Galaxy Unpacked August 2021: Official Replay | Samsung

Galaxy Unpacked August 2021: Official Replay | Samsung

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Hi everyone, and welcome to Galaxy Unpacked. Thanks for joining us. At Samsung, we build technology that helps people. Our innovations and partnerships give you more options: more cutting-edge tech you need, more freedom to choose the experiences that are best for you, and personalize them any way you’d like. Today, we’re excited to introduce the Galaxy Watch4 series The Watch4 combines the most attractive design with the best functionality a smartwatch has to offer.

It even gives you the freedom to customize every element. It looks super sophisticated, with the signature circular frame of the Galaxy Watch series. Its newly-designed strap makes it fit more comfortably… and brings the sensor close to your wrist to make health tracking more accurate. Both models of the Watch4 series come with an incredibly durable strap. It’s strong and sweat-resistant, so it’ll last through a long workday, an intense workout, and so much more.

You can even customize your Watch4 to express your personal style. If you want to match your Watch to your favorite outfit, you can add a personal touch with a choice of colorful straps. And if you really want to stand out, you can pick from more than 40 unique watch faces right out of the box. They’re bright and simple, and you can customize them to see the info you need at a glance. With so many designs to choose from, feel free to express yourself, any way you want.

We’re constantly working to bring you better and more integrated experiences. Through our open partnerships with industry leaders, we give you the freedom to use technology without limits and enjoy the best experience possible. As we showed you earlier this year at Google I/O and the Mobile World Congress, we’ve been working closely with Google to create a new unified platform. Introducing Wear OS Powered by Samsung. The Galaxy Watch4 will be the first-ever smartwatch to utilize this platform. So you’ll get the best of Tizen and Wear OS, all in one intuitive operating system.

You’ll get seamless access to your favorite Google apps, like Google Maps, and top-tier fitness apps like Strava,, Adidas Running, and Golf Buddy: Smart Caddie. On this new platform, you’ll also have a better experience with Android smartphones, with improved access to apps on Google Play. And even if you don’t have a Galaxy smartphone, you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of the Galaxy Watch4 series. And this new OS isn’t the only breakthrough. We’re also bringing you advanced hardware, and an even more intuitive user interface.

So you can explore amazing experiences with your Galaxy Watch4. And that starts with the Samsung Health experience. Oh, it’s time for my daily walk! Want to join me? We all want to be the best version of ourselves.

Happier, healthier, and more confident in who we are. But the question is: how do we get there? We’ve always worked to give you the best health experience through our smartwatch. And now, we’re taking that mission one step further. With your very own Galaxy Watch4, you can truly be good to yourself. And what feels better than a good night’s sleep? Sleep is essential to our health.

The average person spends a third of their life asleep. And the quality of that sleep matters So how can we make sure we’re getting enough rest? For years, our Galaxy consumers have told us how much they love our cutting-edge sleep-tracking technology. In the past year alone, they have checked their sleep patterns more than 800 million times! We introduced the ability to measure blood oxygen levels on our previous Galaxy Watch series.

Now, your Watch4 and Galaxy smartphone can work together to track your snoring and breathing patterns continuously… so you can track how much you breathe while you’re asleep. This means your smartphone detects the sounds of your snores, and your Watch checks your blood oxygen levels once every second. That way, you’ll know how you’ve been breathing during the night. Imagine this: you’ve had a really long day. You fall asleep fast, and you technically get eight hours of sleep… but somehow, you’re still tired in the morning. Because, little did you know, you were tossing and turning all night.

Now, just check the Samsung Health App on your Watch4 and Galaxy smartphone. Your breathing and snoring data can help you understand what may be keeping you up, so you can make informed decisions about your sleep to help you sleep longer and better. And today, we’re thrilled to introduce another incredible experience… that will make your health tracking more holistic. It’s called: Body Composition Measurement. Body Composition shows us what our bodies are made of… Usually, you measure this at the gym or a clinic, but now you can easily check it anytime, anywhere, all with two fingers.

It’s all thanks to a measuring tool called BIA. We’ve worked to bring this technology to your smartwatch. Let’s take a closer look at how it can help you. Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a method of measuring body composition. It uses a weak electric current to find the amount of water stored in the body.

If a person has low impedance, the results will indicate there is more water, and thus, more muscle tissue. Now, why is that important? The core benefit of measuring body composition is that your weight doesn’t reflect the amount of muscle, fat, and water in your body tissues. And by measuring these over time, you can adjust your diet and your activity level to get these measures into a healthy range.

For years, Samsung has been working to make BIA technology more accessible. So we wanted to integrate it with a device that we all use every day, so more people can regularly track their health. At first, we tried adding it to phone cases and wrist bands.

