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-- FORTRESS FILMS -- HELIX TECHNOLOGIES PRESENTS... THE RESPAWN MACHINE "It's eternity in there!" "My eyes hurt." -- EMESIS BLUE -- Thursday October 31, 1968 7:57pm ...Hey... Doc...? I know it's late, but... Mind if I ask you something? You ever have bad dreams? --JULES ARCHIBALD KIDNAPPED-- So tell me about it.

Well, I was in the bathroom, right... ...and as I was brushing my teeth, all my teeth started to fall out. There was blood all over the basin... ...it was horrible. Are you worried about something? Yeah, actually. You ever get the feeling like you're being watched? What do you mean? When I went to bed last night...

...I could swear there was someone standing outside my window. Oh, don't be ridiculous. Someone was just passing by. Doc... I was on the second floor.

Have you spoken to your mother about this? She says it's all in my head. Well, there's nothing wrong with your teeth. Here. Take one of these tonight. They should help. Come on Doc, I don't need this stuff. I think you do, Scout. This doesn't seem normal.

You sound like my mother. Help me out here. She must be thrilled you're moving back in with her. After being laid off? Are you kidding me? I'm gonna sue the hell out of BLU for what they did to me. Well... you wouldn't be the first.

Doc? If they ever hit you with something... ...you hit back twice as hard. You hear me? Well, it's getting late. Come on, I'll give you a ride. Jeez. You got a whole video store in there. What the hell could've done that? "M" -- (1931) Forget about it.

Come on, before it gets dark. Scout? -- CHAPTER ONE: GRAVEYARD SHIFT -- "Re-elect JULES ARCHIBALD for Governor of New Mexico" He's here, I need my... ...what the hell are you doing?! Give me that before you hurt yourself. You told me to keep a lookout. I told you to wait in the car.

Look... what if it's an ambush? He's alone. This shouldn't take long. That ruski's twice your size. I just need to make him talk. What if he doesn't? Just keep an eye out for the police. Builders League.

You look lost, comrade... and that suit doesn't fit you. I did not ask for your opinion. So tell me the facts. Who's the hand-off? Who's your new employer? I don't know what you're talking about. Who kidnapped Archibald? Was it you? You know the price of betrayal, friend. They'll throw you up against the wall for this.

What's in the briefcase? It does not concern you. Hand it over. You want my briefcase? --This is 189. Reporting a 503 at a local cemetary.-- --The vehicle in question is a black hearse.-- --10-9, say again... a black hearse?-- --10-4, that is correct.--

--189, is this a joke?-- --Who steals a freaking hearse at this hour?-- --You think that's funny, 189?-- --That wasn't me.-- Oh crap. --Who the hell is that?-- Hey, Stalingrad. Eat this! You're welcome. You idiot! He was our only lead and now he's dead! Oh... so you were just talking? We have to get out of here.

What about the body? I left my camera in the car. Fetch it for me. Now. Don't think I'm gonna save your skinny ass again, prick. What the hell happened? He took the briefcase! --CHAPTER TWO: "DINNER'S READY!"-- Hey, doc.

Yes? What did you mean when you said I'm not the first? You talkin' about the accident? There have been others. You tellin' me that this has happened before? Doc... What is wrong with the Respawn Machine? It doesn't always work like it's supposed to. Some get stuck inside trying to come through.

What the hell are you talking about, Doc? I've only seen it happen once... on the frontlines. He came through screaming... horribly. When I ran into see what happened, I... I... What did you see, Doc? You don't want to know.

Thanks for the ride, Doc. You sure you don't wanna come in? At least say "hi" to Ma? Tell her I did, Scout. I have to get back to the office. You really gotta get out more often, Doc. Catch you later, alright? I'll see you soon. Hey Ma! I'm home. Where the hell have you been? You're soaked! Just getting a check-up, Ma. I'm fine.

--♫...Soon the Man in Black will come...♫-- So how was the doctor, dear? Fine? Did you ask him to stop by? Tried. I feel bad for the guy. What's the matter with him? --♫...he'll make mincemeat out of you!♫--

--You're out.-- I think he's on something. --♫Just you wait, it won't be long...♫-- --That's a nice ball.--

Dinner's ready, dear! Okay, hang on. Hello? --'Thanks for the ride, doc.'-- --'You sure you don't wanna come in? At least say "hi" to Ma?'-- What did you...? Who is this? --'You really gotta get out more often, Doc.'-- What-- What the hell is this?! Who are you?! --'Hey Ma! I'm home.'--

Hello? So the hand-off was an undertaker? Almost. What could be in that briefcase? Money... gold... diamonds? I don't think this is about money. Is it a bomb? If it was, he wouldn't hit me over the head with one. What if it's Archibald's severed head? Enough, Soldier! If we don't find out where he is, they'll have all our heads.

