China to activate world’s first Thorium nuclear reactor & why USA is losing the nuclear arms race

China to activate world’s first Thorium nuclear reactor & why USA is losing  the nuclear arms race

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good morning ladies and gentlemen welcome to  my new video today's video i'm going to be   talking about china's thorium nuclear reactor  and it's a world's first nuclear reactor it's a   huge technological advancement and they're going  to activate it in september which is really good   news i'm also going to be talking about china's  nuclear weapons where we are at the moment   and what my thoughts are regarding the chinese  nuclear weapons so today's topic is mainly going   to be about nuclear chinese nuclear stuff and  before i start i just want to request you guys to   quickly check your subscriptions make sure you are  still subscribed and also youtube tends to delete   a lot of my subscriptions and a lot of my comments  so make sure you when you do put a comment on just   check your comment is still there just refresh  it or make sure your comment is still there as   again guys let's hit that 10k once i can get  10k subscribers i can start doing live chats so   i will do regular live chats and i can interact  with you a lot more so let's get that 10k um quick   as possible also guys if you want to support  me for what i'm doing and support this channel   please consider joining my patreon and also please  consider buying me a coffee if you really like   this video thank you and let's get on the show so  another great technological advancement by china   they're building the world's first thorium  reactor and they're due to activate in september   so quick history about thorium basically thorium  is found more in abundance on earth than uranium   so it's easier to get a hold of thorium and also  it creates less pollution it creates less waste   and also it doesn't create nuclear weapons  like plutonium and uranium does so thorium   was actually um investigated and researched by  the usa and russia way back in the 50s and 60s   unfortunately both the country stopped researching  it because at the time russia and usa was on   cold war so they needed nuclear weapons so um  with the with thorium you can't really produce   nuclear weapons is completely clean energy  so both russia and usa stopped researching   it because um they wanted something that you  can create weapons with unfortunately so the   world didn't really take it much further  than that so let's look at this uh article   shall we so chinese scientists have unveiled  plans for the first of its kind experimental   nuclear reactor that does not need water for  cooling so the good news is a lot of nuclear   reactors they're near waters like for example  the fukushima disaster was a nuclear power plant   near the sea so obviously you you know what's  happened with the fukushima plant and um the   good thing is it's much more safer because it  does not require to be anywhere near water so   china is planning to create these in the desert  areas so you can see um here the location of the   first commercial reactor slated for construction  by 2030 will be in the desert city of huawei   and the chinese government has plans to build more  across the spacely populated deserts and plains   of western china which is good news really because  um china's got a lot of deserts so if if china can   build a lot of these nuclear thorium reactors  in the desert you basically means it's a   good use for for the desert rather than just  wasting it with sand really you can see also   um the prototype molten salt reactor which  runs on liquid thorium rather than uranium   is expected to be safer than traditional reactors  because the thorium cools and solidifies quickly   when exposed to the air meaning any potential  leak would spill much less radiation into the   surrounding environment compared to leaks with the  traditional reactors so you can see it's very much   much safer than your traditional reactors and also  you can see here going out with nuclear power has   already become a state strategy and the nuclear  exports will help optimize the export trade and   free up domestic high-end manufacturing capacity  so what what this means is basically um china uses   a lot of fossil fuels fuels and obviously he's  still using a lot of coal at the moment so the   quicker he uses these nuclear power plants and  safer they are the more quickly they can get off   fossil fuels and also if china has become  the first country to produce thorium reactors   they can export these thorium reactors to  other countries as part of the bri as well   so it would be good news for for the  bri countries so you can see here up to 30 countries involved in  china's belt and road initiative   global investment program that will see china  invest in the infrastructure of 70 countries   chinese government officials view nuclear energy  exports a big key part of the belt and road   program so it's a technology they can send to a  lot of these belgian road program countries and   it's a very good clean nuclear energy it  doesn't produce any nuclear weapons so they can   export it to countries like iran and things like  that without worrying about them using it for   bombs and things like that so it's a really it's  really good um good way of doing this actually   uh i also want to go through this article with  you all of the pros and cons of using a thorium   reactor and so you can see here number one  main reason it eliminates the threat of nuclear   weapons you can't create nuclear weapons  with this technology which is really good   which means they can send this technology  out to a lot of bri countries and a lot   of poor countries without worrying about them  getting nuclear weapons it's a very good export   way of making money really and also to help their  bri partners it comes from plentiful supply so   thorium is believed to be three times more  available than uranium which is very good news   because uranium is running short at the moment and  uranium is only produced in only a few countries   so china does have a dependency on on uranium  and and obviously with countries like us and   and europe hugging most of the uranium around the  world so there is a bit of problem there so one of   the main reasons to go to thorium is to have that  diversity with with