We even tried to incorporate the technology onto remote controllers. But given how closely body composition is tied to fitness and exercise, we realized that the best device to deliver this technology was the Galaxy Watch. Most body composition analyzers have large electrodes that help improve accuracy by reducing contact impedance with the skin. That’s why these devices use our palms and the soles of our feet for readings. But in order to include electrodes in the Galaxy Watch, we needed to drastically reduce the size of the electrodes — without sacrificing accuracy. Normally, the larger the electrode, the easier to get an accurate reading.

But to give you accurate readings even with small electrodes on the Watch, we experimented relentlessly… and devised the best hardware and solution. We developed a circuit with multiple switches, which can open and close in 16 different combinations per tenth of a second. In 15 seconds, Galaxy Watch measures electric currents 2,400 times to estimate body composition. Our new solution analyzes how closely the electrodes come into contact with the skin, as well as the amount of impedance at any moment, so the Watch can accurately estimate your body composition.

In consideration of technological accuracy and design, we also applied a thin conductive material to the side electrodes, as well as an ultrathin chromium silicon carbon nitride layer to the back of the Watch. When you wear the Galaxy Watch, the two electrodes on the back naturally come into contact with your skin. If you hold the side electrodes of the Watch with two fingers, the BIA sensors send and receive electrical signals that measure body composition data. The results are undeniable. With a correlation of ninety-eight percent, Galaxy Watch BIA measurements are as accurate as those from DEXA scans, the gold standard of body composition measurements, trusted by industry experts.

Samsung always strives to make products that consumers can rely on. That’s why we’re collaborating closely with many renowned institutions that specialize in body composition analysis — to improve our solution’s accuracy and our products’ reliability. Contrary to popular belief, health changes — good or bad — aren’t sudden. They are gradual, and we hardly notice them as they happen. Galaxy Watch gives you all the tools you need. So you can make positive changes that work for you.

And now, with daily body composition measurements at your fingertips, you can meet a better you, everyday. With Body Composition Measurement on your Galaxy Watch4, you’ll have access to the health info you need to make informed changes… and enjoy a healthier and happier life. We partnered with the world’s leading research and medical institutes to test, improve, and verify our technologies. So you can rest assured that your Watch4 will give you useful and accurate information.

We’ve built the Watch4 with our most advanced health capabilities yet… including Samsung BioActive Sensor. The Watch4 series has blood pressure and ECG rhythm monitoring that helps you keep tabs on your body to catch anything out of the ordinary. And now, we’re extending these capabilities to even more customers — bringing blood pressure and ECG monitoring to more than 30 countries, so that more people can stay in tune with their bodies, and stay on top of their health. Your Health data — including body composition, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and ECG — is easy to understand on the Samsung Health app. And with all this info available at a glance, it’s simple to track your health. Tracking your health is important… but maintaining your health is what makes all the difference.

That’s why I’m so excited that the Galaxy Watch4 series lets you choose from a wide range of workouts to find the ones that suit you best, and help you reach your health goals. Personally, I love circuit training. But some of you might be lifters, or runners, or even swimmers. Your Watch4 will guide you to better health.

Some days, it can be hard to stay motivated on your own. Now, you can enjoy team-based competitions on your Watch with friends and family, keep each other motivated, check on everyone’s progress with in-app posts and messages, and celebrate your victories with badges and points. Since we introduced team-based challenges this past June, the number of consumers enjoying them has more than doubled! It’s an easy and fun way to meet your fitness goals.

When I’m fully immersed in my workout or out on a run, I want to stay connected to my music and messages, without having to carry my phone. LTE connectivity on the Watch4 gives you that freedom! You can stream Spotify on your Watch, even if you don’t have your phone. You can also track your time, and map out your routes — all right from your wrist.

The Galaxy Watch4 series is designed to help you reach your goals, and most importantly, empower you to be your best self. We just walked you through a lot of advanced technology. It may sound complicated, but we’ve made it easy for everyone to use… even if you’ve never owned a smartwatch before.

That’s thanks to our most intuitive user interface yet: One UI Watch. Now you can more easily navigate your Watch4 with two buttons located on the side. Thanks to its circular design, the Galaxy Watch4 series delivers unique bezel interactions. Just swipe the bezel like this! You can check notifications… and various apps. It’s so easy! And now, it’s more natural to use the Watch4 even without swiping.

Answer a call by waving your forearm up and down, or dismiss alerts with just a shake of your wrist. Like that! The graphics are impressive and fun — whether you’re checking how much water you drank, or trying out a nutrition challenge. One UI Watch gives you a more creative and streamlined experience. And with powerful hardware — from an enhanced display that makes everything look clear and vivid, to an advanced new processor — you’ll be able to use your Galaxy Watch4, your way. Galaxy Watch4 will help you be good not just to yourself, but to your community as well.

