ENGSUB【师父!我要跳舞了 第二季】EP10 | 萌娃圆梦 挑战《这街》各国“大神”| 丁泽仁/黄潇/韩宇/李子璇/乔杉/王霏霏/Bouboo/王晨艺/叶音 | 优酷综艺 YOUKU SHOW

ENGSUB【师父!我要跳舞了 第二季】EP10 | 萌娃圆梦 挑战《这街》各国“大神”| 丁泽仁/黄潇/韩宇/李子璇/乔杉/王霏霏/Bouboo/王晨艺/叶音 |  优酷综艺 YOUKU SHOW

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[Highlights] Kids. Your last challenge in the training camp is to participate in [Meet the important new task] The opening show of "Street Dance of China". Today's "Street Dance of China" is full of players who entered the teams in three seasons, as well as various foreign champions.

Many dancers I know. And foreign powerhouses. We can meet many great dancers.

And we can show our dance. I chose Yang Kai and Bouboo. I want to dance two-on-two.

[Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] So cool. He is just 6 years old. No need. Welcome to the graduation ceremony of "Let’s Dance 2". Masters. Yes? We also prepared a gift for you.

What’s it? Whether they are fierce or gentle, they always love you. And kids always love you. [Let’s Dance 2] [A new and energetic day] Okay, let’s go. [Where are we going to?] [Grimace to get refreshed] Kids.

Where are we heading to? [You can’t hide anything from us] “Street Dance of China”. Powerhouses. [So happy!] I really want to meet those players.

Because all of them are cool. [I will realize my dream] I can finally meet Popping C. [Poppin C, Christian. Dancer. Dance type: popping]

[2019 France JD International Street Dance Competition: global champion of popping] I will see Ms. Ibuki today. [Ibuki. Dancer. Dance type: waacking] [Dance@live final freestyle champion] Boubou would surely come. [Bouboo. Dancer. Dance type: hiphop]

[“Street Dance of China 3” Runner-up] [Stick to original aspiration. Love Yang Kai most] I chose Yang Kai and Bouboo. [Yang Kai. Dancer. Dance type: breaking] [“Street Dance of China 3” Championship] [Dangerous dance moves.] Great! [Don’t imitate without professional training] I can finally battle with Yang Kai. [Xiang Sir’s life motto: choose the strongest opponent] I will choose the strongest. We are here.

[In imagination, the kids arrive at destination] “Street Dance of China”. Just here. Right here. Competition scene of Street Dance of China. Go straight. [What makes the kids so excited?] Be brave, go battle.

[Mr. Ding is full of praise] [“Street Dance of China 4” Recording Scene] It’s a world all its own. [Newly designed live stage art] So large. It feels like a castle inside. Well-connected. I am shocked.

[The kids are on the street for the first time] Pure wood. [Full of curiosity] This must be Zhang Yixing's. [Unique ingenuity] I think this should be the favorite of Zhang Yixing. [You know me] Yes, this style suits Zhang Yixing. [Chinese descendant] Chinese elements. [Eager for more streets] Let's go there.

Cool. Did you see the mecha? Look at it. Mecha. [Cool Mecha Style] Let's guess [Cool Mecha Style] which teacher this street belongs to.

[Liu Xianhua +1] Liu Xianhua. [Liu Xianhua +2] Liu Xianhua. I think it may belong to Han Geng.

[Liu Xianhua +3] Liu Xianhua. Look at these future elements and technologies. It must be Liu Xianhua. Because he uses blue.

[Everything is handled by me] Except for Mr. Wu Jianhao, there is no blue in these seasons. Whose is this? Mr. Han Geng.

Mr. Han Geng’s street is yellow. I watched all three seasons, every single one. A loyal fan.

Even the streets are like that. Cool. Good for me. [Self-discipline of "army adviser Lei"] [Yoyo, let's go find Yang Kai together] [Then let's go for Mr. Poppin C] [Clothing Room] Clothing room. [Inch-by-inch search] Where is Mr. Yang Kai?

Road junction. Mr. Yang Kai. [First meeting with the role model] I was going to battle with Mr. Yang Kai. But I was so nervous and I forgot. [Xiang Sir, where is your vigour?] What's your names? What's your name? My name is Lailai. Lailai.

[I am the sweetest Cupcake] I'm something to eat. Really? Her name is Cupcake. Cupcake. So cute.

What's your name? Ruyi. Ruyi. Cupcake. My name is Yoyo. Why are you here? To pick up clothes.

[And visit Mr. Yang Kai] To pick up clothes. Do you know what’s on this clothes? “Street Dance of China”. So cool. How old are you? I am six and a half years old. I learned English when I was three and a half years old.

You know these English words at a young age. Cool. I plan to wear this.

[It fits well with Yoyo] It doesn't look good with white. Choose one for me then. I'm now choosing the clothes for battle tomorrow. Let me help you. Okay.

[All members turn into stylists] See what kind of clothes Mr. Yang Kai likes. So many clothes. Okay. [Master and kids who are going to visit the set] Before we enter, what should we do? Knock on the door.

Be polite. Very good. [Be a polite kid] What are we going to say? Hi. Hello, teachers. Let me teach you a sentence in English. [Emergency make-up lesson] Nice to see you.

