I found WILD Tech from Temu

I found WILD Tech from Temu

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- Today I have a simple mission. Can I find some actually good stuff on Temu? What could go wrong? Hello, A-U-blank-blank-I-N. Did they censor my name? Ah, gross. So this is for Switch.

It's RGB, I think, and it's ultra wide. Thickened, lazy, inflatable sofa. Thickened? Have I been thickened? Do I need to enthicken myself? I think I do. That's for your dog? It's a Pokeball pet bag. So, it's basically a backpack except you put your dog in it, and it has some mesh.

Ah, what the hell? What the hell? No, I've hurt myself enough for videos. I'm taking a break. Housing panel for PS5. So this is, oh, it's so ugly. Oh, look how ugly that is.

So it's got these like weird vents on the top. I mean, I get the idea that you can get some extra cooling, but this looks terrible. (Austin laughing) This photo is the dude punching and his girlfriend on the other wall sleeping. Weird things for adults. Inappropriate.

Why is that one of the searches you're trying to give me, Temu? You get officially licensed TOMY slippers. I want Gengar slippers. I mean, I want Psyduck slippers, 'cause that's the only option in stock. What the hell? You can get, oh, my God! I want a Squirtle nightlight. I mean, he is a little creepy, but I wanna Squirtle nightlight. So, that, my friends, I have everything I need to place my order at Temu.

I will see you in two to seven weeks when all of my lovely, very authentic items have arrived. This video was sponsored by the Laifen Wave. Now, when I first got this toothbrush a little over a month ago, I was immediately impressed.

And now that I spent more time with it, I like it even more. It has not only vibration, but also 60 degrees of oscillation. It's got three times as much power as the leading competition.

And yet, because the toothbrush heads that it come with have incredibly soft bristles, it won't damage your gum. In fact, the toothbrush heads are really nice. So, in the box you're going to get three when you purchase the Laifen Wave. And when you're ready for refills, they're very affordable.

So you can get a three pack for $10 or a six pack for 17. And that same affordability comes for the entire Laifen Wave. Now if you're comparing this to a standard regular toothbrush, of course it's a little bit more expensive. But compared to the other high-end electric competition, this is so much more affordable. Not only in the ABS design, which is the one that I've been using for a little bit, but you can also get it in both stainless steel, as well as aluminum. They're a little bit more pricey, but the premiumness of this toothbrush is something that I never thought I would be impressed with.

But here we are. Once you pair it to the app, you've got over 60 settings to tune it exactly the way you want. And when I say this thing is premium, I mean premium, the unboxing experience is phenomenal. It feels just like an Apple product. On top of that, it has a magnetic charging cable, as well as USB-C charging, which means it's very easy to use.

You don't need a special dock and the whole thing. So if you're ready to up your toothbrush game, you should absolutely check out the Laifen Wave at the link in the description. Thank you to Laifen for sponsoring this video and for making my teeth (tongue clicks) shiny clean.

Hey, edit team, can you do a little ding, right on my smile, it'd be great. (bell dinging) (swooshing) So, I maybe shopped a little too much like a billionaire. This my friends, is all of the Temu tech that your heart desires. I'm not sure where to begin. (laughs) Let's start with this very lightweight little package. It's also very like squishy. (plastic rustling)

First of all, we have the what? What am I looking out here? - So it's velcroed onto the back, right? (velco tearing) So it seems like it's a real thing, but then this is just like adhesive. So I could just peel this off, and it's sticky underneath. I don't think it's supposed to be like that.

What did I buy? It's a punching bag. Oh! I don't know why I thought it was a bag, well, I guess I thought it was a bag of some kind. Oh! Okay, okay, okay. So, if you, like me, have got a little bit of an anger issue, this is the perfect item so that you can let that out in a healthy, safe manner. and also punch through walls according to Temu. All right. - Let's go, let's go.

