Emerging Technology for Classroom Instruction and Virtual Classroom (Phase I)

Emerging Technology for Classroom Instruction and Virtual Classroom (Phase I)

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hi good day everyone today I will be sharing with  you emerging technology for classroom instruction   and virtual classroom ready we are currently  in the middle of an educational Revolution with   the emergence of Technologies changing the way we  teach and how students learn but when coronavirus   wreck havoc across the globe one of the sectors  that has been hardly hit was education and when   the World Health Organization or WHO organized or  made its Global announcement to shut the operation   of school institutions to prevent the spread of  covid-19 pandemic on March 11 2020 after such   preventive measures we approximately lost 1.6  billion of Learners worldwide that's according   to the UNESCO report that covers Feb 2020 up until  August 2021 it became alarming that UNESCO members   call for a conference and gathered together all  educational leaders around the globe just to   address the school closures and other responses  to the covid-19 pandemic is experiencing an   unprecedented disruption of Education the meeting  will focus on actions policies and partnership   and how we can all contribute to addressing these  challenges and due to the worldwide shutdown of   schools and institutions the coronavirus  pandemic forced many schools and colleges   to switch to what we call as remote learning model  and that's when learning became the norm this was   covered here in our country in the Philippines  by Foreign News Channel and that resulted in   the rising demand for e-learning platforms and  this tech became the hottest educational trends   overnight. Thus the need for us to rethink the  curriculum or design an alternative model using   the e-learning platform was recommended as the  best solution due to abundance in technology   and one of the suggested solutions that UNESCO  members have devised concerning technology   is to turn to Open Educational Resources or  "OER" since it has been existing since 2012   and since we are part of the UNESCO members our  educational leaders and experts also took part in   that decision making so we adopted idea and plan  for teachers training for the said new modality   in addition to monitoring the  impact of Covid - 19 on education,   UNESCO also has published a  curated list of freely accessible   elearning applications and platforms that can  be used by parents, teachers and as well as   our Learners and school systems there are tons  to choose from. In addition to monitoring the   impact of Covid -19, as the schools changed  their method of delivering education ,   they also needed to change their structure along  the way so we redesigned our teaching instruction   to mirror both the Working World of the 21st  century and the needs of its highly social,   interactive, technology-focused students  by leveraging technology and education   just like using Collaborative Learning tools  that allow teachers to work with each other   and even with outside experts to plan and  manage long-term interdisciplinary projects.  

Furthermore it opened a lot of opportunities for  us to reinvent our teaching methods that would   work not only in physical classroom but also in  digital platforms you might tell me that we have   started integrating technology since 2012 when we  first implemented K-12 right yes but its impact   was only felt at its peak during the height of  pandemic especially here in our country it was   also the same year where the massive open online  courses have been opened up to the world by edX,   Udacity, Coursera and so much more and they  have been educating the world since then   so that is why one of the suggested solutions  that UNESCO members have devised is to turn   to open educational resources when we first  transitioned our teaching instructions from   physical classes to remote or online learning,  in foreign countries they call it hybrid because   they have given options to students to choose to  enroll online as part of the curriculum itself   and if you come to think of it technology can be a  powerful tool to reimagine learning experiences on   the basis of those insights and "One of the most  important aspects of technology in education is   its ability to level the field of opportunity for  students" that's according to John King he is the   U.S Secretary of Education. With technology, the  opportunities are limitless come to think of it   but it can only be achieved if carefully designed  and thoughtfully applied. It has the potential to   accelerate and expand the impact of powerful  principles of learning the teaching students   with technology is important as it is teaching  them with Reading, Writing and Math. The society   that we are living in now is already infused with  technology and the world that our students would   have would be way more advanced than as it is  today, we never know. Technology is here to stay,   we as educators, teachers must teach them how  to navigate into the digital world as well as   on how to use numerous technologies to solve  various problems to prepare them for future work.   Technology has made it possible for everyone to  stay connected. With technology, learning becomes  

more meaningful and fun. Through e-learning  students and teachers connect, discuss and share   their opinions and act upon situations  collaboratively with the use of collaboration   tools. Some educators use animations, podcasts and  videos to make the e-learning experience more fun   and immersive or interactive. Other e-learning  platforms apply video-assisted learning with   the use of interactive videos and other visual  modes. While there is a wide room for creativity   here and a bunch of tools to choose from. The challenge is not what to teach because  

you already have that but the challenge here  lies on which tools to use in conducting an   online teaching that will be most suitable for  your learners. The key there is to check the   list and see for yourself to find which ones  would be most convenient and comfortable to   use for you. The question there is, what's  in it for teachers? technology offers the   opportunity to become more collaborative  and extend learning beyond the classroom   it connects us to people, data, content, expertise  and learning experiences that can empower and   inspire us to provide more effective teaching  for all types of learners just like the this   Filipina teacher is doing on the clip. Technology  also offers access to instructional materials as  

well as the resources and tools to create manage  and assess their quality and usefulness. That's   really useful on the learning platforms we have  access to world-class resources. Educators can   create learning communities composed  of students whether it's in the library museums and other places. This technology enhanced  collaboration offers access to instructional   materials as well as the resources and tools  to create management assess their quality and   usefulness.We will become all collaborators of  learning or facilitators of learning and through   studying students learn and through teaching  educators also learn new things every time.  

