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Cambly Live – Technology: Vocabulary & Phrases

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- Hello, everybody, welcome. Hi, happy stay. Can everybody see and hear me okay? Please do me a favor and just type in the chat if you can see and hear me all right. Hello, happy Sunday, everybody. Okay, awesome we can see and hear me, that's great.

Welcome to our live session today. My name is tutor Nicole, and I will be doing the live session on this morning for some of you afternoon and evening. Yes, welcome everybody. As you come in, please type in the chat, where are you calling in from, so what country are you in right now. My name is tutor Nicole, and I'm in the United States.

Where are you? We have students from Iran. Hello, hello Italy. Hello from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Japan, India, Brazil, Poland. Hello from Sri Lanka.

Hi from South Korea, the Netherland, from Malaysia. Hello from the Philippines. How is everybody today? Are we feeling good? Are we okay, are we tired? Hello from France, Italy, South Africa, Japan. Good, I'm glad to hear that everyone's doing all right. We will get started here in just a second.

But again, my name is tutor Nicole and I'm doing today's live session and we're gonna be talking about technology. Okay, so again, when you join, just let me know where you're from and how you're feeling today, and then we will get started. Okay, is everybody ready? Looks like we have a lot of students from all over. Thank you so much for joining today, I'm really excited for the lesson. Awesome, well let's go ahead and get started. So again, today you guys we're talking about technology.

We're talking about technology, we'll go over some vocabulary and phrases, and then we're gonna have a lot of games and discussions about technology. You can practice saying the words with me, you can also practice by typing. Yeah, so first tell me, what do you like about technology and what do you not like about technology? So our warm up question. What do you like and what do you not like about technology? For example, what I like about technology is that I can communicate easily with friends and family from all over the world.

What kind of technology is that? Anyway, so I can use a computer or a phone and I can see news updates, I can talk with friends and family from all over. However, what do I not like about technology is how it can be addicting. So social media, I think that it can be addicting and people can be on their phones all the time and not really enjoy the current moment face to face.

Okay again, so just type for our warm up question. What do you like and what do you not like about technology? I'll go ahead and zoom in a little so you can see the board. Okay, so some of you maybe think that technology is easy to use, but don't like social media. You like that it's easy and convenient.

I really like that it saves time. So, in the old days you would have to use a map to find your directions, but now we have things like GPS and phone so we can find directions very easy. Yeah, another good point is we can learn foreign languages easier than before the internet. I really like how it can connect people from different countries. So these are some all really great points.

You'll see behind me that I have some types of technology, some examples over here, I have some different types of technology that we'll talk about a little later. These aren't all the types, but they're just a few types of technology. And then we also have down here some phrases that you could use when talking about technology.

All right, so we're gonna start off with the definition. What is technology? It's the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life. So that is scientific knowledge and it helps the human life. So again, it just makes things easier. So now what I'd like everybody to do is type in the chat.

What technologies do you use every day? You can use some examples behind me. So these are some examples of technologies that we use every day. Okay, so what technologies do you use every day? For example, I use my Alexa every day, I use my phone, computer, I use the microwave, refrigerator. What else do I use? I use the TV every day, I use my GPS every day. Okay, what do you use every day? All right, so I'm gonna read some of your answers.

So, we often use the laptop, Alexa, Echo Dot, phone. My Alexa's talking to me. Laptop, headphones, Google Home, microwave, fridge, car, TV, coffee maker, yes.

These are some all really great examples. And my next question. So these are technologies that you use every day. Now I want you to think about what would your life be without these technologies? So my next question is, what technologies could you not live without? So what would make your life really hard to live without? To answer this, you can say, I couldn't live without, for example, I couldn't live without my phone. I have my calendar in my phone, my photos, my contacts, my GPS, everything is in my phone. So, I couldn't live without my phone.

What could you not live without? What could you not live without? Okay, some examples you guys have written. I couldn't live without my laptop. Oh, okay, so I couldn't live without my computer because I'm a programmer. So, because of your job, you can't live without it.

