Crypto GREAT RESET is Coming! Cardano (ADA) to BOOM!

Crypto GREAT RESET is Coming!  Cardano (ADA) to BOOM!

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the world order as it's changing is going to be  much more in favor of centralized applications   centralized blockchains things that can more  easily control and and things that they can   more easily monitor whereas cardano is all about  decentralization it's like the most decentralized   blockchain out there um if if not well at least  the top three um and you know and I've I've   asked Charles this is the last thing he actually  responded to and I was very grateful because I'm   like how does how does cardano play into this  whole world economic Forum agenda this great   reset agenda and he's like we're against it we're  fighting against it because if they win we're all   slaves I don't even think the world has quite  grasped yet what the capabilities of cardano   are are being built for and some of the uh like  the overall mission of it um and I think that as   more people wiseen up to that and how it Compares  in contrast to a lot of the other projects out   there I think cardano is going to get even that  many more adopters whether they know it or not hey welcome back everybody to altcoin daily I'm  joined by the man the myth the legend he's an   educator investor father husband entrepreneur and  a crypto and finance has his own crypto YouTube   channel the crypto Crow how are you doing today  I'm doing great man it's great to be here really   is great to have you on this video is all about  cardano but before we dive into cardano just uh   you know generally I'd love it for our audience  if you could introduce yourself a little bit more   uh I've I'm basically I used to be in the mortgage  world I used to be an MMA fight promoter and then   mortgage and then discovered crypto back in 2017  started my channel basically just sharing my   journey as I learned uh whatever I learned Better  or For Better or Worse I shared with my uh my no   no audience at the time and then that quickly  escalated and I've been doing it ever since   awesome and I've told you before that back  before I ever started our Channel I did   watch you in 2017 so great to have you  on man really really excited to do this   um is it fair to say that you're bullish  on cardano oh I can't stand cardano man   I'm all about centralized projects I was a big  salonable uh no yeah absolutely of course it's   like my it's it's the only one I primarily care  about and read into for the most part anymore   excellent and let's let's jump right into it  generally speaking why cardano what's your   why there's plenty of different crypto Assets  in there why choose cardano to really be into   uh so when I when I was first you know back  early on 2017 I read everything I I truly   read every white paper I was up until 4am  every night waking up at like you know 10   12 getting right back into it just studying  every white paper for every project out   there and there are a lot of commonalities  between them all and then and I thought you   know at the time it was so new and exciting  right and uh over time I started to realize   um I uh it's all marketing and then when I first  discovered cardano and I started reading through   their reports and their papers and their white  papers and all of that I knew instantly that it   was a a different animal entirely and and it  was primarily focused on decentralization and   empowerment and scalability and interoperability  and basically all of these things that typically   only one you know a crypto project back then  focused on one or the other basically saying   you can't have one in this you can't have  interoperability and scalability and and   cardano is putting together these ideas and said  no you can have it all you just have to do it the   right way and you can't rush through it and there  are so many other things you can do on top of all   these layers and that was at a time when everybody  was dumping on cardano basically because they had   bags of other projects that they wanted to see go  up and they didn't care about this other thing and   I did and and so I just started professing my love  for cardano and early on back in December I said   you know I'm marrying this project this is this  is it for me and I did and I I haven't regretted   it since and and so I just continue to try and  educate on the differences on why cardano is what   it is and why it's growing by Leaps and Bounds  now five years later into the next bull market   um and yeah I mean different and  and I I like I like the underdog   totally and uh I can remember you talking  about cardano when it was around 10 cents   16 cents dipped to 2 cents in 2019 2020 and then  in 2021 of course it shot up to 60 cents and that   was obviously just to the beginning for its run  in the last bull market so congrats to you dude   you talked about it when like you said everybody  was fighting it and that did pan out has it been   easy to to stick with cardano has has you know  cardano has changed a lot in the past four years   it used to be just a Daedalus wallet now it's  smart contract capable have you always been   steadfast strong on your cardano investors thesis  or can you take us through yeah I I picked up 400   000 Ada for one Bitcoin and I didn't do it I I  wanted to get you know two or three Bitcoin worth   and I didn't do it because of the psychology of it  right you go from a dollar 33 and you