- I just did a couple soft ones, right? That's okay? - Yeah, yeah. - All right. All right. (fists pounding) - Okay, well. (laughs) (Austin screams) (fists pounding) (friend grunts) - The Ken Bolido strength is so real.

- Nerds punching boxes. (Austin screams) - [Austin] Wait, wait. Picture your last 10 of 10. (Ken sighs) (group laughs) (bomb explodes) Next up we've got a little guy. This is mini.

Oh! (box clunks) (hands slapping) (censored) you past Austin! (Austin groans) This is an eye humidifier. - [Ken] A what? So this is supposed to humidify my eyeballs. Now, as someone who tried and failed to get contacts recently, that was not my problem. It was the sticking my fingers in my eyes that was a problem. Everybody ready? - [Ken] Oh, I don't know if you should. Oh, my! (laughs) It's a humidifier just for your eye.

- Now hold on a second. I feel like if someone walks up to you and says, "Hey, come here," you should run away immediately. Look over here. Look over here. Oh, my God, you're beautiful now, that's amazing.

- [Ken] Oh, gosh. No, it's not like the worst thing ever. - [Ken] Is it working? - Yeah, yeah, my eyeball feels really wet right now. (Alex laughing) Whew! Do I look beautiful yet? - [Alex] You look like you're crying. (group laughing) - No, wait a minute, this is perfect! The next time I need to cry on cue, I'll just use one of these things, look! (Ken laughs) Oh, I'm so sad.

It's so sad. So much sadness. (Austin mimics crying) Alright, moving on. What's this big guy? The JC 200 Wireless Gamepad.

Notice this console does not contain, wait, what? This product does not contain console. Oh, yeah, 'cause it's just a Switch gamepad. Now, this was the black crack design. (Ken laughing) - [Ken] What? - I'm reading directly on here. I would say maybe a poor choice of words, Temu, but let's see what we got. Okay, so we got ourselves a, wait, why is this a wireless controller? It is quite literally plugging into the Switch.

So how is this? Okay, whatever. - [Ken] Well, I mean, there's no wire dangling out of it, so I mean. - It's true. It also has a dual USB-C to USB-A. Sus. It's a qualified certificate that it passed, thanks. And then we've got ourselves the little controller.

Now, I've looked at a couple of these in the past. Ew! That's what they mean by the design? - [Joanna] That looks like a Bengoo mouse. (laughs) - It looks like a Bengoo mouse. Oh, good Lord. Okay, there we go.

This is the JC 200 that apparently you just drop your Switch into. Now, here's the weird thing. It doesn't actually plug in via USB-C, so I kind of get what they're doing here. They leave the USB-C port open. So then you have to pair it wirelessly. And then you've got yourself a Mega Switch.

You do also have buttons on the back. I mean, it feels kind of cheapy. And you have your locks for what, I don't know? I guess to keep it from kicking out. Yeah. Okay. You can kinda lock it in. And then you do have some spots for game card storage on the top.

I'll say, even though I think that this design looks a little bit goofy, it actually doesn't feel bad. That actually does look kind of cool, I'll give you that. - [Ken] Oh, I thought it was a sticker. - No, and in fact, look, even glows.

See, like, how it comes in and out. That actually is kind of cool. But it actually feels pretty good, I'm not gonna lie.

Yeah, the sticks all feel fine. The buttons feel fine. It's certainly much more like a big boy controller, just 'cause it's got actually a grip for not a three-year-old.

How much is a controller? - [Alex] $44. Wow. - Okay. So, the thing is, it's actually a good controller. Like, it's actually quite solid. My big problem with it is just the fact that it is wireless, which just feels dumb. Like, when you could have just docked it with the Switch and had it actually work.

Now, there's probably some reasons why Nintendo doesn't want to license and yada, yada, yada. If this worked wired instead of wirelessly, I didn't have to charge the controller, I'd actually be kind of okay with it. Next up, we got whatever this is. Now, this feels like probably multiple items. All right, I'll start out with, (plastic rustling) (Austin grunts) um, mm, I'll be right back, my friend. (Alex laughs) - [Ken] Oh, no.

