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The projector that surprised me is the Tandil TDA5, a compact projector, quite good, with a of 8000 lumens, with excellent color rendering, contrast with photos, with a remote control, with with auto-keystone, and really very, very good in terms of good sound and low noise. You know, finally Tandil released something really worthy, look what a baby, but at the same time is a clean background with good brightness. So on the TECHNOZON channel, Tandil TDA5, let's go! Let's start with the fact that this Tandil, despite its compactness, usually cuts out a number of There are two USB, two HDMI, audio, video, headphones, infrared port, on top there is such a touch panel, there is such a lens, there is an autofocus camera, there is an auto-keystone camera. At the bottom we have such a notch that unscrews, allows us to tilt and of course a removable Now I will show you. Ah, no, you need to open it with something, in short, a removable filter in order to clean the dust so that no dust gets there.

Finally, they started making normal remote controls, or remotes, in short, they wrote how right. is such a thin, cool, white, it would be black, in general, it would be cool. True, it sounds At the same time, in addition to autofocus, there are manual focus buttons here. At the same time,

you know how autofocus works, you need to set it. Adjustment when turning on, adjustment when shifting, auto-keystone, adjustment when turning on, when shifting. I was very surprised by nothing, because in some of the few projectors this is implemented picture in Android itself.

Although Android, which is here, is very weak. 1x8 memory is really not enough. And for me, to be honest, I take Android projectors only because it is through Android that and auto-focus correction are implemented.

That's all. In the rest, I recommend using it only with external devices. Of course, there is no for cleaning, which will be a little uncomfortable for those who have the very famous Jodder But at the same time, this should be avoided if you are going to use a mini-PC or a full-fledged PC an SVP player with a smoothing device or a pod player with a smoothing device. In our review, we will now look at the price, see what our manufacturer declares, its technical Then we will turn it on, test the picture quality on the internal and test it even on gaming And here is a mode that allows you to turn on the graphics mode, reducing input lag.

I liked it, at least how I played. I liked the contrast, color and brightness. But let's see what the manufacturer declares to us. There is also a price for fun and sweets. Links to these products are in the description under the And also subscribe to our channel and click the bell.

We are on the AliExpress website. At the moment, the share price is $ 148-149. And I ask you to follow the link and see the current price for your country. I also have some kind of mega super diamond space status. Of course, I don't really understand all these statuses. But I bought it this way at a slightly higher price.

From what they say, a working lamp that can work for 100,000 hours. This is usually more than twice as much as usual. Now look, here we have what they called the Sealed Optical Engine.

This is a design that allows you to make a compact projector with such capabilities. They even compared it with various options that exist on the market. And this is really the most compact with autofocus, with SKD. And here you also need to understand that other technologies allow a little less. Therefore, you can read it by following the link in the description under the video.

Also, they claim that there is Android 9, Mali-450. The same 4-core Cortex-A53 with Wi-Fi 6, which is very weak and 1 to 8. Therefore, I always recommend using a specific external device. The maximum brightness is 8,000 lumens. The contrast is 12,000 to 1.

It supports 3D Anaglyph. This is red and blue. This is if you put on these fucking glasses. Red and blue. Full HD native. The maximum size of the picture is 150 inches.

Because this is, firstly, a short focus. Secondly, compact. And you know what is most interesting? They made a cool trick here. I noticed that there is practically no lensing effect.

This means that there is practically no blurring in the corners. Do you know what this means? They reduced the image on the matrix to the limits of the lens. This is as much as possible. Very cool. Very clear image in all corners.

At the same time, even when you look at the pure white light, there are no dirty corners. Also excellent. Hi-Fi speaker. And here about the sound, I will tell you, I was also very surprised. Do you know why? Because the sound is at the level of not even the middle-budget, but above the middle-budget.

I enjoyed the sound. As on an ordinary TV. Loud enough. And even with some bass. There is a Bluetooth speaker mode. When the whole image is turned off.

Or you can put ambient mode. The picture will change without sound. Also a cool thing. So, 1080p.

They claim MEMS technology. Well, no. I don't see MEMS here.

Please kill me. 24 frames. But everything is visible. HDR10 decodes.