watch it go   all the way down to two cents in in the market and  everything starts creating this doubt like what if   what if this is a bad move bitcoin's always going  to be there no matter what what about this and at   that time we still didn't have the abundance of  of protocols and elements associated with that   technology yet right so I can't even remember I  can't I don't even think we had smaller contracts   yet at the time like it was still on the  road map but wasn't necessarily in play   and I was bullish on it and I already had a bunch  I had plenty but it was almost like a greed play   like how greedy do I want to be I could average  down significantly and I didn't do it I ended   up picking up like 90 ethereum worth later on you  know and everything had gone up a little bit more   and um but I I have always been very bullish on  it I haven't necessarily always been bullish on   Charles but that's okay you know I mean I I often  compare and Charles is definitely very different   um but you know Charles gets a lot of fun and  and I say you know look at look at Steve Jobs   you know sometimes the brilliant Rogues of the  world the the Brilliant Minds you know maybe   Steve didn't create the technology Charles is  Charles is a coder Charles is in the thick of   it guiding his development teams guiding a  lot of this stuff you know Steve was like   you know make me something that you know holds  a million songs you know what I mean like he   he wasn't neces the developer the brain behind  any of it but his personality traits were such   that he was very much a high D which I often  compared Charles to I myself am kind of a high   D if I'm honest I don't like to waste time I  like to get things done and you know if you're   if you're relevant to what's in my mind at the  moment then we can move forward in discussion   if not I got other things to do that's very much  how I see Charles being and so I haven't always   been you know all about Charles even though  I love the guy and I respect him very much   it's the point of even bringing that up is a  lot of people like to say oh well Charles said   this oh cardano's going down no it doesn't really  have that much to do with Charles he can have his   opinions and they can vary drastically from mine  or not but it's about the technology he's building   and it's about the teams he's putting in place  to build this technology and the way I see it   ultimately changing uh the world in a dramatic way  as we continue to move forward and closer to 2030. what's one thing that you would give Charles  hoskinson credit for and then if you could give   Charles hoskinson a piece of advice what would  it be uh one thing I give Charles credit for well   I reserved the credit for when uh Hydra launches  and starts giving cardano you know 86 what I don't   even remember what I calculated it out to like 86  billion transactions a day or something like that   um I think it's like every node so they're 3 000  nodes and every node is able to handle a thousand   transactions per second you multiply that out  and then you get something astronomical that's   what I'm ultimately waiting for along with reduced  transaction fees because like my wargram game it   was so blocks and the my social media it's like  we're building all of this stuff on cardano but   it's the transaction fees are still limiting right  I mean to Mint things on the blockchain and the   social media platform can get really expensive I  want to see these things come down and I believe   they will it's just a matter of time right um  so I would say you know the one thing I credit   him with I think just creating a technology that  I do believe is going to decentralize the world   and I don't even think the world has quite  grasped yet what the capabilities of cardano   are are being built for and some of the  uh the like the overall mission of it   um and I think that as more people wise than  up to that and how it Compares in contrast   to a lot of the other projects out there I  think cardano is going to get even that many   more adopters whether they know it or not let's  put it that way um the biggest advice I would   just say is don't forget those who helped  you get here you know uh on a public level   um you know I can see Charles being very  dismissive to some degree on in in with with the   people who've really supported him and the project  since the beginning uh I would say stay humble uh   because you know it doesn't matter how big we all  get you know you don't want to burn Bridges which   which apparently is a thing and I've I've read a  lot of that but you know I yeah I would just say   keep your eye on the ball maybe not do so many  amas um you know focus on the technology not   necessarily putting your opinions out into the  world on everything known to man uh because   it's the people buy into the technology in  the crypto space maybe not necessarily his   political views which I personally uh struggle  with sometimes it's difficult to address one   issue in blockchain or crypto without addressing  some of the political aspects of things and   that creates this division right and I just  literally just did a video on this today so   um and and that's that that's something that  sometimes I get a little uh but other than   that I love Charles I mean sometimes it might  sound like I don't but I I absolutely we used   to have some really good chats and and things but  yeah that's that's about it I think pros and cons   