[Emergency make-up lesson] Hello, nice to see you. [Emergency make-up lesson] Okay? I will knock at the door. Hello. Nice to see you.

[Poppin C Christian Dance type: popping] [Kaka (Rochko) Dance type: hiphop] [Ibuki Dance type: waacking] [Zyko Dance type: hiphop] Hello. I'm Christian. [I know you well] Christian is one of my idols. I prepared a few words in Italian and in English to meet Christian. Let’s talk there.

Don’t let them hear us. [Note prepared in advance] Hello, Christian. [Italian comes first] I am Leilei.

[And then English] Can we talk to me? Yes, of course. Can I teach you Chinese? Follow me. [Bi] Bi. [Bi] Bi. [Bixu] Xu.

[Bixudi] di. [Northeastern mandarin in the end] Bixudi. [Satisfied] Okay. Bixudi.

Can you say that again? Say that again. Chinese. Bixudi. Northeastern flavor. [Northeast mandarin spreader——Leilei] Northeast mandarin. After I talked with him, he spoke English to me. I can’t understand.

[I was at a loss] We are the two masters of the show "Let’s Dance". And these are our kids. We are going to perform the opening dance. There are many iconic moves. How about we communicate and have fun with these teachers? Okay, come on.

Come on. Learn from us. Okay. Five, six, seven. Go. [Theme Song routine: foreign dancers teaching mode] Oh my God.

[Just do it] Can we really fly? Oh my God. Can the time stop? Do you remember? Yes. This? Do you remember? Yes. It’s so easy. We need to upgrade the difficulty.

This paragraph. [Mr. Ding has no bad intentions] I think we should let them feel [Mr. Ding has no bad intentions] Chinese culture.

We have to sing the lyrics. [What are they talking about?] Okay. [A foreboding] Oh my God. Kids, teach them how to sing, okay? Oh my God. Can we really fly? Oh my God. Can the time stop? [All embarrassed] Go ahead.

[They who work hard to listen to Chinese] I only remember “oh my God”. [are like you who listen to English] This is really difficult. Oh my God.

Oh my God. This is easy. Oh my God. Can we really fly? Can we… Can we… Can we… Can we… Can we really fly? Yes. …fly? Oh my God. [A challenge that Mr. Kaka has never had before] Can we really fly?

Great! Oh my God, can the time… [2000 Years Later] [Slow practice of every single word] Oh my God. Can we really fly? Oh my God. Can the time fly? Pretty close. Both are flying.

All right, let's sing and dance. [Try their best] Five, six, seven. Go. [Please enjoy the singing and dancing show of foreign dancers] Oh my God. Can we really fly? Oh my God. Can the time stop? The northeastern mandarin we intended to teach him was: Bo-li-gai-ka-tu-lu-pi-le.

[It means to break the knee] I said they would go crazy. [Bo-li-gai is bo-leng-gai-er, is the dialect of Northeast and other regions] Bo-li-gai-ka-tu-lu-pi-le. [Pronounced bo-leng-gai-erm means knee] Bo-li-gai-ka-tu-lu-pi-le. He can't learn it for a year. Let's choose more.

[They are still choosing clothes styles] What color do you like? [Understand the customer's preferences at first] I like colorful ones. Okay. Colorful. Colorful. This one. This doesn’t fit him well. [Listen to me. Xiang Sir understands the style of B-boys best] This isn’t suitable for Mr. Yang Kai.

This one. World… Horizontal. Peace. World Peace.

World Peace. Mr. Yang Kai. World peace. This is amazing. Lailai's vision of choosing clothes is good.

He deserves to be a little B-boy. He is B-boy Kevin. I am also B-boy Kevin.

[Fate makes us meet] Mr. Yang Kai, I found a colorful one. [Select "Colorful style" according to your specific requirements] This one… [Select "Colorful style" according to your specific requirements] This one would turn me into red kid. [Hard to hold] Mr. Yang Kai. Can you wear this? It’s to maintain world peace.

You can still hold on when you are about to fall to the ground. This colthes has this meaning. [I can't hold this style] It’s oversize. This is not suitable for me. Is this okay? A bit big.

I picked a pair of pants for you. It’s for women. [Is it okay to leave my look to them?] Take a look. Take a look at the clothes you chose for me. Cool. [Model One] It it okay? [Model One] Cool.

[Model two] I come to save world peace. [Model Three] Pikachu’s debut. [Brother, you know me] How about Mr. Yang Kai and Xiang Sir have a battle? Battle? Let’s see who’s the best breaking. Come on.

[Battle between two generations of B-boy "Kevin"] [The passing Stone becomes the referee] Stone, here you are. [The passing Stone becomes the referee] Be our referee. Okay. Three, two, one.

Okay. [It's over before it starts?] Are you ready? Come on. DJ, drop the beat.

Who is… Come on. Who is the king of B-boy? Xiang Sir. [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] Xiang Sir made a drill.

[Use my skills first] So cool. Air flare. How old is he? Xiang Sir.

He is six years old. You did all my moves. What should I do? Yang Kai. Come one. Judges. Three, two, one.

[Xiang Sir got a vote] Xiang Sir won. [Yang Kai got a vote] Okay, one more. [Even, one more] One more. Xiang Sir. [Really fair referee] I quit. I'm going to rehearse. [Admit defeat and fight again next time] Xiang sir, you are so cool.

