How Indian Tourists Spoil other Countries? ഇന്ത്യക്കാർ മറ്റ്‌ രാജ്യങ്ങളിൽ കാണിക്കുന്ന വൃത്തികേട്‌

How Indian Tourists Spoil other Countries? ഇന്ത്യക്കാർ മറ്റ്‌ രാജ്യങ്ങളിൽ കാണിക്കുന്ന വൃത്തികേട്‌

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I am going to Symulak. We are going to go by this cable car. I am at Almaty, Kazakhstan People come here to do skiing The temperature here is -5 or so It is a sunny day So you dont feel it too cold But when you reach on top, it will be -15 and -20 We caught a taxi and came to the base camp We took this jacket on rent from here The jackets we have are not enough to bear the cold here So we took this for rent.

Wore the thermal we bought yesterday inside Dr Sonu and Dr Sajad are with me Dr Sajad has gone to take tickets I thought that was the name of a place It is the name of a bank You see lot of Indians here Most of the people coming here visit this place People coming here, take these equipments on rents The go skiing. Sonu went skiing yesterday. What was the temperature then? Shall take tickets from here. You have a photo studio here Many people in skiing set Kacca means tickets We shall stand in a queue and take tickets We have to go by 2-3 cable cars to go up. How much do we pay to go up and down? 5000 Tenge is nearly 800 INR We got our tickets. Now we are going to stand in the queue to get in the cable car

There is night skiing till 12 midnight too Will there be lights? Very good lights He said he is an expert in skiing He said he was skiing yesterday Skiing is one of the main entertainment for those coming to study here If you want to learn or skii, come here to learn MBBS Not only MBBS, but many other courses too There is a space to keep things for skiing in there We booked a cable car where we get 360 deg view They asked us to stand aside. Will let us in when that comes. All are full set People are fighting to get in People are going with small babies too They are taking their pram too. People enjoy in all means Ours is here This is awesome. Since we booked this, just the 3 of us can go in this. We can see even from below We are going up that mountain We can see the way we came. We began from there

What is the name of the base station? We are going from Medeu to Shymbulak You can see a river or stream here Water has turned to ice at many places There is limit to vehicles coming this side by road We are stuck. Why are we going down? Are we going back or stuck? I got scared. If anything happens, they stop it It is hanging in the air. We too. They have limits. For eg, when we go to Manali, we go via Rhotang Pass

They have a limit there. Same way to control pollution etc, they have limit here Otherwise everything will be blocked. You have these in Leh, Sonmarg etc Even Kashmir has cable cars We have the same in our country too.

But we spend only half the amount to Leh to come to Kazakhstan Everything is expensive in our country Here it is very cheap You can check the flight expense from Kochi to Leh Check the flight rate to Kazakhstan too You will understand Looking down now. Full of snow down there None of the trees have leaves, except the Christmas tree kind No leaves on anything else Now we are going over the road. Looks beautiful Sajad says it is like we reached Switzerland Since I havent been to Switzerland, I dont know how it looks Even I didnt go. Then how could you say that.

I have seen videos. Many say it is like Switzerland Switzerland in Munnar... Switzerland in Ooty We say that looking at pictures and videos Now let me also say the same. This is a place like Switzerland. Try to bring jackets you can wear where it is -10 or -15 deg C You get them at Columbia and Woodland branded shops Wear good thermals too Wear thick socks and gloves too You get them on rent from here too. You dont have to buy them actually We can get them on rent once you land here It is easy to get. It would be correct when taken from here This is far better compared to the red jacket I brought Is this also a road? Looks like a dam.

You can walk from there to here ' There are steps there We have been in this cable car for long now. Lots to go. Around 7kms 7km will take 30mts to reach up there This is the first one. We have to take another 2 more

Just 800 INR to go and come back That is so reasonable You would be knowing the rate of cable cars in our places Here there are so many people. That is why I said Kazakhstan is very affordable Good we took this one. If you take this glass floor one, you have a 360 deg view We are now going above the trees Half of the trees are sunk in snow I am fed up sitting in this. Ask them to let us out. Fed up sitting in the cable car. We have begun to see houses when we reached on top People do skiing, stay here and enjoy too Beautiful houses Houses like we see at Ladakh It is a township up here It is written Hyundai We got down at here from Shymbulak cable car It is a different world here. You have restaurants, bars and skiing activities here You can see the wide area of skiing there All colourful here If you have not taken anything on rent from the city, you can take from here It would be little more expensive than down there You can take photos from here When we had come to see a lake last time, we had worn this and taken a photo Heard that ice skating is happening at the lake now You have ticket counters here too This is closed now. Or we could walk across here

We are going to enter the next cable car now. If you scan the QR code, the gates open. Get inside People going for skiing, get on to this kind of cable seats 3 of them got down and are ready for it. It is a fun and adventurous place for the people here. They stand ready turning the opposite side and sit on it when it comes They let you in that only if you have these I got to know that when I asked them if I could get in that They went, next 4 are ready to get in Awesome. Another 4 are going over this

They come in alternates. Cable car, seat kind and changes It is -10deg C here The skin that is exposed to air is dry. I can feel the burning sensation We shall get in this one Full scratches on these glass I think people get in with their things and scratches would have happened.

We came from the base station to the next stop. Now moving from here to the next Can see people skiing They are flowing down Doesnt look like a mountain. Looks like a playground. It is smooth and plain That boy fell down. That is not a boy, but a girl You cannot apply brakes. You have to control your speed. Some are going in full speed.

