EP #06 Hyderabad to Nagpur | Train ലേറ്റ്‌ ആയി, സീറ്റ്‌ പോയി | Why Our People Are Like This?

EP #06 Hyderabad to Nagpur | Train ലേറ്റ്‌ ആയി, സീറ്റ്‌ പോയി | Why Our People Are Like This?

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Good afternoon from Hyderabad It is afternoon today. I am with Navraj and friends at their farmhouse I am surprised to see such a farmhouse or guesthouse in the heart of the city Beautiful place They are all into real estate They have dates here. Indian dates Ready to eat. Let me try. It only has a seed. Flesh is less.

They have a swimming pool here Nice garden all around. All these areas will get developed soon. It is the inside of outer ring road I had introduced them in yesterdays video I got to know them through Couch Surfing They do real estate and other business here One works in a ship. So that is how I got to know them. We get to know people of different places. They were strangers to me till yesterday But we have become friends now It is very hot. Not sure if we can get into the pool in this heat

A beautiful pool and its surroundings You can see the inside of the ground floor They have a conference room and space to conduct events A bar counter here and a mirror on this side. Let's say a hi They have set the guest house beautifully Let us go on top now How much does the land cost here? Is it acre, sqft or cents How much for the acres here? 4-5 crores You get 1 acre land for 4-5 crores This is in Hyderabad city, inside the outer ring road express highway It comes as the back side of the airport The airport is at that side This is huge. You have massaging chairs and recliners He has asked me to open and see the room Nice and big room They have 4 bedrooms here All the rooms are awesome. Awesome guest house Let us go up now.

They have rooms upstairs too They dont give the rooms for rent. Nice calm and quiet place Big shots and MLAs come to stay here This is awesome. We experience a special feel traveling to other places, getting to know people etc.. I have mentioned about Couch surfing earlier too. You can use it. We can get to know many people like this from different places Some spend time with us like this or we can stay with them Couch surfing is a different culture I dont know to explain about it. You should see and know it. It is good. There are lot of applications that make travel easy

I shall share whatever I know with you Same with Airbnb If you are a group of people traveling together, you can opt this instead of a hotel It is much affordable than a hotel Forgot to say.. Welcome to a new episode of KL2UK, Kochi to London I have to show that intro! He is Thappan bhai Where are you from? Odissa I have been to Bhuvaneswar and Konark in Odisha I forgot this ones name It is ice apple. We call it pananong It is very tasty and nice to have when it is hot It gives us a chill feel. We have to remove the skin and have. We were listening to music, had water melon and now we are going to leave A huge gate and the walls are fenced to avoid monkeys getting in We are going in this car to have biriyani We should have biriyani when we come to Hyderabad I feel jealous to see the way roads are built here The area near the airport is getting well developed Lot of huge roundabouts too We went to the airport side to see their guest house.

We are spending a day going around Hyderabad today We took the express highway at the outer ring road 8 lane road here They have planned and done it so well. 120 is the speed limit here for cars We have come to this reastaurant to have food. A door like you see in a fort We have eaten varieties of biriyanis. Let us have something different now It is a fine dining restaurant Lot of restaurants sell biriyanis. Paradise and Hyderabadi are some of them This is a new restaurant. Thought of trying it out. It is a fine dining restaurant. Ordered 2 biriyanis for 4 of us to eat

Looks like the quantity is more One chicken biriyani costs 450/- Our biriyani is here We ordered one chicken and one mutton biriyani Looks like the quantitiy is pretty good here They have brought it in a wide bowl This is the chicken biriyani This is big. Nice aroma when you open it They have served raita, a plate of onions and a gravy along with the biriyani I ordered a masala cold drink It is a lemon juice with chaat masala and jal jeera Nice and tasty They will serve the biriyani for us. Nice to see them serve using 2 spoons. We will find it difficult. We just serve with one spoon This is how they serve food. They use long rice grains for Hyderabdi biriyani The rice is one of the specialty here Chicken is tender and nice Take a piece of chicken, little gravy Mix it with rice and have This is our lunch I know that many of you would be seeing this while having lunch If you have not had, go eat fast If you feel like having biriyani, have one.

Yummy. It is slightly sour I like sour biriyanis The chicken has a special flavour. You can have the chicken as it is too Awesome. The gravy is very tasty We had biriyani. I ate a lot along with that gravy Only in Kerala you dont get a gravy Once you leave Kerala, you get a gravy along with biriyani.

Even after washing my hands with soap, the smell hasnt gone. A new cable bridge has begun. He said we shall go to see that One like this should come at Edapally We are suffering the after effects of a flyover built without planning there Look at this. One flyover over another one. Look at the buildings. Awesome.

