H.L.M.S. - Unicorn, Banshee & Phenex (Welcome to the Gundam Magic School)

H.L.M.S. - Unicorn, Banshee & Phenex (Welcome to the Gundam Magic School)

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Hey guys welcome back to Zethythonix’s channel, and you are watching H.L.M.S. Project UC’s last episode, I highly recommend you to do your revisions through the playlist, as some of the related technologies and background are already explained in the Sazabi, Nu, and Sinanju videos. There’s something different today, since a lot of Unicorn’s battle records are concurrent, I will narrate Unicorn and Banshee in a continuous way. Also, Phenex is a bit messy when it comes to the timeline, so I will try my best to explain it. If there’s an error in the Phenex timeline section, I would like to apologize in advance. Also, try not to skip parts, I invited a mystery guest for this video.

Alright, the rules and features are done, make sure you subscribe and hit the notification bell. Turn on your CC sub, grab some snacks and drinks, and we are starting this long trip now. After Char’s Rebellion, EFF is very scared of NewTypes because of Char’s actions as they believe that “NewTypes” is a group of dangerous people. So, EFF started a new plan called “UC Project”, the full explanation is in Sinanju’s episode. Since the OYW, EFF relied on NewTypes to win the wars, but at the same time, they don’t admit their existence. Thanks to the extreme actions from Char, EFF has made up their mind and decided to completely end this myth from Zeon.

After the completion and testing of the Sinanju Stein units, two new prototypes were completed in the Granada Factories using their data. The (RX-0) Unicorn Gundam was the pinnacle of Psycho-related MS during the U.C. 0090s, it’s the first Gundam that featured a full Psychoframe.

The “0” in the model number means to start a new generation from the beginning, which fits the propaganda of the UC Project. All the prototypes in the RX-0 line featured two modes: Unicorn and Destroy Mode. Before NT-D activates, the antenna is closed, and in combination with the white color, it gave a heavy resemblance to the mythical creature – the Unicorn. To maximize the battle performance, the Unicorn Gundam featured moveable frame, full Psychoframe and Intention Automatic System. Combining all three features, Unicorn has a superior performance compared to the Sinanju Stein, as Unicorn gave the true meaning of “moving the MS like your own body”. Unicorn Gundam is not only the flagship MS of the UC Project; it’s also designed to completely destroy the “NewType Myth”.

While it doesn’t necessarily require a NewType pilot to bring out its potential, but the Unicorn itself has a system to eliminate NewTypes – the NT-D System. NewType Drive System is the official name, but the true name is NewType Destroyer System. The activation rules are very simple, once the Unicorn detects that the opposite pilot is a Cyber NewType or NewType, the limiters on the MS will be disabled completely, the antenna will split and reveal the traditional Gundam antenna, the armor on the head will reposition and changed to a Gundam face, the Bio-Sensor and Psychoframe will react together, creating an I-Field-like barrier around Unicorn, the internal Psychoframe will be exposed and glow, but as to why the Psychoframe will glow or why the colors are different on each Unicorn, there’s no explanation at all. During NT-D’s activation, Unicorn will be taller, all hidden thrusters are now opened, the performance and output will be at maximum settings. The speed is incredible too, as it takes a very short time between ignition of the thrusters, to propelling the MS, to braking, as if the MS is teleporting.

With the NT-D on, Unicorn can perform precise movements, the pilot and the machine are fused into one, and it’s a true beast on the battlefield. Since NT-D will place a heavy burden on the pilot, in order to keep the pilot alive and make sure he/she don’t faint in the cockpit, the pilot must wear a special suit that contained a medicine called “DDS”. DDS is a special medicine that will constantly eject into the pilot, the function of this medicine is to improve the blood circulation and suppress the metabolic stagnation caused by intense acceleration. Considering that the medicine is only keeping the pilot awake, and that a normal person’s brain and body cannot tolerate high G-Force for a long time, NT-D’s activation time is limited to 5 minutes. However, if the system detects that the pilot is entering into a bad condition, NT-D will shut itself down to protect the pilot.

Depending on the pilot, NT-D can activate or shut down at any time, but that’s when a NewType pilot has a strong willpower to control the system. For example, Banagher can activate and shut down the NT-D System whenever he wants, he also can extend the NT-D timer by himself because his NewType powers are very strong. Speaking of NewType powers, NT-D System is not just for simple use like performance enhancing. NT-D System is the key is to suppress and disarm the so-called “NewType MS”, Psycho-Hijack is the first anti-NewType tactics, which is not an exclusive feature of the Unicorn.