the nuclear program so you   you don't need to you don't need to um focus  just on uranium you can just use thorium as well   so it's a good way of diversifying their  uranium and not focus on one raw material   they can focus on very various different types  it's a technology that can be mass produced so   the good news is a time has also invented  um a modular reactor which means um   you can you can mass produce a modular module so  the startup cost for these modules is very very   low and and depending on how big you want your  nuclear station to be so you could over time   you can add more more reactors mobile reactors  and it's very easy to construct without having   to put too much cost in it and china is is at the  moment leading the modular reactors um program so   that's a very good way of also saving money for  them eliminates the threat of nuclear waste so   the one of the benefits is it produces less  nuclear waste than uranium and a lot of the   nuclear waste can be recycled with the thorium  reactors as well so which is really good news   and also um with thorium waste is estimated  um time is only 300 years while uranium you're   looking at hundreds and thousands of years so  that's a big problem where to restore uranium   but with thorium you can it's only 300 years  so which is very good news in terms of storage   they produce high levels of energy and as you know  it you know it is just as good as uranium uh it   produces efficient efficiency levels as high as  98 percent and with current nuclear technologies   it can if it can achieve a new efficiency rate  of five percent with its fuel that means thorium   energy as a produce has potential to produce more  energy than any current fossil fossil fuel based   option which is really good so earlier they get  out of using fossil fuels the better for for china   it eliminates the safety concerns of traditional  nuclear power as i said it doesn't need to be   near the sea doesn't need water to cool it down so  it's very very safe if there's any leaks and stuff   or what happens is um it turns into solid  rather than leaking leaking out into the   atmosphere and things like that as you can see  um at the same time thorium reactors operate at   standard atmospheric pressures eliminate the need  to have it pressurized water that reduces the risk   of steam based incidents the fuel for molten ro  molten salt reactors already liquid form as well   the threat of meltdown emergency is eliminated so  it's very very safe safer than the current nuclear uses it offers the potential to reduce  war and eliminate poverty so as you know   you know having these cheap nuclear um stuff  given to third-party worlds and poor worlds   basically it saves the planet because you're  giving them the chance to make energy without   using fossil fuels and things like that as you  can see here it produces clean energy for every   person community in our planet increases resource  access poverty can be reduced security threats   can be reduced because you can't create nuclear  weapons as there will be great chance for peace   thorium could even be created through the  incident in serena inserination of uh weapon grade   plutonium plutonium that is currently installed  on warheads so so it's very very um good as you   can see there's loads of loads of benefits for it  storage costs for spent fuel would be reduced as   you know the storage is not as much required as  uranium um waste from a thorium reactor would be   1 000 times less comparable than uranium based  technologies are currently in use so you can   see the huge benefits in storage costs it's a very  high efficient technology compared to fossil power   generation as you know fossil power is very bad  for the environment thorium is a very clean way   to give energy without harming the planet which  is you know obviously very very good for it   thorium is safer to mine thorium is much safer to  mine because it's not as radioactive as uranium so   it's safer and it's more cheaper to mine and  it's more abundant around the world as well also here is a list of cons of a thorium reactor  which i don't really think they are really cons   released well let's go over it there is no  current infrastructure support thorium use   well there is because um i mean this article  is not about it was created before china was   creating the thorium reactor so you know  that china is right now creating this um   infrastructure to support thorium reactors  so they created the full supply chain um   way before anyone else in this world so that's you  know that's good news for china so it's not really   a con really the startup process would be very  lengthy and costly well not really because china   has already started with it so if china starts  this thorium reactor process and they um they   get the technology right they can export here and  make more money so it doesn't really matter how   much it it cost them to make i think in the long  run it will save them a lot of energy and save   them a lot of money and also it will reduce fossil  fuels around the world which is you know priceless not every thorium design is self-sustaining well  i'm not sure about that because china is obviously   um working on the thorium reactor so i'm sure  they will find a self-sustaining way and try and   reproduce you reuse some of the waste  that's been created and also find a clean   clean way of using thorium so i don't  think that's completely true the fissile   mis materials created by thorium reactor provide  different dangers well china is the first   country in the world to produce thorium reactors  now so i'm sure they will be testing it thoroughly   and and so they're going to be testing it for  another eight years nine years so it's coming   online this year so we're going to test it for  another nine years and i'm sure they'll find all   the issues and try and fix them and fix all the  issues it costs more number five i don't think   it costs more if china is making it if if country  like america made it would probably have costed   more but if china can make it and make it cost  effective it would be good for china it would be   good for the world research into thorium energy is  politically restricted which i don't think so it   says um thorium research has occurred in germany  denmark us another location and only india china   actively pursue this technology