ENG SUB【我们这十年】第16集:一日三餐 | 侯勇、焦俊艳主演 | Our Times EP16: Three Meals a Day

ENG SUB【我们这十年】第16集:一日三餐 | 侯勇、焦俊艳主演 | Our Times EP16: Three Meals a Day

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[Our Times] [Three Meals a Day] [Episode 04] How does it go like this? We've decided to share the expenses equally! But it finally makes our director pay for it. Oh, come on. We should listen to the leader. General Office Liu, is the standard still 100 yuan per person this time? Well, as you're close to Manager Cai, ask her to make us a delicious meal.

You're too bold! How dare you ask him to treat! You don't want your job? What are you talking about? So busy. Director. They all want you to treat. We don't! Just kidding. I see. I'm quite special at the time so we have to report the meal to our unit tomorrow.

Please be at ease. We'll report tomorrow. - Yun. - Hello. What are you doing here? What's the standard? Same as Director Zou's. Go to do it. That's too high.

Send it to Yan Weimin's room later. Forget it. I'll send it myself. Nuts? To hold a tea party? Help yourself to drink. Director Yan.

I have a better choice. Mingli. Come and have a try. Home-made local spirit! Let me pour for you.

Mei, come and open it. Okay. - Let's try? - Okay. I can smell its bouquet.

So do I. A strong bouquet. Smells so good. Dad. What's going on? Where are you now? I'm now with my co-workers. What's the matter? Hold on.

Let me show you something. National Discipline Supervision Department published an online message of 10 typical cases which violate the Party's eight-point frugality code. The first case is about the vice governor of Heilongjiang, Fu Xiaoguang, consuming public funds to drink for private. His heavy drinking caused accompanying people, one dead and one wounded.

Via the investigation of CCDI, CPC has decided to give him disciplinary action of placing him on probation within the Party for one year, and remove him from the vice governor rank to department rank. He becomes the first vice governor rank officer who violates the code. Hello? Yes. Go ahead.

On Weibo? Send it to my WeChat. Okay. General Office! Smells so good! Come on.

Thank you. Come and have a try. It's a homemade local spirit.

Smells so amazing. - Give me your glass. - Okay, enough. Sirs, do you like it? Director Yan, come and have a try. Try some spirit. Sirs.

I want to take the chance to say something. Director Yan canvassed votes for me. Without him, I couldn't have the chance to contribute my power here. So I want to drink a toast to Director Yan. Could you please drink with me? Okay. Cheers.

I'm afraid to tell you we cannot... have the meal this time. - General Office. - Director Yan! Please sit down and wait for a while. Did I say anything wrong? Yan! Bai asked me to have a meal with them. I can't say it gets me into trouble.

At first, I couldn't know the reason. I didn't use public funds or others' money but why did they stop my promotion and give me a warning? Later on, I finally got the idea. The reason why they invited me is because I'll be a director. No corruption doesn't mean you won't err.

In the wine glass they give you, it might not be good wine, sometimes it is narcotic and sometimes it may be poison. Different people and things will cause diverse results. Negligence may let you ignore small matters while small matters are what we cannot be reckless. I used to think I only need to pay attention to principles. Anyhow, it shows that trivia needs my attention too. Dad.

Your video call is timely. Two steamed vermicelli rolls. Menu, please.

It's still hot. - Here you are. - Thank you. Help yourself. - A take-out plain roll. - I see. I've had three dishes.

My belly can't stand it anymore. Miss Ding. I haven't come here recently because I felt sorry for Yan. I feel guilty for him. Anyhow, if I don't come to meet him, then I can't rest assured. He didn't blame you.

Besides, he said it's his son's fault that delayed Xiaobai's progress. Look at his awareness. I'm ashamed. Cai Yun is the unluckiest one.

She didn't earn much from such a grand restaurant. but it has brought her two troubles. She has no choice but to invite her customers in. You two are both here. I brought someone here today.

I bring you here to try Wuwei's food. This is Yan's son, Bai's leader. Nice to meet you, Uncle Bai. Nice to meet you, Aunt Caixian. My dad always mentions you to me. Let's sit down.

Sit down. He's just our junior. Have a seat. - Director Yan... - Call him Weimin. Yes, Weimin. It sounds amiable. I see.

Weimin. It delayed your promotion. - I feel so sorry... - Uncle Bai. Everything has two sides.

It teaches me a lesson. And I should take it. So does Bai. You're right. It's an impressive lesson. But it will warn other comrades not to violate it.

That's its value. See. He's so conscious. No wonder he could be a director. Director? He received not a commission but a warning.

Yan. How can you blame him like that? - Uncle Wuwei. - Sit down. Come and sit. - Here you are. - Chang. We didn't order these. Did you mistake? He sends them to you.

