How the Government is Failing Us - Robert Kiyosaki, @Gerald Celente

How the Government is Failing Us - Robert Kiyosaki, @Gerald Celente

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(upbeat music) - This is the Rich Dad Radio Show. The good news and bad news about money. Here's Robert Kiyosaki. - Hello, hello, hello.

Robert Kiyosaki, the Rich Dad Radio Show, the good news and bad news about money. And today we have one of our most popular guests coming back here at Gerald Celente. And I'm gonna give him unbiased plug for his unbelievable product, his Trends, the Trends journal. And I'm saying to him, he and I must be psychic, or like twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito. We're connected to hip because the title of this week's Trends journal, which I highly recommend, everybody getting is stay stupid. And I was, how Gerald you can't tell jokes anymore.

So anyway, I have to text, I have to do it secretly. So the Trends journal is stay stupid, stay in the mainstream. And I agree at 100% and everybody you've got to get Gerald Celente, the Trends journal, 'cause I look forward to it for entertainment value, but also enlightenment value. Welcome to Rich Dad Show Gerald. - Thank you so much for having me on.

- How do you get so much information packed in that little thing? That journal. - I've never worked harder in my life, and I have a good team. We are doing the very best we can, because these are the most crucial times of my life. - In history. - We're both not kids. If you haven't been there, don't tell me what it was. Yeah, and I know what it was and I know what it is.

And I see where it's going. And remember like when I was a kid, as 18 years old, I had a Beretta, nobody in school were blown, a baby boom generation. First one was born on board, 1946 to 40, 50 kids in my class, baby boomer. I don't think you're allowed to say that one anymore either. - Oh no. - Yeah.

They're doing that in the UK. And anyway, there were no, you didn't go through a security, a metal detector. You didn't have guards around. Kids weren't shooting each other. You're talking about the way we grew up.

There were neighborhoods you didn't go into, they were tough. But you didn't have to worry about every day, Oh Starbucks just closed down what 11 places. Because of the people outta their minds.

Oh look, what's happened to society. And you said that woman that plays the law professor. - Plays, (laughs) I think she is a law professor.

- And you said, how could anybody with a mind like that? Look at the clowns, running our world. - Well, she entered the twilight zone beyond stupid. I didn't think it existed, but I now know it does exist. (laughs) - But who's your favorite president? Who's your favorite chancellor? Who's your favorite prime minister. You know that great artist we have for the Trends journal Anthony Freda that does these covers. If I said to him, listen Anthony, I want you to come up with a guy that we can make the biggest clown you could ever look at.

And we'll make him the prime minister of the UK. (Robert Kiyosaki laughs) We'll call him Boris Johnson. You couldn't come up with a freakier freak. - No. And how about Biden and Kamala? Oh my God. And I'm not Republican or Democrat. Trump is my friend, but I support the freedom of choice of who we wanna vote for. That's all it is.

I'm not Republican or Democrat, I just want freedom. But I was talking to this young woman. I said JFK, she never heard of him.

(Gerald Celente laughs) She didn't know who JFK was, I said he was a president. "Really?" I can't believe how stupid the kids are. I mean not that they're stupid, they're misinformed.

They're coming outta school so misinformed or under informed. That those all saying that we used to have as a kid "Milk more information, less knowledge." I mean that applies to what's happening in schools today.

I can't believe it. - Well think about it. I think it cost about $186,000 to educate a person. I shouldn't say educate 'em, to put into a government system, (Robert Kiyosaki laughs) from kindergarten to 12th grade. So now you're spending all that money, and whether they do, they get a job working at Walmart, getting a job, driving a UPS, or Amazon truck.

What do they do, they work at Home Depot. Why did you send them to school all these years? If this is the career they're going to have. - And you can't hurt their feelings, you have to give everybody a trophy. - They hated school probably.

That's why they had their jobs there. I hated every day of school. - Me too. - I got left back in the fifth grade, ran away from kindergarten, (Robert Kiyosaki laughs) barely got outta high school. I'm just saying the system by their Deju shall know them.

We spending almost $200,000 to educate somebody. You didn't have to go to school to work at these jobs. - So lemme ask you this question okay.