(floor squeaking) Oh, my! (laughs) Oh, my God! (whooshing) (gentle music) (gentle music continues) (knuckles rapping) (door clicking) (keyboard clicking) (fabric rustling) (Austin thuds) (gentle music fades) - So, next up we have... (Austin screams) Nintendo, if you're watching, look away. Look, it's everybody's favorite Squirtle. (group laughing) Ah, boy, he looks like he just took a... (hands slapping) (group laughs) And he's hiding it.

Why is he yellow? (Ken laughs) What the, wait, wait, wait. - [Ken] Well, you like that. - Yellow? (group laughs) How much was the Squirtle? - [Alex] Like nine bucks. - $9? Man. - [Ken] I mean, okay. That's not good.

- That is so much worse, what the hell? (Ken laughs) (swooshing) (box thumps) This one's weirdly heavy. What's weirdly heavy? So, our good buddy Matt, is a huge Lego enthusiast. So, I got him this! A whole computer. So this is a retro nineties PC in the style of Lego, you know, like Lego Matthew! Can we all just give a cheer for Matt? (group applauds) Matt! Yay, Matt, how are you? You feeling good today? How are you? Scale of one to 10, - Two. - Okay, cool, how about a 2.5, my dude? (box thumps) (Matt screams) - That's cool.

- Matt. - That's cool. I enjoy this. - [Ken] His eyes are up there, by the way. - So, Matt, you built a Lego or two in your day, right? - Yeah.

- You wanna build this one? - Let's do this. (group laugh) - No, no, not right now. Like you can take it home and do it later.

- Woo, hoo! Project for when I'm sick. - Yep. It's your Pantasy. (Alex laughing) ♪ Berries and cream, berries and cream ♪ ♪ I'm a little girl who just wants berries and cream ♪ - I was in a blow up Grimace doll costume, like, 10 minutes ago, and this is so much worse than that. All right. (hands clapping)

Well, let's continue on with another big-ass box. Oh, this one's absurdly squishy. Oh, oh, no, this is fine. I was sussed out. This is totally fine.

This is my electronic drum set because I've always wanted to be cool and Temu allows me to not only shop like a billionaire but also sound like a billionaire drummer. ♪ Electronic drums ♪ Oh, it's just pads. - [Ken] Oh, there you go. - Oh, wait. Oh, what the hell? All right. Wow.

Those are some real big sticks. I think I could put this together pretty easy. It looks like it's basically assembled. So I have a USB port.

(plastic crinkling) (Austin screaming) Why was it shocking me? (group laughing) What? (bright music) (friends laughing) (vibrant music) (drumsticks pounding) (funky bass music) (smooth jazz music) (everyone cheers) - Yeah, okay. (laughs) (bright music) (fingers snapping) - [Alex] Oh, not the Carlton dance. No! Not the Carlton dance! - The quality on this is really good. The speakers are loud.

- The speakers are loud enough that we've irritated everyone within a mile radius. The gift of Temu just keeps on giving today. We have so much stuff. Like, this is gonna be a lot.

First of all, we have our PlayStation 5 Slim horizontal stand. I like these little Temu bags they gave me. This is very fancy. We've got ourselves the PS5 Slim, which we are going to heavily modify and upgrade, starting with some new shells. So we got ourselves, oh, oh, my, okay.

So I saw this as a blue shell. I didn't think this was the kind of blue shell we were getting. It does have a little bit of additional cooling, although a very small amount 'cause these grates are tiny. But, yeah, we could do one of these guys.

Boy, it's not gonna look so much better. Actually, you know what? It might look okay from a distance. It might look, okay. How much do we pay for this thing? - Well, I mean, good news because we paid 30 bucks. That's half of what the officially licensed Slim new panels are, 60 bucks on Sony. I mean, you're definitely saving money.

