DigiPen Institute of Technology | 2022 DigiPen Europe - Bilbao Student Game Showcase

DigiPen Institute of Technology | 2022 DigiPen Europe - Bilbao Student Game Showcase

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Hello everyone, my name is Mirari,  artist from the team KyuuutKatz, and I’m going to show you the game we have  been working on these past months, AVANI. Avani is a 2D open-world game, in which you  will EXPLORE the land guided by a spirit trapped in an ancient sword,. YOU MUST  fight to defeat powerful enemies to recover their power and end  the evil plaguing the world. Avani’s main mechanics are dash and attack. With the dash, Avani is able to dodge enemies  and even use it as a replacement for a jump. Avani can also perform a ranged attack, a combo, and a special attack apart from the basic one, to  either fight more nimbly or even overcome puzzles.

There are 4 types of enemies: The Slime - this is the simplest enemy... The slimes crawl around and moves to  attack the player when they are close and change size when they are attacked by the player a few  times. when they are big, they engulf the player, and when they are small, they hit them. The teleporter - these enemies do not move,  they stay still until the player gets too close, then they teleport away. However, the player  can slash or shoot at them and kill them after

a few hits. These enemies shoot when the player  is at a further distance than for teleporting. The mole - follows the player from underground,  where it is invulnerable. When it’s below them, they jump to attack, and the player must evade  it. If done correctly, the attack will fail, and the mole will get stuck in the ground, where  it will be vulnerable to the player’s attacks. The spinner - enemy spins  in the player’s direction, and bounces when it hits walls. In this spinning  state, it is invulnerable, but once it has

bounced with some walls, it will stop spinning to  recover, the moment where it will be vulnerable Your final goal is to go through the enemies  and obstacles, to recover the spirits that had been released from the sword. ENJOY EXPLORING  the different zones, collecting treasures, and encountering the final boss, so the  civilizations can go back to their normal state. Welcome all, my name is Antton Gorroño,  the Art producer of Friendly Duck Studio, and I will guide you today through all  the gameplay features of Galactic Circus: - Galactic Circus is a 2D stealth platform  game based on solving situations, by evading and defeating the dangerous aliens that have taken  over the circus. For doing so, the protagonist, the knife thrower of the circus, will use his  knife-throwing skills and a really special knife.

- So, here we introduce you to The Knifethrower! To achieve his goal, this kinker has the ability to run, jump, climb ladders and  hide, this for the basic actions. But here it comes, the icing on the cake: the  alien knife, which our protagonist has stolen from the aliens. Not only does it allow our Knife  Thrower to teleport when stuck on any surface, but it is also equipped with elemental  absorption, which basically gives him the power of controlling fire and electricity for  sorting different types of puzzles and obstacles - But this won't come that  easy for our target shooter, because he will have to face various  enemies along his heroic journey. CONTORTIONIST. It is the most basic of the aliens.  It has very basic movements, as it just moves around inside the same platform, and it attacks  you with a short-range attack when spotted. Though be careful if you encounter more than one  at the same time, you’ll have to be quick.

JUGGLER. This juggler could probably be seen as  the most basic one, taking into account that it does not even move and that it only attacks you  if you get into that medium-long range it covers. But it has a detail to it that makes it different: you must use an electrified knife to kill  it, otherwise, it will repel your attack. STRONGMAN or IMMORTAL. As I have just spoiled  you, this frog-esque weightlifter can’t be killed, so you must be wise and use hiding and distraction  methods to avoid it. In terms of movement, it will just patrol from one place to another. If  it spots you, you can be ready for the popcorns.

And for the last act, we have the FLAME  THROWER. This creature wanders around, burning some things, here and there. The attack  is a burning flame exhaled from the deepest insides of his lungs, in a medium range.  It can only be killed from the back.

- Thank you for listening,  until the next performance. After witnessing her village being  destroyed and slaughtered by the Oni, Hiroko has only one goal: revenge So she will have to go on a journey  to find the Oni and kill him. On this journey you will encounter  warriors sent by the Oni, so you will have to defeat  them in order to continue To avoid getting killed and defeat these enemies you will have to make use  of Hiroko's core mechanics: Attack Dash Block And parry These mechanics also need to be  combined with three different guards: High, middle, and low. This means that you will have to decide between attack or block, but also  between the three guards.

