Developing Mental Resilience: A MADMONQ conversation with Forsen

Developing Mental Resilience: A MADMONQ  conversation with Forsen

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hey i'm mikhail from madbook and we're on our way to c47 it's actually going to be his first interview after seven years can you imagine seven years all right so the key topic is going to be mental health i want to talk to sebastian about developing tough skin and resilience i think he has many valuable insights to share let's do this so sebastian thanks for coming thank you it took i don't know maybe uh half a year three quarters over here to actually meet so i'm happy to finally see you in person yeah likewise man and thanks for agreeing to having a chat with me of course if you could introduce yourself to the viewers who may not know you you may not know me all right i'm um forsen the the dank is streamer on twitch of course uh well that's pretty much who i am all right so you stream uh games for a living and people watching so obviously this is this is this is the beginning maybe before uh so this is going to be a free conversation we will probably jump around you know from from one topic to another so uh sebastian i know that you were a straight-a student so straight straight eight pretty much i mean i had uh two subjects that uh i had the second best grade but yeah and was it because you were not good enough and those subjects or was it something else um maybe one of them one of them was physical education i had some asthma growing up so surprised that the computer nerd with asthma didn't make the best grade uh but the other one was chemistry and i think that uh that was unfair a lot of people say that you know they have had a shitty teacher that's why they got their grade but you know uh i think my teacher was a it was a substitute teacher that year actually uh i'm very young like 24 or something i don't remember but uh uh i i think i corrected him once or twice in a lesson and that was like not the best idea to do even if it's you know correct uh so it ended up being the second best grade i don't think he liked me very much but it is what it is so all right apart from chemistry and pe uh straight a's what what led you to actually go for the straight a's uh well i think it was a couple of things i played a [ __ ] ton of games growing up and uh i know that a lot of people have these nagging parents where you're not allowed to play games they will shut off your internet and i've heard all these stories from from friends and and you know what not but my mother said that i could play as much games as i want as long as i have the best grades okay so that was like a deal between us which worked out very well very little drama revolving my computer gaming and also the fact that once i started going for these uh highest grades uh i had you know friends that also was going for the highest grade so it became somewhat of a friendly competition you know where the punishment was banter if you [ __ ] up a test or or report or you know so it became you know a little bit of both you know the fact that you're allowed to play as much games as you want and competition wise would you describe and your childhood was then you know all just studying and uh and gaming yes uh i would say exclusively gaming and studying but it helps that you're smart so a bit more gaming than studying and in terms of games and gaming where you were also you know on the top but you're also the best yeah uh i've always had i mean i've always had an easy time with games uh started playing at a very young age right you had friends who also played games so it became a lot of gaming figured out that i was pretty good at games and uh still am what did you i know and you say pretty good at games what did you feel that you did differently than others kind of put you with your head well i i think that uh what it comes down to in games is uh there are of course different genres but if you want to be good at uh several genres of games uh you have to have a pretty good pattern recognition logical thinking uh those are the foundations i think uh you have to be able to pick up on what works and what doesn't work very fast uh whenever you're learning a new game a genre um you can be very like uh good at one specific game if you have good reactions or if you're fast with your fingers you can be good at like rts so it depends but if you want to be good at several games it has to be logical thinking i think which is the the most important one all right all right so do you remember any unhappy times for example here in stockholm or then later when you moved to spain unhappy times well i um i didn't i didn't grow up with uh my both of my parents were into real estate uh they worked with real estate quite heavily and back in the early 90s there was a real estate crash where everyone basically lost everything if you were leveraged and most people were because the banks were lending out a lot of money for real estate projects and stuff back then so uh growing up you'd i didn't have the most money obviously everything is relative i still lived in sweden which was lucky i guess compared to other countries so but overall you know if you compare to your surroundings it wasn't that much what you always do as a person yes of course so would you say that uh the experience of not having you know um a lot of money when you're growing up and then this you know the tragic incident help you with your coping with stress