What the hell do you think you're doing? I think I know who to ask. Soldier, that only receives. It doesn't transmit. Breaker-breaker! This is 185. Gonna need an update on that stolen hearse. --Roger 185. This is 187.--

--I have visual on a black hearse heading south on Brixton.-- 10-4. Tail it! --He's pulling up on Purgatory Avenue. I'm gonna intercept.--

Soldier... --Sir, I'm gonna need you to roll down your window.-- --I can't see your face.-- What street was that? Purgatory. Can't see anything.

Forget it. We got an all-units call downtown. Some night, huh? Hello? --Hey, Doc?-- Oh thank God, Scout! Are you alright? --I know it's late but... mind if I ask you something?-- What? Scout, where are you? --'You ever get the feeling like you're being watched?'-- What the hell have you done with him?! --CONAGHER SLAUGHTERHOUSE-- --CHAPTER THREE: INTEL HELL-- I've been working downtown for over thirty years, now...

...I ain't ever seen nothin' this bad. Pelizzari got tagged. Don't worry about it. We'll get you patched up in no time. Nobody comes in here except paramedics, you hear me? And somebody get these clowns off my crime scene.

I don't need this right now! - For the last time, we are federal agents. I am Detective Mannix. This is Lieutenant Columbo. We are looking for a very dangerous criminal. Will somebody run a background check on these bozos? There ain't no way they're FBI.

--TERMINATION NOTICE-- Is this him? I want to talk to him. No - you ain't talkin' to him! You. Tell me exactly what happened. He had to be on drugs or something, I... ...tried to bring him down, but... he just kept coming at me... --SIGNED, BLUTARCH MANN, CEO OF BLU INDUSTRIES-- ...it was like a nightmare. Yeah, the poor bastard got his own sidearm in the gut.

Chief. They just found 187's body stuffed inside a dumpster. Jesus Christ! Agh! I'm dying over here! How did he escape? What was he driving? Look, I think you've asked enough questions here, pal. ...Ambulance! See look, he needs a doctor, so why don't you just... No, he was... driving a... ...Goddamn ambulance! Alright, everyone step outside. There's too many people in here for Christ sake. Soldier! Get in the car.

--CONAGHER SLAUGHTERHOUSE-- Check the bathroom. Storm's cut the power. The mirror's shattered... there's blood all over the sink. Christ.

Must've been a fight or some... My God... It's his latest victim! It's a model, you idiot. This is worse than I thought.

You know, they made me take a bunch of this stuff. Said I was seeing things. And did the medication work? I don't know. I never took any of it. Right. No - don't! Hello? --Hello? Who is this?-- Who am I? Who the hell are you? Who is this? --What?-- It's him! Listen to me, punk.

You're not gonna think this is funny when I strangle you to death with your own stethoscope. --Who is this?-- It's the voice of God, you son-of-a-bitch - and I'm coming for you! --RESUPPLY-- Wait, Scout! I'm trying to help you! If I had a gun, I'd shoot you - you sick bastard! No! Stop! You look lost, boy. Now brother... ...I do believe that you were the one who chained up that coffin. Indeed I did, brother. Up to specification. So how'd he get out? Dumbass.

Well, go on then. Say somethin'. Well, whoever let you out...

...I'm glad they did, because... ...I like company. Why does he get to have all the fun? Check the ambulance. Nothing. We need to call for backup. I got it right here. You've had that thing in my car this whole time? For emergencies. And just what do you plan to do with it? I'm gonna use it to jump across this ravine.

You really have lost your mind haven't you? What? I've done it before! Put that down before you get us killed! Get down! Hey Dell! You haven't called me in a while! How's Dustbowl workin' out, brother? --Dustbowl is gone.-- Gone?! --You heard me. There's nothing left of it.-- How?! --We're still trying to figure that out. It doesn't look good.-- What about my little brother? Is he alright? --Listen, I'm coming to the Slaughterhouse now. Is the briefcase secure?-- Sure. I swear to God, if anything happens to my brother, I'm gonna- --Shut up and listen to me...--

--(UNINTELLIGABLE)-- You're so goddamn inconsiderate. SHUT UP! --Did he get out?-- Yeah, who knows how. Look, when are you gonna be back? We shouldn't have to deal with this. --Don't let the briefcase out of your sight!-- And what about my brother...

What the hell's goin' on in there? I asked you a question, dumbass. I said what the hell are you... Now that ain't a toy, son... Put it down. Now. Now don't do nothin' stupid, boy...

