How to get hired as Frontend Developer in 2024

How to get hired as Frontend Developer in 2024

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So, does front-end has DSA rounds - is DSA important? Now, many people think of DSA in a different way - like, if I'm saying DSA these days - people say it for controversy that for front-end, one shouldn't do DSA at all but I don't agree at all. So, please tell us the salary range that what are the starting salaries of front-end engineer and maximum salaries. There's a huge demand of front-end developer, they should be good ones.

Absolutely! So, if anyone wants to learn front-end , they're a fresher - they've no idea, so where should they start from and how much time should they spend on which topics? These days nobody has patience - they should accept, you all and for us as well - attention span is decreasing, there's less patience level. So, we need quick results. Almost, how many interviews have you taken? I've taken many interviews - how should I say? in fact, assume that for the past 8 years, I'm interviewing people. I even take interviews now as well.

Okay! And which rounds do they include? For a front-end engineer, mostly 1 round is a Machine Coding round. 1 round is - lot of companies conduct it on JavaScript. Then one more round is conducted - related on Framework. Then one more round could be system design. Means you've discussed lot of questions of the interview, right, when you were telling about the interview - Front end interviews. *Yes, yes*

Now tell me, which were the questions in which candidates often get stuck. They'll apply in 4 companies - then say that they're not getting a job. You'll not get a job by applying to 4 companies. You need to atleast - daily - apply in 50-100 companies.

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new episode. So, today's episode is going to be around front-end. And today we've Akshay Bhaiya with us. So, I've asked all the questions with Akshay Bhaiya that - how can one decide to be a front-end engineer or not? What is the market demand of front-end engineers? How much are the salaries? And what is a roadmap - right roadmap - if anyone wants to start then Rest, what type of questions are asked in the interview - where do candidates get stuck? Is System design required or not? Is DSA required or not? Which languages can you do DSA in? So, its going to be a very interesting podcast watch until the end with patience. Rest, our DSA course is going to start from 1st January, 2024.

So, very few days are left - if you'll delay then you'll miss live classes. The video for detailed curriculum will be provided in the description - its a very exhaustic curriculum. We're going to do lots of questions - its going to be a 6 months long course, so I'm really excited to start the course from 1st January. All those who haven't checked out until now, do check out the curriculum.

And if you like it then, do join it as well. Let's start the podcast. So, today we've Akshay Bhaiya with us. Those who've watched -Namaste JavaScript - would know Akshay Bhaiya from there. Rest, Akshay Bhaiya - give a brief introduction. Tell us about your career. First of all - Thank you so much for inviting me. I liked a lot by coming here and meeting you.

Right! So, if you want intro about me then, basically - I'm a B.Tech Computer Science Engineer graduate. And after that, I graduated from a tier 2, tier 3 college from Jaipur and after that I started my software engineering career.

From a startup, so we were creating a startup - we were 6 people in that company, so we started from there - then it got sold, right and then, a big company bought it. So, this was my journey - then my corporate journey started. Then, I worked at lending Kart. Paytm, then in Uber - and then after leaving uber I've thought of pursuing teaching full time. And I'm doing that. In the beginning, I started teaching on Youtube. I made Namaste JavaScript, it got lots of love

due to all of you. And that's why - I also started teaching React and there're many more plans in future so, I'm continuing that. So, this has been my journey. Interesting! By the way, you share lot of information around front-end.

And this podcast is around front-end as well, so the most important question is that what is the demand of frontend engineer in the market? Current Scenario. And there'll be a burning follow-up question after this? So, the demand of front-end developer - basically, this is such a question which stirs doubt in many people that dude, in the present time - should I become a front-end engineer or not? How much is the demand? So, if I say - I can't predict future and nobody should. These days, the kids who say that what will happen if AI comes - something like that. So, I think that - talk about the present time then there's a very high demand of frontend developer. There're lot of companies, even the smallest ones - be it startup or bigger companies be it FAANG companies, everyone wants a front-end engineer. There's still a requirement of good front-end engineer.