or resilience or just you know being tough in terms of what is happening around you uh yeah absolutely i mean i believe that growing up tough skin uh and being resilient is uh 10 nature 90 nurture um i think you're you're you're you're very heavily affected by your surroundings and obviously if you if you grow up with little money then your goal is going to be to make a lot of money later in life right you don't want uh to feel this your entire life right so it makes sense that i personally had that as a goal i didn't have a specific job i wanted to do it kept going from whatever job i found out made the most money you know so uh the goal was always to get rich so can you be more specific what kind of you know jobs were you actually thinking i mean first first it was you know doctors were earning this and then corporate lawyers i found out at the age of 10 they were earning a lot of money you know uh defending these big companies and uh you know it just went to whatever is the highest paying later on in life you realize that you know finance and and those kind of things in general uh is the big givers and uh i went to one of the best schools in sweden real estate and finance i studied before i started streaming because i realized that streaming was jumping 15 years ahead in the career ladder you know and then i could make my own choices uh even if i wanted to do what i was studying later on going back to uh games so obviously this is something that you were doing from the age of five until now now you're 30 31 31 41 do you still enjoy gaming yes i still love gaming it's my biggest hobby um [Music] i i think i did a pretty good job at keeping it a hobby instead of turning it into a full-fledged job [Music] i don't take the streaming part as serious as i take the the gaming part and still enjoying games so yeah i will probably still game when i'm 60 i think and [Music] in terms of before you were thinking about becoming a doctor or a corporate lawyer was there a time or around that time when you thought alright i can actually make money out of gaming uh yeah i mean the goal was always to get into a very good school and then finish university and get a good job at some place climb the carry ladder and uh be wealthy by the time i'm you know 40 plus or something uh which is usually how it goes or real wealthy than rather if you're lucky um but then i i still always play game through my entire play games through my entire life right and uh there was a point where i was playing starcraft and i saw all these prize pools and i'm thinking to myself hey maybe it's it's [ __ ] 2011 or 10 or whatever maybe you can earn a lot of money playing video games nowadays which was stupid something back then honestly uh all i have to do is win all these tournaments with these hundreds and thousands of you know dollars in prize pools and and uh it will be easy i can do what i like and earn money but then you know the koreans came and that's not possible no one can win that much you know unless you put in 16 hours a day and it's not it's not reasonable in the long run so i quickly gave up on playing games professionally uh and then i did see a few years later though uh a chance of earning money as a content creator instead with starcraft and just you know understanding then hey this is probably a dead end for me how quickly did you realize this uh well it did take some years honestly i don't remember if it was 2012 or 2013 but two between two and three years uh it was still fun to play and it was still fun to go on tournaments and stuff but it wasn't something that you can do in the long run you have to start thinking about your future at one point and you know i went back to school i was playing during school too university but this time with a serious outlook on school but then i saw you know an opportunity with streaming when i was almost done with school and i was like damn i could skip 15 years you know uh climbing the the company ladder if i just take a shot at the streaming thing right now but it has to be now or never so i i know i ditched the last course i had before my exam you know graduation and do you remember what was the last course it was statistics i love statistics and it's implemented into it was one of the reasons why i became so good with you know uh hearthstone uh counting cards and and the chances of getting the exact cards you need remaining in your dick uh i love it but the the the university statistics is a little bit too over exaggerated you know it's not really implemented the same way as as the the lesser stuff it's more the uh the the the calculators and the pre-programmed you know uh formulas and stuff uh using that so yeah i didn't finish that course but it was the last course i had right so you so you realized uh first you realized that there is no uh future in starcraft for you then you realize that hey there is this chance you know jumping at this streaming or gaming or content creating bandwagon and actually making some money so you turn to this but then i actually read in one of the i don't think it was an interview but i think it was a transcript of one of your streams when you also really quickly realized that within streaming uh if you are chasing viewership money this is also a very dangerous dangerous road to go on can you speak a little bit about this uh yeah sure um well i mean as i said before my my my goal was always to to become rich and even in my first couple of years of streaming i still had that mentality