That's what makes teaching a novel profession,  as learning and influence are limitless. So to   make that happen we need sufficient knowledge  about this emerging technologies, their impact   and how to use them I am bringing that information  to you so you would know which ones are you most   comfortable using to make your classroom teaching  instruction immersive, fun, engaging, interesting   and thus effective not only for online teaching  but also for teaching inside a physical classroom.   So what are these emerging technologies right  now. There are actually a great number of them and   there are a lot of concepts coming on stream right  now and expect the numbers to go up I'm going to   introduce some that you might like to reflect  on to see which ones resonate in terms of the   relevance to your own practice I'm going to teach  you how you can make your teaching instruction using this emerging technology so we will  be discussing online learning, interactive   quizzes or interactive quiz, interactive  videos, gamification, interactive ebook as   well as dynamic video lessons for the first part  and for the second part we will have interactive   assessments web development game development  artificial intelligence machine learning and   virtual reality this will be very helpful for us  teachers let's start with online learning whenever   you're online learning this there's also what  we call as mooc or massive open online courses   and due to massive open online courses  technology has way too much to offer for   today's generation it provided as a path  way to become globally skillful through   their courses knowledgeable and competitive  without the cost of geographical barriers   because we don't need to travel on too  far places even finances because even   others who don't have much money can also afford  it with their freely accessible online selected   course and social economic status and through  this open educational resources campaign as   suggested by unesco's the best remedy to  address the ongoing educational crisis it   opened up the awareness to be able to turn to  this what we call online learning platforms and   this massive open online process offered by the  following massive open online crisis providers   and the best the best of this is that it's because  that we can be aligned with other um foreign   countries with regards to the materials that they  are using in their class so it's like very rich in   learning resources and there's what we call Nano  learning what is it all about Nano learning is   a highly targeted learning method designed to  help people understand subject topics through   smaller inputs in short time frames usually about  less than 10 minutes or just make it within three   to five minutes similar to the concept of bite  size learning or chunking it breaks down complex   moments into simpler tasks or simpler inputs  just like this one this is one of the example of   Nano learning uploaded in social media it only  covers like a few few minutes for the tutorial I think that's very creative right I like this one the reason for this is the  new generation... they only have less memory   retention so that's why they tend to go online and  watch few or short tutorials so you cannot expect   them to spend a lot of time learning new things or  academically just like before before the pandemic   so the best there is to make a short  lectures that will be captivating for   learners within the time frames of 3-5  minutes or not more than 10 minutes if   you need that long and upload it on social media  such as Tick Tock Snapchat Instagram as reels teachers are constantly looking for new ways to  keep their students attention high in the remote   education scenario the idea is to deliver short  and simple concepts in an engaging format like the   age of Tik-tok Snapchat and YouTube has somewhat  proven this as an effective method for content   consumption through social media platforms people  want information quickly and concisely so they   can move on to the next step. Another learning  replicates this kind of style let's start with  

