Inside the MOST EXPENSIVE Home In Ibiza, Spain

Inside the MOST EXPENSIVE Home In Ibiza, Spain

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(bright music) - What's up everybody, it's Enes here, and welcome to Ibiza, Spain. Today's tour is very exciting. We're checking out this incredible, modern property facing these breathtaking views. And house features 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 25,090 square feet of built up area, built on 61,375 square meters of land, which is a little over 15 acres. It is currently on the market for 39 million euros, which is around $41,850,000.

And with that price tag, it is the most expensive home currently on the market for sale here in Ibiza, Spain. We're really excited for this tour, and I want to give big thanks to the developer, Famosa Real Estate, and the listing agent, Christina Van Ederen, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing, and share it with all of you. And now, let's begin. Like we always do, we're gonna start our tour on the exterior. Gates open up to this incredible estate, and you have this long, private driveway that brings you all the way to this point. I love the cobblestone finish that we have here.

And throughout the driveway, you see this beautiful retaining wall with stacked stone design, and that stone actually comes out of this property. Since we're located on this hilltop, and throughout the excavation and site work, they managed to take all the stone and repurpose it with the retaining walls. Now, coming here, you have your first outdoor parking area. You have this tent design above, which softens up the sun a little bit and let's face it, if you own an estate like this, there's a good chance you may have a lot of visitors, you may throw big parties, and that's why having an outdoor parking space like this for 10 to 12 cars comes in really handy.

Now coming this way, we have the estate right in front of us. Beautiful design. You basically own this private hilltop, and the scenery here with the pine trees.

And not having any neighbors around is just incredible. We have this grass section on my left hand side, connects you to the side of the property, where you have your main backyard, and that space is awesome. We'll see it later. And looking back to the house, we have beautiful modern lines, stucco finish complimented with the stacked stone again, sourced on site, and you have walls of glass just facing these breathtaking sea views. Now coming here, we have the garage doors opening up to your four car garage, and coming through this way, you have additional parking space for 10 to 12 cars off of the staircase here that takes you to your entry. And coming this way, you have this long private walkway taking you to the front door.

And since this home is built on a hillside, you can actually see these massive rock walls after the site work. And they lift it beautifully, nicely landscaped, and it just gives so much character to this estate. Now on my right hand side, we have access to a balcony that opens up to two bedrooms on this wing. And coming back here, really spacious walkway, takes you all the way to the front door. And right on the other side, we actually have a really nice outdoor dining area right behind the kitchen that we will see in a bit. Now coming here, we have the double doors open up to the estate and Mikey, can we get a close up? Look how cool these doors are.

They were shipped from India, and the texture, the details. It breaks the modern lines of this home and gives so much warmth as you walk into the house. And coming in, right in front of us, we have the breathtaking views of the sea.

I mean, look at your backdrop. This is absolutely gorgeous. Now off of the entry, we have the staircase going down to the lower level, as well as the rooftop deck. Here we have the elevator access, and right off the entry, we have this really nice seating area facing these incredible views.

And this great room is able to open up to the outdoors, thanks to these Vitrocsa sliding glass doors that stack on each side and create perfect indoor, outdoor continuity. I mean, this is just absolutely phenomenal. And I gotta point out, these sliding glass doors are probably one of the best we have ever seen on this channel.

They have thin profile, and they have this really unique stacking design, which truly opens up the space, and we'll see these sliding glass doors throughout. Now coming this way, right in the center, we have the formal dining room area. Beautiful solid wood table, seating for 14, two chandeliers above. And I really like these lighter blue and whiter tones with these chandeliers, which really picks up the colored theme of our landscape here, and it just really warms up the space.

And what an incredible area for you to sit down, enjoy a meal, and look at these breathtaking views. Now let's continue our tour. Right on the other side we have the pocket doors opening up to the kitchen.

We have the island right in the center, beautiful natural stone countertops. And this kitchen is actually Boffi, super modern, but yet, because of these wood tone drawer fronts, this kitchen has a really cozy and just warm energy to it. Another detail I wanna point out, we have marble floors throughout this property, and it's the same marble, it's Crema Marfil, but each one of the spaces, they have different applications with the pattern. And in this case, in the kitchen, we have the chevron pattern, and they polished the kitchen floors with this different compound, which makes them look a little bit more darker than the rest of the floors here, but it actually makes it easier for them to clean the floors in the kitchen.

