BYD's 5th generation DM-i technology for PHEVs debuts

BYD's 5th generation DM-i technology for PHEVs debuts

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Hahaha Dear friends Hello everyone, I am Wang Chuanfu On behalf of BYD I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone for your presence and attention. Hello everyone Everyone saw it just now This countdown video It is a century-old development history of the global automobile industry. It is also a history of struggle to reduce fuel consumption. In this video The unremitting efforts of so many established companies continue to innovate In order to continuously reduce fuel consumption Accelerated the popularity of automobiles We pay tribute to these giants with this video Standing on the shoulders of giants Chinese automobiles take over this mission What about today? We officially launch the latest plug-in hybrid technology fifth generation DM Use new energy technology to set new fuel consumption records we know new energy vehicles There are two main paths: pure electric and plug-in What about plug-in hybrid? Chinese cars are already on top of the world Last year, in the Chinese market Plug-in hybrid sales increased by 85% year-on-year It has become the most popular arena in the new energy market.

Now, every 4 plug-in hybrids sold in the world There are 3 units of Chinese brands. The world’s most advanced plug-in hybrid technology is in China But many people don’t know In the past ten years Tea Soul is almost an uninhabited land Only we are always moving forward firmly Back in 2001 We started researching New energy vehicle routes and technologies What about BYD? I am a battery maker. Actually We initially targeted pure electric vehicles But at that time Even fuel vehicles are not popular in China New energy vehicles are a blank sheet of paper What about power battery technology? Still unable to meet the long-range requirements of pure electric vehicles There isn’t even a charging station on the road. Skip the gas vehicle It is obviously unrealistic to go directly to a pure electric car In comparison There are no hybrid cars that can be powered by gas or electric power Battery life anxiety Can meet users’ travel needs Prioritize the development of hybrid technology This is the breakthrough for new energy vehicles we are new To build a good hybrid car Of course, we must learn from the best companies in the world At that time The best hybrid car companies are Japanese car companies Possess many technology patents I remember Toyota back in 1997 Launched Prius, a global bestseller At that time, most Chinese car companies had not yet been established.

To understand hybrid technology We did a lot of research I even made several trips to Japan for research. What we found Japanese hybrids are making a fuss about oil Mainly oil Electric auxiliary battery capacity is very small The battery storage range is also very short. And it can’t be charged The battery is a bit useless more importantly What about Japanese car companies? High patent barriers have been established We want to follow their mature lines to innovate almost impossible How about studying Japanese Studies? Basically blocked What to do next I'm thinking since we understand batteries Why don't you try a set that mainly uses electricity? Oil-assisted hybrid system This is a deserted land No one has ever done it There is no technical solution Is it possible? We have no idea But what about innovation? Just take the road that no one else has gone before Even if there is only 1% chance We also have to make 100% efforts to try and explore We are determined to start the research and development of plug-in hybrid technology How about the first pot of gold earned from making batteries? Put it all in Working hard day and night In Xi'an in 2003 We acquired Qinchuan Automobile Possess vehicle manufacturing capabilities and production qualifications What about 2004? We built the first all-electric concept car And debuted at the Beijing Auto Show Although at that time Not many people pay attention but it means me We are in China Sowing the seeds of becoming the world’s No. 1 fucker The next step is to overcome the hurdle of mass production. The most important of these is the supply chain In order to find suppliers of quality parts We visited more than 20 cities across the country I didn’t expect that the disease would not be cured after eating it. Some people look down on laymen like us Some are unwilling to take the risk of opening a new production line for us Others are unwilling We can only bite the bullet and do it ourselves We have been recruiting troops and working for three full years.

Completed the research and development of core components and construction of production bases The most critical three-power technology Breakthrough progress has also been made Engine battery required for plug-in hybrid Motor electronic control All are developed and produced by ourselves Whether it was in the past or now Now everyone says that BYD has nothing but tires and glass Everything else is made by myself In fact, this was all forced out. In 2008, F3DM officially went offline in Xi'an. Equipped with the first generation DM technology This is also the first in the world Plug-in hybrid cars that can be seen on the road No need to go to a professional charging station Plug in a household 220V power supply to charge Not only easy to use It also has performance unmatched by most gasoline vehicles Let users feel the explosive power of electricity for the first time F3DM eventually sold more than 3,000 units What about sales? Not very eye-catching But it marks that Chinese car companies Successfully broke the Japanese technology monopoly Created a new hybrid technology route Here it is I want to thank all F3DM owners At that time, everyone chose F3DM Some people say you are non-mainstream Some people say you are a minority But actually You are the forerunners at the forefront of the times Is a witness to China’s new energy era This is your support and companionship Let BYD operate in this uninhabited land Saw the light for the first time Gave us the courage and motivation to move on It's a great honor The first batch of F3 DM car owners were invited to the scene today Thank you for your support and companionship. Thank you. F3 dm gave us a lot of confidence Keep moving forward in this uninhabited land year 2011 We developed China’s first turbocharger Direct-injection engine and dual-clutch transmission The performance is close to catching up with international giants In 2013, we launched the second generation DM technology Acceleration from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers increased to 4.9 seconds First installed on Qin DM and Tang DM The acceleration performance is comparable to a million-dollar luxury car Our plug-in mixing technology Gradually gained market recognition In 2014, plug-in hybrid sales exceeded 10,000 units for the first time In 2015, it increased to 50,000 units For the first time we tasted the sweetness of plug-in mixing technology What excites us even more is This batch of interludes in No Man's Land are starting to gain some popularity. Like SAIC GAC has also launched plug-in hybrid models one after another We are no longer alone In 2018, we launched the third generation DM technology Solve the problem of high fuel consumption under power shortage state The problem of insufficient motivation It was in this year We're on the road Ushering in a highlight moment The new generation of Tang achieves monthly sales of over 10,000 units What about plug-in hybrid models? Sales exceeded 120,000 Entered the 100,000 mark Confidence doubled I thought spring was coming Unexpectedly, I was greeted by a biting cold wind. Remember

