Hitman Trilogy WALKTHROUGH PART 9-The Finish Line UHD 60 FPS

Hitman Trilogy  WALKTHROUGH PART 9-The Finish Line UHD 60 FPS

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so so good afternoon 47 your destination is  the annual global innovation motor race   in miami florida after analyzing the data  from reynard's computer the case is clear the   providence defectors are robert and sierra  knox head of robotics developer cronstadt   industries a visionary inventor and  technological innovator robert knox   has spearheaded kronstadt industries to the  bleeding edge of technological development his equally brilliant daughter sierra  is not only a financial wizard but also   a fiercely competitive race car  driver with a fiery temper to match cronstadt enjoys enormous popularity with  global consumers however few are aware   that the company is also one of the world's  leading suppliers of next-gen military tech last year despotic ruler jin po  employed prototype kromstadt drones   against peaceful civilian protesters in  the now infamous tanyan valley incident   and although it has yet to be  proven there is little doubt   that the noxis personally broke at the  deal making them complicit in a war crime it is unclear why the knoxes would betray  their masters but likely the fear of being   next on the shadow clients hit list has  pressured them to cut a deal with the enemy   undoubtedly with kronstadt industries on their  side the militia will increase their attacks   tenfold and so our contract obligates  us to retire robert and sierra knox   and contain the damage they may inflict  on providence i will leave you to prepare welcome to miami 47 the innovation race is  on its last day and it is down to the wire   thousands of eager fans are gathered for  the final laps of this unexpectedly close   race sierra knox is expertly piloting her  red kronstadt car her father robert knox   roams the nearby expo building where cronstad is  showcasing its new prototype car the kronstadt   rk mark iii has seen fierce competition from  the chinese cowon heavy industries new racer   moses lee ceo of cowoon has taken a dominant lead  and looks invincible sierra knox will need to risk apparently he stole the ideas sir i will have to pat you down if you  want to come through security measures this will just take a sec sir good you're clean and good to go don't  forget the secret of endurance racing   is to keep that car going until the end this  race is not open until the clock ticks down these cars are the future you  see the grip on these babies yeah thanks doctor gave me some sort of vitamin  hydration normally reserved for the driver no it's for after the race is done although  it did kind of look like the tour de france   in there but with all the syringes and  iv stands i think sierra knox had an   appointment in there as well didn't meet her  though shame i hear she's fun to be around jim it's me i'm here now ready to meet up with  sierra knox over at the hotel yeah after the race   i just got to pick up the  documents from my van but um   i had to knock out a guy and steal his  flamingo outfit now i can't find my car   keys yeah i know it's dumb i think i lost  him in the scuffle but the real mess goes   first oh my head where where are my clothes have  you seen my mascot outfit oh my head is killing me hey yo did you find some keys over there so oh my god oh crap you in the mascot suit i need to talk to you answer me when i'm talking to you command anybody there come  in hey on someone unconscious nothing here command hey do you have anything to do with  this look at me when i'm talking to you   sir i'm talking to you sir i'm just i'm just at a complete  loss man i have no idea we could but i don't there's  nothing i want to see i   i don't really care about any i've  looked and you know if it's not everybody's   excuse me you seem to have forgotten something so so what uh uh the base is entering its final lap 47 so got some goddamn superglue or something huh i mean only the rich can afford 47 the race is over sierra will be coming off the  track anytime now number one in miami once again   chinese racing lexus muscles on the  us racing hey you you stay right there   you're the squad leader visual on traffic  they came here as huge favorites but   sierra knox and their team just as they  just couldn't handle the chinese opposition   all right look alive we're moving out hey hey  hey what's going on someone's trespassing thank   you hello get out you need a ticket i've got  tickets to the vip area the best ticket in town   get ready folks our new chinese champion is  on the podium in a few moments the vips are   gathering on the red carpet and those of you in  the stands make sure you don't miss the big party hi there want a ticket vip uh sir you cannot enter these premises good just keep  going we do not have clearance turn around now that is sierra knox reckless  daredevil with a violent temper   quite a handful as i understand it [ __ ] off ah oh look it's a cute pink vulture i'm telling you   miss knox is going to be  pissed i did the pre-writing nice outfit really brings out your eyes   this knocks informed me to be here she has to  make sure you brought the documents so did you   bring the documents i have the papers right here  excellent come on in have a seat or something there's a guy here wearing a mascot outfit  claiming well hey what the hell you want a piece   of meat yes miss knox