Now, coming back to the island, we have the induction cooktop, pop-up vent, pop-up plugs, and coming here, we have two sinks with these yacht-style faucets. And you may wonder why they have these kind of faucets, because they have this center section here, which you can slide. It's like a cutting board. - [Mikey] Oh, that's cool.

- It's like a covered plate. And it's just a fun design. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- Dishwasher in the center, Miele, and on our left hand side, we have a dumbwaiter, which is a great addition to this kitchen. It goes all the way down to the lower level where we have the chef's kitchen. We'll see that later. And it also goes all the way up to the rooftop deck.

Now come into this section. We have the coffee bar here, built-in appliances, your microwave oven setup, warming drawer. And if you want more of the minimalist look here, you can actually pull these bi-fold doors, and close off this section, beautifully staged. And lastly, we have sliding glass doors open up to a great outdoor space located on the backside of the property. We have the retaining walls here, nicely landscaped, and right in the center, you have this solid wood table, which looks so gorgeous.

Great dining area or breakfast nook. And above us, we have a motorized awning with LED lighting, that way you can either have it covered or have it open. Having a space like this, where you have sliding glass doors open up, brings a ton of ventilation and natural light to your kitchen.

It's just a great addition. Now let's go back in to the great room so we can continue our tour. And now right in front of us we have the seating area. Oversized sectional couch, which looks so comfortable. Coffee table, right in the center, massive carpet.

This room is super, super cozy. We have the gas fireplace here, stone clad on the bottom, wood clad on top. And we talked about the design elements and the references to elephants, and they even have it on the pillows here.

I mean, how cool is that? Talking about a cohesive design, right? - [Mikey] Yeah, I like that. - Super cool. And it's a great space of course, flows to the outdoors, great ceiling heights. And we even have a motorized TV here that actually tucks into this wood assembly here, right above the fireplace.

It's just a great seating area. Now I'm gonna take an interesting route here. I'm gonna start our tour with this bedroom. We have four bedroom suites on the main floor here, two primary, two junior primaries, and coming here off of the entry, we have a powder room dedicated for the seating area.

Beautiful stone vanity that's been chiseled, carved and polished, looks gorgeous. And we have this really unique mosaic tile on the walls, which gives a lot of texture to the space. LED-lit mirror, water closet here. Now going in, bedroom starts here. First, I wanna go tour the bathroom dedicated for this room.

We have the built-in closets here, open shower design, chrome fixtures. And over on this side, we have this long vanity design with two sinks, Dornbracht fixtures, LED-lit mirror. This really cool mosaic tile that wraps into the space.

And you even have an exterior door here, that way, guest that stays in this room can come in straight to this room without having to go through the house. Now, the bedroom itself, super spacious. We have a king size bed here, more of these green and teal tones, and you have a sliding glass door open up to a Juliet balcony where you look down on this really cool courtyard setup that we're gonna see on the lower level. Gets ton of natural light. TV's around the corner, beautiful junior primary bedroom. And one more detail Mikey, let's get a close up.

This chair right here, the material and upholstery came from Hermes, and we're gonna see a lot of these designer elements throughout with Armani, Chanel. It's a pretty cool house. Now let's take everybody back to the great room so we can continue our tour.

And right off the entry on the other wing, we have another junior primary bedroom and a primary bedroom facing these breathtaking views. The hallway for these two bedrooms starts right here, and I'm gonna go through this door to check out the junior primary suite. On my left hand side, we have a full bathroom with a walk-in shower and a vanity set up, and coming here, we have the room itself. Currently has two single beds, but you can join 'em together just like what they did here, or you can separate them with this center headboard. Sliding glass doors open up to a side balcony that I mentioned at the entry of this home, and just a good size bedroom.

Now let's go back to this specific hallway so we can check out the first primary bedroom suite. Another detail about this house, every single room has this fingerprint or card reader entry right here. And then you just place your card back or keep it with you.

And going in first, I wanna take everybody to the bedroom. Sliding glass doors open up to the outdoors and the incredible views. And each one of the bedrooms in this house have their own names. This one is the, "Beige Armani Suite," and it gets this name because of the wall coverings here coming all from Armani and looks great. You have your king size bed here.

I really like this padded back wall with LED lighting, which gives so much depth to this section of the room. Ceiling mount light fixtures, beautiful textiles all around with the chairs and the furnishings. You have your TV stand around the corner. And another detail I wanna mention, these sliding glass doors. They have motorized screens, and they have motorized curtains or blackouts on the outside, serving as your shutters, which truly blacks out these bedrooms.