Do you have dog sledge here Could try it out if it was there Look at the way they are going They are literally flying I am getting scared. We are about to reach on top. Can we go more on to the top? One more to go We will be going up to there We climbed from 8000-10000 ft up in the cable car. It is colder than it was down there You can see people sitting on this can coming You can jump out They come on this, jump out when they reach here and skate down. They have to come and get down from that to skate down It is very cold Will have to wear gloves. The phone is on a tripod. Will you slip from here? Should be careful There is a cafe here Do people have food sitting outside in this cold weather? They have nice view points here I would have slipped now. People skate here. You can see Almaty City from here

That is the specialty here Ice has become so hard here Shall stamp and break them Soft and warm covers on the chairs to sit. I would have slipped and fallen down. This is beautiful We came from Almaty city Now we have reached up here You can see people skiing from here I was saying skating, but it is skiing When they play on the snow, it is skiing Skating takes place at malls Those are with shoes. This is with board

You have them for both the legs We have come to get into the next cable car We shall go and see how much high do they take us. It has become colder. I have worn gloves As we go up, we see more people sliding down People who are crazy about this goes on top. We see extreme slopes here

Look at them coming without any brakes. You feel like doing it when you see. But not taking the risk for what I dont know Are these tents for staying? Yes, nice. You have a resort like coffee shop and restaurant too

We have reached on top of a mountain We are now 10500ft high But there is range here Can see Indians with Indian flag on top of it. Some Indians taking a photo from Kazakhstan with the Indian flag People are coming with kids on the pram too Wont she feel cold? I am not able to stand here in this cold Some event happening here The top looks so beautiful Taking a video rotating using a GoPro He is standing with an Indian flag A proof of Indians spoil places wherever they go A paan masala pack Not only in India, but here also we come and spit pan masala on the floor I feel like giving them one seeing their attitude These kind of people spoil the value of Indians all over the world Wont these guys loose control and hit us? We hired a photographer and took lot of photos Should get them from him Can hear Bharat Mata ki Jai We say we should promote Lakshadweep and not go to Maldives It is very expensive to plan a trip in our place If you reduce the rate, people will surely visit our country When things get better in our country, we shall stop promoting outside places Let me collect the photos. How is it? Got them? We took many photos I shall show you them. They have come out awesome.

I shall show you them with a musical background All beautiful pics If you wear nice colourful jackets, you get awesome pictures You can take drone videos too Lots can be done. How much did he charge for how many photos? How much for 1 photo? 10000for 100 photos We showed him my Insta and YouTube pages. Our 2 Million and 1Millon.. We got excellent pictures It is a kind of bargaining. Awesome. You have many places to take pictures You can come here and take pictures People who are skiing are using other equipments too and enjoying here Lot of Indians here You have Indigo flight service to come here We have Delhi Almaty Indigo flight You have Delhi Almaty Air Astana twice a day. So we have 3 flights a day to come here You have Mumbai Almaty Fly Arystan You can take Air Arabia via Sharjah too You can come like me via Abu Dhabi in Wizz Air.

Lot of flights from the Gulf It is less expensive. You get tickets for 6000-7000 one way If you have luggage, you get ticket at 10000/- You can get your up and down ticket for 15000-20000 You can take airbnb rooms. We got it for 3 nights at 12000/ You can come, experience all these at such a low rate You can explore this place in winter. In Leh at this time, room would cost around 10000/- Room availability is less there Especially in winter As it changes, people can explore our own country We have lot of potentials We are utilizing them.

It is getting better Where is Sajad? Both of them are missing You have people learning to walk too You find beginners and experts here Look at what they have worn They are all set for it. I cant find Sajad and Sonu They are there We are going to take a drone vision If you know their language, you can bargain with them. They will get us an Insta reel and You Tube video with drone Since Sajad knows Russian language, he is speaking and getting it set We took an awesome reel for Instagram All of you should check my Instagram to see that. Do follow us.

I have put the other one in the intro of this video You can see people skiing here Those who know to skii will enjoy the place a lot. People come here just for that. We simply play in the snow without skiing Enjoy how ever you want. It is very cold. If you dont cover your neck well, you will be in trouble

Make sure to use gloves. Or you will find it difficult It is very cold and cannot stand here for long. You should see the way skiing experts go.

This is where they start from. We are at the top most part You have this here. I think it is used for emergency rescur Look at this, Indians have spat pan here So bad Let us go down. My nose is aching and having a running nose.

Taking the next cable car and going down It is very cold I noticed one thing now. On my dress it is written Arctic Queen Both of you got me a woman's jacket. But it is colourful We reached the first station You have Shymbulak mountain resort here People stay and enjoy here You have rooms there You have open and closed bars and restaurants here. People can buy and have You have many like that here A place filled with vibes. We are going down now.

Many people said that I am only complaining on what I see When you see the fact and it is wrong, those who cannot accept it calls it wrong Trichy airport was inaugurated and shown to us. Isnt that making us a fool? I got to know it will open only after 6 months when I went there If it opens only after 6 months, they why did they have the inauguration now? Why they inaugurate it now, make news and fool people? That is what I felt When I said that, many saw me as someone against the country A kind of celebration saying inauguration has to be stopped It is done with our money. In which other country do you see such big inaugurations? It was the same at Abu Dhabi airport Just 2.5 months since they began operations They work only after all the work is over Will anybody open a bridge or road without all the work getting over? Nobody does that. It should be done after work When I say the fact, we turn out to be negative to the country Some say I find only faults They cannot accept all that. People watching the video have the rights to speak I am showing the facts I see through the video. You are commenting on that

You have the rights to say anything. It is ok. Now let us take the next cable car and go down. We are back down I am fed up due to the extreme cold weather Shall take a taxi and go. Will you get samosa or cutlet? Can see foody street. Let us check out. We couldnt get any vadas We got Dollar. Shall have that and go It is so cold. Get in.

It was awesome. Would have been amazing if we did skiing When you come to Almaty, you see many shops like this. This is where we took them on rent for

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