Confessions, Apologising and a Hidden Mission | EP 6 | The Friend Zone (Reality Show)

Confessions, Apologising and a Hidden Mission | EP 6 | The Friend Zone (Reality Show)

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This game is called But Honestly. But Honestly is a card game designed to build relationships that go beyond the surface. And burn bridges. Our question and action cards would help create a a safe space for meaningful conversations to  build long lasting and meaningful connections.

Share a story of when you got the most jealous. Have the group rate how jealous of a person you are from 1-10. I love this. I love this.

Okay I don't know whether I can say this on  camera. Why not? So apparently, I noticed like there's   a guy in makeup that's also in the beauty  industry and we were competing.  So both of us were literally the only boys  in makeup and we got to like the final step. So I got so jealous that I actually told him "Do you want to drink?" Then he's like "Okay, let's go drink."

So made him drink. he got drunk. I go to the hotel room. And I was planning out what I need to do next. The next day, he was like "I am so tired." But in my head I already planned out what I wanted to do. That is so f***** up but I know what I did  wrong and I said sorry.   I think that's a level 10. I also think that's a level 10. If there's an 11, that's probably 11.

Oh I got to pick a card. Imagine you got into trouble with the law. How do you think the person on your right will respond? This is the perfect question.

I think Dewy will probably be like "Time out! Time out!" No. I finally did something bad. Amen. It's the best answer. I'll go to your jail bar and you'll be like And then I'll be like And your hair will be like that then I just Finally Yas and I have to get you out then she do her manager bulls***. No, no, no, no, no.

Then Yas would be like Babes, I made a contract, I need you to read everything through. I called a lawyer for you. I got you girl. I got you. I got you. Wait, give this to someone (else). Okay. Go, go answer it.

I wouldn't get into trouble with the law la. No but if you do. Excuse me, now you make me look terrible because I didn't deny it. I probably get into trouble because he got  into trouble and he pushed the blame to me. Right? But I would tank it for you because we are brothers right? Sasi and I connect on a pretty deep level. I think we share a lot of  common talk talking points like concerns like you know when are we going to get married? You know why is housing so expensive? Davin and I.

Damn gam (close) one. Really didn't expect out of everyone, Davin. Read it out. Read it out. Oh, okay this one is quite spicy. But honestly, What has been making you feel down lately? These are vulnerable questions eh.

Take your time to answer it. I told you guys right? Like I just broke up with my ex. My ex-girlfriend la. So I guess I've been running away from... Some...

Like there (are) matters to be settled. You know it's not just her, it's like her family.   Yeah. It's the entire package right? Comes in the package.

So, to be honest, I still don't know how to address the issue la. Address the family side of the issue. I'm sure... I'm sure I...

I'm sure I tried to address it to her. But I have to address to her Dad. That y'all broke up? Yeah, her Dad. So haven't yet la? I'm still thinking of how... I feel like when family's involved, it just gets very hard. It gets very difficult.

Thank you for sharing. This is level 2 ah?! Wah level 2 I down already. Okay now you have to give someone this question. Who you want to ask this question? Okay then Dewy. I think something I've been struggling with recently very much is my pace of life. Because last time I was just like "I don't care about anything, I'm just going to play around."

Not like play around. Not men. Okay sorry, why didn't you clarify me? It can be men. I'm not judging. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like I just played around, I didn't give a s***.

Like I just do what I want to do in the moment but  I mean I still would study and s*** la. But I feel right now, my life moves so fast. It's insane. Sometimes I lose track of time and then like...

Every week right, there's something new happening to me. Like this week I can get cancelled for this. The next week my grandfather can die.   Then next week this person comes back in my life and the next week this person can break my heart. Then I'm like asking myself is there something wrong with me? I ask myself like am I crazy? Can you not say that? No, I think. No.

No, you know what I think it is? I think you're entering your 20s. Eww... It's a phase I'm going through also. Welcome! But it's good because you'll grow from everything. Right? It's a time of intense growth so you should you embrace it. But at the same time like...

But another part of me like I don't want to grow up. But growing up doesn't mean you lose  like who you are. It just means like you're just going to learn new things. Oh my god I'm going to cry also. But I will lose my parents.

You won't lose your... Why am I crying also? I'm also tearing up. Why am I crying? Why am I crying? I didn't want to lose my parents and I didn't feel like growing up.   And I felt I cried because I've been away from home for like a total of 15 days. And to some people it may be short but I've never not seen my parents for such a long time before   so I guess I'm kind of homesick and I do miss them a bit la.

Actually I miss them a lot so yeah. The only constant in life is change. Like things are going to change.  But you cannot be afraid of it.