I wanted to point it out. Another detail, they have full shutoffs for electricity in these rooms. Meaning with push of a button, you can shut off all the plugs, all the electricity and the lights in this room. That way you have no electrical interference in your bedroom, which is something I never heard of, but this house has it. Now let's continue our tour with the bathroom.

We have the door opening up. Bathroom and bedroom combined is around 62 square meters, so it's definitely spacious. More of the lighter tones. And we have a free standing tub right in the center with a chandelier above, definitely a good sized tub. And on top of that, a lot of times we see these floor mount tub fillers, but in this case, they actually placed this small wall here, which allowed them to hide their utilities and lines for the tub filler as well as the handheld. Looks great.

You have mosaic tiles on the walls, built-in closets, and come into this section. You have this long vanity design here with beautiful leather and alcantara coverings, towel rack in the center. Two sinks, Corian countertops, and I really like the design here, where we have three casement windows and two linear LED-lit mirrors, chrome fixtures. This bathroom looks gorgeous. Walk-in shower here, chrome fixtures, all open, and we have the water closet around the corner. Great bathroom.

Now I wanna take everybody outside because I'm gonna take a little bit of a different route here. Again, sliding glass doors open up and you have this incredible balcony patio space off of your main floor. Breathtaking views.

I mean the scenery here is absolutely gorgeous. On our right hand side, we have this protected mountain here, which means nobody can ever build there. So you have this full private hilltop, just stunning. All right, continuing our tour, a lot of outdoor seating areas, beautiful outdoor furniture. And come into this section, we have the great room all opened up.

Perfect indoor outdoor flow. And if you look at the front section of this house, we have these concrete beams, which serves as a sun shade and kind of softens up the sunlight that these rooms get. Now, obviously we have a lot of outdoor seating areas here, even columns have these recessed floor lights. So at night, this space lights up beautifully. And continuing our tour, we have a few more outdoor dining areas, but first I wanna talk about the view that we are looking at right here.

We are currently in Ibiza, obviously. Down below, we have Santa Eulalia Bay, looks super scenic. All the way to our left we have the Tagomago Island, and this is just a great scenery here. A little bit more old school and laid back. And the location of this property is really special because we are 10 minutes away from the heart of the city, where all the action is and what Ibiza is known for. And you're also five to 10 minutes away from some of the most scenic locations on the island.

So you get this peaceful setting. It's so quiet up here, so scenic. Honestly, I love this property, and there's one more detail I wanna mention. The way this house is built, it's location, it's size, is unreplicable, which means there will be no one else that can build a house this size on this lot or around this area ever again. The permit of this house was the very last one, which makes it truly one of a kind.

And with a 39 million euro price tag, that's why it's one of the most expensive homes ever built on this island. Now coming here, we have the first outdoor dining area. Look at the solid wood table.

So much character. And Mikey, we need a close up. I'm going a little out of my way here, but look at all these wood dowels they used to join it since it's lightly cracking here, but so much character. I love this table.

We have the seating area here on my right hand side opening up. coming here, another outdoor dining area, same style furnishings, glass railing, incredible views. And coming to this side, we have the second primary bedroom suite. This one is the "Gray Armani Suite," and it's obvious why, because we have the back padded wall, all gray, same design elements, LED lighting, TV around the corner.

This one is 63 square meters, which makes this one one square meter bigger than the other primary bedroom suite. And coming here, we have the main hallway. Nice desk set up here facing the courtyard, beautiful cabinetry, all leather wrapped.

And around the corner of course, we have a spacious full bathroom. Water closet on my right hand side, and let's get another close up. Look at this sliding glass door with linen inside. Looks so gorgeous, and going into the bathroom, we have the free standing tub on our right hand side, chandelier above, massive picture window, looking down on the courtyard area that we're gonna see in a bit.

Walk-in shower. Two of everything, rain heads, handhelds, and you have this really nice casement window where you can open on each side or lean it this way to get ventilation. Beautiful landscaping outside, just a stunning home. I mean stunning. And lastly, of course, you have your vanities here. Now let's go back outside so we can continue our tour.

That was it for the four bedroom suites we have on the main floor. And coming back out, again, the primary bedroom suites are facing these breathtaking views. Now I wanna actually take everybody this way.