another one creation of interactive quizzes so  if you want something that is fun an elearning   platform that can make it that will be easier for  us to create and share and play learning games or   trivia quizzes in minutes that helps you unleash  the fun anywhere using any devices anytime then   you might love kahoot. Kahoot gamifies learning  through its interactive quizzes how does it work? and you can watch the link on  the video at the end of the slide   and this is how it looks if we have created  a multiple-type of questions through kahoot   and if you host the game you will be  needing a large screen and the rest of   the students will be accessing the Kahoot  by entering their nickname and their pin   that you have provided them. So how can you  create a quizzes to work out. Just go to the   Play Store download Kahoot app or you may  go to the browser and type in kahoot.com click on the sign up for free button and  click on teacher for your account type   next is for describer your workplace just pick  "school" and you will have this home screen   or the home page just click on the plus button  and it will open up all options for you to choose   just click on Create and these are the type of  quizzes that you can select for free version you   can pick any type of quiz or true or false but  for quizzes you are only given four choices if   you need to add more choices then you will need  to upgrade to premium this is how you toggle the   timer button just click on the purple bar and  this is where you can add the media for your   question and this is where you can add questions  and these are the four selections for the choices   and make sure you also toggle the radio- button  "on" for the correct answer but anyway if you   did not and it will just prompt you to fix  that question so you can save it and use it   so this is how it looks here just like an example  here the rest will turn red for incorrect answers   and also one of the best thing that Kahoot offers  is for math teachers they do have Math labs   and it's very fun and interesting  it's like a modern way of learning   and whenever you save your quiz you can find it on  the library the next thing that you would like to   do is share it so just tap on it and you will see  the three dots on the upper right just click on it   and you will have the sharing options just like  this one or you can copy the link and provide it   with your learners and this is how it looks on the  learner's end whenever they open the quiz that you   have shared with them if you want to host a game  this is how it looks you need a large screen and   you you can pick a theme and they can answer it  so what you're gonna do is just click on enter   the pin you've provided to them it will ask them  to enter the nickname so you better ask them to   enter their real name because as a student.  So you can see their scores and grade them more you can also choose to pick on flash cards to  see how it looks and this is the pin that you can   share among your learners which is that you can  also copy the pin and share it in any platforms   and this is how it looks so the same they  will need to enter the pin or access the   link enter their name and we will see  the questions that you have created if you pick flash cards it's a form of showing  your quizzes it would look like this so cute simple right now let's have a short quiz thank you foreign don't leave me in the dark oh yeah Right now let's proceed to the creation of  interactive videos through the use of Ed puzzle.  

EdPuzzle is a free educational platform that  enables teachers to create and share annotated   video lessons with your students. Teacher can use  the live mode or YouTube user modes or their own   videos and add questions to it you can add notes  and voice overs and share with your students and   students watch the annotated videos and  provide textual and audio responses how   this is how you can create your account  go to the browser and type in edpuzzle.com and you will be brought to the homepage  of edpuzzle this is how it looks if you   access it on your mobile so that's why I  toggle the desktop site so I can view it just click on the get started button click on  sign up and it would ask you to fill in the   following informations just choose "I'm a teacher"  or you can "sign in with Google" or "sign up with   edpuzzle" if you already have an account and this  is for a new account if you want to fill in your   first name last name email address and password  referral code if there's any and don't forget to   click on the tick box or don't forget to tick the  Box and log in with EdPuzzle this is how it looks   you can even search for any videos that you would  like to use and add quizzes to do it like this one   you have "Community" "My School" and "YouTube"  they are filtered according to subjects   per grade levels, for "country" and by "Source"  whenever you click for "My School" if your school   created an EdPuzzle as an admin account you will  be able to see it here and you will see their the   teachers who created the account under that school  if they have uploaded videos or you may also go to   YouTube it has all the YouTube videos that you can  find or if there is one then you can copy the link   and paste it here on the  search bar on Discover Mode   on EdPuzzle so this is how it looks if  you have selected the YouTube videos all you gotta do is copy it it will be saved  on your "My Content" so you go to the left pane   on the panel and click on my content and pick  the video that you have selected a while ago   just click on "edit" to enable the editing  options wherein you can stream the videos   there are some introductions which are not  necessary for the lectures or your intended   discussions so you can just cut it and these  are for the question just click on questions if   you are ready to add or embed questions to it  and you got three choices there is a multiple   choice question there will be a pop-up box where  you can enter the question that you would like   to insert and add the choices and of course  click on the check box for the correct answer   and you can also add feedback whenever  the students got the correct answer then click on Save and another one is open-ended questions where  in students can enter a long or a short answer   and this is how it looks and you can toggle on  the "on" and "off" for allow audio responses if   you would like the students to record their voice  for audio responses or you may also leave a note   within any time frame of your videos  just like this one and hit save   so that's how it is it's so easy  just click on finish once you're done   and go to "My Content" if you share, type in  the title then you can search on the title   and you can also tap the thumbnail and pick it  and you can assign it to your class you may want   to create a class for your students so you can  enter all their names and the subjects if you're   handling multiple subjects if you have or names  so this is how it looks there is a radio button   that you can just click for assign all and you  can also adjust the date whenever you want to   and hit save there's a toggle button  for on and off for prevent skipping   but I would suggest you to keep it  on so the students can answer it and you can also turn on the subtitles if  you want by turning on CC's and if you want   to share it just click on the share and then  copy the link so that's how easy it is using   the EdPuzzle now you are ready to create your  interactive videos let's have a short quiz what is EdPuzzle a math program where  students learn by solving puzzles   a platform for creating interactive video lessons   a computer programming app a social  skills video series about problem solving where can you get your videos from Khan  Academy all of the above YouTube learn zillion which one cannot be inserted into an adpuzzle  lesson speech bubbles questions feedback voiceover what is one thing you cannot  do with a video on a puzzle   voice over slip it slash cut it  put in slow motion embed questions which one of the following cannot  be added to a question in a puzzle   images formulas web links calculator can you upload your own  video to e-puzzle true false can a puzzle be integrated with  Google classroom true false I can keep track of my students  grades in a puzzle true false can you see student progress as  they answer the questions true false is it puzzle free for teachers  and students true false let's have a minute break so you can  navigate on the platform Ed puzzle foreign and I think it's gonna be a long long time alright now let's embrace gamification in our  teaching regular classroom learning focuses   on the acquisition of new skills based  on previously learned concepts and when   the majority of the students are learning in a  faster pace, a slow learner usually gets left   behind this creates a knowledge gap and basic  concepts and skills and it reduce comprehension   ability across a wide spectrum of academic  areas so for our third application get ready   to immerse yourselves into the beautiful world  of math and science through brilliant.org how  