In the First Neo Zeon War, Elepo Puru hijacked the Reflector Bits on the Psycho Gundam MK-II. The reason why psycho-weapons can be hijacked is simple, the brainwaves from NewType is just like any wave, if your brainwave’s frequency is higher, then you can override the other pilot’s brainwave, thus hijacking their psycho-weapon. The case on Unicorn is the same, since Unicorn has a full Psychoframe, so with a NewType pilot, it’s very easy to override the authorities.

With the same theory, Rozen Zulu’s Psycho Jammer can shut down NT-D because the jammer’s frequency override NT-D System’s frequency. Once the emotions got to a certain point, the Psychoframe will resonate and create the “warmth light”, the Psychoframe will turn green and actualize the pilot’s thoughts, a state known as the “Awakened Form”. When the pilot synced with the Psychoframe and Intention Automatic System, NT-D mode will enter into the third mode – Destroy Unchained. Destroy Unchained will expose more Psychoframe and unlock more features of the Unicorn. Unchained mode is very hard to master, as it can either attack mindlessly or used for good.

When the pilot lost their cool, the machine will cooperate with the feelings and transform the emotions as attack buff. When the pilot no longer has a clear head to think, the pilot is nothing more than a “biological component”. The NT-D takes advantage of the emotions, converting the negative emotions into an attack buff, the pilot is just there to covert his/her own NewType abilities to transform the command into attacks, turning Unicorn into a true killing machine. However, if the emotions are not extreme, like anger or despair, “Unchained” will give other effects to Unicorn. First, Unicorn will be immune to any psychowave, psycho-control, psycho-hijack, and psycho-damage. Secondly, Unicorn can now easily turn any psycho-weapon into its own.

Thirdly, depending on the pilot’s NewType abilities, Unicorn can affect enemy MS’s Psychoframe, weakening or disabling it. If the pilot’s abilities are excellent, it will create illusions to the enemy’s pilot, interrupting the brainwaves of enemy’s Cyber NewType/NewType pilot, disturb other’s minds and thus caused a mental shock. Lastly, Unicorn can create Psycho-Field, a field that won’t be affected by the laws of physics. Normal attacks, Minovsky Particles or any form of non-psycho weapons will not affect the field at all. The only thing that will affect the Psycho-Field is the strength of the mind, in other words, when two Psycho-Machines resonated together, that field is very dangerous and ignored all known-laws.

Additionally, when two Psycho-Fields clashed together, and the brainwaves are “in the same channel”, the two pilots can communicate through mind and understand each other. Once NT-D and the pilot reached to an unknown level, the Psychoframe will detach from the Unicorn and expand. This form is called “Luminous Crystal Body”, it is an accident within the Psychoframe and it’s unexplainable. During this form, the MS is no longer controlled by the cockpit controls, but with the pilot’s mind. While Unicorn is in Crystal Body form, Unicorn can use all three modes’ abilities and features, and on top of that, Unicorn obtained new abilities that can’t even be explained.

The unexplainable abilities include time manipulation, matter control, dimension travel, teleportation, creating a new dimension by itself, and able to carry a world’s matter into another dimension. ATM, I can’t find more information on the Crystal Body from, so let’s end here. Dizzy from the NT-D explanation? We will take a break and learn La+ Program. La+ Program is a hidden program in the Unicorn’s OS, it’s secretly added by Cardeas Vist.

La+ Program will guide the true NewType to the Laplace Box. What is Laplace Box? In the beginning of the UC timeline, the first Prime Minster of Earth Federation - Ricardo Marcenas, along with other countries’ governments, they signed the “Laplace Box” which is a stone tablet. However, during the Laplace’s speech, a terrorist group attacked the Laplace colony. The explosion killed everyone in the colony, including Ricardo Marcenas. One of the terrorist members – Syam Vist, picked up the stone tablet out of luck and coincidence.

Syam blackmailed the Earth Federation to get benefits and money, with those privileges and money, the Vist Foundation was created. In the UC60s, the famous “NewType Speech” was delivered by Zeon Zum Deikun. Although the Earth Federation never admits NewTypes, they surely relied on them to win wars. In the OYW, the situation was changed because of Amuro Ray.

Then, Kamile Bidan put an end to Titans by killing Paptimus Scirocco. In the First Neo Zeon War, Judau Ashta and the Gundam Team successfully defeated Neo Zeon. Lastly, Amuro Ray performed the miracle and saved the humanity by pulling the Axis away with Psychoframe.

Despite NewTypes helping the feddies, their powers are mysteries and considered unreliable. The Earth Federation successfully kept its authorities and peace because of NewTypes, but the examples proved that Zeon Deikun’s speech and idea was right. When some ideas are right at the cost of endangering the Federation’s government, denial arises. As I said, the beginning of UC Project is to eliminate NewTypes, but this goal itself is unethical considering NewTypes saved the world a lot of times.

