Intro to Bali Fab Fest

Intro to Bali Fab Fest

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you know, people going around and trap people, other people trying to bring super top technologies. This is this place of contradictions. The size is quite interesting because it allows to happen a lot of things and has a lot of challenges right related to waste related to the extractive model of the economy that that We know the localized economy, and and at the same time also presents a lot of potential for change and relatively faster. I think that's when I again like when I when I jumped. This, you know, for not to read things that i'm gonna share with you.

But also this, this event will have a huge balance impact. What is involving also at the national level. at the Indonesian level, a lot of engagement with the national government and the Ministry of Tourism and creative economy. And we're also engaging the ministry of development as as well as many of the labs and major spaces that are part of the whole Indonesian ecosystem. You know some Asian countries. where we want to connect. You know we are connected already through some projects. with malaysia and we did them, and and also we had been asking the the Fab Asia network also to happen here.

So I think it's like an event that goes beyond Bali and has a regional context, and it's a very interesting opportunity to boost. and this ecosystem especially in Indonesia, because if when you Compare with Vietnam and with the Philippines. Indonesia has, like a 4 Fab labs, 3 or 4 sub labs and Philippines have over 20. Vietnam has around, 12 so, they's like I also need of boosting the the growth of a sublime network here, and Indonesia and and of course in body. Yeah. And again, this is it more like a selling points? Would I need to send this to you? I think I also a lot of you know about the history of how we came here. You know the previous events since 2,005, and keep that in mind the first web.

I think you know this is a moving target when it started. But it's 7, 2,000, and 2 the legend says depending the book during. So we are like again to the 20 years of the of the fabulous network. The venue is gonna be, he said. the gimbal and hot is it's a new place that is is being created is A is a private initiative that comes from family inheritance. Land from one of our of our partners, and in the Jim Baran and this person, and then the Jim around.

Hope they're trying to be like when a creative community around green technologies in kind of a do. it's interesting, but they say that they lisa a town in in body that is called Ubud and maybe some of you know that if you have been here, but the ones that you don't know it. Boot is actually is where they eat. Pray love movie was shot it's a call. All this speed to our artistic town, and in the early nineties in the early twentieth century some of the tough parties were coming to Uvad in Bali, to have to spend time and to paint and and and to teach to the local, all the local local artists as well in the So it was. A whole artist movement created which still prevails today. And these people in Jim Barand, they say, like, Hey, we wanna do.

Similarly to what we boot did in the like a century ago. But in this case support creatives and makers and to be in this side, in this part of Bali to to look at creating a green solutions for for our for our for our issues, local email So it's. A gene bar and hub. You can look more in in the Internet and see, they have a cool working space. They have it's a place that has like a skate park via mix track, a caring a track. They have a greenhouse. they're building a fab lab

They have gattery space. they're building a a lot of things actually in the last 2 years, and and they also host some of the hotel in which that actually I recommended to stay. So the program is a 10 day program, and this is intentionally 10 days, because we know that the travel to body is not like a weekend. And you know, in of a in a 2 h flight. So it requires quite a long trip. and also we we believe that after 2 years, and of not being together as a network, we deserve to spend some quality time and we invite you to plan to come for at least 2 weeks. Right? So the couple of days you need to fight the jet lag.

And and the couple of days you need to recover from the hangover and fly back to your country. Right? So plan for at least 2 weeks is my recommendation. All the the the flight is is not so cheap, I know, because all of the flights are increasing everywhere. We choose not to be in the high season to make it more accessible for flights and accommodation. But keeping money, if you stay longer here, is even maybe cheaper than staying your hometown because you can have like a relatively you know, good prices in relation to food and accommodation.

