Horizen Interview (Zencash) - Free Bitcoin Market Analysis - Live Crypto Money News

Horizen Interview (Zencash) - Free Bitcoin Market Analysis - Live Crypto Money News

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Perfect. Let's, go. Alright. So, we have a rob big, Leone from, the, zinc. Has team talking. With us today thank you for joining us sir thanks. For having me BK happy to be here a good, man I know we've been putting, off this conversation for a while but I'm happy we're able to do it it looks like we're both, in the office but out of the office at same huh, yeah. I'm at my grandparents, house just so you guys know this. That's it I'm at my parents house, oh cool. They're. Very nice we break them up for Christmas Eastern's that's awesome, that's also there's like little kid pictures back here so yeah same thing, cool. Man so um I got I got a little bit of the information uh, with regards to you guys in the update with, regards. To the, expansion. Can you describe that from, kind, of going from the zing cash. Vision. To the horizon what's, what's new you know amongst, the horizon, now yeah. Absolutely I'll, tell you what some the horizon for horizon gray. Hi. This is Rob from Zen cash I have some very exciting news for you today it's, so exciting that I'm gonna stop talking about Zen cash and we're going to start talking about something new what. We're doing is we're actually going to build, out our brand we're not doing a rebrand entirely it's a brand expansion, and, what this means is we're going back to our core values, our vision. Our mission and. What we want to do with this project and wrapping. This into our brand in a way that makes sense and can, be portrayed to the world and it's extinct way so. Going back to the basics we need to think about what's important to us number, one privacy. Is a basic human right and number, two we want to empower individuals to, own their entire digital footprint, and decide, for themselves what they want to do with it and, we're going to do this by making blockchain, technology, actually usable. The. Mission is the actionable, element for how we're going to achieve our goals what, we're doing now is building a secure and private blockchain, using. The best privacy, technology and a way that's going to enable an application, rich environment, and we're, laying the infrastructure, right now that will make this possible another. Major part of our mission is to empower individuals through. Direct decision making Authority our, treasury voting, system our Dow is a major step in this direction that we already have in prototype as the. Project has evolved, it's time to rethink our brand and what we want to convey to the world now, we're started off as a pure cryptocurrency, with strong privacy and, then we started to think about what else we could do with this technology that's useful to people so. It's with great pleasure that I announce, our, brand, expansion, from Xen cash to. Horizon, now. Horizon, represents, our heritage, with Xen it's still gonna be our coin and our ticker symbol, but, we're thinking beyond the currency, and we're thinking about the technological, frontier the, horizon, so. How are we doing this while, we're continuing work on our technology, our treasury, dál voting system our, Seiichi solution which will eventually have smart contracts, and an, innovative, block deck technology, for massive scalability we're. Doing all this with sound economics, in mind so that we can maintain decentralization. And think about long-term sustainability. For the project and, to make this possible we've put together one of the best teams in the Indus with 50 amazing professionals. Organized, into seven divisions in a way that we described as a full-stack business we. Have some incredible partnerships, on the technology, side with companies like io h k and on the institutional, investor side with companies like digital currency group we, have dozens of exchange listings and other important, integrations, we're. Creating both technological. And social, innovations. With horizon, our goal. Is to constantly, tear down walls and bring people together so, please join us on this amazing journey and let's make the world a better place together. You. Know we launched, a year and a half ago or so as a privacy. Oriented cryptocurrency, and Sun cache and. The cache really, signified, what our our main product was it, still is you know - realistically, I mean we're working up some great technologies, for where we want to go hi we're, maturing them very nicely but the. Cryptocurrency it's off was our primary product and, you. Know as we hit this kind of turning. Point where as. We've, been maturing different technologies.