Alright, so back to the stone tablet, there was a law erased from the records after the terrorist attack. Article 15, Chapter 2: In the future, should the emergence of a new space-adapted human race be confirmed, the Earth Federation shall give priority to involving them in the administration of the government. The first government made this law because they believed that humans will evolve, but the stone tablet was lost, so nobody know this law. Back to the La+ Program, this program was added after the Vist Foundation used their authorities and transferred Unicorn into their own facilities. On surface, La+ Program is a biometric registration system. But once the system detects the pilot is a true NewType, it will slowly reveal the box to the pilot.

The whole journey starts from Industrial 7, then the next point is the Laplace wreckage, meeting it exactly at midnight Greenwich Time. After Unicorn landed on Earth, the next destination is Torrington Base, which is witnessing the colony wreckages from Operation British. In the novel, the program shows the destination to be Dakar instead of Torrington Base, it’s assuming to be either visiting the Federal’s history or Char’s speech.

The last destination is back to Industrial 7, which is the place where it all begins. In the end, the La+ Program will guide the right person to the box, thus revealing the truth. Alright, the settings are finished, so we will move back to the Unicorn.

As a Federal-side MS, Unicorn is equipped with 60mm Vulcan Gun in the head as standard armament. There are four Beam Sabers, two in the forearms and two in the backpack. The ones in the backpack are only accessible during NT-D mode, the forearms’ Beam Sabers can also flip over during NT-D mode, which are then called Beam Tonfa.

There are multiple weapon options during range battles, starting from the iconic Beam Magnum. One shot from it is equivalent to four regular Beam Rifle shots, which means it will drain a whole E-Cap at once. Each magazine contained five E-Caps, including the default magazine and two spare magazines on the back skirts, Unicorn can fire 15 shots from Beam Magnum. The temperature of a single shot is between 3000 – 10000°C, it’s more than enough to shoot through a MA. As you can see in the OVA, even if the Magnum shot misses, an MS can be destroyed by being grazed by the shot if they are situated too close to it. Since Beam Magnum is too powerful and the ammo count is quite low, Unicorn can’t rely on it.

Instead, Unicorn can launch with a Hyper Bazooka stored on the backpack; this Bazooka is 280mm Large-Caliber Recoilless Rocket Launcher System. Each magazine has five rounds and it can be various type of rounds, (just like the Beam Magnum, the spare magazines can be stored on the back skirts too.) Normally, the Bazooka is closed but when it’s in use, the barrel will extend.

Additionally, the bottom of the barrel has a hardpoint to equip a grenade launcher or missile launcher. The last default armament is a shield, but this shield isn’t a regular shield. To improve the shield’s defensive ability, there’s an I-Field generator in its center. During NT-D, the I-Field generator will be revealed along with four Psychoframe panels that forms a X-Shape. The Psychoframe in the shield isn’t decoration, as it allows the shield to be a thrusterless funnel that deflect shots or attack the target.

Lastly, there are hardpoints on the back of the shield, Unicorn is equipped with two Beam Gatlings on the back of shield after the Battle of Palau, but the hardpoints can also store other weapons. During the Battle of Palau, Unicorn used the Beam Gatling to fight, which was originally for Kshatriya. It’s developed from the one on Jagd Doga during Char’s Rebellion, it has good power and capable of high-speed firing, as it’s shown in the OVA, this weapon can shoot down a Dreissen easily.

But because this weapon isn’t registered in the Unicorn’s OS, so it takes time to download the data before it can shoot. How did Unicorn somehow download the data of this weapon? A.E. made most weapons universal since the Gryps War. Unicorn was first piloted by an unknown pilot and fought a group of Silver Bullets for testing, three Silver Bullets used their INCOMs and grabbed the Unicorn, which this event triggered the NT-D system.

Unicorn quickly took out three Silver Bullets, right before it went for the fourth kill, NT-D was shut off and the pilot was killed because of the massive G-Force. In the OVA, it’s just Unicorn flying around in the debris to test its mobility. Later, Unicorn was handed to Banagher Links before Cardeas Vist was swallowed by the explosion.

In the first fight, Unicorn easily overpowered Kshatriya, chopping its wings & funnels off without any struggles, Kshatriya retreated after the Garencieres’s crew escaped from the Industrial 7. When the Sinanju attacked the Nahel Argama, Banagher piloted the Unicorn again after Alberto Vist’s persuaded him, Unicorn bought some time for Nahel Argama and fought Sinanju, but Banagher can’t hit the Sinanju until NT-D was activated. Then, he walked right into the trap and got knocked out by Kshatriya, and The Sleeves also took him back to Palau. After the battle, Nahel Argama & ECOAS cooperated together and decided to attack Palau to rescue Banagher & Unicorn. As Unicorn successfully got out of Palau, The Sleeves retreated and left Kshatriya alone to fight the Unicorn. The purpose of the isolation was to collect Laplace Box’s data through the Psycho-Monitor.

