Job Market in 2024 | Recession Layoff & Hiring in 2024 | Best Time to Switch Job in 2024 ?

Job Market in 2024 | Recession Layoff & Hiring in 2024 | Best Time to Switch Job in 2024 ?

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Freshers get scared. Along with fear, tools like Chat GPT when we talk about AI, Machine learning, then they get even more scared. Mass hiring - like TCS, Mind tree Birla Soft - these companies do mass hiring. It has currently been stopped. Company isn't visiting the college. So, the freshers - 2024 has arrived

From the mid of 23, people were talking about recession and layoff. You might remember, before this - 1.5 years ago, people were getting 300%, 400% hike, right! Now, those things have been currently stopped. So, the students now - since there's no mass hiring.

Companies aren't going - then how should their mindset be? What do you think - how much more time will it take to get things better when will hiring be frequent, according to your experience? Do you think, as the experience increases - as I've 6 years of experience. I'm 30 years of age. So, 33, 35, 40 - along with responsibilities - 3 years, 4 years of experience, after a certain experience. What is the mindset of companies? But if you aren't upgrading yourself, if you want to work the way you were doing 5 years ago then you'll lose your job. So, if you're a fresher who maybe got an offer letter or didn't get a call letter or not even the offer letter. Or you're a working professional who've been laid off then always remember one thing. Welcome to our new studio. The guest who is with us today has a 10 year corporate experience,

the question going on in your mind, when will hiring start, when will recession/lay-off end? Bhaiya In 2023, I had got the offer letter but until now, I didn't get the joining. Will Chat GPT take away my job? How impactful will AI be? Will AI end the job of web development? In today's podcast, we've asked all these questions from Shruti. And she has answered very smartly to all these questions. And you'll learn lot of things, you'll understand a mindset that

when this type of situation occurs, then what mindset should you have? Right! So, let's talk with Shruti & know her complete journey. And her experience & I want you to learn lot of things from this experience. And just watch this entire podcast. And I hope you'll learn lot of things until the very last. So, you don't have to do anything, just watch the entire video. Like it, share it to the most

like aim is 10,000. Accomplish it for more interesting podcasts. So, like it to the most, share it and if you're new then subscribe to the channel along with bell icon. Let's talk with Shruti. And know her complete journey & along with it - the questions which I asked will help you a lot. Let's talk with Shruti. So, Shruti welcome to our youtube channel.

And our new studio & you're the first guest. And.... *Thank you!* Thank you so much. Your studio is very nice. Thank you so much. So, today we'll know from you - we'll talk on lot of segments. We'll use your experience in this podcast.

We'll talk about, so currently there's recession, lay-offs, lot of students aren't getting offer Right! And many got the mail in 2023, but until now will they even join or not. Means, there's skill in the market, students have the skill but they're getting jobs now. I'll talk about that segment which is going to be very important in this podcast. So, I won't take much time. Over to you, you can start. First with your introduction, your background, where do you belong to and please tell us. Sure! So, My name is Shruti.

Like Majority of Indians, I also did engineering. So, I started from there, then I realised that I don't want to do engineering. Then after that, first I did with content development, then I though that where my talent lies, where my inclination is. Then, I felt that I like to talk, I like literature, then I thought of doing content development. Then I started from there, where I realised when I was working on different type of content that I'm more interested in skilling and education related content. Then, I made my specialization in it. I did training, I became a trainer myself. I did many corporate trainings. My journey started from there so,

during that time I understood what skill is. I talked to many companies. They told that we bring this talent from college but our requirement is this. So, there's a gap in between. So, I was more interested in that area. Would you like to give an example, which companies did you talk with and what input did you get from there? Lot of companies, like IT companies - what they learn in 4 years of engineering - the skill that they learn until then lot of those technologies get outdated. Or that version gets outdated.

And students don't upskill themselves into that version. So, when they go for campus interviews or off campus interviews, then the level of talent industry needs, a gap remains in between. So, continuous upskilling - because technology changes so quickly our traditional education system isn't able to keep up with it. But the advantaged is that, these days so many online courses are there, that students can access anywhere, anytime. Means they can access anywhere from worldwide. So, that is the skill gap. Secondly, if you look at the non-technical side

then communication skills are there, it is accepted in college but when you work with a team in a company then how the team dynamics should be means - if you're presenting a basic project, then what is its technique. So, there're many skills which aren't being learnt by people. So, those are the skill gaps. Mindset, attitude, there're many things.