i was still chasing um you know the higher viewership the you know the the sponsors and and uh all the events and and all that uh but i quickly realized that you know like it's a never-ending battle uh i was i vividly remember counting like oh my god i am earning five thousand dollars a month oh uh playing video games for a living oh my god i'm earning ten thousand dollars playing video games for a living and oh my god i'm earning fifteen thousand dollars a month earning you know uh playing video games for a living but you know i realized like this this is a never-ending uh battle uh of dopamine rushes that will eventually you know uh give you diminishing returns and uh you know you you are already the one percent top one percent right why do you have to be the top 0.1 percent like it's better to be completely you know stress-free completely uh you know uh relaxed and happy in your life it's better to enjoy being the one percent than being stressed at the top 0.1 or 0.01 or whatever it is you're chasing right uh so as long as you are completely stress-free in your life uh you don't even need that much money because even the most ordinary life when it's completely stress-free you have no anxiety or anything it becomes it becomes a pretty good life even without all the materialistic things so this is i think this is uh very very rare that you can be so conscious about you know making this decision at the very early stage because i think many people realize this a little bit later in life when there is either no damage that was already done from their private life through their health or uh yeah and there's basically no turning back so why do you think that you kind of saw it before it actually happened uh well i realized that it was like any other addiction and the sooner you break an addiction the easier it becomes to break it uh so if if you if you realize that you know uh you are never gonna stop chasing the next goal early on it becomes that much easier to just stop right there be happy with what you got and just like do what makes you happy play what makes you happy don't cater to other people you know uh you're already earning a lot just play what you want to play be stress-free in your life take days off when you want to take days off you know uh don't do anything for anyone else even if like you don't oh people sometimes feel like they owe your audience something uh but you really don't like they they they made you who who you are but they didn't do it out of their own free little kind free will you know they they were entertained by what you did it was a mutual thing uh so a lot of streamers feel like they owe their audience to be live every day and and do long streams and you know but in reality uh you had a mutual growth when it comes to the stream and you should just do what makes you happy because in the long run you're gonna burn yourself out chasing that stuff and it's a never ending battle this is what i you know when i when i talk to you this is i think a pattern you know we talked before that i see that is really repeating that you see something you are super aware to actually take a step back and look at the situation kind of analyze which direction you know you would probably be going i don't think actually many people have this uh ability or they realize it a little bit later would you maybe have some you know advice because it seems that you know you are super aware of when you're speaking about stress you're speaking about anxiety you're speaking about stress-free which can translate through like being happy uh so you seem to be super aware of what is happening within within your body within your mind would you have any advice for people to uh how to make this step back how to actually realize that something is happening that may not be you know the best for them uh i think it's i think it's very hard to uh like a lot of people are stressed a lot of people are depressed uh they have a hard time pinpointing why um [Music] i think that it's hard for a lot of people to stop caring about stuff uh and become you know stress-free because people are lonely right and in order to fit in with other people they need to care about you know what they care about uh and and it's it's things if you are in a group where people are chasing you know success uh you also need to chase success uh otherwise you know you're gonna be shunned out of the group right uh if you if you're in a group with people who care about a certain type of politics you also have to care about that type of politics there is a there is a saying that you are the result of you know the five people that you most frequently interact with so if you are in an environment that really cares about this stuff you automatically care about it yourself even though if it's not your you know motivation and it goes against your biology against your you know feelings so so yeah continue yeah no i think it's uh i think it's uh very important to break out of out of um [Music] anxiety and depression and stress and all that stuff mostly because of these factors um i might but there is you know there's a light at the end of the tunnel too you know uh you're building resilience right now if you are stressed and depressed and whatever it might not be the healthiest for your body but your body is building how can you uh what would be the advice for people who because i i think uh at the end of the day if you feel you know anxious and you feel unhappy stressed that it may be a