GTA 6, The Witcher 4, Hogwarts Legacy, Клоунада Sony, Разборки Microsoft, Cyberpunk 2077 GoW, Gothic

GTA 6, The Witcher 4, Hogwarts Legacy, Клоунада Sony, Разборки Microsoft, Cyberpunk 2077 GoW, Gothic

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The other day, Mikey and Sony took and started another console holivar. Kojima is preparing some kind of surprise, and GTA 6 is going to be insanely cool. There was also a reboot of Alone in the Dark and a remake of Gothic. But of course, that's not all. I will just remind you that if you have the opportunity, you can become a sponsor of the channel or on Patreon for a very modest fee.

Special thanks to our patrons, of course. And I will not tire of reminding you to join us in the telegram channel. And last but not least, don't forget to click Like, and if you're here for the first time, you can even subscribe to the channel. And now let's deal with gaming news.

Cult game designer Hideo Kojima showed on Twitter about the progress of work on some kind of video. The developer stated that he had finished editing a certain video and attached a screenshot of the timeline. Kojima is known for working on the trailers of his games himself, so fans immediately took this as a hint at the imminent announcement of a future game.

If this is true, then the video will most likely be seen on August 23 at Opening Night Live - the opening ceremony of the gamescom exhibition from Jeff Keely. Right now Hideo Kojima is working on Death Stranding 2 and some kind of cloud game for Microsoft. According to insiders, we are waiting for a horror called OVERDOSE. The authors of Genshin Impact have announced the release date for the long-awaited update 3.0 - August 24th. Along with this, the developers have published a very beautiful update trailer called "A hundred fresh roses brings the morning." In the update, a vast area of ​​Sumeru will appear, which is divided into two large parts: a rainforest and a desert.

Players will be able to explore the dense rainforest and the numerous settlements located within it, including the city of Sumeru and Port Ormos. The new bosses will be Feathered Mold, one of the Molds that has a strong animal nature and aggressively defends its territory, and Electro Fern, a monster waiting somewhere in the depths of the forest. Players are also waiting for three new catgirls ahem ... in the sense of characters.

In addition, there will be gameplay improvements and three new tools: Blessing of the Great Tree, Ultra High Temperature Burner Prototype, and Line Stabilizer that will make it easier to harvest wood, harvest ingredients , and catch fish. In general, prepare your wallets. The gamescom conference is already close, and its host Jeff Keely has already promised surprises and mountains of various gaming goodness, which is about 30 games at the opening ceremony of Opening Night Live. As the producer noted, players are waiting for both already announced projects and full-fledged premieres, including a new sci-fi game from the authors of the survivalist Subnautica and on the same evening Glen Scofield will take the stage to share fresh details and show the survival horror The Callisto Protocol . In addition, Keely promised at least a few surprises that gamers have not yet heard of.

By the way, the Kojima project could be one of them. Some of the projects that will be shown at the exhibition will come out even later than the 23rd year. The gamescom opening ceremony will begin on August 23 at 21:00 and will last for 2 hours.

Microsoft will have a separate stream from its booth where the developers will share new information and show fresh gameplay of their upcoming game releases. The stream will start on August 25 at 15:00. THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive have announced a reboot of Alone in the Dark.

In terms of gameplay, it will be a third-person horror game with combat, puzzle-solving and exploration. Players are promised a classic survival horror, where players will have to fight off opponents, explore locations and solve puzzles. This is how a team of young talents and experienced veteran developers work on the game. The author of SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent Mikael Hedberg is responsible for the plot, so the plot should not fail. The developers strive to create a game that takes advantage of modern gaming technologies to reimagine much of what made the original great while achieving new experiences at the same time. Well, the soundtrack will be done in the style of doom-jazz with creepy and fearsome melodies, creating a tense, twisted and haunting atmosphere.

The studio is currently working on an alpha version. For the reboot, an original story was written, which will combine elements from the first three major games in the series, released in the early nineties. The main characters are Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby from the original game, but all of the enemies are new and original creations. In this case, there will be some hints of monsters from the past. The main thing is that players will not need to be familiar with the old parts, but fans of the series will find a lot of familiarity in the new game.