I couldn't live without the internet. Yeah, that's a technology. Yeah, I can't live without my smartphone. So for me, I'm a teacher, and so in order to do my job, I can't live without a computer, I can't live without a screen to do my lessons. So these are all things that we can't live without. Nice answers everybody.

Some more things I could not live without is a washer. I find it very easy to throw my clothes in the washer and let the technology clean it for me. I couldn't live without the internet. I think about our ancestors who, whenever they had to find something out they had to go to the library, open an encyclopedia and research their questions.

But now, we can just go to the internet and ask any question we have. So internet for me is really important. And also a refrigerator to keep things cold, like dairy and cheese and milk, I couldn't live without a refrigerator. Yeah, a dishwasher too.

So you'll notice everything we talk about, the technology makes our life easier, it makes it easier. Same with cars, it takes a long time to walk to places, if we have a car or a train, it makes our life easier and faster. Okay, now I'm gonna just show you guys a few vocabulary words, and then we'll move on to some more questions.

So, if you guys just wanna practice pronouncing these words with me, headphones, Apple, they have the new headphones, they're like the AirPods that doesn't have the cord, AirPods. We have a cable, a lot of computers use the USB cable, cable. We have the USB, USB. We have a monitor, monitor.

The monitor could be a computer monitor or a TV monitor. We have a mouse. Do you use a mouse or do you use a trackpad? A trackpad is on a laptop and it's a little square, and you use your finger to move the mouse. Yes, I use a trackpad too, but at work I have a mouse.

Okay, so WiFi, WiFi. You'll know on WiFi, sometimes you need a password to access the WiFi. Upload, this isn't so much a technology, but it is something you can do on your computer, you can upload a picture or a video. GPS, GPS.

I prefer to use Google maps for GPS, it takes you from one location to another. We have a laptop. What do you use more, a computer or a laptop? So laptop, you can carry computer stays still. I use a laptop more. Right now, I'm talking to you guys on my laptop.

And what kind of laptop do you prefer? Do you prefer Dell? Do you prefer Apple? Next we have satellite. This is a fun word, satellite, satellite. Fax, fax is interesting. Do you use fax at work or at home? This is where you can send documents to someone's printer and it prints out.

So that's fax. I don't use a fax. Okay, the next word is printer, printer.

I use a printer every day. I'm a school teacher and we use the printer every day to print documents for our students. The next one is a tablet.

This is newer technology. I like tablet because it's touch screen so you can touch the screen and you don't need a keyboard. Do you use the tablet at home? That's a good phrase. The tablet is my life.

Yes, tablet. The next word is modem, modem. Typically you can get WiFi from a modem. Internet, internet, internet is how you need WiFi to access the internet. And then the last vocab word I have is digital camera.

Do you prefer to use a digital camera or do you prefer to use the camera on your phone? So I have a digital camera, but I actually prefer to use the camera on my phone. I have an iPhone and I think that it's easier to take pictures on my iPhone. Yes, very good answers. All right, let's go ahead and move on.

So, this is kind of a game. So I'm going to read a sentence and you have to figure out what technology you need. So, what technology do you need if you need to.

So for example, what technology do you need if you need to access the internet? You would say WiFi. Okay, sound good? All right, let's play a game. So, what technology would you need if you need to take a picture? Go ahead and type in the chat your answer. What technology do you need if you need to take a picture? Okay, very good you guys, yes, it could be a phone or a camera because most phones have cameras. Good answer, yes.

A digital camera or a camera, good. All right, next we have what would you need if you need to listen to music? There's a lot of different answers for this one. So if you need to listen to music, what technology would you need? Okay, great, yes. So you could use a speaker, a radio, a phone, headphones, you could use your Alexa. Very good.

Do you use a radio? How do you listen to music? I like to listen to music in my car. How do you like to listen to music? Yeah, with headphones, good. All right, the next question. What technology do you need if you need to type on your computer? If you need to type on your computer, what technology do you need? You guys said that when I just said Alexa, it turned on. So like, it's crazy how technology works. Okay, so to type on the computer, you need a keyboard.

