir Tim burner's Lee in 1989 initially conceived to meet the demand for information sharing among physicists in universities and institutes worldwide this invention revolutionized how information is shared and accessed fundamentally changing the communication and information technology landscape in the field of medicine many technologies have been developed at CERN the advancements in particle acceleration and detection Have Been instrumental in the evolution of positron emission tomography scans a critical tool in medical Diagnostics these scans rely on detecting particles emitted by a radio Tracer which can be used to build detailed images of the human body aiding in diagnosing and treating diseases including cancer cern's expertise in handling large data volumes has also spurred Computing and data analysis advancements the data processing techniques developed to handle the vast amount of data generated by particle collisions in the LHC have found applications in various industries from Aerospace to finance improving data handling and Analysis capabilities furthermore cern's advancements in superconducting technology are vital for the development of magnetic resonance imaging machines offering more detailed images for medical diagnoses without radiation exposure the development of superconducting magnets essential for guiding particle beams in the Large Hadron Collider has led to more efficient and Powerful magnets for magnetic resonance imaging machines cern's experiments have also contributed to understanding antimatter leading to advancements in research and potential energy and Material Science applications the anti-proton decelerator for example allows scientists to study antimatter particles with high Precision opening up new avenues for understanding the fundamental asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the universe the experiments conducted at CERN are undoubtedly crucial for Humanity's understanding of the universe however could experiments be happening in this underground facility that is pushing the boundaries of Science and inviting something far more Sinister into this Universe in an episode on his podcast Joe Rogan discussed the Mysteries and controversies surrounding CERN and the Large Hadron Collider and expressed concern about cern's groundbreaking Pursuits in particle physics Rogan's biggest concern centered around the fear and speculation surrounding the Large Hadron Collider particularly the theoretical possibility of creating black holes or other catastrophic events while not supported by scientific evidence these concerns capture a common anxiety about venturing into Uncharted scientific territories the notion that experiments at CERN could inadvertently trigger dangerous unforeseen phenomena reflects a deep-seated apprehension about the power and reach of human technology but do these concerns hold any evidence at the heart of serin's research particularly in the workings of the Large Hadron ker lies the very complicated world of quantum mechanics quantum mechanics is a fundamental physics theory that describes Nature's physical properties at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles it is the foundation upon which cern's experiments such as those conducted in the Large Hadron Collider are based this Theory differs from classical physics in that it introduces Concepts like superposition and entanglement where particles can exist in multiple States simultaneously and be intimately linked despite being far apart one of the most intriguing and controversial interpretations of quantum mechanics is the many worlds Theory this interpretation suggests that there are potentially an infinite number of universes that exist parallel to our own each Universe represents a different outcome of every action decision and event in the context of cern's experiments where particles are smashed together at high energies the many worlds Theory posits that the outcomes of these collisions could Branch off into separate coexisting realities in these parallel universes every possibility is realized for instance in one Universe a particular experiment at CERN might lead to one outcome while in Another Universe it might lead to a completely different result this concept aligns with the quantum mechanical principle that particles exist in a superposition state embodying multiple potential forms simultaneously until observed or measured the implications of the many worlds theory for cerns experiments are vast and largely theoretical if true the high energy particle collisions in the Large Hadron Collider reveal fundamental aspects of our universe and also interact with these parallel universes this interaction could potentially provide insights into the nature of these alternate realities although this remains purely in the realm real of theory moreover the many worlds interpretation offers a unique perspective on causality and decisionmaking in a universe where every possible outcome is realized in some parallel world the notion of choice and consequence takes on a new dimension another Central puzzle in quantum mechanics and consequently in the experiments conducted at CERN is the measurement problem this problem arises from the principle that the properties of particles are not definite until they are measured before measurement particles like electrons exist in a superposition State meaning they can be in multiple States simultaneously however they appear to choose a specific State once observed or measured this Quantum Quirk presents a challenge in understanding the true nature of what is happening in experiments like those in the Large Hadron Collider when particles Collide at high speed what we observe might be just one of many possible outcomes raising questions about the nature of reality and our ability to comprehend it fully quantum mechanics and the many worlds Theory are both critical in understanding the recent discussion by Joe Rogan about what's really happening in cern's recent experiments with this understanding of parallel universes could it be possible that as Rogan says the scientists at have accidentally created a pathway to a parallel universe another important scientific figure who is furthering this discussion is Max Laughlin he is a fascinating