There are three types of enemies The Swordsman has the same abilities as  Hiroko, except for the dash and parry. In order to defeat him, you will have to attack him on a different guard so  that he doesn't block you. You can also block his attacks when you are on  the same guard like him, and if you block him very fast, a parry will be performed, which will  leave the Swordsman stunned and easier to kill. The Heavy swordsman is unblockable,  and the only way to defeat him is in his vulnerable state, which takes  place after he performs his attack.

You will have to dash in  order to avoid getting hit, and after that, attack him before he  goes back to the invulnerable pose. The Spearman only has two kinds  of attacks, the high and the low He won't be able to block you, but his  attacks are longer, so in order to defeat him, you will have to consider the distance to perform  an attack and block him fast if he attacks. The last enemy is the Oni. You  will encounter him two times. The first time will be at the start of the  game, here you won't be able to kill him as you are too weak, but later you will encounter  him again in the final level with a boss fight. The combat will be on one hand like normal combat  with the same mechanics, and on the other hand, he will use special attacks, such as the demon  attack which is unblockable and has to be avoided with a dash, or the projectile attack.  Hiroko will travel through different landscapes based on traditional Japanese ink paintings  some of them will be in special conditions, such as the town at night on fire where it  all starts, or the burned field in a storm.

On this journey, she will also find lakes, bridges that break, impressive waterfalls, and  beautiful sunsets on the top of the mountains. Join Hiroko on her journey to avenge  her people although, will it be enough? Hello everyone, my name is  Iker, a member of Pigment Krew And I am here to present the game we  have been working on Veggie Menace Veggie Menace is a Run & Gun game Where you will have to traverse levels by  defeating hordes of enemies, collecting power-ups, and defeating different bosses in order to  stop an out-of-control vegetable invasion. Our main protagonist is Megi, a little traveling witch who has been hired to deal with the  invasion due to her strong magic powers. Megi's main abilities are shooting  with her staff, jump, dash, and some other tricks she  might have under her sleeves...

There are 7 types of enemies,  let's see how they behave: The mushroom is the most common enemy, they will run and jump in order  to attack Megi with their teeth. The corncobs have the ability to shoot and they will need to stop from  time to time in order to reload. The green tomato will jump to your position  and will explode to deal area damage. In a similar fashion, the  red tomato will also explode, but this time they will run straight forward. Red tomatoes are immune to bullets, but they  are not the brightest with their attacks, so trying to run them into a wall would  be our best strategy against them.

There are two types of radishes: One that shoots,  and one that will dive down in order to explode. Finally, we have the onion. This enemy is a tank, so it will be more difficult  for Megi to deal with them. Continuing with our main mechanics, there are  3 types of power-ups available in the game that you will be able to obtain by saving  trapped villagers throughout the levels: The electric stone: This power-up will overcharge Megi's  staff, making it shoot at very fast speeds.

The water stone: It will make the staff shoot five  droplets of water in different directions, making it much easier to  clear the screen of enemies. The firestone: This will make Megi shoot explosive projectiles, letting us defeat multiple  enemies with a single shot. At the end of each level, there will be a final score screen giving you statistics about  your performance, a score, and a grade. Will you be able to obtain an  S rank at all three levels? Saving the kingdom from an invasion this big is very difficult to do alone, so  Megi can summon a helper: Hilda! That's right, you can play with  a friend through local coop either by using controllers or  even playing on a single keyboard. Hilda will be able to join at any point of the  adventure without any intermediate step or menu, it's plug and play, so there is no excuse not  to join forces and save the kingdom together. Megi's adventure will start at VeggieLand,  the town where the invasion started.

She will continue by a forest overtaken by  the vegetables at the oustkirts of the town to finally reach the castle of the Pumpkin  Queen, the one leading the invasion. Veggie Menace's story starts at  VeggieLand's Vegetable Contest. In this contests, villagers compete to try  to grow the biggest vegetable possible, but some of the contestants have cheated with a  magic potion that has granted the vegetables life.