Out of frustration, NT-D detected Banagher’s emotions and went into kill mode, the system controlled Banagher and wrecked Kshatriya quickly. The Psychoframe resonated with each other, Banagher watched the memories of Marida and finally regained conscious control, Kshatriya was later brought back to Nahel Argama. The next destination of La+ Program was shown to be at the wreckage of Laplace, Londo Bell met The Sleeves and both sides went into a fight. In the end, Duguza sacrificed himself and Unicorn got its NT-D triggered. Unicorn pursued Sinanju all the way over the atmosphere, Unicorn pulled a leg off Sinanju out of Banagher’s anger.

Right before the shot hits the Sinanju, Gilboa Sant took the shot instead and Unicorn fell into the gravity well as Banagher is unconscious. Fast forward to the Battle of Torrington, Unicorn was launched to stop the Shamblo because Banagher can’t tolerate its mindless massacre. Banagher tried to reason with Loni Garvey, Shamblo stopped for a moment until Loni sensed Yonem Kirks was killed. Both Shamblo & Unicorn clashed and formed a Psycho-Field, Banagher still trying to reason with her but Riddhe believed that she can’t be reasoned with anymore.. In the end, Banagher can’t pull the trigger so Riddhe took over and shot directly towards the Shamblo’s cockpit.

After the battle, a black Unicorn came and started to attack both Delta Plus & Unicorn… The white unicorn and the black lion, introducing the black lion – Unicorn Gundam 02 [Banshee]. Banshee has two different appearances, novel & OVA version, but they only differ in their armaments. Opposite to the Unicorn’s white, Banshee is colored in black and has a gold collar to signify a lion’s mane. Banshee’s Psychoframe color is orange, as to why the color is different, we have zero explanations. Since Banshee is the sister unit of Unicorn, so the structure and lore are very similar to Unicorn. There’s one internal difference, Banshee’s internal sensors are bigger which means the search range is greater than Unicorn.

Also, Banshee was sent to Augusta NewType Lab for atmospheric testing. However, the changes of Banshee are applicable on Unicorn, which means whether in space or on Earth, both Gundams are equally strong without one having an environmental advantage. Since Banshee is not modified under Cardeas Vist, so it doesn’t have a La+ Program in the OS. Banshee has the same concept and idea like Unicorn, so it’s still made to eliminate NewTypes, which means it also has the NT-D System and Intention Automatic System like Unicorn. However, Banshee never show its maximum potential like Unicorn, so it’s hard to tell whether it has the same hidden NT-D features like Unicorn or not.

Between the Novel & OVA, the Banshee has the same basic appearance, but OVA Banshee doesn’t share its weapons with Unicorn. In the novel, Banshee shared the exact same 60mm Vulcan Gun, four Beam Sabers, Beam Magnum and shield with Unicorn. However, the OVA removed the Beam Magnum and shield, the Armed Armor BS & Armed Armor VN replaces them. Starting from the new ranged weapon which is the Armed Armor BS, the “BS” in the name stands for “Beam Smartgun”. The Beam Smartgun will transmit spatial data through Psychommu to the pilot, then the pilot can control the aiming & shooting through the same transmission.

Although the power of the Beam Smartgun is weaker than Beam Magnum, but the two fin-shaped Beam Polarizers can detect the pilot’s thoughts, then bend the beam to make it very unpredictable. In other words, the beam that’s fired from Armed Armor BS will have an undulating motion, making the trajectory extremely difficult to predict and dodge. The new melee weapon is called Armed Armor VN, the “VN” in the name stands for “Vibro Nail”.

Normally, the claw is closed, so the pilot can use it as a pummeling weapon. Also, the claw has anti-beam coating, which means it can function as a shield when closed. During NT-D mode, the Armed Armor VN will turn into a full claw, it can capture, strike, slash, crush or throw the target. Through the pilot’s thoughts, the claw will activate super vibration to maximize the crushing power.

On the 3rd December, U.C.0095, Banshee was assigned to General Revil and joined the Phenex for testing. Half way through the journey, General Revil encountered The Sleeves, Phenex’s NT-D was activated externally, which created a resonance with Rebawoo & Banshee. Phenex ran amok and damaged Banshee’s chest, killing the Banshee’s Cyber NewType pilot and subsequently went missing after this incident. Later, the chest was repaired and added the gold collar, Banshee was sent to Augusta NewType Lab for atmospheric testing.