[Did I win?] He let me win. When I meet Mr. Yang Kai next time, [I want a real contest] I will battle with him again. These kids have a wish. Because it’s a rare opportunity. So they want to communicate with you.

Let’s cypher. No problem. Who got the music? Who first? Who go first? [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] [Cypher with foreign master dancers] [Fearless, just do it] Technique. Flow.

[Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] [Interact with the audience] Come on, Leilei. Ibuki.

It’s okay. Just enjoy the show. She’s teaching you. [Interact with the audience] Ms. Douzi, dance popping. [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] [No physical interpretation] No need. ["Northeast Popper" is coming] Not battle.

No need. Just so so. So sorry. It’s okay. Just so so.

There is a famous Chinese saying that older and wiser. The young popper. He is really nice. I think he’s gonna be one of the best in the future. Because he understands many things. Musicality, foundations.

So he has to keep going. These kids are awesome. So cute, so smily. [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] And they are such great dancers. They look like my own kids, my little brother.

I miss them so much. I was really happy to see them, to see them dance and to share with them. Street Dance of China.

I feel very happy overall. And kids realized their dreams. When we were young, we could only see these powerhouses on videos. But they can get close to them at a young age. This edification is different.

When they grow up to our age, [Young and vicious, a bright future] they will definitely be much better than us. [12 hours left for “Street Dance of China 4” opening dance] Listen carefully, kids. Let’s invite kids [“Street Dance of China 4”rehearsal scene] of “Let’s Dance 2”.

[“Street Dance of China 4”rehearsal scene] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. You went forward again. Get back and once again. When you come to the stage, Where is the fixed point? The first row, Cupcake. Take a look. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

[Many problems with opening dance] Niuniu. Niuniu. You can’t make more mistakes. Nuonuo, be serious. Liu Xinrui, more inside. Use all your power. [Every time the action is not up to standard] We dance very irregularly now.

[Care about every detail before coming to the stage] So I think that we still need [Care about every detail before coming to the stage] to practice more. When it was singing “oh my God”, you were outside the screen. You were standing outside the screen. Everyone ran here after you.

I have always emphasized that [The strictness will become the perfection on stage] the most important thing in routine [The strictness will become the perfection on stage] is neatness. It is challenging for them to dance neatly. After all, our time is very tight.

The same move now is completely irregular. [Clarity becomes the biggest problem] You didn't dance well here today. Go back to practice now. When practicing dance, we kept optimizing the moves.

So we repeated and repeated Maybe kids danced so many times and were tired. [6 hours left for “Street Dance of China 4” opening dance] [Kids teach each other] Cross the loop over the head. [Kids teach each other] It was pretty good last time. But you do this again this time. [Meticulous Mr. Lei] You did this last time.

I am going to collapse. [We are a collective] Because I want to dance well. [To share happiness together, but also to take responsibility together] So I am a little worried. It should be like this.

Not this. Like this. What’s the difference? Huge difference. [Time is running out] You are like this.

[Counseling becomes rigorous] It is like this. Master, Leilei is crying. He is crying. [Self-blame] I taught him many times. I can't teach him at all.

[Responsibility fills the eager heart] I was so anxious that I cried. [Just want to make the stage perfect] I was thinking, how could we perform on stage in that situation? Why is that dance so hard? Difficult from beginning to end. Have you learned it now? [So hard] No. Well. I can’t learn it. [10 minutes left for “Street Dance of China 4” opening dance] Remember.

When you stand in front me, I will say three, two, one. [Advice before going on stage] Look at me. [Advice before going on stage] Hello, captains.

Hello, brothers and sisters. Okay. I think the kids just have to show.

Whether you dance well or not, you should be brave enough to dance. The biggest reason is that kids need to face such challenges. Mr. Han Yu. Come on. Let’s get it. Show the best of ourselves. I can’t believe I will dance on the stage of "Street Dance of China” I'm so nervous.

This is "Street Dance of China”. We are not going to show our parents but to show four masters and all powerhouses. I'm afraid I can't dance well.

I'm in the first row. Okay, one, two, three. Come on. Come on. Come on.

One, two, three. [Morale up] Come on. I am more nervous than when I myself am on stage. I am happy for them and a little nervous.

I want to show their good side to everyone. [“Street Dance of China 4” Recording Scene] That’s all for [“Street Dance of China 4” Recording Scene] the first half of global elite competition of “Street Dance of China 4”. Now we will introduce a new force to let everyone feel the power of youth. Stand directly at the anchor point.

Stand directly at the anchor point. So cute. One, two, three. [Cheer up before the game. Come on!] Come on. [Cheer up before the game. Come on!] Let’s go.

Come on. So cute. [“I have super powers when I dance” Singer: Qiao Shan, Ding Zeren, Han Yu, Li Zixuan, Huang Xiao, Ke Junquan]] [So cute] [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training]

[Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] Thank you, Mr. Qiao Shan. Mr. Han Yu. Mr. Huang Xiao. Mr. Ding Zeren. [Perfect ending] And kids.

[Perfect ending] Thank you. Come on. Three, two, one. Hello, captains. Hello, brothers and sisters. How do the captains feel after watching the kids’ performance? They dance well at a young age. Amazing.

