Devops Class 2 Telugu by Hari 9059868766 తెలుగులో I March 6th 2019

Devops Class 2 Telugu by Hari 9059868766 తెలుగులో I March 6th 2019

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This, conference, will now be recorded. This. Conference, will now be recorded. Continues. Monitoring. These. Are the different, types of D these. Are the different types of the contours. On. The window so. We. Are going to discuss so guys let. Me tell you something okay. If. You worked in Java she. Worked in Java. Our. PHP. So. Our idea the technology, okay any other technology you, are only working on only for that portion of the part that part only okay. Only, we are working that part only, but even, you are playing with the divorce, so. You need, to understand, all the. Controller, how the conference, all, the components, inside the system. All, the components, inside the system is nothing but that, web servers, application. Servers okay. And, there. Is a load balancing. Scalability. Up. To database, service deliver, services and everything got, a damina so. That's why Walker can do that's why I must explaining, introduction, very, very slowly so, first do. The understanding. Of the terminology, so when we go through that combining. When we go through configuring. That when we go from the. Job so you can understand very easily, yeah. So. Yeah, we have covered this part okay we, have covered this one today we will discuss the these, slots. So. How. Many artists. In currently, how, many architectures, is currently commonly. Used in your application, and, anyone know about it. This. Multi-layered. Picture. In. Their architecture. Yeah. So, what is our so. Before, that monolithic. Okay monolithic. Architecture three-tier. Architecture tutor. Archer whatever you want okay whatever. You want a is in upper level yes, would be architecture, microcell, a we. Architecture, Santa Ana, projects, naman defend just project, all of system he, strategies, for mom Easter. At this one Kamini a type of projects, 101. Figure a scope of energy kana. So first, one is monolithic. Monolithic. Are you, known as the cartridge until then take a monolithic. Architecture is, the traditional. Unifying. A model for the design for the software, program, a, so. Monolithic. Software is designed to the self-contained. Components. Of the programs, are interconnected. And, interdependent. Rather. Than the loosely coupled as the case with the modules, of the program, it's, a tightly coupled architecture. Component. Is associative, it's the components, must be present in the atom of code of execution, are, the rough code.

Of Execution. So. We'll, take our kitchen, in the days would client, client. Database. He, climbed to database, client in the Amano suppose when we are sending the request to the application. Application, so. All logics. Will be included, all the logic sunday mano, suppose. Customer. Circa employ scan data money and they remember mom I have a qualification. Couple. Money account to balance okay account, balance iam he spends, one, of the feature, approve. So. All logic, so together and I employee modders, employees. And. Calculations. Copy delete and everything routine, khuddam okay function, t no la no roster and, a monolithic, architecture under a monolithic. Purpose, for that net. For. This application this, is your application approved so. Let us take this, is the control layer okay this is the control layer which in the controller after that this, is a what. Do you layer and this, is the databases. This. Is the databases. A minute. Yes, I mean, them you go so. Mommy. Suppose. You could have supposedly, disposed control layer and only contour a layer multiple layers will take an application slow, into, the presentation, layer deployment. Little persistence. Later seriously, everything, all together and they all layers of computational, we are combining into single platform, single. Flat form or asphalt I want a controller layer. Presentation. Layer. So. Can, say that let us suppose this is let us take one more thing as a presentation. Layer. Awesome. Okay. And, this one is. Controller. Although, I can say that we, have play oh we can say that what, we can say. So. Logic, a logic, so. Logic, we can. Model. A model. Layer we can say so if you take any ambition. Which are modal view controller a model, we control user actually VM. Is the register, this. Is the database, it. Is not monolithic architecture, for. All the components, we are combining to the one system, let us suppose if you want to change if you want to enhance it to the one mission of it if you want to enhance into the one system, automatically. It will affect to the another system correct, uh no other, so. Ravi, Ravi. If you see here so, this is the controller layer this is a model layer the presentation, layer and databases let us suppose your, application. Okay, your application, having wonderful applications. Are interdependent with the monolithic, architecture if. You want to change one application. Automatically. Your other, application, will be affected, correct. Own, Okada. Hello, the. Vibra mean. Correct. Yes. Ready yeah. Glad my point so, what is the meaning here let us suppose if you are combining to multiple modules imply module customer, model finish, what do you learn anything we, are combining all the multiple logics to one unit let, us suppose if you want to enhance there, anything okay automatically. We need to stop other, logics, as well correct, it, will be everything otherwise it's as well so like that earlier model okay if you see various factors, its yes back all applications.