Back to U.C.0096, Martha Vist Carbine got the Banshee under her faction, she brainwashed Marida Curz and she became the new pilot of Banshee. After the Battle of Torrington, Banshee captured the Unicorn and both Unicorns were retrieved by Ra Calium.

Marida was ordered to bring Unicorn back to the Vist Foundation, Unicorn engaged with Banshee and Garencieres’s crew was trying to rescue Mineva Lao Zabi. Out of memories disorder and confusion, the NT-D on Banshee activated and it triggered the NT-D on Unicorn, but Banagher refused to fight Marida so all he did was dodge. Banshee & Unicorn created a Psycho-Field on top of the Garuda-class, on the other side of the Garuda, Mineva jumped off the Garuda. Banagher caught her mid-air and successfully sent her back to the Garencieres. Unicorn went back to fight Banshee, and both of them ended up crashing into the Garuda.

Riddhe aimed at both Unicorns in the corner, but he was spotted by Marida and his Delta Plus was severely damaged by Banshee. In the end, the words from Captain Zinnerman got into Marida’s head and NT-D was shut down, Banshee’s cockpit was opened and Marida was rescued. The Banshee was left on the Garuda, and it was upgraded to seal the secret… Fast forwarding the events, Neo Zeon, the Vist Foundation and Nahel Argama found out the last destination of the box. Since it’s a competition between who can reach to the box first, all three factions upgraded their MS and OFC, Unicorn & Banshee got their own upgrades. Starting from the Unicorn’s upgraded form, the Full Armor Unicorn, the funny thing is despite being called “Full Armor”, no armor was added.

Instead, the firepower was increased. The Full Armor set is designed by Banagher’s friend - Takuya Irei, the concept of this set is to suppress and break through a whole fleet, because Nahel Argama is no longer considered as ally by the E.F.F. Since the basic appearance and structure is still the same, I will just focus on the new weapons and ignore the basic Unicorn’s weapons. The number of shields increased to three, with a pair of Beam Gatlings stored in each shield, which totals six Beam Gatlings. There is a pair of Hyper Beam Javelins underneath each shield that equipped on each forearm.

As part of the Armed Armor series, the javelin can be used directly from the shield, handheld or combine both javelins to form a double-edge weapon. There are two Hyper Bazookas, one stored on each side of the backpack; a Grenade Launcher under each Hyper Bazooka’s barrel, which are clip-fed and can be fired while mounted on the bazooka or handheld. You will spot one Anti-Ship Missile Launcher on the side of each bazooka, they are the same weapon used by Stark Jegan, it has three missiles in the launcher and can be equipped with various type of missiles.

Lastly, there are four grenade racks attached to the legs and another four strapped to the side of each bazooka, these Hand Grenade racks are directly borrowed from Jegan. Since the weight is tremendously increased, to ensure FAUC can carry the weapons without the mobility getting affected too much, there’s a pair of additional mount frame on the back, which the frames are for a pair of Large Boosters. The boosters are from the Base Jabber Type 94, because the length is too long, so the boosters must be fitted onto the Unicorn at the catapult area. All the new weapons are designed to be disposable after they’re emptied, so FAUC won’t carry dead weight. Meanwhile, Banshee was picked up by Alberto Vist and handed to Riddhe Marcenas, since Riddhe’s abilities are lacking, so Vist Foundation has to change some of the Banshee’s equipment to help Riddhe perform better, the modified Banshee is called Banshee Norn. As I explained in the Banshee part, Banshee & Unicorn have very little difference, so for the basic appearance and structure, it’s unchanged.

The difference between Norn and Banshee is just the usage of Psychoframe, as I just said, Riddhe’s NewType abilities are quite weak, so the Armed Armor BS & Armed Armor VN are removed. Instead, the Beam Magnum is back, along with the additional Revolving Launcher attached under its barrel. Each barrel of the launcher contained different weapons, the variation of weapons can be BOP Missile, MGaAP which is an armor-piercing shell that releases a blinding flash upon explosion, it’s powerful enough to destroy a MS’s shield. There’s a barrel that contains Micro Hide Bomb, which is formed by numerous of small bombs, it will float around and explode upon impact.

Lastly, the top barrel of the launcher has a Beam Jutte, this is a counter melee weapon like the ones on GP01 and GP03S. The shield is upgraded with more Psychoframe parts, which is now combined into the Armed Armor DE, the “DE” in the name stands for “Defense Extension”. Other than increasing defense and adding more Psychoframe, this shield has an additional feature, which is increases the Banshee Norn’s speed.