You got no idea who you're dealin' with... I woulda got you... --CHAPTER FOUR: CROSSROADS-- I am never going to find Archibald in this excrement. Back in the war, we would spend weeks stuck in wet dugouts like this... ...with water up to your ankles! They were built only six feet wide, but they could go on for miles! Kill me now! You have no comprehension of what you're getting into! I have a pretty damn good idea.

We should have called for backup. And what the hell do you think I'm doing? I just saved you from a bullet to the head! And who was it that told them we were coming? Who's been killing our leads and getting the police involved? You have compromised this entire operation! What about all those pictures? That's evidence we can use, right? They were in the car - you idiot! Now I have nothing! Because of you! You stupid bastard - you amateur! I hope you can swim because you're going right back out the way you came! You gonna shoot me? We're done. I don't care what wretched batallion you think you come from. You are NOT coming with me. You shot one of your own before? Get out of my way. Archibald teach you that? Jesus! You better drop that rifle before I come over there and put my foot up your...

Who the hell is out there? Looks like Ray Charles traded the piano for an M40. What? I've got an idea. What are you - blind? Come on! Right here! Take your best shot! You think I didn't come prepared? How did you know he wouldn't shoot you in the head? I didn't.

Let's finish him off right here and now. Let him bleed. You drop it. Take off the mask. SOLDIER! DON'T LEAVE ME! Soldier! What are you doing? There's nothing for you here! Oi! You gonna finish that? I'm looking for Jules Archibald.

Who's askin'? His rescue. 'Fraid you're gonna be disappointed! I wanna know what the hell is going on here. I don't know! Man's probably mincemeat by now! I've already lost one man. I'm not gonna lose another.

Then you're a dead man! You haven't lost both eyes yet, Cyclops, so tell me what you've seen. Conagher brothers. They run the joint, but this is RED territory. Not anymore. Who's the guy you were just talkin' to? What guy? I don't have time for this.

Wait! You gotta get me outta here. Why the hell should I? There's a whole stash of guns locked in a keep upstairs. I can getchya in. --It's longer than you think...-- --...I seen the other side...--- --...It's longer than you think...--

Come on! --GOODBYE-- Stop it! Don't you get it? We're trapped. He's trying to kill us. --Patient appears to have died from a bullet to the heart.-- --Normally we have papers signed before doing these things but...--

--...ah, no matter.-- --To hell with Helix, the old fools.-- --They don't deserve this...-- --My God!-- --NO!-- BUILDERS LEAGUE... What's wrong? HELLO?! SOMEONE HELP ME! SHOOT IT! SHOOT IT! Hey! Go! --CHAPTER FIVE: THE DOORWAY-- Corporal, come over here.

You want a promotion - here it is. What's the charge? Treason. What's it going to take Corporal? I want a new car. Done. Anything else? My own personal assistant.

Anything you like, Corporal. How about a vacation, old boy? I think I've earned it. You think you can get away with this? Builders League will destroy you for what you've done! Don't you get it, you mute freak?! I'm a protected man! What do you want? I don't believe it. On your feet, Cyclops. I think I lost my piece. Can't go back for it now.

You don't work for the Conaghers, do you? I killed the Conaghers. Who gave you that order? They tried to kill me. Is that enough? That doesn't belong to you. I can explain. I can't see a bloody thing! Don't move.

He's gotta be a sleeper agent. I know their type. I saw the devil in them eyes, man... How far down are we? You hear that? Mr. Archibald? Oh, thank God! A rescue! You have to get me out of here before I contract something! Are you injured, sir? I'm about to have a heart attack.

Now, are you going to stand there or can you unlock this bloody door? You're right where you belong you fat, crooked bastard! Smart bloody leper, aren't you? Soldier... Why are you dragging this corpse around? What the hell this man call me? He's been handy, sir. He's got none left! Are you conspiring with the enemy, Soldier? I'm just trying to help, sir. Then stop wasting my time! You want me to do it, don't you? But I won't you can't make me... You can't make me! Mr. Archibald? Cyclops? Hello, Dell.

Long night, eh? Longer than you think. Care for a drink? Love one. I thought you were miles away, lad. Where you been hiding? Who says I've been hidin'? Your brothers thought you were dead. Relapse is a hell of a thing, ain't it? Too right. "Longer than you think..."

It is. What? When they figured out how to bring us back... ...some of us would tell stories 'bout what we saw on the other side. We saw old friends... family... ...mostly strangers. I spoke to my grandfather. He's been dead for thirty years.

