Dink Smallwood HD in 2023 - RPG Adventure Game

Dink Smallwood HD in 2023 - RPG Adventure Game

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Hello! Welcome back to my channel. I'm not doing too much too much today other than playing one of my all-time favorite games... old games... called Dink Smallwood - The high definition version or HD version. It's just one of those games that I've always liked, that I continue to play every once in a great while. It's just fun for me. I don't play it every day, I don't play

it every week, I don't play it every month. I might not even play it every year. But I still play it. It's one of the very few games, older games, that I continue to play even after all this time. I think the game came out in 1998 or something like that. I can't remember It's been so long. But I was, for a long time in the...

in the 80s and the 90s, I was a professional beta tester for companies like Apogee Games and Epic and Microsoft and... many other companies that I can't remember their names anymore. I was a... I beta tested Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein, Doom, Doom 3D, and many other games. And my favorite of them all was of course Prince of Persia. Love that game.

I didn't like the follow-up games to it, but Prince of Persia remained one of my favorite games of all time. and it just stopped working on my computer a long time ago and I got rid of it. Can't get it anymore, but if I got it, I probably wouldn't be able to do it any... do it again. But Dink Smallwood I can play. And it's a simple, fun, Zelda-like game, or Zeldaesque like game. And a lot of people won't even know now what Zelda was. Uh So, I don't know you have to look that up for yourself.

The... Dink Smallwood, to me, still remains a wonderful game that... to play, even though it's basically 2D, It's all text dialogue based. It has some music and sounds but... and we gotta read everything. You gotta gotta.. and the adventure, RPG, is

super basic. Like I said: Zelda And it's very straightforward. You gotta do this, gotta do this, go do this, go do that, by... and sometimes you can get around it by not not doing this part of the quest. It's a lot of fun, with a lot of different elements to it that you can do, or don't do, or skip ahead. Sometimes get confused because you missed a part. But I want to show you the basics of it

because it is a fun game. Now I'm gonna bring up Dink Smallwood main screen now. And you can see here... Dink Smallwood has a d-mod development software that you can create your own games, your own quests, your own Maps, your own everything. 78 pages of different quests, addon quests, so you're not playing the basic Dink Smallwood. I wanted to do the basic Dink Smallwood.

I'm gonna make a new game. Start from scratch. You can see here that it starts off very simple. and your mama's just told you to go feed the pigs.

Dink is a pig farmer. His family are pig farmers and he wants to be more. He wants to be an adventurer or a warrior. But she tell him to go feed the pigs. Now, this the quick tips. See that bag of pig feed? Go walk over it to pick it up. Hit ENTER to bring up the inventory screen. Use the ARROW-KEYS to select the pig feed icon, and equip it. Sprinkle the pig feed by pressing control (CTRL) and you could use the SPACE to examine things or talk to someone. And SHIFT use magic. Well, if you learn some.

Now walk over here. Now you have a bag of Pig feed. This is more tips. Speed Mode: You can hold down the TAB key ... rabbit... rabbit... fast. Save the game you, bring up the HD menu, with cheats and options and more. And then auto save state, other configuration options. But right now we're gonna load up our inventory and I'm gonna load up my pig feed. See down here, I now have it loaded.

Now if you notice here I have very little attack power, and I have no defense, no magic. This is Magic. I have no coins. I have no XP, but I need to reach 100 XP to go up from level one to level two, to get more. Either attack defense or magic. And you can, once you get... reach that, you can add your points

to attack defense or magic. And that's really up to you how you do that, though. Everybody does it different. Some people add more magic, some people have more defense, and it could be a slower game or a faster game depending on how you do that. And your life your level of Life, how much life you have left. And I'm going to show you some of the options... with parts about... to take that pie; Didn't help me out any. but might as well get the pie. I wanted to show you these

barrels, because, well they will contain, often contain, things like hearts, which will restore some of your life if you've lost some. Here we go. Feed the pigs. And there'll be a cut scene with my rival. "Well, lookie at what we got here!" "What do you want, Milder."

"Nothing..." "except to watch you work..." "Is pig farming fun?" "I'm not a pig farmer!" "Are you feeding pigs right now?" "um..." "Bawahahaa! See you around squirt!" "I hate that guy!" [Music] So I fed the pigs. I can load my FIST back up and you can see I got my fist... because I want to

show you that you can break these barrels. Now, this one is empty, but some of them have little hearts or other things in them. Now I couldn't... it'll be a waste for me to break that Barrel if it had a heart in it because I can't use it. If I take a heart, that

little heart, and my life is full, it doesn't benefit me at all. *** I'll go back in and tell my mom that fed the pigs. Yeah I talk to her and it brings up the dialogue where I could choose what to ask or what to say. But I could ask about Pig feeding.

We did that. Ask about your father, she'll... she'll tell me he's a pig farmer. I get information about the village. There's nothing. Get angry for no reason, which... like a teenager. Or tell her you've fed the pigs. [Music] I've finished with my chores, mother. Good boy. Now go visit the neighbors while I prepare dinner.