The Global Goals app will be available on Watch4, with two new watch faces... pre-installed. So you can stay committed to making a difference, whether you’re using your phone or your watch. You can get your own Galaxy Watch4 from 249 dollars, and Watch4 Classic from 349 dollars, starting August 27th. I’m so excited about this new Watch.

With an amazing design, real-time health tracking, and an easier user experience, these Watches will help you define wellness for yourself… and embark on a journey to real health and happiness. Using a Galaxy Watch4 is the best way to live your best life — every step of the way. What an exciting day! It’s great to be back with you at Galaxy Unpacked. Together, we have come through a period of challenge… and of change. The past year transformed our lives in unexpected ways.

The pandemic imposed boundaries on all of us. And technology became a lifeline — a bridge to a bigger world, a way to overcome closures and constraints to bring all of us together. This journey is not yet over. At Samsung, we believe this moment requires a new way forward. A new era of “openness” has arrived. Where technology works for us…not the other way around.

A world that is open for collaboration free from constraints and closed ecosystems. Open for breakthrough innovations for all people and for our planet. Samsung has never been more ready. Because we innovate to defy barriers and make lives better.

We create category firsts that redefine what your mobile devices can do and, more importantly, what you can do with them. We create tailored experiences that empower you; give you choice; even reflect your personality and unique way of life. And we make these experiences available for all — not for the select few.

>From incredible display and pro-camera technology.. to 5G and the longest-lasting batteries… We want everyone to have access to the very best features. And we will never lose sight of our responsibility to offer users protection for their personal information and data. Because for Samsung, trust is essential. It is our license to operate.

We are committed to prioritizing transparency and ensuring you have control over your data. So you have total peace of mind, confident that we always have your back. There’s no privacy without security.

That’s why security is at the center of every decision we make. Our devices are protected by reliable, end-to-end protection with Samsung Knox, our trusted mobile security platform. But we don’t do it alone. Because we believe the most meaningful progress happens when we share innovations to elevate the entire industry in collaboration. That is why our long-standing, deeply-valued partnerships continue to set new standards faster and better, than others.

We are working with Google, Microsoft, and more, to deliver seamless experiences across the full ecosystem of your connected devices. Open experiences demand something new. Which is why I’m so proud to share with you the new Galaxy Z series: Next generation devices that define a new standard for mobile… engineered so you can express yourself with an iconic design and immerse yourself in amazing viewing experiences.

This is the new mainstream for smartphones. More accessible … more durable … and engineered for tailored, seamless experiences of the future. A future that empowers each of us to seize the possibilities unfolding before us. For so long, so much has been closed. But today, life opens up, with Galaxy. Today, we’re introducing two new Foldables that you’ll love.

Starting with Galaxy Z Fold3. Check out that gorgeous design. Doesn’t it look amazing? The Z Fold3 is stylish and sleek, and weighs less than your morning cup of coffee. And — just like your coffee — it helps you take on the day. It’s been two years since we launched our first Z Fold.

And in that time, we’ve learned that Z Fold consumers use their cover screen about as often as they use their main screen. So we’ve made sure you get the best experience on both displays. When closed, Z Fold3 looks and works like a standard smartphone. So you can do all the things you already enjoy — like messaging your friends, or playing your favorite game on the way to meet them — all on the cover screen. You can glide across your screen as you scroll through with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

And with a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, you’ll be able to see clearly, even when you’re outside on a sunny day. These high-quality visuals continue on the main screen, which has the same refresh rate and dynamic display, resulting in a seamless experience as you open and close your Z Fold3. Most people are happy with their standard smartphone experience… so why change a good thing? Well, when closed, the Galaxy Z Fold3 gives you the full benefits of a regular smartphone.

But when you unfold, it brings you so much more. At 7.6 inches, Z Fold3’s main display delivers a tablet-like experience, all on a cinematic screen. Thanks to our latest innovation in display technology, ECO Square, the visuals are brighter… with power efficiency. You get a dynamic display with less battery consumption. This powerful main display is also an immersive one. It provides you with an uninterrupted viewing experience, so you can stay fully engaged with your favorite content.

Sometimes, your camera’s punch hole creates a blind spot on your screen. So for the Galaxy Z Fold3, we changed the pixel array, using the minimum amount to increase the viewable area. Introducing the world’s very first Foldable with an Under Display Camera.

This will transform how you experience content. When you’re using the camera — like when you’re unlocking your phone and taking a photo, or video calling — the punch hole is visible, and the camera can see out. When you’re not using it, you can game and watch videos on a truly immersive display.

