Dink Smallwood HD - Walkthrough Part 4 - Windemere Quests (2023)

Dink Smallwood HD - Walkthrough Part 4 - Windemere Quests (2023)

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Welcome to my walkthrough  for Dink Smallwood part four.   Windemere quests: Save the Town and Joppa Island.   And we're going to start off exactly where we left  off at the end of part three. We're in KernSIn. We've completed the quests in KernSin and  now the bridge to Windemere has been repaired   and we can go deal with the Windemere  Quest... you know, and all that. But  

we need to make a lot more money;  And we want to get our levels up;   But the money is very important because  we want to buy... now at this stage,   so we don't have to come back all the way here  later if we decide we're going to use a bow to   fight the final boss... we want to get the  Bow Lore. That's going to cost 1500 coins.   And we're going to need to buy a few weapons  that are going to cost $3,000 and $2,000. And so,   we need to churn monsters in our blender:  between our feet and between our hands.   So, we'll want to go all the  way to Windemere first because   I'm going to show you where all the potions,  power-ups, and secrets are - as well as money! So,   bear with me while I run over to Windemere.  And we're at the bridge to Windemere! To get all these secrets and the potions,   let's go up into Windemere, and immediately  go East one screen and then go down until we get to a beach. I  am going to make a stop off  

with the pigs. There's a tree here I wanted to  show you. It's not important if you already know   what we're doing, but if you don't know what  we're doing, or why we're doing it: It's an   apple tree. Punch it. "Please sir! Don't hurt me!  I'm the talking tree of the East." Hit it again. And again. Keep hitting it. You might want  to change your position and hit it again.

And you'll get some random thing or it will  immediately tell you what you want to know. "There is a rock near the duck Idol with a crack  in it..." and this is the only hint you have   that one of the rocks in the  enclosure around the idol at   the center of town... the duck  Idol because it's a religion...   one rock is important, because it has a crack in  it. And then later, you see that you can buy a   bomb. And then you have to figure it out: to put  the bomb near that one specific rock to blow it up  

so that you can get into that enclosure. Because  the guard won't let you in. All right. And that's   what you had to figure out in the beginning,  back before there were walkthroughs, where   anybody had to figure out everything. Go down the  beach. Go over and you'll see these two shells and these little pebbles that make it  look like a path. You had to notice this.   You had to see it, and then understand it,  in order to know you can go to this island.  

And this is Duck Island, also known by other  names, like Coqui or Koka. Just go east. And   if you see these two ducks, when you see these  two ducks, you can talk to them. And one of   them will ask you if you want to play a game;  And you can bet money and win and lose money.  

And so, just basically a little game.  I never do this. Not worth my time. But   it is interesting when you're playing this  game without any backstory or anything else.   I keep going up and then across the bridge. Down one screen and to the East.  If you need any hearts, get some.   Go into this house. And the guy, he's working  on the most powerful bow in the world. "Great!   Give it to me now!" - "I'm not finished yet.  Come back later." He will not sell you that bow  

until you've completed the quests in  Windemere and talked to King Daniel.   And then you can buy his very-very expensive bow.   So now we're going to go to the  East again and fight some Pill Bugs.

Over one more and fight this guy. And down here  will be the Save Machine. Save your game. Go up   North, continue to go North. Fight the slimes.  Hopefully you'll get some hearts out of it. I've got a few hearts. Then go up North,  and then veer a little bit North-West.   Get some pill bugs. Kill them. Hopefully you'll get a heart out of that  too; Would have been better to have five!   Go up the next screen for... and then the  one above... and you'll get to a bridge.   Go across. There will be  another bridge with slimes.

Across that. And then when you cross  this bridge, you'll see two Boncas.   You can let them fight each other and get down  to one. And every time they hit each other;   they weaken. It'll be easy  to kill the remaining one.

And this is the fun one: This bridge has two  Slayers on it. And you're not strong enough,   or at least I'm not! And I don't have a strong  enough weapon, my magic's not strong enough,   to kill them to get across this bridge. I could...  but I'd have to fight tooth-and-nail to beat them.   And I probably wouldn't beat the  Slayers. Just run right through.   You lose some life, but that's just the way  it is. Now you're here; All this is yours. We   saw this before when we were over on this side  buying the Herb boots, or the Hyper boots.