So this, like I said, where it must be psychic, because I'm tweeting about, how can somebody go beyond stupid. But like Rod Serling on the Twilight Zone said, "When we were kids, "you entered a whole nother zone of stupidity. "And so the Trends journalists stay stupid, "stay in the mainstream."

What did you mean by that? What is this Trends journal about? - Well, that's the Trends journal is about, we tell people what the world is going on, what it means, what's next, and what to do. And of course the motto is, "Think for yourself." You don't have to do what we tell you to do, but the mainstream, all it is, is it's constant propaganda.

And they never stop. And they're rookies. And by the way, I used to be on Oprah Today Show Good Morning America, like you, you're everywhere. You know what the deal is. I mean you're working for the corporation. And they want you to say what they want you to say, and you gotta be in the game, go back to the Iraq war.

The facts are there by fairness, and accuracy, and in reporting. The only people they put on there were pro-war. The amount of people that were anti-war were fractional.

And they fired that guy Phil Donahue from MSNBC, for coming out against the war. So what you're getting is, you're getting the system. And when it goes back to remember the main, the Hearst newspaper with the Spanish American war.

And you go back to the New York Times, you Saddam Hussein, he has them aluminum tubes. Well, we were wrong, but we'll tell that after we told the little, the propaganda. - Okay so let me read some of the enticing subjects that are in this days, today's Trends journal. It says here, "The new world disorder, top Trends, "emerging nations diving into death default." And did you see last night when Tucker Carlson, they're in Sri Lanka, and they're watching the rioting going on, because everything is falling apart in Sri Lanka.

I'm going, holy man! That's my friend's home. And it's just coming apart. The other thing is, "The new world disorder, top Trends, "Germany rations power as Russia cuts gas supplies. "And if that's not enough, "we wanna buy the Trends journal and read it." "Spotlight like China, "Western investors flock back to China." I thought they were the enemy.

Do you know in Vietnam, I went to Vietnam twice with Marine pilot. We won the war, but people don't know that we stopped Chinese communism in Vietnam, but what did they report? None of that. I remember watching Walter Cronkite on TV and what, and I know he's Fed the news, but what he reported about the battles we fought in, wasn't true, didn't happen. But they show Mỹ Lai massacre.

They showed the atrocities, that the American troops caused, and then I'd come back, I land at Norton Air Force Base in 1972. I'm getting off the plane. I'm hit by eggs, spit on, called baby killer. All these hippies from the wood-stock generation, just crucifying us. That's because of the news.

And so that's why the Trends journal. You gotta read these stuff 'cause Gerald and his team go all out. We look forward to what you're saying. - Thank you. - Because I wanna get, I wanna stay away from MSNBC, and I'm in the markets all the time.

We call it CNBS. I mean holy macro, by the dip, the Feds on your dough, don't fight the Fed. I'm going holy macro. And we're sliding into the biggest crash in history. And I am on record here.

This is my book, "Rich Dad's Prophecy." Why the biggest stock market crash in history is still coming. And how you can prepare yourself and profit from it. I'm gonna get extremely rich, because of the Trends journal and things I'm reading. I say, okay I'm ahead of the curve. But what about the baby boomers Gerald.

My generation, your generation, with the first generation with a 401K. I think less than 50% have $100,000 in their 401k. And it's been cut in half to a 101K right now, or quarter percent.

What's gonna happen to them Gerald? - Yeah you've noted it with your book. Your new book says it all. We are into the worst financial crisis and geopolitical crisis, socioeconomic crisis, in the history of the world. - Of the world.

America's the biggest data nation in the world right now. And all we do is keep blowing bubbles up, and the bubble has met the pin. It's gonna pop, it's popping. - And now with them raising interest rates, inflation continue to skyrocket. What the COVID war did is unprecedented, it's incalculable the damage it's done. It kill the lives and livelihoods of billions of people.

You mentioned about what's going on in Sri Lanka. How about exactly what you said? It's the new world disorder, it's going on all over. When people lose everything, and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it. And they've lost everything. Look at all the businesses, just in America that have gone out of business.

What a third of the dry cleaners gone. What's office occupancy rate, depending on what you look at in the Metro areas. Oh it's around 40%. You mean it's 60% lower. Oh no more happy hours. Oh, don't have to again go to the dry cleaners.