If you're staying for longer time, you can have visas for one month, which would be the idea we would love to have you around for the entire month of October, and you can even go crazy inside for a state for 2 months, even, and plan to, you know, to set up shop importantly here, in value, at least with the visas. You know the visa arrival program, which is a visa that are the low cost, and you don't need to have a previous application. So the flow of event is in the 10 days is is kind of a bill. Build up the you know the big momentum of events which we believe is gonna happen. And and you know from the first Saturday until until the you know, until the Wednesday. But every every day and every time it's gonna happen something important now from the first days is the chicken the registration, and also treats to across body to to get connected to some of the local challenges that we are partnering with also connected with local organizations. that are gonna have some of these challenges.

And so That's happening in the second the the first 2 day, the Thursday and the Friday, so the second and the third day sorry On Saturday we roll out like at the more traditional format of the fact conference on Sundays more like a open more factful kind of flow on Monday is a more political day. That's one of the top cities. pledge to become part of a Fab City network. Usually Wednesday is more the traditional format. Or again, of the Fab Conference, and Thursday is more like an open for everyone embodied for for to come for free to the event, and kind of a more like an open maker fairish type of buy and Friday is the same possum which you know already and saturday is a Mega party, and missing the inaugurated Beach club called Loka for the challenge. We're gonna work on on 10 innovation initiatives that we're gonna partner with local worker organizations and what we want to create teams working specifically on the challenge.

So there will be people that will be in the afternoon. Would usually you have finance, theoretical or practical workshops, the people doing the path? The challenge will be working on the challenge that there is specifically those days. Specifically, this is again selling points, setting points, This is like a join us. Yeah, it's more like setting setting settings because we're looking for this spread from sponsors in a very short period of time. So at the Do you want to know more? Remember that the website is Bali dot org, and there is a landing page right now. The tickets are are open to register There is information already. put up for proposing workshops panels. And then we're gonna be updating you know this we have we have speakers that we want to. we are inviting to become part.

And this is like a list curated between the organizing Committee, which is a mix between the the team of our foundation. Neil and the local team here in body and indonesia and I'm. doing a little bit of articulator between the 2. No and then the rest of the the workshops, and the talks that you propose, and we're gonna organize the schedule to place it in the different days, and make sure that all makes sense as well as the you know, and also, of course, keep in mind that there are the research papers. So they're pretty pretty much a lot of ways to participate And And yeah, I hope that this helps to introduce you to what's is the context, and how we got to body what the the event is what is called body for fast and how is the flow of the of the entire week how you can engage with us, and and and i'm happy to to go over some of the questions that you have on. I don't know if people are writing or in the chat already I know. Is this all the great? This is not a sharing. Some of the links that I have you mentioned so over to June network.

So please shoot, I think i'll start Thomas thank you for the expansion. Regarding Bhutan. yeah I have been I spent the so timing during Button, and since very recently they had this 0 Covid policy. What's West fully in common with doing any kind of international events. So nowadays. they they slightly change but it's much too late to organize anything in any case. we Still, there is a restrictions there. So yeah, he could happen. So this was a very quick time. Nice move, and in relation to that. what do you think they are going to be?

The expected coefficients. restrictions to reach. Okay, Yeah, Indonesia has. has been, you know, has been a moving strategy like This is a tropical country, so things are are change relatively fast. you know it's it's interesting how I think, like at the the context in the weather, affect the character so that's as you can be in the morning have like a telephone rain in the afternoon. It it it. Things can change very rapidly. Although I have to say that we are not very stable. I would say democracy and with the government that's is is quite flexible in a way, though we went from full lockdowns, and to kind of nothing the next day or when you're reading that in the newspapers it's full locked down, and then you send the streets the life was completely different from what during the newspapers.

Now so a little bit of that as an everywhere else. the policy is Oriented, the All. The the the policy of Indonesia, what's very restrictive, and now is oriented more towards recovering the economy right and attracting Vc. Tours, and in facilitating visitors to come in.