So we have this center section here, which on the left hand side, it has a fireplace. And on the back side, it has this built-in barbecue area, which looks really cool. I gotta say, this is one of the best built-in barbecue setups we have ever seen on this channel. Right next to that, you have a full bathroom with a gorgeous vanity, and this bathroom serves as your pool bathroom area because the pool is actually down below us.

And Mikey, can we take everybody this way for a second? So this is the backside of the property, and the courtyard actually has an easy access point here that you guys will also see once we are at that level. Now let's continue our tour. There's a lot to see in this house and I wanna show everything to you guys. Coming back here on our right hand side, additional outdoor seating, fireplace, additional outdoor dining area. And you have this white staircase with beautiful natural stone walls, bringing you down to this section where we have three pools.

There's three on this side, one pool on the left, and that's right, there are four pools in this house. I wanna take everybody here. They've terraced this space really nicely.

And staircase takes you all the way down to the ground level, and each one of these pools serves a different purpose. The one right in front of us is the kids' pool, a little bit more shallow. The one right in the center is your regular infinity edge pool for the adults. And down below that, we have a really nice, linear lap pool.

I mean, it's incredible. You have three pools here alone. - [Mikey] Yeah, really nice.

We'll see the other pool in a minute. It's way bigger than these. - Way bigger. And another thing I wanna mention, each one of these terrace sections has a really nice grass area, that way you can just put your lounge chairs, relax, and even create a little bit of separation. - [Mikey] Yeah, really nice.

I feel like it's just a really good party house or fun house. Good rental house. - It's Ibiza, Mikey. - [Mikey] That's right. That's right. I keep forgetting we're in Ibiza and this is kind of a party destination. - That's right.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - Amazing property. And last detail, we have these linear, sliding glass windows bringing natural light to the lower level.

In fact, let's go check that space out next. All right everyone. Here we are on the lower level. We have the staircase opening up as you come up to the landing.

Elevator access on our right hand side, again goes all the way up to the rooftop deck. And over here, we have this door, opening up to this spacious laundry room, four washers, four dryers, and you even have an extra storage area. Now coming here off of the landing, we have this really cool seating area that connects a lot of different rooms on this level. We have this sectional couch set up right in the center, facing the four-TV wall. And by the way, behind this TV, we even have a PlayStation, but this is a great spot for you to sit down, relax as you come to the lower level. And again, it connects you to all different spaces that we're gonna tour in a bit.

Now I wanna talk about the backdrop, which is this incredible garage. We have this glass wall separating the garage from the seating area. And of course, when you own a property like this, there's a very good chance you're gonna have some incredible cars. And that's why they have this gorgeous, orange Bentley right in the center right now.

With all the lights on looks pretty awesome, huh? - [Mikey] Really nice. I don't know if it's orange, it's a gold-orange, but it's a unique color. - It's a tasteful orange. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- In fact, Mikey, let's show everyone the inside, You know, we tour incredible homes. Here and there we see nice cars. This is actually specced out pretty cool. - [Mikey] Yeah. I had a look at this earlier and the leather is incredibly soft.

- Absolutely. We have the same marble floors also here with a different finish, little bit more durable for the garage. They have these accordion doors that opens up the garage to the driveway, and I just love that. Just like the front door, they brought some of these reclaimed details to the garage door. It just looks great and unifies the design elements of this property.

Now I wanna talk about this glass section here that looks towards the retaining walls. This house is built on a hillside, and as they were excavating and doing the site work, they had to move a lot of these rocks all around and they also used them and repurposed them as retaining walls. And what a cool design element here, where they place this glass section and set the wall a little bit more forward and put some outdoor lighting and voila. You're looking at a James Bond style retaining wall. - [Mikey] Yeah. There's another one on this floor that's really cool.

And you'll see where these came from a little later in the tour. - Absolutely. And we even have this little recessed in section here with some toy cars, pretty awesome garage.

One more detail, and this house is all about details. Look at the design on the glass here, hinting that "Elephant Hills," name. Now let's come back here. We have two bedroom suites on our left hand side, nice pocket door sealing off this hallway if you need to.

On our left hand side, we have the first bedroom, two single beds, built-in closet on the right. This is one of those windows that we saw by the three pools in front. And this is how you get natural light for this room. And coming here, your bathroom's off of the entry, beautiful vanity. Even these drawers are wrapped with beautiful textiles and alcantara, and coming here, water closet, walk-in shower, and a nice mirror dividing wall between the water closet and walk-in shower.