I'm working from home now. Oh, all the delicate contestants, all of the businesses that used to depend on commuters, gone. - So that's why ladies and gentlemen, the Trends journal is essential, because you've got to stay abreast of what's happening. And don't depend upon mainstream news. I remember Gerald, I'm a Marine pilot in Vietnam. We just got hammered.

We hammered back at a place called Quang Tri. There was way, we pounded them. We pounded the Chinese communists. And what does Walter Cronkite report, all our atrocities. And there were atrocities, but there were on both sides. It was fake news.

Exactly as Donald Trump says. And so that's why the Trends journal. And that's why I wrote this book here. "Rich Dad's Prophecy." I got attacked by these stock market guys. I won't mention her name 'cause they're pretty famous.

"How can you be so negative?" I said, "Well, how can you be so dysfunctionally you idiot?" I mean do you think stock markets always keep going up? "Oh yes they do, the Fed's got your back." I said, "You're an idiot. "You're an idiot." How can people be that stupid Gerald? - Well, my father may rest in peace used to say to me, when I get upset, he'd say, "Son take it easy." He said people have little minds.

Everybody knows their favorite baseball team, all the players, every team, everything about them. I loved that when I was a young guy. But you grow out of that, and start putting your mind in another direction, and they're not doing it. Yeah I mean, again they're listening to the mainstream. They get sound, they live by soundbites. They're not doing the research to find out the details of what's going on.

And you talked about the Chinese communists. How about bringing China into the World Trade Organization (Robert Kiyosaki laughs) by Bill Clinton. Oh and they came in two weeks after officially, after 911, when nobody was looking. And you look at China's GDP, like from 1970 and then 2001, a straight line up. And all our jobs that went over there to Communist China.

Oh the Communist China that we used to make fun of, with the people wore masks, and they could lock down anything they wanted to do, and tell you what to do. Oh, and we're gonna follow that path. I'm the mayor. I'm the governor. I'm the Senator. We're gonna lock you down. "The Chinese way you must obey."

Welcome to America. - Right, and I tell you the Gerald. I mean I'ma repeat myself. The worst thing was watching the Walter Cronkite on the CBS evening news.

We just got our asses pounded. We fought back, and what they reported wasn't the truth. I mean I was there, I saw it with my own eyes. We lost so many men, good men. And so I go to the Vietnam wall. I wanna cry, but I'm dead inside, because we didn't have to die for that.

We didn't fight for this. We fought for our freedom, the freedom of speech, the freedom to carry guns, the freedom to vote for who we wants, the freedom of religion. That's what we fought for. And it's gone. It's gone.

I'm afraid to say anything. I have to kind of call people I'm afraid of texting, 'cause someone's gonna hack my text. (laughs) Anyway when you get back, I want you to go into what you see coming up. I've never seen such cartoons in my life. What happened to Boris Johnson? I mean the prime minister. How did we get this clown Biden in there? I mean where the heck guy pop out of.

- Again the people that are running our lives, they're mentally ill. They're pathological liars. They can lie perfectly. They're sociopaths and psychopaths. And nobody wants to call a spade, a spade. (upbeat music) - Please subscribe to the Trends journal.

And you've got to get the news trend. That is the most important thing you can do today. We'll be right back. (upbeat music) - [Narrator] On the show.

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Don't wait, access is limited. Go to That's (upbeat music) - Welcome back, Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Radio Show. The good news and bad news about money.

Our guests today is a very popular guest, Gerald Celente. I strongly recommend, I mean our company looks forward to receiving the Trends journal, because as I said, when the saddest things about being a Marine pilot in Vietnam, the battles we fought in, we won, but we were reported as losers by the press. And there was nothing more depressing. And then they come back home in '72 and get spit on. It's a horrible, horrible way to live.

And of course I read this book here in 1965, it was in school in New York, and the economics teacher says, you're not gonna read Malthus or David. I mean what's his name? Anyway, all the regular economist, you're gonna read Max, I said, "Why?" He says, "Because that's the enemy." And I went holy macro. So I was just in New York last week, took a company public on New York's stock exchange. The goal of every red blooded entrepreneur, free capitalist entrepreneur, stand on the stage and clap as your company goes public, and you get rich. And then we flew directly from there to Provo, Utah.