Are The monolithic, application, these monolithic, applications, that is the rabbit here so, if you want to changed anything so we need to it will be affected, from other systems as well okay that is a model big architecture. So. Coming to the three-tier architecture okay. What they can do in the 310, architecture, they are designing they are converting, the applications. To, one, tuple layer like what we can say data. Am okay, so. Datacenter, understand. Zone and okay. Let us see it see this, is very very important, so in your annoying question they will ask for how your, application, okay, what, is the infrastructure. Moral infrastructure, support an otherwise what. Is how your application, duplex what. Is an application flow, if the anyone ask for a developer's level diverse culture what is how how, your application, is one nature. This. Is the float let, me explain this flow okay let, me explain this flow reading slowly here. Yeah. From. Its up Andy let us suppose one of, key, request, from respond can, that come quick question. Monarchy. Double double it at he chase number one our browser callicles, there, to be serve, on a parallel, nature. Mon, Ami EJ. Means. Monks. A little load is not remain, it. Is. So. Not. Like that okay so, if, put a mono application, on enterprise a sample good way to explain this array one, more complication I'm gonna get and apply this conical our previously, you know you, provide a server configure, say go to okay. We, have two types of file peace in our application, one is for public IP or. Otherwise, if you if, you don't have any public IP we can call it as a static, IP okay statically, means everything we say, and, static, IP and private IP. Probably. These. Private, a visa it will be communicated, internal, internal, internal, it will be communicated, okay so, outsider, if you want the access of an application the, public IP is mandatory, public. IV is mandated, so in that scene of you what we can do out. Whenever. We are keeping, that Double-dominant. Of how the system how the client. Will recognize this, request will transfer to us that. Particular application that is very very important, okay so, that is we can call it as a DNS, domain naming, system, ok domain name is in. A system. Or service domain. Aiming. Clear. But my pipe so. What we can do so whenever, you. Know so, this is we can call it as this is we can upload upload add. Double, w dot So, these are the domains okay these, are the domains public domain so whenever whenever. If you want to hosting, your application. Into the internet. Okay into, the internet what we can do we need to host we need to, keep. Some time any water we, need to purchase some time manually, correct if you know about the whole a, if. You do different. Who is this not come so these are the common, vendors, okay they, will give you the domains okay they will give the. First. We need to purchase the domains, first. They will purchase them too much so whenever. We are purchasing, the don't mind. Whenever. We are purchasing, the domain what, they can do they, will provide that the endless records that is current as a name service, name, server records okay naming. Server. Because. We. Can say naming service defects okay they, are got my point. So. What they can do these services. Records, contents, it will be. Will. Be communicated. Around. The world. Clear. At. My point. So. Let us see let us, suppose this is your application, this. Is your application whenever. The browser we are hitting the browser it is called WW, that. So. How this. Whenever, hitting the URL how the browser, knows this application, will this. URL, will go to the butler Amazon, server this is very very very important, potion okay.

If, Anyone, asked for this so, directly, you can say that we need to configure, the DNS. Domain naming, system, service okay within the domain naming services, you need to configure, the different types of fruity cards okay, different. Types of liquors that is we can call it as a name, service, okay. Yes Ferrara cuts okay these, are the two different types, of requires it will be communicated. Around, the okay, around, the hosting. Service naming servers are available around, the globe okay, naming, servers let us suppose this, is the domain naming system but in normal scenario in. Armored scenario we are hosting correct so. If you and our if you want to develop our application, you, directly, need to go further Oh daddy. Are somewhere, and any third party you can hand out your application to them they will host their application, correct they, will host your application, they will deploy, the Internet, correct, so then only you can able to access that URL so otherwise, what is the problem here otherwise. What is the problem we, need to access only for IP address but I fear versus the, people will not remember bar IP, addresses, name so we, need to convert the IP access, to the user friendly, to my niche so that is very very important, here what, it contains, so whenever we are creating, the domain naming system it will contains names are what occurs ok name, server records and SOA requests, s, very, fast, these records, these, records will, be communicated. Around, the neck, around that where on the internet card my point so. So, first when we are getting the, so automatically. It, will come into the names are what occurs what are the way the names are viscosity, convert because so. If it is the name these are the names are about the cars these, are the hosting. URLs, ok so whenever then. Creat will come to this bromide directly, it will come to demand them you will see so. Within the terms so there are couple of Records there are couple, of liquors what are the different, types of Records here so. Address, records. Trust. Occurs and. Aleeah's. Please. Make sure adversity. Card is nothing but so what we can do it, in the domain naming system, we are mapping your IP addresses, to the IP. Address to the your. Host you water host. Aquarist, back. My point so. Back my point so, your load. Balancer. Even, benicar. Will. May up to that you, are. Positive. Are. Clear. Clear. Can, automatically. So. Even IP addresses directly, complications, go to the decide Beatrice's, so, this is how we are getting the response. Back, my point you need doubts regarding that. Ravi. Is no Praveen. Yeah. If you don't have any doubts we can go further oh. Yeah. Now. So. Once the request is came so, what is the DMS, and ISP. Provides to use the IP addresses, of GB up said it's, a central domain the final location of the server once allocated, on this start, start. The transferring, path till the end of the destination, so here. That, the EMS field resolved that the MS will resolve your converse Navi you're, a hippie ever suspected, are user-friendly divided. That's. This. One is complete now, what, I can do what. I can do we where, we are keeping these applications. That is very very important, so before. Transferring, them before. Sending the traffic to, our server. So what we can do we, need to convert, 1 5 once ok what, is the firewall. Can. Anyone know about it what is the fire 1. What. Is the fire one. Okay. Firewall. Is nothing but, firewall. Is nothing but it is just like a okay it, is just like a software, software, it. Will only track, the traffic. Traffic, on the application, whether it is actual, traffic, or not okay, whether, it is trusted. Network. Or not let us suppose let us suppose, so. If you want to connect if you want to connect even, application, if you want to connect your application, into the. HTTP. Okay so, you need to access your, application, want to access the HTTP, very first so what we can do we need to use HTTP. Protocol, correct, so. If you go anywhere if, your server don't have HTTP, protocol your. Web server you're, not able to accept, your request will. Observer will not able to accept the request even. Your server is available your. We have server will not able to and simply, request other means so, mono arcologies, you know in just sound it you have to do good on Network, firewalls and is configured, yeah so II firewall, syringes through system. Engineers another organization. Wall providers, so. We no need to worry we don't need to worry about it, creation, of these certificates and anything, only we, are just using the certificates, to, our application. Our. Application. So this is we can call it as a DMZ, group dmg. Group, they materialize, it's done so this is the be materialized, editor this is the custom. So we are configuring, okay we, are separation. Over system, we have summarized our system into and okay, two, types so we tell that if you want you can combine into multiple layers here so that is the three there a clear-cut, my point so, the application, will be splitted, into so, this is the David religion, we are keeping the lip service here.