Now we can get to it. We have a heart  that increases our life capacity,   and potions for attack, defense,  magic. And a ton of money! And then a Mega Potion. Increase all our State.  But we're still not strong enough, in my opinion,   to safely beat the Slayers bare-handed,  or with a sword. Run across the bridge.   And that didn't hurt too much.  Let's go back out and go down South,

and go back to where you came in. South. South. And now we can go West. Cross the bridge again. Now   we're going West again. All the way back to that sign. And now  we can cross back over to Mainland.   At this screen you want to go immediately  West one screen, and then go up two screens.  

And until you are at the top of this  screen. And then go East; Right. There's a Slayer. And there's a potion,  which is sometimes hard to pick up. And   some money on the ground. Every penny counts. Go  up and over, and you can see all the monsters;   You let them kill each other. Then go ahead  and go... ignore them... go to the East side.   And next page, or screen, will have a Bonca,  a fast Bonca, and slimes. Pass them right by.

And keep going East. There will be a potion. Right there. Defense potion. Now go one screen  over to the West and you'll see these rocks  

in the form of an Arrow. And we'll have another  gold heart in that. There we go. Now we're good. Save the game. One thing I will tell you, if you  want to heal yourself, or get healed at the clinic   or infirmary, don't do it on this island. It's  more expensive, much more. Go back over to Terris,  

and they're cheaper. Now, basically what we  need to do is come up with enough money to buy not only the weapons we need: The Claw Sword and the Throwing  Axe, we also want to buy "The Lore" and if we don't buy that our BOW isn't  very... it's just very basic. It doesn't do power   shots. It doesn't give you the ability to do  power shots. And power shots can be 12, 20, 30,   damage to an opponent. And if you're going to plan  on using the bow, which most people do in fact, at   the final boss... you'll want to get that Bow Lore  and buy a better bow than the one you've got now.   It may cost you five thousand coins to get the  Massive Bow, and $25,000 to get what's called   a Flame Bow. And some people pick it, choose  to do it that way. And others, you can still  

beat the final boss without it. But I like to be  ready, and it's better safe than sorry to have the   Bow Lore. And that's what I'm going to do: I'm  going to go out right now into the same areas   and kill the monsters I can kill here, go  back to Terris, kill the monsters here;   Go to KernSin, kill all the monsters here; Repeat  it, maybe again, if it lets me. Go do this again,   this again, and go up. Just go  up to Goodheart Castle, do this,   go into MURKWOOD and do the couple of Boncas here;  And even the Big Pill-Bug, which regenerates.  

And then go back and do it all again to  get my level up, and to get my money up,   so I can buy everything. And then also  buy the Bow Lore. Let's do that right now. Whew! That took a long time! I did the grinding:  I went back and forth, and back and forth, and   around and around, and got my level up, and got  a lot of money. You notice down here I got $5784. And I am getting close to  level nine. But I'm here now in KernSin by the Goblin Sanctuary; KernSin  Area. And we're going to buy the Bow Lore.

Burn that tree. Go down and talk  to the guy and learn Bow Lore. And that'll give us more power to our bow... to be able to do power shots with. It makes any  bow we own much more effective. And now we're   going to make our way all the way back up here to  Windemere. And I may kill a few monsters along the  

way, and go down in the mines, because it's a  waste not to, and make a little bit more money. And then I'll get back to the save machine  and then we really begin the Windemere Quests. And we made it back to Windemere! I did  stop along the way to kill a few monsters   in this area and in Terris along  the way, and I got some good money.   And I'm ready to go, to begin the true Windemere  quests. You want to go up and over to the   Armory... armorer... or whatever that is  called. Go talk to this guy. See what's for  

sale and buy the Claw Sword for $2,000. Also  see what's for sale, buy the bomb for $20. That's good. The other thing I want to do is go  up along this to the second... the first door. Carefully...

Sell an item: Sell a Long Sword for  $200. You don't want to just press   your button too much because you'll your Claw  Sword for half of what you just paid for it.   And we're good. Got some more money;  May come in handy! Save your Game.   And then go into this building. And these  people will not let you down these stairs;  

Not right now. What you need to do first  is to go over to the Duck Enclosure, and the shrine, right there to that stupid rock with the crack in it... that you  can barely determine. Proceed:   Drop your bomb in front of it and  immediately load, wear, your Hyper Boots. BOOM! Go in immediately and start kicking  them. Kicking, kicking the heck out of them.   Pick up those potions if you can do that too.