You see glass over most of the buildings now a days Looks beautiful IT companies and many more. Can you believe this is Hyderabad We are going over a newly constructed road Can see a cable bridge here It is called Durgam Cheruvu bridge Hyderabad is turning out to be a truly international city They have made the bridge over a lake to connect with Jubilee Hi Tech City It is a beautiful 6 lane bridge They have done it in the city Many bridges in our state done years back are 4 lane I mean in Kochi Can you guess what that building is Is it a multi national IT company? It is the police control room building run by the government I am still in the shock hearing it is a police control room building That is amazing Looks awesome People are standing with guns like army men We have come to eat street food at night. We are at Gachibowli area We saw the Secretariat building at night. It looks so beautiful Has a grand looks with all those lights over it. You shouldnt miss the night view of it when you come here This area is so crowded.

We stayed this side during INB trip season 2 but couldnt come here then. All of us have come to have dinner. So many people here and variety food stalls A variety food menu here Let us try parotta with some chicken I am first time seeing MP combo and MLA combo in food That is a variety People are buying and sitting and standing here and there and eating Our egg parotta is here This is MLA combo This is normal parotta and not egg parotta. A gravy with it.

This is egg parotta This is like bread omelette. They have made an omelette and stuffed it behind the parotta That is egg parotta This is Gongura chicken curry I like gongura pickle. Might be something related to that I am first time having parotta having an omelette behind it z Nice variety. Should come to Hyderabad and gave variety food I am going to have kulki sarbath from here The person making it is a Keralite Where are you from? Kodagu Izzu from Kodagu is making Kulukki Sarbath for us Let us see how does he make it.

Dont you have any music? He is shaking them between those glasses. We have bought mango and passion fruit kulukki. Our stomachs are full after having dinner. So thought of buying 2 and sharing They will pour it in 2 glasses and give us Raw mango. Very sour Now he is making passion fruit. We are enjoying with all these We are going to feel heavy now Lot of food joints in front of DLF Lot of small and big shops and restaurants here You should come here at night when you come to Hyderabad. It is 12am now '

Look a the rush here They are leaving now. I will leave for Nagpur tomorrow morning They dropped me back at the room Now it is next morning It is 7.30am This is the MLA guest house room I stayed in I have cleaned the room and packed my bag I am going to the railway station now Karnataka Samparkranti Express at 8.20pm It left Bangalore last night. Will reach here and go to Nagpur. I am going to Nagpur Abhi booked a ticket for me. Our train is from Kachiguda railway station Just 3km from here This is a place for ruling MLAs to stay It is a guest house given to them How about taking a bike to the railway station Or should we take an auto? Let me see what to do You have bike taxis in Bangalore and Hyderabad You have Rapido bike taxi here If you download Rapido app, you can choose the bike taxi I dont know how safe it is. It would be just like using at Indonesia

I used a bike taxi. Just 27/- to travel 3kms 27/- through Rapido He will be here now. We shall go to the railway station Many people use Rapido bike as a part time job When I booked this bike, he works somewhere He is in his uniform now He does this for 2-3hr before going home after job It is very convenient and you can reach easily through traffic This is Kacheguda railway station I have only heard the name. Seeing it for the first time. It showed just 27/- but I gave him 50/- He would be working somewhere He would have got out to make some money this way in between There is a garden in front of the railway station A beautiful railway station They are some useless people using ambulance sirens for cars Very bad attitude in them Railway stations are crowded. Lot of trains at this time. You can find rail museum in the front I dont think it is open now.

You see these kind of structures in Andhra too You can call it Mughal style too The railway station building looks like that. This history given here says the Nizam built this in 1916. This is one of the stations built before India got independence You can see the Mughal style in the railway station That is nice This station has received lot of awards. You can some beautiful murals here This looks awesome. What a beautiful design There is an x-ray machine here. But nobody uses it

Looks like anybody can take anything inside This is a rail museum. Just 10-/ as entry fee but right now, it is closed. They have automatic ticket wending machines for platform and general tickets You can use these buggy services if you have more luggage or cannot walk But they charge 50/head. In Chennai it was 10/head Kacheguda Chittoor is a train that goes to Andhra It has come from somewhere. They are removing used towels etc from the AC compartment Our train is running late. I have been receiving messages from last night saying it is running one hr late I guess it will be 1.5hrs late by the time it reaches here They still havent mentioned the arrival time But it will be coming to this platform only Good news. Got to know my train is 1hr late. I should have checked and come

I feel like having something in the morning. But last night food was heavy I couldnt sleep properly with gas issues etc Can see idly, vada, upma etc here Let me see if I can have something from here These are the bedsheets and things we have used They will give it for laundry and re use them A health check up machine. Height, weight, BMI, sugar etc can be tested People are doing it.