I just saw someone doing headspin. Did anyone do headspin? [Lai mode to wake up…] Once again. [Lai mode to wake up…] One more. It was great. [When the music is on, Xiang Sir appears] [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training]

What? [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] Happy. Happy, come on. [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] [Show you my happiness] Okay, thanks. The latter kid is Yang Kai’s student.

And Jie. Isn’t that Suosuo? Isn't this your son, Jie? Yes, he is. You are so alike. Can you stand together? So alike. [Copy and paste] Exactly the same.

He has gagteeth. Not at all. Let's ask the referees how they feel after watching it. Honestly, one of my favorite part about the show is [Phippip Chbeeb: Referee] all of different generations get to come together [The choreographer of the movie "Step Up", WOD] and inspire each other.

This year more than any other years. You have legends, you have veterans, you have heroes and you have the future. All in the same place inspiring all of us.

So for me it’s like my favorite part about seeing all of you is that it inspires me to see what you are capable of and I see how this culture is growing. So, that’s the beauty of all of this for me. So, thank you for that. I am really happy to see that. [Icee: referee. Global Competition Referee] Really happy to see some young people

[Won all the hiphop championship grand slams in the world] can do street dancing, particularly the locking. Because this is one dancing we don’t see a lot in some countries. Now it’s more like hiphop.

But for me it’s really good because locking will not die with them. [Locking is guarded by me] They will continue. Keep it. And for me that’s the future. You have to keep going and share it. Thank you.

[Tonygogo: referee, one of the founders of street dance] Hello. [Michael Jackson's Choreographer 2019 France JD World Street Dance Competition Locking Champion] May I ask how old is the first B-boy? Six. He has rhythm, technique, personality. Everything that we have, he has. And he’s receiving all of that from all of us. And I just want to say thank you, everybody.

Please keep it up. Because this is our future. Thank you. I want to say that they are China’s new force, the future of Chinese street dance.

Kids, you should stick to this love and continue to grow up happily. Come on. I think what they have been training [Pass the flame] and experiencing is exactly what I need to experience at this moment.

I also hope that I can be an example for them and enjoy the process of the next training camp. In fact, they know that many foreign powerhouses are here today. Although they are young, they start to watch videos of all dancers from now on. I think their dream is to come here to perform for all the dancers. [The new power of street dance, the future is up to you] I hope all of you [The new power of street dance, the future is up to you] can give them more encouragement and support.

[The new power of street dance, the future is up to you] Because dance gives them strength. [The new power of street dance, the future is up to you] You gave them strength. Thank you. The love for street dance kids show in "Let’s Dance” makes us adults quite moved. I feel that everyone has a different attitude towards expressing love for this world. Maybe the way they love the world is street dance.

I hope that the kids will always dance happily and in good health, and face the future life actively and bravely. Thank you. This part of “Street Dance of China” is really marvellous.

Those on the stage are the future of Chinese street dance. Those in the audience are the present of Chinese street dance. [Younger generation is up] These two space-time [Dance for love] gathers in parallel in the central square.

Thank you all for getting together in such an environment. This is the power of street dance. This is the power of love. Thank you all.

Thank you for the wonderful performance. Bye. I think their performance today is particularly perfect. Growth is regardless of age. Naturally there are people who dance well and not well. But every improvement of the kids is worthy of praise.

For me, it doesn’t matter whether you dance well, or whether you can become a top dancer. The key to enjoy the joy that dance brings you. I feel routine a great fun. I cheered myself up in my heart while dancing. I feel recognized by the captains.

And I think I'm great. [Experience is the biggest gain] Perfect. So happy. It's time for us to prepare for tomorrow's graduation ceremony, okay? Okay. Sure. [After the journey to realize dreams, clean up your mood and keep going] Okay, let's go back and rest.

[Graduation Ceremony Day] [Parents come to support] Let’s welcome five masters of “Let’s Dance”. Han Yu, Huang Xiao, Ding Zeren, Li Zixuan, Qiao Shan. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the scene of the graduation ceremony of “Let’s Dance 2”.

Many audience came to the scene today. Meanwhile, the parents of students also came to the scene. I am a little nervous after you said it. Don’t be nervous, Niuniu’s mom. Niuniu looks like his mother. No.

What is the theme of today's graduation ceremony? The theme is I have super powers when I dance. [Graduation Ceremony Theme: "I have super powers when I dance"] Speaking of super powers, Let’ welcome kids with super powers. Little heroes.

[Make a stage pose, little protagonists] Now our protagonists are on the stage. 14 kids. After this period of living together, [Secretly glance at mother] they came to the stage today. Kids. [Come on] Are you happy? [Happy] Yes! OK, kids and masters please return to your positions. Take a seat.

Okay, what is the first performance? Mr. Han. He stood up. So itch to try. [Is it that obvious?] Mr. Han will lead Yoyo, Shusuo, Ruirui, Wang Hongri and Lailai to bring you a cool show. “Powerful Kids”.

Please. Hiphop. Come on. Come on. Come on, Suosuo. [“Powerful Kids” Performers: Han Yu, Wang Hongri, Suosuo, Lai Kaixiang, Yoyo, Liu Xinrui] Mr. Han Yu. [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training]

Mr. Han Yu. "Waterloo" of life. A very exciting show.

