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greetings and salutations youtube this is sage aka sage the urban witch and i'm coming online with you guys to do a candle divination message in my own special way okay for those of you guys who are a part of my collective vibe drive of highly evolved empaths introverts healers starseeds mystics magicians and witches so what i would like for you guys to do at this time is to take a deep breath so that i can tap into you guys collective energy and then i'm gonna ask spirit if he would like to impart a word or phrase a topic or a theme for me to kick off today's candle damnation message okay so haven't said that guys let's tap in spirit can i get a word or phrase a topic or a theme okay for today's candle message for my viewers okay phrase words words okay secret secret fan secret fan club okay message received okay uh thank you spirit um i just heard the words you guys secret fan club okay so we're gonna focus on for the purpose of this uh candle divination message uh the fact that you guys have some secret fans we have a secret fan club so without further ado guys let's get into it all right let's do it some of you guys i'm hearing from spirit uh some of your secret members or your secret fans who are part of your secret fan club are people that are haters people that you have left behind i'm hearing from spirit this could be a combination of toxic family members i'm specifically hearing for the for those of you guys or some of you guys and one particular person um they stutter okay this could be a mother or this could be a sibling i'm getting strong sister strong sister okay could also be a brother too as well okay the brother may have a lisp okay that just came through that may apply to one person okay uh this particular uh these family members here the sister and or the brother coupled with the mother are secret members of your fan club dear one uh you know they're secret fan members because you know these are some particular family members they're one who always said that you guys would never make it uh-huh in some way shape or form they said that you would never amount to anything that you would always need them that you would be the one in the family uh that would not succeed that would not excel they would always have to lean and depend on one of them okay that you would never be able to make it on your own okay now this of course it was not true it never was true you guys were always uh the butterflies of the group those who were not afraid to venture out and to you know think and live outside the box however these particular family members here were projecting on to you this is their a secret desire they had hope that you guys would never be able to amount to anything they had hope that you guys would never be able to be able to branch out and live on your own because they continued to spend this narrative that you needed them when the reverse was just the truth you did not need them they needed you okay and so some of them did one they may be hearing about you through the grapevine this person very much so this may be a positive thing because i don't feel any type of positive advice from these people but they're very much so into old school i'm hearing like hubby and me um and so i just heard the song uh marvin gaye i heard it through the grave vine oh you know i heard it through the grapevine yeah you know they've heard it through the old school okay they heard it through the grapevine uh dear one that you guys are doing very very well for yourselves okay uh you guys are making it do what it do in some way shape or form in terms of some of you guys may have gone off to school you may have gone off to college and you may have congra uh you may have gotten a degree and graduated congratulations for those of you guys with this most supplies they always uh you know they better against you you guys and they said that you could never do it they thought that you would drop out they thought that you would get kicked out or something of the sort but you guys persevered and you push through so congratulations okay they're talking about that uh these are uh secret members of your fan club okay some of them i'm hearing from spear through the grapevine now they heard that you guys have um gotten booed up okay uh some of them you know they thought that this would never happen they thought that you guys would just be in one toxic relationship after another or that you guys would continue to have long stints or bouts of being very single because you are not trusting a people and because of the type of people that were uh coming to you guys coming up to you guys were you know they were low lives they were distrustful they were for the streets okay yeah and so now they've heard it through the grapevine deer one that uh you guys have someone who is treating you well someone who is worthy to be in your presence okay these are secret members of your fan club okay talking about you you know that you have beat and somehow defied the odds somehow you have uh you know uh you know you've managed to uproot yourself and live outside of their created narrative for you that you would always be like this woe is me i'm getting strong cinderella vibes here okay where they labeled you the black sheep of the family but now you know you have gone off to do your thing and they're looking um you know pitiful and just kind of toe down and now they watching you and everything watching you as you're on your upline as you're on your level up okay so these are secret fans okay some of them also are watching you guys online i'm hearing heavy facebook okay also i'm hearing instagram instagram thank you spirit okay yeah these are secret fans some of you guys do once some members of your secret fan club okay could be a combination of x's okay x's and their current and their homeboys and or home girls okay there's a click of people okay uh that this particular ex rolls with and he or she cannot seem to keep your name out of their mouth okay they are secret fans okay now they pretend as though they can't stand you haven't heard from you don't want to hear from you don't give a damn i see see how they trying to shut down my throat shocker i rebuke you [ __ ] okay with your raggedy lying ass the message will get out okay fall back yeah so um like i was saying dear one you know they they want to pretend as though you know they're over you you're not all that you're not going to do anything you're going to come crawling back you're still in love with them all these different type of lies i'm hearing from spirit and a lot of it is simply projection okay this is how this particular x feels about you and now they have talked so much about you dear one that they got their current looking online looking at your social media okay the social media trolling social media stalking you online trying to see what you doing okay uh trying to see what type of outfits you wear what type of makeup tutorials and things of that