They have been invading the  town and its surroundings. So the villagers pledge Megi for help.  This is where Megi's quest starts. Collaborate with a friend or fight alone  against the vegetable forces, and we will see if you are strong enough to  outperform their newborn empire. Hello, we are Team Robocorp and this is our game, Mag&Net. This game is a cooperative-action  shooter in which players will come from the future to save the world from an imminent  global threat, the explosion of a gigantic nuclear microwave inside the most secret  experimental laboratory on the planet. The objective of the game is to go through  3 different levels. In order to do so,

players will have to clean rooms filled  with enemies. While exploring the levels, players will learn that there are different kinds  of rooms. Some may have more than one wave of enemies, and in order to unlock the doors and keep  progressing, they will have to defeat them all. There are some rooms where the players  will have to cooperate to activate objectives while dealing with other enemies  or environmental hazards such as cannons or the holes they may fall through making them  get into the radioactive liquid underneath. If a player dies make sure you  have some money with you as you will need it to revive your friend.  That is what friends are for, right?

There are also enemies that will run  toward players forcing them to avoid the attack by moving, but they will  have to be careful and pay attention to their surroundings. You really do  not want them to fall onto the water. New room, new enemy. Tanks shoot  missiles that are not robot friendly. In some places of the level, special elevators  are available to go back to the first room. Here, players are able to buy items such as  stats upgrades or weapons using the money dropped by enemies. Once they have  collected all the keys in the level,

they will unlock the final door and go  to the final room, which consists of a very big fight by waves to test players  and make sure they are ready to move on. In the second level, players will  gain the ability to use a hook which will increase their mobility options  and allow for new gameplay dynamics. It allows players to hook to objects and go  through gaps that were thought to be impossible.

This is all from our side, thanks all for watching and we hope you had fun saving the world  with our two little guests Mag and Net! Hello everyone, my name is Jon Ibarra, a gameplay  programmer and the buildmaster of the team TheSecondOption and this is a game our team has  been working on for these past few months, CyberD. CyberD is a 3D action platformer game where  the player slays all the enemies that challenge him to death, clearing entire rooms full of  enemies in order to advance to the next room. The three main mechanics of the melee are:  melee, dashing and shooting. Melee and shooting

consume energy and are used to defeat enemies,  be it from close quarters for the melee or staying in one place and shooting them down  with bullets using the shooting ability. The dashing isn't used to defeat enemies, but can  be used to avoid attacks from incoming enemies. The energy to use the melee and the  shooting recovers itself automatically. Whenever a player enters a room, barriers  will appear in each entrance and each exit, trapping the player inside until  it defeats all incoming enemies. Inside the room will be a number of  spawners that will generate enemies in waves until the player defeats all the  waves. Some spawners may also be linked to turrets and will keep spawning  enemies until the turrets are defeated.

When the player clears a room of enemies,  apart from lifting the barriers it will receive a certain amount of coins depending  on the performance of the player in that room. The amount of coins depends on the  accuracy of the attacks of the player on the enemies, the combo of the attack on the  enemies, and the amount of time it took the player to clear the entire room. These coins  can be used to buy extra health, restore lives, give the player more energy for its  attacks or increase the range of the melee attack. The zombie is the simplest of all the enemies, it just chases after the player and when is in  certain range it launches at him, attacking him.

The zombie isn't very strong, but it can be difficult to deal with in great numbers. The turret is a more challenging enemy  than the zombie. Unlike it, it can't move, but doesn't need to since it attacke the  player from afar shooting bullets of its own. The turret is invulnerable to melee attacks, so  the player must use its own bullets to defeat it.

The turret has four hit points  and whenever it receives damage, it becomes invulnerable for a few  seconds and generates a few zombies. The amount of zombies that it generates after each  hit increases the less hit points that it has. The bull is a much trickier enemy.