Even today, so many people come to me that - the students that you taught - can you give us some good ones among them? Right! So, there's a very high demand - the demand hasn't gone anywhere and if you listen to me then I don't think this is going anywhere even for the next 4-5 years. Not even AI can replace this? Not even AI - see, I've different views on AI. Means, I haven't said this so expressively on any channel or podcast let me say it for the 1st time - so, I look at AI very optimistically. If you ask me, if AI will replace software engineers after some time? I'll say - Yes, maybe it can. Right! And in fact, it will but its not in your future. I don't think it'll happen very soon. I think that it'll take time to happen.

How much time will it take - atleast not until 10 years, right! Okay! I think like that. And when that shift will take place - then it won't be suddenly when you opened your eyes one day and Oh! I lost my job. This is never going to happen. AI is going very fast, right! And its able to do many good things but it'll take time and the transition will be slow - its not like the software that's being made - all the websites will get closed. No, it'll not happen like that the transition will be visibly slow that - when is it happening, demand is growing less. but now, its nothing like that. Assume that, software engineering is going up now.

Right! Now, a plateau will come and it'll be there for a long time, then it'll slowly collide. Okay! So, now its going up. Right! There's still high demand. Its just that, there's demand but the students

who are looking for a job are very large in number, they're growing very rapidly, so the demand isn't growing that rapidly. So, that's why people struggle, basically. And think that - AI will eat up our job. The thing is that, so many people are also looking for job and if we talk about today - then front-end developer has a high demand - they should be good developers.

Absolutely! So, I think instead of getting afraid that you'll lose job - you need to work on your skills, right! Because for now competition is amongst themselves. Yes, the most important thing is that college students say that will AI take up my job? And it happens like - first take up a job. You even posted this as well. I had recently posted this but this is the actual scenario - these days students are living in a FOMO. Absolutely! They're in a confusion and dilemma - they feel that, I'll learn it but it might not help tomorrow it might not help tomorrow.

Exactly! This is a very bad thing. Correct! Whenever I go to a college - then people aren't studying, they're just sitting thinking that when there's no job then what should we study. Exactly! Its like, the world's going to end - what should we do? They're living pessimistically that - the world will end, what will I do? First do something.

Exactly! If it'll end then let it be. Well, at least be prepared for the opportunity, right! No, I mean - either you live your life in fear or you'll do something, right! So! That's it! Alright! So, now tell me the salary range that what are the starting salaries and maximum salaries of a front-end engineer? So, the salary range for front-end - if you ask then I'll tell you honestly give a transparent answer. Right! It varies a lot - as for any developer be it backend or front-end if I talk about present time, then backend or SDE or frontend salaries are almost similar. Right! Its also similar for full-stack.

It depends what your band is in the company - which level are you in, right! Be it SDE 1 OR 2, senior in front-end right! So, your career grows similarly. If you want to talk about numbers then let me give you a rough raise so, if you'll go in service based or average companies or below average companies then you'll get a job within 3-4 Lakh. And if you'll go a little above then, for SDE 1 gets a package of 10-12 lakhs. Okay! And in good and renowned startups of India - right - the top apps, if you go in those companies then you'll get easily get 10-12 lakhs of CTC. And if you work hard more and go in even big companies, which are dream companies type then the package is around 20-25 lakhs.

Absolutely! I'm telling about SDE 1. Its even more for SDE 2 - increase 30% in it. Yes! And is there any range - I've seen that when I was in, right! Then there, as we ere discussing once and there were senior front-end engineers having 10 years of experience. And he was saying that he has to give surcharge. So, I thought that - it would be above above Crores.

So, let me tell you an average that - if I talk about Uber then, if you're SDE 2 then your salary is above 50 - after stocks it reaches 60-70 -80 lakhs for some people. The brand becomes 50-80. Okay! Easily and if you're senior software engineer then your salary is above 90+ and even 100 means it becomes 1 Cr, basically.

So, it easy to achieve then. Okay! And is it for freshers, can freshers directly get the frontend role? Yes, this is also a good question - that do freshers get front-end. Absolutely, they do! Wherever web application is made, tell me such a company, Fraz in which - there's no work of front-end website isn't being made. There's none - there're very less startups which are app only

rest, every company has a website. Absolutely! And everyone wants to come into web - nobody wants to miss web. Even today, laptops are highly used, computers as well - for many websites. So, wherever its there, its not declining - now in fact its increasing.

Now, there're so many sectors which haven't come online. Correct! There're so many things which hasn't come online. But now they are. India is growing slowly, we feel that we're among the creators we can see everything.