moment for you to step back and actually become aware of what is happening in your life yeah and i think you hit a really important note by saying that it comes from actually not from how you feel but from what is happening happening around you and what other people feel about you so it's kind of this you know external thing that you might not have under control so i think this is a really really important point and do you remember when you was it the gradual process for you to realize that actually to draw i mean to grow thick skin but actually you know the beginning just to start realizing [ __ ] it's actually about me yeah uh i think it's always um not always sometimes you have this eureka moon moment but it's it's very rare i think it's more often than not a gradual process where you get thicker skin but it comes a lot from you know reflecting a lot and and really thinking about stuff uh in order to to become resilient you have to think about what actually matters uh people who are anxious and stressed they they think about worst case scenarios and these are like unlikely events uh but your brain makes you think that it's the most like likely cause to happen right or the worst case usually because i usually go for that as well and the worst case is usually not something that you cannot reverse so you can always you know take it back so it's not like the worst worst case yeah and i mean there is there's always whenever whenever i felt you know uh stressed or whatever in the past i always felt a little bit good about it though because i know or i knew rather that i was developing you know something good out of it you know next time uh i will be more resilient or next time i won't make this mistake you know you will always get something good out of every bad situation uh you will always get something bad out of every good situation too but you don't have to think about that there is this is a really interesting point and i think a very valid point there was uh there's a research and i think it was done by um mrs mcgonagall kate something like this is that harry potter professor yeah it seems like but she's actually a very um very profound and you know prolific writer and she writes about uh stress and anxiety and she was writing about the stress for her whole life and then there was one research paper that showed that it's not really stress itself but it's really how you think about stress maybe you feel and you think about stress that it's actually destroying your life then it will but if you feel that it's something that is actually helping you develop into becoming something better something stronger it will do that as well of course there's chronic stress and and and uh short stress but i think how you think about it really really matters yeah yeah for sure for sure it's all about the mindset all right so did you uh going into specifics uh what did you learn not to do to avoid stress or to feel better was there any particular activities and particular things that you started to avoid or not doing that eventually made you feel better well the first thing that comes to mind is of course social media uh and and just doing browsing you know the internet and stuff uh i think i think we as humans i think technology has uh developed way faster way way way faster than our you know biology as humans uh can't keep up with and we're getting too much intake all the time right you know there there's tons of research probably done on this and uh but i truly believe that uh we're we're getting too much impressions all the time uh from from the internet and you know i started uh these these are advice that you know a lot of people know about but maybe they don't do it yet but for example don't don't bring your phone into bed right uh just avoid anything that interrupts your sleep uh at best um don't keep your phone like the best thing if you could just cut out social media all together a lot of people feel pressured to to to do it because you know that's something to talk about amongst your your circle of even if it's just online friends right uh you have to keep up with what's what's happening in in your little gaming world or bitcoin world or whatever you know circle you're into right uh so they feel forced to do it but it's really not good for you it's what i believe i feel like it's uh they bring they end up bringing into bed and they end up sleeping poorly because of it right and sleep is so important um yeah not not only that and i think it's a lot about you know basically these technologies and i this is just hitting the nail on the head with the technology versus our biology our biology didn't uh is not able to keep up with the technology and these technologies actually cater to our you know lizard instincts and it's really really tough to actually avoid this notification and just uh not think about it right and it's if you just take someone's phone they get super nervous and even if they see that there's a message coming that really wants to know what's that who's writing it and if you take it to bed if you let it reprogram yourself then uh you're going to have you know a hard time and i think limiting it because it's tough to just cut yourself off completely but limiting is is definitely one of the things yeah and and and not just social media like people are working now for example with uh like this flex work hours from home and they like they're always uh they always have their you know emails or business or or you know working