Would you rather do the same thing forever? No right? F****** boring right? And you're not a boring person. You're a fun person.  Duh bish. Yeah! Yes that's right. Pull ourselves together. Pull ourselves together. Can I just say I think  like for someone who's so young, there's so much   depth to you and like the fact that you can even  stop and process that oh my gosh, pace of life is   going faster than I thought it would shows so much maturity.

So you'll be like, you'll be okay. Moments.  Oh now we're at level 3! Okay, hard ones! Okay, you go.

People remember insults more than compliments. Insult. Insult. Share something hurtful someone has said to you   and let the group counter that with things they love about you. I'm ready! I'm ready! This is what I... Yes, let's go. I'm ready!   Yo this game is out to get us in the feels like legit. Okay.

Okay, this one's really personal to me and I'm not going to mention who said it to me but I think I was toying with   the idea of going into acting full-time and that  on some level meant dropping my full-time job and   I remember the person saying "What makes you think you're good at acting? You don't do it enough. Like how do you know you're good at it?" I get where that's coming from and I think the person said it from a place of love. So when that person said it to me I was like "Okay. Maybe I suck but like   the whole point is that I want to suck less right? So that I can be good at what I really love doing." So yeah like I understand where that  person was coming from but it was... It hurt.

You are actually just thinking about that one  person only so like you may never know what others   are thinking about you and the fact that we are  here right now giving you genuine compliments. And like admiring you. Admiring you shows a lot and we are still excited to see how you act and everything and we are pretty sure that you're  amazing knowing how great you are with your job. I mean that there is a reason why you continue  to pursue acting despite his or her command right? I wouldn't see it as an insult. It is a trigger. it's a catalyst. And I love that you said that. I think it's such a smart way and sensitive way of turning it around.

Yeah that's why I don't blame the person because that person is very close to me. That person's still in my life so...  Like the comment hurt but it pushed me. Yeah, it did. I wanted to be an actor also when I was in poly. Then after I said it in my class. After I was like "I want to be an actor!" then this teacher was like

"Then what are you doing about it?" In front of the whole class. I was like So I was like "I've no money to pay for acting classes." So I jailbreak the system. I'm like "You know what? I'm gonna get picked to act." So I just spammed casting calls then I got the Best Actress (award) for the Youth Nationals Film Awards. Yas!!! Then right, I tell you what. I sent her my trophy.

Oh my God! That's why I tell you When people say this kind of thing right it  makes me so horny. So you must be horny then you'll be like Ahhh! I want to prove you wrong! That's what I said also! Like when people  tell me I cannot do something I know   it's going to happen because I'm going  to do. It's like manifesting for you. Yep, yep, yep. Okay, okay, okay. Thank you so much guys.

No, you're the best. You know we love you. What were the most difficult life choices you had to make? Very easy for me. So I was from the Navy.  For five years and it's an iron rice bowl.

So I was the only officer I  think from my family at that time. It was a lot of pressure to kind of stay on because it was like "Wow CPF!" and everything. And the most difficult life decision I had to make  was to leave the Navy without anything in mind.

You know some people have a plan. I was like  "Okay I'm going to leave the Navy." And guess what? The next day I actually flew to India. The next day like literally it was a Friday   my contract ended I flew on Saturday. I went for my yoga teacher training. I didn't even know what happened. I went there it was an amazing like group of people as well. And then it was one of the last nights when  I received a text from a friend of mine.

And then he has been teaching for 20 years and  he was like "Do you want to take up my class?"  I didn't know anything and my students are like from  maybe 30 plus 40 all the way to 60 plus years old. And it really inspires myself to  to push myself to teach people more. Okay if there is someone in the group you  would like to apologise to, you can do that now.

Is there? Me! I want to apologise to someone. Okay, Dewy then. Dewy! I think the person I want to apologise to is Sasi because right okay I am just gonna say it la. Because sometimes I feel like very like "What's this guy even doing?" Then I took some time to think about it  just now when I was having diarrhea right and I realised that maybe it's  because he mirrors so much of me that people think of him in a certain way and  like yeah that's why I remember when we first met I was like "Eh, you can be my older brother." Because you are so alike to me. Sometimes I don't know why, when 2 people are too alike, they will clash right? Yeah, for sure.

But I really appreciate you to always like make the effort to make me tea or take care of me and ask me how I am and everything.   So I want to say sorry that sometimes I come off  as bitchy but it's just how I am. Nah just kidding la! No la, I'm sorry... I'm just sorry la for like if I was ever mean to you and if I ever hurt your feelings or like that day when  I called you out in front of everyone at the dinner table. Level 3 question. But honestly do you love yourself? No.

Wait, wait, wait. We're not going to glaze over that. Really? Like that's your first...