Now right across, we have the second bedroom. It's designed pretty much the same way. Two single beds, linear window, built-in closet behind me, and coming here, just like the other bedroom, open bathroom design, vanity, shower, water closet, everything you need. Now let's take everybody back to the seating area. On our left hand side, we have a really cool room that we're gonna check out in a bit.

But first, I wanna bring everybody to this main hallway. We have a pocket door here, seals off this section in case you wanna separate this part of the home from the seating area. And coming here, the first door opens up to the chef's kitchen. Now this is a full size, commercial kitchen with everything you could possibly need. You have your sink, commercial dishwasher, fryers, griddle, induction cooktop, commercial oven, massive hood vent above, and you have all these open racks, spaces, island in the center.

Entire thing is stainless steel, extra storage. We have the dumbwaiter here. Again, starts on this level, goes all the way up to the rooftop deck, that way, if you have staff here cooking for you, they can literally push your food all the way up to the top floor. Mikey, let's get a closeup. Your walk-in fridge.

I mean, this is the real deal. You have a massive freezer here. Everything you need. You can easily cook and prepare a party for two to three hundred people here, just on this kitchen here alone.

Now, let's take everybody back to this long hallway. We have cove lighting details above, beautiful wallpaper throughout gives you that warmth. And we have two bedroom suites on this corner. We're gonna start our tour with this one. You have the built-in closets off of the entry with this beautiful Chanel wallpaper bordered with alcantara.

Looks very exquisite. And on the other side, we have additional cabinetry and off of the entry. We go straight into the bathroom. Two sinks, Corian countertops, beautiful drawer set up with the towel rack on the bottom.

You have the water closet on the right hand side, walk-in shower here with Dornbracht fixtures. And one more detail, this back wall is actually iron tile with the rose gold finish that looks very exquisite with the back-lighting from the mirrors. Now let me take everybody this way. They call this room the "Copper Courtyard Suite," and I'm gonna explain why they call it that just in a minute. On my right hand side, we have the king size bed, super spacious room, same marble floors. Including the bathroom, this room is around 48 square meters.

And I just love how this house is full with contemporary, beautiful furniture, but yet in each one of these rooms, you have these really unique, older kind of antique, curated pieces that really warms up the space and also gives so much character to this house, and that's why each one of these rooms feel a little bit different. But as a whole, the house has a very cohesive feel to it. Now, instead of going back to the hallway, I actually wanna take everybody this way.

Through these sliding glass doors, we go into this really cool courtyard area that we mentioned earlier. Right in the center of it, we have this gorgeous copper free-standing tub, and that's why they call this room the "Copper Courtyard Suite." Now as a backdrop, we have all these stacked rocks and retaining wall above, beautiful landscaping.

And this section here allows these two bedrooms to get so much natural light and fresh air. And it's just a nice, intimate outdoor seating area. Also, if you wanna go from these bedrooms straight to your side yard, where you have the main pool, you have a nice ladder access here, that way you don't have to go through the house.

You have an easy access here. Now, let's go this way. We have these sliding glass doors opening up to the "Golden Courtyard Suite." 42 square meters, a little bit smaller.

King size bed, and just like it's name, we have all these beautiful, golden textures with the carpet, wallpaper, ceiling mount light fixtures, curated pieces. Comes with a little desk setup here, TV, everything you need. And following the hallway we have the built-in closets on our left hand side, full bathroom on my right hand side, two sinks, water closet, nice open shower, good size bathroom. Now we're back to the hallway that we were in earlier, and we have this door now taking us to the spa. This is one of the best parts of this home.

And within this spa, we have so many different amenities, and that's why off of my right hand side, we have the makeup area within spa, LED-lit mirror, wallpaper. And you even have a motorized curtain that you can lower to have some privacy here. Now, before we tour the spa. I actually wanna take everybody this way. We are right next to the seating area off of the entry, and here we are at the club. Now, even though I said "Club," this is basically a great open space where you can entertain, listen to some music, hang out with your friends.

And on my right hand side, we have the DJ booth. I really like the design here with the curvature and LED lighting, stone countertops. And on the back, we have a Pioneer DJ controller, disco lights all around. And throughout this room, they have this cool theme with the wallpaper, ceiling paint. And come into this section, we have the bar with dual elevation, again, beautiful countertops, bar seating, bar lighting. And on the back you have every single appliance you can think of.