there's a guy here wearing  a mascot outfit claiming you have an appointment   with him i wouldn't give his name got it i'll  let him know you're unreal hey flamingo guy   miss knox is on her way grab a seat  somewhere she'll be here as soon as she can so uh you're here for a job application or  what something like that nice if you don't   mind me saying so your particular  choice of attire is maybe a little   i don't know off for a job interview i mean nice  suit is that the cleaners and you couldn't find   anything else to wear correct you must lead a  very interesting life my friend you have no idea club yeah so mister i never did catch your name names  are for friends very well straight to the   point in all business walk with me where  are we going don't worry what am i gonna do   kill you in broad daylight i  just want a bit of privacy here   not about to do sensitive business like  this in front of an audience good idea so just to get this straight you claimed in  your email to have somehow found internal   reports that show kronstadt's involvement in  the tongan valley massacre sounds about right   let's be clear you and i are having this meeting  because my father doesn't need to know about this   it's just another undesired distraction i  don't care if the information is true or false   i don't care if it mentions moving money from the  nexus project into tongan valley damage control   as you claimed in your correspondence  i do care about protecting my father   which is why you and i are now here i  see leave me alone for a few minutes guys   sure thing miss knox uh if you need us just call  we're right around the corner so here's the deal   you hand over the documents and leave and  that's the end of it and you will do that now so here are the two possible outcomes  of this meeting one you will huh target down next up robert knox yeah that's white bird man oh this well what a race folks and don't forget to  get your sierra knox t-shirt at the exit   buy one get one free oh that's right you heard me   buy one ladies and gentlemen this  year's innovation rates the main event hello sir looking sharp this is lindsay lacour and we're now live with the   winner of the annual global  innovation race here in miami is octane booster huh what is that stuff anyway   i think some of the teams  are using it to increase cars if something happens to it no poking  around the engine or anything like that   knox is a genuine technical genius he's  really protective about his projects   prefers to fix everything himself apparently  don't worry about grabbing him though   if anything goes awry you'll see him down here  as fast as lightning gotcha robert knox has a   race car on display in the expo building the show  staff is under strict instructions to summon him   at any sign of malfunction apparently knox trusts  no one to fix his car but him perhaps it's time   to poke around under the hood 47. they do say  one should never mess with another man's wheels wow so this is my first gig huh give a hoot don't pollute hey hey i need some help over so so so good i dare say this should  get knox's undivided attention let's just try to get this started again well that doesn't sound good better called knox mr knox yeah it's smith from down  at the expo listen mark three's   making some well just odd noises uh can you  come great all right yep yeah i'll be here um good i dare say this should  get knox's undivided attention let's huh from damn man please acknowledge come in  come on things are blowing up both targets down well done 47 head  for an exit and we'll speak again soon so berlin shanghai montreal we're bleeding operatives panic  is spreading and now we are axing our own   knox was a traitor he would have caused  informative damage and he won't be the last   this is exactly what the enemy wants we need to  fight the sickness not the symptom and i have just   the tool for the job right the burnwood woman eric  soders warned you about her didn't he the crusader   i can handle miss burnwood everyone hates power  until you offer them some and you want to know   ica speaks the enemy's language we need them and  once we don't we'll cross that bridge when we get   there fact remains we are shadow boxing we need to  know who we are up against i was getting to that   his name is lucas gray the  late mr cobb's head of security   cobb was ground zero first  of our operatives to die   it had to be one of his staff someone with  military training and access to the plane yeah grasping at straws gray is a mercenary a  veteran of every backwater tragedy you've ever   ignored on the five o'clock news chechnya  sierra leone the list goes on but   before 89 nothing no records of any kind ah  come on cia kgb plenty of spies went dark   after the curtain was lifted i cast a very  wide net lucas gray simply does not exist you're all quite done wetting yourselves  with excitement i couldn't give two shits   where he came from i only want to know  one thing how does he know about us i swear to god this hearts and flowers crap will  get us both killed can't you see your so-called   friend is working for them now he's not the man  you knew this is his fight too olivia even if he   doesn't realize it like it or not 47 is our last  and only lead on the partners he needs to remember he's coming for us and unlike you he won't  hesitate just get me inside rico i need a favor you

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