I bought FAKE Games from Temu

I bought FAKE Games from Temu

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- This video is sponsored by Acronis. Today we are going to be putting TEMU to the test. I'm gonna be buying nothing but gaming gear, games, game consoles, you name it from TEMU. We're gonna see is it real or is it...fake?

All right, let's just look up Nintendo, right? Surely we're gonna see nothing but legit stuff here. Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch, which is a $41 copy of the game. Apparently it's 68% off. Normally it's $133! So this is one of those items that seems pretty legit, right? Like surely they're not gonna gimme a fake Super Mario Odyssey, right? I feel like I've seen this before. It's a like PS Vita knockoff that they just colored like a Switch. It apparently will play free games and it is for Christmas, Halloween, and a Thanksgiving Day gift.

You know, I love to celebrate the Thanksgiving season by giving my loved ones in life a knockoff PS Vita that is skinned to look like a Switch. But for 28 bucks, what could go wrong? Oh wait, no, this is actually cool. Hold up, hold up. So it's just a little plug that you put in the back of an N64 and it gives you a 1080p out with a 3.5 mil audio jack. For 12 bucks, that's actually legitimately kind of cool.

So these are like weird knockoff JoyCons that are transparent, which I'm always a big fan of transparency, but it comes with this like m sort of shape. So it's rotated around and it comes with both a high and a short 3D joystick for 18 bucks. Dude, I feel like I can do a whole video just on Switch stuff. This is actually great. (laughs)

Everyone ready to add RGB to your PS5? Well, with this ugly USB powered extension, you can load it up inside your PS5 and have beautiful RGB. Wow. Let's look up Razer. So, okay, there's a lot of Razer stuff here. Is it real? So this is the Razer wired ergonomic universal game mouse. Boy, that font does not fill me with confidence.

This is $17 mouse. Uh, sure. Oh, this is gonna be bad. A Switch VR headset. Now there are a couple of Switch games that do support VR. I'll give it a try. This is not going to be good.

So with that, my friends, it is time to push the big orange checkout button and I'll see you on the other side. I'm very excited for today's video because we got some really legitimately cool things. - [Ken] Not legitimately.

- Really, who needs a first party like Nintendo Seal of Quality? When I've got the TEMU seal of quality? What? No. All right. Oh, well I see a game right off the top. So what's different is, so this is the Hong Kong version of Super Mario Odyssey in Chinese, which hopefully there's an English language option. Over on this side, we've got a Japanese model Switch Lite. Okay, so this seems totally legitimate. That's, I mean, that's definitely a real Switch Lite.

I mean, obviously you could spend a little bit more money and get a US model Switch, which does come with a proper warranty. But if you compare that with a used Switch, I mean, this seems fine. Thank you very much. Let's though, see how the game is. All right, inside, we've got a...a game. Of course, there's only one real true test to see if this is a legitimate Switch cartridge. - [Ken] Don't do it. No, I'll, I'll, I'll

- [Joanna] You mean put put it in the, the Switch. - It's real. That's very bitter. We'll see what we got. Yeah, it's just, this is just straight up Super Mario Odyssey. I love Bowser in his pimp arc. Yeah, I mean, look, I don't know what there is to say negative about this.

I mean, it is certainly an authentic, legitimate Switch. The game is real. Everything works just fine. We can't say that we got scammed by TEMU. I mean, we got exactly what they promised at relatively decent pricing. So, two thumbs up. Good start. Yeah, you know what? Here Ken, let's do this old school.

Why don't you just throw me items? Yeah, we'll spice it up a little bit. - (laughs) Look, it's Ditto. - Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto. - [Ken] You said like the good old days.

- It is like the good old days. Snorlax. - [Alex] Stop blocking the road.

- How much did I pay for these Pokemon accessories and accoutrement? - [Alex] The Snorlax costume is $21 and the Ditto plush is $9. - You know what? Good deal across the board, I'm going to use Ditto to transform back into Austin. Whoa, look it worked. Ha man!

My little buddy knows how to use Transform. To bad he didn't transform into a better YouTuber. - [Ken] Or a million dollars. - Yeah, I'd take a million dollars. A huge thank you to the sponsor of today's video, Acronis.

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PS5. Okay, so we've got ourselves, we've got ourselves LED strip lights for PS5 for both disc and digital, which looks just lovely. So after putting the little tiny bits of adhesive on, let's give it a try.

