CO2 capture utilization and storage #2022 #Liaoning #DICP #schools #ccus #workshop #energy #BRI

CO2 capture utilization and storage #2022  #Liaoning  #DICP #schools #ccus #workshop #energy #BRI

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so today the title of our lecture is a carbon capture actualization and storage finally to achieve Net Zero let's get started uh it is a content of the control greenhouse gas emissions what are the current CO2 emissions how much should we control in the future 5 billion tons and the highest in the world well the world's total carbon emissions are about 40 billion dollars industry produces about 7.8 billion tons of direct CO2 emissions annually in the shorter size such as assignment steel paper chemicals and natural gas processing are significant images of CO2 according to dry skin climate change in recent years and carbon peaking in less than a decade and the Raging carbon neutrality within four decks presents a considerable challenge for China preparing consistent emissions reduction will remain meeting Saudi Arabian petroleum studies and Resource Center is developing the circular carbon economy model it is based on the 4r including the reduce reuse recycle and remove ice and values all forms of CO2 medication the safety removal are salty and store CO2 and what are the specific CO2 emission reduction causes the ccus is absorption of carbon capture utilization and storage refers to a suit of technologies that can play an important and diverse role in meeting called so the first is the oxygen rather than air for combustion of view and this produces exhaust exhaust gas that is mainly water river and CO2 can be easily separated to produce a high Purity CO2 stream so that's it the post combustion capture is the most major measure so next let's look at the post combustion CO2 method is a chemical presumption this is the most advanced and widely doubted capture technology from absorption are lower potential environmental impact in PSA the assortments are repaired a figure shows the three stages membranes separation as a few is combusted the carbon forms called biogenic CO2 and this biogenic signature is a typical content as a net zero emission in most greenhouse gas economy schemes so therefore if some of the biogenic CO2 is captured and stored this is a net reduction of CO2 from the atmosphere bccs the DSs facilities extracts CO2 directly from atmosphere air this comes with some key advantages so the first is about the DAC technology the need for Global Climate action is projected climate science is clear we must bring Global greenhouse gas emissions to achieve Net Zero companies and Nations must make every effort to reduce emissions as quickly as possible but while some emissions can be directly eliminated others are far more challenging fortunately for these difficult to reduce emissions there is another option we can remove an equivalent amount of out of storage away carbon dioxide removal also known as greenhouse gas removal or negative emissions is the process of physically removing CO2 from the atmosphere is most carbon offsets offer credits for claiming to avoid a new emission this means in one time this CO2 is emitted and one time avoided one ton of CO2 still enters our atmosphere carbon removal is different and can help can help delivering the physical removal of CO2 from the air there's also a very important technological solution called direct air conditioner or attack doc pulls in air can remove CO2 from you the CO2 can then be compressed into liquid and permanently and safely stored deep underground large-scale facilities using CE stack technology can be built to capture up to 1 million tons of CO2 each year that's equal to the carbon approval work of approximately 40 million trees but with hundreds of tons less land and water use how does Doc fit into net zero plans if your organization has a net zero goal direct air capture may be a key ingredient in your sustainability plan when combined with the reduction of your emission ER possible permanent carbon dioxide removal through death can be used to address organization's difficult to reduce emissions it also provides a reliable way to address your emission from the past your organization can purchase carbon removal credits from City's Global Network of development Partners what the carbon to be removed at Large Scale facilities using skis by combining a thorough emissions reduction strategy with permanent carbon removal your organization can deliver a sustainability portfolio that means or exceeds Net Zero targets and as an early adopter you will play a key role in the future of this clean infrastructure by helping to accelerate and scale it around visit have something wrong about CO2 in this video you can see the you can see the net there concept this also discussed by Professor Thai the numbers lecture this mixture the CO2 must be compressed for transport regardless of whether it is designated for storage or use as a fish dog the CO2 is compressed for a transportation that means the increasing pressure so that the CO2 behaviors like a liquid and the compressed CO2 is that the Heritage before being sent to the transport system a real shaped truck and pipeline here are some advantages and disadvantages about the above not only mixed YouTube waste profitable but also create some economic benefits the range of potassium spiritual use applications is very large and include the direct used for yield posting a chemical biological geological utilization and in chemical utilization includes a manual relation utilization that is carbonation