Mr. Han's Thomas in this dance is very good. [Thomas will always be a hinder] Does your ass hurt? When the kids first entered the training camp, there was a teacher-student battle. Lailai defeated Mr. Han Yu. After that, I decided that in this season of training camp, I will learn breaking with Lailai.

The most funny thing is that he doesn't teach me. He was afraid that I would steal his skills. I used to be… And you should teach me breaking here. [Teaching casually] One, two, three, four, five.

Dance, man. Or how could I know the dance moves? [After class] He stole my skills. [Downhearted] What else? [Downhearted] He can’t learn it. [Downhearted] Who is he? [Downhearted] Mr. Han Yu.

Since parents are here, let’s have fun. Just do a complete one, okay? [Man, you must be embarrassing me] Okay. Great. Well, I will do once more. But it will still be a half round. Two halves make a complete one. [There are always more solutions than difficulties] All right.

[Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] [It hurts] And then hold here, right? [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] Right? Clip the video together to make a complete round. [Satisfy the Thomas dream of Mr. Han] [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training] [Oneiromancy moment] Mr. Han Yu can only play Thomas half a round.

[I generally don’t tell others this secret] Why can others do Thomas, but we can't? Lailai, can you explain to us what's our problem? Too fat. [Children say what they like. Don’t get angry] That Thomas is so funny. He is so fat. Lailai. Xiang sir.

Are you afraid that I will steal your skills? Well, the show was very exciting. Is Mr. Han Yu satisfied with the kids’ performance in this work just now? I am very satisfied.

They recorded the show with me for a whole season. I rarely let them release themselves completely. Hiphop requires you to show your own personality and characteristics. It’s okay to dance how you want, whatever expressions you have. I wish the same to them while dancing in the future. As long as they want to learn to dance, just do it and not be afraid.

That’s the meaning. [Keep in love and move forward] Good. Mr. Han Yu considers himself

the brother of the kids in the training camp. But the kids named him "Godzilla". He is very serious and scary in training. No.

No, look at Suosuo. Finally someone can clarify for me. Explain for me. Mr. Han Yu taught us seriously in class. We are sometimes disobedient. And he will scold us.

But I think it good. Great. Yoyo, what do you think of Mr. Han Yu? Mr. Han Yu is very strict. When we practice moves, as long as we listen carefully to what Mr. Han Yu says, we won't be scolded by him.

We won't be scolded. Mr. Han Yu, don't be so fierce. You are cute when not fierce. [I will think about it seriously] Mr. Han Yu once had ten individual lessons. Do you remember? None of the kids chose these ten individual lessons. Mr. Han Yu,

among these 14 kids, who do you want to give these ten individual lessons to? [Kids with a subtle look] Don't choose me. Don't choose me. [Welcome Party] Did you make a mistake? Okay, ten individual lessons are yours. The kids look solemn. Let’s do this.

No matter where you are, I will bear your food, lodging and transportation expenses. Is that okay? [Delighted parents] You are very excited. But they must be thinking: I don’t want it.

Give it to Yoyo. [Director handing the microphone] Yoyo, take it. Well, whoever takes the microphone… [Put it in his hand] Well, I… I don’t want it. Well. I will choose one. Okay, you choose one.

He is a kid eager to excel in my heart. And he works hard. It's just that sometimes, he is a little fragile inside. [Winning keyword: fragile] Fragile. [Winning keyword: fragile] I know who you are talking about. [Happy is now a little unhappy] Is that you, Happy? Happy isn’t fragile at all.

Happy, I am strong now. I am strong. That kid should be in our row. Okay, stand and close your eyes. I will hold his hand. Count down 10 seconds.

Three, two, one, start. [Who will spend ten happy hours with Mr. Han?] Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Look how happy he is. Let me ask you.

Are you happy? No. I am almost limp. Ten hours of individual lessons. How long will it last? Till tomorrow? [It’s only twenty-four hours a day] Ten hours of individual lessons are given to Yoyo. Because this kid is potential. I should let him grow up well.

Yes. Well, thank you so much, Mr. Han Yu. Please go back to the team and rest. The next is "My Future Pose" by Mr. Huang Xiao, Mr. Ding

and Ms. Douzi. Welcome. Come on. Come on. ["My Future Pose" Performers: Huang Xiao, Ding Zeren, Li Zixuan, Zhou Zheyu, Yang Jinghan, Wang Hongri] Okay, do you have any impressive memories when you are with the kids? What impressed me is that my first work in “Let’s Dance” was completed with the three of them.

[As our fate connects the whole story] Until the last dance, [As our fate connects the whole story] the three of them still dance with me. I see them make progress step by step. These are all improvements. Great.

I have learned a lot from kids during this period. This dance was choreographed by Mr. Xiao. After they finish learning, they taught us when we came. [Both friend and mentor, learn from each other] During this process, [Both friend and mentor, learn from each other] I feel that they grow up, and they can also be teachers.

It is a good opportunity whether for us or for the kids. Thank you, Ms. Douzi. Mr. Ding. After coming here to get along with the kids, I feel that it is not only in dance, but our training camp teaches the kids [Getting along is the most precious memory when growing up] how to be responsible and to unite. The meaning of this dance is a mirror.

We are echoing each other. Kids are like us who chased our dreams when we were young. What we map is how kids fight for their dreams after they grow up. [Leave the most impressive work] Hope you all like it. Please go back to your seat and rest. Thanks.