Uh, I remember it very clearly. Due to the decline of subsidies from national policies Our plug-in hybrid sales dropped like bean sprouts in 2019 By 2011, there will be only 70,000 units In 2020, it dropped to 48,000 units Sales are lower than 5 years ago Straight from the cloud to the bottom Why don’t users choose plug-in mixing? there are many reasons in the final analysis The intercourse at that time The vehicle experience is not good enough when the battery is running low The price is often twice that of a fuel vehicle of the same class. Electricity is higher than oil Can't really impress our consumers It’s been 19 years We have devoted countless efforts and energy to The third generation of plug-in hybrid technology is also making continuous progress. But it still has not been recognized by the market It's a matter of life and death What's more terrible is There are voices everywhere that are bad-mouthing and disapproving of fans. There are fewer and fewer new cars in the Chinese market with powder coating. Tea powder has become uninhabited again The road ahead is dark We're still walking in the dark Want to find someone to talk to We can't even find words to cheer each other up or comfort each other.

No hope at all It would be a lie to say you are not afraid even within the company There have been many voices of doubt many people ask me No one else is doing it anymore Why do we still persist? everyone is anxious Actually, I am also very anxious But there is an energy in my heart that refuses to admit defeat. I always believe plug-in mix It should be the first car for most Chinese families anyway Keep going Looking back if we give up There may be no tomorrow for Chinese sex gangs 20 years of persistence Finally ushered in the outstanding full In 2021, our fourth generation DM technology DMI super hybrid comes out We are based on the architecture of F3DM On the three core technologies of plug-in mixing achieved new breakthroughs And completed the development and application of special parts for plug-in hybrids What about the thermal efficiency of the independently developed plug-in hybrid engine? Up to 13.4% Reaching the highest level of mass-produced engines in the world at that time For the first time, a Chinese brand has made breakthroughs in engine technology Surpassing foreign giants us The DMI super hybrid’s power loss and fuel consumption per 100 kilometers Made it 3.8 liters

Created the 3rd era of fuel consumption Chinese brands rewrote the world for the first time Car’s fuel consumption history At that time, fuel vehicles generally consumed 7 to 8 liters of fuel. The fuel consumption of DMI is only half of that of gasoline vehicles At the same time, it accelerates quickly Less noise and smoother User experience surpasses traditional fuel vehicles Moreover, the price of oil and electricity has basically been the same. Won the favor of Chinese consumers Then we established and launched the DMP King Hybrid and DMO super hybrid off-road platform Forming a complete matrix of plug-in mixing technology Meet the needs of different users What about the success of the fourth generation DM? Let us win this turnaround battle just three years Our plug-in hybrid sales increased 30 times 48,000 units in 2020 to 1.43 million units in 2023 Now our plug-in hybrid sales number one in the world Surpassing the second place in the Chinese market The sum of sales to the tenth place In China Every two plug-in mixers sold There is one made by BYD.

So far Our plug-in hybrid models Cumulative sales exceeded 3.6 million units Looking back It was the original insistence Only then can we successfully cross this uninhabited land DMI’s success revitalizes China’s tea powder market From 2020 to 2023 Sales of tea powder models in China increased more than 10 times The penetration rate of plug-in hybrid will only be 1% from 2020 It has now increased significantly to 14% Seventeen has now been significantly increased to 17% It can be said that we use our own efforts to Saved the market of Chinese tea powder What makes us even more gratified is that Hustling is no longer a no-man’s land Changan SAIC GAC Chery Geely Great Wall and others have launched their own plug-in mixing technology China's Chinese brands have more than 100 plug-in hybrid models It can be said that you are chasing after me. Let a hundred flowers bloom Nowadays, the myth of Japanese cars in the hybrid field has been completely broken china fuck Becoming the mainstream route for global hybrid technology Even the old ones Foreign joint venture brands have begun to deploy plug-in hybrids What now Chinese brands’ share of the global plug-in hybrid market Already more than 70% without any exaggeration Global intercourse has entered China’s moment Here it is Please also support Chinese brands give the warmest applause After the release of DMI 2021 Let's start Development of next generation DMI technology at a meeting I asked Dongsheng Our next generation DMI technology How much can we reduce the power loss and fuel consumption? Dongsheng said our goal is to reach less than 3 liters I decided immediately Start working now At that time, my idea was very simple If it fails In other words, dozens of small goals have been wasted.

if successful or is Hahahahaha What if it succeeds? What you get is an epoch-making new energy technology Of course this is an almost impossible task The lower the fuel consumption The greater the difficulty But our engineers use their wisdom and sweat to Spent more than 1,000 white and black days and nights Overcame all difficulties last september Our engineer told me The fifth generation DM has passed multiple rounds of testing and verification We have reduced power consumption to 2.9 liters that moment The excitement inside me is indescribable Our engineers are amazing Ha ha ha ha thanks, thanks Since the preparation of car manufacturing in 2000 and 2001 BYD’s cumulative investment in R&D is 140 billion yuan Almost every year, R&D investment is higher than profits. Spend money without mercy But if there are no top talents Technological innovation is water without source Now we have more than 100,000 engineers The No. 1 Engineer in the Global Car Company It is BYD’s most valuable asset.