it has taken the public by storm with its very  intuitive course materials for all ages anyone   who loves learning stem subject would surely  fall in love with this app the good news is you   can access the app on your Play Store or on your  smartphone so what does that mean everyone who   has smartphones can download the app from the play  store or iOS and enjoy learning anytime, anywhere   it also has premium offers wherein you can  have access to a lot of course materials   everything that they have on the app but for  a free version it's quite good enough already   they can turn it on for offline and viewing   and they can also have this animated  introductory of videos for each course lectures this is one of the example of the  course offer and it's animated videos   brilliant.org is a unique learning platform that  relevantly gamifies the learning experience of   complex concepts the combination of high  quality courses Creative Learning design   and beginner friendly friendliness makes it  appealing for math and science students so how?   Again download brilliant app in the Playstore  look for this logo official logo brilliant   click on it and download it  and save it to your device   so once you already have it it would ask you  to sign up it is an American for-profit company   and Associated Community so just follow in this  file the following just click on the join using   Google or join using Facebook or email whatever ,  whatever you like and this is one of the example   of another animated videos inside the platform  are brilliant another one is learningapps.org learningapps.org is a free online platform  to allow educators to create a wide variety  

of online learning activities such as matching  type fill-in the blanks, word grids, crosswords,   Maps voting you name it ordering and see the chart  with all the available apps at the end of this   slide platform as templates for most standard  exercises some creative templates that you can   pick with elements of gamification which  makes it perfect for all types of learners   isn't that interesting all you have to do is  go to the browser type in learningapps.org   and you will see all of this  form and it to fill this up   and copy that security code on that you can see  on the screen it will brought you to the home   page and once you log in just find the button that  says create apps or you can browse apps those are   freely made and accessible for you to pick and  share to your learners and this is how it looks   this is one of the examples of interactive pieces  there how did you find it let's have a short quiz what is gamification project-based learning  adding complicated question to students activity   adding game mechanics into non-game  environments like a website Etc when the majority of Learners are learning in a  fast pace slow Learners get left behind true false gamification promotes Active Learning true false brilliant app gamifies learning true false learningapps.org is a free  online platform true false in learningapps.org you may browse for interactive  quiz without having to create an account   true false you can export your project created  from learning apps true false   foreign what type of standard exercises that  can be created from learningapps.org  