Yeah, I don't. I don't. I think I'm still in like a healing phase. It's gonna take a while for me to kind of get there. I think only a few  years ago I can finally look myself in the mirror. Because before that I would like look at myself  like I wouldn't even look at mirrors because it's   just I think I'm too ugly, I'm too fat and I just  don't fit in like the beauty standards yeah so it's only like a few years ago that I can finally  look at myself and be like "I look decent." Okay, like I look presentable. I look decent yeah.  So it's there and I always feel like I'm not smart enough,

I'm not working hard enough. It's just I'm  always not enough so I think I'm still trying to   you know cut myself some slack and give myself  credit where it's due and it's really like a long... Well, it's like a work in progress yeah. I'm still struggling with it honestly.

If I'm straight, I will go for you. You promise? You promise? Sumpa. Minah, minah, minah, minah. Like I don't know who made you feel  that way because I struggled with that   very early in my life also and it was a lot.  I understand where you are because it was  

really just years, years of self-worth. Like years and years. That's why I'm like this now. That's why, now I'm just like "You know what, f*** all of you."   Because you're wrong! Bitch, I'm a beauty influencer. I'm on Fenty Beauty. Like I know they were wrong now. Yes! Correct! Hair flip, hair flip. Yeah! I mean you don't need to... I mean you don't  have to be an influencer but I think you can be.   But you don't have to be. But honestly  like the best investment you can make is,  

the investment in yourself. Yeah, because like you  know who you're gonna be spending the most time with? Yourself, you know. Yeah so why would you say those things to yourself? Yeah your nickname is literally Pretty Princess. It's the nickname you came up from me. Yeah, should I say it's not solid? No, no, no. It's super solid. So what are you? I am going to hand over this question to someone.

No. "I am Pretty Princess." Can you say it? I'm Pretty Princess. What the f*** was that? Say it like you mean it. Say it with nuance of every word. Okay, babe we give out our energy. Put your hand out.

Deep breaths, deep breaths. Maximum effort. I am a Pretty Princess! That was a safe one! So much progress. Okay, we're at the final card.

It's black guys, it's black. I literally have no more energy. Okay, you read it out loud. Read it out loud. You guys ready? Yes. I think it'll be for all of us. "I hope that ______" Finish the sentence with a wish you have for yourself and everyone.

I hope Beefcake becomes my boyfriend. Okay, okay, okay, okay, that's for yourself. For everyone you hope that? I hope you all come to our wedding! Okay, I'll come! This s*** is going to be on the real thing. It's on the highlights eh. What the hell. A wish I have for everyone is to look back at  this experience and know that it was magic.

Oh, you're so on brand i hate it. And create magic because magic happens when you... dare to dream, dare to not hold yourself back and  to just really, really meet yourself in the face. Look yourself in the face. In the eyes  and say that this is the person I love.

I hope that and I personally  believe that everybody will get everybody here you all will  have fulfilment in your life. Be it career, your own personality development,   relationships. The kind of person you want to settle down with.  What else is there? Passion. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so... Wait, for yourself? For everybody. Aww. Yes!!

I love that! Group hug! Group hug! Eh I sleepy eh! It was just really nice to see everyone  being vulnerable and you can see the   entire group, we were supporting each  other as well yeah so every single time   someone says something you know negative  about themselves, we refute it back with   10 other positive things about  themselves and it's really all about   positive vibes in the group so you can really tell  that everyone's really supportive of each other. Brandon! Hello! Oh my God! Oh are you ready? Oh my god our heads are gonna be near each other.  No, if you cannot sleep then don't worry. No, if you snore, I'm leaving. And it's nothing personal. But I need to sleep like I'm going to the girl's room.

Are you excited for this massage?  I am. Oh they said it's going to be an oil massage. I can't wait. What did you enjoy the most today? Oh I really like the card game we played.   

Oh wow. So deep right? Yeah I really, I feel like people opened up more. And it was like at some parts it gets very emotional. It's just like a nice form of release right? Oh my God, you  know when Dewy was talking about like, I think what's her biggest fear of something. I can't remember. Like when she's talking about it and I  

was trying to reassure her, even I started crying  and I was just like "Why am I crying?" ... doing this right? I don't know why I'm crying, you know. But I just felt emotional. Maybe because I felt like I've been there like it was just very... like change was really overwhelming for  me and I didn't know what's gonna happen. Yeah, change is scary. Yeah. Actually I was going to say  change is the only constant in life but...

But yeah, the massage is shiok. I love your laugh. Thank you. The massage was actually really good. I'm used to two hour massages.   It was one hour but I think that was a time where I also kind of felt like I really let loose.

I woke up the first today. I woke up at 7 plus and then "Oh, nobody's awake." Guys, alarm! Girls, alarm! Anybody's awake? I'm tired! Wait, there's a challenge outside. Oh is it? Oh thank god. They like Kopi O Kopi O Gao. Are they okay? Morning.

Where is... I just stare at him like? This is healthy Davin day. My mind is getting heavier, I cannot concentrate. My boyfriend is on Grindr. I cried out last night already.