Sometimes, you're technically strong but soft skills are equally important. You need to communicate. So, the client - maybe you're comfortable in Hindi but he knows English. So, along with technical your soft skills need to be quite good as well. Its very important, in fact you won't believe - majority rejections are based on soft skills. Because, specially if we talk about freshers then companies say that - they don't expect expertise from them means if your fundamentals are strong because every fresher has to do a training phase after they join the company.

So, they don't expect that they'll bring large expertise, fundamentals should be strong. And companies say that, we'll teach the technology but how will we teach attitude to the students. Right! How will we teach English or not even English, the way of talking, communication skills. They don't want to waste time in teaching that. Right! So, you should know these skills, one should know the fundamentals of technology, rest of the training will be on the job. As you talked about freshers, even companies are of two types like - Like service based companies & product based companies.

Mass hiring - like TCS, Mind Tree, Birla soft - these companies do mass hiring. It has currently been stopped. Companies aren't visiting college, so freshers - 2024 has arrived In the middle of 2023, people are talking about recession & lay-off. Before this you might remember, 1.5 years people were getting 300%, 4005 hike, right! Now, those are stopped.

Since neither mass hiring is done, companies aren't visiting so, how can they set their mindset? Because the person does get demotivated. And there's frustration - what should we do, at one time - at the end we all are humans. We'll take out our anger somewhere, what should we do? Yes! Let me tell you motivating fact. If you look at the past 100 years, atleast 12-15 recessions have occurred. This is neither the 1st recession, nor the last one, there'll be more in future. So, recession is a global phenomenon & it happened in 1907, then 1929, 1950s, 1960s. Before this the most recent one was in - 2008 before that in 2001, if someone is of that age then, Y2K was being talked about, those things were happening.

So, recession isn't a one-time phenomenon. So, the thing to learn is that - majority of the recession doesn't stick for more than a year. After a year, when the market revives as there're so many companies who have done so many investment & there're lot of reasons for recession means, a war occurred somewhere so, recession happened in the entire world or a tsunami occurred somewhere or a pandemic happened. So, businesses definitely get affected, so this economic down turn occurs. And then it gets revived later on. So, we shouldn't understand it as a demotivating situation, understand it as the economy is resetting.

And when it'll revive, it'll be even more stronger. Even if you look in the history every time after recession, there's rebound in a stronger way. More jobs opened up. More variety of jobs have opened up. Diversity increased. So, there're chances of hiring of more people. So, during that time instead of getting demotivated they should get themselves ready, that when the market will get opened - then how will we grab those job opportunities so, if we move on with that mindset then we won't get demotivate, but get even more motivated. That we need to learn more.

Okay! So, yeah - I'm understanding one thing from Shruti - like, fine, it might not be your time but if you've skills then when the right time will come, those skills will be used, which will help you & give confidence to crack the job. Yes! There's one more thing, you talked about service companies, every service company has a bench strength bench strength means they're not deployed in project right now but they're made ready that if there's a project tomorrow, in fact, maybe 3 years ago, attrition had increased so much in the market, means every company had - 20%, 23%, 30% attrition. Yeah! So, especially in service companies when there's huge attrition, they keep a bench strength that if someone suddenly resigned from the job then they need someone to replace them. At that time, they can't do hiring. So, after the pandemic attrition has also decreased a little due to which bench strength has been reduced.

So, its not like - talent isn't in demand. Talent will always be in demand but the criteria of companies to hire is slowly changing. So, freshers should understand it that 5 years ago, the preparation that was done if you do it now, it won't work. You need to do it according to today. Right! The experience you have, you talked with different people, companies when you look at a fresher - I think, when its the initial time, there's immaturity, they don't about things so, they're in hurry. They don't have patience. Yes! So, what advice do you want to give them on this - fine, there's still time. But - you've skills, you'll do better at one point of time, but take care of these 2-3 things.

Firstly, do internships. Okay! Be it a free internship, you don't get money but do it. Because it gives you huge edge in the market, in the competitions, when compared to freshers who didn't do internships.

If you done been a 3 month internship, be it free so, its value will be shown in your resume a lot because that is real world experience. How much projects you work on, the real experience is different. Right! And these days, there're so many online platforms where internship opportunities are available.

Work from home internship opportunities are also available. So, be it short-short tenure one should do more internships, that is point no. 1, second thing is - they should know about latest technologies and market trends, that what is going on. So, the best platform - I think is LinkedIn. There're so many JDs post companies, so they should read JDs then they'll understand in JDs that, okay, these skills are in demand.