The next show is amazing. Glutton spirit, glutton soul. Gluttons need pots to eat. You did my job. Sit next to Mr. Han. Okay, in the next show, Mr. Ding will lead Niuniu, Wang Chun and Leilei

perform a daily life of gluttons in the camp. Please. Come on, Niuniu.

Come on, Leilei, Wang Chun. [“Daily life of gluttons” Performers: Ding Zeren, Niuniu, Leilei, Wang Chun] Do you want a golden rice bowl or a silver rice bowl? A great piece of dance. Very close to life. Mr. Ding. Niuniu's role is very mysterious, holding a golden bowl and a silver bowl. What is his identity? Niuniu is our Glutton God.

He took two rice bowls to give us energy so that we have the strength to dance. That’s it. Niuniu himself has a solo performance. There is a special line in Niuniu's solo. Niuniu, do you remember? I am the best.

Louder. [I am the best] I am the best. Much louder. [I am the best] I am the best. Next is the handsome boy Wang Chun. Chunchun, I need to talk to you.

There is a story between Wang Chun and Mr. Ding. Mr. Ding, say it yourself. In fact, I was surprised after coming to the training camp. Because I used to think I was different. Because when I was young, I liked reptiles, such as lizards, spiders, and snakes.

But other friends said I was strange. How could you like these? But for me, they don’t understand these things and cannot get their beauty and charm. I met Wang Chun after I came here. [You seem to be another little myself] I feel like I found another me.

We find each other congenial. I think Wang Chun is a caring child. He is warm. Although he doesn't talk much, he keeps everything in his mind.

I remember that when the door of the training camp was closed, he cried into tears. He hates to part with everything here. So, warm boy, come on. Keep going. [Warm boy Wang Chun wants to give his beloved lizard to Mr. Ding]

Chunchun, tell us. [Mr. Ding, we meet again!] Why do you give this gift to Mr. Ding? Because Mr. Ding likes lizards. This should be Rhacodactylus. [On the first day, got closer because of the lizard] Yes, Rhacodactylus ciliatus.

Mr. Ding also likes houses in Shanghai and Beijing. Well… [Mr. Ding says it’s not as good as the lizard in front] You will give both of them to him? [Yes or no] [Both] Both.

Both. Well, let’s applaud for Wang Chun. Leilei.

Leilei is fierce. In this show, Leilei is the one with the strongest desire to battle. What’s your little goal? He said, “I’ll definitely be the No.1 popping dancer in Northeast China.” Are there any wishes you haven’t realized in this show? Battle. With whom? Mr. Ding.

Mr. Ding. So abrupt. It comes to battle suddenly. You didn’t give master any time to prepare.

You don’t take care about “old people”. I failed in the battle with Mr. Ding at the first time. I wanna wipe out the disgrace.

I have to win this time. [I’m not careless anymore] Come on, Leilei. Long, drop the beat. Leilei, how’s it? Are you satisfied? Yes. Is there anything you want to say to masters? Thank you masters for letting me be moderate and mild.

I usually got mad when I battle before. He’s a battlesome guy. He’s aggressive in competition.

Yes, yes. [Be a mature Leilei] Leilei, keep going, Ok? Keep on dancing. I believe that with practice, you will definitely be the No.1 rapper in Northeast China. OK? [Forgive me the reader] Not rapper. Popping dancer. Leilei is good this time.

He enjoys music. And he can understand the music with a deep sense. I’m satisfied with his performance this time. [Private talking] Wang Chun came and told me something.

Maybe…I don’t know. There’s an accident. [An accident?] Speak it by yourself, Wang Chun. I want to give Mr. Ding one lizard. [Go back on his word?] Two lizards are too much. He wants to give me only one.

It’s meaningful. It’s meaningful. Cuz if you gave all the lizards to me, we may lose connect. So he has to keep one. And I keep another. [Master understands you] It’s just like the telephone wire.

[Master understands you] There’s a line in between, so that we’re connected. Do you mean that? [You think too much] No. No, right? OK, thank you. Thank you Mr. Ding, Leilei and Wang Chun.

Next let’s enjoy a touching performance by Yang Jinghan, Cupcake and Douzi. Day Lily. Let’s applaud. They’re here to acting. It’s like a sketch.

[Day Lily Performer: Li Zixuan, Cupcake, Yang Jinghan] [Dangerous dance moves. [Don’t imitate without professional training] [You companied me to grow up. I’ll company to getting old] Let’s applaud. Thank you. A piece of touching dance.

Also we saw a flexible old lady. Zixuan, why do you choose this piece of dance? Comparing to other performances, Maybe this performance is not easy for the kids to understand the feeling presently. But I was pushed by my mom to learn dancing when I was little.

I didn’t get it. I just felt that my mom was so strict with me, wondering if she disliked me? But when I grew up, I realized that parents are reluctant and distressed when they push you to study. So I chose this dance.

I hope that when the kids grow up and look back at the party, they know that, don’t forget to take care of parents and family when you chase after your dreams. Cuz only with them be at our back, We can [Only parents’ love] chase after our dreams bravely. [are endless and limitless] Yes, very good. By this performance, I hope parents can feel love and that their kids are loved when they see it. And kids know that parents love us so much.