emails connected to the phones you know at all times of the day uh job no longer becomes a routine it becomes you know spread out scared all over the day right i think it's very important to have routines i think i think that's how we're supposed to function we have we have you know of course you can change uh routines and and biological clocks a little bit over time but you know in general you should have set times of the day your body really enjoys knowing what happens next not eating randomly at random hours it [ __ ] up your whole thing but yeah i think routine is very important and technology really ruins that when everything is available at all times and you know keeps you distracted yes yeah yeah and unfocused definitely yeah all right so you've i want to get back to uh speaking about routines because i think this is this is a big big topic but could you tell me a story when you made a big mistake which eventually turned into a really really valuable lesson for you oh i mean i i i learned something from every mistake i i can't say uh big specific one but i know i remember i remember playing uh i remember as a kid playing poker or sorry that poker boom had just started right and i wanted i thought i was so good at games so i could become a good this too you know so i bought some poker uh literature and theory and i knew it by hard i could close the book and i can tell you exactly what you should do with every hand on every position of the of the board uh but once uh and i did and i played like perfectly with with play money and then i inserted a hundred dollars you know at the age of 12 or whatever which is a lot back then to play with and i lost it all playing with real money and i had such anxiety over it and stress over it because you know i don't know what i didn't know what happened i i played i played so bad even though i played everything perfectly on the play money and theory and i i realized that you know you can't you can't become good at something uh without doing it in practice you know you can do skydiving theory all you want but you have to jump out of that plane you know uh to really learn skydiving right and hopefully succeed yeah and hopefully succeed what's the best meal that you can do what's the best meal i can do uh i'm pretty good at the steaks yeah i always get them perfectly and how big is this a simple meat and salt or do you have any special sauce i am not a sauce person i i don't eat almost any sauce uh so i just like if you make the steak well that's saucy enough you know all right and do you have any special pants or any just a regular pan piece of meat in this [ __ ] burnet i know they're called uh okay so tell me the recipe uh okay well you take out the steak and you throw some butter and some oil in the pan uh high heat of course uh some salt and pepper uh i don't really eat salt that much anymore yes of course yes when it's in the pan when it's in the pan or outside okay yeah [Music] and you just depending on how you like it down but i like my medium rare so it's yeah so it's high very high heat flip it once each side right you slice up some potatoes long slices circular put it in the oven i'll do some olive oil i use the salt but i don't salt really anymore and then when you're done you put in some extra butter in the pan with the the meat and some cream and make a little bit of sauce out of that but know what's uh my trick is then use a little bit of garlic but just smash the garlic don't cut it because you can burn it very very very easily but if you then put it and just put the buttery garlicky stuff on the steak then it's delicious yeah it's it's good stuff i don't uh it's it's sad to cut out salt but it it's actually really good because you need so little salt once you get used to it for it to be the same it's uh but here i think we would disagree a little bit because uh i am a big believer in salt oh yeah so salt is actually if you don't have of course there is health issues uh if you have metabolic syndrome if you are not living a very healthy life then salt can be detrimental in terms of you know higher blood pressure and stuff like this but actually you need salt and you need a lot of it so i am you know i'm a fan of something well i'm not a scientist myself so i cannot say i can just say what you know a lot of scientists have said in the past but you know these things change all the time you know everything that gives you cancer and now it doesn't give you cancer you know i it's hard to follow but i feel like uh there's a lot of salt added into products anyway uh added sugar added salt is i don't think the most necessary thing but i don't think it kills you no do you feel you know if you look at the the obvious risks of of uh streaming and i you know i always say this to all of our streamers uh that you are really fighting against your biology because usually you are streaming at night uh usually there is like big lights shining at you which messes up your as you said circadian rhythms and biology and all sorts of stuff there's also also the dopamine rush and dopamine rushes that you mentioned with you know viewers looking at the bureaucrat donations subscriptions so it's a tough job you know mentally and actually to keep sane uh and i think many people get gobbled up would you have any advice uh for people for people to actually this is this is not not a good question but uh do you see a mistake that or a pattern that is you know uh happening again and again with people that are