Although they write that this is about sharpness. They probably don't really understand what they are talking about. No. This is an expansion of this range. The HDR icon appears.

But it just pushes it into SDR. There is no HDR here. Now, now, now. Android 9. Here they are already right. Let's talk about the zoom.

35 decibels. The noise is really very low. 35 decibels is very low. That's all. By the way.

Not about Bluetooth 5. This is for the Bluetooth speaker. The optimal is 100 inches. We just tested at 100 inches.

Note. We tested at full darkening. If the brightness is crazy. We tested about 60-65%. 60-65% No more.

That's all. What are we going to do now? Connect. Test.

Summarize. I really liked this project. Think about the price. 150 dollars.

This is a very low price. Let's go. Connect.

Resume. Here you can see what's going on. HDMI devices.

There is an animation from the Xbox. It's really beautiful. There is an app store. Through the app store. You can even install the Play Market. We installed it.

Here it is. Various applications. Of course we installed.

But. Very weak Wi-Fi. Initially.

You need to install a separate unit. Because. Android only. For autofocus.

And only for autokeystone. About autofocus and autokeystone. If we move it. We moved it now.

We have such a thing. This thing breaks down. Autofocus window turns on. First it corrects autofocus.

And if you turn on autokeystone. Here you go. Autokeystone adjustment occurs.

Now everything is leveled. As it was. You see now a curved image.

Everything is perfectly. Autofocus and autokeystone work perfectly. Only you need to update it. After you bought it and turned it on.

We have an invisible art mode. This is good. These are beautiful pictures. You can turn it on. It will flash. These pictures.

The image is really awesome. It has a gorgeous brightness. And contrast. Look at these pictures. And these colors.

I was surprised. It is better than with it. It is short focus.

Maximum size is 150 inches. But at the same time. It has an awesome brightness.

And awesome contrast. Look at these pictures. Very beautiful. There are different sets. For example. This is a masterpiece.