It chases after the player, like the zombie, and  when is at a certain distance from the player it launches at it, but its launch attack is much  faster than the zombie. The bull is also immune to all melee and bullet attacks coming from  all sides except when is hit from its back. The player must use this to its advantage,  waiting for the bull to launch at them, dodge it and then attack it from behind. The mineplacer is different  from the rest of the enemies.

Like the turret, is invulnerable to melee  attacks and it wanders through the room in a squared-like pattern. Whenever it reaches one  of the edges of that squared pattern, it throwns mines along the room that will hinder the player's  movements. The only way to defeat the mineplacer is to shoot it down with a bullet, and be wary  of the mines it will place around the room.

The final objective of the game is to clear  all levels and rooms and reach the ending of the game after defeating all the enemies.  But will you even reach that last room from the last level? Let's find out! Arruyo is a 3D first person horror game, where the player is inside a farmhouse with  different monsters that will try to kill him. In order to survive and discover the mystery  of that place, Francisco, the main character, will have to hide from these monsters  while investigating the farmhouse.

When Francisco wakes up, he finds himself in  his bedroom. Due to the darkness, the player will need to pick a lantern in order to traverse  through the corridors. The lantern is the main mechanic of the game. It is necessary to light  up the path. The player will be able to take it in and out, or even light it up. However,  after some time, it will shut down and the

player will need to find oil in order to  recharge it and be able to use it again. In some puzzles, you will be able to use chalk in order to draw freely on the blackboard,  which will be required to solve certain riddles. The game is based on several puzzles that the  player will need to solve in order to advance. Some of them require finding a lock  combination, others drawing on a blackboard, or even sneaking up while avoiding obstacles in  order to not be detected. Some puzzles will be

key to the development of the story, as they will  reveal why the house is hostile towards Francisco. The game will be separated into  three different levels: the hallways, the studio, and the catacombs. Each level will be darker  and crazier than the other.

You need to traverse them, investigate  the different rooms and find the objects that will help you find out Francisco’s  story and the mystery behind the house. While exploring the farmhouse, Francisco will  find several paintings across the house. In some of these, a hideous creature is lurking to find  the right moment to capture you: the soldier. To prevent this, the player will have to react fast  and light the candle as fast as possible with the use of a Quick Time Event. This action costs  oil, so you need to take care of how you use

the lantern. If done properly, he will vanish. If  not, he will capture you and bring you onto the painting. When Francisco is close to the  soldier, he will be cold and start shivering. ln the catacombs, you get harassed by a new enemy:  the bull. This monster is divided into two parts,

the head and the body. The head is the part  that will detect you, whereas the body will be haunting you. The player has to avoid being  seen by the eyes of the head, otherwise the bull will wake up and will run after you. When this  happens, you need to find a place to hide from it. Sounds can also awake the bull, so you  need to take care of where you step.

Going through the farmhouse’s  hallways and the underground crypt, a red mist will suddenly  emerge, revealing the Lullaby, a monstrous creature who will  chase you until she captures you. If you want to survive, you need  to run away and hide from her. Thank you all for listening. We are Blank  Canvas Studio and we hope you enjoy the game. Hello guys, my name is Danel Saez, producer, and visual effects and gameplay  programmer of Miraculous Industries. Today I´m going to present you our game: Ygeia.

Ygeia is a 3D introspective  puzzle-solving and adventure game in which the player must overcome a series  of challenges that could lead to anxiety. It´s scheduled for release in Summer 2022 in PC. So, what is this game about? After falling in an unknown cave, a  girl will have to find her way out to a set of floors and stairs in which,  after collecting some chess pieces, she will unlock higher floors  and more demanding challenges. During her path, she will encounter  certain objects that she can interact with. In some cases, you will have to make  a single press to interact with them, while in others you will have to keep holding  the interact button for it to remain toogled. The first one of these  interactibles is the ghost type.

When it gets activated, it will  change its shape from opaque and solid to transparent and crossable, or viceversa. Next, we have the slider that, when used, it will move from one end to another,  allowing the player to use it as a platform. Rotators will also act as platforms.  While some of them will rotate in one

direction until you change it, others will  only rotate when interacting with them. After that we have the lasers. Theirs beams  will have to reach the corresponding portals in order to unlock the next areas, and  for that the player will have to play with a series of reflectors so that  the beam bounces correctly.