And that begins the next part. I can step out, and go up, and see other houses. That's not the house I'm going to go into. See the guard who won't let me out. let's save my game. I talk to him And you'll ask you to let me out. He'll say nah you go back to your livestock. "Hey, Guard Renton, I need to go do something. Please let me out. It's much too dangerous for a boy out there, Dink.

[Music] Boy? Please refer to me as Warrior from now on. Hardly... go attend your livestock. Like I said, Dink wants to be more than a pig farmer.

I'm gonna go back... over here... and this this house, one of three in the whole town, with be an old lady with a duck as a pet.

I can talk to her and asked her about all her bottles because then she's got a lot. Hey Ethel, what's up the spirits on the wall there? You really like to party, don't you! What, Dink? You know, all the drowning away your problems on the weekend, waking up with guys you don't even know. Ahh, the regrets, right Ethel? Dink... you got problems. That's why I say that Dink Smallwood is not for children.

It is... it doesn't have any nudity in it, and if it did it wouldn't be worth seeing because this is 2D. But a lot of subtle and sometimes nasty humor. So, ask her about her well being. How are you today Ethel? "Not so good! Little quackers is missing!" (that is her duck).

Ask her after her pet. Ask her where is the little one today. Quackers is gone! Will you help me find him? And it'll bring up where you can agree wholeheartedly, barely agree, or tell her where she can stick quackers. That's some more or less stuff but... Just agree wholeheartedly. It's easier. I will find him at once dear Ethel. Do not doubt this.

Thank you, Dink. And you can go look for the duck. and that's wandering all over the place looking for the duck. I want to show you this: here's a barrel with a heart. Break it. There's the heart. I don't need it. My life's all the way up, it's a waste

if I take it. But walk off the screen, come back, it's gone. That's true of drops: money, food, from pill bugs, or money from pill bugs or Monsters or barrels. Whatever. If you step off that current screen it will disappear before you have a chance to pick it up.

And sometimes when you're battling monsters that can be an issue. Now, these are the most common trees in the game, and some of them hide secrets, which you will only get to those secrets later when you have magic... and can burn them down with fire. I'm looking for the duck.

Where is that duck? I can't see that duck. No duck. No duck. Where's the duck? uh huh. Keep looking. Come on back down. Where's that silly duck?!

Go back here. Keep looking. Sometimes you find the duck fast, sometimes it's very slow. Right there. Tell the duck to go home. hey little duck, go on home to Ethel. *quack!!!* *laughs* You suck little duck guy! Not even I run away from home.

You should be ashamed. "Bite me!", says the duck. That's fine I'll go home. Off he goes. Now, if you want to continue the game in the straight line, quest after quest, after little quest, you can do it, or you can skip around. But it depends on your memory/ I'm gonna go back to Ethel, and she's so look who's here. Also, Dink, your mother was looking for you. Now I need to know...

now I know that I need to go home and that's opening up a different Quest. I'm still not going to the farmer's house with the girl I like because I need to go home because Mom is looking for me. And she's gonna ask me to go find some AlkTree Nuts. [Music] Dink, can you do something for me? Yes, what is it? Could you go out to the woods and see if you can get some Alktree nuts. I think they're in season.

Yeah no problem. I'll be right back. You're a dear. The I leave and you noticed before when I came here, came up to the gate. the guard wouldn't let me out because I'm a boy... a pig farmer. But he's not there now. I can save my game here if I want.

I like to kick them occasionally. Now, once I go through the gate there'll be more additions to the storyline and branches off to other things that I will need to do, and if I neglect to do them, they'll make the game a lot harder. Let's go see the Wizard. ... or magician. Who are you? I'm a great magician. No way! You're so tiny.

I am nothing of the sort! You cannot measure Magic by size! I just have to pet you! huh? I just walk right through you! You're not really here are you? Of course I am, just not physically. If you would like to learn more come to my hidden cabin. How am I supposed to find it if it's hidden? Good point. It's lies behind some trees Northeast of here. Oh! I may drop by later... are you in a

circus? Don't anger me human! And... we already know that up here is North, down here is south, east and west. And so I already know... he hinted that I need to go Northeast. And if I do that immediately I'm not... gonna... I still have to do the thing for my mom.

And you could do this different ways. I need to get the AlkNuts. But let's do that first. If I come over here... and if you notice, I have no gold coins, no experience points. I'm gonna go kill

some pillbugs. Sometimes there'll be a guy there to talk to, sometimes not. Now, you notice this, when I'm fighting them it shows me how much damage they're inflicting and how much I'm damaged I'm inflicting.A two. Two. Three. Three and then a five. That was how much points I got so now I have 15 points. Talk to this guy. Inquire about his travels. I had an old man who lives north of Sun Cool pond.

Although I've never seen him, I've heard noises when I had gone by there. [Music] and ask about news. There's a talk of an old evil Awakening to the west. I don't know. I think it's all silly superstition. Yes I'm sure it's super...stition.

Yeah, he doesn't know what the word means. Asked about Alktree Nuts. Alktree Nuts! Those are make for extra hearty meal. Let's see... I think there's a tree to the southeast of the small village Near here. Now this guy, sometimes he'll be here, sometimes it'll be a different guy, who'll give you a whole different Spiel. Another guy who insults your mother. It's amazing. So, we know now, from this guy that we're gonna go down.