Because, talking directly with the company is difficult for freshers. Right! But companies, are making so many content available on platforms like LinkedIn. So, one should research there that - what is going to open up, where are jobs being opened and if they'll be aligned in that line, then definitely there'll be more opportunities for them. I always say one thing - whenever I talk in videos. LinkedIn is equivalent to your resume, right! It showcases your work. Your profile is telling a 3rd person that what is there, either you're in data science,

front-end developer, back-end developer. Its is very important - so, if there'll be your digital presence, then it'll help you a lot, if recession comes again tomorrow. If your network is good then the chances of getting opportunities are even more. Right! Its true. In fact, I think 70-80% of jobs get internally closed. Means its not even announced publicly. And internal closing, one understand the effect of network. *Referral* Referrals, every company has referral programs. If there're any openings then first the employees are

told that, if anyone is for this profile, this job is opening. So, you can refer because its trust value is also more. So, linkedIn is not just your profile. Your entire mindset is also visible. Because your activity log is present there. Which people are you following, which posts do you like, which posts do you comment on. If something scandalous is going on & if you commented for it, then maybe that'll reflect negatively on your profile. So, your actual interest are visible. In fact, we don't take social media activities much seriously

but it should be taken. Because, it looks in the background check. Even, like - as freshers who're starting on LinkedIn, I tell them to do 30 days challenge whatever you're learning - learn by doing approach.

Post what you're learning. Yes! Correct! And tag the one who inspires you, maybe if he likes your post, comment then automatically, those people will look for your post. And you might get a chance, if someone sees your post. Yes! And they should also learn how to optimise their LinkedIn profile.

Which keywords should be used in your LinkedIn profile which location should be used means, if you're from a tier 3 or tier 4 city or any village, & you put your place on your LinkedIn profile, then maybe your profile won't be in anyone's search because nobody will search that place. Right! So, these small things are there to optimise your LinkedIn profile, so these should be learnt & content is available, its not like - I don't know, how to do its not an excuse today. Right! I want to ask one thing from your experience - you told now, recession is not for this time, right! It has been since many time, it'll be in future. According to your experience, 2024 has started, even I believe that - hiring is still done its less comparaively but its going on. What do you think that in how much more time will hiring get better according to your experience. Yes! So, if you look at the past 3 months means last quarter of the year October, November, December - was the strongest in the US economy in the last 2 years, means the market is reviving. *Okay!*

At the global level, europe doesn't have that much, its down. But US is reviving greatly. In 2024 we're expecting that by March-April, definitely it'll revive. Means our book that is closed then from 1st April, when our new financial year will start then, things *things will be much stronger.* Now, already its being seen. Means within last 1 year - OdinSchool generated 2500 opportunities. Okay! So, similarly in niche areas hiring is done. Its not that, it has stopped. But US based companies are definitely opening up even when we talk with companies then they say that - a quarter.

I also say that - since you company has to also make business, money, they need engineers. This won't continue. No, no - hiring won't stop but the way will change, priorities will change. So, we need to align. But the experience people understand it but the freshers get scared & along with it, tools like Chat GPT, when we talk about AI, Machine learning then they get even more scared, now the skills that we learnt, we can code from Chat GPT so, what is your point on it, what will you advice to the people watching us? Now I scroll reels, with the help of tool, I'm generating caption & everything is automatic.

So, will we need manual intervention in the job? Do you think we need engineers? Definitely we need engineers, the jobs which will be affected are mundane jobs which doesn't require much mindpower, where you don't need to think much. Such types of jobs will definitely be affected. You mean content job, the job of writing content. Let's rake Chat GPT, it'll give you content only when you prompt the right way to it. So, instead of spending hours & hours in writing content, refine your way of giving prompt.

So, instead of Chat GPT, it won't be your competition but a tool with which you can produce double content or triple amount of content. If you can write 5 articles in a day, now you'll be able to write 15. Because you just need to refine the way of giving instructions to Chat GPT. And Chat GPT, doesn't give final draft in the first time, it needs to be refined.

Right! So, that kind of intelligence is of human. Maybe after 5-10 years, machine might be able to think like that but now human intervention will definitely be required. Right! And there's one more thing, you talked about any content, which needs to be written then first you should have the understanding of audience. There should be market survey, you run such a successful youtube channel, your content works because you know what your audience wants, so to do that kind of survey you definitely require human intervention. That is not going anywhere. But if you aren't upgrading yourself, if you want to work how you did 5 years ago, then you'll lose your job.