Finally, there´s the magnets. These  interactibles will have a positive or negative pole depending on the rays they emit. These poles will be the ones that will decide whether they get attracted or  repelled when interacting with them. There are two types of magnets:  static and dynamic ones.

However, completing the puzzles  might get challenging at some points. These moments will be the ones that  will cause anxiety to the player, and will be represented by a  thick mist floating around. While being anxious, walking will be  more difficult, and the perception of the objects around will get affected, which  will cause completing puzzle tasks way harder. That´s all from me now. Stay  tuned for the release of the game, which will also include a VR version  for a more immersive experience and, in the name of Miraculous Industries  we hope that you enjoy our game.

Thank you for listening, and see you! Hello everyone, this is Team Cactus, and we  are proud to present to you Shadow Racer, a game that follows a unique adventure that  compines driving, battling and exploring. [Trailer Music] In this game, the player follows  the story of a simple but brave car, that progressively becomes  stronger and unlocks new powers. In this world, in order to  become the next Shadow Racer, a vehicle must master the four car elements. The first element is drifting, and it will  be available from the very start of the game. With it, players can make sharper turns,  allowing for better control while driving.

The player is free to drive  around, making twists and turns, avoiding obstacles and jumping  from dangerous heights. From time to time, cinematics will  play following the protagonist's story. The second element is the flash. It is  used to power up switches to open doors. After traversing the first zone, the  player will arrive to the hub area, that is in the middle of the world. Here, they can talk to the extravagant characters that wander around the dark lands, and  get hints on how to advance to the next section. The third element is the turbo,  a powerful upgrade that the past Shadow Racers used to reach  places nobody else could.

The player can also use it to take  advantage of their enemies in battle. Another use of the flash is to interact  with the environment in the world, like the explosive basketballs. Also, the flash can be used  to destroy enemies in battle. The possessed cars will attack the player,  but their origin is up to them to discover. In order to unlock the bumper, the player  must pass the ultimate test to know how much they developed their reflexes  and their mastery of the controls: a race. In this race, they can take advantage  of the terrain there is around to win.

The bumper, the fourth element, allows  the player to destroy rocks to access places they could not before, and step  into the core of the world of darkness. Will you have what it takes to  become the next Shadow Racer? Find out yourself trying out the game! Hey everyone, today we’re presenting our  latest project to you, Arclight Beat. Arclight Beat is a game with a minimalistic neon  aesthetic and a focus on rhythm-based platforming, in which you control various level  elements by changing the beat of the game. This is done through the “beat mixer”. You can  select “beats” and put them into the “beat mixer” above. You have probably already noticed the  red line that has been looping through the “beat mixer” – this line plays the “beats” that you have  put into the “beat mixer” when it overlaps them.

And when a “beat” is played, a certain level  element of the same colour is activated. Beats come in various types and trigger  various tiles throughout the game. The first is the moving tile,  which is quite self-explanatory. It moves from point A to point  B every time it is played. The second is the phasing tile. It  turns solid while its corresponding beat is being played, and you  fall through it if it is not.

Up next is the launch tile, which launches  you into the air when it is activated. Another is the fan tile, which generates  wind that pushes you in the direction it is pointing in while its’ beat is being played. Coming last is the ice tile, which becomes  slippery while it is activated. However, it also allows you to gain speed,  allowing you to take large leaps. These tiles combined form the foundation  of our game and appear throughout the three differently themed worlds we have in our  game - the Techno, Carnival, and Disco worlds.

The Techno world introduces the player to the game and has a calm atmosphere and  an inviting colour palette. The Carnival world ramps up the difficulty and has a very festive and chaotic  atmosphere with music to match. The last world is the Disco world, which gives a funky feeling and  contrasting, eye-popping colours.

Throughout these worlds, you’ll find many levels, among which are alternative bonus  levels that change the pace of the game. We are very excited to be finally releasing  Arclight Beat, and we hope you will like our game.

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