Went down 625 feet. We did a show from inside the mine, the deepest podcast in history, but all the in America, can you do that? Then we flow home. That wasn't one day. And that morning I was walking around, the upper east side where I grew up. I love New York city.

And I was saying to Gerald, I was at Chompys Jewish Delicatessen and having... What do you call those things pastromian rye? I thought it was in heaven, but all of that because of New York. So we have Gerald's dear friend with the same vintage here and his product is the Trends journal. So Gerald, what is on your mind today with the Trends journal? You tell us what's going on with you? - Well, the big issue is inflation. And again, the economy was artificially injected with all its monetary methadone to keep the money junkies high, the everything should have crashed in 2020 when they locked down most of the country, and most of the world.

And it's just artificially boosted up with record low interest rates, and countless trillions of dollars pumped in by the government. And now with inflation, and they kept lying about it or being stupid, whatever you wanna decide. First it was temporary. And then it was transitory.

They lied about it. You are looking at the EU with what, 8.6% in inflation rate and negative interest rates, minus a 0.50%. And the United States, when you have the inflation rate just came in at 9.1%, and it was temporary and transitory. So they're gonna keep raising rates.

The higher rates go, the deeper the economy goes, the deeper the markets go. End of story. And you're looking what happened over in Canada. Recently, they just raised rates 1%.

Oh and that clown over there, playing essential banks to is BSing too, that he didn't expect inflation to go this high. - So John meant three, two curve balls, 'cause this kind of disturbs me. What happened to Boris Johnson. And then what happened to Kazuhisa Abe? I mean for the Japanese to assassinate somebody. That's more American than Japanese.

And then so what I heard was that, Abe was protecting Avumectana or something. He refused to play along with Big Pharma. That's what I was told. I dunno if you heard anything like that. - [Gerald Celente] I don't know. - And Boris Johnson, what happened to him? Then how did we get this guy Biden in here? What's going on? - Again it's a freak show, look at them.

Again you can't get a better cartoon character than Boris Johnson. (Robert Kiyosaki laughs) The guy kept lying all the time. Locking down everybody while he is partying, and getting caught one lie after another. And that's what they all do by the way, when they all get caught for these lies, like that guy Gavin, so that's now gonna be, they're talking about running as the democratic challenger against Biden for 2024. (Robert Kiyosaki laughs) This guy's partying up in Napa valley.

- The French Lingerie. - And rocking down everybody. And then when they get caught, they say, "I'm really sorry I apologize."

Well you're sorry you got caught. You apologized for nothing. It's a freak show. We have mentally ill people running and ruining our lives. - How about Joe Biden calling Latinos Tacos. (laughs) Oh God, can you imagine that? - How about what Mickey Mouse said to Donald Duck? (Robert Kiyosaki laughs) I mean that's what we're talking about here.

- Everybody, you've gotta get the Trends journal, if you wanna say, I look forward to it. It's a lot, I don't know how you guys pump out so much stuff. That is what's on my mind anyway. Unless you're addicted to mainstream media, CNN, MSNBC, CBS. Why is this happening Gerald, please, please tell me. (laughs)

- Well again, the guy I was talking about Bill Clinton. That guy destroyed this country in so many ways more than others. And again, with bringing, NAFTA taking our jobs to Mexico for cheap labor, and then bringing China into the World Trade Organization. Now you go, let's go to the media.

He's the guy that deregulated it. The Federal Communications Act, I believe it was 1996. - [Robert Kiyosaki] Clinton did that? - Oh yeah, and used to, there were thousands of little radio stations back then, and loads of media everywhere. And now the bigs, what is it? Five companies own 92% in the media. And yeah, they're the big corporations.

And you look at the facts, you listen to the Murdoch Son over there. And he said, yeah he said, where in financial times quoting him, "This is our market, this is what we put. "And this is who we go for."

Oh so they're going for a particular market. We are not going for a particular market. We're putting out information for everybody to use, we're political atheists, we put the facts out.

Well by the way, it's the grand total of $2 a week. The paper of record they call themselves. I call it the toilet paper record in New York times is $3 a day. I read it every day to see what they're saying, to get the mainstream view so I can see where the people are floating into. And there's barely an article I get out of the paper that we can use that has Trends worthy value of it.