Set in 1920s America, Alone in the Dark is set in a film noir setting with elements of classic Lovecraftian horror. In the story, somewhere far to the south, Emily Hartwood's uncle went missing. Together with private investigator Edward Carnby, she goes to Derceto Manor, an asylum for the mentally ill, where something strange is happening.

Upon arrival, the heroes will have to uncover the dark secrets of the Gothic mansion and try to survive in conditions where reality is intertwined with madness, evil lurks in every shadow, and there is always not enough ammunition. The game will allow you to see one story from two points of view, playing as one character or another, including completely different scenes and levels. At the intersection of reality, mystery and madness , an adventure awaits you that will challenge everything you know about yourself. Players will be allowed to play the story as two different characters from two perspectives, including completely different scenes and levels. The gameplay for the two heroes will be different. The game will intertwine elements of gothic, noir and classic Lovecraftian horror.

The release will take place on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series, but even the approximate release date has not yet been announced. Publisher THQ Nordic and studio Alkimia Interactive have unveiled a new trailer for the remake of the first game in the Gothic role-playing series. The video takes the viewer through an old mine, where diggers are trying not to become a dinner for crawlers - huge and furious creatures that live in the dark. The unnamed Gothic protagonist travels to the mentioned location to pass Diego's test and be accepted into the Old Camp.

The hero needs to go down into the mine, find Jan there, take a list of products from him and return. The developers of the remake promise to rethink the spirit of the original source, a modernized world and an improved combat system while maintaining the basics from the original game. The emphasis in the project is on the development of a compact open world and a high level of non-linearity. The events unfold on the island of Khorinis, where the prisoners are mining the magical ore needed by King Robar II of Myrtana to wage a bloody war against the orcs.

Players take control of a nameless hero who must deliver a letter to the firebenders. The remake is being made for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. There is no exact date or even release date for the updated Gothic yet. Well, let's briefly go over the rest of the interesting announcements from THQ Nordic. Thus, the Haemimont Games studio has presented a new strategy trailer for Jagged Alliance 3.

The events unfold in the fictional country of Grand Chien, which is facing a political crisis. The local president was kidnapped by representatives of the Legion group, so his family turned to the influential Adonis corporation for help. The player takes control of a detachment of mercenaries, who will have to figure out what is happening on the spot. At the mercy of a detachment of mercenaries, a large world is available, divided into several sectors.

But you need to understand that business is a dangerous business. The game will be released on PC. Purple Lamp has unveiled a gameplay trailer for SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. Players are again invited to take control of SpongeBob , who, along with Patrick, received at their disposal Tears of a mermaid that grant wishes.

Because of this, portals began to open leading to alternate versions of Bikini Bottom. Appeal has released a gameplay trailer for Outcast 2 - A New Beginning. This is a sequel to the cult adventure game Outcast, for which the backbone of the original Appeal is responsible. The project was based on developments from the canceled second part, which was developed under the wing of the Infogrames publishing house. Events start 20 years after the final of the original.

Former commando Cutter Slade restored peace to the planet Adelfa, but when he tried to return to Earth, the hero got stuck in the portal for many years. Now the main character must help the local aboriginal talents to fight against the army of robots. In different worlds, different versions of the main character are available, which have unique abilities. Well, turned into a balloon, Patrick will help Bob with advice.

The release of the project will take place on PC, Xbox Series and PS5. Studio Three Fields has announced a brand new arcade race in the open world Wreckreation. The main feature of the project will be MixWorld - a huge sandbox world for driving and racing fans with an area of ​​400 square kilometers, which players can form alone or with friends, place jumps, loops, obstacles, build tracks on roads and off-roads and much more, as well as compete among themselves in races created according to their own rules. However, given the track record of this studio, I have big doubts about the success of this game.

Well, the Mirage Game studio announced the Space for Sale game. Players will have to take control of an intergalactic developer, who is entrusted with contracts for the construction and improvement of real estate by alien customers. Therefore, it is necessary to study the planets in search of suitable sites. The problem is that the local flora and fauna will not always be friendly to the hero, so you have to find a way to make friends with them. The landscape of the planets will be procedurally generated. In addition, Space for Sale can be played in co-op for two people.