So in relation to the covid restrictions they have reduced a lot of the requirements, although they're still requiring vaccination to enter. And once you are in in in in indonesia you don't have to use masks out the outer. Some places require indoor, especially in the in government buildings So, for instance, if you're gonna stay for 2 months, you will have to arrive to the airport and declare that you're gonna start for 2 months. So when you do the visa, so you do have the sound arrival for 2 months, and then, after one month, you will have to go to the immigration office to renew, to take a take a foot of you, and Then you renew for another month. so when you go there you will have to wear a mask, not this kind of thing. So if you go to a band, maybe so. but like a public buildings

And then the The The thing that might be a bit more complicated, but also like a like, was complicated in 1 point was the visas that became very restrictive. So in some point in Theisha cancelled completely the this the visa for tourists. So now they have this on arrival so it means that it's open for tourists, make sure they's a list of countries for the visa arrival program.

I'm Actually, my parents are gonna come soon, and and one of them has something as well, and passport, and Venezuela is outside of the Vson arrival program, for instance. So in order to sort it out we had to apply to a longer term stay visa, which is is 2 months that can be renovated further to 2 times for 2 months. So it's completely 6 months you can but that's more expensive right? That would be like I don't know like a $400 more or less for one visa. So yeah, I think that that that policy that the recent regular policy shows that Indonesia is open that wants to open to the to the world.

And there is a list also of the of the type of vaccines are accepted. and but I have to say that's yeah. It's you know as long as you are vaccinated and in, and and you prove that you are I mean for 2 months, and you have your reservations in in your papers. There's no problem to enter into the country. we we are, and we are talking also to have, like a pay for the day. So far the the week of arrival, a couple of days to have like a special lane in the in the airport of Bali, for they attend this for the modified first. So that's something that we're working on also to facilitate like a speed line. If Adrian for Spain, you don't need I mean you can do visa arrival if you want to do the ves exactly.

If you want you you're gonna you're gonna stop stay less than 2 months. You don't need visa before to to you don't need to request a visa. You can just write to the airport you're gonna start start for less than 30 days. You just, you know, say to immigration, but you are staying for less than 30 days, and that's it.

If you plan to stay for 60 days, then you have to On arrival for 60 days and if you have your visa before, because you're going to stay 6 months. Then you just go through the migration window and and you say, hello. This is by yourself, Promas. What are the if there is a new outbreak? You you were! You were called in Valley, and did. they understood that? Well, and for for more than a year now, or yeah I I I actually arrived in Bali. And I think, was the ninth of March, 2,020, and I think the next day the airport in in in Spain and in the airport in Spain were closing. so and then my girlfriend came that next day so

she's literally like a left when the doors were closing So ever since then we had been here. we have sorted out like a again, like a big. The in the nation. Government was flexible in the wish visa issues because we arrived with a visa for less than 30 days, and they allow us to apply for a permanent visa. And and now, like a more, I have like, even like an address and visa. Any relationship to the Covid. Depends on where you are. No, I get there. There are areas of of body that are more dense than others. I've been most of the time in the south I I live betrayed like almost like a rural life.

I live next to cows, and and like the density so right like at the exposure to people. It's very low. we we went through covid my girlfriend and I, and we you know in was kind of okay. They do. You can have a healthy life here and that's Okay, base. There are like a good private and medical infrastructure, I have to say, as well like, We were really surprised, my girlfriend suffer from Denver fever, and she worked with hospitalized for a couple of days and like a Top Notch Hospital to be honest and quite accessible a in all what's covered by her insurance that she had from Spain. And so that happened actually in our first year, and then we manage even to get the vaccination. So we got our vaccines here in Bal, you know, and so I have to say that.

Good, probably again like that. This is my very special case. I I of course there are always cases that which you see in Instagram, stories that were a little bit more hard core of people being in you know, hospitalized, and not having the money to pay for instance, in some point there were horrible stories about. how was the outbreak in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, in the dense cities? And anything like that. and everywhere, as everyone else, when they was the top of the of the outbreak. There were horrible stories, I think, everywhere, from you know, from supposed corruption. and to you know, bodies being put somewhere but I have

to say that. I think I can most a lot of those. That was was wooden meets. and in general, Indonesia again, like at Indonesia, I lived in if I handle quite decently there the whole covid situation. So if there is another call with outbreak i think like First of all, they are more ready I think that's What the worse can happen is that you can stay stranded in your in your place, and we will.

