Cum Să Tranzactionezi #Acțiuni Forex Mărfuri Și Criptomonede | Morraevo

Cum Să Tranzactionezi #Acțiuni Forex Mărfuri Și Criptomonede | Morraevo

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Hello and welcome to another video on the Morraevo channel, in this video, I will analyze thirty financial instruments in which you can invest or or trade, as follows - stocks from 14 countries: Apple, SAP, Sanofi, ENEL, Nestle, BMW, Daimler, Deutsche Lufthansa, Kandi Technologies Group, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Inditex, Samsung Electronics, Equinor ASA, Unilever, Aurora Cannabis, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Saudi Arabian Oil Company, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Lemonade, OMV Petrom, stock indexes: BET index, commodities: West Texas Intermediate and Coffee, Treasury: 10-year treasury bonds from the United States, precious metals: Gold, cryptocurrencies: Ripple and Dogecoin, currency pairs: GBPUSD, AUDNZD, CADJPY so, follow this video until the end to have an edge in trading and follow how the patterns are recognized, according to the refined Elliott's theory. Apple The company profile and fundamental data Apple is an American multinational company from the technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, in Cupertino involved in hardware, software, cloud technologies, semiconductors, digital technologies, medicine, artificial intelligence, and electronics sale for for retail, but is mainly known for products like Apple smartphones and other luxury products. The company is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, part of the following indexes Nasdaq100, Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P100 and S&P500 respectively, quoted AAPL, ISIN US0378331005. Chart analysis and pattern recognition The price of the stock has fallen below the 130.77 USD, for finalizing either the Running or the Extended Running Flat, depending on where the wave B in red will end. The price will go into the highs again, for ending both wave C in red and wave B in gray implicitly, which can be a

Running Flat. Afterward, the price has to fall once again below wave A in gray, meaning below the 137.98 level. The trading strategy Given that wave B colored in red, can be an Expanded Flat pattern and wave B with gray will fall below 137.98, in the case of a Running Flat, then I would wait with a buy limit at 130, only after what price will have been built wave C in red and will exceed 145.09, not sooner, having stop loss at the minimum 103.1 and target at the level of 164.69 and when the price will have reached the maximum level of wave B in gray from that date, the transaction entering into profit, the stop-loss will have been brought to break-even. But the placing of the buy limit order will be done

somewhere after the middle of March, most likely and the locking on break-even or the eventual closing on profit will be made in approximately 2-3 months from the opening of the transaction. The critical level If Apple's stock goes down, in wave C with gray and, implicitly, wave B, with green, to 130 and wave C with green is related to wave A with green, just as wave C with purple was related to wave A, with purple, from the higher degree structure of which the ABC wave with green is part, then the target, then the C wave with green, respectively the C wave with purple, of higher degree, will go up to the level of $ 494.02 per share! SAP Company profile and fundamental data SAP is a German multinational company based in Walldorf, having as field of activity the creation of software for companies and organizations, in accounting, customer relationship management, supply and demand chains, banks, insurance, IT infrastructure and software services, we all are familiar or we have at least heard of SAP software. The company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange quoted SAP

being also listed on the New York Stock Exchange, part of the Dax index, ISIN: DE0007164600. Chart analysis and pattern recognition The share price of SAP is very possible to have completed a wave with the highest degree on the chart, wave b colored in red, of a Running Flat or Expanded Flat pattern, depending on where the price of wave C, in red, will close. I expect the price to reach the value of 62 EUR, currently the price is somewhere, at the level of 104.94. The trading strategy I would wait for the price to break through the minimum of 89.76, there I would enter with a sell stop, I would set the stop-loss at this fall from historical highs, 132.6, and target at the level of 49.5 EURO, because the sentiment in some