The project will be released on PC. Well, one of the THQ Nordic games, apparently, is being created together with the authors of the animated series "South Park" - since at the presentation they showed a teaser with the logo of the studio of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. However, it is not clear what kind of project it is. Therefore, I will move on to other news.

Infinity Ward has made a small update to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 by introducing yet another multiplayer map. Farm 18 is designed for 6v6 matches and was inspired by the popular Shoot House map from the previous Modern Warfare. As you can see in the short cutscene, Farm 18 is centered around an indoor industrial cement plant where most of the action will take place, while the surrounding area is a symmetrical paved road with a few obstructions such as an abandoned bus, massive cinder blocks, and construction vehicles blocking view. Players will have the opportunity to try out the map as part of the beta, which will begin on September 16th. According to journalist Greg Miller, some publishers have postponed their games from fall to 2023 due to fear of the release of God of War Ragnarok. In other words, they were afraid of the hype and the competition with PlayStation exclusives for buyers.

Quote: “Transfers are due to the fact that they are afraid of God of War Ragnarok. Nobody wants to launch at the same time as this game. I personally spoke with several people and heard similar things from them, ” he said. He did not name the companies that decided to move their releases away from Ragnarok, but the information was heard in a podcast that touched on the recent transfer of Midnight Suns to the 23rd year. Other games that have left in recent months for their 23rd year include Forspoken, Suicide Squad and The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. But the developers of Sonic Frontiers are not going to transfer the game despite the criticism and discontent of the players.

They are in vain. The question mark cleanup on Skellige in The Witcher 3 caused denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and eventually acceptance. You cleared a bunch of points of interest with questions for 50 hours, and then they dump even more on you. Questions on the Skellige map have long become a meme among players, and seven years after the release of the game, The Witcher 4 story campaign director and at the time of The Witcher 3 release, junior quest designer Philip Weber agreed that the decision was terrible, but justified. According to him, the studio just needed to fill the space, and the smuggling missions were added almost at the very last moment - there was little time to carefully consider their location.

He says it was a big mistake and he wouldn't do it again. The fact is that the Skellige map is huge, and it was difficult to fill it with quests, so questions began to be raised even over the caches of smugglers. They were just going to be scattered around the map and placed circling seagulls above them - this would be a random reward for those who like to explore the game world. Well, now the good news.

In The Witcher 4, there will be much fewer such signs, although they will come up with something new. The main thing was not a question mark with a catch. So, the developers of Hogwarts Legacy, a new game in the Harry Potter universe, announced the postponement of the project. If initially the game was supposed to be released before the end of the year, now it will go on sale only on February 10, 23 on PC, consoles of two generations of Xbox and PlayStation. The Switch version will be delayed indefinitely. The developers stated that they will need a little more time than they planned to release the best product and quality experience for the players , and asked for patience.

They want to bring the game to the ideal state. But the concept of the ideal is of course different for everyone. This is the second transfer for the game. Damn it, and there is a trail of God of War Ragnarok. In short, if they transfer another game, blame it not on something there, but on the release of Ragnarok. Tom Henderson shared new information based on what he saw and communicated with participants in the Beyond Good & Evil 2 test.

The game looks much more unfinished than footage from 2018. Perhaps since then the project has been reworked again. You can create your own character in the game. Customization begins with the choice of "blank", for example, you can become a shark or a panda, and then proceed to change the appearance.

According to some sources, they had the feeling that the game was still a few years away from release and lacked a clear creative direction, while another source said that he had no idea at all what he was doing during the playthrough. The release will probably have to wait a couple more years, I hope not light. The other day, Sony published a list of August free games for PS Plus Extra and Deluxe subscribers, which did not include a single classic title from the first PlayStation consoles. This caused outrage among users who paid for the most expensive tariff plans just for the classics that were promised exclusively in the Deluxe and Premium catalogs. Players ask Sony to clarify the situation and express their disappointment.