People. De we have service after the load balancer, so why, we are going for load balancer, and everything, we will discuss later okay so a load balance is nothing but let me explain so the, load balancer, will response. Transferring. The load Buddha transferring. Load to the other servers so in real time soon are you we, are not maintaining only, for one server now. - Annie Walker, sermon, would imply geom more, application, and wonderful service a deploy just saw it differently. Suppose. What the server log on application, deployed Jason approves let us suffer a server down in there for me now only they wanna entire application, which outages on the one isn't a real-time scenario one, we, need to working, we need to deploy, our application into, multiple. Servers. So, then only if one server is unavailable then. No problem so the load balancer, with transferring, the load to the end of the server see, if. You want to see here in, the configuration, the, configuration, so. Instead of IP addresses we can keep that load, balancer, URL as well so our bloat velocity, where a load, balancer be we're all automatically. Transferring. The network load balancer, you are automatically. Transferring. The load, to. The individual. Service, module, service. So let me dice. On a small diagram so you can understand it about the load, balancer. So. Any. Doubts yeah. Tell me. When. We are deploying. This our application. Projects. No clue database. Of modular, left with a. Means. Of. Multiple. Servers and indirectly. And. Interpretation. And application I just now back. Up. Again. It's cool imagine in unto me but, Dhamma, even teenage girl pregnant in would any portion of the coding. Math rumor I want, that people want to behind the web server same way we can certainly do the B Haynes application, service and, database. Nation. To, the desk cashy servo Stella confidence, a VNC live so. Dakota. With application, of Bahamut. As. Of now we are only just putting the report mechanic, coding tomahto, we are maintaining the servers we are imagining the DNS we, are maintaining the request we are mailing the fire was if, you go to multiple layer say your. Company suppose, you the. Amputation, or unloadin a perfect order the application, online Acorah you prefer Valrico stacks, of chilies and I, suppose. If you see this diagram okay. Do He just know he imagined that can be chased Abreu if firewall, near request me except a little Pandey we have placate snow up and down up low Norway's together so, user not able to accepting. The request correct, yes. So. That say what we can do we are summarizing this these multiple. Layers this is we can contention, in three-day, rocket correct. So. Customer. May explain yesterday fast asleep flow around it so. Occupational. From, log in to log out akanchha, critical, pasta flow so, in that manner chippy that the technical flow we. More at the country in the technical flow until, you know meant people modules on to some animal communication if your application, Sara, morally opposed a if it's not a very up-and-down will have but any application. Is house, unless data so. That's why in organization, level we, are only constant, we are not only concentration. Of the code level problems, we also can't fill concentration. On the infrastructure. Issues has been, ok. Clear. Yeah. See. Here this, is the web service so coming, to here we are giving the web servers what, is the difference between the web server and application servers, can anyone know about it. Yeah. No. Problem oh if, you seen an area of plication servers okay, web servers are nothing but so. This is the static. Okay we are keeping all never a static, data we, are keeping all your static. Let, us suppose whenever. If I want to access, Tommy. John dot okay, so. Whenever I everything you need. So. Whenever I am eating Amazon not in okay, imagine.