that's right but  india is the first india is pursuing it but china   is the first country to actively make it online  so so yeah so that's not really a con really   so as you can see there's not many cons regarding  thorium rex's all i see is benefits the cons are   easily um i mean the benefits easily outmatch  the cons really so all i can see is benefits from   using thorium so this article talks about the uses  of thorium and which i found very very interesting   and some of the uses for thorium it can be  used on things like airplanes ships like   you know aircraft carriers and submarines  because they're very modular reactors and you can   minimize them you can maximize them based  on your needs but one of the greatest um   things you can do with thorium is in space um as  you can see and some these are some of the best   benefits you can do when you when you create  these um when you use it for space purposes   and as you know china has got a great space  program and it'll be great for china to use   something like thorium in the moon base that  they are doing with russia so you can see all   of the benefits that are coming up with it it  says um it's very safe almost unbelievably so   it's scalable and so you can set up whatever  size you need whatever spacecraft you need it for   thorium is super plentiful not only is full of  it in earth but it's also around in the moon as   well it's plentiful in the moon as you can see its  energy output is extreme extremely dense which is   very good um it can be used as energy source for  ship systems um it should be able to be adopted to   fuel spacecraft and there is so much thorium  is enough for a person's entire lifetime needs   the thorium on the moon can essentially future  power all future extra lunar flights no need to   take fuel to the moon thorium can actually be  used to power lasers and mining equipment on   the moon mars and asteroids and so you can use  these lasers for many purposes even military if   you wanted to and also to you know obviously one  of the things i'm mining in the moon there are big   dangers from asteroids falling on you so these  lasers will be needed to balance any asteroids   are coming towards the moon base so you need to  be able to protect yourself i am hr thorium in   tandem with lasers can be used to uh like i said  push asteroids and steer them away from earth   um yeah you can steer them away from earth i  used to steer them away from the moon as well   thorium can power luna or processing or foreign  furnaces um pretty much um give as much power to   the moon base as possible and help with mining  and so not only it can be helpful in space you   can also you can also have nuclear power um  planes as well um to reduce um fossil fuels and   oil and things like that so it's very good the  endless possibilities endless possibilities so   i'm really happy china is the first country who  is focusing on doing the thorium reactors and   i'm sure they'll be very very successful at it  so let's get on to the next topic shall we so   as you know there's um there's a there's been a  lot of news articles about china building lots   of silos here and there and global times  have been saying that these are wind farms   but whether their wind farms are not silos or not  i know for a fact that china is increasing their   nuclear deterrent against america so this is the  history let's go over the history first of all   since the 1960s china has maintained a no first  used nuclear policy and it did not want to go   into an arms race with with um russia and did not  want to go into an arms race with the usa as well   so quick history lesson china detonated the first  atomic bomb in october 16 1964 and you can see   from the kind of missiles they've had um from 1966  uh pla basically had a df5 as its nuclear delivery   system a massive two-stage liquid fuel rocket  which depending on variant uh which one talking   about um the warheads df5b or 10 warheads year 5c  targets 12 000 kilometers from the point of launch   df5 based hard and concrete silos were designed  to be able to survive a nuclear attack in a   sufficient numbers to enable china to deliver  a country killing nuclear counter strike   so there's a few drawbacks with the df5 basically  it is a liquid field missile which means you need   to fuel it up which would take hours and hours  uh but nowadays with the modern technological   rockets they're mainly solid fueled solid fuels  mean the rocket's pretty much ready to go it can   be launched within seconds rather than waiting  hours and hours to fill it with liquid so the   so the more modern um rockets that china has  got um these are the df-31 which are deployed   in 20 2006 and the more newer df-41 carries  10 independently targeted nuclear warheads   so the missile technology has improved a lot  um with china but this is the thing right china   has only got 300 or so warheads while russia and  america have got about 6 000 each so the reason   for this is basically america and russia had been  having a cold war so they've been building up a   huge um deterrence of nuclear weapons um they  got all sorts of nuclear weapons they've got um   lots of solid fuel but they've also got a lot  of old style liquid fueled as well i love old   technology and mainly it is old technology way  back from you know the cold war era we're talking   about in your 60s 70s 80s and america doesn't  really hasn't really updated most of them so a   lot of the 6 000 or so missiles that america has  they're very old technology easy to shoot down   or destroy or or kill the newer technology like  hypersonic stuff that china and russia has got   there's not many warheads with those on here so  imagine a warhead on a hypersonic missile and that   means you cannot you know save yourself from that  i mean that is that would destroy any city any   country so that's the danger really so it really  doesn't matter whether russia's got six thousand   or america's got six thousand is it it's basically  down to the type of missiles that you have and   you also your defense capability as well so this  is the thing right america's got 6 000 missiles   pointed at russia because russia and america  had been in the cold war and russia's got 6 000   or so missiles pointed not only to america but  also to nato and nato countries as well so so   that's the reason and china and russia there's no  