streaming and then they you know later on pay the price uh yes of course i mean it's uh it's not really that much of a mistake but uh whatever you do at the start of your streaming career sets the the tone for the remainder it's very hard for streamers to break free from something if it takes too long for them to to realize so a lot of streamers can be stuck with one game forever because you know they jumped shipped you know too late and it didn't work out and you know they go back and forth and uh a lot of streamers i think they need to set the set the atmosphere early on i know it's hard because when you're a new streamer what's working is working if it ain't broke don't fix it but you know there will be a point in time where you might want to do something else and if you haven't already set the uh set or planted the seed early on rather for your for your viewers and your audience so they know what's up then it might be very hard for them to accept uh changing so that that's the biggest thing i see with streamers or i used to see back in the day that people did not look into their futures far enough they were enjoying something right now but then suddenly it stops being fun for them but they cannot do anything about it now because it took too long for them to realize so there are things like that of course for new streamers um there there are other life hacks of course where uh where if if you know you're gonna have a bad day streaming there's some other big streamer you know uh streaming in in your place and he's doing some big event or something you know one of your competitors uh people people often say oh be consistent stream every day but sometimes it's better not to stream those days if you if you're thinking about your viewership and all that stuff because i think it was sodapopping who said you're only as good as your last two streams which i actually agree with quite a lot you're only as good as your last two streams because those are the streams that the people remember uh so if you have like really bad streams it can really affect your your whole channel like negatively but this is only if you're in it for the grind game and for the the climbing the viewer ladder and and stuff like that i see people make this mistake uh thinking that consistency is the most important thing when in fact playing it smartest and the most important thing all right all right you know understanding understanding where you come from and how you've you know throughout the years where aware of you know your mental situation developing how you develop some resilience mental mental toughness uh the question that comes to mind is what was first uh person or the first advice it was that the you know did the community find you and because they are so engaging um do you understand that yeah i understand the question it was uh [Music] the chicken or the egg i mean obviously the community started to form like this because of my uh my lack of care so to speak about a lot of things i i did not care about moderation [Music] political topics or anything like that and then obviously then the community forms based on that and then you know my resilience forms because of that community towards that type of community so i think it was a process of self-reinforcement yeah yeah so the community shaped you but you also kind of shaped the other yes i was i was the egg i was first and uh but then the hand laid the next egg right so okay and do you see any development with the community or did you have any you know clash-ish lashes throughout the year that oh i clash with them all the time because i think it's fun i i think it's fun to uh to to piss them off and they think it's fun to piss me off any any examples that come to mind nah it's just just a constant banter really no not specifics just a constant banter i like i like uh i like you know playing what i feel like playing some people don't like that then and there's uh there's an issue at hand you know uh unfortunately for them i have the final say so i always win all right but it's fun for them to try all right the first question is what game character do you most identify it with and why [Music] i i think uh chronos from god of war because it's pretty pretty badass right has a nice beard too yeah i see the similarity you have to however lose the hair yeah i do i will probably at one point all right so what's your absolute favorite thing word or phrase to say right now surely all right what do you spend a silly amount of money on uh i don't steak no not anymore i don't eat that much meat anymore uh nah i i don't actually spend a certain amount of money on anything actually i mean games i would say but you know the recipe has a horse that's just business you know business expenses all right so why do your friends like you why do my friends like me because they have to we known each other since kindergarten pretty much it's not their choice if you could design a perfect game for yourself what would it look like for myself um it would be some competitive game uh the genre i don't know um a very nice competitive game i don't know the i i ca my head is like uh for the stream uh for playing on stream for playing off-stream for yourself uh only for myself yeah you're banned from twitch okay you just can enjoy your game in peace what game are you playing uh i would i would play something competitive uh probably fps i think if i had to pick a genre but a card game could work too okay describe your life in one twitch