How I Made my First Million Dollar? Interacting with Students of Western Balkans University, Albania

How I Made my First Million Dollar? Interacting with Students of Western Balkans University, Albania

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I am starving after coming here You said I would get upma Nice to see all these Everything is shown and taught Look at him having butternaan like a roll He has poured curry in it Today we are going to Western Balkans University, Albania Going for a speech. Isn't it a big thing? Going to a university at Albania and sharing experiences of Tech Travel Eat How did I become a travel vlogger and how did we hit 2 million subscribers A small story about our self Going to share our life story with them All of you should bless me I am first time interacting with students at a foreign university I had gone to IIM-K and interacted with students long back I have been to many colleges in Kerala too But this is my first time in a foreign country Thanks to Fazil bro Agron will be here soon and we shall go with him See how long the buses here are Trivandrum had one like this long back Now it is not to be seen. Heard a news that it caught fire They are called vestibule bus Today it is very sunny We have come to a hospital here It is one of the biggest private hospitals in Tirana Wont the hospital have a canteen Will they have upma and curry? I am feeling hungry. Dont we have to eat breakfast We didnt have anything in the morning We got inside the hospital Looks like a 5 star hotel's reception This hospital comes under American group of hospitals They have nearly 6 hospitals in Albania and other places More than 30 clinics in and out of Albania too It is true that you meet Keralites at hospitals any part of the world We have seen Keralites here too There are 10 Keralites here They are first year students Here the university provides every Fridays for students from 1st yr onwards to come Good. So how are the classes at Albania?

Why have you come to Albania? They are learning BSc Nursing Reason to choose Albania? Fee structure is more accepting here It is less here compared to other places So we chose here I can complete my studies here with the fees usually outside Usually it is 50 lakhs for one year in many countries. Here we can pay that for 3yrs here How are the classes here? Good. Everything is taught in English Hw do you interact with patients when you come to the hospital? Most of the patients are Albanians Our friends, colleagues and classmates help Are you studying any other languages? We are learning German Oh nice Then you may be having plans to move to Germany Yes All the best. Anybody else here? Yes. Many of them We have come to the canteen Having coffee. No breakfast. I am starving

You told me that I would get upma here 2 days food is still in you Yes. But you said you get upma here You have to go there and make Do yo make upma? We dont get semolina here He is Rizwan. All of them are together 10 Indians are having an awesome time here While having tea, 3-4 also joined in 7 of you here 3 more to come z He is the youngest amongst all here All the best to all of you This is a shopping mall near the hospital We are going to the University now I am nervous For what? I have never faced international students so far But still, I am nervous Who? You? Stop joking. Cant I get nervous? I was the one who was nervous. Camera, set etc That is true.

Now I am not bothered That is true. When we traveled together in the beginning, Fazil was scared to speak in front of the camera Now as soon as I on the camera, he starts with thug dialogues. Shamjithbhai, Saheerbhai and all have changed Nice logo Designs and logos look amazing. Even this is a shopping mall So colourful and simple Nice to see that It is just a single floor building. Just a ground floor. They have made the board upwards making it feel a big building. Beautiful attractive colour shades This is our University Western Balkans University I am going to interact with international students for the first time This is how you get inside We had gone to a hospital a while ago run by these university owners Lot of flags out here.

We are going to meet the President of the University This is the President's office We met the President. Now we are going for the interaction session I dont know how many students are going to be there Shall go and see. Will there be at least 20 students? Let it be any. Shall see. Our session was at the library I had a starting trouble in the beginning, but then got over it Students asked good questions You had an issue in the beginning. Then you were ok

Yes. It was a good interaction. Students had asked you many questions Looks like a palace They have built it like a resort.

We are going to see the campus. Agron will take us around and show us the place This is the auditorium here They have 2-3 auditoriums Looks more like a classroom It is for joint classes The classrooms and auditoriums look alike They have more of allied programs They have many programs. In their first year, they will have many common classes Anatomry and physiology would be common classes For eg, you will have pharmacy, radiology, physiotherapy etc student in this class They would have common lectures for that They would have common subjects in the first year 2nd year onwards the department changes Is this a new university? It is not a new university. International students started to join here from last year

Students can go to other countries from here? Yes. They can go to England for programs The curriculum followed here is designed by Cambridge University So they can go to UK an move after their studies too German language is taught for free here You can learn German along with your course and migrate to where you want Classrooms are very spacious and in double height The building, conference hall and everything are spacious This is another conference hall Their education system is European Credit Transfer System. ECTS Minimum 13 students will have one teacher. That is the same system followed in Europe, Germany and France.

You will have just 13-15 in a class and not like in our place with 60-100 At the same place we sat a while ago, the Indian Ambassador had sat last week There was an interaction session with him The same chair I too sat I sat on the chair the Ambassador sat Tomorrow they have doctor guests from Cambridge University We are now at the top floor of the University building That is the highway to the airport It is an awesome restaurant on top of the university You have outdoor seating area A coffee shop too. Beautiful place. Coffee costs only 100Lek. I think students get food at a cheaper rate Today is a holiday. That is why you dont find anybody here If it was a working day, we could have found many students here You can sit outside and have food Can see snow mountains behind there Shall tell you an advantage in Albania Winter doesnt go to extreme Like other places, it doesnt go to minus degrees or extreme There isnt snowfall here You can see snow only at mountains far away You can see an ariel view of Albania from here. Balkan mountain ranges. Paddy fields down there This university is awesome Beautiful ambience. It is done like a resort

They have built it beautifully You have a more beautiful view this side This is the right side of the college The airport is somewhere that side You can see the highway to the airport Beautiful place Can see a flight The airport is that side. It is going to land You can study medical and paramedical courses at Western Balkans University The advantage for Indians is that It is cheaper studying at Albania, Europe than going to Bangalore and studying. You can learn languages too You dont have to study any language to come here. Everything is taught in English