What'd he tell ya? "It's eternity in there." --TERMINAL-- --HELIX TECHNOLOGIES-- -- >RUNNING STARTUP PROGRAM... - -- >LOCALIZING DATA... -- -- >SEARCHING... --

-- > [1] FILE FOUND... - -- >WARNING! FILE CORRUPTION DETECTED... -- -- >PROCEED? [YES/NO] -- -- >PROCEED? [YES/NO] -- --Blutarch?-- --Blutarch - can you hear me?-- --Lower your voice, Blutarch! I can hear you just fine.-- --Am I coming through clear?-- --No, Blutarch - this is a telephone call.-- --Much faster than air mail.-- --Blutarch, we...--

--What do you mean "who is this"? It's Jules Archibald.-- --We last spoke in Dallas, after you-know-what.-- --Remember?-- --Yes, I'm calling about the project we discussed.-- --No! Not the pregnancy machine - the other one!-- --Yes, there's been a slight hiccup, so-to-speak.--

--The Respawn Machine works - it technically works, Blutarch. However...-- --No. You see, that's the problem.-- --They say we lost about ninety percent of the test subjects.--

--WHAT?!-- --I... I know you're upset, Blutarch, but the good news is...-- --...we've found about ten of them that are Respawn Compatible.-- --Er, hold on a moment...-- --What the hell is going on?-- --He shot himself? Oh, bloody hell.-- --Just throw him in the pit with the others.-- --Excuse me - nine, Blutarch.--

--You promised me an army, Archibald.-- --Well, think of the money you'll save!-- --Mercenaries are very cheap these days!-- --With a Respawn Machine on every frontline, there will be no worry!-- --You'll surely win this war by the end of the financial year!-- --We must not allow a Respawn Gap!-- --A Respawn Gap?! You must be joking!-- --Blutarch, I really must be going, now. Listen...-- --...would you be interested in a new heart... liver... spleen?

--We have about eight hundred thousand corpses on site, and we're not really sure what to do with them.-- --Oh, I'll take one of each!-- --I see. I'll put it on the bill.-- --Ta-ta, Blutarch.-- --Redmond? Jules Archibald.-- --I have a proposition for you...-- Please.

-- >INITIATING MANUAL RESPAWN... -- -- >RESTARTING METABOLIC FUNCTIONS... - -- >RESPAWNING... -- --WARNING! FATAL ERROR!-- --ENTITY UNKNOWN!-- --RESPAWN-- --He's here. Got him cornered.-- --Cryo Lab.-- --He won't get far.--

--"Do No Harm"-- Goldman? I'm in a fix and you have to get me out of it. I cannot go to trial. I simply won't. I'm already on thin ice with the Old Mann, and... ...if any word gets out about that godforsaken asylum, I'll be sued into oblivion! Maybe even hung! My chances for re-election will be ruined! I am not going down for a war crime! --I told you not to make that deal.--

So what if I made a deal with the Old Mann's brother? The war is their business, and mine is to drag it out for as long as humanly possible! That infernal - unholy - contraption is my lifeline, Goldman! --It might be your only way out.-- Oh, I've thought about it, surely... as a last resort, but... ...if I can use it to disappear for a while, it's a chance I'll have to take. Where am I calling from? That's a stupid question - you know bloody hell where I am! --Jules, I heard you'd been kidnapped - what's going on?-- "Kidnapped"? I don't know anything about that! Listen very carefully, Goldman. I think there are people trying to kill me. And worse yet... I think this valium is actually- --To continue this call, please deposit five cents.--

Oh, blast! Who the hell are you? It's me, Jules. Oh, thank God, Corporal! You've come to save me! Have I? I've always been the one to save you, Archie. I did your dirty work, hid it from everyone... ...and look what it did to me! My God! Who was there to save me, Jules? You've never cared about anyone but yourself. Corporal... no! Please! For God sake!

Well, there's no one here to protect you now. But... I... I've given you everything you wanted! And I'm giving you exactly what you deserve.

--THE JULES ARCHIBALD FOUNDATION-- --I'm on? Alright, fine.-- --Hello again!-- --If you're watching this, then I can say with complete certainty that you have survived...-- --...Respawn Compatibility.-- --Congratulations!-- --If you're confused, allow me to explain.-- --Before you were lawfully executed by the state, you signed a contract...--

--...you signed a contract, effectively donating your mortal remains to a medical trial.-- --The good news is you're not on death row anymore...-- --...since you're technically already dead.--

--Which also means you are now company property - but fear not!-- --As promised, you all have a new job waiting for you when you get out.-- --You are now ten of the strongest mercenaries money can buy...-- --...and your sacrifice will reward you in time.--

--I'll see you all on the other side.-- --Oh, hell!-- You really wanna die for that fat bastard? Don't you wanna die for something worth dying for? Do you have any idea how long I've waited for this? Longer than you think. What took you so long? See you on the other side. Why did you come here? I was trying to save somebody. So was I.