um issues there so there's not a problem there but   over the years i mean america started hating  on china for the for the past four years   so there's what they need to do is um they need  to be pointing a lot of those missiles to to china   and that's no easy task to do because which means  you know for america the russia is still a threat   so if russia is pointing 6 000 missiles in to  america and american bases then america can't   really point those to somewhere else they need  to build new missile silos and build new missiles   which is going to be a big cost to them so imagine  this right if china starts building brand new   missile silos with the late with the latest  technology and hypersonic missiles and puts   you know the latest warheads in these hypersonic  missiles america wouldn't even stand a chance   so if china starts building and  they will because with all the   talk that america has been giving for the past  few years they're talking about attacking china   if there's a war in taiwan they're talking about  blocking china with their belt and road they're   talking about blocking china in their malacca  strait as well and they america's talking a lot   about you know nuke in china so that they they've  been talking a lot they've been given a lot of um   fake um stories about xinjiang and to talk you  know fake stuff about coronavirus lab leagues   um they're doing the trade war so  they're very being very very aggressive   and with all the war talk that america has been  given china is obviously looking at that because   before four years china had a good relationship  with them with america and a good relationship   with russia so china did not require to build more  bombs or nuclear bombs because they had about 300   so there's no requirement for china to build  more bombs because they had a good relationship   with russia a good relationship with america  a good relationship with the rest of the world   that there was no threat you know four years ago  so they kept that deterrence that 300 missiles but   since then america's been on the china's back and  pretty aggressive to be honest and china has got   no choice and america you know to be blamed for  this china's got no choice but to increase their   nuclear deterrent because if if if america has  been talking about bombing china and nuking china   then china needs to be able to have some sort of  deterrent and have some some sort of self-defense   capability and also some offensive capability  as well to stop america from bombing china so   here's the thing right so china i'm sure is  building more nuclear weapons and putting them in   these hypersonic weapons and hypersonic missiles  um intercontinental missiles ballistic missiles   and their range is going to be you  know even better and plus with the   with the latest technology that china has with the  latest satellites i'm sure they'll be a lot more   accurate as well so here's the thing guys um  the article name is u.s sauna nuclear arms   race is already underway and we know who the  winner will be so we know the winner will be   because china with his manufacturing capacity  can create thousands and thousands of missiles   with these manufacturers and factories cheap  labor if america wants to do the same it's   going to be much more expensive so think about it  guys america has to point six thousand missiles to   russia then america's gonna have to point another  six thousand to china so that's twelve thousand   missiles and america can't increase its missiles  because it's already signed a pact with russia   so if america starts increasing its missile  number then russia is going to do the same   so it's never ending and america is gonna have to  pay double what every other country is paying so   america's gonna have to pay um if russia starts  building uh if america starts building another   six thousand that's twelve thousand missiles  russia's gonna have twelve thousand and china   with its manufacturing capacity and factory  cheap labor they can easily create another   six thousand twelve thousand easily um they  can easily outspend usa and usa will always   lose no matter how they look at this they will  always lose always so you can see how america   is starting an arms race he will never ever win  because with china's capacity hypersonic missiles   latest technology satellites and the fact that  china is able to create lots of missiles in such a   short space of time with cheap labor america would  not be able to match china no way and if it can   match china then it's got to worry about russia as  well so what's he going to do about russia because   americans russia has already signed a pact and  if america gets out of the pact no country is   going to trust america you know maybe what's the  point signing a pact when you get out of it six or   ten years later so russia's going to build more  missiles if america um leaves a pact and other   countries will follow suit as well they think oh  america's left the pack so we might have our own   nuclear deterrent it's just going to create a  huge arms race it's an it's a race that america   is not going to win and america put itself in this  situation and it's his own fault to be honest with   all his rhetoric that he's been doing past few  years he's put himself in this situation you know   i mean and it's america's own fault they've  got no one else to blame by themselves   uh four years ago things were very good  with china they had good relationships   it was only with trade that was an issue but  since then it's gone to a whole new level with   concentration camps and lab leagues  and genocide claims and all sorts of   issues and they're holding megan it's their  wishes and they're putting huawei and other   companies into blacklisted it just goes on and on  america is trying its best to decouple with china   but in the long run run long run it's just gonna  fail so let me know what you guys think and um   let me know what you think about china's thorium  reactor and also what you think about the future   of nuclear weapons between china america and  russia so i'll see you guys on the next video and   um don't forget to like and share and subscribe  and if you really like the video don't forget to   enjoy my patreon or you can buy me a coffee  until the next video i'll see you soon bye

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