Lucky because we had a place with a garden with a pool, because by the time they were not tourists, so you can find, like a for the world places to rent. They kept very cheap to be honest, and so you could get stranded. And then one of the good things was about body, and international dinner is like is the supply chain is quite good, at least in the food supply. So. I would say. that is not a terrible place to who gets stranded, because I call it outbreak.

And and do you have a plan? B. Suppose, in the case that there is a new outbreak one week before 500 people are coming to body for for a fest? That sounds as a big beach party. do you do. Do you have a I can imagine that they didn't think Let's let's let's go to that.

What then? Well, I have to say that we are all in, and that's the first thing that we are planning for this event to happen. and putting all our our energy what's what I I But it's true that you know you have to imagine those scenarios now. and and one of the things that is true is that both have foundation and fabcity foundation, and in the local partners meaningful design group. And we can go after to cover that. What? What is that? As you asked. But they have a pocket investment, Right? They said, We are investing to make the the event happen.

So that we're meaning the bur minimum it's covered and so I imagine that we will then have to return the morning to people over some like at the expenses of the transaction. Expenses discounted I mean the minimum discount from that if we're charged by the bank or whatever, and and then let's see you next year somewhere else. But but but yeah, we are. We are I feel like we are quite confident that it's gonna happen. The event is gonna happen. Okay, Thank you. You mentioned the local partner, Meaningful design Group this. knows I can.

I can find really nothing on the Internet about them. it has nothing to do with mindfulness or whatever it's not. It's not a sect is not a sag that is trying then to do hypnosis. Once you are here and turns you into a a jogie vegan, Flat earth. don't worry it's the meaningful design group is an initiative in what actually I participate to, and but i'm not i'm i'm a military partner of of out of 4 yeah for partners. So together with me one partner is a one salesharati.

I can share with you she's in the actually they are in the in the website. Now, like one , , inside home account with it is completely empty. Yeah, that actually, that created it. So what a second i'm gonna Let me see, she's so , is the director of the Cast Foundation, which is a quarter arts science today. And what are our science and Technology foundation which is tend to promote these aspects? These things in Indonesia. So here's the link this is cast foundation.

So that's one of the partners the other one is Elam Habibi, which is the director of the Habits Center for democracy. And Elham happens to be the son of a former president of Indonesia. Who is the father of the modern Indonesia Democracy basedi habits. So if you know a little bit about Indonesian history. His father was the one that took over the government, went to Harto, the for meditator diet, and then, instead of continuing a detectorship, he called for a fair and open elections.

The first ones in Indonesia in 1998, and he also served as a minister of technology and innovation in the past. So? Who is another partner of meaningful design. Group is also a wide, respected and recognized person in Indonesia for his work on democracy, technology and Innovation. And it it brings his legacy to the to meaningful design group. And then, finally, the other partner is a and While this was shared ready by Norella. it's a gum preyanta, which is the owner of Zimbabwe which is not charging us for instance, to for the menu I mean all these things no so zebra and hubb is part of a larger project of of I think it's like a 100 hectares of land that he's developing and he's trying to do it like sustainably and and we have he's gonna host, the future Fab lab there Pablo Gene Baran, and as well as turning to almost like a hard city prototype So I I managed to meet them in a very unconventional I mean very again another set of coincidences.

I made Salehan Nilham in the future. Everything festival in Manchester. Then they came to Arcelona. When I was living there that earlier 2,019, and we were just talking about how nice it would be to do things related with Fab Lab and and technology in Indonesia. Then I visited, Indonesia on August 2,019, and I met at Google the owner of team. But on Hub and then I can back with March. and then we decided that we should start something right.