crosswords filling the blanks  multiple choice all of the above links for learning app  liveworksheets.com learning.com learningapps.org brilliant offers stem courses true false all right now let's have a short break so you  can address here so I can address your question   if there is any I'll give you a minute to  browse the app yeah yeah baby baby you're   my sun and moon girl yeah everything between a  lot of pretty faces could waste my time until   my dream girl you make flowers bloom girl you  make the stars collide and I don't know what I   did to get lucky like this but it sure feels fine  cause you give me love and affection I give you   all my protection I'm trying to stay by your  side till the day I die and you give me only side oh my baby baby you're my sun and  moon girl yeah everything between a lot of alright now let's proceed to the creation of  interactive ebooks so if you love writing and   making a book how about stepping into the world  of digital platform if you're a fan of sharing   stories lessons and videos with your learners then  Book Creator suits for you by combining all those   things that you love into an interactive ebook  you can make the best output for your learners   to access anytime Book Creator is the simplest  but most inclusive way to create content in the   classroom so this is how it looks if you will be  creating your first ebook using the Book Creator   platform you can just go to the browser and type  in bookcreator.com if there's an existing Library   you will be able to see that one But first  you will need to sign up so this is how it   looks if you have signed into Book Creator app  urbancreator.com there is a three bar on upper   left you can click on that one and if you have  existing libraries that you have created before   with lots of books that you have created last time  then you will be able to see that or you can also   join an existing Library all you got to do is just  enter your library code and you would have your   own Library color once you have created your very  first book for your very first ebook Library the   first thing first is if you will be making your  first ebook just toggle or top on create new boob   then select the book shape either portray square  or landscape let's pick landscape for a demo   it actually depends on whichever platform that  you will be sharing this ebit through and the   first thing is would be your to set up your cover  page so whenever you would like to set up your   cover page you will be needing to add image text  for the title and for the order for you so you   can click on the plus button to add image but you  may also start with the eye button that's for the   background of the cover page there are tons of  beautiful colors and textures to choose from   once you're all set up just click  on the plus button wherein you can   enter or import image either from your  device or from the Google search engine   so if you have selected the Google search  engine there will be a Google search bar   on top or in you can type in the title  of the image that you are looking for and once you found it just click on it and it  will be saved right to the cover page so all   you got to do is to adjust the size of the image  you can just extend it or if you're not happy with   it you can also go back and select another one  it's like drag and drop and you don't need to go   back to that cover page and delete it manually  you can just select another image click on it   you can just hover the mouse here you're hovering  to the image that you like from the Google   browser so you can just select the image that you  like and click on drag and drop it right there so when that whenever you drop it it would  automatically set up on the cover page and   all you have to do is delete the background the  previous one and you can adjust it according   to the size of your preference whenever  you like I'll have it however you like you can also add another image if you like to  if you want to images just for the background   of the cover page once you're done just  click on the plus button click on text   of course you will be adding the title for the  cover page the title of your interactive ebook   there will be a pop-up box for you to enter the  text and click on done and once you're ready   then you can also click on the I button make  sure that the text is highlighted so whenever   you click on the I button it will be for the  settings and layout of the text like the fonts   the font size the font colors everything  like you're doing it on a Microsoft Word   then you can add another text by clicking on the  plus button and click on text once you're ready   to create another page just click on the arrow on  the right side but you can see and click on the I   button because there are other people who set  up the background first just like when you're   drawing for the first time on your canvas set  up the background color and then add the image   for your subject so same thing whenever you have  selected the background or like the Border page   of your first page of your interactive ebook then  you can just uh click on the plus button for the   adding image so you miss what you did on the cover  page you can just import image from your device   from the Google drive or from the Google search  engine you can search for the image that you   like same process same steps just drag and drop  the image it will go straight to the first page it was already I actually fast forwarded fast  forwarded this image and as I have mentioned   earlier whenever the text is highlighted when  you click on the I button what would be enabled   is the text options for you like the color of the  text the the outline of the text and if you would   like to add more text of course there it's a  book so there will be a lot of text to read   so you can just select an add or the plus button  for the pop-up box for text wherein you can enter   the text and click done once you're ready and you  can adjust it on the I button and change the color   so this is how it looks another best thing that  I like about the interactive ebook is it allows   us to enter or embed videos from YouTube videos  you can just copy the link of the videos find   the embed link because there are two links that  you can get from your from any of the YouTube   videos one is for sharing links and one is for  embedding links that you can also find it here   find the link of the YouTube videos and  go to the steps that we have done earlier   and get to embed link there the videos will  actually play whenever the viewers reached   on that page and you can also record  your own voice to customize your ebook and you can click on the preview  buttons If you want to check how   it looks and there is an auto reading  that it automatically replace your voice   so if you're happy with the recording  just click on done there will be a   speaker icon to let you know that you  have recorded something for that page   and you can drag it and drop it to any part of the  page whenever you like and click on the next Arrow   for the next page or click on pages  if you want to view everything   you can delete the pages such there  if there's something you would like   to delete you can rearrange the pages because  you can see it there including the cover page   you can duplicate the pages you can rearrange  arrangement of every Pages whichever comes first   and you can go back you will be able to see each  of the pages that you have created you can click   on the play button to preview how it looks  once it's ready to be shared there it flips   on its own and it plays your there's an option  to play automatically the audio for each page   your books for every version by the way for  the bookcreator.com or Book Creator platform  