That's how bad it's gone down. - So how much does a Trends journal cost, and how do they get delivered, and all this stuff, some people don't know. - It's $129 a year, $2 a week. And we send it out.

It's a weekly, it averages about 160 pages. No ads, flip book, and you can read what you want. It's a real magazine, there's all information.

What in the world is going on, socially, politically, socioeconomic. We cover the world from high tech science, to geopolitics, to health, fitness and nutrition. - I don't know how you guys do it, 'cause it's a piece of work twice a week.

I mean twice a month. - Well we really care, there's a great quote. It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men, since Samuel Adams. And you and I, and the others are like us. Are those people that are putting out the information for we the people. We are that irate tireless minority.

Just gimme the facts, gimme the facts, I could think the rest out for myself. - I don't need an official or an authority to tell me how I should understand the socioeconomic geopolitical and other facts. When it comes to high science and high tech. - Yeah I'm not the cat, but I could get the other stuff straight.

- So how did you get into this business Gerald? I mean 'cause it's impressive work. Bless you for doing it. - It's a long story. I began working on political campaigns in Westchester county. It was these that we grooming me. I became the assistant of the secretary of the New York State Senate. I designed and instructed American politics of campaign technology at St. John's University.

I was Chief Government Affairs Specialist for the chemical industry back in the '70s. - Okay, I was on the other side of the fence. I was killing environmental legislation at the height of the environmental movement. - Yeah, all I wanna do is make money, and that was it. And I did, that photographs of me and Ronald Reagan when we put on a brunch for him in 16 of my board of directors. So I've been on the other side, I've been with princes, presidents and prime ministers.

And then I started to realize that it's a rigged game, where George Collins said, "It's one big club and you ain't in it." So I pulled out of it, and I didn't wanna be in that club. And I realized that current events form future Trends, but all they do is they sell you government propaganda. And one story is at a time. So if you only listen to an economist or listen to somebody in one field.

Opportunity misses those who view the world through the eyes of their profession. So we have a globalnomic perspective. We look at everything that's going on. Whether we like it or not. I go to financial times, I go to the global times, the Chinese times. The global times, I go to the Japanese newspapers.

I go to Haaretz, the Israeli. I go to Farsnews agency, the Iranian, I go to Al Jazeera the Arab. I go to France 24, I go all over the world. I wanna learn what everybody is doing, everybody's saying, what their pitch is, get the information. And then I'll figure out where it's going.

- Okay so this is the question I have for you. The issue with the Trends journal prior to this last one is your headline says, this one is, "This week is the stupid." And like I said, we've entered a whole new definition of stupid beyond stupid, but this last one is the big lie. Russia will lose.

Are you saying the idea that Russia will lose is a lie? - No way they're gonna to us, totally against the invasion, not my trip. I'm an American, it's not my business. Again here, this is the Trends journal from 2014, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant treasury secretary under Reagan, wrote in detail, America's coup of the democratic elected government of Indiana, Kravchuk, the Ukrainian president. So again, there's a lot of slides to this story. So I understand the why, but I'm totally against the how it happened.

So having said that, only looking at the facts. Once upon a time, there was a guy by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte. He left Poland with 420,000 troops to attack Moscow. Came back with 10,000, there's famous chart of it. And then once upon a time, not too long ago, it was somebody by the name of Adolf Hitler, who launched operation Barbarossa, and killed between 25 million and 30 million Russians.

And they were the first ones to defeat Germany, Eastern Germany. That's the one they came in. That's why they took it over. So we don't see them losing. And the only thing that by sending more weapons is, it's gonna make a bad situation very worse, because what they keep saying is, Russia keeps taking over more territory. And now they're up to almost 25% of Ukraine, is that they say, well we just pulled back.

This was a strategic move. I've heard these stories before. So, a country of 40 million, isn't gonna be to country 140 million with one of the most advanced militaries, by the way that they don't talk about weaponry in the world.

They're hypersonic, we are not. - Geez! So you're saying that people want Russia to lose, but they're not gonna lose, that's what you're going for. - [Gerald Celente] Yeah, yeah. - So that's why ladies and gentlemen, please get the Trends journal, $130 a year. The best investment you could make, because it's the best investment into your mind.