Try some as it's still hot. Turnip with fried eggs is my new dish. Have a try.

Okay. So nice. So fresh. And a bite of steamed roll. Go ahead. The key is there.

Uncle Wuwei. What magic did you use? It makes my dad come here every day. It tastes indeed so nice. You're flattering. We shouldn't be fastidious with food for its usage is to fill our stomachs. When we're full, we want to try something flavored.

Nowadays, we're full and we can have flavored food so we want to find something beautiful. His steamed rice noodle rolls complete them all. You're flattering. We're here not only to satisfy our appetite but also to appreciate beauty. How does the song sing? We're waiting in lines to find fine views. Two, three.

Hello. - Four. - That's it. Old Vinegar comes. Hi. Director Yan.

I've never thought you're Old Vinegar. - So do I. - Director Yan. Weimin. Do you also know him? Of course. He's... I'm Uncle Yan's friend.

Also Uncle Wuwei's customer. Enjoy yourselves. I need to talk to Old Vinegar first. Okay. Let's eat. So nice.

As we don't get Culture Management Bureau's appraisal report, Old Street can't continue to construct. I asked them about it yesterday. They said... it could come out in three or four days. Old Vinegar.

Can you tell me the final card? It won't harm your job, right? We've confirmed that there must be a historic site under it. So the next must be its excavation and protection. But... if so, Old Street can't be renovated anymore.

It will cost huge losses. I don't think so. Our panel has an idea.

We suggest to cover the under one with a glass fiber-reinforced plastic hood. It's a new idea. If so, it can not only protect the relic but also let people above the ground feel its past history.

Great. An awesome creative idea. Simple originality improves its cultural content. Good. Old Vinegar is so prudent. We don't know his job yet.

It doesn't matter. The key is he could judge the occasion properly all the time. It's an uneasy thing. I think he's reliable. Wuwei's good business should owe to his good idea. Last time, he also gave me another idea.

What is it? I know. Thank you so much. Bye.

They need to adjust it a little. It will come out tomorrow. Great! Let me treat you to a drink! Where? Uncle Yan is still waiting for us.

I forget about it as I'm too happy. As soon as we get the feasibility report, we'll go to complete its procedures at once. The whole city is now rectifying government work style. It's more simple to finish now.

Every part can be done at Administrative Service Hall. It can be completed in one day with all materials. I'm Yan Weimin. I see. What's going on? A developer of the Old Street project is in trouble.

No business. Still playing games? What's wrong with you? Yun doesn't answer my call so why are you still in the vein for playing? I have no other choice. Uncle Wuwei.

Uncle Wuwei. Uncle Cai... Yun hasn't come back yet.

She answered my message. She's busy outside. And she asked you to rest early. Uncle Wuwei. Is she okay? Of course, she's fine! Take it easy! Go ahead! Uncle Wuwei.

Will she keep on operating the restaurant? Will she? Yes! Of course! How can she stop? Go to rest early. Okay. Hear it? Yes. If so, complete your job at once. Dad. It's too late.

Just come back. Go to sleep then. Let me do it. It's been used for over 40 years? Far more than that.

I remember your grandpa used it in your childhood. He told me his dad, your grand grandpa, collected the stone in the mountain and made it himself. Our good business... should thank to not only good rice but also the stone mill, right? Of course. As the mill has been used for a long time, two stones could work well together and they know how to grind out the aroma of various kinds of rice. Sounds like they have gnosis.

Of course, they have. Both the stone mill and the rice. So mysterious. Think of it. Rice grows from soil or water.

Some become cooked rice, some become congee and some become rice rolls and rice sausages. As these kinds of rice come to our home, it's our fate. So we should cherish it. We can't slight them. Soak them properly, mill into rice syrup, and steam into rice rolls. Gaining customers' love is their best fate.

Just like what was in my childhood. We peddled in the streets and alleys. White as snow! Our tender rice rolls! White as snow! Our tender rice rolls! Egg rice rolls. Lean rice rolls. Pork rice rolls.

Egg rice rolls. Rice rolls! Rice rolls! Add some more. When you told me Fang Mingli met something, I thought it was not bad for you to take the lesson. You won't be influenced by him.

The Party's eight-point frugality code is not only a magic formula but also an amulet for officers. Mortgage it. Give back Fang Mingli's investment.

I've thought of it. I can sublet the restaurant. No.

We have the staff, the place and the skills, so we can run it ourselves. The scale is too large. I'm afraid we can't support it.

I'm with you. Nice! Congratulations! Great! [Three Meals a Day] Congratulations! Make a pile! Congratulations! Awesome! Congratulations to Uncle Wuwei! Nice! Thanks. Thank you so much.