I don't know where they got them, to be honest, look how beautiful it is, that is, it is very very and by the way I really like this mode, plus this projector has a mode when it can work in the mode specifically speakers, see it has a bluetooth speaker, we press the bluetooth speaker, we connect here, you see it looks, we simply connect our smartphone to the state of the speaker, it is a bluetooth speaker, is how it is called in the smartphone, we connected it and here we have a very interesting it turns off the screen, that is, it specifically works in the bluetooth mode of the speaker, I on any music and here we have a break in the patterns in such a compact projector, they put in an speaker, that is, a very good sound, even like this, like the TV is higher than the average budget I honestly don't really like the sound, it's really cool, it's loud bass, it has enough mid-high I understand that there is no ultra bass here, but this is a cool sound if in other projectors I say that there is generally cool, this mode is very cool and you can immediately turn it off just pressing any of the buttons, while in the settings we can see there are network settings where we connect a 5 gigahertz network projection settings we have a choice of projection methods forward to the ceiling back back to the ceiling this is the moment of installation as you mounted the focus after turning on the automatic focus after moving the automatic correction after turning on automatic correction after moving you can also manually adjust the trapezoid you have various of setting at four angles and you can reset it, you can also scale this whole thing and scaling, too, choose, for example, 4 by 3 16 by 9 there are time settings date formats in general we have a language keyboard with this language there is now a Ukrainian company tangil goes to the market and this is very much I am happy as a Ukrainian source by default this is a very cool for example, if you have a TV box or a game console, you turn it on, let's say a source by default, will turn on together with this very projector, the name of the device, well, there is already such bluetooth and information about the system here in general, I will tell you how the android device would not use it specifically 1 by 8 this is not enough plus we have 9 android 9 android okay here 450 accelerator here very very old some kind of processor on the cortex of 53 cores which did not to us at all, it works very slowly, for example, if you run youtube, then you can easily watch 720p hertz there, that is, this projector, no matter how awesome it is, does not show, but for it you need an external device, I tell you right away, and now we will find one of my beautiful some that I shot especially for tests, we go to the channel 4k geoplaces, here is my wild river, for we turn it on and here it is generally a class cool sound good image but it is good only in 720p as soon as you set 1080p you will have problems with drops well now it is worth 1080p we see with drops light problems I will not say that these are some kind of wild ones, but something he at the same time he can drop both because of a weak processor and because of the connection speed 22 megabits, it does not suit me, so we will consider specifically the external carrier, but we not exclude the fact that here you can look at the question of what you can watch from external by the way, we have a max hub share cool topic in order to use let's say sharing on the screen of let's say smartphone you have to download the app max hub share enter the pin code let's turn on screen recording so that you can see what it looks like, that is, you enter the pin code m4 in this w95h in some language incomprehensible and we can see what to do we can, for example, start casting mirror our smartphone, that is, we have such a thing, we can go out and it really works, that is, ordinary casting in 1080p mode, we can, for example, play any videos, so I filmed there, for for tiktok video there, that is, we can order it today, please, at the same time, nothing will be on your smartphone, that is, this is a specific casting, that is, for this, for this, it works it works great, but this thing works with the language, while there is also a remote screen, this you will see what is being played on your projector, that is, if I go to the main menu, then we see with you how this one works, and now we will see the main menu, that is, we can cast your on the phone, I don't know why I need it, but the fact that it is a fact, let's finish with this you see me here, I call out here at the bottom there is an inscription, I was actually called on so it's good with the casting, we figured it out, it is supported, now we will evaluate the image with you, for this we connected a hard drive with our test pictures with our test files, we will we need to know what to do, so this is an image, no, let's all choose, we need to test it for 24 and, of course, to be able to play as large files as possible in order to play long files here, for 5.1 sound, you will need mx player or vlc, you can implement it there, we are just evaluating the of decoding very large tests are not supported in such a player, so we will choose another hour so see test pictures this is a 4k film, in fact, a 4k test video, there is no sound now, because in to play a long sound, you will need specifically other vlc players or the same mx, that is, you understand this, for example, let's run 3d display, we look at 4k, I have no questions, 4k film, it play from an external hard drive and again by sound, you already understood which players to use, colors are simply gorgeous, to be honest, no HDR here, of course, cannot be talked about, you can the image in this very player that we have a native one, we can adjust the picture here, let's say standard mode is dynamic, soft, bright and user-friendly, here we can adjust the contrast, clarity and color, I really like it, well, let's immediately test for 24, listen, I want to run jim york, there is a very bright picture about the HDR inscription appeared, but the fact is that the HDR is here, I don't know why they declared it, look at it, it has an HDR inscription, but usually in these projectors, the information is video 53 mbps, the picture is sound, but the picture is not HDR, I tell you right away, I tell you right this is not HDR, because I know how this video is reproduced with a wide dynamic range, but it this video very simply, it converts colors into sdr, we test 24 frames now I will turn on my camera mode, we launch a 24-frame video, we take a photo with a shutter speed of 1 second, as I there are no 24 frames here, there is a clear chess board, this is a 60-frame mode of video that is, there is no memes here, then we test for the quality of the image, the whole image fits us, that is, we do not have any of these arrows on the last pixel, you can understand now initially will tell you the brightness is adjusted correctly I barely see 4 barely barely