So I'm gonna start out with this fan. Now, I think I need to just route them with the cables this way. Actually, you know what? That fits pretty well. Okay, before we actually test this, let's get rid of this.

A regular shell. What is this? A Sony commercial? Oh, no, no. Oh, no, no, no. Let's take a look at these face plates. So this is the HonCam Console Faceplate for PS5. If this looks a little dbrand-y to you, it's because it's very dbrand-y. And if it looks like they ripped the Legion logo, they also did that too.

Well, let's do it, my friends. And we've got the shell? You know what? That's actually kind of nice. And here's the other side, which is the exact same kind of thing.

So honestly, like fairly high quality plastic. I mean, 34 bucks is not unreasonable, honestly. I mean, certainly cheaper than any other options out there.

And it is, it's nice. Like I thought this was gonna be like super cheapy, but it's actually like pretty high quality plastic. Nope, that's not going on there. Uh-oh. I wonder, is this too thick? Is this causing a problem? Hey, just shove it really hard. Can we dim the lights and see how this looks? So I'm gonna start cycling through.

So I turn it green, for example. You can see what it's doing. It looks cool from the top. It looks, yeah. Like yeah, from the top. I agree. But boy that you know what? This is just not meant to be used with a shell like this. - I would argue it's also not meant to be used with a black shell.

Like I would say throw the white shell back on, or... whoa! Okay. That looks kind of cool. - [Ken] Wait, that chase actually looks surprisingly nice. Like it is fluid animation. - [Austin] But you can see, look, if you watch the chase, you can see it doesn't quite line up with the holes in this shell, which I guess is fair enough.

You can see it kind of goes like up here. Okay. You know what? I had the perfect answer because we have another set of shells. Oh wow. That's a, well, thank you indeed. That is quite the shade of r-orange. Orange. Wow. So for context, this is a good shade of red. This is not, I think they forgot to turn the saturation up.

Add a little extra red pigment in the dye 'cause this is, ugh. Now I will say that this was also around $30 and it's not even close. Those other plates are so much better. But let's put it on, let's maybe fire up these LEDs again and see if it looks any better. (laughter) So, remember that thing I was telling you about the quality of these plates being a little subpar? Oh my gosh. Is that a super mini

SN-01 Home Entertainment System? How much was this Cheapo McCheapo face? - [Alex] It was $25. - Too expensive. Too expensive. So this is meant to look like the SNES mini, except it's just look at, look, look quality smells like, like nail polish remover. Let's fire up this disappointment of a console. - Give it a chance. - Wait, it's already on. - Maybe I spoke too soon.

- Yeah, I think you did what the. Hey. Alright. It works. And it is a generic NES clone machine. Whoa. Can't believe it. UFO race. Nah. I actually do wanna play UFO race. That sounds fun.

We're never gonna get to Earth at this rate. This is the audio. Listen to that beautiful audio. - [Alex] What? It's just one lap.

(laughter) - This is the, oh, this is our Genesis cart, right? - [Ken] Yeah. - Wouldn't be buying fake stuff from TEMU without some sus ROMs and carts. So this is for the Genesis and this is the super 480 In 1 Classic Collection Hot 4G bit which is probably enough for every single Genesis game ever. You know what I'm kind of curious about? I'm gonna actually try it. I'm gonna open it up and see what's inside this thing.

- [Alex] Before you should try it first. - Hmm? Try, try it. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll open it up in a minute after I try it. Can you remind me how much this one was? - [Alex] This was a whopping $35. - This was $35? Yes. Okay, well, you know I got nothing. Super 481, activate.

Yeah. Keep in mind that this poor image quality is purely because we're using RF because it's the only cable we've got. If we had a higher quality setup we would, but it does actually seem like it's a thing. So we've got 480 games for the Genesis. What do I do? Wait, how'd you start? This is riveting! Yeah, if you really want a bunch of ROMs for your Genesis, you could buy this fake cartridge from TEMU, which I'm now going to open up and see what's inside after I turn off the horrible static.

Because it says it's got four gigabytes, which obviously would be a tremendous amount for a Genesis cart, which had probably, oh, so we've got a button cell battery on the back and then we've got a bit of flash memory, an Alterra max little chip. So I guess I do kind of understand why this is $30, because I mean, good luck trying to get your hands on one of these, like trying to manufacture a new one today. Like this is probably all like super, super old stock or whatever.