for a free version it allows  us to create at least 40 books   for one library and every pages of the book you  can have as many pages as you like just only 40   books for now for one library or you can upgrade  so this this is the sample ebook I just made the life of an artist behind the canvas our  artist for today is famously known as Juan Luna who is Juan Luna as an artist Juan Luna De San  Pedro Innovation Terra or known as Juan Luna   so that's it now let's have a pop quiz alright true or false stretching  an image that cover the entire   page background can be a good effect to try next one true or false adding a hyperlink to the page can   help the reader discover related  websites about the topic foreign which of the following is the  logo of the book creator app fourth question which of these book creators  which of these is the book writer's model okay the answer for eight read   publish next one going to the fifth question  which of these book shapes are not available what do you think of course it's a circle  there is no option for you to pick circle   shape there for the sixth question  each ebook can be up to 10 pages long after 10 pages long for more just for a free version you can have a   as much as 40 books for one library next  question Book Creator read to me too are there any options for you  to pick for multiple languages no not only for native English speakers the eight   questions what is the cost  per student for Book Creator yes the answer is free every teacher and student   can create an account for free is  Book Creator available on smartphone foreign it's false because you can  access it under the desktop   while it's cool to use Book Creator and making  your ebook for the first time it would be nice   and always behind this app Book Creator developer  is none other than John Smith and thanks to   him hope you like it that's great now let's  have a minute break so you can ask yourself it's true true all right now let's proceed the creation of  engaging video lessons using canva canva is afraid   to use online graphic design too you can use it  to create social media posts presentations posters   videos logos and so much more it's the number one  pick for teachers actually with canva it is very   easy to engage your audience build your Brands  and create an amazing visual content together   no design experience needed is one of the most  important thing there and it's accessible for free   everybody loves canva because of its ready-made  designs with thousands of professional templates   images and quality content to choose around the  good thing about canva is that it is cloud-based   meaning you can jump working on your content  between your laptop and smartphones seamlessly and   continue where you laugh off there is a wide room  for creativity here as you explore the platform so   this is how it looks and I have summarized all  the steps were in the uh it will guide you how   to make your content for the very first time for  those who haven't tried yet you can access all of   these files from my website you can just um pause  the video for the end part of the second phase of   my discussion presentation there is a QR code that  you can scan and it will redirect you to my to my   blog where in you can see all the steps step by  steps guides and you can even download the whole   presentation that I just made in PDF file so this  is how it looks if you have created the poster   but now um there are whenever your login there  are tons of templates that you can pick and you   can just click on it and once you click on it  it will enable this editing panel wherein you   can just add text to it remove the image  from that template that you have click and   once you're ready to adjust everything once  you're ready to save and share your content   however you like then you can just it will  automatically save certain content by the way   with canvas so there's no option for you to save  it there is a share and download options for you   so whenever you love or whatever you do it  automatically saves it to your account you   can just um click on download so it will also  the um direct you to the download page you can   also share it among your students and you  can also collaborate with the rest of the   collaborators all you have to do to start creating  your account just go to the browser type on   canva.com there is a sign up button the purple  bar just click on it and there are options for   you to choose whenever you will be creating your  account for the first time but I pick actually   sign up with Google so it will be easier for me  I don't need to fill those informations on the   form and once you're logged in this will be the  home page there is a create design button and   this is how it looks if you have made previous  content before whether if it is for posters,   social media banners you will  see the library of your account and once you're ready to create a new one  just click on the create design button   choose a template add text choose the  font style finish share or download for the download option there is a bar on  the upper right side that says download   so you can click on it and there will be a  download options for you and sharing option and   this is my lovely output I use the canva for my  presentation and classroom demonstration teaching   my previous goal and for the video templates it's  very easy because there are a lot of slides or   screen slides that are already occupied with some  designs that you can just add it to whenever you   hover your mouse you can add text images from the  book you can crop it and put it there and there's   a share link so all you have to do if you would  like to create that one just click on the video so   you will be able to see all the videos templates  in canva and wants to pick or selected one there   will be an editing panel where you can adjust the  screen there's a preview button whenever you would   like to see how it looks and the download button  and the share link is as what I've mentioned if   you would like to share just online you can just  select "Get view only link" so you're not asking   collaborators to edit your project rather just to  view it just like you're sharing files from your   Google Drive and let's have a short quiz what is  canva visual cloud-based programming environment   a free to use online graphic design tool for all  types of presentation a web publishing platform available features of canva free version   250k plus free templates 100 plus design  styles all of the above 1M free photos and you can import fonts to use in your  designs with canva free version true false canva is number one teacher's choice true false canva is a cloud-based design tool true false canva adds Watermark to you  exported file true false campus save your projects in  your canva account true false kampa design tool is best made for  social media sharing true false you can import video to canva true false canva is best for creating presentations social  media banners all of the above portfolios and another one if you haven't heard of it  yet that not only for a canva is not only for   the content creators for creating logos Flyers  banners invitation cards Business Cards meme   maker collage maker graph maker videos and  photo editor presentation whiteboard social   media posts and stories and a lot more even  making photo book and websites but did you   know that canva also has a teacher community yes  called as Canada for education is for teachers   and students which is free as well all you  need to have is your email address and your   eye so all you have to do is a perfect choice  of a teacher educator who is switching to a   remote working or online classes as well  as those who want to strengthen classroom   creativity the main benefits that educators and  older students can access the platform for free   with no limits and offerings or time so how to  get started open the canva for Education sign up   page sign up with your education email address  or upload proof of your teaching certification   another one is "Nearpod" if you like EdPuzzle  earlier that I have mentioned for annotating   videos nearpod already has it real time nearpod  is a real-time insight into student understanding   through interactive lesson whenever you will  be creating an account for free just go to the   website or to the browser type in nearpod.com  click on sign up for teachers and choose your   role or course click on "teacher" you will  have this form you need to fill this up the   subject's grades row and you will be brought to  the home page so this is your account watch this!   Introducing nearpod with nearpod you  can make every lesson interactive launch   lessons your students can't wait to join  with interactive slides interactive video   gamification and activities ask the teacher  you always know where your students are with   nearpod's formative assessments including  polls open-ended questions and more   get started with what you already have add the  power of nearpod to your existing PowerPoints   worksheets videos Google slides and other  curriculum resources you love create active   video experiences to check for understanding  with built-in interactive questions increase   engagement with gamification and activities  including time to climb drives drag and drop   and more get started even faster with our library  of pre-made standard aligned lessons videos and   activities built in partnership with some of  your favorite educational brands use them as   is or customize to meet the unique needs of your  students once you're ready to launch your lesson   choose the teaching modes that works best for  your setting in live participation mode you   control the pace and students participate  on their devices in person or virtually   in student-paced mode students move through and  participate on their own working from home or in   class in centers stations or groups toggle between  live and student-paced lesson delivery with live   to student-paced mode to address misconceptions on  the Fly and differentiate for student needs with   front of class mode you can use nearpod without  student devices and facilitate collaborative   discussions your students will love lessons that  combine interactive slides interactive video   gamification and activities you'll love using  insights for more than 20 formative assessments   and dynamic media experiences to guide your  teaching adapt instruction differentiate and   improve student outcomes however you teach  it's in nearpod learn more and get started   for free at nearpod.com that sounds great  right because it's like Korean wine it has Ed   puzzle features it has canva features and even  interactive pieces now let's have a short quiz   nearpod is a great Interactive Learning tool  for online and in classroom learning true false you can access and use nearpod for free true false nirpod can't be shared via  Google classroom true false you can annotate PDF files in nearpod true false nearpod is only available on laptop true false foreign that will give you a minute break  to browse the app for nearpod.com foreign now let's proceed to the last one of the first  phase of my discussion which is creation of   Interactive E- Assessments using live worksheets  live worksheets allows you to transform your   traditional printable worksheets like Docs,  PDF into an interactive one how you can how   you're going to do it go to this link to register  and this link are also available on my blog and   you can just type in liveworksheets.com from your  browser and then you you will be able to see this   page just click on teacher access and fill this up  make sure to check the I'm not a robot then click   on sign up then login enter the username that you  have created the password that you have created if   you have selected one and enter you will see all  this panel here and choices and you can click on   make interactive worksheets or you can just browse  through those that are already in the library this   is one of the examples of the live worksheets  interactive e-assessments that I've created and   these are your options you can embed it in your  website you can share it with Google Classroom   Microsoft team even on WhatsApp and add to your  favorites watch this so if you will be following   this slide this is how to make interactive  worksheets using the platform liveworksheets.com

