FASTEST Way to Learn Web Development and ACTUALLY Get a Job - Complete Roadmap 2024

FASTEST Way to Learn Web Development and ACTUALLY Get a Job - Complete Roadmap 2024

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There's a very common question from students that - Bhaiya, logic is very difficult to create. Suppose, if we talk about web development then you learnt a skill you know how to use - promise, sink, wet, let, const - how to raise the logics better? As the 2nd year ended, with voice over I was easily earning around 40k during BCA. So, I used to think that now 40k a month?!! Yes in a month? After BCA, why did you go for MCA? Why didn't you go for a job? And there were many things which you can never learn from tutorials. Right! Only industry experience can only teach you.

When we talk about front-end roadmap then even, there're N number of things. Earlier, there was only HTML, CSS, JavaScript but many things have changed like, to create an application. Yes, I'll answer according to 2024. You're making coding content frequently, then revenue wise - how much do you make? - Let's talk about it. If we talk about revenue then I don't think...

Have you ever thought of targeting MAANG companies? Not really! Means I don't have rigorous goal. Yes, the reason is.... Now, your life that is going on. You're working at Cars 24, you've spent 2.5 years, what've you thought do you want to serve further in Cars24 or do you want to switch company? Or you want to take a break, what is going on in your mind now? So, you're asking dangerous question. If anyone from Cars 24 is watching, do watch closely.....

Welcome to a new podcast. Today the guest present with me was a voice-over artist. Now his journey from voice over artist to front-end developer that diverted - he did BCA & MCA.

Now the question is - should I do MCA after MCA? We asked all of those questions from him. His front-end journey will inspire you a lot. You'll learn a lot, along with 2024 has arrived. So, we tried to understand a clean roadmap from him. His name is - Piyush Agarwal. You might've seen him on youtube.

So, we talked to him on different segments, we talked about his life, his experience at Cars 24 for 2.5 years, but the condition is that, you've to watch this entire podcast. Put on earphones, enjoy this podcast. You'll learn lot of things.

So, if you like this video - do like it, share it. Like aim is 5000. Do accomplish it for mor such interesting videos. Rest, if you're not on - then you can visit there, where I put lot of content regarding front-end.

Fine! Let's talk with Piyush & know his complete journey. Piyush, welcome to our youtube channel. It was nice of you to come to our studio. And today, we'll know your front-end journey. So, I won't take much time. But first tell me, how is everything going - all good? Its going smoothly. And hopefully, after this podcast things will get even better. And thank you so much for inviting me, Ajay.

Thank you so much! But please tell us about yourself, where do you belong to & where are you working currently. Please tell us about yourself. So, my name is Piyush Agarwal & I belong to Kanpur, Uttarpradesh. And I'm a front-end developer, currently working at Carss24. And before this, I was interested in the field of voice over so I've even explored that as well. And hopefully, I help front-end community through my youtube channel.

That you might know by the name - Roadside Coder. So, yeah that's the basic introduction from my side. So, what did you do in graduation by the way? I did BCA & after that MCA from BIT, Vellore. So, I've seen one thing when we make content on youtube - its very common that - Bhaiya after BCA should I do MCA, what is your thought in it? So, let me tell you my own journey - after BCA I didn't plan to do MCA because as I mentioned that at that time, I was interested in different things. Like, video editing, voice over and all. So, coding wasn't for me - not even around me. Voice over? Yes, voice over is like you know dubbing ads and doing narrative work and all.

So, was it during college time? Yes! Around the starting of 2nd year, I started it. Means you didn't have a coding background. Not at all. And on top of that, in BCA the college I belonged to - people there didn't have that mindset it wasn't a very good college, it wasn't coding focused, no hackathons were organized. Right! So, this was the scene basically there. So, I used to spend more brain in other things like, If I tell you, I started with photo editing. The local Parshad elections took place where contributed a bit of photo editing

for a politician there. After that, I transitioned to video editing. I have a cousin & together we started a youtube channel which we grew to around 3 lakh subscribers. Very nice! Right! So, from there this journey of mine started, then slowly I transitioned to voice over.