I mean these chips probably made 15, 20 years ago. Ah, TEMU, what would we do with you when we wanna find elicit back market ROMs at kind of expensive pricing. - This isn't Back Market. - Nope. If it was Back Market, they probably would not be selling me fake ROMs. (laughter) Hey. Oh okay. This is the one that I saw on TEMU and didn't understand.

This is the AR Game Console. This was not massively expensive, right? - [Alex] It was kind of expensive. It's $53. - Oh, okay. The reason why this really stands out to me is

that when you go on TEMU and you're looking for things, typically it falls into one of two categories. Either accessories or stuff for real consoles or fake versions of games or you know, knockoffs or emulators or whatever this is neither of those. This actually seems like, at least on the surface, like an actual legitimate real standalone device, which is really strange. So I'm curious to play with it and see like, is this just based on something? Are we playing NES games in AR? Is this something that's completely unique? Like, I'm just really curious.

Okay, well we've already got some stuff. So HDMI, it's a good start. USB A to A cable. Very strange. This is an LED ball. It has a USB port on it. Is it? What the hell am I looking at here? So confused. I'm so confused. Okay, so (laughs) it's got a face, of course it's got a face.

Alright, we got a lot stuff going on here. So we've got a little projector of some sort, I think here. Maybe that's the camera. I'm not sure. We have a USB port on the top, which I'm gonna guess is for the LED.

We have a little switch on the back. HDMI, another USB-A and a microSD card, which is already installed, which is four gigabytes. So that's just, I'm guessing our game slash OS or something. It's telling me to plug in my wireless dance map that just equipped with batteries. - (laughs) - Huh? - [Alex] It doesn't, the listing doesn't say anything about a mat.

- [Ken] Maybe it projects it on the ground. - Well, I guess there's one way to find out. Ah, shouldn't have looked at that. Boy. That's an LED doing my eyeballs. I can't see anymore. Oh, there we go. Dude, it is so bright.

That is not something you should be looking at with your eyes. That hurt me. (upbeat stock music playing) - [Ken] Here at Overclock Media, we strive for excellence, but in order to achieve this excellence, you'll watch through a 101 step process on how we make our videos - Using stock footage. We have revolutionized the ability to use AI generation to create content.

The people are not necessary when you have the AI. (beep) So I've got motion sport games, puzzle casual games, AR games, which apparently has a camera and classic games. Let's start with classic games.

A boy and his blob, I'm gonna play a boy and his blob. That's the game I'm playing now. (theme music) - Oh, - It's just an (laughter) - I think I know what this, okay. Oh yeah, that's my, is that my blob? So this just has NES games.

Oh, I'm supposed to throw 'em jelly beans. What? I don't know how to play "A boy and his blob." Okay, so it's got a bunch of NES games on it because of course it does.

Let's try AR games next. Cut the fruit. Grazy Ping pong. Happy Rope Skipping, Header Boy. Let's do cut the fruit. So, oh my god, it's an actual camera! What is this thing man? This is actually kind of cool. All right, I'm gonna move it down a little bit. Ha ha. I'm a real person.

I'm a fruit ninja. Ah, nope, nope. Let me do that dude, this is actually legit. Who would've thought that I could find something that's on TEMU? This is actually cool.

Yeah, this thing is truly one of the most bizarre items I've ever found on TEMU because it kind of works and works pretty well. I mean the motion games suck, but the AR stuff and like the fact that they've got a bunch of NES games randomly like, this is actually kind of cool. And importantly it has some great stock music so you can just vibe.

Razer DeathAdder Essential and Logitech G102. So these are mice that are maybe or maybe not legitimate, authentic and real. How much was this? 'Cause these are both like way too cheap, right? - [Alex] Yeah. So the Razer mouse is $17 and the Logitech mouse is $23.

- Both of the real versions of these mice should be a good chunk more expensive than that I would say. Even if they're some weird, like gray market something. Let's just take a look at 'em one at a time. This Razer, I mean like that looks like a dead giveaway that that's a fake box. Like it's kind of similar, but I mean literally like the text almost goes over the edge. Okay, well yeah, that's okay, that's not real.

Razer master guide. Pretty sure that that is not the Razer font. Look at the way it was typed. It's like in the world's tiniest little font. No, there's no shot. I mean I think the real tell for both of these things is gonna be when I actually plug them into the laptop to see if they're recognized as generic mice or if they actually show up and work with Logitech or Razer software. It does say setting up Razer Deathadder Essential. Okay.

And oh, Razer stuff is popping up. It's legit. Yep. Look, I'll be honest, if Synapse believes it, it looks as legit as it is. It is suspiciously cheap. I don't know what more you can say about it.