So meaningful design group is the name of a of a company, that high school almost no activity until now. And and we can we have barely developed all it's we just designed the logo that you can see in the presentation. But we haven't had the resources and that means get to to create It's you know the visible part of it. I can share with you what you can do is share with you a document that is kind of our the description of what we do. I think that's gonna help to put more context Okay, Thank you. I hope that that helps to clarify. And yeah, I want to insist it's not it's not a sect.

It's. it's a truly legal establish initiative and behind it is people, I think, like with certain respects, both locally. And I hope that you think that also globally, : Yeah. Any other questions? I? I was wondering, about that bench energy if you talked about, if they are already defined, to war, core, corporate before or not during the event. Just understand also the connection with make your fair okay.

Well for the 5 Island challenge when we're when we're prioritizing now is to pin down solid collaborations with local initiatives that are working in some of the topics that we're mentioning in the challenge just plastic waste and arts and crafts. and ocean conservation Water monitoring. There's some a bunch of challenges. and of course there is certain flexibility. Again. This is something for people to We We set up some challenge it, or some topics. But of course I think it's enough flexibility to to say, Okay, Well, there's something that is out. Let's try to put it in and make sense we we have that flexibility. So why is it topics? And there is like at the partners that locally are working in some of those topics.

Now, so so far we have engaged with bamboo you, which is Eastern initiative, emerged from the Green School. The people that set up the green school that build the green school body. Maybe you're familiar with that project. So they develop like a whole knowledge about building with bamboo the baboon material. So they have a the building at university We have We're working with a negro park called Malini, which is doing kids allocation to preserve the farming practices in Indonesia because in body especially because people is just going to work as a housekeepers, and they forget about how to grow and and do the things that you know are part of the productive economy. And what are working with another initiative that is based in Indonesia, but it's it's run by foreigners, which is related to technologies to turn ways into into by a decent as well as into the Roma tiles to build insight into production, to production lines, and what else? And a plastic exchange which is a community. that initiative that is, is trying to create plastic, becoming plastic waste, as almost like as a currency. And so these are the initial initial 4 5 that we're working with. But we're adding more local initiatives and then what we're gonna do is that we're gonna once the people is registered, we expect this to happen when the first deadline fee in ends for the at least We're gonna send an email to the register deployed to say, Okay, thank you know, you had registered to the Fab to the fastest to the body faced and Now, you can pete to participate in some of these challenges, So you can choose 3 options.

And then, when we receive all the applications for people then the challenges that they want to work, we're gonna organize teams around the challenges, and then we're gonna organize a series of activities before the challenge So they're gonna be around 2 calls with the groups mixing the local local initiatives with the participants. And even there is room also to involve some global initiatives as well. Now like a more international knowledge, for instance, manufacturing from Stanford is saying that he wants to participate. So we may be, connect his lab with some people doing what he was wanted to come to work on ocean conservation.

So we maybe do this much making between local and global organizations. And then the participants create like a I don't want to confuse what is as a working group. But that's what one of the task force right because the working group is something else, and that is gonna kill me. If I call this working groups as well Amazing Tomas some of those Okay, So I have a question for collaborations like like, for instance, I was thinking of an art collaboration like I maybe setting up an art installation and there to my team we're producing actually a lot of part with Tech and the fabric a lot of cultures for museums, And I was thinking something like you know, like kind of like collaboration like burning man like collaboration of sculpture representing something so like.

Well, maybe you can connect me to somebody there, and we can get the sponsorship or something. Or is Is there a budget there, or just like we will have to like support with the I mean, we we have sponsors, where phone racing as I say, like that. We have. We have to cover the you know we have. I think they get to covered.

Almost admit the bird minimum. we need. We need to complete some of the costs, of course, with the tickets, but we will need sponsors if we want to do crazy stuff, right? We're getting a lot of things in kind as well. But if we want to do put extra that will need to come with its own sponsorship, we can have to respond to fundraise as well.