We shouldn't be here. --EMESIS PHARMACEUTICALS-- --CHAPTER SIX: KATABASIS -- Hello, doctor. Open it.

I can't! I insist. It's not mine. LIAR! Tell him how you got the case, Fritz. I stole it. Impossible. Forget this! Where is Archibald? Archibald is dead! Everything this man has told you is a lie.

He killed him... and the boy. No... that's not true! What is true to you? Or you? Who ran away? I am the only sane man here. I took a bullet for you. I should have shot you myself. You first.

You're gonna make it, Fritz. I know. NO! Goodbye, Dr. Ludwig. Now you know how it feels.

You won. Go. And Soldier? I'll see you at the funeral. Our true enemy has yet to reveal himself. Mr. Doe, my name is Agent Stemmons. You don't know me, but I know all about you.

I'm here to debrief you on the situation. Conagher Slaughterhouse is a dead zone. There's nothing left of it. And I think that's for the best.

It was actually scheduled for demolition months ago... ...but Governor Archibald prevented that from happening. He had his secrets, Mr. Doe. But you discovered something that we find... ...deeply disturbing. Something that... ...threatens the foundation of this company. Whatever it was you saw inside Conagher Slaughterhouse...

...you are not to speak of it with anyone. Not a soul. Do I make myself clear? Good. Is there anything else you want to tell me? Governor Archibald's funeral is on Sunday. Wear black.

Cheer up, Mr. Doe. I think your friend will pull through. --CHAPTER SEVEN: BLOOD BROTHERS-- Glad you could make it, Detective.

I'm sorry for your loss. I heard you two were very close. --FOLLOW THE SCRIPT-- Ah, here he is. The Mann of the hour. You know who I am. Blutarch Mann. Nice to finally meet you. You knew my friend Jules? Better than anyone.

Fifty-eight years old. He was just a kid. I met him in 1960. Right after the election. He was going on and on: "How do we get rid of this son-of-a-bitch?" Shall we find you a seat, Mr. Mann?

Oh yes - yes! I need to sit down! Funerals are an absolute waste of money. Like war? If I couldn't strike my brother down, I thought God would eventually do it for me. But I'm not closer to beating Redmond than I was a hundred years ago! Speak of the devil... ...and he shall appear. I thought I smelled something dead in here! I've just come to offer my condolences, Blutarch.

Balderdash! What was MY friend doing in YOUR compound, Redmond? I don't know what you're talking about! He was like the brother I never had! You slaughtered him! Admit it! Gentlemen. Thank you all for coming. We are here to honor the memory of Jules Archibald.

And his loss, I'm sure, has come as a shock to all of us. Jules carried Builders League for as long as I can remember. And though he's gone, we won't forget the sacrifices he made for this company. Of course, with the accolades out of the way, I'm sure you all want to know what happened. As you know, Jules was recently abducted from his home by some kind of underground cult.

The rescue operation had gone awry. And while myself and my colleague managed to escape... Jules... ...died. Perhaps my colleague could explain what happened. I apologize! Jules Archibald was murdered.

By this man! Formerly Dr. Fritz Ludwig. One of our own men. A schizophrenic psychopath and an addict of his own medicine. He also had an addiction for his own patients. This boy has been missing since Halloween night.

His mother was found beheaded with a hacksaw! Is this really necessary? I am simply illustrating a point that this man was capable of kidnap and murder! How did we let this happen? Archibald is dead... because we failed him. Did you kill him? I beg your pardon? Did you kill the bastard or not? No. The coward took his own life.

Unspeakable crimes! This unbridled act of cruelty against our own company will not go unpunished! So, in Archibald's death, and in accordance to his will... ...I will be taking his place as Chairman of the Board... ...to end this treason and corruption... ...once and for all! Get me out of here! STOP HIM! DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY! Can't you go any faster?! I'm flooring it, sir! They're shooting at us! Run all the red lights! What are they good for anyway? LOOK OUT! Help me... Don't kill me, man! You! Put your hands up! Johnny! Chief! Good gravel... ...I won! I outlived you brother! I am the last Mann standing! --MANN BROTHERS ASSASSINATED-- --DELL'S-- You look lost, stranger. I am.

Where you headed? I don't know. Nearest town's back the other way. That's not where I'm going. So where are you going? Do you have a phone? Nope. I think I'm going to be sick. Restroom's in the back.

Gott helfe mir. Hey, Doc.

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