nature are you doing okay how you throwing them cars if you are a tarot reader okay now all of a sudden dear one they are secretly in a competition with you because they're competing with you they may not even be in the same niche as you they may not be spiritually inclined or gifted like you but now all of a sudden they want to read tarot too they want to learn how to do it just like you okay uh tell them there is only one okay you can't be me honey there is only one okay let them know and if they don't know uh tell them to come by sage come by sage sages play sage's channel and i'll let them know okay that gig is already taken you can fall back and have several seats okay but nonetheless dear one you have an x now you have an x who has a current and this particular current in this x they are definitely watching you guys on your social media i'm literally getting a vision of them constantly refreshing their phones and their other devices okay not a day goes by dear one where they're not trying to tune in and tap in and refresh their phone and their laptop there to try to find out what you guys got going on this person i'm hearing heavy taurus here this person also stutters is what i'm hearing from spirit i'm literally seeing a common conversation between these two but there's a couple here and oftentimes dear one believe it or not they they get into arguments okay they get into little spats over you okay because uh the current is getting a little bit uh jealous there she's side adding her you know your ex her current uh asking him you know are you still into this chick or dud you know you sure have a lot to say about her and this and that and this and that now means meanwhile now she's watching your ass too but it's something about the energy that she's picking up from you know your ex in terms of you know how the things that he's saying when he's watching you it's almost to the point where uh you know he triangulates and he uses you to kind of punish his current to make her keep chasing him to make her keep you know uh you know chasing some proverbial carrot uh that he is holding over her head maybe the promise of marriage or the promise of having a child or another child or some type of promise or something and he's throwing your name uh in her face saying something like well you know my ex could cook you know look what she's doing you know she's got a online business she's very successful you know when are you gonna get up off your ass and do this and do that blah blah blah blah you know so it's something that he's uh feeding off of her insecurity there and so now both uh him and her are watching you guys you know online so these are a part of your secret fans dear one you have a secret fan club okay that you may not have known about okay now there's some tea for you okay ill all right we gonna roll with it i heard it so i gotta say it um dear ones some of you guys are you still have those uh nine to five gigs there okay while you are writing out that blueprint and you know making your way to transition out of there okay to work for yourself because if you're watching me if you're watching sage you are destined to be an entrepreneur and make no mistake about it is you just may be at a certain level okay some of you guys are already entrepreneurs okay you're already walking in that purpose some of you guys are still in a transitioning moment where you've written out the blueprint and you're slowly moving towards that okay so you may have a a side gig that you're meaning to turn into that full-time entrepreneur gig okay and so you know you're uh you know making those little steps here and there but it's not enough to sustain you at this point for you to quit your day gig okay and some of you guys who still may just be in the writing and the visuals like visual visualizing okay the visualizing stage okay and so uh whatever level that you're at dear one if you're watching me uh you are destined to be an entrepreneur but i say all that to say that for you guys that are currently at that nine to five gig okay uh hmm part of you guys the secret fan club there is made up of you guys have a manager uh huh you have a boss male boss male boss okay this person it gives me very much so uh pimping the pulpit vibes okay a very cringy okay this dude like uh you know he's holding some type of managerial position there or some type of superior uh you know uh position or title however if you was to see this person on the street okay he would very much so give you uh old dusty crusty ass vibes of an old old raggedy player you know uh hollering at an 18 year old okay just very inappropriate please go sit down okay but yeah this this is the type of vibe the type of energy that i'm getting off of this person for those of you guys who have the 95 gig uh you're a very beautiful attractive young lady there uh caveat some of you guys may be a very handsome man there and you have a male a ceo a male manager a male boss who is a secret member of your secret fan club there okay uh i'm hearing that this uh manager has been uh googling you guys okay uh this is a part of his uh thing that he does okay a very intrusive very nosy uh likes to try to find all the social media platforms and sites of his current employees okay um got a hold of yours some kind of way through google okay reverse address reverse number something other sort and just heavily watching you guys with social media okay i'm getting very much so cringy vibes because this manager is very much so sexually attracted to you again whether you are a male or a female same sex or opposite sex they all apply here okay and so this particular manager here is a secret member of your fan club also some of you guys you have workmates who have discovered your facebook your tick tock okay uh your twitter there some of them have discovered your youtube watching your uh your uh you know your uploads your videos and things of that nature online okay now they'll never tell you because you know this will just reveal that they're cringy and that they're uh you know scoping the web you know uh all up in your business okay like they some goddamn fbi agent okay giving all a stalker creepy vibes there like who does that okay so they'll never admit it to that [ __ ] that they found your social media but what they will do dear one is that subconsciously and even consciously they'll drop hints that they've been watching you and you'll pick up on it because they may say certain phrases okay that you say certain lyrics that uh well lyrics okay for some of you guys if you are a singer okay or if you are a musician um yeah they may uh hum uh subconsciously around you okay uh around your cubicle there in your office walking past your office a particular song or or something that you sang or they'll say a certain word or phrase and you'll kind of think to yourself huh this sounds like something i said on tick tock you know what i mean so yeah a very very cringy there you guys have a manager and some secret work