That Imitates, is not produ mono, first to requested, change I lay over homepage, in together so. Mono funky even clinical, agony do you collage no vocal nani mono, content, which is they got. My point other. When the miko one. Application, you are reaching only okay. Continued. Chilly okay, fix your content a fixed content entity every time we are getting the same, when. We are heating the multiple, application, anywhere eating the multiple, times you are getting the same or so, sees, we, can connect as a serving, the web server so, this is the web server request so, first what we can do we, are directly, we, are not directly. Completion. Suffer, so. Monoamine them take hold, of created applied Eskimo as harmonic. Extracts. Of Jo first, we are accepting. The web, server domain de implement. The, request. Code is only the mano e amateur, not look like you know them okay. You press them on Amazon dragon. Of demo of pre up to Jason dynamic, up to this is chimera quality in a based, on the inputs based, on the inputs we are giving so automatically, the content will be changed, over the other so, you, ready when, they login to my account, they might be can, be. Content will be different in your robbery the Unicode, your content, might be different and you are changing, others might be, that. Way point so, what is the meaning here so, within the DVDs, do between the DMZ. Tour we are keeping the web servers. We are keeping the webservice, one two three four so why we got even if the one website is down we. No need to worry, so, the load, balancer will transferring, the traffic to the server. So what is the, necessity. Of the observer the, web servers are designed to the serve the, static, content images, videos. About, Us page home page also, layout, of your eh page okay see if you see here this is the entire layout, okay, you see so, this is the amateur. Not come today I'm John sale so you put a time you never if you are using this application every. Time you are getting the same correct. Will. Tell me one even you don't have even not able to log in re here, you didn't log into the still. Unable to see this page so that means we can say, static. Pages okay static, puts all the static content all. The content we are serving but with us prep, service, so that's why, so. Hawaii because. The HTTP, protocol. Is, literally moving protocol, be directly, transferring. The load to the web servers, so after, that you, may be training we, are keeping the fire, was so. Same the web servers and applications also, here, even the firewalls but still our, applications, logics will be available to juda applications. Are one that my point, so. Here we can keep it as a trustee, return the frustration, is nothing but so, the Constitution is nothing but so, we are keeping all the content we are keeping all the applications. This. Jerk sure. So what application. Server can do right, there our business, logic containers. Which includes the Java code efficiently. IBM. WebSphere where I can WebLogic Tomcat, and JBoss these, are the different kind of applications. Correct. So within the applications, we, are keeping the ER. Face, in. The applications, we, are keeping the year pulse do you know the difference, between the year. Jar. And. Where. Tell, me. So. Here is what Enterprise Arkham the combination, of gr+ war is nothing but a yeah. Okay, berries. We have application, on time job, is Java okay. So. This is we can we are keeping the ER file into the application. Server so this is the actual, say, this, is the actual. Coding. Yep. Okay. So. What I can do, so, this is the de vitalizer zone dematerialized. Zone is nothing but so, all these web. Servers, are by default, it will be access to the Internet, by. Default, whenever we are renting the Amazon comes, this, space must be access. It from the internet, internet so but. Whenever. If you want to come into the application, server this. Is the first version this. Is the trust. Adjourn, we need to bake those servers into private. So. Only within the organization, within the organization, only then able to access, the, application.