Thank you! Here you are. Thank you. Thanks. Bye bye. Uncle Cai.

Our restaurant has changed a lot! Freshly milled and cooked now. It's up to Chang's idea. He really did it. Uncle Cai. It's not only inheriting but also developing.

That will be nice. My former milling skill cannot make out so much rice syrup. That's it.

Uncle Cai! The soup has been boiled for a long while. Come and have a try. I've changed several food ingredients of the past deluxe one.

Come on. Uncle Cai. The price of the soup used to be 888 yuan. It's cheap now. Only 88 yuan.

Fragrant but not greasy. It's attractive. Good! Kun thought to change a job when he heard the restaurant might quit. It's hard to operate an upscale restaurant. So no one wants to hire a chef like me.

It'll be a pity if your skills are abandoned. An old saying goes "Chef's soup is just like opera's tone." A wonderful stage needs a brilliant tone. If a good restaurant has no chef like you, they can't get a such delicious soup.

Uncle Cai. You need to teach me more homemade dishes. You can't only teach Chang. I'll be jealous. Okay.

Three Meals a Day's development depends on youngsters. Master, let me do it. Your friends are waiting for you. Okay. Come on.

The dish is coming. Have a try. Have a try. - Why? - Just do it. Just rice rolls.

We eat every day. What's the difference? He has his own reason to ask you to try it. How is it? It seems to be different.

More smooth. Wuwei. What skills? I ate so fast. I didn't taste it carefully. Let me try again. Same ingredients but a different milling skill.

Chang made it work with electricity. I'm free now. The rice syrup is more smooth now.

Chang is really a good boy. Good job. If it still needs to be done by hand, how can you suffice your good business? That's it. Come on. We'll drink not only tea but also some spirit today. Okay.

Uncle Cai is so amazing, right? It's good food in real life. By the way, Kun. From Royal Abalone to Three Meals a Day, can you adjust the change? Yes. I used to be a chore man. So do I. I could be at ease when I see the board.

Though we've stayed together to eat it for years, we only drink once a year. Yes. When the Dragon Boat race begins. The Dragon Boat Festival. Mentioning it, I remember Wuwei's energetic look.

He beat the drum at the head of the boat. Strong and powerful. With a gigantic imposing manner. Are you obsessed again? Actually, I'm quite jealous. At that time, I could only stand on the shore and cheer for them.

He's the most outstanding person. It's the past. I'm old now. Old? You can't accept it and do nothing then.

Miss Ding is right. I hope that you can also beat the drum this year. Let me cook my rice rolls. Youngsters can beat the drum.

I'm really old. I almost forget an important thing. What is it? Weimin tells me Old Street Chun Guang Li will open soon. Good news. It's important.

We should celebrate. - Come on. - Uncle Yan. Good news. [Old Street Chun Guang Li Ancient Road Relics] See! They're historical.

It'll be fine to be protected like this. I raise a thrush. I love its broad mind and free soul. Her voice is still good but her figure is not the same. Are you still in a good shape? Just like a tub. Go to have a try.

If so, I'm afraid no one will stay here. It rejoices and jumps. It isn't influenced by its condition. Good! I proclaim that Old Street Chun Guang Li is open. Great! Good! Nice! Let's go. Is it finished? - Go. - Yes.

So simple? What else do you want? You've finished singing. Let's go. Stand in a circle. Sing a song. [The year 2018] They've been together like this every day. So sweet.

It's enviable. Hello. So nice.

They're kissing. - It's really a good day today. - Yes. It's not only Uncle Yan's birthday but also Dragon Boat Festival. Wuwei. I want to book for my birthdays either.

Okay. I'll come here to celebrate my 80th birthday. Okay.

So do I. What are you talking about? Yan! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Wuwei. Three birthday feasts. It's only my joke. Why do you take it seriously? How can I not keep my word? So I must be serious.

Miss Ding and I didn't attend his 60th birthday party. So we can't miss it this time. I agree. Well, the 100th birthday party... Let's talk about it later.

What do you mean? We must attend it! I still want to sing for him. I raise a thrush. I love its broad mind and free soul. So nice! Can you sing it at that time? I still can beat you.

What are you doing? Uncle Yan. The 80th birthday should be solemn but why didn't Director Yan come? He's having a meeting now. So we'll celebrate at home this evening. Just a simple meal. Isn't it Sunday? Why still work? Leaders are not like you. They can't sing all day.

I raise a thrush. You bad boy! It hurts! Uncle Yan. Having a meeting doesn't mean eating nothing.

Besides, only your old friends here. Will it be a mistake for him to celebrate your birthday here? She's right. Celebrating his father's birthday is reasonable. I agree. Then I have a condition. It's your birthday so just go ahead.