Robotic massage center like you find in International countries Good one. Railways stations here have really improved Saw Food Track restaurant in the first platform Let me have something from here I can sit and have from here Neat and clean restaurant People can sit and have in here I have ordered for a plate of idly Restaurants run in a reasonable rate I have bought idly. Let me see how is it. I dont have any high hopes. But since it is Hyderabad, idly may be good. It is ok. They had idly, upma and many more. You get veg and non veg here Once you leave Kerala, you have to pay 20-25/- for a bottle of water at bus stands Yesterday inside the city, we had to pay 30/- for a bottle of water that showed MRP 20/- They charge 30/- for a bottle of cold water and 25/- for a bottle of normal water When you buy from the railway station, let it be any brand, you need to pay only 15/- It will be written 15/- on it. If anybody charges above 15/-, ask for a bill

They will silently take 15 and go It has been long since they have been announcing that our train will be here soon It has still not come. Says 30-60mts late When will Indian Railways run trains on time? Why are we not ablet o do it? China and other countries are able to run trains on time without wasting a second Expecting all these to change. My coach is B3. Somewhere behind is what I was told. We shall go and sit there MMTS. Wow! This is going to Lingampally. Is it called MMTS? Isnt it our MEMU? I am fed up waiting at the railway station Finally there comes Yashwantpur Nizamudin Samparkranti Express Even Kerala has a Samparkranti Express Can see new coaches. Looks like it is neat and clean

South Western Railway has nice and neat trains My coach is B3 Here it is. A Hum Safar coach This didnt stop here. I will have to walk forward now. Look at the rush inside the general compatment You see these food vendors going more towards general compartments We have a 9hrs journey to Nagpur Shall walk from inside. What if the train leaves

What is all this? Everything provided are put on one berth Everything is on that upper berth. That is mine. I am sitting here I want to lie down but not knowing what to do to all those things there All who woke up in the morning put their sheets and blankets up there This is pathetic The person next to me has put his things on the seat and I am sitting like in a bus They are acting like as if they found it difficult when I came They are not giving me place to sit They began to talk a bit harsh to me I didnt want to fight They were saying something and all Something and all in Telugu and Hindi I got up from there and told the TTE to give me another seat He told me there is one in 1st AC. 2nd AC is full Finally I have come to 1st AC. He said seat number 23

It is a coupe Somebody else is there in it. But it is ok I came here. Just 2 of us here We were talking to each other Nobody else in here. So very comfortable I am going to show him my channel and tell him where am I off to When I asked him his name when we met, he said Tinindu. I was like what? He has gone to sleep. I have made my bed

Just 2 of us in here. Nobody else 1st AC is mostly empty. I was thinking of the attitude in people I have to fight to sit properly on a seat that I have booked. I didnt want to fight. This is not our state. They are a group. Can complain and make an issue talking to the TTE. But I didnt When I told him the situation, he gave me this seat. Thanks for that.

This train is running 1.5hrs late The late train is running more and more late The 1st AC in this is not like Coromandel Express. It is neat and clean in here Hyderabad to Nagpur 600km in distance Just 9hrs to travel this 600km Just one stop in between at Balharshah It is running fast now.

Might have got late due to some technical issues. Track work is going on too You can see it move slow here and there I am doing my work and enjoying this royal journey Totally unexpected. Lucky for this. ' This bro has brought us food. They will bring food like this I had ordered a non-veg meal TTE has ordered something from this lady. I too will buy that. Boiled peanuts with onions and green chillies They squeeze some lime juice also into it. It is very tasty

20/- for one. I feel jealous seeing people sleeping during the day He was sleeping all this time. I felt jealous seeing that. If I sleep, then who will shoot? I had some work to finish too Not able to sleep or I will simply have to lie down and take rest. We are going to have lunch Rice, pickle, chicken curry, dal and a veg curry to have with chapathi.