What about today? We have launched the world’s best plug-in hybrid technology fifth generation DM Achieved three global governance Thank you thank you thank you Okay, thank you The world's highest engine thermal efficiency The world’s lowest power consumption and fuel consumption The world’s longest cruising range Our engine thermal efficiency reaches a maximum of 46.06% thanks, thanks Once again set a new world record Chinese brands become global engine leaders Our feed fuel consumption is only 2.9 liters per 100 kilometers Ushering in the second era of fuel consumption Chinese brand Once again rewriting the history of global automobile fuel consumption Refuel and save more than half Our combined range It even reached a record 2,100 kilometers. 3 times that of a fuel vehicle Some time ago The engineer is fully fueled and fully charged Driving from Shenzhen to Xi'an I didn’t refuel once during the entire journey. The longest in the world Deserved From the first generation to the fifth generation DM BYD has always led the development of plug-in hybrid technology Not only the earliest start Most iterations And the sales volume is the largest Best reputation from basics We never play tricks Release and mass production fifth generation DM Will be equipped on the former Air DMI Seal 06 DMI two cars And it’s on the market today good well Later our open air and Zhang Zhuo We will introduce these two products to you in detail and announce the price Today we launched the Honor Edition model It ushered in an era when electricity was lower than oil. Allow consumers to use lower prices Get twice the driving experience The first half of April this year Penetration rate of new energy vehicle retail in China Exceeded 50% for the first time third week of this month Insurance for new energy vehicles Insurance coverage means the same penetration rate as listing a license plate It also exceeded 50% for the first time This is a historic moment New energy vehicles become mainstream Fuel vehicles become non-mainstream I went to the Beijing Auto Show some time ago Quite emotional I remember the Beijing Auto Show 20 years ago The world is dominated by joint venture fuel vehicles Our new capabilities No one cares about Yuan Che at all Beijing Auto Show 20 years later It’s hard to find a new model of fuel vehicle The whole world is watching China’s new energy vehicles Many foreign car companies even organized groups to come to observe and learn From nobody to global attention Chinese cars Finally ushered in his own golden age The booming development of new energy vehicles in China It's not an overnight miracle It’s a relay that spans generations and centuries.

32 years ago Mr. Qian Xuesen advises the country China wants to skip fuel vehicles Directly enter the new energy stage to reduce environmental pollution Mr. Qian as an Illuminati Meet the direction of China’s automobile industry His knowledge and vision live on in our hearts Develop new energy vehicles It is our country’s transformation from a major automobile country to The only way to become a powerful automobile nation This is related to the future direction of China's automobile industry important instructions It has been ten years since it was proposed Drawing a blueprint for the development of Chinese automobiles pointed out the direction these ten years Chinese brands have overcome obstacles all the way never succumb to any difficulty Achieve milestone breakthroughs one after another We can be very proud to say China It is a well-deserved major and powerful country in new energy vehicles today.

Chinese brand Has become a leader in global automotive technology innovation The wheel of the times rolls forward The world's automobile industry is undergoing major changes unseen in a century The introduction is being accelerated I believe that in the next ten years Electrification and intelligence Completely changing the way everyone travels China Will become a mecca for global new energy technology innovation Chinese brand Will surely become the dominant player in the global automotive industry Let us shoulder this great mission Launch more disruptive technologies Promote and strengthen core value productivity Promote green transformation of the global automotive industry thank you all in this letter I want to make a suggestion my country's automobile industry The stage of using gasoline and diesel should be skipped Directly enter the new energy stage to reduce environmental pollution In 1992, Qian Xuesen wrote such a letter This letter is from 32 years ago This letter is addressed to now This letter is also sent to the future for this letter Replies from China and Chinese cars never stop In that era when bicycles were the dominant car It is still a dream that is out of reach for most Chinese people. But the pioneers of our country’s construction The first step towards new energy vehicles Reply to Mr. Qian I very much agree and agree with your point of view Problems in developing electric vehicles I have instructed the Science and Technology Department of the Discipline Inspection Commission to organize efforts Research As time accelerates towards the new century China in the early 21st century The automobile market is dominated by joint venture fuel vehicles But the firm direction of China’s new energy vehicles No wavering or change at all The country once again replied with new plans China's new energy vehicles are beginning to emerge Existing production capacity Forming 500,000 pure electric vehicles plug-in hybrid and ordinary hybrid and other new energy vehicle production capacity Year 2008 The world's first plug-in hybrid car 3 DM takes the stage When self-developed new energy vehicles drive by The country pointed out a way from the automobile power The only way to become a powerful automobile nation Reply with the banner of developing new energy vehicles Now Chinese cars Reply with the achievement of becoming the mainstream of the Chinese market China new energy vehicles Reply to the world with our achievements in taking the lead in fuel vehicles Amidst the economic crisis China's new energy vehicles move forward Reply on a new journey Time is replying The country is replying Industry is replying They are also replying today We use founding oil Fifth-generation DM technology that consumes 20 generations Reply to Mr. Qian from 32 years ago Two pieces of thin letter paper Stirring up thousands of ripples in the long river of time China has the ability to skip a step Jump straight into a new era of cars Reply letters one after another never closed Because a generation has not finished answering letters There will be another generation who will continue to reply. thanks for having us here Thank you again Mr. Wang Wonderful sharing brought to us here today We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who cares about their country Pay tribute to the far-sighted pioneers of nation-building Use technology to rewrite the trend of the times The road is long and difficult But there are always people who use their perseverance to create miracles This is the confidence of our Chinese brands in this era It is also the responsibility of all Chinese technical people today Together we ushered in BYD’s fifth generation DM technology So how to achieve the lowest fuel consumption in the world? The world’s longest battery life for the rest of the time let us applaud together Please invite the Senior Vice President of BYD Group DM technical chief designer Mr. Yang Dongsheng