Correct So, let us suppose if, you have servers are not available, what is the problem what, is the risks can anyone guess it. Can. Anyone guess. Baby. Dragon. I. Mean. Devi. Um. Absolutely. We, are asking. Our. Corners. With actual. Allah mana in that the problem for, suppose monarchy we observe a slave and cold a letter, to the application, service come on each code editor that money stand on a testing law when. A test to new applicants. In Texas never do direct Acuna tomcat only we're fully explained and the, pledge AC 100. Browser localhost gamma is generated, to the semis tongue of our own Ogada it would take it the, problem is in the bay probably. On sunday but our enterprise, the application, level largest, a mono. Director, guy is chasing up to another. A city hackers have to just are gonna put. Monopolies this is service money more public develop, it number two another. Is it hackus hackus together, hacker. System so. I'm the one the monomania, Sunday, we can we know what busted is all about about trusted. Only oh nothing but internal, networks I, still. Do nothing but the internal network so on the only way they in the demonic a holy. Web, servers, will communicate to the application, service other, that we, are not so, domain naming you are we a we communicate about the, best. Opportunities, in the even. We have servers are some hacking, our observers, no problem, that we, observe only on to the only static content in to me other. Than we are not making any configuration, so. We have servers we have servo Lumino, only produce a McCain not only play the one wagon Osama October. Naboo sorrowful. Request a a critical book day after day since our holo infini whether, the user is properly, access. The government correct on and validation, valid. User a wounded a layered and very fiery sign. In wisdom bro Yossarian, gesture oh when, I actually put both on Amano applications. Around up at the application, server. Logic. And Arase they operate. In trusted you know first, resonance automatic. Allah. Global public, to private economy, type in the traffic. Another hackers, actual because application, su, ok, in. Carbonization. Devolo different different types of protocols anti-gravity. So, please make sure this is very very very important, in interview, questions, they will ask one more scenario so. What are the main, questions we have covering so what is the how. Your, request, you'll identify, this. Request will transfer to the particular, server so. That is very very important, what, is the necessity of the firewall, that is also very very important, so. And what, is the necessity of the load balancing, please make sure we, will do more information, about the load balancing, but as of know the. Load velocity, is nothing but so, transferring, the load in between, the multiple systems transferring. The load in between the multiple. Systems okay, and. Then. Lastly it's in the application server if you want we can keep one more layer also correct. Database, layer any event, only one amano database, I put a separate server configuration another database. Muskaan forgot us community database to date of register, automatically. A service a database layer type so. Even, even AMA no. Infrastructure. Is set just so, compared. To monolithic, are such a moralistic, untouchable, entire or and either okay you can touch it out of it but, here, we are separation, tough to nation improve web, servers and applications are, was correct so mana, in the if, application, server sees down, servers. Are down so. You, have service down at the propylene in the automatically, start single Automatica we are not touching any, application. Logic here correct. Chaminda. Okay. Got it, okay. So, this is how we are contouring application, to real, time scenario. Real. Time scenario in between if you want to make a Cassius and words you can keep you into frustration. Frustration, is, nothing but only for internal so, how your organizations, will come so, Harbin is is same thing out AMA suppose.

A Public. Network. And. Private. Network. Okay. Public. Network lame yes down impact on Japan public, nicly America so, public. Service. So. Public service is nothing but we, have service, so. Coming to. Prevent. At four o'clock internal. Server center. Exactly. So, internal, service is nothing but we, are keeping the application, service our. Prince. Application. Servers are otherwise we are keeping into the that. Keeping will Buddha what, we can say so. Lower, is movements, correct lower, a new monuments. Una. Caja we, develop two case no qualifications. No certification no one, outside access, channel only, inside the organization, ma 3x gigolo clear. Only. One of production alive data mathema money around the globe last check at home in, three month, on about an open environment are a meanie oh ma, no production. Applications, month on internet love our Cosmo a carnival, behind, they. Are working on so many fine words they are working or so many certifications, here. So. This is so this is very very important, in interviews, if anyone, asked for what, is the flow of execution of, your project. Directly. Economic. Ok. You, can explain this theorem, nope, so, you. Press. It ok turn. You. Go for anything if you go for any project. In around the globe okay so, this is the same picture this is the same. Apply. Okay. Sy, yeah yeah, tell me chaplain so. I'm sorry diagram sir, cuz, I did fire one load balancer can smell it across her abdomen. Just. Reach down and dirty it. Baby, in deep delimited. Zone okay. Also. Might fight over and load balance of. Okay. So so Ravel date. So. First firewall. And a pyro. Volunteer maybe just certificates, okay certificates. Of product okay let us suppose. So. This is the server on coal make this. Is a sermon on economy this is the actual content, this. Is the actual. Content okay actual. Content of a web browser when. We are hitting the browser. Debra. Debra der XY. So. So. Monobrow assuming she requested chest wrong in, browsers riku's knees chest liberal is, server, key other in the eserver. Agony and, muninn were take a knee yella, the request particular, browser is just money ATF, of a question II.