You have multiple fridges. In fact, Mikey, can we get a close up? I just love how meticulous the staging in this house is. I mean, look at each one of these fridges, perfectly stacked. Of course, you have your dishwashers, more fridges and more dishwashers here, everything you can think of. Open shelving, linear window, built in speakers.

This is a pretty, pretty awesome space. And lastly, we have the seating section here, multiple chairs, coffee tables. This section also looks great. Now, coming here, I wanna bring everybody's attention to this section.

This house is named "Elephant Hills," and throughout our tour, we saw all these subtle details with the pillows and graphics all around the house, referencing the elephants, right? And in this case, they really wanted to make a statement. And that's why we have these two beautiful statues of elephants with this really unique finish. And they wanted to highlight this design element so much, that they even placed these floor recessed lights to kind of light up these statues. And in my opinion, they look awesome. - [Mikey] Do you know where the designer sourced these from? They look very like Indian. - Possible.

I actually don't know, but I have a feeling these are custom pieces. - [Mikey] Yeah. Just like the front door, that was sourced from India, right? - India, correct. - [Mikey] Yeah, so I thought these might be the same. - I mean, looks amazing, right? - [Mikey] Yeah. - Super cool.

And the door in between these statues takes you to the powder room dedicated for the nightclub. We have two water closets on each side, just like a regular club, beautiful iron tile that goes all the way to the back with this golden finish. And we have two stone sinks, circular mirrors with LED lighting, just a stunning bathroom dedicated for this space. And I wanna mention, I mean, we're in Ibiza, people like to entertain, so you can obviously utilize this space as a nightclub, or you can utilize it as extension of your seating area off of the landing. It's just a nice open space. Now let's go back to the spa.

And by the way, you can actually close this glass door and then create some separation between the spa and the club. I'm gonna start our tour with the first room on our left hand side. This is where we have the staff quarters. You have the kitchenette off of the entry with some built-ins, 24 inch dishwasher, sink, induction cooktop, nice desk set up here, king size bed, and you have a full bathroom.

I really, really appreciate that. Even for the staff quarters, they've utilized same design elements and same finishes for the bathrooms and the room. Now coming here, we have this long hallway with Uponor heated floors, mirror wall on this side. And on my right hand side, we have the massage room separated by this glass door. And throughout the spa, we have Monet's "Water Lilies," wallpaper, which is something I really like. It just makes the spa look a little bit more fun.

And a great massage room, you even have a small sink around the corner. And continuing our tour, this spa gets better. Look at your hammam, all marble clad, and it's fascinating to me that throughout the house, they use the same marble on the floors and on the walls in different kind of applications and patterns. It's the same stone that we have on the floors here, but in the center you have the chevron pattern, and on the walls, they have this little bit more water repellent finish, since this is the hammam. And you have your handheld here, drains nicely tucked underneath, amazing space.

This spa is gorgeous. Now let's continue our tour. Right here. I'm just gonna go up here. This is kind of fun. We have the indoor pool.

We have jet stream that you can swim against. You have the world's biggest rain head, which is right in the center and it's incredible. You have the fountain here and on top of that, just like the garage, we have this retaining wall detail, which somehow makes the space feel so much cooler and a hint of futuristic. - [Mikey] It's almost like an art exhibit. It's like, you're looking into... - Well said.

- [Mikey] It's like a museum almost. - Absolutely. It's just a fun touch, and yes, you have your indoor pool here.

Now we have some built-in closets, and going this way, we have three shower heads with aroma showers, meaning the water that comes from these rain heads have hint of flavors. I believe jasmine was the one, and I forgot the other two, my bad. - [Mikey] Probably some spa flavor. The eucalyptus. - Eucalyptus, probably.

Exactly. - [Mikey] Yeah. - It just feels a little bit nicer on your skin and you have this textured stone, brushed nickel fixtures, three shower heads. Incredible. Now right next door, we have the gym. Let's go have a quick look.

Before we start here, on my left hand side, we have a door opening up to a really nice powder room, and coming back to the gym, hardwood floors, linear window, mirror wall, and we have all this Technogym equipment. And I feel like Technogym is like Apple for gym equipment. It's just sleek, elegant, looks very modern, and goes really well with these modern homes.