see but we can adjust the image of the picture in the stock player, is, I can at the moment increase the brightness a little, as in my opinion, barely visible 4 should you see 4, that is, yes, now we go out now we will adjust the contrast here by contrast you need to one hundred percent, that is, initially it is necessary to calibrate it to the picture, let's and contrast, we lower it to the moment of appearance of 251 about excellent excellent now the are well enough naturally on the main colors we still see the colors further here we have bright moments excellent main colors blue turquoise so you turquoise for what it is generally yes it was blue white very good it is not dirty so that you understand dark red such a burgundy when switching will explain to you what is the feature when switching When we go from black to light gray, we see ladder This is normal for this type of projectors, for any 8-bit TV But it's good that there are no green or pink stripes This also happens, there are practically none That is, this is very good, we see that we do not have a bend in colors In general, it's great, listen, I'm right here We have no dirty corners Look how bright red, now we will get to the basic colors of the common ones This is light gray, blue, gray, some other gray Wow, this is black, black is almost not visible, right? Yes, in another projector it was better, there the price of the projector was twice as much Now let's calibrate the colors a little They should be different, look, the picture and the sound That is, we still have to look at the colors And here are just a couple of gradations And I can distinguish all the gradations Do you distinguish all the gradations now? We distinguish all the gradations, I distinguish green No, green is just clear, everything is different Black should not be here, we have the main colors That is, we now see a clear gradation from black to white You see, there should not be a difference Here, too, even the squares would all pass Yes, I see Yes, I see, here it is Yes, yes, look I am very surprised, bright contrast, perfect The main colors are excellent Listen, right on the edge, on the edge, it fits perfectly Short focus, it passes all the bright contrast characteristics And now the most funny thing There is no angular blur I am very surprised, it is not at all What did they achieve? I'll explain to you If you take a closer look, I'll try to take a picture of you If you take a closer look They just took it, they did it very wisely They took the lensing effect And just simply narrowed the image itself Leaving the lensing effect behind the frames That is, you can see these frames Very cunningly done I specially now picked up the contrast on the smartphone In order for you to see these frames We practically have no lensing effect Damn, cool, just cool Damn, very clear stairs You can't see anything There is no gap on our hair Listen, what a clear picture I'm shocked Black looks great too Listen, I really like the quality of the picture Okay, but you can't use it as an internal player Let's connect the external To do this, I will switch to my game console So, the Xbox console Everything is just cool here I'll explain As soon as I launch YouTube We see a completely different picture here Switch to 4K Geoplaces To the same wild river Wow Just wow Top sound I'm serious Now I will turn on the maximum quality That is, now 4K The colors are just great Together with the external device This projector is just great For your money I will tell you For me, this projector Became one of my favorite projectors Well guys No comments here I will now switch to my channel And turn on other videos I'm just in awe Now let's see the IPTV Let's see the quality of the display from the outside Let's see Any other video That I shot Oh, this is very good Wow Look at the clouds I don't know if this camera will transmit Or not But it's just awesome Just awesome Just awesome Let's go Here I am By the image How I shot these videos How I conceived them I don't see any problems I watched IPTV on it I watched movies on it Through SWEET TV Through our national cinema I was amazed by the sound In projectors I rarely see a good sound Now we are playing a movie I rarely see a good sound And in particular Here it was made quite good Plus Here really On this short focus Good brightness and contrast There are no questions about the reproduction of the film The only thing Of course in dynamic scenes You will have discomfort When viewing fast-moving objects These are those who notice The same Jodder effect You can use it in conjunction with a computer Which has the ability to view it Through a pod player with a smoother Or through any player with a Through SVP player Everything will be clear and beautiful I watched movies here I watched Let's say the same TV programs HD programs But I want to make The following I want to play I want to evaluate the input lag The ability to play Because I love I have PS5 and XBOX So there is something to play Listen Very good picture I already see the shades There is a slight input lag I say right away It is almost unnoticeable But as a PUBG player I play on a computer More Very rarely But there is a very slight input lag You have to take this into account This is more for viewing For viewing Video For viewing IPTV For viewing some content Because there is There is It's hard enough for me Visit the door There is a slight input lag Oops Let's go Shooter Yes, I understood everything Well done You can't even hit me How is it possible? Everything is clear The image quality is excellent But with input lag There is a moment With a slight input lag It was difficult for me To aim Even on the same door I'm not talking about shooting Let's take a quick look Image quality There will be nothing more to see Main colors I'm not very interested I'm interested in Contrast and brightness This is black Yes, look We get for the internal source And for the external Separately you need to configure the picture Separately You see Standard mode We put on User Here we increase the brightness Here is the basic calibration Change the picture Reduce the contrast We need a separate calibration And immediately lower the colors Because I already know what indicators are needed At the moment I see that a separate calibration is needed For different sources Girls look great Now the basic colors Everything is super I can resume the video This is a projector Because i see what i wanted to see Basic colors are also excellent And bright contrast analysis In black, blue, green, red I'm also completely satisfied So let's resume As a resume Ideal projector for your money Really for your money For movies, for entertainment If you want to have quality with memes With clear 24 frames The price will be different 300, 400, 500 bucks And above Minimum $ 500 And so for your money This is a father's projector We always say If we don't like something So let's resume

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