it'd be nice if Charles would reach out to you  more every once in a while say hey Crow come to   dinner Hey Crow thanks for sticking with us when  the times are tough no I've never you know no it's   not even really like that for me um I I think more  or less you know I've got so many projects that   I'm putting so much of myself into on cardano and  sometimes I think yeah it'd be nice if I send him   a message and I'm like hey man I could use your  advice on this or that and he actually not leave   me on red like a bad Tinder match uh you know  because I've said that to him I'm like dude you   just become a bad Tinder match anymore like you  don't address anything anymore and um and it does   it hurts my feelings Aaron I I feel kind of bad  I'm like I feel like a used up like you know but   yeah you know it's like what do you say to that  I it's like I still it doesn't change how I feel   about what he's building you know what I mean it  doesn't change anything really other than you know   maybe I'll challenge him to a fight instead of the  tar monster I'm kidding I'm totally kidding that   would never happen I'm not even mad at Charles  It's just sometimes I want to like Shake him a   little bit like listen you know but outside of  that I love him just like any relationship you   want to feel appreciated but anyways anyways  let's change the subject for a little bit   something you talk about on your  channel is The Great reset could   you explain that to our audience and  talk about how cardano fits into that   oh uh that's a really good question oh gosh where  do you go with this this is so open-ended um you   know I don't know I don't know if you have enough  time in this segment uh so you know the great   reset ultimately is obviously about a great number  of things not just financially right it's not   um I think the great reset is about a it's a  it's a reset of the the mindset of society in   a lot of ways uh expect less demand less be okay  with less uh because I think you know in gosh   it's such a tricky question Aaron um just like  real simple because I don't know anything real   simple okay real simple the world's about to  change it's changing under our very noses right   now on levels that people have no inclination  like there there are so many people out there   have no idea what's going on and as it relates  to cardano I still don't know 100 if I'm honest   because the the the world order as it's changing  is going to be much more in favor of centralized   applications centralized blockchains things  that can more easily control and and things   that they can more easily monitor whereas  cardano is all about decentralization it's   like the most decentralized blockchain out  there um if if not well at least the top three   um and you know and I've I've asked Charles this  is the last thing he actually responded to and I   was very grateful because I'm like how does  how does cardano play into this whole world   economic Forum agenda this great reset agenda  and he's like we're against it we're fighting   against it because if they win we're all  slaves that's basically what he told me   and I I did a video about it after I asked him  permission to screenshot it and he said go ahead   um and since then he's actually begun talking  about that more phase which is interesting   um but yeah you know when he says we're fighting  against it I think the decentralized nature of   cardano is structured around fighting against this  kind of uh this narrative but I also believe that   depending on how the technology is used like any  other technology out there it can be used for good   or bad it just depends on who's at the helm so  these things are still up in the air to me and   and have yet to be seen you know Voltaire you know  the whole Voltaire era of cardano's development   is going to play a big role in in governance and  voting and things and and those things are going   to play a big role I think because my whole  idea is that a lot of this contempt we have   for the current political system and the vote and  all of that to me it it seems like a structured   method for bringing in a more of a form of like a  technocracy whereas we we're out the politicians   are gone we don't have those anymore they've  proven to be untrustworthy we can't move forward   under this system we need a form of technocracy  whether it's like an AI driven technocracy or   just a panel of scientists and people that are  making all these decisions and so if we do end up   in that form of thing will we utilize blockchain  technology or something like a Voltaire to handle   maybe some uh public voting for particular  issues and what will that play into like an   algorithm or thing something that makes decisions  on okay well this is what the people think this   is what our scientists think this is where we go  it all sounds crazy right now but every day more   and more I see us kind of being ushered into that  sort of environment and out of this old oh ever I   don't think there's a person out there that says  oh yeah I love career politicians they're always   here to help you know so I think that it's that  idea that we're it's kind of being pushed even   further to make some significant changes even  on the political front let alone financial and   everything else so you're basically saying the  great reset is when the elites the world economic   Forum the powers that be take away you know  basic humanitarian rights whether it's privacy   um