And with high-quality visuals, you’ll want high-quality sound to match. Galaxy Z Fold3’s stereo speakers deliver multi-dimensional sound with incredible spatial effects — so no matter where you are, you’ll feel like you’re at the center of the action. This large display is amazing.

so you can take full advantage of Galaxy Z Fold3’s unique form factor. We’ve enhanced how you experience your apps… Let’s take something you do every day, like texting your friends. Before, you had to close one chat to open another. Now - it is optimized for the large screen, like a tablet. See how the chat list pops up on the left, and your messages appear on the right? You’re seeing everything at the same time. It’s easier to read and use your apps… including your calendar.

Before, the menu disrupted your view. Now, the menu takes up less room on your screen, so you can take advantage of all that new space — whether you’re switching views, opening new tabs, or keeping track of your events. Planning your week has never been this easy! With the Z Fold3, you’ll be able to do so much more than you could on a regular smartphone. This Foldable puts new possibilities at your fingertips. Once you’ve experienced its large display, you won’t want to go back.

And we’ve been collaborating with our partners to bring you more intuitive experiences on this larger screen. With the Z Fold3, multitasking is effortless — thanks to the taskbar. Pin your favorite apps to it for quick access, just like you would on your PC.

You can even use it to open multiple apps without returning to the Home screen. And with your recently-used apps right there, it’s more convenient than ever to switch between them. Imagine you’re watching your favorite YouTuber, and you see something you’d like to buy.

On a standard smartphone, you’d have to close your video to start shopping in a separate window. With Z Fold3, you can unfold a better shopping experience right on the main display. Pull up the brand’s site and shop easily, while still watching YouTube. And if you want to check out other options before making a purchase, you can split your browser and pull up another window. That’s a truly great experience.

And you shouldn’t settle for anything less. The Z Fold3 unfolds to maximize your productivity. Just imagine: You’re in a cab, when you get an urgent message from your coworker, asking for your help — right now. You can open up the file you received directly from the Teams chat. And then, just drag and drop the Microsoft Office app from your taskbar to open the other file you need! This multi-instance capability makes it effortless to work off two documents. It’s easy to copy and paste between your files, move your data, and finish up all your work! That’s a PC-like experience that fits in your pocket.

Microsoft is just one of the partners we’re working with to enhance your Z Fold3. We consistently pursue partnerships that bring you incredible experiences, so we’re teaming up with 3rd-party app services to make your favorite apps easier to use on your Foldable. Just look at all our partners! We’ve collaborated with so many. And that includes some of your favorite apps — Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok— which now provide more diverse and optimized experiences. Our world-class engineers and developers have been working hard to bring advanced technology to your Z Fold3.

To hear about the groundbreaking changes we’ve made to your Foldable’s display, please welcome the Head of our Flagship R&D Team, Dr. Won-Joon Choi. Thanks, Conor! At Samsung/we work tirelessly to give you meaningful technology. We created our first Foldables to revolutionize your smartphone experience. And now, as leaders in this category, we continue to build on our achievements, to give you even more open experiences.

Our consumers are at the center of everything we do. We seek out the experiences you want most, and strive to bring them to life. And today, we’re proud to unveil two new breakthroughs for the Galaxy Z Fold3 that consumers have been asking for.

These are meaningful innovations that will enhance your entire Foldable experience. Across the industry, people have come to expect reliable water resistance from their smartphones. So, naturally, it was also expected on our Fold. But making the Fold water-resistant wasn’t easy. Unlike bar-type smartphones, the Fold is made of three parts: two bodies and a hinge. The bodies can be protected from water using the same method as a standard smartphone, but protecting the hinge was a unique challenge.

Every time the Fold is opened or closed, water can seep in and cause damage.. Our designers and engineers used corrosion-resistant material finished with long-lasting grease to protect the hinge from rusting or corroding Then, to protect the mainboard from shorting out due to water, we used rubber and CIPG. These materials seal the gap between the connecting ends of the flexible printed circuit board, shielding critical parts that are vulnerable to water exposure. With these solutions, our latest Galaxy Z series is water resistant.

However, our Fold users wanted more… S Pen that would let them take full advantage of the Fold’s spacious screen! But bringing the S Pen to the Z Fold3 required some serious innovation. The S Pen experience actually starts with the display. The digitizer inside the display works with the S Pen to create EMR, or electro-magnetic resonance, which detects the coordinates of what you’re writing or drawing and shows it on-screen. EMR S Pen technology for hard displays has been around for more than 10 years… …but positioning a digitizer under a flexible screen posed an entirely new challenge, as it could be damaged from folding and unfolding over time. Our developers researched and experimented for years to create a digitizer for the Fold, building prototype after prototype… but it wasn’t easy. To create a truly exceptional Fold and S Pen experience, our developers needed to think outside the box.