And this is just a great space, and it gets better because we have a door here that takes us to a small hallway, which leads you to the outside. (gentle music) And it brings you to this point where you can access the side of the property here. We have two bedrooms located on this side too. I wanna have a quick look, sliding glass doors open up. This one has more of the red theme, and the wallpaper on the back is actually Saint Laurent, and going around the corner, we have a shared bathroom here, Jack and Jill set up. And the reason for that is this section was designed for families, or designed as a detached guest home where you can be a little bit more separated from the main estate.

You have a spacious bathroom here, walk-in shower, water closet, vanity's here. Same design elements. And on the other side, we have another bedroom which starts right here. This one has more of the lighter tones, beautiful padded back wall. Again, elephants on pillows.

Pretty awesome. - [Mikey] Love to see it. - Love to see it.

All right, let's continue. Obviously this section, these two bedrooms also gets a little outdoor patio. And going this way, we have the main pool. This pool is 144 square meters.

It's massive. And before we cover that section, I actually wanna bring everybody here to the front part of this incredible backyard. We talked about it earlier. Driveway actually connects to this grass section and leads to your backyard, that way, if you have parties here or events, people can just come to this section without having to go through your house. Breathtaking views, and this whole section here has a massive retaining wall.

And that's how they managed to fill this section up and create this incredible backyard experience. This pool looks so inviting. I mean, look at this. Can you imagine the parties you can throw here? - [Mikey] Yeah, this pool is massive, even for L.A. standards. Which I feel like it's almost a competition to just make pools bigger and bigger.

Ibiza came and just destroyed all of them. - Absolutely. This area is one of my favorite sections of this house. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- All right, Mikey, let's continue our tour. Obviously you have this tiled patio all around the pool, makes it easier to walk around. You have some lounging beds on the left hand side, and coming here, we got this beautiful wall, stacked stone design and two outdoor showers with the scupper heads. It doesn't have a shower head. You basically get a huge waterfall pouring on you. Pretty awesome.

I mean, this house just keeps giving. You have your outdoor bar area here. Everything you can think of, fridge, ice maker, sink, dishwasher. You even have an espresso machine here.

Pretty cool. - [Mikey] Very nice. - And let's continue our tour. Now we talked about it all the time. You can throw a couple hundred people party in this house.

And when we said that, we meant it, because look at this section here. I mean talking about throwing events, this is it. This is all you need. And on top of that, since this house is located on a hillside, you have this beautiful rock formation. And this section here wasn't actually done or excavated by the developer here.

This is all original. And the only thing the developer did here is to build this retaining wall, and they landscaped it beautifully just in case if a rock falls, it doesn't just come to your backyard area. And, gets better, we actually have a few caves here because this was one of the earlier quarries for the masons who were building homes on this island. How crazy is that? - [Mikey] Yeah, I assumed this was made in the construction of this house. I didn't realize this was somewhat natural.

- All natural. - [Mikey] Yeah. Well, I mean, you said it was used as a quarry. - Yeah, my bad, my bad. - [Mikey] It's almost all natural. But yeah, this is one of my favorite details of the house.

It just gives some scale to this backyard. - Absolutely. Probably one of the best backdrops we have ever seen on this channel. You have a super wide staircase coming down from your main floor to your backyard. Palm trees.

It's incredible. And it gets better, because right on top, we have a crazy rooftop deck. You may ask, "Where does this house end?" It doesn't, it just keeps giving. We have the elevator on our left, little landing area here with a desk set up, sliding glass doors open up to this incredible rooftop deck. And just look at these views, it's breathtaking. It's gorgeous out here and Ibiza's pretty fun.

- [Mikey] Yeah, it's incredible. Y'all can't really see, but it's just full of sailboats and kite boarders. We have all these hotels lining the beach, clear blue water. What more could you want? - Absolutely.

And you even get a rooftop deck, outdoor seating area, outdoor shower around the corner. And coming here, we have more outdoor seating, your outdoor bar with a motorized awning, and the dumbwaiter that we saw earlier on both floors comes all the way up to this level. And this space is just great where you can sit down, relax, and enjoy these views. Now that's it for the property.

But of course, we're gonna spend a few more hours here so we can see this place at dusk. And that's it from Ibiza. Not much to say here, stunning build, amazing views. And as always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video.

So make sure to check that out. I also wanna give big thanks to the developer, Famosa Real Estate, and the listing agent Christina Van Ederen, for allowing us tour their amazing listing, and share it with all of you. And if you enjoyed this video, just make sure to give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week.

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