anything like that and cardano because some  bitcoiners think it's Bitcoin ethereums think   it's ethereum but you're saying that you believe  it is cardano that gives us a good chance of   kind of avoiding um you know second-class  citizenry how interoperable is Bitcoin   how interoperable is ethereum you know I mean  there might be some elements but when you're   talking about uh Global applications and  you're talking about throughput scalability   interoperability there is nothing but cardano  that plays that role so it's not just about um   the question isn't always going to be just about  cardano as a whole it's going to be about the   applications built on cardano that solve problems  and so that's where I say I'm still up in the air   where are these applications that are going to  solve these problems in favor of the public as   opposed to in favor of the control of those that  want to control everything so yeah in a nutshell   that what you said is about where I see it but I  think it's a much bigger thing even than that but   you know there's still so much up in the air we're  going to start we're going to see a lot more that   start to play out in 2023 in big ways that's why  I always say 2023 is going to be the year of the   bottom you know we're not there yet we've got a  ways to go and I think it's going to shock people   when when we actually get there there's not  going to be a question anymore as to whether   or not the bottom is in you're just gonna know  it okay I like that you're thinking out into the   future because now I want to ask you about  the future of cardano so not even in 2023   although let's just say the next five years  so after Bitcoin bottoms and the next three   five six years down the line if everything goes  relatively to plan what does success look like   in cardano what what are the next five years  what do cardano holders have to look forward to um I mean cardano holders have a lot to look  forward to um I I think ultimately we're going   to start seeing new tokens like uh midnight and  other things as uh you know staking rewards in   addition to Ada I think we're gonna start building  uh I think we're gonna start seeing a lot more   incentive on the Node front for people who either  operate nodes or stake their Ada and just leave   it leave it there uh absorbing more of that market  capitalization or more of that Supply that's going   to affect the market cap uh as far as price  goes that that could be all over the place but   ultimately I just we're gonna bottom and we're  gonna go up but I'm also of the mind that it's   it's but it's likely that this is the last bear  Market we see for a decade or more because all of   these significant changes that are happening right  now the technologies that are being built to kind   of Usher in a lot of this you know I don't know  some people want to call it transhumanism and and   uh you know like all kinds of crazy stuff right  like these patents are they they're there they   have there they exist and a lot of this technology  I do believe is going to be blockchain based   I think cardano to some degree is going to play a  big role in a lot of that so we're gonna see you   know Layer Two expansion like no other and through  that we're gonna see a much greater element of   mass adoption when I said like I said earlier  whether people know it or not they're going to be   working with or utilizing cardano in some way and  so I think we're going to see a lot more of that   kind of Layer Two growth as you know these other  eras of development you've got the Basho and now   the Voltaire and all of that those are going to  continue to get perfected and enhanced I'm sure   and and then Hydra Hydra to me is the like that  that's the biggest thing because through Hydra   all of these other layers to cardano are just  it's gonna it's gonna put them on steroids and   Sam's and like whatever that you know whatever  there is out there for performance enhancement   that's what Hydra is going to be in a lot of ways  and so that's when I think we're going to start   seeing a lot more of this technology really  Blossom uh as the the logo overall uh I think   says so yeah I mean price is going to go  up everything's gonna go up and I think   honestly this might be the last bear period  we see for a while I could be wrong though   you know 2025 we could Peak and we could get one  more bear Peak before bear Market before we run   into the 2030 market and then that could be it but  if you compare it to like the NASDAQ of 27 2007   and you see how you know back when I talked about  the double Peak you know in April we just hit the   first Peak I'm like this is going to be two I was  comparing that to the NASDAQ and if you look at   that and then look outward you've got basically  a bull market for like a decade and I think that   we're being kind of pushed and guided into a  similar uh pattern so that's a whole other topic   I like that you said that you know you could be  wrong I could be wrong because you know if any   of us knew the future we'd all be rich we're  all just you know speculating are we already   educated guesses hey you know what I thought  I was rich and then 2022 hit but uh let's stay   on that tangent because what I want to know from  you Crow is I remember you made a video and like   very beginning of 2018 I just bought 80 000 Ada or  something like that it was some number I feel like   you know a lot of these guys attach themselves to  a cryptocurrency