You, Know so kind of building a liquid democracy voting, system building. Out a side chain model that will be I think I. Think the first truly decentralized. Side-chains model, on the market so it's very exciting stuff. There which will support smart, contracting, you, know other token, token standards. So. Certainly. More of a platform feel, and then also going down like we're, going down a graph Rd. Project, route, which seems extremely, promising for massive. Scalability on chain, and the side chain stuff is massive scalability kind, of octane, right so we're tackling both of them and we're just really building, out these partnerships, now that are. Really. Looking, at the future of this platform and, not really looking at the past where we're still doing a lot of BD on. The the coin side to make the coin more useful and getting out there users making our wallets better our products better point-of-sale. Integrations, exchange, listings, and all that stuff really, the the future is what we're doing with the side chains and building out into our businesses, on, top of our system so really the the. Big shift here was it's tough making sense, to call ourselves a cache it. Didn't make sense you're white why, talk about a platform with smart contracting, all the stuff and keep referring to ourselves as just a cache right. You. Know so those were the impetus yeah yeah you. Know it's you, talk about all the, cool like you, know vision mission on products. And technology, directions we're gonna be going I think, that's a that's a huge play, on you on you guys part I remember doing, a walkthrough of, the, mind and warehouse with with Ralph and at the end of it you know he was talking to me about the capabilities, as in cash now granite is a currency, you know huge on security, huge on the Z. Network and and everything but you know any started talking about the other opportunities. You, know with building, out the platform and the technology. And the distribution, and you know kind of a b2b. Tusita connect, the users, with. The different interfaces and I and I told them I said that's the play right there like that's that's that's, huge, when you, can do that and and you know also honor, the. Privacy. Right that, people have. Can, you talk to a little bit about that I'll be able to put in your video to where you, know they can see firsthand you know the benefits but can you talk to kind of like the vision and the passion, that you guys are integrating, and - into the build-out. Absolutely. Yeah so I'm, glad you had this opportunity to meet, with Ralph in person and be able to view the mining facility I think, it's always best to be in person you just get a feel for you, know what human. Beings. So. Yeah I mean, it's. Almost like two different missions, in a way I mean with an overarching, goal so the big goal that I like to talk about is we're trying to create a, decentralized. Virtual nation. Of source or economy peer-to-peer economy, and we, don't care about borders, we don't care if you're from Uzbekistan, or from the u.s. from Mexico wherever. Anyone, in the world can participate we want to be fully inclusive we want to be huge value add so, we're trying to create just a better world real you know really now, of course that's that's the idealistic, side and there's some other things we're, doing on the idealistic, side like you, know the, way I frame, it is kind of the mission for our technology is to help individuals own their digital footprint, so. Really it's kind of like inverting. The the media model that we have right now the Facebook's, the googles and all them that, you generate a ton of content whether, you're just searching the web or whether you're posting your your, weekend, pictures partying, and the. Company owns that content and they're monetizing it so really we're, building out this app ecosystem, on, a platform and the data from the apps here's, here's the vision is the data from the apps is gonna be flowing to an individual's, they can choose to one retain. Zero data they want to be completely private, and we, respect, that I think that's something that has to be the standard we have to stop with the standard the standard being. Everything, you do is collected and really. Out of your way to try to stop that and you'll never really be able to do that we're, trying to flip that upside down the standard should be nothing's, collected, now you can start choosing what you want to personally, collect we, cryptographically, secure it and then you can choose to just toggle a button this is monetize, all my app data yeah, then and we dumped that in, an anonymized fashion into a peer-to-peer, data.

Market And now you can have companies coming into the data market and saying well hey I want to build I'm, looking to expand into this city targeting, this demographic right, now obviously we have you, know a big marketplace that has, that kind of data really, the vision that I want here is and this is the liberating, thing is I want to create a de facto universal, basic income is, based on technology and not politics, I don't want every human being in the world to be able to just monetize. Their digital footprint which I guarantee you is worth at least hundreds. Of dollars per month no matter where you are in the world is greater maybe thousands of dollars a month and in parts of the world this is the difference between starving. And being able to you, know feed your family and put a roof over their head so, this is this is the idealistic side and of course we're, not just idealists, we're actually very pragmatic, businesspeople so. We have a very long path to get there but, we're making some very quick, strides. Very, important, steps forward right, now and. That's I. Know. I know I know we, gotta get in we got to do like double ditch I. Do. A lot of economics. Macroeconomic, discussion, on my on my channel just to try to you. Know inform, people of how the world really works what money really is you, know how value. Actually moves, about, this, geopolitical. System, known as economics. And one. Of the things you really just described, was converting. The. Concept. Of GDP. Gross domestic product. And flipping. That upside down so, instead of the, macro, countries, receiving, the value of import exports, from their individual consumers, the individual, consumers, can receive that value directly from. Macro. Business, with the rest of the world that's. Exactly right you know and to me the way I look at it is I'm I'm a political, right I mean I I lean, towards peace and freedom that's my kind of philosophical beliefs, but, when it comes to politics I mean political what all I want to see is the world becoming more efficient and more egalitarian all. Right so if we can just make people's lives better and that's, what we're trying to do with our technology so I the, way I described you know horizon, is we're, not just a technology experiment. Here we're a, social. Experiment where we're trying to organize people in, you know fairer ways and we're an economics, experiment, we're trying to do the economics better, so, we're not we're not you know it's not like I'm starting with some ideal ideal it's a primitive like you know Karl, Marx ad you.

