Governor P. S. Sreedharan Pillai inaugurates GPSC office at EDC House | Prudent Media Goa

Governor P. S. Sreedharan Pillai inaugurates GPSC office at EDC House | Prudent Media Goa

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one else, It will also brighten your own path. I am hopeful. Likewise, Goa Public Service Commission has lived the lives of many who in turn have guided the path of thousands of people being lighthouse themselves. Very good morning everybody present here.

respective chairman of board of the service commission and he has also been appointed recently as a chairman of standing committee of chairpersons of public service commission secretary of public service commission Shri Yaki Marathar principal secretary Shri existory engineers, contractors, other dignitaries, media person, staff of GPSC, And I would say I take this proud privilege to welcome the honorable governor of Goa, Shri PS. For inaugural function of the third floor of GPSE, office PYC, which is just completed. And as a result, the sufficient space is made available to GPSC, office to carry out its functions more effectively. I

would also like to place on record the sincere gratitude to chairman, secretary and others. For having efforts for getting completed in the third floor and very operational. I also welcome other dignitaries, NYTs, media persons, staff of GPSE, ladies and gentlemen. Once again, my all welcome to everybody. Thank you one and all. Thank you very much sir for this kind words. May I now

request chairman sir to present group basket to honorable government. and I request deputy secretary Seema because of Thank you. And the secretary is pleased to welcome any member doctor Sukhaji Nai. Now the secretary is present Goa public Service Commission was started on 30th May nineteen eighty-eight. 34 long years and it's not easy to maintain the positive and successful draft throughout.

And it was possible only with the help of able leadership, sincere and hard working staff. And hence GPSE has decided to felicitate its staff who have completed 25 years of their service in GPSA. May I request honorable staff? Trinity secretary.

Section officer. Section officer. ticket studio system. MTS. Shrivati Josepha Rodriguez over public service it. Thank you so much. Principal chief engineer.

construction of so thank you very much for all the support. Shri Marvin Bose, chief architect. Prashant design, architect. So please take your seat. It's like that leadership is not a position or a title. It is

suits the best and exactly is around as a chairman GPSE. She chose who sets an example through his actions. A kind request to you sir to express your thoughts on this special occasion. Very good morning. Welcome to Outdoor FM by the night. My colleague mister

chief engineer of PWE the secretary section officers of GPSE media persons, ladies and gentlemen. First of all, greetings to honorable governor. for your new year. presentation to highlight the achievements of BTSE over the last six years basically. show you the different milestones that the commission has achieved. Basically began with the computer base test twenty sixteen. In a in 20 seventeen.

We had a plan on adopt extensions in 17. With our focus level two thousand 21 and this year we have this third floor. I'll discuss each occasion PBL very quickly. So we have done about 175 exams so far. And we once sees that over the years the examination have been increasing right from sixteen, 17 to 21, 22 hundred and seventy-five examination should mean that we examined almost 56, 000 candidates for the last six years. So, this increase also shows that the commission has been receiving more and more applications. We

have so far processed fifty-6 thousand 268 applications for different government jobs. So, the last six years. And one story this graph tells us is that although every year we advertise about two hundred one fifty, 200 positions in government. Look at the

increase 16, 17, three thousand 800 for the same job to sixteenthousand 8 86 last year. That shows that the confidence in the people applying for government jobs which are more confidence in the commission. They know that if we apply this standard fair then just recently. ah we have interviewed so far two thousand 147 candidates. More or less about 300 or so per year. Except the first year because the CBRT was not yet fully enforced then. So we call for

every one job, we call five candidates to be interviewed the sofa we have recommended six hundred and 16 positions in the last six years. Very honorable for 00 odd positions per year. This is the year wise category of the zero. It is recommended to the government. The other thing we notice is about the promotion. The officers in government were not really like getting regular promotions. So, we decided to

ban them completely in the year 16 seventeen. And this has resulted in something very nice. Almost 4, 000 officers were promoted Last 6 years. And 4, 000 for the state like Goa is a huge amount of of promotions. So almost two thousand 279 received their their promotion of orders to the commission. Through the commission. And they've lifted

probation of 14 458 officials and governors. Something that we also noticed earlier that if we were to promote them, their probation were not lifted. So, we have to first lift the probation and then come to the promotions. So, made this more professional. It's more like a corporate office and just a few pictures so you go and after. And this was incidentally honorable sir.

This is an updated by former defence minister and former chief minister. On about five years back exactly in third April 20 17. He said it's the first and second floor. The

other highlight is we also conducted a national public service commission. The first of his time two thousand eighteen. When ah the earlier governor ah We have had a which we are going to come beyond our work of job honorable governor who recently released our office mango, office manual has laid all procedures for appointments, recruitments, probation lifting, promotion et cetera as the commission does.