Chicken curry and 2 chapathis Little burnt This is my lunch today I had planned a diet but will have to leave India if that to work out. I will get food only from India. Then I will have to starve Chicken curry is tasty After hours, our train has officially stopped at Balharshah This is in Maharashtra. The new name of this place is Ballarpur Many places are having new names now Balharshah has changed to Ballarpur When I checked google map, I saw some names like that It is very crowded here at this station You can see lot of people who came in the train and standing outside You can see some work going on at the platforms If you want to travel with pets in the train, you have to take 1st AC coupe Someone traveling with a pet is waking on the platform now Can see a MEMU train here A very neat and clean MEMU train New coaches. Should travel in this once. Would be fun I didnt get a chance yet. Shall see when we can

So much of water is being wasted. We see this at many stations Look at this area It is so dirty When will all these improve? You may be thinking that I am complaining all the time The train suddenly left It is so dirty. They dont even clean it I guess. I think it has been months since all these are lying here This is so sad. Banana peel, plastic, waste and all kinds of rubbish

From one end to the other of the railway station and track Let me stand aside from the train door This train is stopping here and there on the way It is already 2hrs late. God knows when will I reach there It is 6.30pm and we havent reached anywhere yet Lots to go to reach Nagpur. We were supposed to reach Nagpur at 5.30 I think we are 2-2.5hrs late now About to reach Nagpur. I folded my sheet.

The train was supposed to reach at 5.20pm and has reached at 7.45pm It is 2.5hrs late Because it got late, I could sit for 2.5hrs extra in 1st AC I was lucky that way If I was in 3rd AC, I would have prayed to reach soon Since some people were acting odd, I told the TTE and he gave me a seat in 1st AC We find all these lucky because we are traveling without any plans If our journey is with plans, we would miss many things Nagpur railway station is so crowded. Not even able to walk. Can see sales also happening here No space to walk on the platform People are sitting on the ground too Our travel expense for today is the ticket and little more.. around 2500/-

Including food, 2800/- That was our expense for today Nothing else I will be staying at Nagpur today Nagpur is in the center of India We have visited Nagpur during our INB trip and other times too Our friend whom we met then is waiting for us here now See how pretty does the railway station building looks Looks amazing. I think it is recently renovated I think they have used sandstone \ Our monuments of olden times were made using the same stone Beautiful Nagpur railway station is crowded outside too Ashwin is waiting for us here I couldnt come for your wedding I was out of town. Where is your wife? She is at home. Let's go. I couldnt attend Ashwin's wedding Finally Nagpur again in my next trip. How many times during my trips?

1st INB trip, Winter expedition, 2nd INB trip, India on rails I didnt come to Nagpur during India on wings For all my other series, I have come to Nagpur and met Ashwin too I planned this yesterday I called you yesterday We look for tickets from where we are for the next day and then travel That is the specialty of this journey Planning to Jabalpur tomorrow and then to Lucknow. That is how I got my tickets I have to go to Nepal. So planning on that Finally back to Nagpur with Ashwin Can see a market like on the way to Ashwin's house. Nothing that is not here

Hello. How are you? Do you remember me? I am scared seeing his size. I wont do anything to you. I am telling him that I wont do anything to him This is my room for today Ashwin is my host for today I shall freshen up and come. Then we shall have food. Ashwin's father is here A new member in the family this time.

Drishya is Ashwin's wife. How is life in Nagpur? Good and happy Yes. Ashwin's father is also doing good. We are having dinner. Today's dinner is by Drishya No need for an extra plate. Just serve it in here. I will mix all and have Nice fish curry, fish fry, beans stir fry Butter milk curry, rasam and salad.

Our day ends here I have already said about our expenses for today Around 2500-2800/- I have to wash an underwear and a pair of socks. Tomorrow I will be in a train. I wont be taking a room at night Since I will be in the train tomorrow night, I wont be able to wash and dry anything I wont have socks and briefs for tomorrow then. We are traveling with limited things.

I have worn my clip. Sometimes I dont wear it during day time. Actually I should wear it full time. When I wear it during the day, sometimes my tongue goes twisted while talking So I dont wear them. The doctor has told me to wear them during the day too

I am using invisalign aligner to make my teeth straight. I have been using it for a while now. Will have to use it for 4-5 more months By then my teeth will be ready .

I am doing this from my friend at Elite Dental Clinic in Panampally Nagar, Kochi If anybody wants to treat their teeth in anyways, you can go there. You can ask her if you want any discounts Tomorrow Ashwin and myself will leave at 4am We will be going to a place close by. I will then return and take a bus to Jabalpur I have to go to Lucknow after that Then it would be continuous traveling one behind the other I am ending this videos of KL2UK series See you tomorrow. Do comment on which part you liked the most and didnt like too Happy to see the comments. If you are watching the video on tv, comment from the phone It is an appreciation for us.

Do like our video. Those who havent subscribed, do subscribe. See you tomorrow. Bye bye.

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