I gotta say, though, it looks like you're saving money. It looks like you got your PS5 from Temu, and, well, if that's what you're looking for, by all means, but I'm happy to report that we got a whole lot more to make this thing look so much cooler than this. We've got ourselves a cooling console stand, which is gonna give us additional USB ports and additional coolidge.

So, this is a cooling stand, but all it is is just a thing to prop it up a little bit and give you some USB ports. So, you trade one for three, no one for four USBs, but it just goes on like this. There's nothing else to it. Boy, oh, boy, that is sure a Temu upgrade PS5 but I got even more stuff for you, including a multifunctional P-5 cooling stand for the Slim. How does this work? I don't know.

Ask JerryRigEverything. Okay. Wow, that's a lot of things. There's a lot of stuff going on here. Okay, we have a long USB, we have our little USB-C dongles, which are for our controllers, and we've got our fan settings.

That right there is a horizontal, vertical PlayStation with. (Ken laughing) These are all really bad. So, here's the thing, I can fire this all up and we can hear it sound like a jet engine, which will be hilarious. But you should not buy any of these things, 'cause I'll be honest with you, the cooling stands are dumb because, guess what? If you're trying to cool off your PlayStation, you don't just blow air at it, 'cause that doesn't do anything.

Now, this little USB guy is fine, but it's really janky looking. I guess you could make an argument for the blue shell. But, here's the thing, I don't hate the fact that it is a single piece design, but these vents look dumb.

They just don't look good. How much did I pay for my various PlayStation 5 bits and bobs? - [Alex] The horizontal one, the base one that's on the bottom, that one? That one's a good old 30 bucks. - Not worth it, okay, moving on. - [Alex] And then the other one, which is the horizontal stand, that one's at 15 bucks.

- Also not worth it. And, it was 30 bucks for the shells. So, I'll tell you that maybe don't Temu your PS5.

Well, what we need to do now is protect it. You don't want the other people touching your PlayStation. Never let someone touch your PlayStation. They probably ate some Cheetos.

They didn't wash their hands after Taco Bell and/or the bathroom (chuckles) usually together. No punching PlayStations. The Sony ponies get real grumpy. (horse whinnies) All right, inside we got ourselves, well, actually that looks kind of all right.

So you put the PlayStation here, we've got a strap, we have a bunch of discs, I guess. And then you could load stuff in here. This actually is not bad. (velcro ripping) It smells bad, though.

Like, it smells really, really bad. It is not well-padded, I'll tell you, 'cause there's, like... (fingers tapping) There's nothing in here.

So, I hope it holds it pretty firmly, 'cause otherwise. Oh, no. Oh, no, what? Wait. - [Alex] I think it might be for the original non-Slim. - For the bigger one. Now that we have re-Temuified our PlayStation, will it fit? (PS5 clicking) That's not good. (PS5 clicking) That's not good.

(PS5 shaking) Perfect! - [Alex] The carrying case, you know, as high quality as it is, is $45. - Wow! That's a bargain. That's almost as much money as you'll pay to buy new shells when your Temu shells break your PS5 Slim. (whooshing) (package thuds) What are your thoughts on Psyduck? (Ken laughs) - [Ken] What have they done to my boy? (laughs) - I was gonna say some nice things, but what happened to you little buddy? (Ken laughing) You know what? Maybe it used to be.

Oh, they're very soft, though. (foot thuds) - [Ken] Oh, yikes. When did you even do that? That was so fast. - This, my friends, is Psyduck. If you want some really cheap feeling slippers and you wanna walk around saying (Austin mimics Psyduck speaking) and then acting real dumb because you have a headache and people won't leave you alone. And yet your psychic powers haven't shown up.

Well, Psyduck, 'cause he's your dude. How much were my Psyduck slippers? - [Alex] $11. (swooshing) - They're about $11 worth of value.