This is what disappointed players write: “After the launch of the service in June, the classic selection was replenished with only two games that no one asked for. It's a shame. What is the premium if you are not able to add 2-3 games every month? PS1, PS2 and PSP are full of cool games, but I don't see them in the service.

This speaks of complete incompetence. Complete clowning" the second writes: "There is no faith that Sony will pull together and make a normal return, and this is the main reason why I want to go to Xbox," says ResetEra. In the comments, the players note that they do not understand why Sony does not add at least their own games from the first PlayStation and PSP to the catalog if there are problems with others. Subscribers also criticize Sony's advertised section with demos of current games.

That they say there are only 16 games, many of which are small titles from third-party developers. People are paying $120 a year for Premium - why not offer them at least samples of all the games from Sony's own in-house studios? The question is rhetorical. Forbes columnist Paul Tassi wrote an article about the fate of Cyberpunk 2077. He believes that this game could have changed the industry if CDPR had not rushed to release it. The journalist also stated with regret that the players did not appreciate the efforts of the developers to improve 2077 - the game almost completely fell out of the information field, it is little discussed and poorly bought, despite the changes over the past year and a half. In his opinion, the reputation of the brand is hopelessly damaged.

The bottom line is that if Cyberpunk 2077 debuted in a more compelling state, today we could be living in a world where GTA has some serious competition. However, the chance is lost, and the reputation is broken, and not only for the developers, but also for the Cyberpunk brand. If everything were a little different, then the audience would see a completely different project - complete, devoid of bugs, errors and with good optimization. The developers would not have lost 80% of the stock value and their reputation. This version of Cyberpunk would have received more DLC already in the early stages of its development.

The journalist summed up that she lacked only one year. The future of GTA 6 cannot avoid comparisons with the previous part and part-time the second best-selling game of all time, GTA 5, but Rockstar does not seem to be intimidated by this, as the studio wants to make the new part of the world-famous crime thriller the benchmark for the "series, the gaming industry and the entire entertainment market. И гендир Take-Two Штраус Зельник во время разговора с инвесторами по итогам прошедшего квартала упомянул про GTA 6. Рассказывая о работе над проектом, глава Take-Two заявил, что Rockstar намерена установить новую планку креативности в игровой и развлекательной индустрии и разработчики стремятся выйти на принципиально новый уровень. Цитата: «Поскольку разработка следующей игры в серии GTA продолжается, команда Rockstar полна решимости снова внедрить новые креативные стандарты для серии, игровой индустрии всего рынка развлечений, как это до сих пор происходило с предыдущими ключевыми релизами». Большинство того, что мы слышали о предстоящей новой GTA — это слухи и предположения, хотя, если отталкиваться от этого, нам предстоит существенное изменение подхода.

В общем, чтобы не я не тратил сейчас время на рассказ почему над игрой нависли опасения, крайне советую посмотреть наше видео «GTA 6 в опасности». Также Take-Two сообщила в отчете о разработке восьми новых портов, ремастеров или ремейков старых игр. В общем с оглядкой на клоунаду в лице GTA Trilogy – ничего хорошего не ждите. Начался новый консольный холивар, дамы и господа. Ранее я рассказывал про заявления, сделанные руководящим составом компании Sony по поводу слияния между Microsoft и Activision Blizzard.

Материалы были получены из документов антимонопольных органов. Причем Sony оказалась единственной игровой компанией из опрошенных в новом 27-страничном документе, увидевшей в действиях Microsoft антиконкурентные элементы. Теперь же Майки отреагировали на громкое заявление.

По их мнению, в нынешнем состоянии Sony активно противостоит идее создания конкурентоспособных игровых подписочных сервисов, которые могут подорвать успехи бренда PlayStation в цифровой дистрибуции контента на консольном рынке. Также Microsoft поставила под сомнение идею, что франшиза Call of Duty представляет из себя уникальный бренд, прямых конкурентов которого якобы нет. Также они подтвердили, что Колда не станет эксклюзивом а будет мультиплатформенным, поскольку в этом нет денежной выгоды. Как считают аналитики, Sony эти слова вряд ли успокоят. Просто она может стать одним главных механизмов привлечения аудитории к бренду Xbox и Game Pass — даже при условии выхода на PlayStation.