Good job you guys, you're good at this. What technology do you need, if you need to control the cursor? So remember the cursor is this little thing on your computer. Okay, yes, you need a mouse, a mouse. I think the vocab word mouse is funny because it has two meanings, it's the technology and it's the small animal, similar to a rat.

I wonder why they named it a mouse, maybe because of the tail, I don't know. What technology do you need to store information? What technology do you need to store information? Some of you are saying a pen drive, USB, a disc, a memory card. These are all places you could store stuff.

I put memory drive, but there's new technology that makes storing information easier. For example, have you ever heard of Google Drive? Google Drive, you don't need any hard technology, it's all online. Yeah, there's also something called a cloud.

So a cloud is where you would store information as well. It's neat how technology advances, it gets better. What would you need to make or receive calls? Make or receive calls? Yeah, you would need a phone, a phone. We have a few more.

What would you need to determine your current location? So what technology do you need to determine your current location and maybe to get to a new location? Very good. Yes, you would need a GPS. When the GPS was first invented, a GPS was its own technology. So, do you remember when you would have to buy a technology, call it GPS and you would have to put it in your car and it always stays in your car? Now, they moved the GPS and they make it even easier, so you can access it on your phone. Did anyone ever have an old GPS? I was young, but I remember my parents had a GPS growing up. Sorry, that's my coffee machine making noise.

It's also interesting to think about the old technologies, right? So what technology do you need if you need to connect to the internet? If you need to connect to the internet, what do you need? Okay, some of you said modem, WiFi. Yes, you need a WiFi. You could also use a router or modem, but you need to access the WiFi. Very good. What would you need to toast food? What would you need to toast food? Yes, toaster, you would need a toaster. Very good, you would need a toaster to toast food.

For example, toasting bread. When you toast a bread, it's interesting, the bread is now called toast. Yes, so you take your bread, you toast it, and now it's called toast.

What would you need if you need to heat food using energy waves? So this one's really interesting. So this is a technology, it's a machine and you use it to heat food using energy waves. Good, yes, this is called a microwave.

Do you use the microwave every day? When do you use a microwave? What do you cook in your microwave? So for example, sometimes I will heat leftovers in my microwave. This is food that I didn't finish and I eat the next day. So, I'll put my leftovers in a microwave. Next question, what would you use to wash your dishes? What would you use to wash your dishes? So technology, yeah. You can use your own hands, yes.

You can also use the technology, the dishwasher. So notice if you wash dishes, it's called a dishwasher. Very good. This is our last one. What technology would you use to keep food frozen? Sorry, again, that's my coffee maker.

Okay, so to keep food frozen, what would you use? You would actually use something called a freezer, a freezer. To keep food cold, you would use a fridge and you would use a freezer to keep it frozen. Typically you have the fridge and freezer in the same technology, they're just two different doors, very good. Let's talk a little bit about the types of technology. There are many, many types, but I just chose seven types of technology to focus on today. And if you know more technology or types of technology, please feel free to type in the chat and share it with our learners today.

So, some types of technology, one type is construction technology. So construction technology, this is equipment used to help build things. So you'll see something called a construction site, this is a place where people are building.

So a construction site, they're building things, they might have tractors, they might use computer software. What other technologies do you think they would use for construction? What do you think? Yeah, they use it to build things, good. The next one is my personal favorite technology and it is communication technology. So communication technology is used to share info or data. Some examples of this are a phone, a computer, a radio, the TV, or internet. Do you like communication technology? Yes, me too.

Another type of technology is very helpful for human life and it's called medical technology. Medical technology assists in improving and extending human life. So this helps humans live longer, it helps heal humans. Medical technology is often used in hospitals. Some examples of this is an x-ray machine and something really interesting artificial organs.

Artificial organs, for example, my dad, he has a pacemaker without it, he would be dead and the pacemaker keeps his heart running and it is a technology. So it really helps improve and extend human life. So I think this one is very important. Another example would be maybe an MRI machine. So it's very interesting.