There are four thrusters on the top and two thrusters at the bottom of the shield, when it’s equipped on the backpack, it works like the shield booster from the TR series. Despite the speed being inferior to the Base Jabber, Banshee Norn is technically flying faster than Unicorn. Additionally, the DE unit can be used as makeshift melee weapon, via directly stabbing the opponent with the shield.

Because Riddhe cannot make the shield fly around like a funnel, so there’s a mega cannon in the shield to give another range option. The mega cannon can be fired from the shield, or during shield booster mode. To improve the Banshee Norn’s performance, there is an add-on unit on the backpack, which is the Armed Armor XC, the “XC” in the name stands for “Xeno Connect”. This add-on is developed from the data of NITRO System, the function of it is to increase the Psycommu waves detection, which makes weak NewType pilots or OldTypes to trigger the NT-D System easier. Since the add-on is directly mounted over the backpack, so the Beam Sabers on the backpack are now relocated in the XC unit. Here is a little fun fact for you, Banshee Norn never appeared in the novel, it was the Banshee with Unicorn’s weapons.

Before we move on to the plot, I will introduce the non-canon version of Unicorn too. Please welcome the biggest trap gunpla of all time – the Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility, also known as the “FAUC Plan B” without the tail stabilizers. Plan B is the alternate version of the FAUC, which is created for the Gundam Try Age arcade game as a “Build MS”, and to sell gunpla instead of being a design from the official timeline. Let me put it in a very simple way, Plan B is literally all three Unicorn’s Armed Armor weapons in one unit.

You wanna know how easy to explain it? I will do it very quickly. FAUC Plan B featured 60mm Vulcan Gun, Beam Sabers in the forearms and another two in the XC unit from Norn, Armed Armor BS and Armed Armor VN from Banshee, two Armed Armor DE from Phenex and two Hyper Beam Javelins from FAUC. To further make sure people will buy another Unicorn, Bandai created a new variant called “Perfectibility Divine”.

Divine is basically adding more weapons on the Plan B, the new extra weapons are two Beam Mangums stored on the legs, two Hyper Bazooka Plus on the backpack, plus the Grenade Launchers under the barrel, and with one Beam Gatling stored on each bazooka’s back. Also, the Beam Gatlings can somehow use it along with the javelins. To make sure it has more gimmicks, Bandai also slapped the two Large Boosters from FAUC and added Tail Stabilizers on the DE units. After knowing the final destination of the Laplace Box, the Vist Foundation sent out Banshee Norn to destroy Unicorn and the box. Norn met the Nahel Argama’s MS and quickly disabled them, then Riddhe was rushing towards the FAUC and fought with Banagher for a while.

During the conversation, Riddhe believed that the box is a curse and shouldn’t be opened. The two Psycho-machines caused a resonance and both activated NT-D, thus created a Psycho-Field. Marida interrupted the battle between the two Unicorns, so FAUC finally had a chance to help Nahel Argama and the MS squad to break through the Neo Zeon’s attacking forces line. Angelo found Banagher and trapped Unicorn with the Psycho Jammer, Unicorn’s NT-D was forcefully shut down. On the other side of the battlefield, Kshatriya Repaired stalled some time for the frontline and pushing back the Banshee Norn. Through the Psychoframe, Riddhe picked up everyone’s emotions and thoughts, but because his mental state was extremely unstable, he was reverse-controlled by the NT-D system and shot down Marida.

Her death affected Banagher so much and Unicorn broke through the Psycho-wave limits, then unlocked the Destroy Unchained mode. Unicorn easily overpowered the Rozen Zulu, then created an illusion to Angelo. Angelo cannot pull himself out from the illusion and completely accepted it, which ended up he stabbed his Rozen Zulu with the INCOM. After the first battle, Banagher and Mineva entered into the Magallanica, they met Syam Vist and learned the truth of the Laplace Box. As the negotiation failed, Frontal decided to take the box by force and Neo Zeong was attacking the colony. Gael Chan attempted to stop the Neo Zeong with his Silver Bullet, but it was wrecked quickly and Neo Zeong was about to end it.

Right before the final blow, Banagher called the Unicorn and protected Gael. Unicorn went straight into mirage light mode and fought the Neo Zeong briefly, after Neo Zeong retreated from the colony, Banshee Norn & Unicorn teamed up and decided to stop Full Frontal. As Neo Zeong used its Psycho Shards to destroy every weapon on both Unicorns, Banagher & Riddhe don’t have a choice but to fist fight.

Unicorn successfully hit a full combo and damaged the Neo Zeong, Frontal don’t have a choice but to grab Unicorn with Neo Zeong’s remaining four arms. Frontal and Banagher went into a time-travel, where they both witnessed the history of Universal Century, Frontal claiming that the history proved itself and the end of time will always be darkness. Banagher showed Frontal the heartwarming light and disintegrated all the arms of Neo Zeong, as the spirit of Char Aznable and Lalah Sune talked to Frontal, the Psychoframe’s energy was reached to the peak, the energy backlashed to Neo Zeong and disintegrated it in the process.