К такому выводу пришло издание Дело в том, что заполучив Call of Duty и продолжая выпускать игры на PlayStation, Microsoft фактически сможет транслировать на аудиторию конкурента идею привлекательности своих сервисов. И речь идет про огромную аудиторию, поскольку Колда — франшиза номер 1 на PlayStation. В будущем Microsoft сможет всячески подчеркивать, что подписчики Game Pass получают доступ к Call of Duty бесплатно, да еще и могут играть в эти игры на любых устройствах даже без консоли и ПК, попутно получая бонусы от разработчиков, тогда как на Плойке за каждую новую часть придется платить по 70 евро.

В конечном итоге это может переманить часть фанбазы в лагерь Xbox, что станет фиаско для Sony, считают журналисты. В отношении роли Game Pass в индустрии и претензий со стороны Sony Microsoft также сделала несколько заявлений. Согласно внутренним исследованиям Мелкомягких, подписочная модель до сих пор не стала доминирующим способом для распространения игр. Многие по-прежнему предпочитают покупать игры. Кроме того, у PlayStation есть свой собственный сервис, развивающийся в интересах Sony. Более того, новые версии PS Plus многие игроки воспринимают как конкурента Game Pass.

На рынке существуют и другие игровые подписки и в этом плане Game Pass не является необычным явлением. Microsoft также коснулась вопроса эксклюзивности игрового контента в рамках консольного рынка в целом. Компания привлекла внимание антимонополистов к тому факту, что Sony на протяжении долгих лет делала большой акцент на выпуске игр, недоступных нигде, кроме консолей PlayStation. Подобных стратегий платформодержатель придерживается и сегодня — как в случае с играми, создающимися внутренними студиями, так и при заключении договоров со сторонними разработчиками и издателями, например, в случае с играми линейки Final Fantasy. При этом Sony позволяет себе критиковать теоретическую эксклюзивность других игр для чужих платформ.

Отдельно руководство Майков отметило тот факт, что отчасти развитие сервиса Game Pass напрямую ограничено действиями Sony. Команда Xbox осведомлена о том, что они платят отдельным компаниям и заключают договоры, в которых разработчикам напрямую запрещается выпускать свои игры в Game Pass. Но это утверждение малость ошибочно.

Там говорится о наличии различных маркетинговых соглашений, по которым действуют ограничения. Например, если какая-то игра рекламируется с PS5, то у Sony есть право первой добавить этот проект в свою подписку. По той же аналогии это работает и с другими компаниями.

Sony не единственная, кто пользуется такими привилегиями, и это вполне нормальная ситуация. Remedy поделилась с инвесторами финансовыми результатами за второй квартал года. Студия впервые ушла в минус. Ремастер Alan Wake, выпущенный ещё не окупился.

Также в плюс пока не вышла дешевая поделка в лице кривой CrossfireX. Главное, что разработка Alan Wake 2 движется, и релиз игры по-прежнему запланирован на 23й год. То же можно сказать о спин-оффе Control под названием Codename Condor. Проект перешёл на стадию предпроизводства. Всего Remedy работает над пятью играми, включая ремейки первого и второго Max Payne. Авторы ребута Saints Row выпустили трейлер, в котором ещё раз напомнили о самых важных деталях экшена.

Основной особенностью игры станет противостояние банд, одну из которых в итоге предстоит возглавить игроку. При этом каждый её участник уникален: кто-то поможет сбежать с места преступления, а кто-то — инвестировать в нужное русло. Также игроки смогут развивать собственную базу, покупая и улучшая недвижимость. Прокачивать можно будет в том числе главного героя и разумеется его тачку. Судя по ролику, нас ждёт очень богатая кастомизация и множество интересных активностей и сплошное безумие в открытом мире в стиле прошлых частей серии.

Также интересные активности и безумие (в рамках разумного) можно устроить и в комментах, обсудив новости. Поэтому, жду вас там. Также будем рады видеть вас у нас в Телеге и Дискорде. Ну и приглашаю подписаться на наш канал жмите на лайк и колокольчик. До встречи на XGTV.

Смотрите и играйте вместе с нами.

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