reduction reaction and here's a list of some specific technical passes among the chemical utilization is the most gladly studied then it mainly introduced some chemical utilization process the the first one is a CO2 with derived fuse and chemicals intermediates the CO2 can be used to produce to produce fuse and chemicals intermediates through direct or indirect rules fossil fuels when combined with ccs technology or through electrolysis of water using low carbon electricity but then we focus on the CO2 hydrogenation the search hydrogenation is challenging due to the thermal stability of CO2 molecules a making reaction conversions low and considerable progress have been made towards converters into two single carbon products like formic acid carbon monoxide and nothing or much more during the direct hydrogen reduction or hydrogen thermal chemical reduction in water from the view of thermal dynamics and the maximum is an ideal product for energy and hydrogen storage a proud example from the sap team is liquid sung shui this technology is developed by academician in Chinese and in October 2020 the liquid Sunshine was successfully tested and passed the scientific and tele technological achievement of research and breakthroughs have been made in the 2K Technologies as well as the low energy consumption and large-scale electrolysis of water for hydrogen and the other is the highest activity and stability of CO2 hydrogenation for muscle gasoline this technology is developed by the sap soon DNT I heard that there are students from their team and this technology is the world's first 1000 tons per clean gasoline products conforming to the National sellers have been produced operational single intermediates via reverse water can shift and the second step is a subsequent hydrogenation of CO2 Alpha All Phase intermediate or via of facial torch synthesis and the third step is the formation of fastness range have carbons catalysis reaction others have value products like aromatics linearity of our meat and the liquid field so the sales hydration is a very important technology for sale to use no evaluation Technologies inverse the screen the phase one is the cancer the Catalyst um oh in the classes preparation and modification and the phase two is athletic CO2 hydrogenation reaction the Electoral catalytic CO2 reduction reaction is signal to RR it makes full use of the active hydrogen species directly derived from water activation to achieve the reduction of CO2 compared to the thermal cutting process unlike the conversion of CO2 to fuse and chemicals intermediate the polymer processing with CO2 requires little energy input and before CO2 is converted into a molecule with an even low energy state it means the carbonate and the polymer processing with CO2 can be competitive in the market due to can be used in the production of building materials to replace water in concrete called CO2 Curry or as a raw material in its constituents these applications involve the reaction of CO2 with calcium or magnesium to form low energy and carbonate molecules these two companies are leaving the development and marketing of CO2 purine technology so the CO2 cured concrete can have a superior performance lower blood growth of carbon dioxide resources fertilization this is the practical potential and climate benefits of these products and you can see the fields have the largest potential due to the last Market size we're building materials through the greatest climate change mitigation potential mainly because of the of the serious technology and this the first is the market for security use is expected to remain relative base more in the short term but early opportunities could be developed especially those relating to building materials and Public public procurement of low carbon products can help to create an earlier Market of CO2 development products and assist in the development of technical air can play a role in the next year or CO2 emission economy and included as a carbon sources for Aviation fields and chemicals to deep on the ground rock formations often at depths of one kilometers or more and where it is safely and permanently stored it this road formation are similar to what has called oil and gas underground for millions of years there are four set options and the eor the UR means the enhanced oil recovery with a variety of monitoring technologies have been successfully deployed ability and prominence the possibility is the millimeter side walls can provide the capacity to start and the permanent permeability is means the jail logical feature when we're in in the post in the lock or sufficiently connected and permanently it was the injection of CO2 and the repaired meat allowing the CO2 to move throughout the formation and the prominence is a storage formation must include an extensive Capital Area around the formation which helps ensure the CO2 is in tear is a content and permanent in this figure is people the depleted oil and gas fields and Cilia aquifers perform the wheel in most is a well understood low-risk process because we have many decades of dealing with surgery in gas or liquid form and in atmospheric or pressure development many industries use it for cooling and production of chemicals and metals among other use and the suit is online to escape there are four natural mechanisms that play a role in keeping injected to to safely employees and the first one is structure trapping that means the Rogue layers and the board's business chapter in the poor space between the lock rings and at the zero two clock liquids Through The Rock the SEC the