And you can change how you look at the world. So we look at it as our company. It's hard to get through, 'cause you got so much stuff in there, but everything is interesting. That's the worst part about it. I feel I'm missing if I don't read it.

But anyway, I really wanna thank you for your contribution to this society at this time. And we're talking about it at our age. I think the blessing we have, is we still have a purpose. We have a purpose... It's good to have something to get up to, and feel it makes a difference.

- Yeah, they suck the joy outta life, with this Covid war, and all the other things that they're doing. And we are doing everything we can to bring it back. And as I say, I don't know if it was Jesus, Muhammad or Buddha, but one of them said you better boogie before the lights go out, because tomorrow is iffy. - Anyway, my friend, thank you very much. Keep up the great work, the Trends journal everybody. You've got to get that because this world is changing way too fast, and you cannot depend upon mainstream media.

Thank you Mr. Celente. - Oh and thank you Mr. Kiyosaki. And thank you for all you do. And all you give to the people, and how many people you've helped over the years.

I greatly admire you. And thank you for all that you do. - It gives an old guy like me purpose to get up in the morning. So anyway, we have money, we have enough money.

It's not about the money anymore. It's about how do we make it a better world. So thank you. And thank you everybody, listening to the Rich Dad Radio Show, bye. (upbeat music) - Welcome back and thank you to Gerald Celente.

We're gonna have a little wrap up with Sara here, and because she speaks for you. If we got too happy talking (Sara laughs) about the old days in New York, but Sara what did you pick up from Gerald? - [Sara] Well actually the biggest thing, which I'll probably leave in for the final production. I think the enlightenment of your generation, his generation, you're screwed, but the big, he really is nervous about those generations that followed you. - Yes, I'm too.

- [Sara] Yeah, and I think that's gives me the hope that what we're doing on this show is a small... We are trying to make a huge impact for our listeners, and at least bring awareness. And because this outlook does, I mean right now it seems so bad. And the light at the end of the tunnel doesn't seem close.

- And that's why I was saying... Just last week I was in Manhattan. Right next to where my uncle and aunt lived, Upper East Side, and I had no money. I mean as a kid, 18 years old going. You just cannot, coming from Hilo, Hawaii, where high rise is a two story house made out of wood.

(Robert Kiyosaki and Sara laughs) and everybody sound asleep watching TV. And then I'm walking in the streets of New York, and you look up and you go, holy macro, these seas were built in the fifth. I mean the eight '20s and all this stuff, they've gone through hell, they've gone through depressions, they've gone through this, and they kept fighting on. So take a company public to be clapping on the television screen and saying, that's the height of free market capitalism.

And that's what we write for. Now you don't wanna be a free market capitalist fine. But just don't take away my choices. So anyway, it's just been the best. So, what else you take away from him? - [Sara] Well, one thing I wanna mention about the Trends journal, is just as Gerald is as fun and energetic on this interview, he writes that way. It is very easy to understand.

They sent me last, the one that published yesterday this morning. So I was thumbing through it for prep for this show, and it's stuff I can understand. And so I think that's why... - And you're interested in? - Yes, it does make it interesting.

There's some out there that are so boring. I'm like I can't read this, but he does. He keeps it short and simple. Each topic is short, and simple, and clear. So I really appreciate that about him. And I just, I always love having him on, 'cause the energy that he brings is so fun.

- I'm telling everybody I never do it because I know I'm well known, but I don't do it to be famous. It's not the reason I do it. And I was just in New York city like last week, and I'm walking in this little park, next to the Four Seasons hotel.

There were five people in the park, and four knew who I was. I couldn't believe it. And there was two young women, they were for MTA, Metropolitan and Transit Authority. They said, "Thank you for doing what you're doing." "Going thank you for telling me.

And there's other guy, "He was crying, he goes, "What's gonna happen to us?" I said, "I don't know man." Another guy was, he was a student NYU. And he says, "I switched to finance because of your book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Then I go to the front front door of the Four Seasons, and the bellman where the head guy there says, "You know what I tell people," I said, "What?" He says, "I tell people, don't buy Nikey shoes, "buy Nikey stock." I said, "Good for you."