I got an opportunity, so from there I.... So which type of voice over did you do? Okay! So, these were mostly ads, the ads that you watch on TV - you might've seen that *buy today* these type of things - like, announcements in malls, promo ads like, youtube ads that you might've seen. I used to do mainly of that type. There were some brands like, there was honey brand. They asked me to

voice over 10-15..... basically their entire brand was based on voice. What was the process of making, how, what - they told me to dub all types of videos. So, did you get any money in it? Yes, I did get money at that time & I used to think that - now, life is set means, at that time, I remember around the end of 2nd year I easily earned 40k from voice over. During the time of BCA so, I used to think that now - 40k a month?! Yes, in a month.

And its not that, I used to work everyday. Around 8-9 hours in a month in total. And yeah, I thought that its great - if I started giving more time then it might increase. Means, do you see - this was your talent, your voice has the base. So, you got requirement at the correct place you utilized it and now the college fees might be solved from there. Exactly! College fees, all my pocket money - everything was sorted.

So, parents were also very happy. They didn't have much idea about it but they were like, yes, he's doing something. Atleast until we get money, parents feel that yes - something is there. Its something vague---- But all this was freelance based?! It was freelance based, exactly! So, why didn't you continue it, you went for MCA after BCA? I would surely want to know how did you get interested in coding. Because your focus was here. So, C, C++, computer graphics, operating systems - subjects might be going on did you have any backs on any subjects? Not at all.

Okay!! I realized that, this thing has a lot of restriction - as I didn't eat ice cream for 2 years. To preserve the voice. The voice you're hearing now - at that time I had a better voice than this. So, to preserve the voice there're restrictions and eventually as I went for MCA then I discovered coding there. I saw a change while moving from BCA to MCA, which was of the college environment. I met different type of people there who had different mindset - growth mindset and they yearned to learm, basically. So, when I met people who used to do coding then I

got to know that - how much opportunities it has. So, I transitioned there. Why did you go for MCA after BCA, why didn't you go for a job? After BCA, I was determined that I've to go in voice over line. So, you can say that an Indian mindset persists that you need to play a safe game. So, to do that I went for MCA. I said that fine, if not anything then job would be there.

So, let's see - I heard that after MCA, yes, its kind of equivalent to B.Tech. So, this was the reason. How did you get interested in coding? Fine, you had a talent from which you earned lot of money as well. Even college fees was taken care of. But you didn't pursue it further. Then how did you build interest in coding? You didn't have any background.

Absolutely not! So, when I went to the college for MCA - they had tight deadlines that assignments should be done fine, DSA was the subject. So, I started doing it & I though that this is fine, its not that heard than what I had assumed it to be. Things are solved easily. I did that, then few of my friends who used to do web development. They used to work on React, right, I even talked to them & started exploring. So, initially - as everyone makes mistakes that they directly jump to React.

They don't have nay background of HTML, CSS, JavaScript - they directly jump to React Then I saw that - for that you should've little knowledge of basics as well. So, I explored them slowly & I got interested. I did freelance projects in the starting, in fact, my previous voice over clients I tweek their websites itself. So, I got interested from there. I said that, it also has money in it. So, now you're working for Cars 24, right! *Yes!* So, this is your first company or before this have you.... This is my 2nd company. First company, earlier it was a startup where I worked for 3 months. Okay! *And then I switched here* because I felt this opportunity was better, compensation was overall good. So, I switched. Now, how much time have you e spent in Cars 24, by the way? Around 2.5 years.

How were these 2.5 years, when you look at yourself on the starting day 1? Coding wise, I'll say there's a lot of improvement but the major improvement is in my personality, talking to people I would say this and there're lot of things which you can never learn from tutorials. Right! Only industry experience can teach you. So, there I learn all those things. Now, if I talk from the technical term then performance automization, how to improve su

in Cars 24 its like e- commerce website, right, so there these things matter a lot. So, I learn these from my seniors. I would say, this was a major learning & specifically business, like how to operate, testing and all you can never see these on tutorials. Very rare! Very rare! So, I learnt these things that - okay, these are real world scenarios. I always say that tutorials help you in making your foundation strong, making your fundamental better. When you go for a project, that gives you lot of confidence in terms switch or the projects that you're going to do When you debug an application step by step, then you understand that how is data flowing & how will I make a new logic. Right! What is your current front-end stack in Cars 24? In Cars 24, React.js and CSS modules are used to write CSS. There isn't much hardcore use.

Basically, we've setup custom react from web pack & we work on it. Main focus is that experience is good for users. With Su, the website should rank good, these things are there, rest if I talk about my personal tech stack like, if I've to make a project today then first I'll look at its use case. That is it a client render project, does it require server or not as I told commerce websites require server. Right! To attend server, so I'll choose tech stack accordingly if I need to purely go for React or meta-frame like Next.js should be used.