emote seems good man all right if you could reincarnate as anything i think a person an animal what would it be probably a dog i think i think dogs with with owners good owners live pretty good lives they're stress-free and they get short lives short lives but not them you know to them it's just an ordinary life uh i think i think a dog would be my choice all right what do you think hell would look like for you what hell looked like for me on a serious note maybe being an actual asylum i think if if you are not mentally insane and you're but everyone does believe it and you're forced to be in an asylum i think that's a very scary situation ironically enough yeah it's okay if you could time travel what time would you like to go to but permanently you cannot go back permanently all right so i would uh i would probably go back to [Music] maybe the 50s uh because that's far enough away from the internet that i wouldn't care that much once i got to that age uh yeah i think i think the 50s were a good time living through all the 60s 70s 80s 90s as a real estate investor as a whatever a plumber even you know like i think it's just better times back then okay what is the most challenging thing about being yourself the most challenging thing about being myself being so god damn good at every game that you know there is no progress i'm just the best instantly right what do you consider your best investment so far it could be you know in yourself a money investment buying a book learning a new skill best investment in myself i think my first microphone and uh webcam for streaming i guess good answer yeah so what was your most valuable failure so the one that you learned the most from and what did you learn uh well i would say that one of them was the poker thingy right so except salt in the past two years is there anything particular that you completely change your mind about in the last two years i don't think i changed my mind about anything in specific but you know lost five years or five to six years i've changed my mind about you know what the end goal of life is you know not about timing the success ladder as we talked about earlier uh and this is like a gradual thing uh that you come to realize with wisdom and age that you have to be happy about the situation you know instead of chasing potential slight increased happiness maybe further down the line 10 20 years down the line you know just try to make the best out of your current situation what is the worst advice commonly given out in your field that you think is completely useless well i see a lot of people being burnt out on a specific game uh or just streaming in general and then i i see all these people replying that you know oh take off or play whatever you want we still you know we still watch whatever you want to do you know they're they're giving advice as a as a hive mind when in reality they're all separate you know beings and you know it's just a shitty advice for streamers to listen to in general i think i think that they should do whatever they want but they have to truly believe it themselves and not you know believe that the audience will be there for them at any given time okay in recent times is there anything you have become better at saying no to no okay what did you learn from games did you apply in real life growing up it was english and nowadays i think that playing games uh keeps the you know logical thinking part of your brain active which is applied in real life too right so as long as you keep a part of your that that part of your brain active it it's good for real life stuff too what is the one thing you would like to change about yourself uh right now nothing uh well what do you do uh when you feel unfocused distracted or overwhelmed i don't i don't get stressed or well that often or or anxiety uh much yeah i mean i guess my streams no stream knows this but uh whenever i get like tech issues and stuff uh i i can't stand it when 500 different people are trying to give you uh different advice on how to fix something tech related and i have no clue what i'm doing and you know it's taking away from the game and well to play you know like the [ __ ] this this hassle i just no shut down i'm i'll do this tomorrow with a new mindset i'm done with this right now i'll i'll do this you know off stream or or tomorrow so i kind of like just push it forward and and prevent myself from you know becoming too stressed about anything and you'd like to change that i don't like to change that uh i think it's a good method you you you push it a little bit i people push things too far into the future but just you know if you are overwhelmed by something just lit leave it until after you [ __ ] slept or after you ate or after you went for a walk or something you know don't do it in the moment but don't push it too far right in what situations do you doubt yourself the most in what situations do i doubt myself the most apart from the technical stuff when i'm not pretending and i'm actually bad at the game then i'm doubting myself all right and in this case what do you do when you need to boost your confidence uh i play a game i'm better at right all right so maintaining control perfectly so in what situations do you feel that you have the most control always i always feel like i'm in control uh on a more serious note right uh whenever i play a game i'm i'm good at i'm in control all right so playing games yeah playing games so if you were to give a ted talk on anything but your