It is less expensive and education is in high standard Another advantage is to study with international students You can do part time jobs too We are at an anatomy lab now and can see digital and many more things here Students opt studying in foreign countries to migrate too Coming to Albania is basically an entry to Europe You can study here and get into a job in any medical field here All these are shown and taught in this manner here This is a very good university. They not only have medical courses But also Artificial Intelligence courses, Data Science courses and many more The next intake is in September If you have any plans to do such courses after 12th std, you can contact them You can know more that way This Atlas is used for anatomy Students in our place also uses the same medical and paramedical books P D Chaudri's books and Sathyanarayan's Biochemistry books are used here They have Sathynarayan's books here? Human body all over the world is the same There may be a bit difference in the technology used here But the human body is the same So they use the same books We have met 2-3 more students We had met her a while ago How is your hostel? Our hostel is close by. 15-20mts from the University Nice hostel We self cook at our hostel That is good. Do you eat from outside? Albanian food is good. Yes, it is.

It is good but wont come upto our rice and fish curry, right True No other issues. Happy here They said they will give us rice and buttermilk curry But Agron is taking us somewhere else Missed your rice and buttermilk curry I will be coming to Albania again. You should make biriyani for me then Ok Bye. Let us go outside now It was sunny in the morning. Now it is getting cloudy We are going to have Indian food. Joining us for lunch?

Did you have lunch? Joining us? We had and came Ok then bye Today we are off to an Indian restaurant Today we are going with Agron to an Indian restaurant We have come to have food. Can see a stall selling new books Apartments above and buildings below That is our hotel. Intercontinental There is an Indian restaurant close by here. We are eager to have Indian food today I always eat Indian food wherever I go But now I am a vegetarian I am a vegetarian for few days Let's see what veg food do we get here You get veg food all over the world The big buildings here would be built in a unique shape Look at that. Looks different I think this one is a shopping mall Even that looks beautiful It is made of glass They have tried to bring in something different in all the buildings This is a beautiful place. We had walked this way yesterday

But we had not seen the Indian restaurant then This is the Indian fusion restaurant Beautiful vibe and ambiece We got inside the restaurant Nice ambience. I didnt see any Indians. Albanians are taking the orders. No ides who cooks I cannot go inside the kitchen and look Last 2 day Agron bought us Albanaian food. Today we are giving him Indian food Thats plans today They have a mixed menu They have Thai, Asian, Indian and all mixed here I selected and ordered some veg and non veg food.

Ordered a lentil soup first. They have kept a lemon wedge with it Tastes good. We had ordered aloo tikki chaat Chicken pakoda too They topped the aloo tikki chaat with curd and sauces Let me try it out. Might be sweet

When you buy curry, you get rice for free here This is the rice that was given free with this curry We ordered a chicken tikka masala and mushroom masala Butternaan and a biriyani too We are making an Albanian eat biriyani and butter naan It is spicy He is having the butter naan as a roll He has poured curry into it Biriyani is spicy He liked biriyani and this curry the most We had ordered gulab jamun to have at the end Where are you going? This is a shopping mall here Thought of walking around after food. Shall see what all do they have here Came to Sketchers. They have offers Nice shoes. But if I buy them, Swetha will loose her temper Beautiful colour I have tried one which I can wear always to walk Looks good and is under a good discount Similar to what I wore but is water repellent It is Sketchers outdoor. Gives a bulky feel How is this? The bottom is brown in colour I liked this one. I have decided to take this shoes I liked it a lot. It has this at the back

Isnt that good? I didnt know Sketchers had such shoes. Bought shoes and 2 pairs of socks and got a bag free Got out from Toptani shopping mall I didnt buy anything else but shoes. Thats more than enough When I go home, Swetha will probably bang me Fazil has gone for a haircut I am alone now We shall walk back to the room It is easy to find our hotel You see that tall building from anywhere here You just have to walk towards it Night are full lit and filled with vibe You can hear music played at the square It is slightly cold now. It gives you a nice feel. The sky is clear today Summer carnivals and other programs begin here later You can see many on cycles and these kind of illustrations too The day we came, it was under construction. Now it is ready It has begun to work.

This is Opera House in Tirana. People are having dinner there Since we had Indian food today, we dont need any more dinner Our stomachs are full The lights keep changing. Nice and colourful The city has a special vibe at night That is the mosque we visited last day. Looks like a new place at night

You forget which place it is during day and night You feel like you have seen a new place Nice vibe That is a national museum in Tirana See how beautiful that building looks Building look beautiful when they are lit up All of them look nice at night I am walking peacefully in a country at after a long time I loved it. No scams or robbery here A place where tourists can surely come I strongly recommend to add Albania too when you take Georgia, Kazakhistan etc You can easily apply for an e-visa Those who have Schengen visa, UK and US visa can come here and take on arrival Others can take e-visa or connect with Gulf and take flights You can take Wizz Air or any budget flight and come It is a beautiful place Many have not explored this place much We will be coming here once again as a part of our upcoming big trip Planning to start that on 1st May Many are guessing it. Some asked if it was London - India by road It is not a road trip I will be going alone It is a solo trip Shall tell you everything in detail later. Everything is under planning I have to go back to India, renew my passport, get some visas. Shall tell you after that A grandpa playing Albanian music Back in our room We had a nice day Went to the university and interacted with many students Saw around and it was fun Had a nice day. We are here for one more day We will be visiting a place 200km away from here That is an awesome place and the journey will be amazing.

We will be going to Italy after tomorrow's trip See you tomorrow with another video Until then bye bye

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