revealed to us Technical details of BYD’s fifth-generation DM Let us applaud together Dear viewers, media friends Hello everyone I'm very happy to share it with you today The development history of DM technology And announced the fifth generation DM technology plan Plug-in hybrids were once a no-man’s land BYD relies on its own efforts Created a new track for plug-in hybrid in the automotive field And move forward with determination all the way After more than 20 years of research and development journey since 2003 Is the pioneer and leader of plug-in hybrid technology In 2008 we launched the first generation DM technology Become the world's first mass-produced plug-in hybrid vehicle company After three generations of research and development The fourth generation DM technology will be launched in 2021 Because it can be oily and electric Overtaking due to power loss Perfect performance with low fuel consumption achieved great success Cumulative sales exceeded 3.0236 million units Become the world's largest plug-in hybrid sales company BYD DM Technology With stress-free car buying prices Worry-free car costs and unparalleled driving experience Become a choice that users cannot refuse Accelerate the subversion of fuel vehicles The plug-in hybrid era has arrived unstoppable The research and development of DM technology is full of challenges It is BYD’s unswerving journey of exploration. We created an electric-based plug-in hybrid architecture Breaking Japan’s 38-year intellectual property barrier Subverting fuel vehicles Formed China’s unique technical route Completely changed the engine-centered Traditional drive mode Under the leadership of BYD Plug-in hybrid has become the mainstream of the industry Development of any revolutionary product All in units of ten years Not a smooth road Year 2008 We launch the world’s first plug-in hybrid car F3 DM adopts a dual-motor dual-parallel architecture. Created a precedent for intercourse In 2013 Second generation DM couples P3 and P4 motors via DCT Acceleration to 100 kilometers enters 5 seconds level Consolidating BYD’s leading position in performance By 2018 The third generation of DM continues to innovate Introducing a new P0 motor vehicle dynamics Economic performance, ride comfort, etc. are significantly improved. until 2021 Fourth generation DM technology Not only in terms of fuel consumption and user experience Comprehensively subverting traditional fuel vehicles Completed the comprehensive layout of product lines Design concept based on electricity Throughout the development of DM technology Become the cornerstone of the three major technology platforms of DMI, DMP and DMO In terms of economy, power and off-road performance Set a benchmark for the industry Show the motor performance to its fullest the result of all this Thanks to BYD’s many years of Natural persistence in the entire industry chain More than 10,000 R&D engineers Achieved 100% battery power structure hardware and software Naturally realizes core autonomy and controllability Fourth generation DM technology It has also passed rigorous testing at all levels.

fully tested by the market these years DM Technology has completed a total of 400 engines 300 EHS electronic control systems Bench testing of 400 blade battery packs Total verification exceeded 230,000 hours intensity of testing Equivalent to 42 million kilometers of durability testing Equivalent to circling the earth 1,000 times In order to comprehensively evaluate the performance of DM under various working conditions We have invested a total of 1,500 vehicles Conducted long-term and high-intensity tests under multiple working conditions The test area covers high temperature, plateau and high cold And the complex Peruvian style Various professional off-road scenes such as Dawei Dog The total test mileage exceeds 20 million kilometers This is equivalent to traveling from the moon to the earth and back 104 times Such a rigorous test It is our ultimate pursuit of product quality It is also our commitment to our users. DM has also gone through the market and sufficient user testing Won the trust and support of 3.6 million car owners This is the best affirmation of DM’s technical strength While making good products We also firmly believe User stickiness Market reputation It is the only criterion for judging the quality of a product After the launch of the fourth generation DM technology We pay great attention to users’ actual car performance Because charging is becoming more and more convenient It’s also more economical to use electricity Through background data we found User charging mileage accounts for as high as 80%-90% Refueling mileage only accounts for 10% to 20% In our daily lives, we all use more electricity and less oil.

Even using oil is very economical We see 7 plus DMI The actual average fuel consumption of the car is less than 3.8 liters Good fuel consumption reputation has won the trust of users also won the market As of May this year BYD DM model fourth generation Global sales exceeded 3.15 million vehicles In domestic PHE city PCE market share has reached an astonishing 60% It’s a miracle for the market thank you this means the market in china Every two plug-in hybrids sold The only one must be BYD This is the high recognition of our products by users It is the best proof of the super competitiveness of DM technology. it's here I want to thank every DM car owner for making the right choice You are the ones who know the best about products, technology and cars.

Development to date Electric-based plug-in hybrid architecture Has gained wide recognition in the industry Becoming a new benchmark for industry development Back in August 2021 This innovative architecture It was written into the textbook of Tsinghua University Automobile power system principles This demonstrates our position in the field It is also BYD’s commitment to cultivating the future. Important contribution to training automotive talents now We are also a textbook for the automotive industry Leading the wave of plug-in hybrid technology development Opened a new chapter in industry development Why do we say we are the textbook for the industry? This stems from our understanding of system component characteristics System architecture mechanism working conditions Accurate understanding and advanced cognition of power requirements, etc. Let’s talk about parts first The motor is strong, fast and accurate Completely subvert the engine Strong because the motor rotates at low speed Instantly outputs peak torque This is beyond the reach of the engine Fast because the motor responds in milliseconds 100 times faster than an engine At the same time, the motor can operate within 5 milliseconds Precisely adjust to the torque required by the wheel The engine control adjustment takes up to 100 milliseconds 20 times slower than motor control It’s definitely because of the motor’s unique resolver sensor. The recognition accuracy is 300 times that of the wheel speed sensor Can quickly detect wheel speed changes Accurately determine whether wheels are slipping Huge technical advantages Announce The digital age led by motors has arrived In addition to exerting the charm of electricity Perfect combination of motor and engine performance It is also BYD’s plug-in hybrid architecture that focuses on electricity. the key to success Speaking of architecture In fact, the range extension mode that everyone is familiar with The engine is connected in series to generate electricity Then driven by motor In parallel mode, the engine is driven directly without generating electricity.