Right! And if I talk about UI styling then Tailwind is there, which is trending - ........... is based on it. Its going very smoothly. Rest, if I need to keep the validations proper then I use TypeScript. I get a very common question from students that - Bhaiya, we can't create logic. Now, suppose if we talk about web development you learnt a skill. You know how to use promise, sink, wet, let, const - you know the concept. My question from you is that how do you learn something new, my first question. And in continuation to this, my question is that

when we talk about logic building, then how do you approach it, noobs don't know about it, how should they work on it? How should they make logics better? Fine! Firstly, I would answer for logic part. Logic is such a thing which doesn't come quickly. You need to make its base, right! So, to make a base what's important is - people feel that start HTML, CSS this is the starting point. I say that - no, before you start you should know how to code. Because there's a difference between people who do degree & ones who don't that even if you don't do degree properly, but you've heard words like for loop, if else, variables and all so, you should've a goog grasp on them. I mean do basic questions. Write programs even if its - a+b- be comfortable in it. Then go a level up, there're pattern programs where we do

during college time, do that and when fundamentals are strong, after that only you can move forward. So, with this your logic will get strong. Take step by step, there's no rush. If you'll rush then you won't get to a better place. So, you've to reach slowly & what was the 2nd question? How do you learn new things? How do you learn new things, right!! Do you learn from youtube or what is your approach to learn something new, you might be teaching in youtube do you learn from youtube as well? Definitely, so teh first thing - to learn something new you should know what that is and what is trending, right, so for that you need to follow blogs. Documentation! Very important! Yes! There's a very good source & look at what 's going in the industry now by looking at engineering blogs by companies the big engineering companies have blogs, look at them that what tech stack are they using. Then you'll know that this is trending in market so, you can start from that.

And the pattern of learning should be - generally, I recommend as you told documentation. My first step is to look at documentation. The person who made it, what has he written what does he thing about it, right! Before going to a third person. So, first I get the idea then I start from small projects. Like, say that you know React & you want to go for Next.js, so you've already made a to-do list but

try making it again means, try making in Next.js. You'll know the difference on how its made in these two. Right! After that go up step by step, instead of following tutorials, I would say, you've a project in your mind that you need to make this. Make it feature wise, breakdown problems in small parts. Very important.

Very important! Right! So, like you made landing page first, then how is login in authentication made. You can use anything for back-end, you can use firebase. But if we talk from the perspective of front-end the with small steps, if you watch tutorials in that perspective and it shouldn't be like, blindly following the tutorial. First, look at the tutorial entirely. After that implement by yourself. So, this is my main approach.

This is very good & very important 0 documentation, which isn't done by 95% at fresher level. They feel comfortable more in videos. Videos are good at thier own place. You've time, do watch it. But if you know to read documentation then you'll be up front.

Like, watching videos - sometimes, people blindly follow that if this is written then they write it but if they don't understand it then go for documentation & learn from them. Maybe you learn something new. Very nice, Piyush! And I think all these things come from experience. And I hope his experience of 2.5 years in front-end will help you a lot. Now, my question from you is that - now you're working in Cars 24. What project is going on & what are the challenges? When you face a challenge, when you get stuck then how do you solve a problem? Fine! There're lot of geographies in Cars 24, I'm working on their UAE geography, the e-commerce websites there, I'm working on them. So, like challenges come in it. As I said, performance optimization, if we talk about them

So, to learn that documentation is there - which module bundler are you using by the way? Module bundler - there's one called Electrode, which is a Walmart framework. So, they made it on electrode. Its entirely react means - basically its like web pack only. On top of web pack they might've made their own. *Right!* Okay! So, its like this. Fine! Here we're using this & talking about other challenges then we do face challenges a little. Like, I remember that I had to implement filter where I faced challenge. The code was written by such a person who---

it was not clear. So, I've seen that - if you've to work on one thing first go at the starting that where is it beginning from, go for it sminute detail. Then from there see how things are made on top of it, so, first I understand that in-depth then after that I try contributing and if possible, I try to improve that code.