So, everyone needs to remember that, this won't work now. Competition has increased a lot. Because if you aren't upskilling, then there're 10 more people. Yeah! So, they'll definitely get advantage. So, Chat GPT isn't a threat - its just a tool. There're so many tools of generative AI

to make presentations, videos - there're so many tools. So, competition has definitely increased. So, yes! There're two types of mind that I see - one, which get scared by looking at the tool, other understands it and increasing its productivity. And people are even making money by using these tools.

Be it on social media, reels - people are creating content so, an an inducer I need to decide how I want to make use of it. Exactly! When calculators were invented, people thought that the job of accountancy was overpowered, calculator will do everything right! So, when the machines were first introduced then people though that, people won't be required in factories. Robots will do it. Machine will do it but even today, look in India, majority employment is in that industry be it in manufacturing or in any such things. So, human job definitely won't be there but then you

need to learn how to use this technology, to improve yourself. So, if you've that skill then none of the technology will disturb you. Even - I would like to know one more question, when we talk about software development, software engineering - there are lot of roles, right! Front-end, itself in web development - there's front end, back end, full stack and data science is in a lot of boom & there are layers, even in data science we've data analyst, data engineering, even - in some companies, you get a role - business analyst. So, what do you think - first of all, I would like to know your understanding about data how does a company look at the data.

For a company, data is gold. If there's something more precious than gold then its that. Means I feel that, I even read it somewhere that the world wars that'll occur in future isn't going to be for oil but for data. Because by using data - the person who has data is the most powerful. And every business is using data because, so much data wasn't available in history.

as of now. Even Chat GPT, is trained on the data that its giving response in. Exactly! Means, its not generating data itself - it has been feeded the data up to 2020, I think and now it might has been extended.

So, the data you'll give to the machine - it'll analyse the same data. It won't produce data by itself. So, data is definitely going to be important. The main reason is that - one needs to make decisions in business. And on the basis of that decision, their failure or success is decided. So, how to make a decision? If you've data, proof, facts - to analyse & make decision, then definitely your decisions will be better.

Risk taking is in any business. Without risk business doesn't happen. But, the calculator risk that we talk about that - from the last 10 years, its the trend so, if you do this on that basis then we'll succeed. So, that kind of intelligence can be given by data. That is why, you'll look that - you were talk about last recession/ job lost - the jobs that were lost least of them were of people from data field.

Because companies need that right now. Its already in strain & nobody would like to make a wrong decision on top of that. So, the predictions & trends - that is why demand for data science is increasing.

I want to ask a question from you, even we're talking about data. And you're saying it, right! When a company is sold, then its not the company that is sold, its the data. Correct! Its true! I mean, the point is - as I'm working in adidas. We even sponsored the Indian team & there're many players in market.

There's Netflix, Microsoft - I want to understand the use case from you through data science that, how are they using data science? You might've used Amazon, for shopping everyone use it. *Yes* *Absolutely!* You searched for a product, then in the next 1 month, open google. You'll see ads for the same related products. Not only that, even if you didn't shop in the past 1 week or 10 days then with the data of your last month, they'll show you same type of products. So, its called - there's recommendation engine. Means, by understanding your shopping history it'll guess - if you've bought a mobile phone then you can also be interested in mobile phone accessories.

If you bought cloths, then maybe you can be interested in shoes as well. So, by collecting your entire data it guesses, this might be your interest. And it'll tempt you by showing these products. So, if you look for the first time, you'll think that

fine, let it be. Let's not spend money but if it is shown to you 10-12 times or even more then its human tendency to be tempted & on the 10th time you might shop, you might buy that product. Means according to the company their sale is increasing.

So, this is one recommendation engine. You'll see this pattern in OTT platforms Netflix, Amazon - if you watch more crime thrillers, then in the 1st bar, you might be interested in - same type of TV shows or web series or movies will be shown. Right! So, same thing happens.

Even what is going on in your mind, after an hour - you might watch those type of reels. Exactly! Means I get scared sometimes, I don't even remember when did i search that product, even if I talk with someone then if it records voice or not but that product starts showing on the list. You know, this is something - I want to tell you. In our web development, in 90s there was web 1.0 then

came 2.0, now its 3.0 - we talk about block chain. So, in web 2.0 our data is going to the advertisers. Right! And security is compromised a little, as for example, I was looking for a flight from Delhi to Bangalore - last to last month So, I didn't book the flight because the prices were high. So, after some time I got an ad on Instagram for the same flights. Do you understand - so this is how our data is going there

and this type of recommendation is coming. they're making money, content is being monetised they're getting benefit & we're getting different suggestions & not everyone but some people will book. There's one more thing in that - sentiment analysis. Means not just your shopping analysis, not your likes and dislikes, maybe you're going on twitter or liking anyone, any Instagram channel or anything.