But even if you still see, then there're lot of industries in which tech hasn't been introduced, websites aren't there its not online. So, now it'll increase even more - and the demand will also increase, right! And if you look at it, then even the salary is good - everything is good. Even the freshers get the role. Because, freshers will obviously will work more in less money - so, freshers can become. What I realized from my experience is that - I joined - it was my first job. Oh! So, I thought that I'll work in backend but I got frontend.

Oh! They didn't even ask me if I wanted frontend or backend, they handed frontend to me. And what I realized that - actually there's a shortage of front-end engineers. Absolutely! In fact, let me give you an example - with this - in fact there's so much of shortage that you know, freshers are hired less as frontend because nobody knows well. Correct! They don't know because - it has a reason - in any college, generally JavaScript isn't taught.

There're lot of colleges - but still today there're some and whatever is taught isn't of any use. Students don't study on their own - right! So, JavaScript isn't taught and even if they do a little, then React and other frameworks aren't taught So, that's why freshers are less for frontend that're good in it. Now, there're some. But still, this is the huge reason - if you talk about demand, then let me take an example in front of me - that in Uber, I didn't launched React as a course. I started teaching React for the 1st time in Uber.

And I used to teach the backend developers in Uber. Okay! In Uber, backend developers were there - some people who were interested and we used to have lot of frontend work so, they were interested in becoming a full stack. So, I taught them React - right! And we didn't used to get good front-end engineers, so then back-end students used to do something and then they sued to do small tasks. Absolutely! There was so much demand - we don't get engineers.

By the way, when I started to work on front-end in then I had watched your playlist - Namaste JavaScript - definitely go and check it out if you also want to learn JavaScript properly then. Rest, let's discuss a detailed roadmap, right! Yes, absolutely! So, if anyone wants to earn front-end, he's a fresher having no idea, so where should he start from and how much time should he spend on which topics? So, earlier I used to tell a different path now, I've been making a different one. Right! If you've watched my old videos then in that - I used to tell in a different way now I tell it in a different way - the students that work in current time. Right! Earlier, I used to tell - know it - it would be a long answer but let me tell you.

Earlier, I used to say that - learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript Once you get hold of JavaScript - then study React. Master React, then make projects - then learn Optimization. Then you completely become. But today I won't tell you the pathway - the reason for that is - it feels so overwhelming, students give up in the 2nd step itself. They don't want to learn - when they sit to learn JavaScript its so huge that I'm still learning until today - I get new things today. Right! So, the students get stuck in a loop. And these days nobody has patience, right! We should accept - even in you, us - attention span is decreasing, patience level is less.

So, we want quick results. The path that I tell you today is that - learn little JavaScript Means - don't learn HTML first, then CSS, then JavaScript, then React - NO! Learn basics of JavaScript - after that, basic HTML, CSS very roughly - do it like a crash course. Right! Quickly, then move to React - React or Angular or different frameworks that are there.

Start doing that and make projects - so, don't do like when I'll study then I'll make projects. Its not like that - first take up a project and start making it slowly. Right! As soon as you'll make it - new things will come in it - then study them. Then implement it - its not that, I'll study all of it. Then I'll make it. Not that approach - now its like, take up a project, make it

and see - because the real world experience will teach you new things. Alright! So, it is learn by doing approach. Learn by doing approach. Right! Learn by building - I teach this in my new courses - its the same approach. I teach everything in project based learning now. My style has changed. In fact, I used to teach like - This happens in React - these are hooks and all No, now I've changed all of it. Everything is project based learning.

The first class that I take while teaching React - the 1st episode that you'll see I've started coding in it - making project. Right! So.. there's a motivation that we're building something along. Perfect! Right! Ultimately - you've to do that. Absolutely! So, you told a very crisp roadmap - but sometimes we think why React, there're other frameworks as well so, is React famous among frameworks - is it in demand? So, let me tell you an example - Let me tell you my opinions - everyone can have different ones. Rest who

say that - React, Angular, Vue and some new ones are also there - there's Next.js as well right! So, there're different frameworks and they'll come and go! Correct! Right! Let me tell you - in this time, the most jobs are available in React - most demand is in React. The smallest start-ups that are there are starting from React. Big companies - be it Uber, Facebook,

Microsoft - everyone is working in React. Right! So, that's why - but listen to one more thing - I'm praising React so much that the highest number of developers are going in React as well. Right! So, where the demand is more, the aspirants are more as well. Right! So, competition is high as well and its popular as well. But if you look at it recently, then if anyone asks me - if you're starting today, then take it by React The reason is - this framework isn't from now or libraries, right! React is a Library. This is from a long time and over the years - It has been 6-7 years for doing React, so I'm frequently watching the React that I used to write 6 years ago was different from what is written now.