I hope I can deliver more energy by this work. I hope people can feel more love. I’ve noticed that many parents are emotional. There’s a master of us is also crying. The weak Mr. Han Yu. Tell us why you’re so emotional? So hateful. You play the music.

Come on, Han Yu. We’ve been practicing on this work these days. But we didn’t practice it together.

I haven’t seen it. It’s my first time seeing the complete version. Me and other masters all leave our parents at a young age.

We got out to study, work or chase after our dreams. It seems that we are all quite successful now. But there’re something that make me feel regret. I think… If it’s possible, I’ll spend more time with my family. I think this work is good.

Everyone, especially the parents watching the performance, has so much feeling. Jinghan, what’s your feeling about this work? It shows parents’ love for kids. No matter bad-tempered or gentle your parents are, no matter in anger or in normal, they always love you. They always love you.

And no matter what, kids love you. Cupcake, what’s your feeling about the work? About this work, Cupcake. [Puzzled] [Cute] What do you want to say to your mom, Cupcake? Where’s your mom? Cupcake’s mom? Mom, I love you. Good. What do you feel about the performance, Cupcake’s mom? I don’t want her to grow up.

Don’t want her to grow up. Yes. Apart from that, is there anything else? [Who’s crying?] What’s wrong with you, Leilei? [The sudden thunderstorm] Leilei’s crying. I don’t get it, Leilei. What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong? Tell me. What’s wrong.

Crying. Leilei, come here. I have to get you here. I want to talk about it. Tell me, what’s wrong? Nothing. Then why are you crying? What’s wrong? Do you think of your parents? Or, your kids in the future? What’s that? You have to tell me.

My parents. You parents. Well, tell us. When I watch the performance, Touch guy. I wanna be at Niuniu’s age. I wanna be 2 or 3 again and be well-behaved.

You’re already good, Leilei. And not let my parents worry about me. There’s still time. Listen.

You don’t have to come back to 2 or 3 years old. You can be well-behaved from now on, don’t get your parents worried, OK? It’s enough, OK? [There’s still time] Learn dance and study hard. [Your life just starts] Be a good man in the future, OK? OK? OK.

OK. Thank you, Douzi. Thank you, the kids. At the end of our commencement, there’s an amazing performance for the parents, the morning exercise dance.

Let’s go! [Morning Exercise Dance Performers: Suosuo, Yoyo, Liu Xinrui, Wang Chun, Wang Hongri] [Yang Jinghan, Zhou Zheyu, Cupcake, Lai Kaixiang, Happy, Nuonuo, Ruyi, Niuniu, Leilei] The kids were in a good arrangement and in high spirit. But they’re not like that when they just came to the camp. Look at the screen and see what’s your first version of this dance, OK? OK. Come on.

[Four months ago] There really is. Oh my God. So lovely.

You’re so lovely. Zheyu, happy birthday. I see me at home. It sucks.

I dance at home dressed up with pajamas and slippers. It’s so shameful. When I saw the video of the kids learning the morning exercise dance, they just wear pajamas.

A group of little kids dancing. And today, their states are completely different. After the training, the kids are all grown up. The training is coming to the end. What do you gain in the camp? Jinghan, you first. I learnt many new master strokes.

I take care of Cupcake and Niuniu. I’ve become more caring. What about Zheyu? I can live independently. I learnt more types of dance. I also learnt some master strokes.

I learnt many master strokes. I learnt many types of dance. I made lots of friends. and I learnt many types of dance.

Right? And I have heavier Northeast accent. [Thank you my buddy in Northeast] [You’re welcome, buddy] I and Wang Chun and Leilei. They’re all from Northeast.

Lailai, talk about it. What did you gain? I don’t know. Don’t know? Didn’t you receive anything here? [I’m too young to understand] No. No. Niuniu. Did you gain anything in the camp? No.

[I’m even younger] Kids, please come back to your seats. After watching the performance, do you have any feelings, masters? From the perspective of performance, They have a tacit understanding to each other. Having spending a long time together, they trust each other. So when I see this, I feel that the kids really treat each other as the family. I’m happy about it. Our time together is so nice.

They’re so young, I don’t know if they’ll remember anything about this period of time. But when they’re at our age at look back at these videos, I believe they’ll be touched. And they’ll think of many things. Well, Mr. Han. Well, hold on. Before I talk. Come on, sit well.

Still teaching. Mr Han is being strict. Sit well, draw your legs and stretch your back. [Conditional reflex] I think they have improved and grown up.

But I don’t think it’s enough. I’ve been always strict. Maybe some parents think this is good.

Also some parents may think it’s not right. But I think being strict with them when they’re little can protect them from suffering setbacks in the society when they’re grown up. So I’m being this kind of teacher. So I don’t think they’re enough.

But today is the commencement, we have to be happy. Time really flies. I remember, Han Yu.

When we come to pick the kids. Do you remember it? Niuniu ride a case in the shape of a motorbike. Are you Niuniu? I asked him. Are you riding on the motorbike. Your case is cool. Motorbike, right? He said, can’t you tell it’s a case? It’s not a motorbike? What’s that? It must be a case.

I remember Suosuo. Suosuo was so confident then. I asked who dance better, you or your dad? Me.