Know Saying like this is the way the world should work what we're trying to do is we're empiricist, trying to figure out how do we make products, that people really, want to use and then figure out how to make it more efficient, and just you know we start with privacy and wanting people to own all their data so that they can be the ones in charge of it it's like uber rising the economy, not just you, know transportation. Good. Good good praise good praise. Cool. And can, you can you talk about some of the partnerships, you guys have and, bringing this thing to life and, really. Making. It real like you know leveraging, their. Business. Development and, you know resources, to further, the horizon, for, Verizon I. Always. Love the plan words and just so the the viewers know it's. We. Can ice. Our. Coin, is just called then now we drop the cash so. The platform is horizon, the coin is just then. Ven. So I think the best yorkers in the world, so. Yeah, the partnerships, in one really important one that we we. Have is with digital currency group and these. Guys are just, amazing human, beings but visionaries, when it comes to analyzing. This ecosystem and really being at the forefront of it and really driving the ecosystem, forward so, DCG owns I don't know 90. 90 plus blockchain, companies some really, big ones right, like gray, scale investments. Genesis, trading, clean, desk, their. Major investors, in the three-room class legacy, cash and now horizon. So. We're, really fortunate where DCG went, on or, Barry silver the you know CEO BCG, went on CNBC. A few weeks back and he, said our portfolio, to consist, of 5 crypto companies, or, you know crypto you, know protocols, so they have 90 plus companies they own equity and but, they own five coins and you. Know it's it's Bitcoin obviously. It's variants. Cash, it's actually, decentraland. Mana and then and. It what form is M cash now. Now horizon, so we're really fortunate to be one of five portfolio, companies, for them or. Portfolio. Protocols, and the, really, good news is that sometime, in the very near future I can't announce the exact. Date but. We're gonna have a Zen investment, trust launched by grayscale so. This is a an institutional. Product we're now institutions, and accredited investors, will be able to buy in at scale into, Zen so. That's that's really good news and this is kind of the long-term, synergies, of the rollout of being part of this you, know very select group from, DCG is being. Plugged into some very important, and necessary products. Like an institutional, trust. So, this is really really good news for us on the, R&D side we have a very or, multiple, important, partnerships, one it's you, know sort of famous because they're the tech team behind Cardno, is. With. IO HK, so input/output, Hong Kong run, by Charles Hoskinson, and they, just have an incredible R&D shop they have 80, to 100 scientists and engineers on, staff that. Are doing just incredible, research across. I would say the, most important, dimensions, of this, industry of everything. From graph for dag research, to, other scaling. Solutions, to you on an, off chain solutions, to you know we're.