just select on make interactive worksheets  this was the previous version of the live   worksheet tutorial but it's also the same as  of now only the layout is different and the   colors live worksheets maker you will be needing  the video format of your quiz so make sure you   already converted that into a PDF file from Doc  to pdf and upload it it should not longer than   5 MB and once you have uploaded it you will be  able to see this one of course your assessment   has from your PDF file and there's a blog page for  the students to enter the answers you can just add   draw boxes and enter the right answers using  your mouse don't worry about the size of the   font just make sure that you type in the correct  answer if multiple answers possible enter all of   them separated by comma there you can just use the  mouse to create a box or draw a box on each of the   following the blanks the page or the  answer space and click here to preview   your interactive worksheets as students will see  it so you'll be able to preview how the student   view or how it looks like for your students and  click here to save your interactive worksheet and if you would like to share your worksheet  with other teachers or if you would like to   keep it private you want to share it with  other teachers then you can stop on that   one if you share your worksheet please enter  the title language subject level subject and   level content age and description of the quizzes  and the age bracket for your intended learners   so they can have a reference too and click on Save  there will be a link and it's done this is the   link to your interactive worksheets or click here  to add a worksheet to your interactive workbook   this is how to make a simple fill in the blanks  Gap exercise using live worksheets another one is   web development making a website signing website  like this famous website that you can find online   can also be made by yours by anyone who doesn't  have a technical background or web designing   course taken using the simple platform which is  for free and open that is through WordPress app   I have laid out all the steps and how you can make  the first website if you will be accessing the   blog I have uploaded all the files the files that  contains the whole presentation of mine including   the first phase in the second phase so there  are 12 topics in the file with the file you may   browse it online by just clicking on the link for  every topics from the online learning that we have   discussed from the very first time after this live  worksheets.com for the website how you go how are   you going to make your very first website using  wordpress.com this is my website you can also make   a stunning website more better than this first you  go to the browser type in wordpress.com click on   sign up you will be needing to enter your email  address, username and password and click sign up   and once you log in you will be able to see the  homepage like this one so I'm using a smartphone   so this is how it looks on my end they're on  the left side will be the same on the desktop   left side will be your options for your account  or you can go to the Google Play store or iOS   of your device and log in or download the  wordpress.com or WordPress app but it has  