that they truly believe is going   to do well over time long term okay and they do  and and I feel like you know I've been missing my   I've been trying to find that one cryptocurrency  that I can really attach myself to you know just   trying to attach myself to a cryptocurrency that  I really want to study through and through I want   to know everything there is to know about this  cryptocurrency and I want to watch it grow I want   to grow with it I want to continue adding more to  it it so I found that cryptocurrency I found the   one that I absolutely truly believe in and you're  going to hear a lot more about from me over the   over the coming weeks and months okay I bought 15  000 coins last night the coin I'm talking about is cardano Ada I talk to certain people they  have a thousand data ten thousand Ada 20   000 whatever it is my question to you  is how many Ada do you think the average   person needs to hold to hit millionaire  status cardano in the next couple bull runs   on the next couple bull runs well whatever's  realistic whatever's realistic to you uh I mean   so if I were to Hazard an educated guess based  off of the last two Market Cycles the price   action associated with that what I've done myself  and and what I know many others have done I would   say you know somebody with a hundred to a hundred  and fifty thousand Ada um you know by by the peak   of this next by the next Bull Peak you'll very  likely become a millionaire um from there it's   about how many times over and whether or not you  actually sell it when it's at that price point   so you know [Music] um you know I a lot of people  know I was basically getting on a plane to Puerto   Rico literally the day I was I was on Twitter  like the market just peaked and I'm thinking   damn uh all my stuff's boxed up I'm getting ready  to get on a plane I can't do anything about it so   I just let it go and so you know a lot of people  were still holding you know a lot of people think   I thought I was funding the market because I  don't know I was trying to get it all cheaper I   already had plenty you know so it's it's not just  about what the where the price gets but where you   actually start to feel comfortable getting rid  of some and taking those profits off the table   uh but yeah I mean 150 000 ate a steak to like  Crow node I don't know if you have a node uh but   generating a passive yield uh over over time like  now I've already started accumulating back in at   50 cents knowing it was going to go back down  I've got a comfortable sum uh so you know and   I I have a certain goal where I'd like to be by  2024 in terms of my personal Holdings and by 2025   I'll be I'll be good that's awesome  so let's just uh finish out this topic   somebody accumulates a nice chunk of ADA  Bitcoin hits let's say 120 000 ethereum   is getting close to ten thousand dollars  we're nearing the top of this next full Peak   what do you think cardano could hit in your  personal speculation man um you know realistically   I well I did a video I I actually did a couple  videos years ago where I calculated an eight   dollar cardano an eight dollar Ada and I did  it two completely different ways and I'm pretty   sure in two different years and I always ended up  at an eight dollar Ada roughly eight dollar Ada   and so many things have changed and will continue  to change throughout 2023 into the next having   so for me I would if I'm being a conservative  about it all I would say somewhere between eight   bucks and maybe ten by the next Peak even though  you know our most recent was 3.40 40 cents the   market prior to that was a dollar thirty three  when cardano didn't have squat but speculative   ideas then when we started to get some Foundation  but I don't even think uh yeah we just started   getting smart contracts and like nfts and that  took it to three dollars and forty cents what   are we gonna do when all of these development  eras have concluded into a technology that the   entire world is able to start using in massive  ways in a decentralized fashion I think it's   worth at least double our original Peak if not  you know three to four times that so I would   conservatively say somewhere between eight to ten  dollars but we could see significantly more but   that is also going to depend on how regulations  change the space between now and then what sort   of things as far as Government involvement start  playing a role uh but you know yeah I would like   to I am looking for an eight to ten dollar Ada  at which point when we hit that if we hit that I   will start to average out of my position depending  on where we're at in the market cycle at the time   um but you know anything beyond that is is  just icing on the cake but very likely possible   obviously you're a cardano Believer um knowing  that cardano could do well and ethereum could   do well Bitcoin and cardano could both do well  do you think that cardano ever flips ethereum   do you think cardano ever flips Bitcoin Bitcoin  maybe not ethereum yes I I do believe it could   flip ethereum because ethereum is really not  that great I mean you can keep putting all the   different colors of lipstick on a pig and back  in the day you know when it introduced smart   contracts and it was first to Market with that  Tech wonderful and people are still going to use   it no matter what okay but in terms of actual  evaluation in accordance to use case adoption   I don't think they're any I don't think there's  going to be