I i'd send you in inside the file Island challenge. There yet. There are some some information about the sponsorship, but I can share with you another one which is the sponsor package, and it's, you know. Again, this Of course, this is not targeted to any of you targeted to maybe someone that you know I would be interested in contributing this, and this will help you know, to where even the speakers that are coming. We are telling them that we don't have kid resources to pay their flights or to pay them fees. and So the people that you're gonna see that are just accepting to participate at covering most of their costs and that's you know that's basically what we managed to to put together in such a short notice.

But if you have ideas to fundraise and we would love to, to to help, and and definitely happy to to find connections, Yeah, we'll be happy to support the sponsorship initiative. So we no, I i'm gonna we're good sponsor sponsoring. So , definitely, if I can do something I can help. Maybe you can sit in, you know I can. How about the team, Super Super? And there is a a Burner community here in body , some people that have been involved in burning men, and and there are close to that other type of community I was mentioning before. Nice, nice, nice, very fun, Thank you. Thanks. So yeah. And yeah, Peter.

Alex Shop was fundamental in the setup of the Fab lab. I've been the first fab lab in indonesia in in Yoga kata at the house of natural fiber, which is, I think, it's like a little bit. The, you know, like a standby a little bit. and so that live is some. We we have access to the people that used to run the lab, and and we are trying to involve them, as well as many other maker spaces, Fab labs as well as initiatives working with ethical blockchains, a new materials, etc. So organized by caste and that's gonna happen in the next couple of weeks. And James. Yeah, I remember when games came here he he staying in my friends place.

And so we're well aware and I think Jen is gonna be involved. Also bring in and some of these machines here hopefully, and making some of these machines here And Hank A about accommodation, I? You already shared. Not that no in the in the website We're starting to to put in the travel recommendations. We'll start to put the list of hotels that we are starting to work in the need a valley. it's a place that You can find. You can see like a literally next to rats in cockroaches, and they like at $3 per night. And still sleep, you know, like I guess we can do it. You can sleep, for at the same place in I don't know $2530 per night, and you can rent something by month. That probably is gonna make things a lot cheaper of course and and you can stay in the place that it costs $2,000 per night.

It's like it's really that range it's insane. So where we we're putting some recommendations, there are, like, you know, the safe hotels for us are the ones close to Jim Baron hard, but of course, you are free to look. You know, airbnb options or or other alternatives that you feel more comfortable with. So take our recommendations there. but of course it's up to you to to choosing which range you wanna stay.

If you're coming for for a couple of weeks another option, and with you can also run things with a bunch of people. Again, like as you can see in a decent hotel, and the overall cost for the 2 weeks. Maybe it's gonna be too much and in in percent of all prices a lot. It will be cheaper than your rent and anyway, in Europe i'm quite sure. Call oneself pay rent and if you're gonna stay for a month.

Definitely look for renting an entire house with more people if you're gonna stay for 2 months. I'd recommend you staying for maybe a week somewhere else, and then look for a place, and go and see them and check them. And before you engage in to 2 more a ran for 2 months Yeah, next week we will be placing up the the link for accommodations in the website. So i'll be sending that on the telephone group as well We will better be here. A blended version like virtual part of it, because I won't be able to to come for 2 weeks and and close lab year, and we are gonna do a all of this efforts are gonna go to make a essential event we want to bring people together and we're gonna document what is happening.

And so we're aiming to to create content that kind of creates, a kind of for the or records and documents. What has been happening during the event. We want to organize daily pop Tv sessions. But what we are not going to do is to every single thing trying to make it the double.

You know that I make it essential. and digital. So whatever is happening is happening here. They will be, of course, like you know. I can shorts great this day. How do you call it the zoom in ? and then there will be sessions that will be fat Tv, which I'm, you know, I think I got I personally loved last year up to be which like maybe some of the speakers and some of the people that is there you know would we we're setting up like a Tv studio where people sit down talk and and and discuss with the network what is happening in Bali, and create a moment of interaction of one or 2 h. Yeah, And we are. And to add to that, basically the we will record the panels.