Yesterday I cried so much. Like so much like literally... F*** that b****. Okay, yesterday I had a mission to actually go out barefaced.   I honestly really genuinely enjoyed it. I was really happy with how I was. I was really open.  I didn't really hold back. I'm so used to dealing   with things alone. I think because this is such  a sensitive time where I'm going through so much  

stuff like on my personal life I couldn't imagine  how I would be if I'm not here. Oh my God, I need to tell you about this very weird dream that I had. But actually I don't know whether I can tell them. Wait I feel like you might have the same... Okay never mind you say first. Can I tell y'all who I saw (in my dream).

Okay, who did you see? Because first time meeting you guys right. I saw her you know coming in for a kiss with me. I saw her doing that here. She haunts people at night. So funny. Yo! Okay, bye! Wait is this a mission right now? Go and find now quick. Okay I'm gonna start looking. Syaz: I found one b******. Charmian: Wait, wait, wait.

Wait, wait, wait. How do I go in to find that one? Babe, there's one over there. Wait does anyone not have a ball? Should we take one for them? Okay so this is an individual mission. Search for white balls on the 1st  floor and keep them safely with you.  So you need to really keep your ball safe.  The boys have an extra ball to take care of. Yas: So I have two. I found two. Charmian: Oh Sasi doesn't have a ball.

Keep both. Keep both. It might be good for you.  I keep both in my... Boob. I think everybody who's here already found the ball. Wait, do you have a ball? 

I don't have a ball. But maybe we have more than eight balls right? Okay, I have 5 balls. On the first day, they said I'm a Virgo so I like to do like sneaky s***  right so I'm just playing up to their expectations. Wah you very fast ah. I saw that. I saw that. What's the nonsense now? Isn't there a ball here? Guys, guys. Can I tell y'all something? Listen. We were all just like "Where's the ball? Where's the ball?"

Dewy came down the stairs. Dewy looked at the vase. "Isn't there a ball here?"  I don't think anyone really knows what the whole mission  is about but I think the white balls are important because everyone is trying to find it right? Who has 2? Yas has 2. Hmm, 3. What the f***, Yas has 3 now. Oh she's getting competitive. I think I am quite a competitive person but I'm not very  like verbal about it. I'm just like "I'll just like show you."

I was telling them about our dream.   Yeah, yeah, I want to hear it. Because last night Davin was cradling him.  Like that. Like I'm Davin and then like he  

was literally resting in my chest. So Davin was resting on your chest? No, I was resting in his chest. So she had that dream that she.... This is so weird right? We're dreaming of people in the house. Don't hit me! Why you say you got 2 balls only ah? When I touched you, you got 3 eh.

It's not! No. It's just.... Give me the damn ball! Later! Later! There's a plan for everything. There's a plan for everything. Later. Later. There's a plan for...

I will give you the ball later. Hard times. Over here is Beefcake's book and until he gives me all his balls, I'm not giving him his book back. Hi love. You look beautiful.

Thank you. By the way, really love... Okay guys, guess what this makeup name is. Oh there's a makeup name. Okay, okay. Revenge face. I represent.

Heartbreak. No.. It was the exact thing that I said just now.  Honestly, yesterday I really enjoyed the day because I wasn't with makeup at all and I really embraced  how I am.  

Initially I didn't want to go down with the face that I just cried last night so I wanted to just put on concealer but I found myself   literally doing the next step onto the another  next and next and next and next next product. Hello. Hey girl hey. Okay so like the guys told us that they played Shoot, Shag, Marry with you.  

The guys? Yeah. The guys? The boys were in the room you know   they played Shoot, Shag, Marry. Davin wants to marry Syaz. Shoot you. Then they asked me how I felt because he said shoot me.

 I wasn't affected by that. I was like "Oh okay, you probably kill me because I'm too difficult." Ha. They were listening meh? No, no because me and Putra spoke about it. Eh wah! Putra you. Putra: I didn't know it was supposed to be secret. Davin: Sorry, you're not a brother anymore. I really didn't know it's supposed to be secret.

No, Putra. No go, no go, no go. If you genuinely like I don't know like get affected by it or what   then I'm very very sorry because in my eyes right, it's just casual la you just   say Shoot, Shag, Marry. We're just sharing with the boys then I cannot say with the girls meh? The reason I got triggered because Shoot, Shag, Marry was literally just casual. I don't want to give you guys the impression that I'm a b****. She's very hurt la. Yeah.

Basically. Because when she had that talk with you you caught her in remember? she thought you were going to really sincerely apologise. What was the first thing you said do you remember? There are always cameras. I don't want to be seen as the bad guy. What does that look like to her? You're almost at the end of your journey.

Time to celebrate and let loose. No more cooking and let's get moving. Put on your best outfits and be ready to party!

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