second is the third is a solubility trap it means of portion of the injection but how long the CO2 is locked up in this reduced products that means the how long until CO2 liter Ally the second part is the global standard Force also to Value check the channel or operating at commercial scale today many of the relevant Technologies are still at the demonstration and the highest emission reduction cost of um eyes and still and the salmon is mainly due to the low concentration of CO2 in the forecast and there is climate change is advancing from animation to action and this is clearly evident in data on the success facility number and we already called this the commercial or Pilot demonstration facilities how to classify this U.S project kisses the first one is the concrete from the scent Tower in Canada and this demonstration used kept the CC ccs of ccos Technology in a thermal power station that's the boundary down power station near estimate coal is burned in a boiler to convert water to steam steam goes into a turbine which turns a shaft this shaft is connected to a generator that makes power as it turns a condenser converts the stem Steam from the turbine back to water that is reused in a boiler SAS power is among the first in the world to use carbon capture and Storage capture the carbon dioxide coming from one of our coal units compress it and send a deep underground permanently to reduce our impact on global climate change be CTS facilities as the drugs conversation in the UK the first pilot of CO2 capture facilities started operating in T using capture technology from the sync captures first we have fortune and success projects captured and stored the video from a coastal oil refinery from 2016 to 2019 and we finally our hydrogen production you need a produce off guys containing about 50 CO2 which was captured in in an active in manufacturer on 0.1 make a translator 2 given each year

of operation for injection into two nearby options the nose slides will be the first ever cross border open source cell to transport and store 2024 and it will offer all companies across Europe and the opportunity to store their CO2 simply and permanently dig under the seat belt in Norway in the North Sea and these North lights is a partnership between the corner into China more than two decades ago and China has this year's Technologies and the projects covering major industrious projects in China and in the oil and gas sector the single pack just completes the China's first mega Transit series project ancient uh profitability started for its 1.5 million times low energy consumption so to capture you are and storage has the UK the bulk steel and the herpes still signed um mou who is HP to collaborate online as a characteristics from a series of multiple processes in China the situated regarding as an essential pillar for China to achieve the to achieve its climate completely or carbon maturity the possibility employment deployment depends on the approximity of potential resource to a large foreign sources and the the terrain to Traverse the vast pipeline infrastructure to transport CO2 over a large distance would do would drive the cost of significantly and to increase other problems and school with our accessories the city of Technologies contribute to clean energy transition in several ways the first is traveling the emissions from existing energy infrastructure and tissues can be referred to existing power and internship funds maybe some West Coast and the cost effective pathway for low carbon hydrogen production versus us can support a rapid scaling off of this and a solution for sectors based harmful abundance emissions it is also the most cost effective approach in many regions the last one is removing carbon from the atmosphere the DSs contact for emissions and that cannot be avoided or reduced directly well what should we do about the ccs and such as Technologies is still not mature we should put our priority and exercise on strengthening the sexual inter Val and we shall pay attention to the research and development to live of new and Innovative method and Technologies to use capture CO2 as a sources resources as a tag office us is complicated its complex which course for international cooperation so here this is the collection of frequency of questions and answers about the system technology the first one is the series behaviors the same in the atmosphere and it starts when injected in the deep round but the reality is the elevated temperatures and treasures that exist at the dams where surgery is injected changes is the characteristics allowing for storage of much greater the volumes of this of CO2 than at the so that's include accessing potential storage risks and meeting the regulations so if you can want to learn more or know more about the social Technologies you can read in this website or books and in this one you can see the last website is our key website which will be open for a recently and please forward it so thank you that's all thank you for listening and welcome [Applause] to you guys and react with the rock to form the carbonate the carbonate is in the book and maybe for a million of years this there will be formed to the oil and gas to our use so this this system and this process we mean the presidential experience which is used for some products we don't we don't do a concert products for the the what amount of CO2 maybe this product the for combusted it will emit ensued also so we didn't learn a contest for internal process so we just say the stored what we what what

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