And also the symposium. But that will be like a synchronous meaning that we will upload that later or not, as the conference 6 place. So, and maybe the only ones that will be like online, will be what we have call for a couple of years. The working groups of like topics like Fab academy things like that where we know that it's a really diverse group. Those will definitely be. At least we will have a zoom room available in the room work. People are in person to get them involved. but also, because of time zoning It's gonna be really hard to sync in the 3 time zones in the morning of Indonesia.

And then in the app in the in Yeah, you a year ago, we see It's like 3 am, or something like that, so it will be really hard for people to connect. If we definitely so, I think, as an overall decision, we decided that we are gonna like record at these the most important parts of the conference, then place them, asking honestly, maybe more synchronously, would be the summaries of today. For sure. we have the Fatty V versions, and then, like the big panels and things like that will be like a week after the event, they will be placed online for everyone to watch. So yeah, we're trying our best in a blended situation, but sometimes blended in time.

Zones in different times. It doesn't even work and it's something that you reminded me of some not in terms of how the the accommodation, you say, because you mentioned home states. So let me give you like a the price range and what you can expect if you find online that the name is cost. Kos. and you say, Oh, this is so cheap expect that you're gonna be in a situation in which you maybe have someone else in the room, or or something else in the room, and in the shape of any animal. So the cost is the cheapest option, and not always the cleanest.

The next one is the home state, which is more like a for black packers. Kind of approach. but you can find like a some, you know. I mean they're cleaner, you can have individual rooms with your in some of the cases most of the cases will individual bathroom and share swimming pool, and then the other Then when it's called hotel Then it's like a the price goes up Now so of course maybe it's like a below $10. Then home stays is the ranges between 15 and maybe $35, and then, when it's hotel it's a little bit more. Not so keep that in mind. You paid for what you get in most of the cases.

And and yeah, I think they get there again like plenty. Plenty of options. and it's even nice if I don't know if I would recommend to book all the days you're gonna stay longer than the events them of course on book all the time in the same place because if you say some days after. it would be nice for you to travel around the island and stay in in other places. There's a lot to see a lot Just a question about the ticket price so imagine that with the French problem network with plan to buy, maybe one or 2 tickets a couple of weeks before the event. For some reason with the outbreak, for instance, or whatever the events can't

happen. Is it possible for the French public network to get reinforced of the ticket? How do you plan this This possibility? Yeah, no as I said before? Not only for the French but what's the known French So I had for my case. But I guess it's gonna be the same thing for everybody. So . not no discrimination. but a what? What do you think like? The only one or 2 people will come from the fact. The French network, or discuss an example? No, we are discussing about one, maybe 2 representative board members of the French Problem network , the from the Association itself. , I don't know the President or secretary or whatever , I mean it's €500, which is gonna be probably €1,000 for the 2 of them, which is okay but then how can we make sure you know being ensured that we can get back the money if the Evan doesn't happen now that you have something to say about that i'm gonna add to that that there are couple of discounts available for members of the community especially if you're part of the regional network there's more information, or frequently ask questions section in the website, so that you can contact either me if it's for the general network or contact with scanner if it's for 5 academy or fabric academy So there's a couple of discounts there related to if they apply with or without a workshop, with workshop.

We have more discounts or more incentives on discounts. If they don't want to do a workshop, it's fine. They still get like a 10% discount if they're part of file labs. I you? So So yeah, just so you know there's a couple of discounts available for them. But yeah, if in the case that there is now break or that there is I don't know, we go under Lockdown No, no, no, I don't want that anymore. So we we will definitely do like the give back the money to all the people that have purchase that what I mentioned is that we we we maybe have to make, because this is the second time. And maybe it's not so clear nor we should add it in the Faq.