Can you guys hear me okay? I saw a few comments saying you can't hear me. Can you hear me? Okay, good. Another type of technology helps us get our food and that is called agriculture technology. So this is used on a farm to grow crops, to cut crops, etc, etc. So some examples would be sorting machines and seed plantation. So, I live in the state of Ohio.

If you know anything about Ohio, we have so many corn fields and soybean fields. And when you're driving down the road, you can look around and see so many tractors and big machines to make food faster. The next one is manufacturing technology.

Manufacturing technology helps make products. It could help make food. You'll find manufacturing technology a lot in factories. So this is machine technology used to help make products.

So something like sorting machine or conveyor belts. One of my favorite TV shows is called, How It's Made and what they do is they take you into a factory and show you how things are made. So for example, pencils or calculators or different types of foods, and they show you the machines and how well the machines make to make the products faster. So that is called, How It's Made. Have you seen the TV show, How It's Made? It's very interesting.

Yeah, good. The next one is also really important, it's called energy power. This is a technology to give energy. Some example could be a windmill, power plant, or electric lines. This helps every technology operate because we need power in order for all of our technology to work. So that is called energy power.

Where you live, what kind of energy power do you use? So for example, this summer I was in Belgium and it's a very windy part and so there's windmills everywhere. So they use the wind to help their energy. Oh, okay, a really good one is solar panels, yes, you can use solar panels for energy. Yes, so what kind of energy do you use where you live? And we can also talk about energy that's renewable or non-renewable. So there's different resources that you can use to make energy.

Awesome, thank you for sharing. And our last type of technology we're gonna talk about is called transportation technology. This helps us get from one place to another. Again, it helps get humans from one place to another.

This could be car, GPS, bus, or plane. What kind of transportation do you use every day? In big cities, typically they use the subway station, right? Maybe in the suburbs, people use cars. So what type of transportation do you use? And in your country, what type of car is more common, stick shift or automatic? So manual car or automatic car? Where we live in America, it's more common to use the automatic car.

And I had culture shock when I went to Europe last summer because they all, almost all use manual cars, so I thought that was interesting. Yes, a very interesting technology is the Tesla car, they have a lot of different technologies in that car, it's very impressive. Yeah, the Metro, a bike, good. Awesome, so guys, we're gonna do another game and what you have to do is find the missing word.

So I'm gonna show you a sentence and it's gonna have a blank and you just have to guess what is that missing word, okay, sound good? So, my blank is almost empty, I only have a few eggs, some cheese and grapes in it. So what is the missing word? You can use the list of examples I have up here, the type of technology. Yes, this would be a fridge or a refrigerator. Very good. I think I might want to buy a blank to brown up my bread quickly or to toast my bread.

Yes, this is a toaster. Good job, everybody. That is a toaster. Okay, the next one, it says, put the pan on the blank and simmer for three minutes.

So what would you use to simmer? What could be under the pan? Very good, okay, so yes, this would be a stove, a stove. Awesome, okay. Throw your wet clothes in the blank and they should be ready in 30 minutes. Notice how it says wet clothes. Yes, this would be a dryer.

This is another thing that's interesting because not every country uses dryers as a technology. Sometimes people hang their clothes to dry on clothes lines. So where you're from, is it common to have a dryer? Okay, yeah. So, sometimes it's not common to have some technologies like a dryer, right? Yeah, very good. Okay, the next one, put the chicken in the blank and roast it for 45 minutes.

Put the chicken in the blank and roast it for 45 minutes. So seeing the word roast can make us think that it would be an oven, an oven. Very good.

So we're gonna do some discussion questions and I would like you guys to share your opinions and we can talk about the different statements. So our next thing is gonna be agree or disagree and why. So do you agree to this statement? Do you disagree? And then why do you agree or disagree? We're all gonna have different opinions and that's okay, it's just about technology, let's do it, awesome. So agree or disagree? Can you guys see this okay? Technological, here, let me go this way.