limited capacity and if you want to find out more  as I mentioned I have laid out all the steps on my   blog just scan the QR code at the end of this so  go into the browser go to the WordPress or type   in wordpress.com and log in from there another  one is game development making and creating a   game was made simpler with this user-friendly  platform which is accessible for free using   scratch all you have to do is go to the browser  type in scratch.mit.edu click on either the join   button here and fill this up join scratch or you  can also do it later you can just create first   your game and then join later if you want to save  it and if you are a login this is how it looks   yeah on the desktop version this is how it looks  but if you have a bigger screen it will be much   better on the left side it will be all the codes  the movements event blocks and it's not just as   painful as the programming feature like like  in a typical programming environments you will   be needing to enter characters for a programming  code but for using the scratch they uses a visual   blocks which is eye catchy and friendly and even  children can make this one and this one my son   Illustrated to create this game so I decided  I want to make it more appealing and unique   since I'm a foreigner to the platform where it  now we'll be submitting this one this is one of   the projects that we made for Scratch and I made  a simple game because this is my first time to   create a game on my own and I just customize the  designs by copying all those beautiful background   or famous games that we can find online and create  the levels from one up to eight for the very first   time and adjust the speed of the ball we crop the  image of the oven plug just to resemble that this   was made by someone who lives in the Philippines  or a Filipina so just to add some uniqueness to   the project just to make it memorable we uploaded  our first game and it was for foreign universities   of course beautiful course online that was made  really accessible for you for free which is very   impressive so that's the time that I learned how  to use scratch I follow the steps so I also laid   out the links for that one if you are going to  scan the QR code access my blog there are three   links that I pasted there the links for Scratch  like the scratch mit.edu and you can experience  

making a game on the platform and it's not only  for making a game because others uses scratch to   create a music player so you will find it out  because the very first thing if you don't know   how to use the platform first is to navigate the  platform the rest is up for you to explore explore   your creativity and you will learn it in time just  like when you're playing a guitar first the first   time you try to practice playing guitar is you  follow the rules step by step in order for you to   um play the guitar for the first time following  the chords of the particular song that you have   selected but as you go along feel that you have  that strong passion in music and playing musical   instruments you will learn it and you will play  from the heart so that's how it goes same thing   with making a game it's not just only for making  the games it's a very friendly user friendly and   was made accessible for everybody by the MIT this  was developed by MIT it's very beautiful scratch   that mit.edu so that's the only thing that you  need to remember and click on the create button   if you will be creating the app for the first  time by the way this is cloud-based mini you   cannot upload it to Google Play Store you don't  need to worry for that one but if you want you can   ask questions because there's another option for  you to create a game using the scratch platform   the interface that will enable you to upload it  using what we call this MIT app developer but we   don't need to add some complexity on this so we'll  just learn it how to use it for a teacher's end   now let's have a short quiz about scratch what  is the logo character of scratch cat duck dog cow what is scratch a social media a  cloud-based programming environment   an interactive quiz platform  a game-based learning platform only games can be programmed  via scratch true false you can program a music player  using scratch true false what do you call the character in  scratch Coke code blocks Sprite scratch is free true false scratch was developed by MIT true false you can upload your scratch  project to Play Store true false in scratch codes represented in a  form of visual blocks true false you cannot create an interactive stories  nor animations in scratch true false thank you so much for learning with me and that's   for Phase one it covers a lot and I  hope that you'll learn something new   next up would be artificial intelligence  because I divided this into two see you there!

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