Before Frontal dies, he gave a word to Banagher and tell him to do what’s right. However, the battle was not over yet, the Federal government decided to destroy Magallanica to bury the box. The colony laser shot was stopped by the three layers of Psycho-Field, which were created by Unicorn’s three shields, Unicorn and Banshee Norn. In the Psycho-Field, the NewType abilities in Riddhe completely awakened, and Unicorn reached to the Luminous Crystal Body. The colony laser shot was stopped successfully, and Mineva revealed the truth to the world.

Meanwhile, Unicorn was become so ridiculously godly and generated psycho-waves from its hands, the wave rewound every General Revil’s MS back into parts. In the end, Banagher gained his consciousness back and flew back to Magallanica. In the novel, Banagher fused together with the Unicorn, the novel didn’t say he’s dead or not, but it’s hinted that he is no longer in human form. After the Third Neo Zeon War, Unicorn was sealed away, with tape wouldn’t you believe it, and never operable again due to the crystallization in the joints, while Banshee Norn was given back to the Federation as Riddhe became a politician. Now, since we’re talking about a demon next, let Zethy hand it over to me, your tame demonologist, introducing the last sister unit of the Unicorn & Banshee, the Unicorn Gundam 03 [Phenex].

The Phenex is not developed by Vist Foundation, but instead by the Earth Federation. Somewhere at the early stages of the UC Project, Unicorn & Banshee were completed way before Phenex, which was originally just a bare frame with a couple parts on the body. It was meant to a supplementary frame, so if Unicorn or Banshee is damaged during some of the testing, the Phenex’s frame will be used to repair and replace. However, some of the higher-ups from the Federal government disapproved the Vist Foundation’s involvement in the UC Project. So, through their political powers, Earth Federation got the data of Unicorn & Banshee, using it to develop Phenex by themselves. Phenex is basically an incomplete copy of the Unicorn, since E.F.F. don’t have the full understanding on the Psychoframe,

so even when Phenex is one of the Unicorns, its performance is quite unstable. First, the NT-D System on Phenex is extremely unbalanced, because E.F.F. messed with settings that they didn’t understand. Unlike the Unicorn & Banshee, Phenex’s NT-D is an external command instead of activating via detecting NewTypes. So to prevent the pilot from triggering the NT-D, be it accidentally or willingly there’s a Psychowave Restrictor in the cockpit to make sure that the E.F.F. is in control of the NT-D instead of the pilot. However, since E.F.F. was messing with a system that they were not familiar with, the restrictor will inflict mental damage and instability on the pilot, which is the reason why it ran amok and went missing in U.C.0095.

Again, the structure and lore of all three Unicorns are the nearly the same, so we will just skip to the weapons. Just like the Unicorn’s standard armament, there’s a pair of 60mm Vulcan Gun in the head, four Beam Sabers and a Beam Magnum. There is a pair of Armed Armor DE on the Phenex’s backpack, since Rita Bernal, the pilot of the Phenex, has strong NewType powers, she can make the DE units fly around as thrusterless funnels. In the Gundam NT story, the Phenex has a tail stabilizer on each DE unit, but it was never explained how the Phenex acquired this add-on. As Zethy has said in the intro, Phenex’s plots are super messy and a lot of stories are not even translated, he’s tried his best to give you a brief knowledge of the plot instead of going into details, because Phenex appeared in NT movie, two mangas, three novels and a MSV book.

After the Phenex Incident, the pilot – Rita Bernal was assumed to be lost along with the Phenex. At some point after the Phenex went missing, Rita died in the cockpit and her consciousness was fused with the Psychoframe. The fusion between machine & soul also made Phenex acted independently, almost like a ghost. Later, Phenex inexplicably came back and attacked Jolion Day and the squad. The Gundam G-First-DX fought with the Phenex briefly, but suddenly the Phenex was shut down and later captured by the Nitro Unit. After the capture, a federal officer – Locke Hawker found that the cockpit was empty and decided to convert the Phenex into his own squadron use.

Then, an early version of Armed Armor XC was equipped onto the Phenex, along with the NITRO system. Since the Phenex’s NT-D is flawed, adding both the NITRO system and XC unit just made it worse. one of the battles, Gundam G-First-DX was overpowered by Xanadu (not to be confused with the N-Extreme Gundam Xanadu), Jolion was captured by a Xanadu and brought back to the Nitro Unit’s base.