Let's try the Logitech. It's got a little G on the bag. The, it's got that very thin cable, which looks like a real Logitech thing. This is a real mouse. I am quite confident. G102. Oh yeah, the DPI selector's working. You know what, I think we actually have two legitimate mice from TEMU.

Why, hello there it is a couple of weeks in the future, as you can see from the evolution of the set. And I have a different haircut. The main reason for this is that we were actually missing a couple of items from TEMU, which ended up getting canceled.

Now thankfully we actually did get refunds for both of these automatically. It just took a few weeks. Beyond that though, let's take a look at some of the last of our items including this.

It's my JoyPad, not a JoyCon. Nope, that's copyrighted. And it's not for my Nintendo Switch. No, no, that's for my NSW.

For world of knockoff JoyCons is quite extensive and oh, that's nice. That actually is. They need to have a slide down thing so you're not a moron. So we actually have what seems to be a pretty nice looking JoyCon for $19.

These work wirelessly, they feel better than the original Joycons. They have removable sticks, if I can figure out how to put them back on. It has this nice little rotating grip. They charge via USB-C and via the Switch.

I literally, and unless maybe the vibration motor sucks, I actually don't have anything bad to say about these. Oh, you know what? That vibration's actually not bad. I mean, it might not be quite as nice as the full HD rumble, but it doesn't feel terrible, certainly for a third party controller. And I will say that those taller sticks make quite a big difference because with the standard height sticks, it's fine. But this definitely feels like I've got a little bit more range of motion.

This is really legit for $19 as my battery runs out. What a perfect segue to... ...our second set of JoyCons. Look, I couldn't help myself. Okay, so 27 bucks. I have slightly higher expectations, mostly just because these are so good.

I'm gonna say something I may regret. I think these are the best JoyCons I've ever used. Like obviously just kind of first impression stuff. But these feel better than JoyCons in pretty much every way, which means that these are gonna have some stiff competition. And also I think what we're learning here is don't buy real JoyCons. So these are a little bit more similar to the standard size of JoyCons.

In fact, they're actually pretty much the same. So if I put that side by side with an original JoyCon, of course it's gotta have the turbo and the macro button, but largely looks the same I'll say. The party trick with these though should be that if we connect it to our Switch one and two, Hey we got RGB! Eh, you know what? That actually looks kind of cool, right? I mean you can, if you look closely, you can see that there's just like four LEDs there. So they bleed a little bit on each side.

So it's not quite as diffused, but like honestly, for less than 30 bucks, do you really care? 'Cause I don't, you know what I'm missing here? There's no rumble on these JoyCons. A little bit of a ding I mean, again, I use my Switch Lite, which doesn't also have any rumble, but that's probably the main downside here is that there's no rumble. Whereas the cheaper JoyCons do actually have rumble as well. Nah, go go with these. Go with these. Honestly, this is legit. Before the Apple Vision Pro, before the Meta Quest 3, there was the real GOAT when it comes to virtual reality.

We're talking about the Nintendo Switch. Yes, my friends, the Nintendo Switch does support VR. So let's take a look at the headset, which I'm sure is gonna be as basic as it gets. Oh yeah, dude, you know what this reminds me of? Of there is an era, you know, in like 2013, 2014, 2015, where everyone's using phone based VR. So things like Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Daydream.

Wow, this looks awful. Oh my god. So the problem with this is that you're looking at a 1280 by 720p display, which is split. So you only get half of those pixels per eye. And then the only tracking to speak of is really just the gyroscope. So like as I move it is only vaguely connected.

You know, actually, I will say though, that first impression, actually adjusting these makes a fairly big difference. It's not good, but at least it's kind of doable. Unless you are obsessed with trying all the VR capabilities of Nintendo Switch, this is probably left in 2018 where we found it. So that my friends is everything we've gotten from TEMU, we actually got some pretty good stuff this time around and some not so good stuff. It's almost like buying fake gaming gear on TEMU.com is not always a great idea.

Who would've guessed? All we need to do is subscribe to the channel and Ring-a-ling that ding-a-ling button and happiness will be coming straight to you my baby birds, just keep on flying. Never stop. You just gotta flap flap, flap away. Flap flap, flap away. So you reach the sky, realize it's really cold up there.

You wanna go back down to the ground 'cause warmer. Oh, sorry, I - And of course, huge thank you to Acronis for sponsoring today's video. Flap, flap, flap away.

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