situations can be extreme and the targets can be easily exceeded. Once the price had reached the level of 89.76, the minimum required for this C wave, in red, the transaction would have been brought to a break. But I mention that this structure can develop in a very long time (1-2 years), given the fact that it must develop a time frame somewhat comparable to the fall of the wave A, with red, which lasted two years. The critical level - If the market volatility will be at extreme levels and an Expanded Flat will develop, the price must fall below the level of 9.94! Sanofi Company profile and fundamental data Sanofi is a French multinational company based in Paris, which operates in the pharmaceutical field, producing pharmaceuticals, generic drugs, over-the-counter drugs, vaccines, contact lenses but also in diagnostics, etc., being the largest manufacturer of drugs, at European level. The company's stock is listed on the pan-Europen de la Paris Euronext stock exchange quoted SAN but also on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange quoted SNY, part of the French stock market index CAC40, ISIN FR0000120578.

Chart analysis and pattern recognition Sanofi stock ended wave B from a Running Flat correction with navy blue, the price is currently at the end in the upper third of the WXY complex pattern with fluorescent green, although I initially thought that the abc wave with orange is the equivalent of the ABC wave with burgundy red, but it is too short in time and the rise of wave X with fluorescent green is too similar in structure to both wave B in burgundy and wave a-b-c-d-e with black, so another indication that it is only an intermediate structure, linking two falling waves, this down scenario will be confirmed only if the price falls below the level of 67.68. Trading strategy I would enter with a buy limit at 58.01, with stop loss at 49.93, and a take profit at the maximum level of 100.97. So, it would be a risk to reward of 5 to 1, meaning we risk 13.92% and gain 74%, in terms of price movement.

The fall should happen no sooner than March 27th, 2023, if it keeps the 1: 1 ratio with the a-b-c flat with orange, this transaction being a longer-term one, which is more suitable for investors who invest without leverage. A rise in price above 96.1, without the price first falling to 67.67, will cancel out this whole scenario. After the buy limit transaction has been activated, at the level of 86.5, ie the origin point of wave A with blue, the transaction will have been brought to zero, risk wise, moving the stop loss at the entry level. ENEL Company profile and fundamental data ENEL is an Italian multinational company from the field of utilities, which deals with the production and distribution of electricity but also that of natural gas, based in Rome, but is better known for the distribution of electricity. The company's share is listed on the Borsa Italiana, part of the FTSE MIB index, stock exchange symbolquoted ENEL and ISIN: IT0003128367.

Chart analysis and pattern recognition Enel is in the development of wave C of a Flat Running A-B-C in green, at the moment, we are in the wave b with dark turquoise, it does not matter if the price goes up a little as long as it does not exceed the level of 9,047, the scenario remains valid. Trading strategy For these structures, we will only look for sell entries, because we are at historical high, the situation is very similar to what a from the SAP company; here, I would put a sell limit from the value of 8,609, with stop-loss at the level of 9,047, at the historical high and take-profit at 7,318 level. The critical level If the price will build an Expanded Flat and wave b with turquoise will stop exactly at the level of 8,609 and the wave C in turquoise will build, having the same ratios that had wave C in purple compared to wave A in purple, then the price will fall to the level of 4,795, at least, ie 41% below the current price.

Nestlé The company profile and fundamental data Nestle is a Swiss multinational company, this food and beverage processing conglomerate based in Vevey, known mainly for products such as Nescafe and Nestea, being listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, quoted NESN, ISIN: CH0038863350. Chart analysis and pattern recognition Nestle stock is in the construction of a Running Flat wave in the presence of the green-colored A-B-C structure, part of a wave b in blue of higher degree, part of a wave C, with black, probably has a little more to go lower, to the level of 97.87. The trading strategy I would put a buy limit from 97.87, the stop-loss being at 93.44 and the target at 123.44 in the idea that there is a small possibility that the pattern will not be completed and the structure will become more complex and the B wave in blue has not already ended and then I will focus on the target of 123.44 and when the price has reached the level of 102.81, the transaction will be brought to break-even.

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