(Sara laughs) And all this, so I'm going holy macro, I'm in New York city. I was walking this neighborhood as a kid. I just kept looking up the most magnificent buildings. I love that stuff.

Then I go to the stock exchange, this picture of George Washington there, and going holy macro. And I come back to Phoenix. And in this little store and the woman says, "Rich Dad what's that?" (Robert Kiyosaki and Sarah laugh) - [Sara] So you almost had a full circle moment, and then she ruined it. (Sara laughs) - Yeah she goes. - But it really is true.

It says you cannot be a prophet in your own town. - [Sara] Yeah, yeah. - Nobody knows me here. - [Sara] And that's why you can walk so freely generally. Except at the mall. - Thank God.

(Robert Kiyosaki and Sara laughs) - [Sara] Real quick I wanna tease that. The episode that you did at the mine. - Yeah, you gotta check that out. What was that like for you? You saw a bit of it. - [Sara] I've seen a teaser. They're still editing it together.

'Cause there was 700 gigs of footage. So this file is massive. So they're still working on it, but they did put together a teaser, and I'm just like, first of all, how lucky are we to have that opportunity, or you and I'm so thankful that you really pushed for that idea, 'cause how creative and...

- We're 625 feet under the ground. - [Sarah] If anybody else has done that, please let me know because otherwise, I'm gonna start saying we are the only, the first and only that's ever done it from the mic. - But you said the quality is unbelievable. - [Sarah] Oh their team that the videography team, or the media team that they sent along with you. It looks like Hollywood made this teaser.

I'll start posting it to your social media so people can see what I'm talking about. It's unbelievable. - So what I say is like, a lifetime happened in a day, so I'm walking in the park in New York city. I ring the bell, we climb on our private jets. We fly to Provo, Utah. We go down 625 feet.

I saw one or sample, this mine is 140 years old. I saw one or sample. It had a thousand ounces per ton. I took one company public in China.

We had 10 ounces per ton. And we thought we struck gold. This mine was so rich. The gold was just hanging on the walls, and I've heard stories like that, but to see it. But you know what happened the way these guys found it, was there of course they're really smart dudes, young guys.

But they took 140 years of mining records, they digitalized it, and they're able to make it into a 4D presentation so they could see where the goid was. They took 140 years of information, digitalized it, made it so that they could see the picture. And they said they were like eight feet from the richest. These old guys were just kind chipping away. - [Sara] Well I think Marin mentioned that, this was shortly after, I think he brought it to you, or told you about it.

He said all they had to do was like turn left. Like they were digging straight or something. The way he described it on that episode, I was like these guys but I mean to have that information, the 140 years worth of information, holy cow! I don't know if that's luck. (laughs) - You know from the mine, from the show in the mine 625 feet down, it was Kenny, Macro and myself, and these two other guys, I mean geniuses. - [Sara] Yeah.

- And we said, there's a goal of mine right under your feet, everybody has one. And this was, this mine was sitting there for 140 years, and they just took new technology. They have this new gun, they don't have to send the samples to them, to the chemical lab. The gun will read the sample on the spot. - [Sara] Wow! - And that's technology.

So there's more opportunity to even read before, but most people are sound asleep. - [Sara] And that's, you talk about that a lot with just a cell phone. - Yeah, with a cell phone.

My God they can, come on. - [Sara] If you can do it, you can do anything. You talk about you'll be in South Africa and doing deals in Canada. Like it is true, there's more opportunity if you wake up. - Remember I was in Botswana talking to Marin in Canada. - [Sara] And it was about that deal, wasn't it yeah.

- He's saying I got this, this, this, this, this I said, "Okay, okay..." I'm sitting in Botswana Africa. And then the only reason I know what Marin was doing, is because I'd already failed so many times in the Chinese gold mine.

So all the failures paid off with this one deal with Marin. Now it's the richest gold mine in the world. We broadcast, we podcast from 625 feet down. And then I was walking in the park, where I was a kid at 18 years old, saying oh my God, how in the world am I ever gonna get rich you know, look at this place. (laughs) So as I said to the guys, I said a lifetime happened in a day.

(upbeat music) New York city, it was 625 feet down to the richest gold mine in the world. That's free market capitalism. And that's what we stand for. Thanks for listen to the Rich Dad Radio Show. (upbeat music)

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