BYD DMI series-parallel architecture Covers both modes Extendable range and direct drive We have researched efficiency characteristics Determine whether the motor is good at instantaneous and variable operating conditions output Engines are only good at operating in steady state We use the two complementary At a stable speed of more than 60 kilometers Engine steady state high speed direct drive vehicle Avoid the loss of one more conversion efficiency of oil and electricity so We must build on the existing extended-range model The engine can also be directly driven Give users the lowest energy consumption As a textbook for the industry It is also inseparable from our in-depth exploration of the structure and mechanism. Design based on series-parallel architecture mainly based on electricity Four drive modes can be achieved We take an in-depth look at the motors in different modes Energy conversion mechanism between batteries and engines Fully understand the power and efficiency characteristics of the three Thus achieving power synergy optimization The most efficient system At the same time, the motor efficiency is used to be insensitive to changing working conditions. The principle that the engine is extremely sensitive to changing operating conditions Established a control model for the motor battery engine Through our control simulation capabilities accumulated over many years Finally formed the DM technology power System optimization and precise control also Our deep understanding of vehicle driving conditions It’s mainly electricity It has become one of the mysteries in industry textbooks Today I will analyze the core logic for you. In fact, everyone doesn’t know something A 1.8-ton vehicle Average driving power in city driving Only 7.3 kilowatts

But when accelerating at high speed Its instantaneous power exceeds 100 kilowatts Then in order to meet this demand, the car You must choose an engine with a power exceeding 100 kilowatts Naturally high fuel consumption And our plug-in hybrid vehicles Can be passed through the motor to meet the peak power and dynamic needs of the vehicle The motor can exceed 100 kilowatts The engine does not need Take the power loss scenario in urban areas as an example as required by the formula The high-pressure area of ​​the engine can reach 36.5 kilowatts Just work for 0.2 hours It can provide the energy required by the vehicle for one hour 7.3kWh

this means The engine only needs to work efficiently 20% of the time It can support pure electric driving for the remaining 80% of the time. this means Why does DMI lose power during urban operation? It can also have 80% pure electric driving ratio This advanced design concept in 2021 It has been applied to DMI’s super hybrid Now it has become a technology spiral respected by many peers. This is the best proof that we have become an industry textbook As a leader in plug-in hybrid Progress never stops In 2021, we will start the research and development of the fifth generation Just as Mr. Wang requested

We must make fuel consumption even lower This is our goal With the rapid development of power technology Comprehensive improvement of chip technology We will always be at the forefront With uncompromising determination Will continue to write the technical glory of DM Based on the concept of pursuing the ultimate We have redefined fifth DM technology And on the three core architectures Achieved a technological breakthrough Heading towards the next uninhabited land Power structure We strengthen the design based on electricity Improve component performance Pursue the ultimate in energy consumption and experience Thermal management We are creative Proposed the industry’s first full temperature domain Vehicle thermal management architecture Pursue the ultimate in control and wide range In terms of electronic and electrical architecture We will deeply integrate intelligence and electrification Pursue the ultimate in systems and integration The fifth generation DM technology is the result of our ultimate innovation First, let’s go through a video Learn about the three major architectures Please look at the big screen Next Let me start with the electric-based power architecture Analyze it one by one for everyone Fifth generation DM technology Based on the pursuit of ultimate energy consumption and ultimate experience Based on the fourth generation to engine motor Comprehensive optimization and upgrade of core components such as batteries A new generation of plug-in hybrid 1.5 self-priming engine Peak power 74kW EHS120 peak power 120kW EHS160 peak power 160 kW Brand new reverse battery for plug-in hybrid It is also equipped with two Power capacity adapted to different mileage also The 12-volt lithium iron phosphate small battery is still standard for plug-in hybrids The following is a detailed introduction to you In order to further reduce vehicle energy consumption The key to improving engine thermal efficiency is particularly As an industry pioneer 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine as early as 2021 It has been realized The world’s highest mass production thermal efficiency of 43.04 to this day After three years of hard work by 1,000 engine people, Let's reach new heights The thermal efficiency of the fifth-generation DM engine this time Breaking through 46.06 in one fell swoop Refreshed again World record for mass-produced gasoline engines and got Authoritative certification from China Automotive Research Center very possessive Challenges are well known Increase compression ratio It is the key to further improving the thermal efficiency of the engine. Engine compression ratio of the fourth generation platform We've made it to 15.5

It was number one in the world at the time It is extremely difficult to improve further Just like the 100-meter result of Asian flying star Su Bingtian Improved from 9.91 seconds in 2008 to 9.83 seconds in 2021 Look, look This seemingly short progress of 0.08 seconds In fact, it is the result of three years of scientific training by him and his team. and unremitting efforts Same with our duck pen It is also after three years of careful polishing.

Finally increased from 15.5 to 16 Reach the world’s highest level again Thank you at the ultra-high pressure We have to do all kinds of road detection We tried more than 240 laboratory design options Grind the sand more fully at the same time We tried over 100 piston cooling solutions To suppress detonation and premature ignition caused by ultra-high pressure Finally, the piston temperature was successfully reduced by 10 degrees. We also used a high tumble airway design Innovative technologies such as intelligent combustion systems Further improve efficiency also We made this engine stand equivalent The endurance test of 8 million kilometers consumed 240 tons of gasoline. Finally achieved the ultimate thermal efficiency index of 46.06 Thanks to ECU VCU MCU These are the controllers of the entire vehicle These softwares are all self-developed by BYD In order to reduce the oil level every bit, we took great pains Give two small cases To dig deeper Every time the motor drives the engine to start 50 engineers trained One year reduced by 16% In order to further improve Proportion of placement points in engine high-efficiency area 100 engineers calibrating day and night Increase the proportion of work in the engine's high-efficiency zone by 0.7% The overall thermal efficiency also increased by 0.85%

Everyone joked that we were DMs DM’s fifth generation team engineers are the stingiest But this fuel consumption is all figured out bit by bit. ES arc system Designed with the ultimate in efficiency and lightweight The motor divides the magnets into segments through high speed Ultra-thin silicon steel sheets and other comprehensive upgrades The oil cooling system adds an electronic oil pump Allocate on demand We also use low-friction auxiliary shaft balls Ball bearings and efficient clutch Finally realized the EHS electric drive system Power increased from 87.6% to 92% Power density increased from 65% to 75% Power batteries are the foundation of BYD’s life It is imperative to achieve ultimate improvement Plug-in hybrid blade battery it is a dedicated design It is a power type battery Taking into account power density At the same time, energy density must also be taken into consideration We optimize group efficiency Achieved battery energy density increased by 15.9% compared to the previous generation For ultimate power and energy consumption We adopt a low impedance design Expand the application window of battery strategy Increase the discharge rate to 16C Feedback power increased to 5C It also meets the strict requirements of BYD's acupuncture experiment Safe and worry-free In terms of charging and discharging Compared with the previous generation We will use high-end models AC charging power increased from 3.3 kW to 6.6 kW