Finally, we came up with a revolutionary solution. Instead of looking for a way to increase the flexibility of the folding area of the digitizer, our developers decided to use separate digitizers on each side of the folding area. Working together with Wacom, we developed a way to connect two separate digitizers, so that they operate as a single panel. To support this new form, a new algorithm was created to calculate signals from both digitizers so they could recognize coordinates in the folding area, while minimizing errors. Through meticulous craftsmanship and research, we were able to create the first-ever digitizer for our Foldable display, compatible with an S Pen..

But the digitizer is only half the story. We needed to develop an S Pen that is safe to use with our flexible display. The S Pen Fold edition is designed with a new rubber nib that’s rounded and soft to the touch.

We also added an internal spring to act as a shock absorber, automatically reacting to pen pressure. So it smooths and softens any excessive pressure on the tip of the Pen. We also increased the display's responsiveness to the S Pen by 40%, to give consumers a smooth and steady handwriting experience. Consumers can work and play in all-new ways thanks to the S Pen for the Galaxy Z Fold3 like taking notes while watching a video or writing in your diary. We also partnered with Microsoft to make it easier to collaborate on projects with classmates and colleagues. In Microsoft Teams, users can enjoy video calls and share documents easily.

And now, with a virtual whiteboard designed for the Fold and the S Pen, they can brainstorm, share, and develop ideas. The drive and dedication of Samsung’s engineers make these enhancements to the Foldable experience possible. And our community of consumers keeps the experience evolving. You — our consumers — inspire us to continue to challenge the limits of technology. With the addition of the S Pen to the Fold series, we’ve introduced a whole new way of taking advantage of the Z Fold3’s larger display. And we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that the experiences you love and rely on regular smartphones — carry over to our Foldables.

Water resistance and increased durability being key. Both the Fold3 and Flip3 have an IPX8 water resistance rating. That means they’re protected from everyday water damage. It’s a first for Foldable smartphones, and we are proud to be able to deliver that to you. The main dynamic displays on both the Fold and Flip are strong and durable.

By redesigning the layer structure and using a new protective film made out of PET — a sturdy yet flexible material — we were able to increase durability of our flexible displays by about 80 percent. When closed, the outer body is protected from everyday scratches — with Gorilla Glass Victus, our toughest glass yet. All of this is protected by our strongest aluminum frame yet, Armor Aluminum.

It’s lightweight, so it keeps your phone safe, without weighing it down. Our research and development team worked hard to improve the technology – and enhance the durability – of your Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3. We have made them to last, inside and out. So you can use them whenever, and however, you like. To open up your world — and keep it open — to more possibilities than ever before. Now, let’s see them in action. Our Foldables are made for people who want more than just a good experience.

They want a phone that delivers exceptional experiences... they want something great! Galaxy Z Fold3 unfolds to reveal a large screen, full of possibilities… but some people want a flexible display that provides a smaller and more compact smartphone. If that’s you, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing the Galaxy Z Flip3. It’s our most stylish smartphone yet. We’ve designed the Galaxy Z Flip3 to make a statement. It has a sleek body, and a compact design when closed. So you can easily fit it inside the back pocket of your jeans. And when it’s shut, you’ll see we’ve integrated the cover screen with the front camera, creating a truly seamless look.

Once you’re ready to flip it open… you’ll have a simply iconic phone to show the world. Z Flip3 comes in four eye-catching colors: cream, green, lavender, and phantom black. This phone lets you express yourself with design options that help you personalize your tech. And you can get even more color options, like pink, white, and gray, exclusively at The Z Flip3 will match — and elevate — your style.

Because you can choose how your Z Flip3 looks, and customize it, from the inside out. You can add a personal touch across the cover and main screens… or coordinate your look by matching your wallpaper from your phone to your Galaxy Watch. You can even personalize your Z Flip3 to make it truly unique, and express your personality. The Galaxy ZFlip3 is compact. But now, it has a cover screen that’s four times larger! So you can conveniently access your favorite apps and widgets, even when it’s closed.

It’s gonna be a busy day…but first I’m gonna need a coffee. Let’s take a walk. Oh! I just got a message. See how I can read it right on the larger cover screen? Hi Bixby — reply, “I’m on it.”

Bixby is now 35% faster than before because it detects and processes your voice, all on-device, without having to go through the server. With the larger cover screen, not only can I check my messages more clearly, but I can simply swipe to check out even more widgets… like Samsung Pay. I think this café would look great for our next lifestyle shoot! This is the perfect backdrop.