mates there who are secret fan club members okay they're secret members of your secret fan club okay also that is a caveat guys you guys be very aware uh that this is the case okay and so you know if you don't want to privatize your accounts that's totally up to you for some of you guys it's like yo this is how i made my money so ain't nobody telling knows he has to be creeping and stalking and crawling on my page okay if they see something that's what the hell they get okay so be it so be it but um if you're a little bit more discretionary i would encourage you guys to be very mindful of what you're putting out there you know on your social media uh particularly if you have not yet showed up yourself where you have that due date to uh resign very very close and near okay because you don't want it to be used as a situation against you okay for one particular person out there uh be forewarned spirit is saying uh this particular cringy ass manager who's watching your social media and who is sexually attracted to you may very well hit on you or say something very appropriate inappropriate and then use the fact that he has seen your social media and that it is inappropriate and that is a conflict of interest with your place of employment would try to use it over your head to kind of um uh blackmail you in some kind of way to coerce some type of a sexual advance okay towards you and if you were to uh deny him okay he could uh really try to stir up some type of quote unquote case to get you fired or written up or demoted okay so be very very careful we got a lot of creeps out here with suits on it with titles and positions okay and they cringe af okay is what i'm hearing from spirit last but not least last message spirit is going to give me thank you spirit some of you guys you have neighbors okay you have nosy ass cringy ass neighbors who are secret members of your secret fan club there yeah uh they have gotten a hold of you guys in social media some of them i'm hearing from spirit they're not even looking at your social media they just lusting after you when they see you get in and out of your car to go to and from work they see when you're going to take out the trash when you're going to take uh pick up your mail out of your mailbox okay [Music] and they are a secret fan hun and then also you have uh some of them if they live up over you or if they live next door to you and you guys have thin walls okay um be very very mindful of how your voice projects if you're having conversations that may be intimate or confidential or inappropriate because this particular people are so nosy and cringey that honey they trying to hold the glass up to the wall to hear what the hell you saying okay uh the ghetto how rude okay and also yeah uh scorpio vibes here holla scorpio vines okay if you guys see scorpios y'all i'm gonna say it like this i'm gonna keep it pg-13 we know how we do what we do when we do it okay if you're a scorpio drop a comment in the comment section okay holler at your girl sage but i say all that to say that you scorpios out there y'all really need to have your own place y'all need to live in a home okay a single family home but you need to live in a home where you know you have some distance in between houses and between neighbors you don't really need to be living in no apartment you don't really need to be living in no town house or homes where the houses are really close together you understand what i'm saying because you guys have some nosy neighbors who have now become secret fan clubs because they can hear you when you doing what you do i'm getting the old school song h-town somebody rocking knocking the boots yay give me that good love all right old school okay so y'all know where i'm going with that okay yeah your voice projects and as a result you guys have you know you have gathered up you have galvanized some some uh neighbors who are now secret fan club fan club members there okay so you guys be very very mindful of your voice uh you know when you're inside your home there okay especially if you have very very thin walls also for you single ladies as well okay uh also you want to be mindful of your surroundings as well too because some of you guys you may not know it but some of your neighbors are on the registered list as a sex offender okay so uh had your kids had your wife okay if you're a man or if you're a woman same sex opposite sex and had your dogs and your pets and stuff okay i'm getting very cringy vibes very very cringy vibes for one or two of you okay also some of you guys need to be aware of your maintenance workers maintenance workers who are ex-felons who are creepy creepy af some of them be trying to come up to you guys apartments and they don't give no 24 or 48 hour notice and that is against the law because they be roaming around crying around snooping around in your goddamn apartment looking all in your damn drawers in your bedroom sniffing your panties and [ __ ] want to eat a bowl of your cheerios and [ __ ] okay when you at work okay watch them some of you guys need to get that ring that ring uh security system there and have it strategically placed in your apartment maybe put it in a teddy bear somewhere okay put it somewhere strategically where it's like watching you know the front door who's coming in and out and also your bedroom or hallway or something other sort okay so when you have these quote-unquote managers coming in for routine maintenance or whatever the case may be you know they got a master key to everybody's place now and these mofos ain't let you know nobody from the leasing office called your ass to let you know or left a note under your door that you was going to have somebody come in for extermination or to do whatever some of you guys got these shady cringy ass ex-convict ass maintenance workers coming up into your apartment now that's a caveat okay sage and smudge and your home so you can release that negative energy you guys put some salt down sprinkle some salt in front of your front door okay and your windows and your window seals and command and decree with authority that no evil people being spirits are allowed to come into your home with without your permission and when you are not at home okay and they are banished and rebuked okay do what you need to do now you're a witch you know how to put it down handle your business okay especially for you single ladies out there yeah but you got some cringy ass maintenance workers who are secret members of your secret fan club there okay crane gaf kareem gaf spirit any other messages spirit is saying that is all that is all thank you spirit okay all right so thank you guys so much for participating by watching my video please do like share and subscribe don't be afraid to leave a comment down below because i do enjoy responding to them when i see them and last but not least you guys stay blessed not stressed do your part and allow spirit to handle the rest peace

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