I asked who is more handsome, you or your dad? Me. I saw you taking photos yesterday. You look so like your dad. He is not handsome as me. Really? What about the dance? Who is cooler, you or your dad? Me. You again? Yes.

Seeing them like this, we’re happy. Kids, do you remember that we ate the cake when you come here at the first day? Yes. Today. Cake again. There’s still a cake in the commencement.

Well, I’ll take it out. [Happy graduation day, kids] Welcome to the camp, kids. [Happy graduation day] Happy graduation day. Masters.

What? We have gifts for you. You have gifts for us? [The kids prepared gifts secretly] Do you know that? No. No.

Is this planned? Do you know this? I have no idea. I don’t know, either. I don’t know that.

What’s that? Thanks, Leilei, it’s colorful. This is. You said you made clothes before.

The clothes with “Lei” on it, right? This is Leilei’s individual brand. There’s a character “Lei” on it. “Coat armor” “Lei” [Lei] [Leilei sets up his business] Leilei, you come here to advertise, right? Thank you, Leilei.

He has settled the colors. I give the masters the “coat armor”. When they dress on it, “Lei” will remind them of me. Thank you, Leilei. Thank you, Leilei. Who wrote this? We together.

You wrote it together. Thank you. [The kids worked together to paint a picture for each master] I painted. I wrote the words. You painted.

[Mr. Ding] Did you paint this? This is lizards. [The day before the commencement] How to spell washing hairs? Write “washing hairs” for me.

I painted it with Happy. I see your signature. I don’t know they have prepared such surprises. It’s so considerate. At the same time, it’s funny. There maybe a bit disputes when they painted this.

It writes, “Mr. Xiao, I don’t paint this way, Zheyu forbids me to.” Suosuo wrote “you’re also handsome”. Did I compliment you before? Do you mean that? No. I wrote before “Mr. Ding is handsome”

[Please read in sequence] And me? No. You don’t have. [I shouldn’t have asked] Niuniu wrote, [Mr. Qiao] What does it mean? “Don’t make troubles, OK?” What troubles did I make? [What is “making troubles”] I wrote “Mr. Qiao, don’t go, OK?”

[zuo] [zou] Jinghan wrote, “Sorry for forgetting your name when we met at the first day.” Never mind. [The first day] Hello, masters. [The first day] Do you know who I am? I seemed to see you on TV, but I forget. You’ve seen me on TV. Reading the messages and paints, I feel so happy.

Ruyi said, Mar. Qiao taught me to tie my shoes. Place them together. Drag it. [Tie the shoes by himself for the first time with master’s help] Right? See? It’s OK. Lailai wrote, Mr. Xiao, thank you for washing hairs for me. Xiang Sir learnt to wash hairs by himself now.

Really? He learnt after you helped him that time. [Washing hairs by himself for the first time with master’s help] I didn’t expect that I can affect them. I think this is the unexpected gain. Yangyang painted a small person.

He tagged it with “Yang”. And there’s another person with a football on his feet. He tagged it with “Han”.

I played football with him once. [Playing football with strict master] Just playing football. Such a small thing made them so happy. They may remember it for a long time. Dear Douzi.

In such a short time, we shoot for MV together, measured giraffe’s height. See how high it is. Over five meters. We flew a kite together.

So high. We baked pancakes together. So high. Come and bake the pancake with me.

[In the camp, we experienced so much “first time”] We’re going to be apart soon. I hope you’ll never forget me. Jinghan. [We’re going to be apart. The memories linger] OK, I won’t forget. Mine is interesting. the first sight is the Ultraman.

There’s the light. I want to tell the kids you have to believe in the light. What is the light? [You can always believe in the light. With light in mind, you’ll be the light] Light is the hope and dream.

I hope the kids can keep their passion to dance. Remember the passion. Cuz in the future, there’re many setbacks and difficulties.

I hope they can turn their passion into power to counter back all the difficulties. We have a certificate for graduation, right? Chen Xinhui. I graduated so soon. I miss everyone. Wang Hongri. One month is so quick.

I want another 10-month camp. Yang Jinghan. There’s no pity. Cuz every moment in the camp is the happiest time. What does graduation mean? It means, In case of kindergarten, graduation means upgrade [We’re all upgraded] I’m a five-year-old big boy now.

I’m so capable. I’ll come back later. I’ll battle with Mr. Han. When I’m 20, he’ll be 50. [Dangerous dance moves. Don’t imitate without professional training]

I’ll prepare 100 master strokes next time. Mr. Han Yu, I’ll remember you. Don’t eat too much food with heavy fat.

[Master Thomas] I’ll keep on practice and become better. [Dangerous dance moves.] I’ll also win the champion [Don’t imitate without professional training] just like my dad. I’ll win more than him. I’ll be the future of Chinese street dance. Let’s Dance.

[Happy graduation day] Happy graduation day. [Hope our friendship never come to the end] [We’ll be better when we meet the next time] [12:00 in every Tuesday, watch the complete version on Youku] [More materials on line] [Camp Education Lesson] By coming to the Street Dance of China, [Dance] the kids met a new world. They communicate with stronger dancers.

This is also a kind of study. In this process, [Dangerous dance moves.] Good dancers show the kids [Don’t imitate without professional training] their good dance. The kids are inspired silently to become better. Just like planting a root for dreams in their minds.

And one day it will be the harvest.

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