- [Alex] I wish they looked better, but. - Yeah, I don't know why he's so, like, I'm not sure what's going on here. (swooshing) Left or right, Ken. - Left. (package thuds)

Oh, wow! What is this? - So this is going to be the Easy SMX mobile gaming controller. Now, if you're familiar with gaming on your telephone, your cellular device, you'll know that there's a large number of controllers out there. And I will say controllers are way better than playing on touchscreen. I don't think that's a controversial statement. This, however, is a much cheaper controller.

So, something like the Backbone or the Razer is, like, gonna cost you a hundred bucks. This was? - [Alex] $24. - $24 bucks! Man, that's like a Fortnite skin.

I'm gonna enjoy all my favorites, including Luna, GeForce NOW, Steam, Google Play Pass, Game Pass and Android. All my favorites. Now, this looks exactly the same as all the others, yep. Well, I'll tell you, it is a little bit, a little bit like cramped feeling, but it also is a little bit more compact, as well. Alright, I'm gonna try this out using GeForce NOW. I'll tell you, that GeForce NOW is, by far, my favorite cloud gaming service because, yes, it doesn't have like a million games included like Game Pass, although you can play Game Pass via GeForce NOW, but the thing is, this has the best performance of any game streaming platform, especially if you have a phone like the Z Flip that has a 120 hertz display, it's a really nice experience.

Now, you have to pay for Ultimate, which is a little bit pricey, but if you are going to play cloud gaming, I kind of think GeForce NOW is worth it. So, buttons seem to be fine. Wait, I could play Auto Fire? What the, really! Whew, look at that! 120 FPS, man.

That feels good, dude, that feels good. Oh, you know what? Also, I'm realizing the top buttons are very clicky. Can you hear that? (buttons clicking) Yeah, that's actually sounds really nice. It feels good, too. - [Ken] It's like mouse clicks. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm actually really impressed with this controller. The sticks have a really nice sort of feel. The buttons are terrific. I mean the face buttons are fine, but it's really just the shoulder buttons that actually just sound and just feel super, super premium. The fact that you can buy this thing brand new for like 24 bucks, legitimately impressive.

Watch out! No! (video game shooting) (Austin screams) Yo! Let's go. Okay, so what's the deal with that guy? 'Cause I'm a huge fan of this one. - You like the Switch Lite? - I do like the Switch Lite . - Well, there you go. - Oh, it really does look like the Switch! - [Ken] Yeah. - Okay, so this is one of those things that I got because, okay, like, I'll be honest, we've looked at a lot of different, like, little emulator, handhelds.

This is a new one that I've not seen in the past. I kind of like this color, too. It's kinda like that sort of like off-white sort of beige. It's got USB-C, which is nice. - [Ken] Also comes with the cable.

- The cable, well, I mean, that would be nice. Now if I turn it on, what are we actually getting here? So it said it ran some flavor of Linux, which, let's see, it's got these Switch joysticks, which feel bad. EmuELEC, okay. - [Ken] And it, it doesn't press down. So there's no L3, R3. - But, hey, how much was this guy for context? - [Alex] Well, the original listing is no longer there anymore.

Just like every emulator known to man, they are all getting banned. We paid $51. - [Ken] Okay. - So that's still significantly cheaper than some of the more premium little guys. Oh, look at that, PSP, Arcade.

We got all kinds of stuff. - [Ken] And the refresh rate is really nice too. - It is actually pretty decent. - Quite smooth.

- Oh, you know what? Yeah, so if you see it flickering on the camera, that is definitely not doing that in real life. Let's play F1, dun, dun, dun, 11 teams. Boy. (game staticky)

- Yikes. - Does not sound good. So, maybe we quit that one. Okay, so at can't play N64 games, got it. Oh, wow, what is going on on the sides here, my dude? Okay, well.

- I'm listening to this at 80% speed. Thank you very much for watching this episode of "Temu Tech." Subscribe.

If you're not, (drums pounding) Doom Guy will haunt you, but in slow motion. (whooshing) ♪ Temu ♪ ♪ Temu ♪ - [Alex] Oh, my God. ♪ Shop like a billionaire ♪ (drums pounding) (bell chiming) Subscribe to the channel.

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