Its very important to write a clean code in the company, its been focused a lot. Your senior review your code. Because everyone can write a code but optimizing it and then writing it cleanly is very important when you'll join in a company, then you'll realize its very important to write a clean code & that comes - when you look at more codes, the more you can improve yourself. I would like to add that, by looking at the codes - code review is very important. Even if you're a junior in your company but look at the code of your senior. Even if your senior is reviewing your code but review their code as well, not officially but try doing it from your hand, see what new you're getting to learn. What is their mindset basically, while writing that time. And this exactly should be there while following a tutorial because the person who's teaching you should know his/her mindset, instead of blindly following.

Absolutely! I completely agree. Also what is his background, where is he working, is he a front-end developer or not? Very important! Now, I would like to know since I covered lot of videos, even your content. I like it a lot. The way you make content, I appreciate it whenever you meet.

And even, when I'm live on youtube, I always recommend. But my question from you is - when we talk about front-end roadmap, even there're N number of things earlier, only HTML, CSS, JavaScript were there but now things have changed to create an application. Even now, I'm using Rx.js - reactive programming - we're implementing it in our project. Along with micro-front end. So, things keep coming and we keep enhancing & keep learning and I'm still learning many things. I've got 6 years of experience but still I'm learning.

According to you, many viewers are watching you. There're freshers, college students, working in a company for 1-2 years, according to you, what should be the clean roadmap for front-end developers that, this much is important if you want to enter into a company? Okay! I'll answer accoridng to 2024. Firstly, I mentioned the first point earlier - coding fundamentals is very very important. If your fundamentals aren't important, then you'll not be able to move above it. Do coding fundamentals properly. What comes in fundamentals, Piyush? In Fundamentals, basically - variables, if else, for loops, arrays, strings - all the basic data types which are our building blocks for a normal program. I'm not talking about apps. The ones which help in making normal program.

So, the command on these things should be good. Many people consider it DSA I'll be coming on to that topic. Its not DSA. These are basics means - you should know these things properly. After that, you can start with JavaScript. You don't need to pick HTML, CSS - understand JavaScript first understand core JavaScript.

Not DOM manipulation and all these things. Understand core JavaScript - what is hoisting, call back functions, objects, promises - you can do these without HTML, CSS. Right! After you understand normal JavaScript, learn to make a UI without JavaScript with the help of HTML, CSS - these days, its very easy to generate the code of HTML, CSS. There're lot of tools but you should've a grasp at your end, many people say that CSS isn't important these days. Its not the case, CSS is important. If you'll work in a company, you'll understand. You'll get stuck at many places & then you'll scratch your head but you won't understand what to do.

So, you're more into CSS or JavaScript? Both. I'm string in both. If you tell me to make something in CSS, I can. This is there when we work in front-end development then you'll see many front-end engineers who're very good in JavaScript but very weak in CSS or average or medium. Because it depends on the type of work they're getting, that matters a lot sometimes. *Lot of companies*

I've seen it happens that, a UI developer is kept or HTML developer who'll do HTML, CSS & then other on will do logic. Its like you got the design from there, then you've to convert it. Exactly, its thier work. So, in this case as well some people are left behind. But, for me if you're working in an 'X' company, even then keep doing it side by side. Try learning CSS by yourself. My tech lead, in fact, he ended the case of HTML in our team.

He said that everyone will write. Everyone is doing HTML, CSS, JavaScript. And even react, so, I said that its fine - it should happen. Right! So, after doing HTML, CSS - combine it and make projects - logic based projects, start with to-do apps make quiz apps, take an open source API - like weather API, movies API - use them to learn to integrate APIs. Right! Your basic fundamentals will be strong. After that, move to React.

React, I would say, start from ground level. First understand that, what is React internal - how does it work, what is jsx, virtual DOM until you understand the benefit of this tool, then what is the use of transition, right! So, first understand this then make apps on react which you made earlier in JavaScript. Convert them. Simple! Right! Logic will mostly be same - there would be little difference in Syntax but you'll know that - yes we're having this benefit. And then actually, you'll appreciate the technology that, yes, these are the benefits of React.

Right! So, do this. Understand class based components, function based components - maybe you're in a company where the code written in class based. Then you won't understand, if you read it just in function-based.

Right! But nowadays, I observed like, now companies have shifted entirely into functional component. Yes, some companies who use old code is a different case, there you'll see class component. Even in Adidas, all the applications that we're making, working on existing applications you'll not see class component anywhere. Everyone is using - Hooks. Right! Custom Hook! So, this was the requirement for fresher but this is not enough. Apart from this, there're some other things like, version control is very important. Git is very important.