The algorithm understands your sentiments that now recent elections were held in south, in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh so, sentiment analysis was also used there. In a constituency, what is the sentiment of people towards one political party means, the content of that political party on social media how is the interaction with it. So, that is also data. If I'm liking any politician or commenting on its activities, then the algorithm identifies that I support that politician. So, by using that data manifestos are made, their entire election campaigns are planned that in this area they need to talk on these things. And about that in the other area. Which age group is in our support, where we need to work more

so, all these are on the basis of data science, data analytics. And the interesting part is, we give this data ourselves. Its not they're buying from somewhere means, we announce on open platform - our sentiments or our shopping preferences so, we give them so much data. And we give rights to the for using our data.

Means we don't understand that how its being done, but yes since data is available then definitely it'll be used. And its being used for good things, its not that its a negative thing. Data is being also used for good things. As, after 2024, 2025 will also come - time will go on & no doubt technology is evolving. We also need to be evolved,

accordingly. Being a software engineer, even I've to learn, I need to, if there's any new technology. If we talk about data field, data science how will its boom be in the coming few years? Its not going anywhere. *okay!* This is here to stay. Maybe technologies will change, the tools might change but data isn't going anywhere because the rate of production of data is increasing, not reducing. Means the data produced in the last 100 years is lesser than what was produced in last 1-2 years.

Because every one is on social media, mobile phones. So, there's a lot of data. Even earlier, we talked that data is a strength for a companies. When they have that power then why won't they use it.

So, there's one more thing that the future is AI. AI is being used in everything. So, how does the algorithm of AI work? It works on data. If you'll feed wrong data, then it won't make right predictions, right actions. So, that is why before feeding it to the algorithm, that data should be cleaned.

You need to set data in a format, you need to manipulate & work on it. After that, its fed to the Algorithm. So, there're so many stages before the AI actually uses that data. So, these things haven't been automated. Human intervention is required & technology is used like, databases, sequel or Python language or visualization tools. Because not everyone understands numbers, so it is easier if I'm not from Mathematics, Science or engineering background I don't have that much understanding of numbers, so if I look at the same data in the form of graph then I'll understand quickly trends & patterns So, visualization is a color-line of work. So, there're so much job roles/opportunities in data that it'll increase but its not that you'll learn a language today & understand that my future is secured because the future of data science is good its not that - you need to continuously upskill within data science as well.

But data as a domain is here to stay. That is not going anywhere. We're getting lot of insights, we're understanding a mindset, when I talk with an experienced person then I get to know lot of things but I'll ask one question from you as well, always ask. Do you think, as our experience increases - as now, I've 6 years of experience. Now, I'm 30 years of age. For example - I'm 30 years old, what is the example in that so, 33, 35, 40 - along with responsibilities, does the mindset change for senior developers means that what freshers give after 3-4 years of experience, after certain experience...

what is the mindset of companies for a senior developer? So, there are 2-3 things in, one, in freshers - they don't have one specialization. Fresher is like a generalist. Company also doesn't expects you to come with a specialization. You might've also experienced when you started, you were put in different roles or the exact work what you're doing now, you weren't doing it 6-7 years ago.

When I joined, I was working as a Shadow. I was working under someone. Exactly! Because companies take time to understand your aptitude & talent. Then, as you grow you get a specialization so, instead of a wide stag of expertise, your depth increases. So, be it 6, 10 years - you'll see that one who has more experience specializes in an area not in 10 things - he knows everything but his specialization is in one area.

So, the ones who're starting a career - the audience who're freshers - should also keep in mind that as they'll keep on working. They need to identify their specialization area. Because that'll be their strength. *Right!* You can't be replaced in that area. If you're still a generalist after 5 years then you'll be replaced with the specialists. So, its important to make that specialization. One more thing for senior developers is that - I saw it myself in my training experience as well that maximum training we're called to do is for non-technical skills.

Means, we're strong in technology but they don't know how to manage team. Their team-mates had conflicts so, they don't know how to resolve it because they invested their entire energy in learning technology. So, they lay behind in rest of the people skills.