figure in theoretical physics particularly for his unconventional ideas about cern's experiments recognized as a prodigy in the scientific Community Laughlin gained attention for his sharp intellect and ability to grasp complex scientific Concepts at a young age his interest in physics and a knack for understanding Advanced theories propelled him into the spotlight as someone with intriguing allbe it controversial perspectives on particle physics Laughlin's theories about CERN especially concerning the experiments conducted at the Large Hadron Collider are alarming he posits that the high energy collisions in the Large Hadron Collider could open portals to other dimensions Laflin suggests that these experiments could inadvertently lead to interactions with unknown and unexplored Realms of reality the scientific Community known for its rigorous evidence and peerreview standards has been skeptical of Laughlin's theories most physicists and researchers view his ideas as speculative and not grounded in the empirical evidence required for scientific validation while cern's experiments are groundbreaking the mainstream scientific Community maintains that they are conducted within the the safety and understanding of established physical laws the concerns about opening portals to other dimensions as posited by Laughlin are largely dismissed as being outside the realm of current scientific understanding one of the most talked about risks by figures like Rogan and Laughlin is the potential for these experiments to alter reality or shift Dimensions these concerns stem from the enormous energies involved in particle collisions and the exploration of unknown aspects of quantum mechanics these speculations include fears of creating black holes disrupting the space-time Continuum or inadvertently accessing alternate Dimensions the idea that cern's experiments could create black holes is rooted in theories about high energy particle collisions potentially producing tiny black holes these would be microscopic and short-lived evaporating almost instantly due to to a process known as Hawking radiation named after the famous physicist Steven Hawking however CERN scientists and the broader physics Community have largely dismissed these concerns they argue that if such black holes could be created by the energy levels achieved in the LHC they would also be produced by higher energy cosmic rays that strike the Earth's atmosphere naturally which have not been observed to cause any harm disrupting the SpaceTime Continuum is another other speculative risk associated with cern's experiments this concept is often featured in science fiction where it is portrayed as causing significant alterations in the fabric of reality in scientific terms this would involve changes in the fundamental forces or constants of nature that hold the universe together while intriguing as a theoretical idea no empirical evidence or theoretical framework within current physics supports the possib possibility of such a disruption occurring due to human-made experiments like those at CERN the speculation about inadvertently accessing alternate Dimensions extends from theories in physics that propose the existence of additional Dimensions Beyond The Familiar three-dimensional space and onedimensional time some theories such as string theory suggest that these extra Dimensions could be compactified or hidden at scales that are currently inaccessible to our experiments the hypothesis is that high energy collisions like those in the LHC could momentarily open up these higher Dimensions however this also remains a theoretical proposition with no experimental evidence as scientists push the boundaries of Knowledge Questions arise about the responsibilities that come with such power ethical considerations include the potential environmental impact the safety of the experiments and the broader consequences of of these scientific discoveries there's an ongoing debate about the balance between scientific Pursuit and the caution needed when dealing with forces and particles that are not fully understood pursuing knowledge is essential but it must be tempered with an awareness of the potential broader impacts of such groundbreaking research Joe Rogan has touched upon these moral and philosophical aspects in his discussions he has speculated about the ethical dimensions of cern's work pondering the responsibility of scientists when engaging in experiments that could theoretically have dangerous and unforeseen effects Rogan also brings a critical perspective questioning the moral implications of such Pursuits and the potential risks involved in pushing the boundaries of our understanding and one of his biggest concerns along side Laughlin lies in the Mandela effect the Mandela effect refers to to a phenomenon where a large group remembers an event or detail differently from how it is recorded in history or reality the term was coined by Fiona broom in 2009 stemming from a widespread false Collective memory of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s whereas he actually passed away in 2013 this effect highlights how human memory is unreliable and can be influenced by various factors leading to shared misre remembering of certain events or details among large groups the Mandela effect encompasses various instances where public recollection diverges significantly from documented history a classic example is the collective memory of the baronin Bears children's book series many people recall the name being spelled as barenstein Bears contrary to the actual spelling another well-known example is the false memory of the iconic line Luke I am your father from the film Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back when the line is no I am your father these instances of the Mandela effect aren't limited to pop culture historical events also fall prey to this phenomenon for example some people have a vivid recollection of witnessing the live television broadcast of the Challenger space shuttle explosion in 1986 even though it was not broadcast live on National Television the Mandela effect can also be observed in the recollection of famous quotes a notable example is the widespread belief that Mahatma Gandhi once said be the change you wish to see in the