Let me take a video to show the team! Thanks to my Z Flip 3’s larger cover screen I can preview my images and videos before I take them. And that’s it! I just press the side button… and voila! I just took a video without even opening my Z Flip3… which is super convenient when my hands are full! With Galaxy Z Flip3, it’s easier than ever to capture selfies and wefies. That’s all thanks to Flex Mode, a signature part of the Foldable experience… that you can’t find on a regular smartphone. To take an incredible photo, just open your Z Flip3 and place it upright on a flat surface.

If you’re with lots of friends, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting cut out of the frame. In Flex Mode, your camera will use auto framing to optimize your shot. It can recognize up to four people, from up to 3.5 meters away, in wide-angle mode...

and when you’ve got more than five friends in the frame, your Z Flip3 will automatically shift to an ultra-wide angle — so no one’s left out! You can take these photos and videos entirely hands-free, so you’re in the shot, instead of stuck behind the camera! Capture shots by using voice commands… or, if you’re wearing a Galaxy Watch, just a tap. This is the Samsung Galaxy camera experience – giving you more options to capture your photos and videos, your way. Flex Mode unlocks better, more enjoyable experiences, whether you’re shooting pictures and videos… or video chatting. This year, many of us have been away from the people we care about. To stay connected, we’ve relied on video chatting.

Flex Mode on the Z Flip3 makes video calls easy — because it lets you video chat hands-free. That means, your hands can even do the talking for you! With our native video calling app, Google Duo you can start video chats right from your contacts, messages, and phone apps. And now, during video calls, you can even share your screen in real-time. Browse an online store, or flip through your photo gallery, while your friends follow along! With Galaxy Z Flip3, we’re bringing you a super smooth experience. Smooth~~ like butter. As you just saw, the Galaxy Z Flip3 isn’t your average smartphone.

It’s one of a kind. It’s stylish, flexible, and compact — and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else! Our researchers and designers studied how people can make the most out of their Z Flip3 and Z Fold3. And that includes new experiences, optimized for the Foldable phones. Introducing… One UI 3 for the Z series. What makes a smartphone a smartphone? How can you take your smartphone experience from good… to great? What possibilities can Foldables unfold? One UI 3 brings you a consistent, optimized experience… across every screen and form factor. And the all-new, ultra-responsive cover screen is easy to use… even with one hand. That’s all thanks to its slimmer size!

But what about when you want to go beyond the usual smartphone experience? Just unfold for an immersive, tablet-like experience you can’t get on an ordinary smartphone. And you can enjoy even more options when you turn on new capabilities from Labs. Explore exciting new additions that make your Foldable easier to use… like the Taskbar. It lets you pin your favorite apps for quick access. When it’s time to work, use your Z Fold3 just like a PC with quick access to all the tools you need… … including one you’ve been asking for.

Z Fold3 brings you the power of the first-ever S Pen for a Foldable phone. Express your creativity and share your ideas with S Pen integration in Microsoft Teams. You can start working on an idea on your phone, and with Microsoft OneDrive, finish it up on your Galaxy Book Pro 360, and share it with other devices in seconds. You can write instead of type in your search bar… and even edit videos with the S Pen, for pinpoint accuracy down to the last frame. You can make a fashion statement with the new Z Flip3… to keep your style up-to-date… and match it with your Galaxy Watch, so you always look stylish and coordinated.

And thanks to the larger cover screen, you can do more without flipping it open. And when you flip it open, Flex Mode lets you use your phone at different angles, giving you incredible versatility with an enhanced user interface. If you’re upgrading to a Foldable, Smart Switch makes it easy to keep the apps and memories you’re used to. For the first time on any Android smartphone, you can securely transfer your WhatsApp experience — including your conversations and photos — from your old iPhone to your new Galaxy Smartphone. We’re so excited for this new update. It will improve your daily life, and bring you more delightful experiences, designed by you.

This is One UI 3. Thanks to One UI 3 for the Galaxy Z series, everything looks the way it should, and works the way you want… whether your phone is open or closed… giving you the freedom to choose your experience, so you can do more than ever before. You won’t know what you’re missing… until you try it for yourself. To tell you when you can get your own, let’s head back to Conor. Thank you, Christina! Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 will be available from August 27th, for $1,799 and $999 respectively.

You can pre-order both starting today. If you preorder Galaxy Z Flip3 or Z Fold3, you’ll get a year of protection from Samsung Care+, our premium support service. Your phone will be protected from accidental damage, including a one-time screen replacement. So whether you choose the Z Flip3 or the Z Fold3, you can use both, worry-free.

With Galaxy Z Fold3, you’ll get an amazing viewing experience. And thanks to an all-new Under Display Camera, water resistance, and the first-ever foldable S-pen, you’ll enjoy unprecendented possibilities when you unfold. With Galaxy Z Flip3, you can do more with the larger, more versatile cover screen. It also comes with stereo speakers, so you’ll get more sound than before.