And Our Village. I want to show you the trees. You can see there's nothing in these trees. If I go down here, nothing in these trees, but here, there are. Hard to see, but there are little AlkTree nuts and that's our quest for Mom. I'm gonna go ahead and do that. There we go. And notice my points: XP went up to 20, and I still need 80

more get to level two. I hit the tree and it drops the Alktree nuts out. I pick them up. Walk over them, pick them up. Here they are. Now, I don't need them more than one, but I'm gonna take a few, because AlkTree Nuts, later, if I keep some, if my life has decreased some I can eat some AlkTree Nuts and it will restore a little bit of my Life. And it can come in a pinch. But for now I'm keeping some extra AlkTree Nuts.

Now we willgo back towards the village and I will see a cutscene. That's Lyna, with my rival. Hey baby.... blah blah blah blah. I have a mind too! You talk too muchm you know that. You're an ass! Yeah this game is definitely not for children. Humph! Chicks! Lyna is the Rival of Libby who's upset about Mildor. This guy's a bad guy, and of

course the girl you like. or Dink likes, she picks the bad guy. *** So let's go home. with our nuts. Now these signs, talk to the signs, and says South to Stonebrook Village. This way. That means my village. You can talk to other people, but I'm gonna go home because this is the start of a whole different Quest.

My house is on fire. Mother! She's still in there. So you run to get your mother. You can see her corpse right here. Mother you can't die! Noooo! I never knew how much I really cared about you, until now. Smokes a little overwhelming and he has to get out of there. An everybodycomes to talk to him, to console him. I couldn't save her! I was too late! It's not your fault.

There was nothing you could do. Don't blame yourself kid. navigate over to the new scene Mothers gone. Fires out. Nothing there. I could go over talk to the farmer now but I'm not in the mood, so I will go up. And I want to talk to the guard again because he's going to give me some very important information.

Sorry about what happened, Dink. I hope you're okay. Thanks, I'll be okay/ By the way, a letter came for you. it's at your house/ The one we just left! We should go take a look at it. Thanks. Now this is an important step because we're gonna get something we need. There's the letter. Dear Dink, we've just gotten word of the tragic accident that happened that your house a short time ago. Needless to say we're shocked. This is from Dink's Aunt,

and inviting him to come live with her and her husband, Jack. So come to us in Terris for a while. Don't worry about Jack. Aunt Maria... whatever. Amd that gave us a map now. You look at the bottom here, it says view the map from the pause menu.

just press M. And now we have a map of the world. Doesn't get any better. I mean, it doesn't improve. I mean,,, now we know here. That's where we are now. Terris is down here. And that's part of the land.

Now we're going to do a lot of different things and we need money to get across the bridge here. We're gonna have to go visit the farmer in our town and then go clear out his the monsters out of his fields. We're going to have to come up here, see the wizard who'll give us more Quests and we've got to come down here, and around here, where there'll be some other things here, optional things. that we can get like: Herb Boots, which are very good. They'll increase your speed and your

fighting ability. But they're expensive and you got to get money for. So the next step for us will be... let's go up here and see our wizard, and then we'll start accomplishing things. And maybe do his quest for... go up here to find... you know money and the cave. And we'll get back and then we will take care of the farmers quest. Last, go back and talk to Lydia or Libby. And that's basically the beginning parts.

And there's a lot of branches that you can take which will either make your game play shorter or longer to get... forget some things that can make it a little bit harder on you in the long run. but that's a really good 15... maybe 15, hours, 20 hours, maybe even more of um of gameplay you can do. And that's the beginning of the little fun part of this Quest, this game, And like I said it has D-mods that you can add-on. They do totally different quests. So this simple game 2D graphics, whatever, gives you a lot of gameplay, a lot of options, a lot of additional quests. Some are good, some aren't good. There are some bugs here and there that the... hardness issues when they're trying

to get around things. But it's still a very fun game, if you can deal with the old style and gameplay. Some people need more than that. Me, I don't. I want to relax,

chill out. Just do something simple, and not have to think. Like if I was playing uh this is, another old game... but M.Y.S.T. where its very beautifully. beautiful graphics, it's unbelievable, but you gotta think your way through the entire thing. The puzzles. And with Dink Smallwood, it's very straightforward. You play it, you laugh at it, get

frustrated at it sometimes, because of back and forth and random left and right. You got to build up your money in order to buy things, and some things you buy, some weapons, don't really benefit you that much. And you have to figure some other things out. It's a fun game... for this old guy. And so I play it from time to time. Not every day, every week. not every month, not every year, but I still play it. It's an enjoyable experience and one of the very few old school games that I still play. I might post some more

a little more direct videos about Dink Smallwood in the upcoming months. I might not. Depends on my mood. Or too busy doing other things that... have to talk while playing a game. I already do that watching TVs. I talk to the screen a lot. Say, don't go there! Don't do that! Oh, That's Dumb! I don't want to do that too much when I'm playing the game. I want to enjoy

the game. So I'll talk to you all again soon, here on my channel. Bye

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