Beat them, beat them, beat them, you gotta  kick them until they turn into dinner! You   don't want to let too many of them outside  of the gate; Some of them might sneak through   the fences, and then it's  a really hard to get them. But you have to just keep  burning, burning... or cooking! We got that one duck outside the enclosure.  And I have to be careful about this:  

Don't step off the screen; I have to  kill him without leaving the screen, because if I do I have to redo all that  killing... and cooking. There we go! We did it!  "Hey, Kelly... this is gonna  be so great... What the?!" "Uh oh." "No!!!!" "Daddy what happened?" "Guards! Help!" "This guy killed the Blessed Fowl!" "I must avenge the Winged Goddess!"  "Kelly, what are you doing?" "I'm eating..." "Sir, your daughter is eating our  God. I guess we have to kill her too." 

"This meat... tastes good!" "Wait, isn't it all raw and such?"  "I guess one piece wouldn't hurt.   It tastes great!" "Less filling too."  "Dink! You magically changed  our Supreme Beings into food!"  "Now, there is a perfect explanation...  you see the friction seem to cook and..."  "Who cares about that."  "Dink is a hero! We must go tell the others!" And we did it. This ends the Windemere Quest:  

We saved the town from famine because  they have all this chicken to eat...   ducks to eat and they don't have (All right, I'm  just gonna kick that one and because I want to) ... they were giving all their money, and all to  their religion, and all their food too! So they   had nothing, and they were all starving. And so  we've saved it. They've honored us with a stone.   "A little lovely stone." (Dink Smallwood)  And we can go back and save our game. And  

now these people in this little house will let  us down the stairs. And we just go right across   until we get out to an island. Go up. And we're at Joppa  Isle: The island of Dragons.

Let's go in and up (and if you need healing, break  the barrels). "Weird. This town looks deserted."   Go in the door and down the stairs. "Look! Someone came down!"  "Hello, I'm Dink Smallwood." "Oh yes, I've read about you. Please,   did you see anyone out there?" "Out where? Town?"  "Yes, our daughter is still  out there! She'll be killed!"  "Why? I saw nothing dangerous." 

"They must have left. We must go  find her... what if she is..."  "Don't say such things! Stay  here, I will be back shortly." "I cannot idly wait while  my daughter is in danger!"  And once she's off the screen you can move again.   If you need a heart, there'll be one in this  barrel. Go up the stairs. But before you exit,   equip your Claw Sword because there's gonna be a  scene played out in front of you, and you're going   to need to fight after that scene. And you're  not going to want to use your magic; You cannot  

accidentally kill the townspeople with either your  sword or magic. And you have to defeat the enemy,   two dragons, before they magically, or physically,  kill the townspeople: If they die, you die. So... "Gwen! Come to safety!" "Oh mother, I've been so afraid!" "That sound..." And that sound is wings. Here come the dragons. "Run from us no more humans."

"let's finish this." "We will fight!" "Protect the women, Smallwood!" And run out kill this Dragon   quick. You're getting attacked with magic  don't... Look: Don't kill those people. They try to get in the way. 

"You did it! You did it Smallwood!" "Dink, you saved me! You're a hero!"  And say whatever you want to say. "In any case, we are very grateful."  "Those two dragons have been  on the rampage for a month.  "It all started when we built  this town on their nest." 

"So, basically I just killed two innocent  dragons for protecting their own."  "Uh... gotta get back to  the store. See you later." And that's all there is to this Quest. Step off the screen. Go back, and inside, and talk to this  fellow, because we have over 3,000 coins.  

So, we can now buy the Throwing Axe.  That's what we get for planning ahead!" So now we have the Throwing Axe. It's a wonderful device (weapon). Great for killing things and for earning money,  but not perfect. I prefer the Hyper Boots and   magic for some things, and for other things this  comes in very handy. But it will not help us   in the next part of the quest, the Edge of the  World; After we go to Goodheart Castle and talk   to the King and accept the quest (offer)  to go save Milder in the Darklands. So,  

the enemies up in the Edge of the World are very  HARD... to beat. And the Bow won't work on them.   The beautiful Throwing Axe won't work on them. The  Claw Sword will! And your magic, your Fireball,   doesn't do anything to them. You  need a much more powerful Magic. And so let's just go back out and save our game,   because we have finished all the  quests in the Windemere area. And we can go to Goodheart Castle now.

I will give you a bit of advice: If you need  to be healed or want to buy healing potions,   don't buy them here. Go back to Terris, go to  the clinic or infirmary there, and buy it. It's   much cheaper. And that's all  we have for this walkthrough. And that's all I have for my sinuses tonight.  

Dragons! Now they smell. In any case I will  see you in the next walkthrough hopefully,   soon. Take care and have a great day, night,  or whatever. Good cup of... good cup of coffee!

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