So, its important to learn such things but company also expects that once you reach a level you need not code everything on your own. You're given a team. You need to extract work that how to manage a team that project management - your goal is to have an outcome of the project. Deliverables should be there. So, how are you managing resource for it. You don't have to do everything on your own as you become a senior.

So, such skills are changed but working professionals should also keep in mind that technology upskilling is required for them as well. *Right!* Otherwise your juniors will get ahead of you. Absolutely! If you're not doing & they're doing, then *Absolutely!* Even, if you're of 35 or 40 - you need to enjoy your work. its very important. That will keep your direction in mind the right way otherwise your point is right, the one who is doing better, learning better skills be it a senior & there's a junior - I've seen the gap, iin 3 years someone is better. He has done better skills & at the same time, a person who has 6 years of experience - he's doing but maybe he has lack of interest maybe, or he's just doing. Correct! One more thing that we've seen, in our company OdinSchool - there's the trend that the working professionals that come, want to learn data analytics because they themselves want to apply on their workspace.

It helps them to manage projects, making decisions, client interactions so, things which aren't related to your core technologies but in managing project and overall performance improvement there's data analytics, secondly, I've seen how do you use generative AI to manage things. So, there're 2-3 common areas, that are learnt even by mid-level managers. Be it front-end developer or anything but it helps in their work.

Right! Even I as a developer, use Chat GPT a lot. Even if we're copying, then we should know what is happening in it. Not just copying blindly, that shouldn't be done. That shouldn't be done. Project management is another skill, quality management - these skills are there, if you want to reach at manager level then such skills are also necessary. So, we've asked lot of things from Shruti & what I understand, some were very straight forward I liked it a lot, you gave very straight answers. If this is it, then its there.

And I think sometimes, acceptance is necessary in life. We should accept, if something is lacking in us or something needs to be polished, then we should work on it. And second, growth mindset is very important. If you keep that - fine - it might be you're not getting what you want we talked about recession, then as Shruti believes that from the month of April, things will get better & resume, hiring will be more. So, until then keep your skills ready. That when that time will come then

you'll be in front putting your hands up. Correct! Its important. Companies will not stop then. Then the flow will be huge.

And if openings will come, if you'll start upskilling then it'll stop until you completely do it. So, its always better that - since its downtime now. Maybe you won't get this downtime until years. You'll crave for it that, let me have some time to upskill myself. Later, you might not get it, but now you've time. This is the time you can also improve your LinkedIn *You can use this time!* put good content & upskill yourself.

When the right time will come, you'll have job - the time is critical right now. But its not like, it'll keep on. One more thing freshers should remember, only theoretical skills won't work, they need to develop practical skills. Right! *in themselves, right!* Means work on many projects, there're such platforms that can collab you at global level, means you can collaborate with gloabl teams. Do projects, implement them. Execute one project in multiple ways

then you'll know what the difference is, so, all these small things will then be understood properly. And use LinkedIn for making network. Its very important. Shruti, it was nice talking to you & thank you so much, you came to our set up.

And we'll call you soon, we'll surely talk on other topic. And guys, I believe that what you commented regarding recession, when will hiring start we're freshers, there's lot of problem, we tried to answer through this podcast and Shruti as you go, what will be your final advice and maybe for experienced person? How will they look at the coming time & 3-4 things from your experience? What will you advice them? So, if you're fresher who got the offer letter or not got the call letter then those who didn't even get the offer letter. Or working professionals who're laid off so always remember one thing that don't be demotivated. This is not the end of the road.

This is only a reset period, the market is going to open soon. Use this time to prepare yourself now, if you'll be demotivated then your time will be wasted. So, don't waste time - that is one thing. Secondly, educate yourself everyday, atleast spend half an hour to one hour in market research that where the opportunities are there. Everyday, there're CEOs of companies and all who give out they tell people taht this is our plan & projection. Collect those data & understand that

how to prepare yourself for those opportunities. So, don't be demotivated at all. This is not the end of the road. As the technology increases, we've lot of good times to come. Thank you so much, Shruti. It was nice talking to you & I learnt lot of things from you in this podcast. I hope you also would've learnt multiple things. And if there's any other question then do comment.

We'll definitely read it. And the questions that'll come out, we'll call Shruti again & talk with her. Thank you so much.

And do like this video, share it, comment. And like aim is 5000. Accomplish it for more interesting podcasts. I'll meet you in other video, till then - take care. Thank you so much.

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