Last year, we collaborated with fashion designer Thom Browne to create special editions of both the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold2. We were thrilled to see the intense excitement and demand for these editions. And we were amazed to see hundreds of thousands of our consumers visit our website to purchase this limited edition! This year, thanks to our fans, we’re continuing our collaboration with both products in a completely new design. We’re also launching a standalone Watch4 Classic Thom Browne edition. Let’s take a look.

As you’ve just seen, our collaboration adopts another unique Thom Browne design with meticulous attention to detail. The Thom Browne editions are available in limited quantities. So be sure to get yours soon! Preorders for these special edition Foldables will start today in select markets, and the Watch4 Classic Thom Browne edition will be available next month. We know how important wireless earbuds are in your daily life. They keep us connected to our interests, passions, and communities. Earlier this year, we launched Galaxy Buds Pro Consumers loved their premium capabilities: pro sound quality, clear calls, and Active Noise Canceling.

We believe they’re a critical part of a connected sound experience… so we wanted to make it available to more people. Today, we’re proud to introduce Galaxy Buds2. These earbuds are an update to our Buds Plus. And they’re fitted with some of your favorite premium elements from our Buds Pro.

Let’s check it out. Over the course of a typical day, there’s so much to listen to, and enjoy. >From calls with our friends to our favorite music and podcasts, we all tune into the things we care about. That’s why we’ve built the Galaxy Buds2 to deliver exceptional sound and all-around quality. So you can stay connected… and hear every detail.

The Buds2 are designed to complement your personal style. They come in soft, natural colors that spice up every single look. And, of course, you get a cool Buds case to match. On the outside, the case looks like any other. But inside, it’s filled with one of our four beautiful color options to brighten up your day.

We wear our earbuds all the time — so it’s important they fit like a glove. Buds2 deliver a super secure fit. They’re the smallest and lightest Buds we’ve ever made — so they’ll stay comfortable and snug in your ear. >From their cozy fit to their fantastic sound quality, Galaxy Buds2 let you lose yourself in your favorite content. They use a two-way speaker: a woofer for more powerful bass and a tweeter for cleaner high notes. The result? Balanced and mesmerizing sound.

But sometimes, we all find ourselves in noisy environments. If you enjoy working in coffee shops as much as I do, you know exactly what I mean. To block out all that background noise, Galaxy Buds2 come with best-in-class Active Noise Canceling. ANC cuts external background noise by up to 98%, so you can really hear what you’re listening to.

ANC is essential to an excellent listening experience, so we made sure you can enjoy a long-lasting battery on Buds2, even with a smaller form factor. With ANC on, your battery will last up to 5 hours. With ANC off, your battery will last up to 7 and a half hours. And your case will keep your Buds2 working for up to 20 hours — so you won’t have to interrupt your day to charge. The Galaxy Buds2 will keep you immersed in your favorite sounds for hours… but what about when you want to tune into your surroundings? Like when you’re listening to music… and the barista calls out your order. No problem! (Barista: Flat white?, Leonie: Here!) With Buds2, you can use Ambient Mode to choose from three levels of ambient sound.

Buds2 amplify sound from the outside world more naturally, so you can get your coffee and chat with the barista (Leonie: Thank you.), all without taking out your earbuds. These Buds help you listen to the world — and communicate with your favorite people.

That’s why I’m super excited that Buds2 deliver advanced call quality. With Buds2, you can call a friend while you’re in a noisy area — and your friend will still be able to hear your voice clearly. Here’s how it works. Three microphones and a voice pickup unit catch what you’re saying on your call. Then, Buds2 uses a machine learning based solution to identify unwanted sounds, like traffic noise and background conversations, and filter out those sounds.

Your earbuds’ curved design also shields your mic and your call from wind. So you can enjoy every moment of your catch-up. Because we believe every moment should be effortless, we designed Buds2 to work seamlessly in the Galaxy ecosystem. They connect easily with the Z Fold3 and Z Flip3. And if you pair them with your Galaxy Watch, you can switch to Ambient Mode with just a tap in your Buds Controller app. How cool is that? And with Auto Switch, moving between your smartphone, tablet, and Watch is easier than ever.

Say you’re watching a show on your tablet, when your phone rings. Your Buds2 will automatically switch their connection to your phone, so you can take the call! And if you decide to go on a run without your phone and start a playlist on your Watch, your earbuds will connect automatically. Enjoy your music and get in all your steps for the day. It’s that simple! The Galaxy Buds2 are built to immerse you in your world.

>From your favorite content to calls with your favorite people, Buds2 will keep you connected to what you care about. Ready to get your own? Let’s head back to Conor to tell you more. Thanks, Leonie.