Technological advances make life better for everyone. agree or disagree and why? So does technology make life better for everyone? Agree or disagree and why. So for example, maybe you could say, I agree because it saves more time or maybe I disagree because it's too expensive. Or maybe I agree with this, but I disagree with this. So does it make life better for everyone? Maybe I disagree because elderly people don't know how to use it and that's not fair.

Maybe I agree because it makes life easier than many years ago. This is a really good statement. Nothing can be more expensive than your own time, so think about it, technology really saves our time so we can use time doing things that we enjoy. And if that's the case, maybe that's a good thing. These are all really great answers.

Okay, the next statement, do you agree or disagree? It says, it is important for adults to find out what their children are doing online and who they're talking to. So, as a teacher, I notice that there can be a lot of danger online, a lot of maybe people with bad intentions. And so as a parent, whether you're a parent or not a parent, just imagine, do you think that you should know everything your kids are doing online for their safety? Or do you think they should have the freedom to figure it out by themselves? Or maybe you could say that you disagree and you just think that they should have education, education on how to use the internet appropriately.

Social media can have a lot of bad things with it, right? Okay, these are all some really great answers. So that's an interesting thought some I guess disadvantages of the internet, right? Next question, agree or disagree. Computer technologies make finding information faster and easier. Do you think technology makes finding information faster and easier? Or do you prefer to find information through books or people? Yes, absolutely.

So with this question, I like to think about my grandparents who didn't have access to the internet. And whenever they had a question, for example, how long should I cook my chicken? Instead of looking it up on the internet, they had to walk over to the library, find an encyclopedia and look up the information, and that might take them an hour compared to 30 seconds, right? Yeah, another thing is with languages, right? That's a good statement. Very good.

Okay, this is an interesting question. So, agree or disagree. It is impossible to become addicted to the internet.

It is impossible to be addicted to the internet. Agree or disagree and why. Do you think it's possible to be addicted to the internet? Social media specifically? And why? So these are some good answers.

It can happen to anyone. So I see some people agreeing and some people disagreeing. Sometime the internet is designed in order to get you addicted because your attention means money, right? Yes.

Okay, good answers. Next question, agree or disagree? Most teenagers are online too much. So maybe if you agree, you think they're online too much and they should be outside more, playing with their friends. Maybe you disagree, you think that teenagers should be online more often. As a teacher, I do agree with this statement, I teach teenagers and I see that they're on TikTok way too much, maybe sometimes three to four hours a day, they're on TikTok and they're not agreeing or paying attention in class because they're on TikTok. Okay, good answers.

Okay, so this is the last question. Do you guys agree or do you disagree? Too much social media is bad for your mental health. So some people say that if you're on social media, seeing people's perfect lives, that it affects your mental health because you think that maybe you're not so perfect and you compare a lot on social media.

Some people might think that social media is good for your mental health, why? Yeah, some social media can be good for your mental health. For example, there's accounts that educate people on things. One of my favorite accounts on Instagram is National Geographic where I can learn about plants and animals. But a lot of content on social media has teenagers, especially comparing themselves to other people. Great answers, this has been fun doing this with you guys.

So if you have any questions, please feel free to type in the chat, what questions you have and I'll answer them. But this is the end of our live session. Thank you guys so much for joining this live session today. I hope that you had fun and learned a little bit about technology and some advantages and disadvantages of it. I do have a discount code for you today.

So, if you would like up to 36% off of your yearly subscriptions, you're just gonna use this discount code. You can also click the link in this video and it'll give you the discount on your yearly subscription. Again, my name is tutor Nicole, I'm a tutor on Cambly. Cambly is an online English learning platform where you're paired with native English speakers to help your English. If you wanna book a reservation with me, there's also a link below. Again you guys thank you so much for joining the Cambly live today.

Is there any questions? Okay. All right, so it looks like there's no questions, but again, thank you so much for joining, I hope you have a lovely rest of your Sunday and thank you. All right, bye everybody. See you later, see you next time.

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