Don't. Mind I. Mean. Under the internal. Of the Cullen internal garage and, take you the coast lawful killing that other domain, in HSE, deltas are no local worth may add evoke a mean, Anthony Walker. Trusted, a network until, the separate, of an organizational. Network. Oh. Carbonization, level, network look ill in a brawl mono. Are requesting, eddie proper, gah the trusted, a network untrusted, Network inheritance, the suppose. When a browser vincit ecosystem, and the browser the question the HTTP. Requests together to. Be proper engine exactly. So. Monica. There so browser this into the by, default approachable. Confidence, on target what, is the necessity of, the HTTP, protocol what. Is the necessity of the hdbo protocol, tell me how necessity, of the HTTP, protocol is nothing but so, nothing, so, so, only the HTTP, protocol, with response in Perth a sending. The request to the server once, the server is processor, the request and romantically, the, server will getting when the response as a output correct, so, in your ante. Between, the broker, okay Oh. Rosa. Luther's Connie server chemicals uu e requests. Hits reverb request on Sunday we, request application, Jessup, process ceremony, and. That is the that is important, correct, so, what I can do we, can able to make it as if fire was. In. Between we, are making some firewall, configuration. Which, in the firewall configuration. If, you open the for timber ad, so. How how. The requests, how the applications. Will recognize, based, on the port number correct, based. On the port, number correct, but what is the port number of the HTTP, the, port number is 80 the, port number is 80 so, automatically, we are, mean. And we configure, the port number 80 which, in the request, fide world so, automatically, it will allow the request that then. Automatically, it will come to the server. In. Between this application. And our, side. We. Need. A fire exactly. Fire one is nothing but so, if you want to go for cloud we, can say the security, groups okay this is the virtual firewall, to. Transferring. Were transferring. Are handling, the load okay to. Make whether the Odie's, tested. Trusted, and, untouched okay. Back. My point so let us suppose a vocational, day no, SSH workout one, is our over a navy is her over and anyone okay you will only let. Us suppose you, serve one mana Khemia only. You serve on a mission approve one, of India alone it you are just know when, we serve over look like nobody logon I wasn't able time when we use can. Hey all right gather up rahbaniya, song wanna, put decline talking about, okay. Put. A thin salami put a nd, let. Me explain tomorrow put. Decline, okay. He claimed. To gionee, when, a system learn a lag note on mana. System learning not at all a pramana, manias how he put teal or port, number 22 open outer a port number 22, is nothing but so, whenever we. Are confident, in the port number 22. So go play with the way that day one, of anoonan wind is so okay someone, want trying, to access further our server request. Server. Request let me log me into that. So. This is the put tea okay so this is the hostname or server if you want to log it in your server into the machine so, you can just give you the server IP no, in the star, over IP even only Automatica. The code number 22, but this committee, approve. Server. Monica lagina virtual server, all agony Cerullo depth, ijc server no configure I saw clear. Got. It untied. Over port number 22, layers in con deep report number 22 open, older than Conde suppose, fire were low upon, request have done either a type of request or a type of liquid server lies in the questa HTTP. Request suppose. Inquiry, coastal they know tablet, server key Cindy I'll request as, a tomcat service, in DL until was a yella, a server snail I didn't purchase application, oh yes, and the port number of incorrect so, again what is the number of port. Number of what, is the port number of for, tomcat, server the, boat number of tankers that order will be a, 0. M 0 correct, so. That, is a default port number so. When. We are sending the request so, let us suppose localhost. Localhost. Localhost. Comma, 0. 0 comma. So. We are given the application, F 1 so, when we are hitting the supplication.

Automatically. The request will going to this particular server so. How how. This request knows we, need to go for this fertilizer. So based on the port number correct a 0 is nothing but okay, somewhere, where in which location local cost if you want to keep your IP addresses, to directly, direct question go to the particular IP let. Us suppose it's in the server the, port number is disabled, it generates, the table so, by it will not able to ax allow the traffic clear. So. Nothing's valid as a firewall rules. Put. Money in the untrusted. Network, Uchiyama unicorn, a good question except, Jade and. Okada in, more, assertive because, certification. When I want certification, currency various photo you have two days in level 11. For. The Dino Pro dine in to go down when I flying, to antimony internal, network loan a. Certificate. Set up just called off clear. Yes. So. On say mono carbon, is, memory of Prince or MB YouTube, money Google. Gmail granny whooping however in the rover and I do not internet it can I put them an organisation Elaine gesture oh then, occur fireworks which is calling the second block gesture and no. One won immunity, organization. Look who decides to open our go clear. So. You got the difference between the fight over so, guys, can. You please respond, other guys as well Vishnu Praveen Santhosh. Any. Doubts regarding. The fireworks, because. These are very very important, concepts. Okay. So. Let us go for load balancing what, is the necessity of the load balancing. See, meaning chipper Miko load, balancing and a product occasionally, the multiple service hand apply just the no untogether road, Baris Aaron Andy application. Is multiple server, slow applied. Chester them no no ma no means yes don't a. So. In. Between we are keeping the load balancer, in between we are keeping the load balancer, and we. Are having multiple servers. Okay. Clear. Multiple. Servers so. This is the browser. This. Is the majority. Why don't you question him on a picnic blue sandals nipples bust him on a crane is cynical we go boots on their own today when, a DNS, configuration slow. DNS configuration so, to type of crisis, when a page is turned another property. Address record soup and, alias. Records correct alias record Saturday in the, elastic. Load balancer he called figure yes home through. Whenever aliens recurs niala to, alia severs configuration, directory customer load - local from P. Hey. Theoretical. Load balancer local was in the requesters, antimony, in the in between director. And load me. On. A mu e lo, dran and yes the devil's sour sleeps loading. Transfer yes down to the multiple server key in there are multiple service page ask around a peer real-time. In an on-demand they. Are keeping one for one server, if, any issues with the one server full. Application, outage was no naka de Vaca. Application, this application to apply additional book application, down i lurk under. Customer. Service. Our. Application, we. Are keeping the application, to multiple servers. So. Management. A load, balancer transferring. The load between these machines transferring. The load in between these, servers. Let. Us suppose how, you configure the load balancer, that is a word cushion, next question how so. What is how the, load balancer, will recognize, we need to send this request to this particular, service yellow, you think that he cries open him oh no what, a load balancer the question of a load, balancer color, do you only service, kicked a chair and everything out and that is very very important, and they the, load where a stranger's front a heartbeat. Missus for bacilli first. Amana meanest the load balancer is some files we are keeping the some, files into the load man itself let, us keep some files into the load balancer, okay let us suppose X, Y Z dot PhD. We. Are keeping the same files into the server, x-rays. Are dot txt. It's razor, dot txt. X-rays. At dot txt. At. The Mauna Sol. So. Even, the nice tablet Susan ID everything God he, loaded an eternity he, proved Mahalo. Pool, under load, balancer, pool a pool Domino server, and knee configure I bought it you put it on establish a more load balancer Vinci he's are working ID everything gone Oconee configuration, she asked he confusion, say isn't a load balancer identity.