Working One. Of one of our big R&D projects, with them is our Treasury voting system building this voting, system on chain directly into our software protocol, so. We're also you'll. Notice some Iowa key researchers, will be co-authors, on a side chain paper we're about to release um. You, know before not so we have a biweekly update, tomorrow it'll be in two weeks after that we're gonna release officially. I think. This groundbreaking, paper, on our. Side chain model so we're, really fortunate then also we have some other very important software partnerships, because we, have an excellent in-house software team, that we're constantly growing but, it's really important also to have, expertise, and the ability to scale massively, if, you have a big project becomes, in the pipeline not, to have to hire in-house we also hire, we. Have a partnership with info pulse which is like Ukraine's. Version of IBM so we have a 10-man, dev team at any given time out, of that company we, have another great, dev team out of Los, Angeles with, a company called crypto. Particle, so, we have some really, good and on the marketing, PR side which is very important as well we have some. Great partnerships with crypto media hub run. By tatiana moreau's and. Waxman, PR which i would say is the best PR company, in the industry so. We're. Growing every day there's some other, really good partnerships, we'd like to announce. But you know it's. Always frustrating, where you want to just bring all this stuff public, but you know yeah yeah I'm. Cool, man that's, really incredible I think that's one of the best things, we. Can do is like you, know kind of visionaries, this is really partner. With the people that's making it happen right, now don't. Try to do everything by yourself don't, try to reinvent the wheel somebody's, already done it you, know so take their furs and see what they do best and kind of you know weave together kind, of a you. Know a patchwork, of you. Know perfection, and specialized. Resources. You, know to further your, own development. So that's um, I think that'll be great for you guys especially with, with the digital with it with it with the.

Industrial. Group you, know being 105 I remember, hearing about them with a etc'. You. Know and and that's that's big man when when you have that type of backing and almost that vote of confidence. From. The industry, from from hedge funds on Wall Street you, know it shows you're going in the right direction for the future so you know that's big news, yeah. It's, you know it's it's humbling you know when we struggle so hard every, day I think, one thing our team does really well is we're, very efficient, you know we we, have actually, most of our leadership or like former military officers, as well so like we're. Run really well and we can. Get beat up and get right back up and there's just no concept, of quitting. But you know we're, in the trenches every day and we're just busting, our butts you know sometimes. It seems, like. You know thankless, work but then when you have guys like Barry, Silbert, DCG. And you know Charles Hoskins and these other you, know powerhouses, and titans of the industry supporting, us you know it's, nice, and, if. Our, community members wanted to follow. Up with you guys or learn more about the project where can they go you, know online they'll do that. So. That the obvious one is horizon, Global's or website so that's you. Know it signifies, our kind, of global vision of being this you know borderless. Ecosystem. And, and now that's the central hub before you can get all of our links so you can follow us on Twitter we've, got a discord, which is where most of the community, chat happens telegram, channel. So we've got all the usual suspects, read it your, reddit page we've got Bitcoin talk thread so. You know please do you know come come join the conversation, it's you'll, see it's very active passionate, community it's good good deal and and. Closing was there anything else like you wanted to add on I guess one of the questions I like to end up is you know five 10 years from now what's your vision for, horizon and where do you see you, know kind of your. Project, and cryptocurrency and blockchain impact, in the world as as whole. Yeah. So I mean I the way I look at us is we're sort of made an interesting intersection between your, bitcoins in cash obviously, for the core protocols, and privacy. And, now we're intersecting, with aetherium for instance as we layer in smart contracting, we're, intersecting with iota because we're we're building out a block dag structure, which i, think is if they were building. It from an academic research so. It's starting with scientific, validation not, really just throwing out a initial. Engineering solution of hooking of skills but actually proving through mathematics. It is scalable and then building it and. You, know we're also intersecting. With like - in terms of voting. System, but ours again is based on game theory and rigorous research and. Built right into our protocol and more democratic because. It's not just wealthy, masternodes, that get to vote but every single person owns, even a fraction of zen gets the book so, this, is the intersection. Of where we're going it's a very fun exciting project, a very passionate community and I think we have the ideals right where we know where we want to go we, know what kind of impact we want to have in the world and we have the right team to make it happen awesome, cool, man well thank you so much you, overtaking a time on, this holiday weekend to, come up from the trenches you know and. Then you. Don't tell us about your visit your project, I'm, a long-term enthusiast. You know just from Ralph taking me in and giving me the time and really, talking, to me about the business division, and I saw right away you're running it like a business, and. And that like a you. Know hundred million dollar ico hobby you know some freshman came up with in college like, this is a legitimate a scalable. Execution. First-world, scalable execution, and so I commend you guys on on, that progress and I just, keep me in the loop with. How things develop and, you know when you launch and everything and I'm I'm sure we'll have a lot of people excited to get on board I appreciate. It be Kate thank you very much awesome, cool man I'm great weekend.

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