primary focus which is streaming and games what would it be i would have to look up a lot of terms and whatnot but the general philosophy i think uh i never read any philosophy but everything i have ever thought of there is a philosophy philosopher who thought of it before right so and they have terms for it but in general i think philosophy is is fairly interesting topic all right so knowing what you know now what advice would you give to a five years or ten years a younger version of yourself invest in amazon good answer good answer all right so um how would you spend your life if you had 100 million dollars in your bank account right now meaning you don't have to care about money uh the same way i don't i don't i don't i barely spend any money uh i live very humble i have routines that don't cost anything you know walks are free i would pretty much spend it the same way honestly uh maybe i would maybe i would start some game company on the side fully run by people you know while i'm still streaming um make some games maybe that i can play on stream any games really but yeah i would pretty much live the same way i think if hollywood made a movie about you what would the title of that movie be that my chat could come up with more stuff than me about this one we'll ask them the guard game all right you don't take uh too many sponsorships still you decided to give our partnership a try can you say why you decided to work with us or what was different uh well i mean elky a mutual friend of ours introduced us first and told me about it and before i decided to hop on the train i tried out your product for a month off stream and to me it was a very good substitute for for coffee because i like to take it a little bit into the stream and i don't like hustling with coffee during that it's just just more convenient and i'm really lazy so it's just better for me and you know on top of that adding the the nutrients and stuff and vitamins and stuff uh on top of the caffeine is an extra added bonus for me so it worked for me and i've been using it now for a year so and how do you feel uh what do you think about the brand madbonk and this uh goal of actually pushing gamers for healthier lives both you know physically and and mentally does it resonate maybe i will rephrase the question and i'll just keep it simple so what do you think about our brand and what we're trying to do in the gaming world well you're trying to increase and help out with people's health gamers aren't the healthiest of people as we all know and i come to realize this you know during my years of gaming that we're all so lazy right that's that's part of it and whatever little thing we can do uh that doesn't take too much of our you know uh energy and and time uh we we we gladly do so i i think i think it's very good uh focusing on on the health aspect of gaming because i don't think people should play as much as they do or they should be in front of the computer as much as they do but they do so whatever you know can help with your intake of whatever your body needs or whatever your mind needs it's good and looking into the future how do you feel the health of gamers you know both physical and mental is going to develop honestly i think it's pretty downhill from here uh for most gamers because you know everything is becoming more convenient you can order food you can order your groceries soon you won't be able to you know you don't have to leave your house so it's important that people realize this themselves and you know you know take take some actions and go for walks and take take supplements if you need it you know if you don't eat properly you know do whatever you know fits your schedule whatever helps you boost your your health because i don't think people should you know necessarily stop gaming just like compensate with other stuff along with it and when do you think uh okay so what is too much gaming how would you define it for yourself too much gaming uh i don't think it's a fixed number of hours or anything like that i think it's when you you start feeling bad and you are not enjoying gaming as much that's when it's too much uh you should you know refresh uh you know go outside sounds cliche but you know it works uh unless you live in dark sweden you know okay maybe not that part but but yeah uh that is pretty much it all right and apart from apart from going on walks having a fixed streaming schedule and uh taking a med monk and champion what are other ways that you you know think about your health well i [Music] i barely eat any sugar and if i do it's you know sugar juice from from fruit juice yeah exactly uh but not that much anymore i try to really really limit my sugar intake so no chips no candies no no sodas and you get used to it you know and you feel better sleep is very important too how long do you sleep not enough but that's because of you know in dogs interviews like this no no dogs parking and yeah it's hard to it's it's hard to get proper sleep in a capital i think i think you need to move outside of a capital to get really good sleep and do you feel that okay so if you sleep if you don't sleep well what do you observe on yourself when you don't sleep well uh well focus my focusing times become shorter and shorter eyes hurt uh yeah the usual stuff you know concentration all right uh yeah thanks a lot sebastian thank you it was pleasure talking that was let's let's do this again absolutely thanks

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