Practice. Some. Quarter wills continuous, curve heartbeat. Missus from sounding. Hard. Bit messages, until in a how to how. The, network how, the network will understand, how the network will identify so. Sending some hot bit messages, had. Been mrs. hedges in Apple so. We are doing some configurations. Here like this so. We, can call it as a. TTL. Configuration. TTL, on, free creations. So. What is the TDR configurations. Time. To live. Time. To do conferences. So. You time give you configurations, no money in just on Monday okay. I am, till you've concluded someone, away in just one day first, him as. An idiot I'm William to say book load, balance through in the intervals, of time low load balancer, outbid misses from Vista let us suppose we, are giving the for every twenty. Minutes, for. Every twenty minutes, for. Every twenty minutes we are giving the heartbeat messages. Montrachet. Another, load balancer you start over proper the Hilda lawanda and he'll deal on Donny suppose, suppose. Under, Omaha mania so Monday go confidence hitting a sounding. Hill, the threshold under in. The threshold. And an. Handheld, the threshold. Threshold. Okay, and I'm, owed value. So. Yes Dante for, every 20, minutes he continues, the adven, mrs. load balances, but based on, internal. Internal, networking, configurations, okay from mr. una brew one, a healthy threshold count low. 105. Times less Fonda in anaconda five times s1 in and Connie we can call it sa LD. So. Time, go to death five seconds until time, or ten then T let us suppose five seconds or three, seconds three, seconds of each Chesley three. Taken sent Emma no let, us see okay. Put a load balancer on that either load balancer e the application, server so, mono the, load immediate, community load urgently you load balance Romano AF server application. Requests, from ble the, custom PR and a bust, him on i mean jelly these, are hos Hildy's i won't any other load, balance of the quest for HIV, if you healthy early on but the load balancer. That. Is the concept of load balance correct, so. Now monomania, song he, proved you, timeout value 20 minutes cada so, for, every good pump is found the heartbeat messages so so, within the three times flow within, three times R or s phone in the record a youth, in three times less phone in the Encore name I'll put him on a meanie the, hell we count to a got ID okay.