It is well documented. So, we have a good procedure to follow and view diligence at every stage has been recorded and honorable governor against Ah we had a standing committee meeting in November. Governor again I think that's so important. Ah we had a delegation that also met with honorable president of India regarding some issues concerning public service commissions of which I wish as a member of that thank you and I welcome you once again in this program. On behalf of everyone present here is to stress facility place is concerned. Since I was a long time in Kerala What's up? Council for main The location will come across so many types of important thing to do not and for that purpose there is a stipulations that stipulations are interpreted by especially Pandora.

what is stated by ultimately by the supreme court. With the law of finance. Nobody is expected to be above that. the

departments of PSE. Whether these UPSE or our state publicity commission. In partial district should be done only. eh politics is concerned. But PSE appointments are concerned. appointment should be free from political interference and that is why they are appointed by the government but they are not committed to the government. That's the BSA council. I would

like to say I don't want to go to the ah one thing I would like recently about four or five not by those people followed by families visited me presented all the papers then I literally accepted that they were started to cry because four out five years they were there court has taken a new. This is not measurable per se. Then in the Supreme Court also there is a huge amount. When that

interested itself is it is clear violation of rights. I am not getting any comment on that. What was to be done by the present government, LLC minister, I told them, I will ah tell them about it. The legal ability I can't suggest you even though I was a practicing lawyer in service marketing. stating before you the other family, one lady the concept is that Murphy is the only criteria. And no person is holding a decision.

Not enough help in the four days. I don't know, I have not taken any account with respect to details in respective adjustment. We will try. all facilities are there. Very good office and other things are there. Ah either looking into

the older faces. Everybody is happy. And ah percenting things it is later that through action we will have to prove our policy. And I hope you will be

more and more ah Committed to the people. It remains. supposed to be a party. Suppose other Another person is then people, those who are not having any political connection or affiliation or a politician states then where they will be the basic things are there. You

see, do justice to the people. The public for me. That is Gandhi ji 19 forty-7 August 15th. You must not celebrate Indian independence. You must not in the league. He

was in Navakari or a Bangala. It's in the villages. And he stated that he able to do this distancing. If our reality of our system, freedom, Then whether the last man in the school whether he is getting justice, that is the question mark. very very much ah even now ah little bit ah my mental condition. So in 1948 first

prime minister of India wrote a letter to JP Ja Pradas Narayan. That you will be the future prime minister of India. And that's And it's a place that sir, I don't want any post. I

want to serve the people throughout my life. He fulfill it while we all know during emergency. The word he was in jail. Without a trial, without any reason. Without any shoppers. Without any type of explanation. Their brothers are

running was putting gain for 19 months. Thereafter the nineteen77 election. And nineteen seventy-seven election. The electorate people of India replied, hitting reply mosquito. And Washington posted the right vibrating them cannot be granted. Count those things then people, illiterate people.

In 1971, those party which was ruling India at that time. Out of the 224 seats, 221 seats were given to the ministry. But in 1977, out of these 224 seats, three seats given to them and and not only what the political aspects. So, illiterate people in my Kerala all are even autographed. Goa, autocratic rule at that time.

Ah even consent to that. On ah not politics I am saying. Andhra Pradesh, the finances were given. Or South Indian and other states. Students he

depicted himself as a leader of the students Then 90 If that is so, Gandhi give us. Nobody in protocol. But the most person in the prime minister when he wants to see Aditi, always went to Vardha for visiting Gandhi. And there

was a program. 9077. Of course he was a laid up at that time. Always when the protocol to CP. He went on to be from Delhi to Patna to visit the Pakistan. This is a country. What people under dedicated public workers are there. What if they come

and is it the criteria? goal to be achieved under German selected for some post from my state Kerala. Yesterday relative. And at the same time, our conscience is the final ah authority to decide or conscious or persons ah ah according to me heart and consciousness. The only organ in our body cancer free the minute I have to say that cancer is not affecting your heart. So, heart is there. I will put everything to the heart. And they will able to take our Goa a happiest state in India. Now our position is

that financially we are at the top. First positioning income. But I am should see just prior to my appointment here. I guess in this state in India. Out of

the total income of in the budgets. Only 20% are they are accumulating from other 80% is given by the union of India. state in India. Number one is Islam. So, happiness one side. Happiness index one side. Financial position is other side. We'll also try our level

best to make our Goa the happiest race. All of us pray together. Or an interest is there. doing everything. They

are all servants of the people. Servant of the people. That is why he has an unlimited guest. I have visited many villages. An image of guests. Some people

say, shame, shame, shame. No shame. Supreme. Of our country, supreme. Power is especially the people. And that is why I would conclude my speech. I say, in that constitution, first sentence, India that is India, it is a note to us. In

the civilization and the great name. Then why India era with the same India areas. Bharat is used there. And we the people of India making our constitutions in this sentence. Why? There is a provision in the constitution that all the British laws are applicable to them unless it is fulfilled. But our wants to fortunate assembly make it. They

introduced article 395 last position. Which nullifies set aside 1947 Indian independence site. My equals we may not secure independence from the gift of a British parliament. We want to make our own That is why we the people and their 395 are appealing to us. I would like to say when studying here is a good remembrance of from German and staff is there level Dispatch justice and for the purpose. May God bless you.

Thank you very much. Thank you. for this Now may I request Shree why public service officers, media and my dear friends. First and foremost thank honorable governor on behalf of commission for this event and sharing his valuable thoughts with us. Thank you sir

for your inspiring words of great encouragement I will also like to thank honorable chairman for his leadership and guidance. He is the one who has taken the initiative To complete this first role. Prior to his joining to this commission. Commission was like any other office. But because

of him, because of his efforts. Now office looks like a mission. Thank you sir. We are grateful to you sir. I was like to thank London member for his unstated support. to principal chief ah engineer PWT for completing this work within time frame. I also like to

thank all the staff members, officers of the commission. Who has helped us to make this event successful. Last but not the least, I would like to thank all the members of the media for covering this event. Thank you, thank you all. Before we wind up, may I request honorable chairman to present a memorable

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