Okay! React has changed completely. Angular has changed completely - what we used to write earlier, right! You won't be able to understand the code - the new REACT that is learnt by anyone they aren't able to read new code. Okay! There's such a huge difference. So, what I meant to say is - Its evolving a lot - React has evolved in a good way. If you do benchmark comparison then React is good in it - its good in everything. People prefer it, right! Its also constantly developing as well.

So, I prefer two only - React and Angular - and I'll even suggest you React among these two. Not because - I say React because I've a course. Right! In React - but let me tell you, that its not that I've a course, that's why I'm saying React - because its popular that's why its my course. Yes! Right! Its opposite. I know that React is very good - it has a high demand in future that's why I made a course in react

otherwise I can make a course in Angular as well, right! Absolutely! I've bet my career on React - because I personally like it & it has high demand. Yes! Means I look at the developments in React And even the future is safe. The community is good - saying future is safe - there's nothing safe. Right! And everything is safe. So, your skills are safe that you learnt, your experience is safe.

So, don't think what is safe - in current time - its trending yes! Bet on it and you'll move forward. I've been advised my lot of managers that - we should basically - if there's any technology, it has a half-life basically. Just like declining - so it has a half-life - so its around 5 years. After that it starts declining - the technologies. So, learn the process of learning rather than - sticking to a technology.

And as you told correctly - what happens is - every technology starts declining after every 2-3-5 years but why is it continuing because - now you're reinventing it again. You're reinventing it in every version. After React 16, major change was implemented. New things were introduced in React 18. Right! They're making better - if they don't reinvent then it'll also decline.

There'll be new frameworks in market, right! So, they're constantly re-inventing itself & that's why they're still persistent and I can see them going forward. Great! Bhaiya, I teach DSA - when I started teaching like, I was in college - 3rd year so, I was about to go for internship. Now, I've a small sister - she's currently working at Microsoft. I had to teach her DSA. I started teaching her and then I though that I should make it public.

And this is how I started my youtube channel. The playlist of yours that i watched - I was telling you, right! That I watched your playlist of JavaScript. Yes! Yes! So, I made my LinkedList playlist on that line that, fine - I've to explain a concept in detail even if it takes time, even If I had to tell it again and again explain properly.

So, that's why I took from your playlist. A lot of students who're being taught by me - DSA, right! They're scared that I want to be a front-end engineer, so are there DSA rounds in front-end? DSA is important? See, this is also a major misconception that DSA is not needed. I feel that if you are a front-end, back-end, mobile developer, if you are a developer, if you are a software engineer, you should know DSA. You should know DSA.

Don't learn DSA because it will be useful later. Learn DSA because it opens your mind. When you read DSA, when you solve it, it opens your mind and you start thinking in a very different way to everything. You get an algorithmic approach. You get an algorithmic approach. If you see a domby tree, you see it in a different way.

If you see a sorted array, you see it in a different way. I am telling you that you face different challenges and your perspective changes as a developer. It is not that you will use it, it is not directly being used, but it is very indirectly used. And in fact, many people don't get the opportunity, but I have got a lot of opportunities in my career where I have actually done things like DSA in my life.

For example? For example, I will take an example. You asked a very good question. For example, I used to work in Uber, so we had to show a location map.

The location was a tree. How will you store a location worldwide? First of all, there are continents. Asia, Africa. Then there are subcontinents in Asia.

South Asia, Middle East. Then there are countries in South Asia. There are states in the countries. There are cities in the states. There are small districts in the cities.

There are small districts in the cities. So what is this? It is a tree. So whenever we have to do something like this, we are writing tree traversals in it. Okay, nice.

I will give you another example. You see Amazon and Flipkart. What happens in their shopping list? First of all, there is Mens. There are jackets in Mens. Upper wear.