Simultaneous DC fast charging 30% to 80% Soc charging time increased to 21 minutes Save charging time for users In addition, in terms of external power, Also increased from 3.3 kilowatts to 6 kilowatts Can carry more electrical equipment at the same time Speaking of batteries People usually pay more attention to high-voltage power batteries But rarely notice the small 12-volt battery we admit We were indeed too low-key before Although it has many advanced technologies But not enough publicity So today I want to take a moment Let’s introduce YMN 12V lithium iron phosphate small battery Currently most of car companies Lead-acid batteries are also used as starting batteries Although the cost is low However, it is large in size and weight and has a short lifespan. Not environmentally friendly enough In order to solve these problems BYD's world first 12V lithium iron phosphate small battery As early as 2013, it became the world’s first mass-producer Equipped with this black technology of companies in terms of life span, lightweight, environmental protection, etc. have achieved major breakthroughs Created a green revolution in the global small battery field The 12-volt small battery has the same lifespan as the entire vehicle Can be used for 15 years Has independent battery management No need to worry about running out of power As long as there is oil in the car There will always be electricity A lifetime farewell to replacement and fire rescue Lead-acid batteries need to be replaced after two years.

After 10 years It will cost more than 1,000 yuan just to replace the battery. And it always comes at the cost of breaking down At the same time, the car stopped for a long time It’s just that the battery hasn’t aged It will also lose power Returning from a business trip in the car a month later if you forgot then Unplug the lead-acid battery terminals I have to wait for rescue as soon as you come back. In addition, compared to the weight of 10 kilograms of lead batteries, The small 12-volt battery only weighs two kilograms This lightweight value is incredible Cooperate with BMS battery management No need for floating charge Fuel saving 0.1 liter Although the 03T’s small battery The cost is 500 yuan higher than that of lead-acid batteries.

It’s a real cost increase But for users to save money and worry We think it's all worth it Choose lead-free lithium iron phosphate small batteries Also because it has long-term environmental benefits 99% of lead pollution comes from neighboring villages from lead-acid batteries Serious threat to human health and soil Everyone can do the math 3.6 million DM vehicles can reduce the use of lead by 28,000 tons Avoided the pollution of more than 200,000 acres of land It’s equivalent to protecting a small county town As the world's only The only one in the world The only important one in the world Say things three times The only one in the world among all plug-in hybrid vehicles Car companies using 12-volt lithium iron phosphate small batteries we will continue to stick to Commitment to the same vehicle life and environmental protection Small batteries are expensive though But for the sake of users saving money and the health of the planet BYD thinks it’s worth it Just focus on this I want to ask who else As an engineering guy, I can’t help it. Um We not only focus on each system component Also for vehicles equipped with fifth-generation DM technology A comprehensive and ultimate design was also carried out Conducted multiple rounds of optimization on wind resistance and rolling resistance Active grille introduced Allow it to automatically adjust the opening and closing angle Off at high speed Reduce wind resistance Integrated flat chassis Low wind resistance wheels, low drag calipers, etc.

further reduce energy consumption These all increase the cost The active grille alone will increase the cost by nearly 300 yuan. Save money for car owners We save fuel for car owners It is our duty to Next let’s take a look at the thermal management architecture Fifth generation thermal management architecture Rising to the same level of importance as the power architecture Independent design of each system from the original Elevated to the level of the overall architecture Created the industry’s first full-temperature thermal management architecture it is managed by front cabin thermal Battery Thermal Management Cockpit Thermal Management Components Coordinated operations Ensure minimum energy consumption this architecture Allowing the vehicle to lower its temperature in high temperature environments Can save 10% Can save 8% in low temperature environment Ensuring a dual experience of energy saving and comfort This time we will focus on sharing with you what we have noticed Users are concerned about the thermal management of batteries and cockpits In terms of battery thermal management BYD in 2018 Start researching battery refrigeration technology We made major breakthroughs in 2021 Applying this technology to the fourth generation BYD It is the first domestic car company to install refrigeration technology. Direct heat exchange between refrigerant and battery Fast cooling and the highest cooling efficiency Far beyond the industry's ordinary liquid cooling solutions on fifth generation technology We have upgraded to the second generation refrigeration technology Compared to the first generation We will use the flow channel of the battery cold plate From the original trapezoidal design Changed to S-shaped surround design In addition, the second generation adds active temperature equalization technology Intelligent adjustment of refrigerant flow Two upgrades Improve battery temperature equalization performance by 45% Energy consumption reduced by 34% On battery heating technology We have also carried out a comprehensive upgrade Fifth generation DM technology Equipped with a comprehensive second battery Pulse self-heating technology We are the only company in the world that can charge Pulse self-heating car manufacturer for all parking and driving scenarios Use batteries at low temperatures Impedance exponential growth characteristics Using high frequency current accomplish The battery core heats up as fast as 3 degrees Celsius per minute The heating rate is also increased by 60% compared to the previous generation.