People forget the commands of Git. Its fine as even in VS code, the visuals are there in system. But you should know commands. You should know commands. Right! So basically, this separates a junior and senior developer. Right! So, you should know version control, deployment - be it any tool - netlify Be it any basic tool of deployment. You should know these things. So, I would say its very basic, above that

sky is the limit - take a meta-framework, next.js, you can do typescript. Right! But I think, you should know DevOps a little that - how does deployment take place because when you look at the structure of project, there you'll see a deploy folder in which SID file will be separate from WML file, development file, production file. So, I won't say to drill down on it. You should've a little idea, what are pipelines, how is code automatically deployed? Right! That you should know & little bit of Docker. Docker. Exactly!

It makes your profile even stronger, when you'll go for interview then it'll make a different impression. Right, Piyush! For sure! Now, as you know what is going on youtube - DSA is pushed a lot due to which they forget web-dev. Do you think DSA important for front-end development? Definitely! Its important, I won't say it from interview perspective firstly. Okay! Why is this important because it again, increases your logical ability. Now, web development isn't that simple

that only HTML, CSS, JavaScript is done & its good to go. There are many things in React which you need to optimize, so for that definitely, you should know DSA. Basic DSA, I'm not talking about very hardcore DSA. Trees and all - I'm not going very high. you....use No! I don't use it.

I don't use it. Seriously! But yes, we use set a lot, map - means - we're using array. So, we use them frequently. We use these DSA concepts a lot. There're some places, like I had a project in which I made a video that LRU cash - on cashing, like - we can use linked list for that.

Right! So, for that - linked list is basically stores data in different memory parts. So, its a very rare case scenario. Basic array, string - you should know to form logic in them, this is very important. Now, if I talk about interviews, then for a front-end developer if we talk about small or medium companies they don't ask rigorously. They ask very basic questions like, best time to buy and sell stocks, right! They ask basic questions. But if its a big company, MNCs - there're definitely 1-2 rounds of hard code DSA rounds. For that you've to do. Now you're making coding content frequently. So, revenue wise - how much do you make, let's talk about it.

If we talk about revenue, then I don't think its too much. Its something like 35k. *Okay!* Its around 30-35k but again, if compared to actual company work then its very different, right! Then where do you get motivation from, to make content? Motivation to make content comes from..... You give time to it along with job. By reading comments. You write good comments - when I make such video in which comments are there, I feel that fine, I had done editing the whole night - shot it, I got good comments. Motivation boosts a lot, trust me.

I try to go for meet-ups. You also had organized a meetup few months before. We had so much fun. There I think 10-15 people recognized me, I liked it a lot so these things psychologically effect you that yes, continue good things. I get a voice from inside that yes, you can continue it.

Have you ever thought of targeting MAANG companies? Not really, I mean. I don't have it rigorously that....Yes, reason - firstly talking about MAANG companies If I talk about 3 major points - Respect, Money and Stability Remove Stability - these days lot of layoffs are done. So, stability isn't in question. Right! If we talk about respect, If I talk from my perspective then like, I get respect while helping the community so, I don't think that any of the company can get me that respect which I'm getting through this work. If we talk about money then, small sized and mid sized product based companies give it you.

Earlier, I used to think that - I had a different perspective but as I got that package *Right!* then I said that - everything is fine. Fine! Your point is valid, if I join Google, Microsoft - then other person has a mindset but money is coming in my pocket, life is running better & I'm learning as well while working So, I think that is also a right way, right source of motivation. Definitely! Lot of people think that, there work will be less - means there's no such scene. Those are vague.

Okay! So, these days Piyush, if we talk about remote jobs that - you want to go for remote job, I want to target that. So, what is your view point in it? Can freshers directly achieve remote jobs and if yes, how? Let's take a scenario in which you're a fresher & you got a remote job. Okay! Right! You got a remote job. So, firstly - you don't have interest in doing that then along with remote job - since you don't have to go to office you don't have to invest lot of time on them - in travel and all.

Right! So, you get time to explore yourself. Let's say if you wany to learn something else any other technology or basically, you want to grow in your career. So, that is a very huge benefit of the remote job. There's flexibility in time, work at your time. Right! And a huge benefit of remote job is that, if you're working for foreign companies then you can work on their payroll.

So, its another point. Rest, if I talk about its downside then you lack mentorship that you could've got from your seniors. So, how will you tackle it? While doing remote job attend meetups, join communities.