There are jackets in upper wear. What is it? It is a tree. How will you store it? How will JSON come to you? How will you send data in the API? How will you show it on the front end? That's a kind of tree traversal, right? It's a tree.

What is DOM? It is a whole tree. This is a very common thing and a lot happens in arrays. You have so much data from the back end.

What will you do with that data? You have sorting, searching, filtering in the list. Everything is in it. Why don't you do it? You have to make pagination. You have to write logic for it.

You have to write everything. DSA is useful in everything. A lot of people think DSA in a very different way.

Like I am saying DSA. You should have the knowledge of data structures. What are the data structures? Who, where, when, what is the importance of data structures? They misunderstand some things. That I should write the longest common subsequence now. That doesn't happen. That's okay.

That should also come to you in a way. A question has been given. You solve it. Your mind opens up when you solve it. But it is not necessary that you have to be an expert in that. That you make these programming questions very quickly.

Make it in time. Even if you are not an expert in this, you should have a basic understanding. Fundamentals should be clear to you. This is very important for every engineer. The answer is very long.

But I want to say that it is important. Don't think that you are front-end, back-end, mobile engineer, do everything. Nowadays, many people say that don't do DSA, front-end.

But I don't agree at all. So, always be a good engineer. Be a problem solver. DSA is a must, front-end or back-end. Now let's talk about the interviews.

So, there are many companies that you go to. There are DSA rounds for front-end. There are. One round will be for sure. Because it will be for DSA.

And the rest, if you go to small companies, the rounds get skipped. You have to check your knowledge whether you can write code or not. We don't want you to solve DSA questions very well. But if you ask over and over, you should definitely come. So, did you hear what Akshay said? DSA is required even in front-end interviews.

If you want to learn DSA from scratch, we have launched a course for DSA. Which is going to be a very exhaustive course. It's going to be a 6-month course. All the topics will start with basics but we'll take it to the advanced level. And the algorithms that we are teaching here, the tricks or tips that will be taught to you will be explained with the first principles. Meaning, if this algorithm was made, then what would have been thought and made? After that, we are going to practice a lot and cover a lot of questions.

In all programming languages, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, in all these, you will get TA support. You will get a very good TA support. If you want to do a call with TA's, you can do a call.

If you want to ask your queries on text, you can text them as well. So, our course is going to start from 1st of January. If you delay it a little, your live classes will be missed. So, if you want to take the course, I would say that you can take it now.

The link is in the description. I basically believe that companies are asking for DSA because they want to hire problem solvers. Once they get a problem solver, they know that they can teach React or they can teach front-end, back-end, whatever it is.

They will teach you. If you haven't checked, you can check There is a lot of free content of DSA.

Read.LearnAid .com, you can check out. We have uploaded a lot of free articles on DSA.

So, you must have taken interviews in your career of front-end, right? How many interviews? I have taken a lot of interviews. I don't have an account, but I will tell you. I am very fortunate that when I have been working in a start-up, I have started taking interviews from the very beginning of my career. In fact, I have been taking interviews since the last 8 years. I still take interviews. And at this level, I take a lot of start-ups as a consultant.

I take interviews for a lot of start-ups for senior front-end roles. They hire me only to take interviews. So, I take interviews. Now, I have reduced it. But I do this.

I have taken a lot of interviews. In fact, if you ask me for a count, I have taken about 250 interviews in Uber-Uber. And I have taken a lot of DAs. So, I must have taken around 500 interviews. You have taken 500 DAs? Yes, I have taken all the DAs. I have taken a lot of interviews.

In Uber, I have taken around 250 interviews in 2-3 years. In Uber. What are the rounds? I have taken all types of interviews. Back-end, front-end, senior, system, design.

So, there are different types of rounds. They depend on different levels. I will tell you a general framework for front-end engineers. Because these videos are relevant for front-end engineers. For front-end engineers, there is a machine coding round.

In machine coding round, you are given a problem statement which can make a small application. They will tell you to make a calendar app or a to-do list app or a small swiggy type app in which you are given restaurant information, or you are given an API call. A small mini application which you can make in an hour. In that, some things will be tested. I will tell you the test from the perspective of the interviewer. What does the interviewer want from you? From that round, he wants your code to be clean, modular, well written, there should not be any bugs in your coding.