Let the battery not be afraid of low temperature environment Finally, let’s talk about cabin thermal management. Whether it’s scorching heat or severe cold Everyone wants to get on the bus You can quickly feel the comfortable temperature To do this we have improved the efficiency of the compressor Reduce heat exchanger wind resistance After being exposed to the sun in summer It only takes 12 minutes for the temperature inside the car to drop from 55 degrees to 26 degrees In winter, the fastest temperature from minus 20 degrees to plus 20 degrees is 9 minutes We also allow the air conditioner to adjust to the sunlight outside changes in temperature Automatically regulates air circulation and temperature Achieve further reduction in high and low temperature energy consumption Global vehicle thermal management architecture Given the fifth generation DM architecture Adaptability in extreme environments Whether it’s a car or a person All require thermal management We do it in the most economical way Provide the most comfortable experience Truly allow users to experience the cold and heat without fear Four Seasons Savings Earlier this year We released the Mysterious Architecture Through the design of three networks and four connections at both ends of the hard brain Let the fifth generation GM platform Simultaneously realizes the power intelligence domain Chassis domain and body domain collaborative control Especially in the power domain We have also achieved comprehensive upgrades With the introduction of advanced chip MCU Power adopts chip integrated design Single high-efficiency MCU To the whole vehicle controller Generator drive motor controller Formed a single-chip merger For the first time in the world, the three brains of power are integrated into one In other words, three chips are driven by one chip. Let the computing power increase to 146% of the original The communication speed realizes chip-level communication Improved 10 times and on this basis Further integration of DC booster Car charger DC converter Four control modules including high-voltage distributor Power density increased by 18.3% Created the industry’s first plug-in hybrid domain seven-in-one At the same time, we upgraded the power module design And use the latest BYD self-developed power chip Achieved the highest control efficiency of 98.9% Intelligent control based on seven-in-one We have taken the system’s control strategy to the extreme Can further adapt to complex and changeable regions Temperature domain working conditions Each system component can be globally optimized fine control of Finally we achieved the ultimate energy consumption Powerful excellence Optimum ride comfort and NVH Brings an unparalleled driving experience Especially the energy consumption indicators that DMI is proud of Let me introduce it in detail below After more than 1,300 days of unremitting efforts by engineers, Conducted 2,000 rounds of test certification and simulation optimization Once again achieved a historic breakthrough Equipped with fifth generation DMI technology Qin l seal 06 atc Fuel consumption is as low as 2.9 liters per 100 kilometers without electricity CLTC’s power consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 10.7

Spend It can accelerate to 100 kilometers in 7.5 seconds. Isn’t it very shocking? At the same time, the fifth generation DM continues the previous generation It is still mass production after release good In addition, in order to let everyone feel it on the spot The charm of our new generation technology Recently we have invited media from all over the country Conducted actual fuel consumption measurement of Qin L and Seal 06 Let's take a look Everyone looks at the big screen All our test vehicles today have a SOC value of 15% Full power loss state For testing, we drove in e mode Energy feedback setting is standard feedback The weather is getting hotter now too So we will turn on the automatic transmission of the air conditioner throughout the process Keep the temperature at 24 degrees The vehicle is now ready Let's go go We are already halfway through the journey now. what's next Will return to the gas station where we started in the morning fill it up with oil Calculate the final fuel score alright We are back to the finish line now Fill the vehicle to the same full fuel level as before departure What is the fuel consumption level calculated in this way? will appear more accurate Refueling the vehicle? Add to flat oil port Then what We will also perform a rocking action to refuel the car Work harder in the near future Just need to fill up this fuel tank.

GL’s fuel consumption test result today is 2.23 liters per 100 kilometers 2.21 liters per 100 kilometers 2.20 liters per 100 kilometers

1.98 liters per 100 kilometers 1.88 liters per 100 kilometers Seal 06 fuel consumption test result is 2.32 liters per 100 kilometers 1.95 liters per 100 kilometers

1.94 liters per 100 kilometers 1.79 liters per 100 kilometers After watching the video I believe everyone feels it Disruptive fuel consumption performance of fifth-generation DM technology Our testing conditions are rigorous and comprehensive The total test mileage is 111 kilometers Covers urban areas and expressways Vehicle SOC average low Turn on the automatic air conditioning at 24 degrees at 15% the whole time Reproduces the real car use scene More harshly During the refueling session We use the same gas station and the same gun by repeated rocking Make sure the oil level is completely filled Ensure the authenticity and rigor of test results Qin L’s measured average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 2.26 liters The measured average fuel consumption of Seal 06 is 2.11 liters per 100 kilometers.

really shows The ultimate fuel consumption performance of fifth-generation DM technology With extreme energy consumption The fifth-generation DM technology once again breaks through the limits in terms of battery life The range is up to 2,100 kilometers with full fuel and full battery. Recreating the Milestone of Plug-in Hybrid Battery Life some days ago We also invited media from all over the country Common measured battery life Let us reveal their actual test results together Please look at the big screen Depart from Xi'an Go to Shenzhen, Guangdong, Xi'an, Go to Changchun, Jilin Xi'an to Xinjiang Depart from Hami Hello Hello We are the Hami team. Now we have arrived in Haiyuan County Then it has been driven for more than 500 kilometers.

There is still 1,000 761 kilometers left. Quite powerful Today we started from an altitude of more than 400 meters Rising to over 1,900 meters above sea level It's been a long uphill climb From the Guanzhong Plain to the Loess Plateau The terrain is rising very obvious This is definitely a challenge to complete battery life Hi Hello everyone, we are the Changchun team. Today we are on the Beijing-Harbin Expressway What about the trucks and construction sections in this section? there will be some more So it will cause intermittent congestion It is expected to have an impact on battery life This is the Shenzhen team Then continue on the way to Shenzhen. everyone sees We have actually driven 1,500 kilometers Already arrived in Chenzhou What about the closer to the south? The whole weather is getting hotter and muggier Therefore, we continue to open this The air-conditioned car is indeed more comfortable But what about the battery life challenge? Bigger too 2,408.8 kilometers 2,327.7 kilometers 2,547 kilometers 2,496.6 kilometers 2,363 kilometers 2,409.5 kilometers

Ha ha What do you think? Isn't it very powerful? thank you In fact, the conditions for our media test this time are extremely challenging. First, start from Xi’an, which has an average altitude of 400 meters. Head to Hami, which is over 2,590 meters above sea level Almost all the way uphill Secondly The temperature difference between our three routes can reach up to about 10 degrees. Expressways account for more than 90% And maintain air conditioning throughout the entire process The temperature is set at 24 degrees all routes The final battery life exceeded 2,300 kilometers. The best mileage reached 2,547 kilometers. Such excellent test results Thanks to the comprehensive innovation of fifth-generation DM technology Make your vehicle fearless of any challenge Fuel consumption indicators continue to break through the limits Fifth generation DM technology DMI super hybrid With ADC power loss, the fuel consumption is 2.9 liters and the comprehensive range is 2,100 kilometers.