anything that beats cardano at some   point whether it's by the peak of this next Market  or the one following closer to 2030 or however   that plays out there will be a time I believe  that cardano absolutely flips ethereum Bitcoin   on the other hand its role as this digital gold  as we enter into this digital era uh that that   is going to continue taking over everything uh  we're seeing it already I I don't think anything   flips Bitcoin if anything I think Bitcoin could  flip gold itself you know uh so you know I will   always hold some Bitcoin no matter what but yeah  I don't see anything competing truly with Bitcoin   on a speculative front techno technologically  we've already got a bunch of stuff that does   but that's not really the point with Bitcoin you  know what I mean so yeah I know what you mean   now one of my final questions for you crypto  Crow and by the way I appreciate you coming on   today links to Crows YouTube and Twitter down  below I encourage everybody to go follow Crow   right now and let them know if you came from  altcoin daily one of my final questions for   you Crow is and you can be as brief as you'd  like or say as much as you like top three   favorite altcoins that aren't cardano and or top  three favorite altcoins in the cardano ecosystem um I would say the one one of my top favorite that  I that I'm like really excited about is Kobe which   is the cornucopias metaverse project token and  I've done many videos on it um on cardano yeah   um I don't think there really is anything that's  not on cardano maybe Quant uh that just because of   its its nature and interoperability and and  basically being an operating system that's   allowing people to build on everything I think  that could play a pretty cool role in the future   um but you know World mobile token is another one  they're they're doing real world things they're   not just based off of some idea you know that  somebody drafted up in their mom's basement like   this is a world mobile token is a very legitimate  project that has been standing the test of the   bear Market you know which is a big key metric  for me if you can't if you disappear in a barrel   Market you probably weren't worth anything in the  bull run and you're not going to be worth anything   in the next Bull Run so it's it's the the projects  with their their heads down working you know uh   like in in World mobile tokens case getting these  license is growing out their their services which   they're proving to do I mean up I mean even  recently they've had some big announcements   so Kobe token World mobile token I think is  definitely one to watch um as far as a third I   think there are so many out there that I'm kind of  watching but I haven't committed to 100 just yet   and then outside of the cardano ecosystem you  have any other projects that you kind of like   more than others or no I mean honestly I've I've  just ever so to put this in a perspective back in   the day I invested in like 35 different projects  of those 35 projects on blockchains all over uh   ethereum based projects you name it the majority  of them under underperformed in every conceivable   way and the only technology that I invested  in that overtook all of them was cardano and   that was before it was even half of what it is  today so it's difficult for me to commit to oh   I spend a lot of time reading on this blockchain  or that I liked hash bar your age bar I thought   the hashgraph tech was pretty interesting maybe  it's used for something I don't know I follow   what's going on with ripple and and you know  xrp and and Stellar lumens for that matter   um there's a lot of stuff that I've I have  interest in but not anything that I am a   proponent of necessarily like I don't consider  myself part of the xrp army I'm not saying that   it won't do well uh it could very well do well  even if it were to just become a mean point after   a loss in this this big case it could still do  well on sentiment alone so that's just the nature   of the crypto space and a bull market everything  you know it's like when Bitcoin Rises you know   it's like the the ocean raising All Ships right  so it's not to say that anything necessarily is   going to do bad but in terms of like what my major  picks are uh that that's I'm I'm definitely more   interested in car in the cardano ecosystem overall  but I'm sure there's a lot of garbage there too I   just haven't found them all or dug into all of  them yet hey you know what an open source step   platform there's going to be good projects and  bad projects if anybody can build on it right   Crow thank you so much for being on today again  I encourage our audience to go check out the   crypto Crow links below Crow this is your chance  final thoughts for the altcoin daily audience   oh final thoughts um wow so many listen I I  definitely you want to Vie for uh decentralization   over centralized projects don't buy into  headlines because I could buy any headline   I want and just about any crypto news platform out  there so don't buy into the narratives always do   your own research uh make your own decisions  uh anytime you listen to the media to create   a narrative for you to believe in chances are  it's to serve them and not you so you have to   do your you put in the time put in the work and  that's how millions are made cool thanks Crow thanks for having me man always a  pleasure I'd anytime you want me all right

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