And you should be able to make your overall result. Many times, people are writing and after an hour, something is not working. So, you are given an executable format. You have made something small, which is working. You get to know your coding skills from it. You get to know how you are writing modular, how you are writing code.

You get to know the coding style too. It is not necessary that you are the best in it, but make a working prototype. This is what a machine coding round is. There is one round. Many companies take it on JavaScript.

Every front-end engineer should know JavaScript. That is the base of the browser or the web. So, the round is on JavaScript.

I will tell you some questions about JavaScript. Let's talk about the internal concepts of JavaScript. Earlier, we used to ask very basic questions. Now, the interviews have evolved. In that, we ask in-depth questions.

How does JavaScript work? I will tell you in my videos. The same things that I have covered in Namaste JavaScript like what is an event loop? How do promises work? About promises, event loop, closures, hostings. And how does JavaScript code work? How do browsers understand? On those things, a JavaScript round is made.

Then, generally, they take a round related to frameworks. Basically, web technologies in which you can ask anything. You can ask about React.

You can ask about Benchmarking. How to optimize your app? How to implement lazy loading? You can ask about browsers. The browsers have many things like local storage, cookies, session storage, index DB, web socket. There are many things. Overall, I am not saying that you have to be an expert in everything.

You should know little by little. If someone is asking you what is index DB? You should know. What is the difference between cookies, session storage and local storage? You should know. If you don't know this, then you are not a senior front-end engineer.

You can't be a senior web developer if you don't know all these things. We don't expect much from juniors. But I am saying this. Then, another round can be your system design. System design round is also very different from back-end and front-end.

In front-end system design, there is HLD, LLD. In HLD, you will be asked if you want to make an application. For example, you want to make a type.

You want to make your own netflix. Or you want to make a zerodjha . These are a bit complex.

You will be asked how you will design the whole front-end. How will be the architecture? Now, you want to make YouTube. Suppose, you want to show live chat in live streaming. That is a complex problem in itself. You are getting so many messages in chat, but your page is not slowing down.

I try to teach these things in my courses. Basically, you are asked more complex things. How will you execute all these things? What tech will you use? How will you do architecture? How will you model things? All this comes in HLD.

you get security in system design. How will you manage website security? You should know about performance. How will you improve website performance? You should know about networking in detail.

After that, you should know about attacks. When we talk about system design, there is a lot in the whole system. There is a lot in the back-end as well.

There is a lot in the front-end as well. These are the kinds of rounds. There are also DSA rounds. Problem solving is a DSA round.

You can ask questions in that as well. Alright, great. Can we do DSA in JavaScript? Yes, DSA, most companies, if you are going in front-end role, DSA is accepted in JavaScript.

In fact, wherever you are going, DSA is not language specific. It is not problem solving. If you are asked to ask a question, then it is a concept. How will you execute it? You can write it in any language. But yes, in interviews, you can write it in JavaScript. I have never seen an interview in which someone said that you have to write it in this language.

I have never faced it. In fact, when I was giving interviews in Google, Golang was also an option. In fact, many people come to me and when I take an interview for problem solving rounds, they tell me to write it in Python. I don't see any difference between writing it in Python or Java. Your concept should be correct. Because the test in it is not whether your syntax is correct.

It is a test of your approach. How did you think about this problem? Many people think that the output should be correct in DSA. Output does not matter. DSA is more important than the output of the interview. How did you reach that output? If you were given a question like take out the longest common subsequence, how did you think about it? If you were given a question which is being solved by two-pointer, then the interviewer wants to see where you have put the two-pointer, how it is going, how it has overlapped. Did you think about the cases? If there is an odd, then it will be the same.

If there is no odd, then it will cross. That happens basically. When students ask me which language to start with, I give them these four options.

C++, Java, Python, JavaScript. These are the four famous options. But C++ and Java have more community support. If you look at online platforms.

Community support and in fact there is a reason for it. Because it is taught a lot. Generally, the thing is that generally CSK students, programmers, their first language is C, C++ or Java. These two languages are generally taught. And this is their first language. That's why the other languages are a little less.

But it is accepted. JavaScript, Python, do it in any language. It is accepted.

You have discussed a lot of questions Yes. Now tell me what were the questions in which candidates often got stuck? Think about it and tell me. Questions in which candidates got stuck. Look, let me tell you one thing. Actually, for a long time, I mean 2-3 years ago, people didn't know JavaScript. There are many front-end engineers who make it.