At the refund policy. I think that we need to be very clear that if there are tax action costs we will have to re, you know, but we cannot do is to lose also all the money that we put in the event plus reform entirely to everyone So maybe you know the transaction costs, and we will be as transparent as possible in relation to that. But yeah, we are not aiming to to keep take it money if the event doesn't happen we reused for the year after. So I mean one of the question of the board was like Okay, like to keep the money, but we can come, for I don't know It's Mexico next year, or something like this. So I it would walk. You know what I mean no for sure I will now pass from one event to another. That's super hard to do especially when it's like different locations, different partners So I think in the case that the event does doesn't happen.

It will happen. yeah, , yeah and in case it doesn't happen. We will like, Give back the money, and we will. We will definitely. The fees that the the platforms take those we cannot get get back. but at least the the overall price we will. So? Oh, yeah, and more questions. The transport mostly the most convenient fast, And of course, in I said, extreme sport at the same time is is the motorbike. This is the motorcycle, and then you are required to have an international license that's the best that you can avoid to be black male by anyone. But there are always ways to work around it i'm i'm not supposed to say this in a recorded thing.

But yes, it's. not the end of the world if you don't have the international driver's license, and what is recommended, and there is a 2 services which are Go check. and grab go check and grab which are like out 2 or the most interesting apps that you know. They beat over and and and and a lot of other apps in terms of mobility, convenience, etc. So they basically, when you arrive, And I think we put that somewhere in also the recommendation, the basis for you. You get a local seam card which is quite cheap, you get a few gigabytes of data which is very fast and very good, and the Internet is super reliable at all levels.

And with a local number you can create your your project account and with your budget account. Basically it's like an over so so you can move you know. Do you can have a project driver by car, and by invite some of you get a good your car or you can get a Gojek motorbike and get in the back of a motorcycle driver, and experience the madness of the Indonesian traffic. We will be organizing transport for some of the special events as well for the Vcs. To the to the places where the 5 island challenge is happening so we're gonna get bosses.

And and yeah, I think I have i've pulled that covers I am just one thing. This is not a great place to learn how to drive a motor like, so do you either drive a motorbi or do you? Don't drive them out to like Hope that that is clear. Any other questions because we're basically just over the hour. Well, we are open to any questions that come up as you start figuring out , yeah, not just just to make too many comment on that like I wanted. I think that there was like a It was sensitive to respond by text. Why are we organizing the venue by leave. There is no 5 left Always these people right. I got I didn't want to respond just by text, and you know many people are open to interpretation.

You know, make a lot of interpretations, especially because we have some trolls in the group as well. So I wanted to make very clear that how we are operating, and and where these things coming from? also sure that we have a accountability. So every day. any any doubt, any questions you wanna have responded. You can always come to us either in the group or personally.

You know. So most of you have our emails for noted and I. and in when we don't have the clear answer, we will tell you that we are figuring it out and and just want you to make sure that again like we are doing this because we wanted to make it happen. and we might take good bad decisions. But we're always gonna be able to be accountable for those and and and explain to the network why would it the things that we are doing? Yeah, so free to ask us any questions on chat or write as emails preferredly write us to the email of the events, but that it doesn't get collapsed with other emails in our invoice the email that we're currently using is bad 17 at foundation dot org That's where I can keep track of all the things related to the event. And yeah welcome to Bali fafest this fall in in Indonesia. And yeah, I think we have been a couple of years apart, and it's the the is is the chance that we have to get together for a couple of days. So. we would love to have you all day, all of you.

There. we know that's something sometimes it's not possible at least most of you. So I would recommend you, maybe, to gather with your regional networks if you are part of any, try to figure out ways to participate also. Just remember, I know Thomas did not mention this, but most of the program is convenient, based around, or just to for you to learn a little bit more about what the full stack is about.

This is mostly related to Fab city. but I think we're trying to get it into a broader approach throughout the network. So. just look that up as you go into the participation section. Or if you have any questions, just text us or Send this an email and I think that's all for today. So. thank you. Thank you so much. Everyone for joining today, so wonderful to see this. Any familiar faces, wanting to know more about the event, and hope to see you soon in Bunny Thank you. . Okay, bye, bye to you. .

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