world a quote that cannot be found in his recorded speeches or writings the prevalence of these false memories raises intriguing questions about the nature of human memory and perception psychologists explain this phenomenon due to VAR ious cognitive biases memory distortions and social influences the human brain is adept at filling in gaps in memory with false information that seems plausible and fitting with existing beliefs or popular narratives in the context of CERN and its experiments especially those involving the Large Hadron Collider some have speculated a connection between the Mandela effect and alterations in Quantum States the hypothesis suggests that high energy particle collisions could influence the fabric of reality leading to small but significant modifications in our timeline or Collective memory according to this theory changes at a Quantum level perhaps occurring during experiments at CERN could riple through two the macroscopic level manifesting as widespread Collective false memories among the public a kind to the Mandela effect this connection between the Mandela effect and sarin's Large Hadron Collider experiments is rooted in quantum mechanics complex and often mysterious nature the large hyron collider's ability to smash particles at incredibly High energies and observe the resulting phenomena provides a fertile ground for theories that suggest these experiments could have far-reaching albeit subtle effects on the fabric of reality the concept hinges on the idea that Quantum events at CERN might not be confined to the microscopic scale but could have Brader more perceptible impacts one such Theory posits that as particles Collide within the Large Hadron Collider they might momentarily disturb the stability of the SpaceTime Continuum though extremely minute and fleeting this disturbance could hypothetically lead to slight alterations in the collective Human Experience of reality thus contributing to to the Mandela effect the theory further speculates that these Quantum level disruptions could account for the minor but noticeable discrepancies in Mass memory such as collective misremembering of historical events or cultural references another aspect of this Theory draws from the idea of quantum entanglement where particles become interconnected and affect each other's State instantaneously regardless of distance some theorists suggest that the high energy collisions in the Large Hadron Collider could create ripples of entanglement that extend beyond the immediate environment potentially influencing the broader fabric of reality in unpredictable ways it's also hypothesized that if parallel universes or alternate dimensions exist as some interpretations of quantum mechanics suggest then the Large Hadron colliders experiments might briefly intersect with these alternate reac realities though highly theoretical this interaction could lead to subtle overlaps or exchanges between parallel timelines manifesting as collective false memories critics of this Theory argue that there is no empirical evidence to support such a connection and that the Mandela effect can be more plausibly explained by psychological factors affecting human memory they point out that the principles of quantum mechanics as currently understood do not lend Credence to to the idea that particle collisions could meaningfully alter human history or memory on a macroscopic scale certain shocking incidents have occurred at CERN that have further made people more concerned about what's really been happening in this facility while the LHC has contributed significantly to our understanding of particle physics its activation raises questions about potential unintended consequences particularly at maximum energy one of the primary concerns is the impact these high energy experiments might have on the Earth's magnetic field the Earth's magnetic field protects the planet from solar winds and Cosmic radiation the fear is that the intense energy and the magnetic fields created by the Large Hadron Collider could somehow interfere with or alter this natural protective shield another area of concern is the potential impact of the Large Hadron Collider on on solar storms solar storms are eruptions of electromagnetic radiation and matter from the sun which can disrupt satellite Communications navigation systems and even power grids on Earth there's a worry that any disturbances caused by the large hron collider to the Earth's magnetic field could leave our planet more vulnerable to these solar events the fear is that such vulnerability could lead to more significant and frequent technological disruptions potentially affecting Millions this means our entire world could black out being left without any technology or electricity potentially causing an apocalypse level crisis it's important to note that these concerns are largely theoretical the Large Hadron Collider operates within well-established safety parameters and there's no direct evidence to suggest that its experiments have any adverse effects on the Earth's magnetic field or increase the risk of solar storms the lhc's design and operation result from Decades of scientific research and technological development overseen by some of the world's leading physicists CERN has conducted extensive safety assessments and external reviews concluding that the Large Hadron Collider experiments are safe these Studies have shown that any black holes or strange lets the Large Hadron Collider could theoretically produce would pose no threat the the cosmic rays that naturally hit the Earth with greater energy than those produced by the Large Hadron Collider have not caused any harm further reinforcing the collider safety despite the lack of scientific consensus on this issue important public figures like Joe Rogan and Max Laughlin have brought the discussion to the Forefront whose critical discussions about these experiments have put everyone on high alert while what exactly will come out of these strange experiments occurring at CERN is yet to be seen the world is now watching CERN and the Large Hadron Collider much more closely thanks for exploring with us on Beyond Discovery if you enjoyed these Revelations click now on the next video 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