Pushing plug-in hybrid technology to a new level again Opened up a new uninhabited land DMI Super Hybrid is here to disrupt Reaching new limits in fuel consumption Creating a new era of automobiles thank you all Thank you Mr. Yang for sharing BYD fifth generation DM technology condensed engineers Continuous exploration and breakthrough of the ultimate also carries BYD’s mission and trust to the market and users Believe all our friends Can't wait want to and two new cars equipped with fifth-generation DM technology We met, so what happens next? Please don't blink Tonight's two protagonists are about to bloom wonderfully Applause is invited General Manager of BYD Dynasty Sales Division Mr. Lu Tian General Manager of BYD Auto Ocean Network Sales Division Mr. Zhang Zhuo

Come on stage to share with us BYD Qinl DMI Seal 06DMI two models More details on the new car Applause is invited Dear friends present Dear online viewers Good evening, everybody I am Zhang Zhuo from I am Dynasty Net Open Air Mr. Wang just now Mr. Yang released our fifth generation DM technology That was quite an explosion.

Fuel consumption reaches record low Battery life reaches new high BYD’s plug-in hybrid technology is really cutting-edge Still moving forward Yes The innovation of DMI technology is exactly what BYD’s original intention remains. BYD always insists that technology is king Innovation-based development concept Tough technology Let dreams come true Speaking of dreams The conference was held in Xi'an I remember when Qin Dynasty swept Liuhe Swallowing thousands of miles like a tiger This is also where BYD’s dream of building cars began. The first Qin model was born here Iteration from generation to generation till now Pioneer from Plug-in Mix Grow into the undisputed sales champion It is not easy to recall the past 20 years that BYD has gone through.

The 20 years that Chinese automobiles have gone through have also been full of hardships. Think about it, everyone 20 years ago the roads were full of foreign cars Chinese brands are nowhere to be seen Yes but times have changed now Take a look at Xi'an There are Chinese brand cars on the road Yes, China’s power is on the rise This is all us Chinese car people the result of struggle on the road of struggle We continue to make breakthroughs fruitful Last year,’s total sales exceeded 1.49 million vehicles This would not be possible without the help of the vast number of Dynasty car owners.

Your support is the driving force for us to keep moving forward thank you all I have always given Family members who walk side by side with us Share the results of our struggle Ocean Network’s sales in 23 years exceeded 1.38 million vehicles A year-on-year increase of 96.5% Behind the gratifying data It is the trust and support of all ocean car owners. thank you all Hey Mr. Zuo

Hello you ocean network Growth rate is so fast But I haven’t seen you on many lists. Mr. Lu The sales volume of your two dynasties is so high. I haven’t seen you on many lists.

I'm very curious What list would not include BYD? Let's take a look Three rows of seats In the first year, there was another one that was even more outrageous. Written directly as part of a snake I see This disqualifies the champion It doesn’t look like we didn’t win the championship But we didn’t add the attributive Mr. Lu No need to add attributive We are the champions of China world champion Today we still want to be the fuel-saving champion without adding attributive words Fuel-saving champion is by no means a slogan Hearing in vain seeing is believing Today, I will do a direct boss test on fuel consumption on behalf of the boss.

The main focus is a truth Please look at the big screen Hello everyone, I am BYD Dynasty Network Open Air The issue you are most concerned about is How much fuel consumption does Qin L have? Seeing is worse than hearing In order to find out for users I went first This time the boss direct test It can be said to be a true heavyweight Come and start testing with me Friends, the gas station where I am now It is the starting point and end point of this test route When the vehicle returns to the end I will fill it up again with the same oil gun to calculate the final score Ensure test results are fair and impartial This test We use the HEV plus ECO driving mode Energy feedback set to standard Turn on the air conditioner all the time Automatic 24 degrees Fuel consumption results of driving Qin L in the ancient city of Xi'an It feels like time travel Our route covers city roads Expressway and other road conditions Now our speed on the expressway is 70 It’s similar to my habit of driving to and from get off work every day. How to open it normally How to test now Mainly focus on a truth The trip is already halfway through I really feel the smoothness of the front l Throw away this multi-link set The suspension is adjusted very well If you have a chance, you can take a closer look Friends, now I'm back at the finish line I am also very curious How much oil did Qin L eat? The fuel tank has been filled again Qin l’s feed fuel consumption results per 100 kilometers What will happen? We'll find out immediately Everyone should watch carefully I'm a real heavyweight Test my own fuel consumption The total distance is 114 kilometers My fuel consumption is 2.43 liters Are you satisfied with this result? satisfy For me, this is a perfect answer without any exaggeration This is the lowest fuel consumption I have ever driven in my life. And what's more The testing time is during the rush hour after get off work The road is also very congested This is also the most fuel-consuming scene for fuel vehicles I didn't deliberately set the speed limit when driving.

It’s exactly what netizens said Qin LDMI is an industrial miracle A heavyweight like me Can such results be obtained? Everyone, feel free to step on it No matter how you drive, everyone has a golden right foot. Not only you are the golden right foot I was also in Xi'an a few days ago Actual measurement of feed fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of Seal 06DMI Everyone, guess how much I offered Please look at the big screen Hello everyone, I am Zhang Zhuo from BYD Ocean Network. I believe many friends Regarding the fuel consumption of the Seal 06DMI around me Very much looking forward to it Just talk without practicing tricks It's better to test it with real swords and guns. Today I will do it for you Real fuel consumption test Let’s take a look at the fuel consumption of Seal 06DMI. We use polyphonic LDMI Conduct this test in the same w

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