Till They count Wacha team and. Again. Again. Within three seconds or less phonons and Cohill the counter Rondo in the count move back, my point so. Every time it will checking for, a fire. So, if the five times the server is responding we. Can call it as a hill V we. Can call it as a healthy so output, load balancing one quality okay user overkill diga on a day where, it really low do you see well they could you. Serve our country, so. Unhealthy threshold, let us suppose this server, is unavailable, this. Server is unavailable. This. Server is unavailable, okay, this. Server is unavailable, clear. One. Of you server unavailable, delay that Conde I put money in the unhealthy. Threshold unhealthy threshold length Kearney and Hilda. But Amano contiguity Escalante, three, times or cut two times if the server is not responding, we can call it as I am healthy so, the, load balancer will, sending the traffic through that particular instances. So. You think the 20 minutes slow pump. It's not no heartbeat basis for every 3 seconds 3, times unhealthy, corner counties are over a quest for baby same. Here, if the server this server is also down same, we are not sending this request to the load balancer after. Mine let me go you. Put a day within the load balancer later on cold day what is the problem, one, application of multiple servers on a load, balancer layer you approve problem in the mono. Every, time I request everyone be severely gave a Mitchie you, would have Dean he gave me he gave Amidala, vinegar you put server download us array up Ramon intermittent, issues us the intermittent, issue and in the Box output, OGV works out to trouble so, that is a problem that is a big problem clear. Anthem. In the McCook. So. You put in the even. One server is available still, now our application is working, one. Side of it is a list because because, of load balancing the load balancing will transferring, the Rupa this particular star would only so. Opposite. The load balancer, we have skill we are got about they are for scaling. Auto. Scaling. So what is the meaning here so, I criminal would serve all of managers. You mood server low only. Workers are bereaved only output monoamine just aunty scalability. Automatically. It, will scale one more server. If. We scale one. More server. On. Tomorrow meanest aww art of scaling configuration, loss every, time monotone to server still needed to manage s so more than one servers can attach them whatever. You want okay so more than someone service related to mono configure. The a stone and take more than one server and he proved once our very own anaconda, so automatical, capacity. Through shown the capacity a they lower, in the lead. Shape in the day this world is tomorrow and I'll syndrome sorry. Minnie Maurin only, kind of akhaten unwanted a problem, ones only in the art, of skinning automatica in Cuzco Star Wars spin-off JCC, because our only load banner celebrities, at. The when the a priority, under gotta Connie, earlier processing. Me focus, are down in a pre and tell us our. Work. The Astana moon disease, the problem and the, only under the multiple network sanity and then, you put sorrow may be observed only in the notification, work to do Aprilia, uni. Logic KU proper, Connie rice Nakata you put star over at dunya design curve is together so, undo one one we I need to take care about the infrastructure. Side as. At. The main the Miku what is the necessity of the load balancing. Yeah. This is the SOA architecture and, what, I can do, we will see this s ROI a stretcher, and microservices architecture in tomorrow's class and. Ok. So, what is a plan. For tomorrow can, you discuss any Linux basics, or any can we introduce, about the cloud computing.

Tell. Me audience you. Guys well the, basics of Linux of not. No. Problem what we can do directly. You can go for so, most of the critical concept. Is over because. Because. In the theoretical only they will indent interviews they will ask so many questions, ok ok. What I can do tomorrow we, will do some basic comments, on the line X so while doing. The develops we are we need to configure some couple of comments from line saloon elements because. See. If you go anywhere the windows servers are very less all, are in Linux environment income and off Windows servers and Linux in language so we, will take some basic comments, and align it then, we can go for, it it applies then we can go fur never, have clear. Okay. Nothin, de. Yeah. Tomorrow we will discuss about line. Its comments. Praveen. This, new Santosh. Yeah. Do you have any doubts yeah Praveen any is to uni doubts yeah. Yeah. I have one daughter you, know course, what are the configuration. Tools whatever the. Things. We are covering in this yes. Yeah, you might so. You might need. Yeah. See, here. If. You come into the continuous, integration tools, we are using. It. I. Haven't. Jenkins. So anyway mohini's the basic comment we will see later first, we are concentrated, on the gift Jenna gives me man okay after that if you want to go for containerization. Tours, containerization. Tools we are using containerization. We are using. We. Are using further. To. Occur and cuba. Nets. And. The. Ocker compose also very very important, so. Composition, of this communication. Between multiple, containers. And. Coming. To that configuration. Management. Configuration. Management, we. Are going to discuss about. Puppet. End, and. Suppose. These, are the very very powerful, boosts. And. Coming to the. Continued. Small ring. Neal's. And. Like. Scope. And. Have the enemies. And. Enemies okay, and, we. Will see that some. Basic. Services. On. AWS. So cloud. So. These are the dos so, one, two three four. Five six, seven, eight nine, ten approximately. Around. 10 tools we will discuss in the during their obsession. So. Mostly, we will cover all the totes all, important, to is currently in. In. Organization. Okay. Okay thank you. Yes million means. Indication. Good enough no. No yes we in his world model okay no one no one will be used in the SPL now okay all are migrated, to the kit it is very very advanced, tools okay. So. Yes Fela in the name 105, years six, years back one is way not as field and at the one same underneath yes, we are, then there's like a repository other than that one, once again is the continuous, integration and encoding. Go building, go okay. Combining, the job see when you go to continuous, integration momento. Clear. So. The, difficulty, meeting a SVM. Okay. Mavin mavin aqui automatically. Enter so he and to SV anybody in the world also. Wouldn't. A no one will be used in this tree so not that's why you know we, are not teaching that ok clear. You. This. Is the distributed, of a swing will receive whenever we are starting, the gate ok. We will see each and everything we will do each P versus and practice, okay. Yeah. We should know any doubts regarding the course cont course, tools. No no no, no idea. And Santosh, and Praveen, uni doubts regarding today's, class. Okay. Okay. Guys their, cell from today let. Us discuss tomorrow okay thank. You. You.

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