There're many good coding communities, you also have a community. So, join them - meet people. Right! Talk to people, learn from them. So, you ca do like this along with remote job. According to me, its a very good hybrid solution.

Means you can stay at home & even go to the office, be it a day or two. Right! So, its very good. Rest, if we talk about targeting remote jobs. then for that, its important to make projects. Its important for all type of jobs. But its important to make projects, you need to find such projects like, many companies have open source of code-base. You can contribute to them. *Exactly!*

You can contribute to them. You'll get to know as there're lot of websites. So you can contribute there in their projects, so they'll see that this person is valuable. And I would say one more thing, if I talk about foreign companies which give remote jobs, you need to have a different approach. If you're approaching any company you shouldn't apply blindly. You've to take tailored approach towards them. Reach out to them according to their product.

Know about them. Make such a project which is similar to theirs. Then reach out to them, so lot of these things are impressive. For getting a remote job. Rest, interview process is mostly same.

Now, I want to know that - your current life, working in Cars24, you've spent 2.5 years. What've you thought for future? Do you want to serve more in Cars 24 or you want to switch company? Or want to take a break, what is going on in mind? This is a very dangerous question that you asked. If anyone from Cars 24, watch closely.

Obviously, its important for growth. But in the case when you feel that your growth isn't increasing in this company. So, you should definitely switching is important.

Its not necessary, as many people feel that we worked here for 6 months, now go for other company. It doesn't happen. If you feel that things are going well in your life & you're growing and you feel that, yes now time is right because market is such that, if you contributed a lot to a company then, it'll give you a reward.

That yes, this person is loyal. Right! So, then you can switch. As such I don't have anything now regarding it. But definitely, if time comes I'll take a step. It was nice talking to you Piyush, by knowing your insights, somethings which you didn't talk publicly on youtube that we tried to in this podcast. Thank you so much.

for sharing so many insights. And we'll try to talk on other topic some other day. We'll call you & talk again. And what will be your final advice to our audience who're freshers, experienced - what will you advice them if they're targeting web-development? Fine! Where front-end & back-end both are there, we want generic advice from your side. Okay! If you're targeting this field & thinking of coming here. Firstly, I'll say that its important to listen. Listen to people, what are they suggesting - your seniors listen to their experiences, what is their journey. Many people think that, we listened to one person - I'll have the same journey its not like that, everyone has their own journey. Everyone tailors their journey.

Right! So, listen to everyone. You'll know that there're many paths to go in this industry. So, listen to everyone but do what suits you. Right! So, majorly I would say this & I would say that, try to keep yourself humble.

throughout this journey. If you achieve lot of things, try not to be overbearing. Sometimes, it happens as it happened with me, if I tell you when I used to do voice over. I would advice myself as well, if I'm able to then that you need to keep yourself in check. If everything is fine then, you've to make more efforts. Don't think that now, everything will be right always and you've to put in consistent effort.

Means you don't have to settle. And I would like to say one more thing, as he said be humble is very important but at the same time, analyze things, whatever is going on around, observe it and don't copy anyone. Definitely! What you copy will work for 3 days, then you won't be able to do it because the one who is doing it might be his passion & his interest is already there, that's why he's giving time. If you'll copy someone then maybe you won't be able to adjust.

Very important! He talked about remote jobs few moments earlier, I'm getting a point - one point was very important LinkedIn, whether you're getting a remote job or not, or even taking other job you're targeting an X company, its important to be on LinkedIn. At this time, its so important if you're in IT and if your presence isn't on LinkedIn, it means you're missing out something in your life. Very important! Actually, I missed this point. LinkedIn, as you're saying - many people might take it in wrong way that they've to apply. Not that but cold emailing is very important. Yes! Cold emailing is very important, even if its through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a good platform, but these days recruiters are on twitter as well, you easily get a reply there.

I've reached lot of recruiters on twitter and almost 95%, I got the response. Right! Its a very good platform for that, so try to get their email IDs then reach out to them directly on LinkedIn, cold emailing is a good way. But make sure you've a good portfolio before reaching out with which you give a good impression. I think fair enough, it was nice talking to you & we learnt many things and I hope that you learnt lot of things in this video, if yes then what are you doing this video deserves a like and do share it to the most.

I don't know - but I want 5000 likes in it. Right! And I'll meet you in some other interesting podcast. Until then, thank you so much! Now, you can do your work.

Rest, we'll talk to Piyush again, soon! Thank you! Bye Bye!

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