After the capture, Jolion was forced to pilot the Phenex, and under the flaws of the Phenex’s NT-D, he turned into a mindless killing machine and lost his consciousness as well. With the power combined from Rebawoo, G-First-DX, Gundam Delta Kai, Prototype ZZ (NITRO), and Fresberg Corps, they finally stopped Phenex and the cockpit door was opened. Jolion was rescued, Phenex ran away and disappeared again. In U.C. 0097, the Phenex came back after the resonance from Unicorn & Banshee’s Psychoframe, the Shezarr Team participated the Operation Phenex Hunt, but the Jestas were incapable of catching up to the Phenex while it dodged every trap and attack.

The situation changed when the Narrative A-Packs arrived, and despite Jona Basta’s sub-par piloting abilities, he successfully slowed Phenex down and captured it with the Psycho-Capture at one point. But Phenex’s powers were too strong and the A-Packs was slowly falling apart, Jona didn’t go for the final blow but tried to communicate with Rita’s remnant consciousness, discussing the belief of Heaven like the demon’s Marquis Phenex’s hopes to return there. However, he missed the perfect chance to shoot down the Phenex, and it ran away. In the next battle, Jona was getting thrown around by the Sinanju Stein, but he was later saved by Phenex’s DE units. Michele saw a chance and forcefully activated the NT-D System on Narrative B-Packs. On the other side of the colony, the II Neo Zeong arrived and resonated with Narrative B-Packs.

It caused a Psycho-Hijack and Narrative docked with the II Neo Zeong, fueled by Jona’s recurring anger and memories, Jona blames Michele and called her a liar for what she did in the past. The NT-D System responded to Jona and II Neo Zeong was about to destroy the colony, Rita used her consciousness and calmed Jona down. In the end, both sides retreated and Phenex left the colony, travelling at lightspeed. In the final battle, II Neo Zeong singlehandedly destroyed the MS teams from General Revil.

Phenex came and guided the pilots to attack II Neo Zeong’s weak spots, but Phenex can’t fight the II Neo Zeong because it might trigger the Hellium-3 canisters around them. As the Phenex was tangled up, the Narrative C-Packs came and Phenex lent its power to Jona, which the Narrative C-Pack used to easily disintegrate two of the II Neo Zeong’s arms. Then, Zoltan decided to blow up a Hellium-3 tank to end the battle, but the attack was blocked by Phenex. Phenex was soon picked up by the Wired Bits on II Neo Zeong, it started to draw power from the Phenex but Michele sacrificed her life to make Jona forgive her. He rushed to towards the II Neo Zeong and the Core Fighter was saved by Banagher’s Silver Bullet Suppressor, Jona successfully got into the cockpit of Phenex. With the power from the three friends, Phenex easily shredded the II Neo Zeong and pinned the charging Sinanju Stein to it.

Before Zoltan dies, he used his last will and triggered all Hellium-3 tanks. By using the Psychoframe parts scattered from Michele Luio & Brick Teclato, Phenex accumulated the power and generated a pair of large wings. It reversed the Hellium-3 explosion and dematerialized the II Neo Zeong, Phenex left the world once again after the task was completed.

500 years after the Correct Century, welcome to the Regild Century, which leads us to the G-Phenex. G-Phenex is a replica of the original Phenex, Capital Army found the blueprints in Rose of Hermes. Zethy couldn’t find is there any setting difference between Phenex and G-Phenex, except the aesthetic difference, G-Phenex is now metallic grey and the Psychoframe is glowing red. Since G-Phenex is a replica, the armaments are just the same like Phenex G-Phenex was made by the Capital Army and piloted by Mask, Luin Lee.

Despite the excellent performance of Phenex, Mask can’t use it to its full potential. He shot the Assault Pack on G-Arcane, but he was being pushed back in Unicorn Mode. Later, the NT-D finally activated and Mask threw the G-Arcane into a big fuel tank. G-Self came to fight the G-Phenex, but G-Phenex didn’t win and got knocked down by G-Self.

Some members of Mask’s battalion came to pick him up, but what happened to the G-Phenex after the defeat was unknown. Thanks for watching the Unicorn episode, the Project UC has officially finished and the next series will be what you guys voted for in the community post, which is the Zeta Gundam line. Now, I do want a bit of rest before starting another long UC lore, because Unicorn already fried my brain and I will cover something relaxing for the next couple episodes. If you want some revisions, the playlist is in the description and you can always go back to start the whole series again! Special thanks to RafX for trimming the audio for me, feel free to check out his channel which is linked in the description. Another special thanks to MJ2005Gundam for joining today’s episode, please check out his channel, it’s linked in the description. Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell next to it if you want to watch more episodes, feel free to join my discord and I will see you in the next video, goodbye!

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