Galaxy Buds2 will be available for 149 dollars on August 27th in select countries. With premium elements such as two-way speakers, clear calls, and Active Noise Canceling, Galaxy Buds2 let more consumers enjoy best-in-class sound quality than ever before. We’re so excited about these new Buds! They’ll be the perfect addition to your Galaxy ecosystem.

Everything we do is grounded in the idea that innovation should be OPEN - delivering more options, more freedom, and more possibility. This is the Galaxy experience. If you’re open to a person unzipping themselves out of a grizzly bear in order to sing you a song about freedom well, you’re gonna love this. Mom, Nice hair! Gotta call you back. And if you’ve got the rest of your life to live which you definitely do have I got a song for you Dancing with a penguin, prancing round in his hat ‘Asante!’ New lingo? I’m open to that Bake some feta, how delish! Ah, there’s a meme of a cat Scratch the itch of all your wishes. Ooo, I’m open to that See new places, new faces Splendid blend of humankind this is expanding my mind and I’m open to that.

Right now I’m a man (Zombie) Now I no longer am (Female) I’ll be whoever I can I’m open to that Shopping filters on your faces Dropping pins on favorite places Popping aliens in outer space I’m open to that Discovering a tune or a mind blowing podcast about the dark side of the moon Finding your feet on a new path. I’m open to that Take a leap to the unknown All the stuff that’s on your phone That’s truly all your own It’s not open like that. Your world unfurls with new perspectives. It’s inspired, it’s bizarre Just come as you are, you don’t need a cravat. We’re hoping you’re open it’s doper like that.

We have glass that you can fold Other wonders to behold And so the story has been told (It has been told) We're open~ like~ that~♫ Nice! At Samsung, people are at the heart of everything we do. Everything we showed you today is designed to enrich people’s lives in the ways that matter most right now. The Galaxy experience… lets people take charge of technology… and it does it all through the latest innovations and open partnerships. The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. Every person is unique and has different needs and interests. Our mobile devices should be able to accommodate these different personalities and ways of life.

We object to constraints and closed ecosystems, as they’re slow to innovate. We tear down walls that stifle innovation and force premiums. Because the less boundaries the world has, the farther we can all go. This is why, our expanding portfolio of products and experiences, let’s you choose the mix of innovations that work best for you.

>From foldables to Galaxy A series, we offer a universe of choices, where cutting-edge innovations come standard. And what’s really great too, is that all our devices are designed for how you live your life – so we can match your style with iconic designs and colors. We applaud the joyful pioneers of the world, who wish to make their mark and live by their values.

Our open Galaxy ecosystem gives everyone access to more apps and more options. It delivers continuous, connected experiences across your devices. And it offers choices that put you in control of your preferences and privacy — because your personal data belongs to you. Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem gives you the freedom to personalize your experience, with no limitations. At the end of the day, it’s your Galaxy, your way. Innovation should foster an open, sustainable world.

We provide Galaxy users with eco-friendly options and we’re working to operate more sustainably, from production to disposal. For us, this journey is ongoing and continually evolving. There is more work to be done and many roadblocks to overcome. Caring for the planet requires action, long-term commitments, and open collaboration between companies, countries and people — and we’re determined to do our part. Our focus is on curbing climate change across all aspects of our business.

And we’re doing more with less… by responsibly sourcing materials that go into our products. In addition, we’re committed to power-saving technologies that reduce energy consumption and eliminate standby power. And to combat needless waste and resource depletion, we’re working on zero waste to landfill across our global facilities.

We’re removing plastics from our packaging and using more recycled materials. And we continue to provide new life to old and unused technology by upcycling millions of devices around the world. Protecting the planet is not a solo job, nor a competition. We can all make small, sustainable choices every day and create meaningful change.

This is our “Galaxy for the Planet”. The Galaxy experience is your experience. We bring you the technology, but the journey belongs to you. Back to you, TM. I hope the innovative experiences we shared today inspire you to live more openly and to reimagine the possibilities for our future.

Because at Samsung, innovation has always been a driving force behind our company. Innovation with purpose. Innovation in pursuit of a more accessible, more inclusive, more sustainable world. We have a responsibility to use our scale for good.

>From our work to advance the Global Goals with UNDP and Generation17’s visionary young leaders to the tangible climate actions we are taking across our business through our new Galaxy for the Planet initiative. Together, we’re committed to building a better, brighter future for the next generation. A future that is open to all, exclusive to none. This is our ambition. With our full range of next-generation devices you saw today, we are moving forward.

We are working with and listening to our customers to make sure your voice is heard. We are collaborating with our partners across industries to take on the toughest challenges. Most importantly, we are challenging the status quo to create something bigger than all of us.

We are excited to have you with us as this journey unfolds. Starting here and now. Thank you for joining us. See you next time!

2021-08-12 21:05

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