Tell them to make a button. They will develop it. Actually, they don't understand what is happening behind. This does not find of undefined. There will be some error. People don't know that undefined and not defined are different things in JavaScript.

Errors come in different ways. They don't understand. They are just doing it. They focus on making things work instead of understanding how this is working. So, this is not understanding in many people. In fact, if you ask something that is stuck, ask anything.

If you start asking how a piece of code is working, how promises are working, people can't tell you. People don't know all these things. So, it gets stuck in very basic things. If you ask fundamentals, if you ask where people get stuck the most, they get stuck in that too. Like, every round has its own essence.

If you ask like this. If you talk about system design, people can't talk much about performance which is very important. If a senior engineer is not able to talk about performance, we will reject them. They are no.

If you don't know about performance optimization, how your page can be fast, how it can be slow, if you don't know about SEO, then these are all red flags. Whether you know some things or not, if you say that you know how to handle accessibility, then say that you have never worked, you don't know, then it will work. But you should know performance optimization very well. Many people don't know.

Many people don't know how things are working. If you become a senior, then you should know how code is running and what is an important thing that code is running. So, you should know that. You should have one level and deeper knowledge. There are many front-end engineers who only know frameworks.

They don't know anything about JavaScript. They don't know much. They must have full knowledge and experience.

It is difficult to say it completely but they don't know much. They don't know about core level. They know that if I write this in React, then it will happen. But how it is working, why it happened, how React was made, how React re-renders, we don't know. Okay.

So, let's end the podcast. I want to ask you a very important question. Many students are stressed at this time about job, recession, AI. So, any advice for them? Yes, this is true.

I get many messages on social media every day. So, regarding job, I say that you should focus on your skills. Focus on your skills. I think it becomes very tough.

Keep yourself motivated. That you are not getting any opportunity. But no one can do anything about it. You have to improve your skills. If you have good skills, if you know a lot, keep studying, keep studying, keep studying.

And always keep trying. It is not possible to be a good engineer and keep hiding for a long time. A hardworking person comes out. You keep working. And one more thing. many things are online.

So, I think, you should be active in different places. You can be active on different social media. Many people do it. You can learn in public. I will tell you by mistake what people do.

They make their projects on local. How do we know? The more you show outside, the better your getup profile. I am telling you, many people come out and say that this is my Github profile. This is my Github profile.

I have solved so many questions. They write very well. If the candidate looks good, people also refer. If a person comes and sends an essay in the resume that you refer me. It doesn't happen like that.

You say that I have made these projects. I have done so much work. I have done this and that.

So, more people will refer you and know you. And many children say that they will apply in 4 companies. Then they will say that they are not getting a job. It won't take 4 companies to apply. There is a lot of competition nowadays.

And if you are from tier 2, tier 3 colleges, then it is very difficult. You will have to apply in 50-100 companies daily. It is not possible that if you apply in 5 companies, then it is possible that no one will call you. If you apply in 10, then it is possible that no one will call you. If you apply in 50, then it is possible that no one will call you. If you apply in 100, then it is possible that no one will call you.

If you apply in 200, in 250, in 500, in 500 companies, then it is not possible to call you. Game of probabilities. You have to increase your chances. Increase your chances.

And many people give up. They apply in 10 companies and they don't come. That I don't have a job. I am not getting a job. Then when you apply in 10 and start feeding yourself negatively, then you will feed more negativity from everywhere.

Correct. So people say that the algorithm is bad. The algorithm is not bad and you are filling the negativity in yourself. There is nothing like that.

You have always had a job. Many of your students, freshers, they say that there is no job for freshers nowadays. But your 7 children, they will study as much as you do and they will go. They will do a good job. How? There are jobs. You have to become good.

This should be the main thing. I hope you have got the motivation. We have shared a lot of knowledge here. So you can go and follow Akshay on LinkedIn.

I have given the link in the description. You can follow him on his YouTube. So thanks a lot for sharing this information with us. Thank you Faraz for inviting me. It was very nice to talk to you and come to the podcast. We were planning for a long time but finally it got executed.

It was very nice and all the best. Congratulations for creating a new platform for students. Keep moving forward. Like, share and subscribe. And go and watch Thank you.

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