We are all old friends. The buzzword now is called "we're family". Right. - Family. - Good.

So it should be a family feast. Then I'll pay the bill. We've decided! It's on me. Then Weimin can't join. Uncle Yan.

You're not an official and have no job now. Why so prudent? I'm a Party member. It's been 60 years. It's really an urgent and temporary task.

All your work is explicit. We must start tomorrow morning. Okay. I won't delay your rest time. The meeting is over. Dad.

Uncles and aunt. My dad cares about you more than me. I'm jealous. Of course. If he didn't come for only one day, we all might get sick because of his absence. I agree.

If one of you is absent, my dad can't work anymore. Good morning. Uncle. Uncle Yan.

I wish you a happy birthday. Thank you so much. Have a seat.

- Sit down. - Come on. Thank you. Old Vinegar.

Thanks. You raise it so well! Where does the one he sent to you? Yes. We haven't seen it for long. It's the one you mention. I'm ashamed to tell you. I didn't look after it well.

Its leaves became yellow under our care. How good it is now! Only its leaves became yellow. I took it back and nursed it for a while.

Then it became better. Brought back to life. Vivacious now. You're resourceful. You're flattering. I just find the problem and then come up with a solution.

What's the problem? And what's your solution? Azalea lives in the south and it likes acidic soil. Spray some aged vinegar onto its root then it can help it resume acid-base equilibrium. When its root is strong, leaves will be luxuriant. Then you can see its red flowers. Vinegar fosters its root. That's it.

Yan. It's your 80th birthday. I'll send it to you.

Anyway, I don't know how to nurse it. Don't worry. As Old Vinegar is here, he could save it by spraying aged vinegar to make it alive. You're flattering me.

No soy sauce. Bring some vinegar, right? It's Uncle Yan's birthday party today. May your fortune be as boundless as the East sea and live a long and happy life. Exactly. [Three Meals a Day] Shande Intangible Cultural Heritage. [The year 2022] Traditional Rice Roll Making Skills.

Hi, everyone. Mei will bring you to experience the atmosphere of our classical brand "Three Meals a Day" in an immersive way. Our customers are dining now.

There are so many customers here. No empty table. - Plain rice roll comes. - Okay. - Please enjoy. - Thank you. Yun.

Under the leadership of the Party, since the 18th National Congress... I've gotten No. 26. Bill, please. National Discipline Supervision Department...

- You're welcome. - Okay. has inspected 4388000 cases and 4709000 people, tackled 723000 cases of violating the Party's eight-point frugality code, and given disciplinary action within the party to 644000 people. Slow down. Take care! Watch out! Beware of cars! Watch out! Good morning.

Dabai! Greet them. Say "nice to meet you, grandpas and grandma". Nice to meet you, grandpas and grandma. Good boy.

As soon as he woke up, he wanted to find his grandpa and eat Uncle Wuwei's rice rolls. I had to take him here. Okay. Chang! A rice roll! Okay! Bai. Find a seat.

Let's eat together. Sit down. Still Bai? He's already been Director Bai.

Director? Weimin is already Vice Mayor. Well... Uncle Yan. Uncle Wuwei. And other aunt and uncles. I still need to work. I have to leave now.

Okay. Don't be naughty. Listen to grandpa.

I know. Bye. Bye bye. Goodbye.

Fortunately, he reflected on himself in time and remedied his mistake. Anyway, he's finally become dependable. No more mistakes. It also should owe to the environment.

Dabai. You come here to have rice rolls every day so have you asked your mom to pay for them? Grandpa Wuwei has told me I have the same treatment as Grandma Ding. For free. The race starts! Huge dragon merges! I want to see it.

Dragon boat? Okay. Let's go. Okay, let's go. Go. Let's go and see.

♫ This letter is to those who write stories in their daily life ♫ ♫ About how they live their ordinary life ♫ ♫ Who is waiting for the stars you pursued ♫ ♫ About your companions, days and nights ♫ ♫ About you and your city ♫ ♫ You are holding a lamp for love on a misty ferry ♫ ♫ Even storms haven't defeated your earnestness ♫ ♫ The simple and young souls run barefoot wildly ♫ ♫ About the father's eye contacts ♫ ♫ About the ticket back to his hometown ♫ ♫ The growth rings of big trees are granted by each beam of light♫ ♫ About how beautiful the stories are ♫ ♫ We are all on this path together ♫ ♫ The moon shines upon mountains and rivers ♫ ♫ Knowing where I come from and where to go ♫ ♫ To go further to catch bigger waves ♫ ♫ For the past ten years, we are side by side on this path ♫ ♫ Write the splendid stories with the glows of fireflies ♫

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